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REVIEWS OF Cinemark Sugarhouse IN Utah

Stephanie Detweiler

I absolutely love this theater! It is so clean and I love the reclining seats. The food is great and so is the staff. Since I discovered this theater I've been going to a movie once a week again.

Anurse H

The seats are so comfortable! The popcorn and snacks are reasonably priced. They have a rewards program as well!


Cinemark is expensive but usually has nice seating

Jackson Green

Awesome seats at this place! They recline electronically and they have food rests that pop out. The staff here are also very nice. This theatre participates in five dollar Tuesdays, which is great for those of us that don't have the weekends off. Their popcorn is pretty tasty and their bathrooms are pretty clean. It's a small theatre would you don't have to do much walking or waiting.

Bradley Hawks

Lots of little theaters with recliner seats. Parking can be hard to find, but all in all a nice place.


Lovely theater with reclining seats. I miss the dollar theater that used to be here, but it's a really nice theater with comfortable seats.

Brenda Dansie

Got in theatre and had to use the light on our phones, no lights at all we were the first ones in there, then they forgot to start the sound.

Seth Manwaring

My daughter and I are on a 7½ hour layover at the airport, about to begin a European vacation for Christmas, so we decided to kill a few hours at the local movie theater. Can't check bags until departure minus four hours, so we brought them and took an Uber to Cinemark Sugarhouse. At the box office a young lady told us the theater has a policy against bags in their auditoriums. I followed up by asking if she could make accommodations in a different room to keep our bags safe while we watched a film. She appeared confused and flatly said no. Without further comment, we turned around and took our money and our luggage outside to call another Uber. That smell isn't overdone popcorn, it's zero tolerance corporate policy.

Brennan Degen

The theaters here are decent size but could be bigger. The chairs are wicked comfortable and recline is a huge plus. Staff can be kinda slow.

Holland Morris

I like this movie theater. The reclining seats are extremely comfy

stephanie bawden

Great and comfortable recliner seating and concession! Good movie selection

Eileen Glass

Great movie theater. Big comfy seats with smaller rooms for seating. The only reason I didn't give a 5 star is due to the employee at the concessions working yesterday. I bought popcorn for my family, then later went to get the free refill during my movie. The guy at the counter (far right counter on 7/14) asked me if I bought the popcorn today as if I was trying to steal a bag Then when he filled up my popcorn, most of it was broken up kernals from the bottom of the batch. I've had many other great experiences here in regards to customer service, but this was unacceptable.

Linda Itami

Easy parking, reasonable prices!

Tyler Wixom

Worst customer service I’ve ever seen at a movie theater. They required that we bought a ticket for a 1 yr old sitting on a lap. I had a bad experience with the ticket person, the concessions person and when I spoke the manger she was even worse! I will never return to this specific theater!

Charissa Mider

I love this location! This movie Theater has comfortable seats!❤️ They have Starbucks!!! It’s not crowded and very comfy!

Marguerite B

I love the new look and the comfortable seats, but really miss the $1 tickets.

Eddye Roy Valenzuela Rodriguez

It’s one movie theater that you can really enjoy going to watch a movie. Staff is very helpful and the ambiance is quiet. Still, I wish they can promote the classic movies in a better way. I am a cinephile, so it could be great to be informed about upcoming dates for showings.

Preston Leighton

A good theater. They have comfy seats, big screens, and good concessions. Friendly staff.

Shalana Bryant

Theater of lounge chairs only. Be sure to get tickets early because there is limited seating. Great theater and staff.

Liz Bryan

I love this theatre and it's staff. Today for example, Dakota was working the concession stand and he went out of his way to be fast, friendly, and extraordinarily helpful. I was blown away! Keep up the good work

Grant Keller

The sofa chairs are awesome. With the middle arm being retractable you can cozy up and watch a film. There are less seats per viewing so buy in advanced.

Will Bowden

It may not have stadium seating, but the recliners are extremely comfortable and there is plenty of space between rows so the people in front of you won't block your view. I would just recommend sitting back a ways so you don't have to lean your neck back for the entirety of the movie. The theater is drastically improved from how it used to be as an old dollar movie house

Fatima Badran

Really dissatisfied and really disappointed with the service at this theater and location.

Monica Hart

So far this theater is a good theater. All the chairs are the lazy boy type.

Kevin Hashimoto

This place is great! Clean not too busy and as far as I know all the theaters have reclining chairs. I mostly hit up the matinees with my kiddos and it's really affordable.

Richard Maxfield

Nice seats that recline in the heart of Sugar House. Otherwise it's a movie theater.

Jonathan Valdez

Theater number 5, has a bad smell. They need to take better care of the theaters.

Michael Petruzzi

This is the place to be, I can ease back with my wife in my arms. The kids stay happy as the reclining seats are very soft. Video and audio is always top notch. This is my theater of choice.

Camille Smith

Small theater but always clean. Comfy, reclining chairs. Get your tickets early they sell out fast here. Also love the $5 kids pack.

Keeley Hill

The chairs are super comfortable and the customer service was great! They have good snacks too!

Lin Watchorn

A smaller theatre! I like it! Some of the employees are a little weird, like they aren’t used to dealing with people. But other than that they are nice! The chairs are comfy and the popcorn and soda is always good

Carrie Young

Terrible customer service! The clerk at the concession counter (Mido) was downright rude, & the ticket-taker, (whose name tag I couldn't see) didn't even acknowledge us! I told the manager about these rude employees, & she couldn't care less! We will NOT be coming back here! We will go out of our way & drive further to go to a different theatre!

Larry Christensen

Nice theater, excellent seats. Can be tough to get seats for a new show. Parking is usually tough to get as well.

Donald Ulvestad

This has become my favorite theater in Salt Lake since they have made all the improvements. Such as recliner chairs and reserved seating. With the high cost of tickets at about $12, they definitely need to upgrade their chocolate options to include Ritter Sport, etc. They should add premium food as well. Just go to the Broadway Theater and you sill what I am talking about.

Samuel Arriola

I like these smaller theaters with the luxury loungers. Really makes it feel like your chilling at home. Even while fully extended you can still get by. The snack bars has all your favorite plus sone nicer selection. They got some very good ice cream and even serve Starbucks coffee.

Jaclyn Johnson

This is my husbands and I’s favorite movie theatre in the area. We love the reclining chairs! We also love that the theaters are smaller so there isn’t as many people around to have to deal with. On the flip side, there isn’t as much seating, so unless you pay the $1.50 fee to reserve your seats online, you may not be able to find an available seat when you get there...

David Martinez

Reasonably priced and excellent comfy lounge chairs. Can't be beat.

Jessica Moore

Nice and clean theatre. I wish the seats reclined a little more like Megaplex does.

Nicole McCrea

We saw the New Lego 2 Movie. The luxury loungers are great! But the sound in theater 6 sounded a bit off, like a few of the speakers weren't working or the volume wasn't adjusted for an optimal experience.


They have lounge chair seating, but they are not as comfortable as others that I have tried. Didn't buy anything from the concession stand so can't critique that. The theater was clean as was the restroom.

Madeline Ashton

Had a hard time enjoying our movie due to loud and rude people sitting on the row in front of us. When I asked an employee for help they said the manager would come talk to the rude people. Manager never came, and the people wouldn't stop talking even after being asked to stop by other audience members. Find a different theater that takes care of their customers.

Colter Huhn

5 dollar tuesdays are awesome luxurious recliners and great screen

Melanie Weston

I went to a movie but spent most of the time in the hallway due to my crying infant. The manager gave notice to this and gave my a free movie pass. Wonderful customer care

Carter Cocke

Very comfortable seats and small theatres make this my favorite theatre in town. 5/5

Carolyn Montgomery

It always nice to get out of the heat and go see a fun movie. The theater is always perfectly air conditioned, and very nice since the remodeling. The recliners are the best part! Sooo comfy...

Virginia Mitchell

Nice reclining seats very clean enjoyable experience #datenight

tasha lovern

Good location. About the same as any other Cinemark theater. Decently clean and has the good seats. Five stars for the very helpful service from the box office staff/manager after a large group viewing fell apart and I had to return 4 tickets and change the seat of 4 others.

Preston Baggaley

Always a great experience! I try to come every Tuesday to see a movie with friends. Always in and out without any problems at all. I would definitely recommend this theater to anyone trying to see a newer movie (you'll be so comfortable in the nice recliner seats).

Lourdes Dtodo

The cinema is the best, super comfortable seats, very good service, friendly staff! but the US movie was bad, I would not see it again.

Benjamin Nielsen

At the concession stand tonight, we had the best service ever by a young man. It was obvious he was brand new at his job, but we were impressed with his integrity at wanting to do his job well and ensuring our order rang up correctly. As in most movies we attend, we were running late and were on the short side with him, yet he remained professional and kind. We've been going to this theatre for years and used to enjoy really quality service. This new young man made us reflect on how refreshing it was to have first class service at a theatre again!

Stella Gaisford

My friend and I were escorted out of the theatre after we paid for tickets online and sat down because we didn’t have our IDs on us. Left embarrassed and disappointed. I have been to this theatre many times and gone to many R rated movies there before now. Love the theatre and am usually treated very nicely. Just this one staff member spoiled our night. Wish I caught her name but I was too upset in the moment. She was dark skinned with a perm and a lisp.

Margaret Sather

Movies and seating great popcorn etc!!

Sean Parent

Super comfy seating and great for movie dates as a couple. Smaller theatres give a more personal and homey feel when watching movies on the big screen.

Isaac Parkinson

My theater of choice. I love that I can recline in my seat and enjoy a movie the way it should be enjoyed. The only downside is that the seating is very limited. I have never had any issues with a movie being sold out, but I did have to sit in the front a few times which was the worst.

Joey Jonaitis

The seats are so comfortable. Great movie experience. Only giving 4 stars because the sound proofing could use some work. I

kimberlee smith

Super Comfy Lounge Seats. Friendly Staff. Join Movie Club and best to buy tickets ahead of time.

Stetson C

Hands down my favorite movie theater. If they have freshly made churros, get one. You will not be let down.

James Spurgin

Confusing ticket kiosk. Too much self service. Comfortable seating though.

Worth Is Life

Any company that pushes fandango and refuses to exchange tickets before a movie time starts doesnt deserve your money. I am sorry this movie theater has great seating but that's about it. As long as movie theaters continue to use fandango I will never spend my money again at any movie theater. Worst customer service ever

Christian Lenhart

Each seat is like a leather lazy boy recliner and has plenty of space between seats. Also the theaters are not the enormous stadium-seating affairs that hold a hundred people, and instead hold about 40-50 people, so the chances are much lower that noisy groups of people interrupt the movie. A far cry from the soda-stained seats with shared armrests and airplane-like spacing I had come to expect!

Jade Murray

Cleanest movie theater around!

Dj Loertscher

Loungers are the new staple. Yummy coke and popcorn!

george wilkerson

New seats are great.

Johanny Constanza Gonzales's a few

Excellent movie and really comfy

Danielle Smith NP-C

Good movie theater

Khanh T

Their seats are amazing. The screen are a bit blurry compare to others in the valley.

Ali Kunz Zhanje

My husband and I love coming to this theater because it's small and more intimate. Every theater these days if flashy and showy.

Derek Dickerson

I've come here quite a few times for movies and just always have a good clean pleasant experience. The only bummer is they only have one bathroom which is trouble some after a large drink but other than that it's usually not too busy (I dont go to movies on Tuesdays), concessions are good, everybody working are pleasant and the reclining seats are awesome.

Mark Ebertz

Lounge chairs semi comfortable, sound too loud

Eric Brown

Tickets can sell out fast, I love the new look and seating.

Jack Mahana

Wonderful theater with allot of possibilities, unfortunately the overkill on commercials and over priced food and drinks leaves you not returning often if at all. Think I'll stick to megaplex or redwood in the future.

Susan Schaefer

The only place to really enjoy a movie in SLC. They spoil you with the recliner seats.

Eric Burton

Horrible customer service. We had our entire family and extended family ready to go see a movie, bought our tickets online, reserved seats, popcorn food everything only to walk into the theater and find that they had cancelled our showing. No notice prior to us showing up and getting concessions. Then when they explained why the movie was cancelled, they blamed it on the studio and said sorry tough luck. Then they wouldn't refund us our money because we bought the tickets online.

Kenyon Scheid

The seats here are very nice. They are wide and can recline. With plenty of leg room so you can easily get out without tripping over anyone. The screens are big and colorful with good sound that doesn't blow your ears off. But as always the tickets are pricy after tax and food is far from cheap.

Sabrina Grover

Great movie theater. I love their reclining seats!

Jess Long

The recliners in this theater actually recline far enough to be comfortable. It's amazing!

DyLan Daniels

Good service and seating. Movies are always good here.

High Hopes

This theater is great! It is clean and I love the recliners.

Scott Butler

Good theater, good location, comfortable seating, but this place is always packed. Very popular because great location and it's a great theater. If you use movie pass, forget about it unless you actually physically come buy your tickets like a day before. That aside, parking is an absolute beast here on weekends (morning till night) and seats fill up fast hours before showings for popular movies (not just on opening weekends). In sum, this place is very popular and crowded, but there's a reason why. Use your discretion.

Curtis Hickman

All of the seats are comfort seats! It's a bit of a smaller theater too so tickets do seem a little more sparce but it's a good atmosphere.

Nathan Mickelsen

Great remodel. Loved it when it was the dollar movies in the day

Debi Pope

Clean and cosy and in a great location to grab a bite to eat.

James Kitahara

Great theater, a little smaller so you will want to book in advance. Definitely my go to theater.

Kelsey Everill

saw IT 2, the movie not so good but the theater is great and the seats are way comfy

Douglas Ziegler

Comfy seats. Really friendly staff! Plenty of leg room. Even a good temperature.. Thanks cinemark!

Claudia Oyuela

Excellent movie theater. Clean. Variety of goodies to eat. The seats are wonderful, sheer luxury. Staff is warm and friendly.

JoCee Porter

The love seats are great! The armrest doesn't go all the way up, so it's sometimes hard to cuddle. But the theatre is always clean and the staff is friendly. The bathrooms are large, so no line after the movie!

Cody Rhodes

I liked the theater, everything was kosher except the bike rack. I ride my bike everywhere these days. And the bike rack was in an alley way but I can say when I came out of the movie to get my and two of my friends bikes from the alley way a security guard did come around the corner to make shore everything was ok .

Meiling Tavui

I love the recliner seats!

Kaycie M.

This is our go to theater! We do like the Disneyland feel of Jordan Commons but it's just too far to drive to all the time. Sugarhouse theater is small and perfect if all you want to do is watch the film! There aren't a lot of seats, so grab them online before you go. As far as front rows go, this one is definitely a neck strainer. Movie club is the way to go! No online fees. We usually skip treats and grab TCBY before or after but they do have Starbucks and icecream inside, as well as all the classics. There is a female manager (I have never caught her name) who is always a little less than pleasant to associate, with but that doesn't negate the convenience of this location or the comfy seats.

Charyssa Brown

The luxury recliners are so comfortable!! I love how it's right in the middle of so many great restaurants and shopping!!

Robert West

A fairly nice theatre but parking can be super frustrating.

Carson Comeau

Very clean and super comfortable seats.

Pepe Frog

Comfortable seating, great atmosphere, friendly staff

Tomas Cartmill

Great reclining seats, usually clean, and a wide selection of films

Charlie Gibbons

Better than the 3300 & State location that TURNS THE VOLUME "DOWN" IN THEIR THEATERS, so you cannot hear..

Josh Keyser

Friendly start, awesome selection of movies available (even recorded plays!). But the best part? THE CHAIRS!!

victoria workman

Love the reclining chairs but always packed and no food deals on Tuesdays

Molly Bock

I would live in these seats if i could. I’ve gone and seen movies I didn’t really want to see just so I could sit in them. They are awesome. Everything else is nice too, always clean and the staff is friendly.

Rachel Cox

My husband and my favorite movie theater. They have the BEST popcorn and most comfortable seats. I've even gone to movies just to do it here.

Shalee Badger

I really wanted to like this theater. I haven't been to a Cinemark in years because we have a megaplex really close to us, but they had a showing time that matched our schedule. I went in wanting to like it, but all of their workers were super cranky. From concessions to the ticket counter, the only person who had even a smidge of a good attitude was the person who tore our tickets. The theater is clean and the seats are really comfortable, but I won't be back. The customer service is terrible and I came on a Wednesday around 2pm. I would hate to think how they act when there are a lot of customers at night and weekends.

Capri Bailey

Staff was nice, a bit preoccupied, but got the job done. The theatre we were in only had 9 rows, anything closer than row 7 was too close for my comfort, also a bit hard to take in the whole screen. The seats, though, are incredibly wonderful!!

Jacqueline Woehl

This is an interesting little cinema. The location is a little odd and parking is terrible. But the inside looks newly renovated and the loungers are super comfy. The facility is very clean inside. We picked seats way too close to the screen, the rooms are a little smaller than a larger theatre, they put the front row A LOT closer and we were only 3 rows back.

Melody Fetzer

Maleficent was awesome a f they did my popcorn perfect!

Jacob Delano

Yeah it's a good theater, a little more pricier like everything in Sugar House but a good theater. They have those nice double wide leather reclining chairs with a divider between if couples wanna cuddle. . . ..

Mo Bijold

It's such an unique theater. The seating is incredible, my family doesn't go to any other movie theater since finding this one.

Steve Greenland

Nice theater. A little more expensive than those closer to me. Have reclining chairs.

Royce Peterson

Great theater, friendly staff. Love it.

Aviana LeDance

Since their remodel this is become our favorite movie spot. Even though the tickets are a little bit more the quality of the seating, every chair being a lounge and pretty much every seed in the house having a great View is worth the price. I also appreciate that despite not having great food options, we don't really eat popcorn drink soda or eat candy, I do appreciate that they have a Starbucks in case we want a hot drink to sip on during the movie, which is especially nice during cold weather.

Jim Rounds

It's nice now that there are new seats!

David Marquardt

How am I only the second review here?!? I guess people don't read movie theater reviews. Anyway, this theater is our favorite in town. Why you ask??? Well, is an ice cream cone with two scoops better than one with a single scoop? Are cars with heated seats better than cars without heated seats? The answers are yes and yes. And in the same vain, A THEATER WITH RECLINERS IS BETTER THAN A THEATER WITHOUT RECLINERS. Go recline and think about this deep truism, my friend.

Cortlan Auston

I love the couch chairs! They pioneered the comfort at a movie theater here in SLC

Kailin Beck

Be prepared to pay FULL PRICE for a 12 month old LAP INFANT who will spend 1/2 of the movie out in the hall with his parent anyways. Yes. FULL PRICE to bring the baby in the theater. Really? Why can I fly on an airplane with an almost two year old on my lap for FREE and yet to sit in a tiny movie theater I have to be nickel and dimed for a baby who can’t even watch the show? Come on

Linda Clark

It great, comfortable seating, less people in theatre on weekdays, and earlier show times. Parking is not bad most of the when time I go to movies.

Matthew Franke

Wonderful experience, I traveled down here from Boise with my friend who is a boy (seriously we are just friends) and we made the trip to Salt Lake to watch Pokemon: The First Movie, but it wasn't like a movie date or anything.. The facility was nice and the temperature was comfortable. We got to sit in recliners (but we were alone! not together in the same seat) seriously guys it's not like that!

Keely McLure

I love this place, its relatively small and quiet. I went on a date here and it was very relaxed and nice

Augustus C

Love the big recliner seats. Prices reasonable. My favorite place to watch new movies!

Annie Olsen

The movie theater is just dirty, I think I saw a dead rat in one of the bathroom stalls, and it has a very terrible smell. Also for some reason beyond my train of thought they wouldn't let me see a rated R movie because I'm one day short of being 17.

Luis Navarro

Mi second favorite place to watch movies around SLC, staff is very friendly but the plus are the reclining and very comfortable seats. The only issue is parking.

Angela de Moura

My favorite place to watch movies, love the recliners!

Brett Harrison

Awesome theater. Big comfortable reclining chairs. If your willing to drive to it, way better than the norm.

Doug Grennan

When the dollar theater turned into what I call the leather lounge, our lives were turned upside down in a good way of course. my wife and I love seeing movies here getting a shake getting a Starbucks in a little bit of kettle corn and if you can swing it do the double feature that's too many eggs in one sitting and if you pass that you are a winner

Debbie Herrera

They have recliner chairs that are SO COMFY!!!! Love this theater!!

Laurie Thomas

While I prefer the stadium seating of Century 16, the staff at Sugar House are so friendly. Use their mobile app for tickets and get the Movie Club. The cost includes one ticket a month that never expires. I will save up a couple to use at once. It saves you the $1.50 online reservation cost so you can buy your $5 XD movie tickets days ahead if time. Best theater chain.

Greg Shafer

It's fine. Seats are the nice recline kind. Theaters are small making it so you're close to the sctren no matter what. Parking sucks, but overall it's good.

Laurie Adams

Nice neighborhood theater.

Wendy Wixom

I cannot believe the customer service at this theater. I bought tickets online and found out some in our large party would not be able to come. The movie hadn’t started so I asked for a refund. They said no because I bought them through Fandango. So, thats fine. But I then asked if they would just give me two movie coupons to come back to another movie another time. They said they only do that when it is a projection problem. Really??? They said its against their policy. They also weren’t going to let my granddaughter into the theater to see Lion King because she was too young. PG is parental guidance. If a parent chooses to bring their child isn’t that all the rating requires? So confused! I don’t know how that kind of customer service will maintain a following for long.

Ralph Smith

Just sad they did away with $5 Tuesdays unless you have the app or are a movie club member. I am but a lot of older people aren't.


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