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206 S 625 W Ste 1230, West Bountiful, UT 84010 Located in: Gateway Crossing Shopping Center

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REVIEWS OF Cinemark Bountiful 8 IN Utah

Rita Roybal

This is a small, no frills theater that has the feeling of family owned and operated business. It's tucked behind some chain stores in a somewhat obscure manner but it's easy to find. The popcorn is buttery and the movies are current and the theaters are small enough that you can't get a bad seat.

George Reed

Great for inexpensive ticket prices. But the seats are so uncomfortable.

Lana Dahle

I don't love their seats, they're a bit narrow. I dislike that the arms are stationary too, but for the price, you can't beat it. The staff was friendly and the food options are fine. I like that they carry candy ice cream bars. Yum!

Abigail Murdock

Wayyy noisy theater. May have just been the family movie crowd but WOW. Friendly staff, much smaller theaters than Megaplex.

Cindy A Christiansen

First time here. Agree with other commenters that it smelled musty but didn't bother me. It was a good experience in all.

Keith Durbin

A great little place for an inexpensive movie.

Joslyn Borup

Nice, cheap, older theater. Worth the price.


As one of the last budget movie theaters out there this one is the best its shows the latest and newest movies for almost half the price of the others. But it is just a basic theater with basic seats. Seats are comfortable and nice. Theater is clean and bathrooms are clean as well. It's a really nice place to see the latest shows on a budget.

Miguel Castro

Is really nice place and chip I highly recommended.

Dl Booher

They have the best popcorn around! This is a great, fairly quiet, smaller theater. Doesn't overwhelm your senses when you come in the door. I appreciate that. Good movie selection, good seats, nice people, very clean. Wheelchair seating in the back, not right in front of the screen. Ticket prices are good.

Casey Miller

Cheap movie location of choice! It is a basic experience, but will not break the bank to bring all the kiddos. Evening movies cost the same or less than a Matinee at other theaters.

courtney gilbert

It was awesome

Britte Sapp

Love this theater!! First run movies at a cheaper price!! I think adults are $6ish?? While you usually pay $9 at the big theaters. There is no stadium seating but there are leather seats!

Natasha Haslam

The sound sometimes can be heard in adjacent theatres, but the price is good and it's well-worth it. This is my favorite theater.

Jeff Miner

It's not updated, but good enough with a very reasonable ticket price.

Shelby Park

It's like being back in the 80s. The seating hasn't changed, floors haven't been updated, bathrooms look like the bathroom from the Shining. Popcorn tastes peanut-y towards the bottom. Peanut allergies beware. The public area is very poorly lit. Aside from that, brand new movies for a very reasonable rate.

RandyButterNose !

Glad we discovered this place. I’m not into spending $100 for tickets, popcorn and drinks for the usual four of us. I like that the seats aren’t assigned. The people have always been polite, theatre clean, bathrooms clean. The movies are first run movies. No recliner seats not a deal breaker for me. You u

Mikaela Ripley

Fantastic, cozy theatre! It's always very clean and has super friendly staff! They have very fresh, delicious popcorn too! Tickets are only $4.10 for matinee and $6.10 for adults after 6:00 PM while children and seniors still remain $4.10! They also offer $4.00 tickets on Family Monday when you have 3 or more people and they have $4.00 dollar tickets all day on Tuesday!! Can't beat those prices!

Sawyer Gehring

I love this place. It might not have all the bells and whistles of a big theater, but the prices are fair and they always have the big movies playing.

Rochelle Creager

The theater isn't great, compared to newer ones in the area, but the tickets are significantly cheaper and it's not crowded. Perfect for taking kids to the movies!

Luan Church

Everything is good here just the seats are old and uncomfortable.

Neola Grange

We enjoyed our movie there!

Logan Francel

Very comfy seats.

Ms. My Musical

Always has the best movies, great food, nice people

David Hansen

Low ticket prices every day and wonderfully comfortable seats makes this our #1 choice for movies.

aliyah tenbears

i really love this theater its clean and staff is nice and great movie graphics

Jason Clark

Best place to go for inexpensive movies!

Morgan Neel

We love this theater. No it isn't fancy but it is great. My husband and i typically chose to go here because it isn't as busy and its not loud and noisy and you can actually sit and enjoy a movie. It is also not as expensive as most theaters!

Ezra Amador

The only reason that it doesn't get 5 stars is because the seats are very uncomfortable, but other than that this place is amazing, super cheap and the movie quality is awesome....

grace hamblen

Was a wonderful place for a movie out with family

Landon Coleman

Cheaper option to new release films. Close and quaint.

Vern 20

Terrible experience. Our daughter can't have normal liquids and we have to thicken everything for her due to a swallowing problem. We did not bring any outside food or beverage to abide by the rules but, when we got there our daughter was …

Claudia Robinson

I love watching new movies at a discounted price!!

Miguel Gonzalez

Seats could be a but more comfortable. Prices are good

Lisa Anderson

Great Monday and matinee prices. Always clean.

Rebecca Brown

Not as clean as some of the nicer theaters in the area. A good option if you are taking younger children and you don't want to spend as much. Not so great if you are trying to have a romantic date or want to impress anyone.

Eric Reliford

Great theater small , good service everyone was friendly

Cayden Hurst

It’s cheaper than other theaters, and honestly I don’t think it’s worth it. The only employee we interacted with was abrupt and borderline rude, the theater we were in had tiny, old, uncomfortable seats, and hadn’t been cleaned. I think it’s worth the extra few minutes and couple bucks to go to Farmington. I gave a second star cause the screen was pretty average. So if you’re wanting to save a couple bucks on a matinee, this is your place.

Kershaw Benally

The seat's were okay, but would be better if they recline!

Stephen Throndsen

I like the no reserved seats. This theater brings me back to my childhood style theater circa 1990's. No fancy seats, no crazy concession price gouging, good screen and clean theater. Went to a 735 PM showing and went to get a drink refill and conessions were already closed.

Robert Quinn

Our favorite movie theater. Love the seats and low cost. We will keep coming. Thanks


Great movie theatre, nice, quick all good to say. Except for how close and low you have to sit, to the row in the back of you and the front of you.

loof harris

Its a small theater but pretty nice, seats are ok not the most comfortable but ok only thing that really drags it down for me is the arcade machines dont want to ever work

Sara Goodwin

I don't know why more people don't go here??? Cheap, cheap tickets to brand new movies that aren't sold out. My husband and I drive all the way here from Sugarhouse just to save some money and be in a less crowded theatre. Bountiful's best kept secret.

Pamela Keefer

It's an older theater that hasn't had any upgrades done to it as of yet!

Drew Dittmer

I took my almost 4 year old daughter to see a Matinee here. This is a small theater, but a very nice one. We had an excellent time.

Jaimee Dawson

I liked the smaller theater.

Gary Benally

I sure hope they are planning to up grade the seats. Yo! I become spoiled with other theater seats. Being that it's a Cinemark theater I simply thought it was luxury seats.

Gisela Barton

Overall was good but seats don't recline.

Scott Haroldsen

Great place, love to bring the whole family. Great popcorn

Janeen Steer

Nice theatre. Not easy to find.

Brian Taylor

Great discount theater - my only issue is the seats. I'm a big guy, but I'm not THAT big, and I have to squeeze somewhat uncomfortably into the seats. This would absolutely be 5 stars if I didn't have to grease my hips just to get past the armrests...

Jess Lindsay

They're always super nice and accommodating. :) And they have the best popcorn!

Joe Gibson

Least expensive first run movies around!

Aiden Burnside

Great smaller theater with good service and has comfortable theaters with the seats being some of the best I've ever seen in a theater.

Joe Christensen

My family and I were pleasantly surprised with this theater. Really our only complaint was that it was a bit warm inside the theater.


Although it's small, I did enjoy the size of the theaters. Staff was really nice. It was a lot different than any other theater I have been to, but I would definitely go there again. I am considering making this my primary theater, even though it is far way from where I live. The prices are amazing.

JaNae Briggs

Cozy environment. Cheap tickets. Concessions are where they make their money.

Elizabeth Thurston

Chairs were new and comfortable. Lots of lower than average priced snacks available. Bathrooms were large but not very kept. Floors in theater were at an incline I was afraid to drop something and loose it. Seats are not assigned and we got in right at the movie time with three rows being “saved” by people. Each row we stopped at to sit down we were told “I’m saving this row, sorry.” I would rather drive a little further and pay $2 more for a comfortable reclining seat that I picked before I walk in the theater.

Matt Morgan

The seats are the old torture kind. Otherwise it's a simple, adequate movie theater.

Jared Chase

Everything was great only wished the chairs would recline a little you are pretty much sitting strait up just alittle to much you can't lean back even alittle

Kerry Moore

Great little Cinemark theater in Bountiful that doesn't seem to get a lot of traffic - at least when I'm there. Friendly staff. Lots of snacks and usual theater fare. There are large, comfortable theaters and some smaller ones as well. Prices are less expensive than the big theaters. Definitely worth seeing movies there.

Erik Anderson

Free refill, price is high. Movie tickets are great.

Kelli Hall

Love this place!! It's small and friendly and I can see new movies opening weekend without paying a ton or fighting for a seat.

Mystery Goodell

Was not impressed in the slightest. The seating is unassigned. They didn't clean the seats and floors from the last show and there was popcorn and trash everywhere. The seats were so uncomfortable we left feeling tense with a headache from the position they sit in. There was only one employee working that I saw who didn't even check to make sure we had tickets so we could have just walked in without paying (which is also probably why the theater was covered in trash, no one else there to help clean). It's just a sad movie theater that I won't worry about spending another dime in.

Emilia Suarez

Good place!! I really enjoyed the time with my family and something alone.

Karissa Thomas

It was tricky to find. Literally in the back. Great employees!

Carol Childers

Clean theater. Saw the new Mary Poppins movie. Very crowded and seats are not tiered. I'm not tall (5'3") and was constantly moving to see around the tall guy in front of me.

Vanessa Hoskin

Great prices for a theater! The theater looks like a dollar theater inside but they play all the newest releases for at most $7.25 a ticket. The staff is nice and theaters and bathrooms have always been clean. My sons spilled their icee once and even though it was almost gone the staff gave them a new one. The prices and customer focused attitudes keep me from going to another theater unless I absolutely have to.

Bandit 82

Cheap ticket prices, but concessions as much as other places. Older building that is hidden behind a strip mall, so easier to get seats when new movies come out.

Alfredo Medina

Cheap and never packed even on new movies that come out

Lydia Hancock

I went on discount day Tuesday for $4 each so nice. But they are a little dirty.

Scott Nielsen

Good theater for the ticket price. Just need better seats to sit in. My seat felt uncomfortable like I was sitting on the edge of the seat.

jophus Xakc

Outdated, not great seats or screens, impossible to physically find the theater, but those things mean it isn't crowded. I usually drive further for other theaters, even though this is the closest one. They usually don't have as many showings or screens so it's harder to find the movie time that works best for you.

sonny Kelleher

I love the seats here

Craig Simmons

Good basic theater.

Steven Smith

This theater is always our first choice for movies in the Bountiful area. Great staff, Clean theaters, and Great ticket prices - about 1/2 the cost of the Megaplex just down the road! Highly recommend this location.

Oksana Parham-Poliakova

Matinee for $4 what not to like. Maybe the seats could be more comfortable

Miranda Stumph

This has always been my favorite theater. They actually have reasonable prices and good (not stale) popcorn.

Chance Hansen

It's a great movie theatre. Most of the theatre rooms seem to have nice chairs that recliner. Overall I think that the theatres reach 5 stars, but the cleanliness is not that great, like most theatres, but I think there could have been more effort to maintaining a better environment.

Dustin Williams

It's a nice smaller sized theater. The seating is decent but needs updating to the recliner style. It's a good option to go catch a movie that's been in theaters for several weeks already.

Ryan Barton

You either Love it or you hate it here. We love it. It is kind of the hidden Gem of Movie theaters. It's typically low crowds which is great for us having kids that want to move quite a bit. (We can have plenty of distance between us …

Cindy Carpenter

Good prices. Friendly staff

Lisa Grant

Plenty of space in the theaters but floors should be swept more often.

Brian Miller

No wait, easy access. Arrive early for your choice of seat

Anthony Long

It's in a conviniant location. That's about it. Seats are not comfortable, the floor isn't angled enough so you have to look over other people's head. The prices are good though.

Dirk Pitt

The 3D theatre smells like a zoo. They turned the A/C off until people complained. A cup of dibs and a vita water.$9.00. The entery way had drink stains that ran down the stairs. This place is a dump. Go to Centerville or Farmington for movies from now on.

Timothy R

Welcome back to the ninties, this theater has low prices and a feel of the past combo with friendly service from the staff.


Way better ticket price than the regular theaters, but they seemed to make up for it in over priced concessions. Good sounding theater, but I do miss the overpriced comfy Sears of the newer ones.

John Kingston

Decent price but the theater room I was in smelled like sweaty feet not unbearable just noticable

scott cornford

This theater isn't fancy but it has a few things I like. Reasonably priced movies and no reserved seating. Just show up about a half hour before the movie starts and you will probably get a good seat even on a opening night.

Barry Bryson

I love this little theater. Cheepest place around to see a new release movie. You do get what you pay for though. Low ticket price comes at some costs in quality and service but they do the best job they can. It has improved greatly over the past few months but they have also started raising prices.

Tyler Wells

Saw into the spiderverse. They best

Bruce Foust

Best priced movie theater in town

Stefani Jones

We love that this place is low key and inexpensive--it's the perfect theater to take kids to, and it's super nice for a matinee where you might have the theater all to yourself! I think their popcorn is my favorite of any movie theater in the area!

T Hill

Awesome little theater and you can't beat the pricea


Lovely, cozy theater. Decent prices for the tickets just watch the concessions

Stanley E Blank

Pleasantly surprised with this place! Easy in easy out. Icey machines need to freeze things quicker and the mens bathroom was flooded. Yet still I enjoyed the way this place has been put back to use.

John Vaterlaus

Convenient. Good cost. Shows all the current movies. Older facility, but usually well kept and clean.

Lilli Jacobs

This place just needs a renovation. The theaters are grimey and the seats aren't comfortable. There's always a million screaming babies and rude customers. The staff is great, and the tickets are cheap, but you get what you pay for.

angie mathewS

It was a nice theatre, good prices, however...the theatre we were in smelled like cow manure. No joke.

Emily Wood

This is a great place if you simply want to watch a movie and keep it cheep. $4 Tuesdays here but you can't pick your seats ahead of time. First come gets first pick so make sure you get there early. If you show up too close to the movie time you might not get to sit with your group.

Gilbert Nichols

Too busy and understaffed. They do a decent job though.

Heather Weymouth

They closed and locked the external doors at 8:00 pm on a Wednesday night. That seemed peculiar with movies starting at 7:15 pm.

Paul Scott

The Cinemark Bountiful 8 is my favorite movie theater in the area. It doesn't have the best selection of snacks, the most comfortable seats, or the biggest screens but this little hole in the wall theater has an extremely efficient and friendly staff and charges probably the best price for new movies available in the state. If you're looking for an affordable theater for a big family, don't have to have luxury seating or watch movies on IMAX screens, this theater is perfect.

Paul Wright

Its a good quality theatre for cheap, its pretty much the only place my family goes to for movie nights.

Jason LeSueur

Small, local, cheap, good popcorn and not crowded. Good times.

Leonardo Noronha Santos

Very cheap every day of the week especially before 6pm. I love this place

Ben Zsembery

Cheap which is ideal but the seats were somewhat torn up. Overall comfortable with a great picture and sound which is the most important thing.

Don Jaeger

I love this theater on a Sunday! Hardly anybody there, price is more than reasonable. Comfortable. Not too loud.

Urayanza Family

Nice location not so big but good size.

Michael Golightly

Staff very friendly good popcorn

Danielle Schwab

Small low key theater. Picture and sound were decent but chairs were surprisingly nice.

Zac King

Good theater with a price that is affordable.


Better ticket price than most places and convenient. No frills, concessions pricey, but at least I can get a $5 movie ticket for several first run options close to home. $4 kids , seniors, and matinees. I go here fairly often.


You may wonder why I'm giving this weird little theater behind a strip mall a 5-star rating. It doesn't have stadium seats, or recliners, or an extensive food court with all the snacks you could ever want. Even the biggest theater is quite small compared to modern theaters today. However, the reason I'm giving it 5 is because the staff is friendly and fast, the price is incredibly affordable (I believe a matinee is $5 - $6) and the theater is clean and in good repair. The selection is the same as a bigger, fancier theater like the one in Farmington, but the price is far more reasonable and the theater much more quaint and "local" feeling. I feel like this theater is a best kept secret of Bountiful, and I hope it stays that way because we love it!

Marsha Tiemann

Very quaint an antique


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