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7301 S, Jordan Landing Blvd, West Jordan, UT 84084 Located in: Jordan Landing

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Where is Cinemark 24 Jordan Landing and XD?

REVIEWS OF Cinemark 24 Jordan Landing and XD IN Utah


Good popcorn! Best part of a movie. Nice theatres. Staff is fairly friendly.

Uncle Trol

Love going to movies here, my best friend and i love the seats, and how nothing is sticky

Jorge Morales

Seats and quality of sounds are great but the popcorn and food are not very good wish it was better

cera balzly

Cheap tickets and the most comfortable theater I've ever watched a movie in. I'll always go out of my way to come here.

Rebecca Touhuni

Our go-to Date Night destination. The staff are always very nice, seats are roomy and comfortable. Watching movies doesn't get much better than this. Thanks for having us. Again. :)


I love this place!! Compfy recliners and lots of movies all the time.

Michelle Ortiz Gallegos

I love taking my family to this theatre. The food choices are on point and the staff is always friendly. The bathrooms are always clean, which as a mother, is important to me. Always a fun time!


I've always had a good time at this theater. Concessions run at about the average movie night price, so do be prepared to spend about $7 on a large popcorn or $5 on a large beverage. All seats are comfortable, but I recommend the "luxury lounger" seats to anyone out on a date night.

Remmy Erickson

It's wonderful how much this theatre has changed over the years. 15 years ago it had the regular stiff backed cloth seats that one too many bottoms had sat in, but now they have the cushy, recliner like seats that you can truly kick back and relax in.


I can safely say this was one of my best experiences at a theater. I stopped going to movies at theater for a while because I didn't see a benefit to paying 3x the amount of staying at home but this was an exception. The seats were comfortable and clean. Now just need to work on the prices a bit but other than that it was great.

Jon Van Allen

We always go to the daytime matinee when there are very few other people in the theater. Love this theater. Very comfy recliners.

blonde bomb

Love this theater. The loungers are amazing. Frive an hour and half just to come here. Concession prices a bit high but movie is well worth going here.

Toni Moore

I love the seats, we sat in the recliners, very comfy. I love their popcorn cause when you ask for heart attack butter you get it! I like the sound as well. BUT OMG they keep it hot as H5ll in there. Why? Usually, I chalk it up to hot flashes, but my husband doesn't get those and he was hot as well. For the prices you pay for tickets and concessions, you'd think they can afford to turn on the AC! After all, you can only take so much off in public!

Brittaney Scholes

Best movie theater ever. The luxury loungers make this cinematic experience the most best in town! We don’t go anywhere else anymore. We are also part of the Cinemark movie club and we have loved it so much. We get 20% off concessions, earn points towards free rewards, get a free movie ticket each month that roll over, and discounted movie tickets. Plus we love the $5 Tuesday’s!

Corey Neil

Had a great time. The service was great. The theater was clean. I would recommend it to anyone. They did have some construction going on in the complex but it was clean and organized.

jason smith

So the theater is great, nice sound system and relaxing recliner chairs. However for some reason the crowd is usually smelly.

Matthew Alldredge

This theater is beyond the level I was expecting! Service is fast and everything is so neat and just awesome! Having individual reclining chairs is unreal! This is just a fantastic theater! Watch all your movies here!


A great theatre with great amenities (eatery and arcade)! Very comfortable seating!

Emmy Carter

Love the seats. I can perform the trick of drinking coke lying down. However the popcorn at the Gateway Megeplex was much better than yours. Not burned and full of kernals. But light and fluffy and buttery. But I do love your luxury loungers, it almost made up for the bad popcorn...but didn't.

Connie McCullough

This is a very comfortable and beautiful theater. First, the theater is a throwback to the old theater with the grand entrances to each of the theaters. The seating is all reclining chairs with lots of room. The food court had food and other movie merchandise. It has a great arcade as well. This Cinemark Theater is part of the Jordan Landings shopping complex. There many great restaurants in the area. This is overall a wonderful experience.

Krystal Price

This is my favorite theater. The seats are the absolute best, super comfortable! I love their app and I subscribe to their Movie Club program which is $8.99 a month. You get one movie credit per month and discounted prices on other tickets, and you get 20% off at the concession stand. I highly recommend this theater as well as their Movie Club program.

halie quintana

We drive clear to Jordan landing just so we can sit on their cozy recliner chairs. No more people kicking your seats either. We love it there!

Jason Gonzalez

Great place for a Monday Night Family Night! Will be amazing as soon as construction is completed!!!!

Shane Pedroni

Great movie seats that recline and fast moving concession lines. 5.00 movie Tuesdays is great!!! Clean facilities and floors. Interested to see what the outside plaza area will look like after the remodel.

jamie haines

Great place. Awsome staff. We have never been anything less than happy to be there. Clean even the restrooms. If needed staff extremely helpful.

Danyon Greymoon

This is straight up the best movie theater on the south side. I lived in daybreak and would make the drive up to see the new releases. If you love going to the movies, get the movie club for the free tickets and discounts. The main reasons I love this place is because of the cleanliness, and massive comfy recliners! These recliners are more comfortable than my couch at home, and I can never go back to other theater's hard plastic stadium seats.

Jeanne Castleberry

Took my Grandson Evan to see "The Adam's Family". It was pretty good


Great theater. Very new feel. Stadium seating is the best. It sucks that they don't deliver the food from Studio Eats to your theater. You have to wait for it, and it takes a while.

Charlie Vincent

This theatre is great. I absolutely love the atmosphere here! The whole place has a great, golden era, art deco vibe and really friendly staff.

Chase Dixon

Seats were super comfortable. They have the good double recliners that are soft, yet still supportive. The employees were nice and helpful. The floors weren't sticky. No complaints

Travis Meyers

Friendly atmosphere, knowledgeable staff, and accommodating. We went here for a movie obviously and ordered food from the cafe inside. Great food cooked to order and fresh. When I asked for extra fry sauce, the staff informed me that it would be an additional one dollar but decided to let me have it for free. Very professional and friendly. The seating in the theatre is comfortable and has adjustable reclining seats. Well keep and free of garbage between movies. They clean after every movie.

Julio Mata

Just watched, "John Wick 3" . This film was amazing in it own right. However, we are here to discuss the reason this theater gets 5 stars. My biggest problem is the construction going on in front of the entrance of the theater, but as this will come to pass, always try to watch the first showing of the day to avoid as many kids in said film. The arcade inside is about 10 to 20 games, nothing spectacular, it's a theater what do you expect.

Hayley Yong

My favorite cinema! The chairs are so comfy and the price is decent! You can kick back and enjoy your movie!

Brandon Bauman

Cinemark 24 Jordan Landing is a pretty decent theater. In general, clean and comfortable. There is currently a bit of construction in the adjacent buildings so some parking on the east side is unavailable. Service could improve a bit. I bought two large drinks and a large popcorn and then the person serving me walked away. I had to bother another employee to get me a drink and popcorn tray.

Kirk Sanders

Great seating and staff but, concession lines often get out of hand. 10 -15 min waits aren't really acceptable when you have the capacity but not the staffing... especially with the cost of ticket prices now.

Liz Wing

With all the construction going on now and for awhile, parking. Is awful!! The seating is awesome, reclining seats, concessions are good, with fresh popcorn! A little pricey for refills with the cup or popcorn bucket! Theatres are stuffy until about midway through movie. If all that was corrected it would be a 10 theatre!!


The management at Jordan Landing’s Cinemark is great!! I had purchased tickets for a PM showing and was given tickets to the AM by mistake. The manager helped resolve the situation & also provided compensation for the inconvenience. So appreciated!!

Sara Roberts

I love this movie theater! The seats recline and are super comfy! They have discounts on Tuesday's as well! When picking a movie i always check out times for this theater first! Highly recommend!

sai krishna

It's a little far from my place but so far I had great experiences here. This theatre plays few international films(expect audiences from different cultures). Well maintained and courteous staff.

Ms. Magenta

I love the xd room! The chairs are very comfortable! And the pop corn and the food are the best!

Kristina Millis

All of the employees were pleasant, the theater was clean and I LOVE how all of the seats are luxury seating. We will go to this theater every time.

Rachel Giessing

All the seats recline!!! All of them!!! This is the best movie theater EVER because of the super comfy seats. The staff is also very nice and the place is cleaner than any movie theaters I've ever been to. My only sadness was when I tried to scan my super saver gift card at one of the kiosks, it didn't work. It was an amazing movie experience. There are no bad seats! I even saw people bring blankets so they could be more cozy. It will be great when all the construction is done out front. This is the best movie experience I have ever had!!!!

Chuck D

It's time...time to upgrade your hand dryers...the old cruddy hand dryers are VERY outdated. There are several fast, high-speed hand dryers in 2019. I used a paper towel because I didn't have 5 minutes before my movie started to use your old, slow hand dryers. So now I feel like a terrible human being

Daniela Lopez

A great place to watch movies specially on Tuesday. the popcorn is always good. Just yesterday we went to watch a movie it was supposed to be half price day and we learned that they took off that promotion and the only way to get the discount is to be a movie reward member

Marko Santiago

Very professional employees very nice and respectful I recommend to anyone good place to go see a movie with friends or family

Victor Estrada

Awesome all the seats recline and put up your feet. Good times

Preston Spain

Good seating. Good area as well with reasonable price for tickets

Lucia Yaneth

My most favorite movie theater in Utah! I love the luxury seats they are much better than what you consider luxury seats aka recliner seats, these are actually super comfortable with a slide out table for your food and snacks. I recently started going to this theater because all the others in salt lake were sold out and to my surprise I now have been back 3 times in 2 months...also may I add, I live in Ogden so this is a good ways from me but I will always be willing to make the drive for comfort. Thanks guys for keeping it so clean. Side suggestion for the kitchen: I love all your food but the churros have wayyyyyyy to much brown sugar I always have to scrape the heck outta it. I will remember next time to ask for a lighter coat.

Alan White

WOW!!! A great theater with even greater seat's. Treat yourself to a $5 movie in luxury on Tuesday's.


We go here quite often. Seats are comfy. Staff is usually friendly.

Venna Tahan

It will be a lot better when they get done with the construction everywhere and get the fences down!

Hanapa'a Todd

Very well maintained and clean theater with stadium sitting. The best theater I have been to in Salt Lake City and shall be going again

Le Sirena Rudolph

It is in a great location. I like how they have options to book your seat either at the theater or online which we always do online which is very convenient so we can skip the lines at the theater. Inside as big and it has an arcade with also a little Eatery area. The theater itself where you watch movies it's nice and big and this reclining seats are bonus good spacing in between and the seats are comfortable.

N Brown

Was amazing when it first opened, and was "new" but has been surpassed by the new LHM theaters and will hopefully catch back up by improving seating, better luxury options, and better options for food or snack while watching the film; however, all hope is not lost, as I believe they still do have the best popcorn in town - extra butter! They always are great about helping to get to your seat, bathrooms are clean and smell good, and overall you will not be disappointed with the quality of the screen and the intensity of the sounds. They always get the new movies, and tend to keep them running as long as they are popular.

Trever Kelley

The seats here are extremely comfortable, they recline and have a cup holder and the view isnt obstructed by someone sitting in front of you or cramped. The seats are paired in twos and are spaced out quite comfortably. I took my little cousin to see a movie here and before this last time I went here probably a couple years ago it has definitely improved both in design and service. My little cousin and I both enjoyed our visit here and would recommend a visit here to anyone who is looking for a place to go see a movie.

Jona Salas

For the most part this is a nice place to go. Why 3 stars? The "restaurant area. Takes a bit too long sometimes. Also the police presence makes you think if this is a safe place or not.


I love how close this place is, but as far as the theater it is a good price and the seating is AMAZING!

Elizabeth Adamson

I would usually rate this theater 5 stars on any given day. My family and I usually go at least once a week. The people are nice, the popcorn is fresh, and the new seating makes for an extra comfortable experience. Unfortunately, someone always has to ruin something. Because of the lavish style seating, people have found new and creative ways to be disgusting. My girlfriend and I went to see the 2 pm showing of "Isn't it Romantic". We noticed a foul smell here and there, but tried to ignore it. We noticed that when the seats were not reclined, the smell was less intense. We finally discovered a DIRTY diaper between the seats! I thought...okay let's tell the manager because that is disgusting. We told one of the ticket takers and she told us to tell another lady (who we assumed was a manager of sorts) she just kind of looked at us like we were crazy and making it up, then kind of like it was no big deal. No refund offer or even an apology. Long story short, I might be trying out some different theaters around here.

Puck Figger

Very comfy place to watch movies

Brittany Markham

By far my favorite movie theater, always very clean. I also have the app and am able to get point and get free tickets.

Black Raven

Great movie theater, everything is well organized. I would recommend there movie club, it made the whole experience even better. The seating, picture, and sound is amazing. My only minor grips is I feel like they could utilize the open space at the front a bit better. They need to hurry up with the construction in the area, it’s making parking a little challenging. My family and I will definitely be coming back

Diego Lopez

Over all probably the best Cinemark in the Valley. Everyone gets recliner seats. Amazing view of the movie popcorn is always fresh and buttered to my liking.( Thank you for that) Great Customer Service they were very polite and patient always a charming and welcoming feel despite the 100s of customers rushing tham overall five stars.

Sherilyn Brown

I love the seating and sound systems in this theater. Food selection is good.

T White

We love this Cinemark Theater. All auditoriums have leather recliners for the most comfortable seat so you’re not jammed next to other people or feel like you’re sitting on top of the row in front of you. The theater is clean and the staff is always nice and helpful. They have a large variety of snacks to choose from, an arcade to play games on while you wait for your movie to start and a small sitting area where you can hang out and order actual food if you want more than popcorn or snacks. This is the theater I always choose to come to and have the best experience at.

abel Padron

I enjoy going to most all Cinemark theatres especially this one I grew up around this area so I like this one the best. It would be great if they would come down a notch on there concession items.

Dustin Baker

Set up is good and it tends to have great show times and the surrounding area is good too.

JT Smith

We love visiting this movie house. It's close to home, with several shops to keep you engaged before and after your movie experience. I definitely recommend you join the movie club. They offer a credit monthly and discounts on merchandise and concessions. Enjoy

Kk Herman

Always great. Liver the theater and live the food here.

Steve Hanson

Great popcorn. Great seating. Going to the movies today is so much better than it was 20+ years ago. . . and I loved it so much even then. Now, we can reserve our seats ahead of time and recline and have plenty of space to get to your seat. I just wish they carried more fountain drink options. I’m picky and just want something sugar-free and caffeine-free.

Adam Wheaton

This is our favorite place to watch movies. We love the luxury seats. We used to go to a different theater but no more. This is the best.

Brannon Murphy

The theaters are nice, as well as the seats. It's a big theater. Has a good arcade. However, there are limited snack bar selections for the early showings. There's a separate snack bar counter where you can get a lot more choices that hot dogs and popcorn. But that doesn't open until noon. I like to go to the early shows because there aren't as many people in the theater. I wind up having to take my own food into the show because of the lack of access to the second snack bar.

Patsy Nash

Love the reclining chair. Very nice Theater, looks like extra handicap parking spots are being added. Just needs to be painted. Right now the signs have been put in. But no paint makes it confusing for us.

ErrorInk Forever

The seats are comfortable and the go up you'll now what im talking about when you go and check it out

hydro iz uti

A great place for a movie date, seats are reclinable and comfy great for cuddling while watching scary movies.

Eli Black

I had a great time here. I watched Gemini Man. The seats were comfortable. The popcorn tasted great and the soda was refreshing. This is a great way to relax after a long day. This is not my first visit here, and it will definitely not be the last.

Carrera Asay

This is my all time favorite theater. The seats are the most comfortable seats I’ve come across. I come almost every week to see a movie and I constantly have good experiences. I won’t go anywhere else! It’s always clean and the staff is very friendly.

Henry Forster

The theater seemed to have an issue raining in its employees. There were far more employees behind the counter engaging in conversation, than the number taking orders and trying to fill them. The service has gone down hill here. Which is odd considering how much of the ticket sales process has been automated. You'd think they'd have plenty of time to teach just a few customer service skills to an employee or two. To top off that experience, we always have to ask for the 3D glasses when we have ticket for 3D, how hard is it to pay even a little attention?

Stephen Heaston

Great comfortable seats. I am a tall guy so I really appreciate the recliners. Great selection of new films. Not a lot of independent films etc. You will need a more indie theater for those.


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