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720 W 1500 N, Layton, UT 84041 Located in: Layton Hills Mall

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REVIEWS OF Cinemark Layton and XD IN Utah

Jennifer Stockberger

Clean, nice and relaxing chairs. It was great for a fun afternoon

Armando Aguinaga

Nice movie theater. Has an arcade too.

Laurie Sheldon

Their new seats are so comfortable love it

Doug Merha

I love the seats. The cost to see a movie these days is ridiculous.

Jason Sphar

Comfortable lazyboy chairs, and good sound quality. They need better signs for the rows. It's a little hard to find your seats.

Keaton Hadley

I love the tall drinking fountains

Shawn Byington

Love this place. Had my daughter's birthday party here. Birthday room only 25$ for the whole day!! You can't beat that with a stick!!

Todd Farnsworth

Always see my movies here!!! They have super comfy seats and great service!!! They are amazing great service and more!!! They are so friendly and so nice. Best movie theater in town you should definitely go. Love the place!!! Go for sure!!!!!!!!! Love the place!!!!


It was comfortable and a great experience.

Daniel Penrod

Awesome seats for the ticket price, reclined with the push of a button. Not happy with the price of concessions. I went out for a water and a small popcorn and had to just go with the water. Price was 10.96 for a water and small popcorn. The water was 4.30. other then that we had a great time .

Christian Merrill

The theater is clean and well taken care about of. Seats are comfortable with lots of room. Staff are friendly and considerate. The concessions are worth maybe a 1 or 2 though, they're consistently stale, poor, or improperly made, especially for the exorbitant price.

Ericka Cabrera

Have the movie club membership because the discount and the price is the best. Used to go to the one that's local but their seats are nothing compared to Cinemark.

Sammie Pope

My boyfriend and I went and saw the new movie : Scary stories to tell in the dark. And I have to admit I was scared. And I usually don't get scared about that type of thing because I read all the books. It was the last story that got me, I really enjoy the seats they have there

Justin Youse

This was my first time back since they have renovated the inside. It was sorely needed and they have done an outstanding job. The theater was clean and the reclining seats were on par with most other theatres. The only complaint I have is that the theater was incredibly warm and almost hot. I know that is different than most others where they are cold. But overall a good experience.

Victor/Cindy Layton

Great place to watch movies

Kevin Munoz

We like come here to watch movie great movie theater. We like come watch movie on Tuesday you can watch movie for five dollars. Great day to bring family

Tayler Anderson

I love the new design! I never have to worry about whether or not I'm going to get a nice seat because they're all nice!!

Laura White

Always enjoy the comfortable chairs, &employees are nice &helpful

Natalie Montoya

Love the seats. Love the popcorn. My favorite theater in Layton.

Ryan Doying

I love the recliner seating! Salt the one we got was broken and couldn't lean back, but still comfy.

Mark Bishop

Great theater. Comfy seats.

Staraiedes N.

Friendly service, great atmosphere, comfortable chairs

The Pumpkin Magician

We a Watched toystory 4 with the kids and it was fun Would visit again but the snacks were a bit expensive.

Hot BigApple

Wow! That was a fantastic movie experience! I especially enjoyed the super comfy chairs and the surround sound.

Mike Secor

Very nice place they seem a bit upscale and price-wise seemed about like the rest of the theaters in this area and they do have the upgraded seats nice loungers that recline and make it nice and comfortable. The concessions are very expensive like you would expect at any other theater but of course they're good and it's always fun to go see the latest movie out the one you've been waiting to see

Emily Oliver

Kris with a k made use the best popcorn and was super friendly made the while experience 100 times better super pleased with his service.

Tony Winn

The batrooms are beyond dirty, we sat in our seats and one recliner didnt work so we had to move seats and hope that no one else purchased tickest for those seats. We had ended up getting lucky in that aspect. We went to the 7 30 am showing for the avengers end game movie. The staff had constantly complained about having to be awake that early for us. God forbid they make paying customers feel welcome.

Keith Terry

Nice comfortable seats cool interior

Dijah Purcell

Recently we've met some really good workers that made the experience great. Granted, not all are the same. But the theater is nice, always clean, and is still my favorite with those amazing seats.

Amber Larsen

Normally really great! Comfortable recliner seats and a huge screen in the XD theater. However my seat F11 did not recline... disappointing since you have to pay extra for XD. They either need to fix it or not sell it out.

Micwitde Mic

OMG! I don't even know where to begin with this place. 1st I had a very bad viewing exper with people talkin all around me. Theater staff didn't quite care. I asked for my money back or to switch to a diff showin time, they said no. Since the movie was ruined for me I left, and didn't cause a fuss. It's just like 15 bucks wasted, still. 2nd the outside was a mess in front of their closed side of the building. Broken glass in spots, trash, dead weeds. 3rd going around the closed side of the building there was more trash, dead bird/s, and unfinished landscaping. The place needs work.

J Ry

I love the big screen, the XD sound, recliner chairs. It is not handicap friendly. Alot of stairs as it is stadium seating. Those that can't do stairs sit lower and their view of the screen is really big in front of them!

Chris Thomas

Fantastic theater 11.1 surround sound is amazing!

Ryan Madsen

Bathrooms are being serviced right now but a very nice and comfortable.

Diego Charter

Great seating and tons of space, have never had a bad experience here!

Joe Johnson

Great prices, comfy seats, wonderful overall.

Eric J

This is our go to place for movies. The popcorn is good and the recliners are comfy. The reserved seating is great and lets your come at the last minute. Temperature always seems decent. Some theaters keep it very cold.


Really like this theater, it is my go to movie theater. Love the $5 Tuesday and movie matinee pricing, which seems to be slightly cheaper than most surrounding theater. It also seems pretty clean and staff usually is professional.

Jenney Feliciano

Great service, great seats, better location!

Steve Worthen

I signed up for their movie pass program and I can honestly say I am very happy with the results. I believe that it is very affordable and the I love the fact that you get 20% off of all snacks.

White Bull

I love Tinseltown because of the stadium seating and the arm rest recliners. I'm disabled with difficult walking and sitting for very long. I like the chairs with the electronic settings for my legs that way I can change the position to many different seating positions so I can actually sit through a movie. AND the sound!!!! Is amazing!!!

Alex Vang

The prices are amazing for snacks,and popcorn and the staffs were awesome, the seats were just very comfortable.

Annie Weixler

Loved the XD experience here with the 3D glasses. We saw Aquaman so it was totally worth the little bit extra you pay. Always clean, and always friendly!

Chad Miller

What's not good about watching a movie mid day

salguero sisters

I took my daughter and her friends to see ugly dolls. One of her friends turns 12 the end of this month. The guy didn't believe us and called the manager on the phone. It is only three dollars more was it really worth the fight? I don't really go to movies too much and I remember why now.

Christine Simister

Great early bird specials. Nice seats great movies. Not impressed with the fact that they charged me full price for a cup of ice wate.

Hunter Simmons

A great experience they have reclining chairs and XD movies that suround you in the action

Brady Haws

This is my go to theater now. I went here as a teenager when it was brand new but then went probably 12 years without setting foot in it because I lived in Salt Lake. Now that I have moved back closer, this is where I go. I love the luxury recliners. I don’t feel like I’m watching a movie on a delta flight crammed in there. The projector quality is great and sound is as good as I can distinguish. I signed up for the Cinemark club they have which makes going to the movies more often a bit lore affordable. It also makes the concessions a bit more wallet friendly.

Lucreatia Wilson

Great. Good popcorn. Excellent seating very comfortable reclining seats. Not alot of walking to get to your theater.

Chris Bauer

I normaly have a good experiance this time was different a pg13 movie and they let a crying baby in the theater that constantly cried it ruined my experiance hope they review there policy and dont allow small children in to the theater.

Shallen Sorenson

Great experience. Clean environment. Individual reclining chairs throughout the entire theater.

Jacob Pickering

This place was a bit of a dump years ago but it's nice now

Carson Barss

Good seats and service. Theater is clean. Good food and drinks.

Danny Austin

Nice seats,clean, good location.

Charles Krueger

I love it. Take my wife when ever I can for date night. Love the seats.

Never That

It was a really good movie and the seats are starting to feel less comfy maybe the cush is wearing out or maybe I'm just getting heavier lol


Great place to see movies now that's its renovated with the new electric recliner chairs. I would definitely recommend going here for a movie

Joshua Nielson

Awesome theater experience! Comfy seats, great movies, and I can't resist the popcorn.

Plain man Gaming

I had a lot of fun watching endgame and it was amazing

miles bradbury

Great seating and great movie quality... And 5 dollar Tuesdays? How can you beat that?...

V. Todd Wheeler

Usually our visits are 5 stars. Last week for Godzilla there were 2 guys with attitudes behind snack bar obviously unhappy to be there and a lone guy running between theatres to clean up between showing by himself. Not impressed with the attitudes.


Nice theater. The reclining seats are nice and the theaters are relatively clean. However the food prices are crazy. They should open up a small restaurant/bar with cheap pizza, wings, and other things. They also need a bar here. All other theaters out of state have nice bars that generate a lot more business.

Charlotte Irvine

Very nice. Great comfy seats. Room isn't packed with seats. Open rooms.

Alla Mccamey

Not very big but cozy movie theater with comfortable seats

Joe Russo

Good clean theater.

Pete Julander

Love me discount Tuesday. Always a good experience.

Jenny Lester

Good seats and good sound, concessions are pretty good as well:)

Nikki Cross

Love that they have kettle corn! Always a clean theater!


Evrything was good except the only diet soda they have is diet coke (not a problem for diet coke fans, but I'm not one).


Jordan Landing is better

Mj Moosavi

The nicest people and comfiest seats. Love this theater.

Jeremy Waite

Tuesday they offer a discount if you are part their loyalty club. $5 tickets makes taking the family to the movie easy on the wallet

Marci Hall

Discount Tuesday is the best! And the big recliners are so comfortable.

Keith J. Wilson

Loved the CD & recliners are awesome! Refills make snacks & soda almost affordable. But hey, it's the movies right! That somehow gives you the right to charge $8.49 for a $3.50 bucket of popcorn and $6.50 or whatever for a $1.50 soda. That's why I only go to the movies once or twice a year with the other 70% of America...

Krista Bailey

Love this theater. It’s our go to.

M and M

As usual theaters are expensive. I was taking my 4 yr old to his first movie experience. I did very much appreciate the cashier who sold me popcorn, she showed me a coupon $5.49 (I think was the price) for a popcorn and drink. Gosh, I was so happy for that!

Cindy Sams

Reclining seats and Starbucks

Bradley P

Only one person at the concession stand and he was also in charge of tickets. He was overwhelmed although one person at a time. The big theaters are not equipped for people who can't take stairs. At AMC if you are in a larger theater, you can take an elevator. Popcorn very salty. The back row sucks for trying to see anything at the bottom of the screen. Great theater as far as seating. They are great in reclining.

Dallin Swiss

This is such a superb theater. They provide a top-notch movie going experience. The seating arrangements are spacious and luxurious. The seats are comfy and accommodating. The pricing is reasonable.

M Martinez

Nice and clean good place

Gavin Allen

Great theater! Never have had a problem been coming for a long time. The chairs are very comfortable recliners.


Pretty nice place to watch a movie. Except for that time this fat lady sat next to me eating cheetos. Each crunch would rattle me to my bones. With each chug of her slushy I felt my soul leaving my body. Then when the bag was finished, she decided to fold her expired bag resulting in the most terrifying sound known to humans. If you are out there and reading this just know I hate you.


$5 Tuesday movies. Fantastic deal. I haven't gone to movies for years because they are typically $15 dollars a person (like the theatre right next door to this one) but for $5 a person in leather reclining chairs I will be watching several movies here on Tuesdays.

Doug Payne

Wished the chairs reclined a little more, but other than that, super friendly staff, and they make sure to keep the place clean. Seen the carpet cleaners there a few times. And the carpets never feel sticky, like other places.

Tyson Young

Good theater, has luxury loungers and club perks. Consessions are moderately priced and ticket prices are about average. Usually clean and in good repair. The staff are almost always friendly, and happy to be there. They are quick to get your purchases and actually listen so it comes out right.

Mark Stewart

Love the seats and movies

tycee rose

They have really nice chairs

Julie Tate

I love the seating at this theater, they're really nice! But, their women's bathroom was gross. It was dirty, and some of the stalls were missing toilet paper.

Morgan Kemp

This theater is good, just not as nice as the Syracuse theater. Way better seating then this one. The only difference is this theater is bigger. Also, the workers don't wash their hands. My wife was the one that caught the young worker rubbing his nose and then getting the popcorn with that hand. "GROSS". We did say something to the other worker.

wendal bird

Great sushi ice cream squirrel balls

David Robles

Great place, amazing people. Always clean!!!

David Mulholland

Tonight the theater cut off the end of the movie. They said they would rewind it, then said it was cut off to have time for the next showing. When I spoke with management, the literally told me, "it's on youtube, you can watch it there." That's not service. That's not providing the product I paid for.

Zack Gardiner

Big screens and the prices are a little lower. But uncomfortable recliners, they're narrow too so you get really warm fast. None of the girls in our group used their blankets. Drink selection is seriously lacking as well. AMC is better so is their movie pass.


Prices are way too much but other than that its good

Julian Kozerski

This is probably the best theater around in the northern Utah area. The XD theater is a great experience and love going there on opening night for films. The energy and atmosphere there is awesome and makes the experience there amazing. Everyone is there for the same reason, to have a great time. It's a fun experience to share with other people.

mike elliott

First time I went it was run down but after the remodel by far my favorite theater. Comfy seating and big screens. Surround sound is amazing as well.

Nik Harp

The seats are so comfy and the audio is wow

Jessica Hadley

They have tall drinking fountains for tall people. 10/10

Marvin Baker

Great service. Staff very friendly and polite. They started to carry movie merchandise since my last visit.

Caleb Hunt

Love this place. Definitely go on Tuesdays, every ticket is only $5! Even movies that just premiered a few days before, you can get in on Tuesdays for only $5! My fiance and I have gone to so many movies, always on Tuesdays. Great deal!

Natalie Gee

Love this theater! Last visit, had a little trouble getting an employee to replace the paper towels in the ladies restroom. Generally great service and cleanliness here though!


Most comfortable seats of any theater. Popcorn and drinks are way overpriced just like every other movie theater. If you can watch a movie in the XD theater do it that is well worth the extra money.

Jennifer Anderson

Love the big comfy seats that recline. Easy going staff.

Dustin Call

Nice seating and good atmosphere.

Angel Jenkins

So fun! Great seats, recline. So worth it!

Joanna Arbogast

Love going here with my boys! Comfy seats, very clean and $5 movies on Tuesdays m.. woot woot

Adam Hess

Nice layout seats. Preselected seats. Treat stands is always slow, and I dislike that I get up-saled after each item. I'm already purchasing a over marked up item. Speed in sales would help.

Shealyn Goode

Fun and clean cinema. The reclining chairs are sweet and very spacious. I also enjoyed the assigned seating. The only reason i gave it a 4 is they make you buy a ticket for kids that are only 1years old. He didn't even sit in his seat, not once the whole movie. He just sat in my lap so that was little disappointing.


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