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REVIEWS OF Cinemark American Fork IN Utah

Danielle Cox

The best seats! Their reclining seats are so big and comfortable! Luxury seating at a normal ticket price. They have a good selection of snacks. The lines move very quickly. Be careful during cold months! They don't salt the walkways, and it's deceptively slippery.

Karla Ralphs

Love going to the matinees. So much more room and quieter.

Courtney Cowley

A good movie theater. The seats and restrooms were clean. I'm often unhappy with the temperature of movie theaters but this one was very comfortable. The staff seemed knowledgeable and helpful. I would have no hesitation returning again.


Cinemark is always my favorite theater to go to simply because of the lounge seating. I'm always most comfortable at these theaters

Javier Aguirre

We love this cinema! Their seat are very comfortable.great sound

Ariana Moleni

This is definitely my preferred theater! Comfortable and clean but would appreciate more organization at the consession stand. Need to mark where the concession lines are and mark which register is open or closed. Also, it would be nice to offer small pop corn bags to divide amongst the family with a purchase of popcorn.

Marcia Neely-Be'y

Love the theater seating. Popcorn was excellent, as always!

Monty King

Got to love the reclining seats. All seats. Wow. Best theater around, all because of the seats.

Bridger Karren

The seats in the entire theater extra comfort seats that raise up your legs. Good quality screens. It's a great theater I recommended it.

Taylor Wright

Once you watch a movie in the Luxury Loungers, you just can’t go back to the classic rigid seats. Good move Cinemark!

Brent Butler

This is a fine movie theatre. It's not my favorite, but it shows all the latest, greatest movies. Has excellent popcorn, treats, and drinks. Prices are on par with everyone else around. A big plus is all of their seats are soft comfy recliners in stadium seating. With all of those positives, I find myself looking elsewhere when my favorite movie comes to town and I don't know why.

Aspen Richins

Nicely kept and had great seating. Only thing is the customer service ticket booth wasn’t good at all horrible service other than that I really enjoyed my experience.

Jimmie Eaton

Very nice staff. Decent prices compared to other theatres. Luxury loungers are very comfortable. The lobby, restrooms, and the theater were very clean. Overall a very good experience. I will definitely use this theater again.

Dale Christensen

Had Prep tickets, go to reserve a seat online using the ticket codes for a movie that's been out for a while. And there is an online service charge... WTF is the point, you are not running a card and your stupid website does not cost you $1 30 for every damn ticket you sell on it

Brianna Tello

This is my favorite theater in Utah county. The staff is great, the seats are great, the theaters are well kept! Love this place!

jesus salinas

Movie theater was neat and clean. Snack attendant was super nice asked us about the movie and had a little conversation, workers that value their customers!

Maximilian Niklaus

I really like the theater. 5 dollar Tuesdays are great, I'm glad they always have kettle corn and as we all know the seats are great. It has always been clean so far and the staff is nice. The little arcade area is great, especially the "grab a duck" machine.

Margaret small

Very comfy seats. Not as many concessions as other theaters, but I dont really go to movie theaters for the food so it doesnt bother me. The seats really are extremely comfortable, and the employees are nice.

Cory DeJong

Good theater. Reclining luxury chairs don't go back far enough. And the staff is very uptight with the rules.

Logan Turner

The staff is friendly and helpful. Ticket prices are good. Seats are large and comfy. I just changed this from a 5 start to a 3 star rating because they don't have a diaper changing table in the men's restroom off the lobby.

Chris Latham

Big comfortable seats that recline! They do a great job keeping the theaters clean. Please throw away your trash when you exit and it will help a lot. The concession snacks, popcorn, etc are reasonable for a movie theater. Look for student and senior discounts as low as $5.00.

Alejandra Salomon

I just waited over 30 minutes in line to buy movie tickets for the next day. The employee who attended me seemed not to care about how long things were taking. Her “manager” next to her didn’t bother once to help us out. We just stood there while the two girls chit chatted. I was planning on buying 7 tickets, but because no one , including her manager, bothered to help I am taking my business else where. Not to mention none of the kiosk machines work. Though other customers were being helped who came after us, we were ignored. Not acceptable.

Raooo Yeee

Loved it!!! The place was very nice, the seats were really comfy. The casheir seemed like they were having a bad day so I said that they could keep my extra 10$ for a tip but they still just gave me a scowel and didn't say thank you. It's a whatever though we all have bad day. than went to get a drink from the water fountain and for some reason it was pouring out Sprite or some carbonated water so I asked one the the employees what was going on. They were having a great day because they gave me 5 free choices of any candy I wanted just for acknowledging the fountain. I payed about 25$ (including the tip) and gained back about 30$! Plus a movie, this place is great!

Jacob Swenson

Love the seats! Pick this over Megaplex any day!

Charissa Willes

Two words. Sofa Loungers. The seats are large, black, spacious and recline! No more squeezing my posterior into a hard small seat. No more back pain after sitting at a 90 degree angle for two hours. Just feather soft comfort. Heaven.

Cindy Smith

Love the comfy seats at no extra charge. This theater is always our first pick, even though the Thanksgiving Point theater is newer.

Sharon Allred

Great discount prices for fairly, recently released movies.

Shawn Obrien

Nice theaters with comfortable seating. Friendly employees.

Adam Chase

Popcorn could for sure be better. It has way less flavor than megaplex. but the seats are great at Cinemark. If they could figure the popcorn thing out, I'd never go anywhere else.

Nathan Cragun

I've seen half a dozen movies here, and it is a good average theater. The screens are nice. The seats are comfortable and recline. The food is mediocre and expensive. The employees are plenty friendly. There is ample parking. Seating is reserved. It's a fine place for watching a movie.

Killers Rampage

Great location, great theatres, clean, easy to sneak treats into!

Brian Austin

Reclining seats. Take a jacket (like most theaters, it's coolish inside).

C Thomas Halversen

GREAT SEATS, SCREEN, SOUND. Now forget I said that. Don't want more crowds lol. Can't rate the concessions but the cashiers were patient helping us choose seats. And the electronically adjustable recliners were so amazingly comfortable that it made it just an amazing movie watching experience.

Jeremy Fagergren

Meh. The "luxury" seats weren't the best. I wouldn't use the word luxury to describe them.

Kim Taylor

Nice place to see a movie. I like the Megaplex over in Vineyard better though.

Dakota Collier

Very expensive and not well staffed. Nearly every arcade machine is broken in some way. Staff seem to be panicked a lot, having to deal with a lot of people. Bought a ticket for a movie and was sent to the wrong theater, had to find it on my own. I could buy a ticket and a meal for less at Fat Cats than what I could just to get a ticket, popcorn, and soda here. I enjoyed the movie though. These problems aren't really on the staff. I'm not sure what's going on here, but they're trying.

Joyce Chaplow

Love coming to this theater! Nice recliners and very clean theaters. One drawback is they don't have the snack holders that you put in your lap. That's a bummer!

Jordan Hack

They've really upped the comfort and experience of seeing a movie in the theater! I was impressed with the sound and picture (which is rare because I work in the videography industry and know what good sound and picture is)... We will be going back for sure soon!

Monica Duncker

Love the luxury loungers and the cinemark rewards program. Clean theaters and great staff. Wish they had more food options.

Barbara Quittner

This theater has come such a long way! We love our movie pass, all the benefits and perks that come with it and the luxury seating at the general admission price.

Marlin McKinney

Everything is great except the prices.

Mark Jones

Friendly staff. Very clean. Every employee seems to know their job very well. Love the recliners! Easy to buy tickets at the counter or the kiosk and on line.

Kelsi Ward

This is my favorite movie theater. I love the reclining seats. well worth it!

Bri C

The theater was always pretty good. Not the best sound setup, just pretty good. Typical chairs. Then they upgraded to the loungers. Now they have great chairs and pretty good sound as compared to really good sound elsewhere with pretty good chairs. I've started going here more because of it.

Tylee Pugmire

Had a wonderful experience! Loved the comfortable reserved seating and leg room provided at this theater! The theater was also the appropriate temperature, which for me makes a difference!! Went to go see Shazam!, and had a great time. Great concessions with refills on everything but ICEE's and candies. Great price and service from staff (Tickets purchased through Fandango)! Made for an overall outstanding experience! ♡

Jessica Mingorance

Nice staff, nice chairs, nice and clean.

Doug Alldredge

Great seats, clean theater. Love going there.

High Hopes

I always love coming to this theater, especially when the upgraded to the lounger chairs. Staff are always great and helpful and the theater's are always ckean.

Randi Crandall

Comfortable seats in all the theaters, staff is always nice. Also like that it is assigned seating. Could be a bit cleaner though, my seat was a bit sticky last time I went, but staff came and cleaned it up when I alerted them to the issue.

Debi Pope

Great location. Friendly staff. Love the luxury recliners. Super clean.

Amber Shumway

Recliners in every theater room best decision ever! The price varies but it's around $6.75-$7.75 matinee, $10 evening weeknight and $10.75 evening weekend. I think they offer pretty good prices for recliner seats! The only thing I wish they had a better selection of at this location is food.. but overall it's a great theater!

Sergio de Chazal

We had a good experience but one of the luxury seats didn't work. Bummer. Bathroom were very clean, sound excellent, service was nice... Lots of smiling faces.

Martin Healey

Love the reclining chairs, place is super-clean. Personable staff. Saving money with my movie club membership


They larger have reclining seats! The popcorn buckets (paper) have one refill. The place is not too far even for Eagle Mountaineers. They have a membership deal with free movies that is good for movie-goers.

taylor pyle

Great place to catch a movie. Staff was friendly and the seats were uber comfy. This is Definitely my favorite movie theater

Swayze Wininger

I love that Cinemark offers reclining seats in all of their theaters, and is usually kept very clean. They could use some vamp to their drink station, so they have a bolder, more crisp taste. The staff at the concessions could definitely use some reminder training on customer service and hustle. It takes a very long time to get your popcorn and drinks and it shouldn't with 4+ registers opened and a fully staffed stand.

Troy Irwin

The theater was wonderful all the employees were really helpful making suggestions on what movie to see when I couldn't decide and I love the seating it is perfect and comfortable can't wait to go back again John Wick 3 next time

Jacob Guymon

Greet theater, always clean and neat. Good kettle corn. Tuesdays are 5$ tickets, keep that in mind for the good and bad that comes with it.

Cameron Moon

Always been a good experience, Luxury loungers are great! Best thing Cinemark ever did. Along with MovieClub.

Donny Harding

Don’t buy a pretzel from here. It’s awful tasting. They took it out of the freezer and it taste like it. No nacho cheese


Friendly staff, comfy seats and reasonable price for a movie theater.


Great seats. Had fun

Wil Desposorio

Great seats, loved it, buying tickets online costs extra but it's so much easier

Payden McBride

I love the new recliners at the Cinemark. Very comfortable and easy to relax and be able to experience a movie with the comfort of your own home!

Christian Reben

Excellent experience and a cool rewards program for deals on tuesday. Also the seats are super comfy.

Chris Cox

Love the theater but never sit in the front row.

Adventure gaming

Always love the seats but the movie is a little pricey.

Lori Geisler

Great theater and all of the seats are luxury seats.

Elisa Andersen

I like Cinemark's chair better than a lot of others, but they need to upgrade their sound system in some of their rooms. I haven't been to all of their rooms so I can't say that all of their rooms need an upgrade, but the one we went to, most definitely, need an upgrade.

Konnor Stringham

I love the declining seats here

Joshua Gordon

The seats were ok not as good as some newer theaters but great by all accounts.

Carol Thompson

I enjoyed it, I noticed they provide opportunities for businesses to advertise, but they also offer perks for people who visit the theatres often, including potential for free tickets and refillable drinks and popcorn. I only needed one, but it was great. Friendly and helpful people, and the theater was clean. Thank you for providing a wonderful experience, and happy shows for those who will visit.

Scott Nelson

Layback seats are always a plus. I feel all theatres should have the loungers now when I go to those that don't. Much more room and a lot more comfortable.

Cheri Wortmann

Comfortable recliners with stadium seating. Was nice to order tickets and reserve seating online. Very nice clean theater.

Darth Montoya

It was a great theater! Except my brother works there so I gave it 4/5 stars.

Joel Acevedo

This theater is great. It's always clean and usually less busy than other theaters. Seats are reclinable and comfortable.

Caine Nielsen

I am not up this far north often, but there is always plenty to do around here, finishing a great night with a solid early showing of Captain Marvel was very fun. No lines, though there were plenty of patrons, clean restrooms, the comfiest of chairs in the theater #reclinemebro and more made the experience great. Thanks Cinemark.

Captain McChubbz

It was super fun! I went and saw Avengers Endgame and we sat in luxury loungers. The tickets are about 8 dollars for an adult. The luxury loungers r electric and SUPER COMFY!


Place is gross, everything is sticky and the concessions are a nightmare. spend the 10 mins and drive to a megaplex

Melanie Henrie

I love the seats here, they're super comfy. Great date place if you want to cuddle!

Emmanuel nkomejegusenga

Great customer service and clean theater and mostly comfortable

Collin Mitchell

Great theatre. Super comfortable seats. The sound quality could be a little bettat. But over all it was a great experience

Nathan Prusse

Our go to movie theater. They have 5 dollar Tuesdays as long as you use the app to purchase your tickets, which is new by the way. All of their seats are luxury. My only complaint is their buckets they bend easily sometimes resulting in spilled popcorn. Otherwise great theater. They also don't have annoying commercials like megaplex, but they still have the previews. Just like it should be.

Lorraine Ramos

This is a great theatre! Food is good. They have reclining chairs that are so very comfortable. The workers are very kind and friendly. There are a couple food places around the theatre as well.

Joshua Van Wagoner

Great place! I love the recliners and the little arcade is awesome when you have a bit of time before a movie!

Ann Drayer

One of the better Cinemarks locally. At least the employee's will take the time to talk to you AND the floors are not insanely sticky!

Eric Payne

Simple, clean, quick service and friendly staff. Cinemark does a wonderful job with their movie times and customer interactions.

Andrew Davis

Great place to see movies. I love the seats. Only wish we could do our own drinks and have more flavors to choose from like at other theaters

liz tracy

Great seats! Kettle corn and such

David Vick

Very clean. Comfortable chairs

Joseph Buchman

Very comfortable seats. Clean

Karston Watkins

The manager here showed great courtesy and professionalism. It took 4 tries to get a working caption device and I wish I knew the name of the wonderful manager who helped us again and again. It was obvious he cared about our experience and took significant time to ensure we were taken care of. At the end of the movie he apologized and graciously offered to give us complimentary tickets for our trouble. Thanks so much!

Curtis Lange

Honestly this is a great place to see a movie as every seat is a delux seat with leather reclining sofas. My only wish and I'm sure many people feel the same way is that they reclined just a bit further. My only complaint was the popcorn was awful unless you prefer more salt than popcorn. It was all I could taste. And I like a bit of salt on my popcorn. The volume wasn't too loud which has been an issue for us in other theaters. Also should note tickets on Tuesday are cheap.

Alyssa Stokes

Great place! A little expensive but worth it. Like the environment like being on a set.

John Neff

Theater is right off I-15 so quite convenient. All the seats are luxury lounger, which means the feet go up, but the backs do not recline. The arm rails fold up, which makes it so a couple can cuddle. They are strict about keeping out external food and drink, but the pricing is reasonable.

Brandi Snyder

Very nice theatre! The seats are all fancy; comfy leather with electric controls to put your feet up and the isles are huge (nobody falling in your lap to get passed).

HOMEof theBrave

Always a nice temperature when I’m there.

Riley Wells

Been here 3 or 4 times. Customer service is awesome, screens are huge, and the prices are really great compared to some other theaters. $7.50 for a matinee?? Yes please! I love that ALL of the seats are luxury recliners, this theater is awesome!


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