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125 E 3300 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84115

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Where is Century 16 Salt Lake and XD?

REVIEWS OF Century 16 Salt Lake and XD IN Utah

Edwige Edoh

Great place, chairs are so comfortable you might fall asleep during the movie lol...


Love this place! Clean great seating options.

Eugene Yu

Beautiful recliners, good sound and picture quality. Almost empty auditorium, I was alone on whole row !

David Corral

We were visiting Family in Salt Lake nice theater when we are in Utah this is the place

John Simmons

Meh, a movie theater. Same things to eat, drink and watch. Can't say this was better or worse than any other theater in the Valley.

Laura Weis

We love the snacks, reclining seats and great movies. You can purchase your tickets ahead of time, on Fandango, and get your handicap seats or wherever you want! Then you don't have to worry about standing on line at the ticket booth. There's a great snack bar and ice cream available, as well. The ushers are very friendly and helpful.

Libby G

This theater is so nice since they got new reclining seats, they seem like they're in every theater. Concessions never has a line.

Christian Roy

A normal experience at a theater. No complaints. They have the big comfy seats as standard seating.

Steve Jones

Great! Only trouble we had was them giving us tickets for the show that started 25 minutes before the one we really wanted. Only took a minute to change, but I found it an odd mistake.

Ken Prince

A clean and inviting theater. Enjoyable because of the reclining seats and great popcorn!

Jan Lovett

Love the luxury seating, and of course the fresh popcorn. The soda area could be cleaner however. Still 5 stars.

Dan Rose

Love the lounge chairs. It is a good place to watch a flick!

Robert Laney

The Century 16 theater on 33rd South and State is my favorite movie theater. They've updated recently with better seats (recliners) and a remodeled the concession stand with a good selection. They have great sound and lots of options for different ways to view the movie.

Som Chivukula

A good variety of foods. Fast service. Great selection of movies.

Andre Shoumatoff

Century 16 has these big luxury reclining seats and assigned seating. The foot is super expensive but the tickets are still reasonable. The sound and quality are excellent. I look forward to seeing movies there!

Braedon Mccracken

They have reclining leather seats and are usually less busy then other near by theaters.

Carolyn Montgomery

This theater is wonderful! We didn't have to wait in line long to get our tickets, and the same with the line for the popcorn and drinks. They have a great variety of candy for the kids, and their popcorn is always fresh and hot. We hadn't been there for 2 years, and we went there again last week, and nothing had changed. It was just as good as it was 2 yrs ago. Also, the individual theaters were nice and clean, and the picture quality is amazing.

Lana Burke

My family always enjoys getting together at the movies, and Century 16 is a winner for all of us. It is centrally located so those traveling from the south end and the north end of the valley don't feel like we have to drive a long distance to meet up. There isn't a bad seat in the house thanks to the way they terrace upward, free popcorn refills on the biggies and those cool soda machines with touch screen. The price on a Sunday afternoon for adults isn't too bad at $7.78 for a matinee. We love Century 16!

J Aaron Hales

I love that cinemark is making all is theaters luxury seating. I'll pay more to see a movie in a cushy recliner.

Margaret Sather

Peanut Butter Falcon excellent movie so was the theater!!

Rory Siwik

Century 16 theaters has been a preferred entertainment venue for me for the past 20 years... I remember when this location was built and the old century 6 theaters were retired. In the heart of South Salt Lake on 3300 South it's only a few minutes away. The prices have gone up as does everything, because of the quality of the picture and the seating has also improved. There are fewer patrons to compete for a good seat... And the 20 years I've been going to this theater since it opened I think it has stayed among the top-rated ones in the valley.

Robert Fletcher

I've been going to this theater for years, and I've had a lot of great experiences there. They have a lot of screens where they show big releases, with occasional arthouse events. There's a little arcade, and a couple of small tables where I sometimes chill while waiting for the movie to start. Side note: this goes for all movie theaters, and is in no way to do with Cinemark, but please stop talking during movies in a voice that I can hear. It's really annoying and selfish. Anyway, great place.

A Stewart

Avoid this location! Every other cinemark in the valley will give you better service, have nicer seats, and better tasting food. Absolutely worst customer service, food, and poorly serviced recliners I've experienced.

Joe Pienezza

Really well done-doubd, lights, seating and .....

Brent Snarr

The concession selection was very disappointing. They had less than 1/3 of the items listed available to purchase. It was busy but I've seen theaters much busier and still have a good selection (Regal is my usual go to theater). The seating was fairly comfortable and spacious and I did enjoy the movie. I'll only go back if it's a last resort.

Elizabeth Lammers

The seats. Super comfy & nice. They have a ton of different options for snacks & are super friendly. My favorite thing is probably how clean the place is. Even their mini arcade room area isn't sticky (as we all know it is at most other places). Lovely.


Above average theater that does a good job of making customers comfortable. The location is pretty convenient, if not accessible. There is s decent amount of parking, but it falls short during some releases and busy weekends. Snack Bar is not set up as normal. You serve yourself for most items and then pay. Seats are nice and so are theaters. Employees are competent enough. Egress is not too much to concern yourself about.

Leslie Cole

One of my favorite theaters to go to. Staff is always professional and friendly, I love the massive reclining seats, and the theater is always clean.

Carrie Knapp

Friendly staff, great selection of movies and snacks, best seating!

Debi Pope

Its easy to get to and has all the most recent released movies.

max pain

Love their seats but the food isn't that good, need to get food like megaplex then I'll give you better ratings


This may seem like a boring story but it left an impression on me. We went there on 3/18 for a 7:20 of Gaspar Noe’s “Climax.” I took my girlfriend, which was a mistake. There were a couple intense sequences that she found very triggering and we ended up having to leave. I wanted to get my money back because I couldn’t watch the whole movie (even though I consider this ALL my fault for not researching the content before going in.) I asked one employee where the manager was and he pointed me to him. Name was Alex. (He can tell you who the other people were involved, because I want all 4 to be recognized for their professionalism and efficiency and ability to read people.) Both my girlfriend and I were very distraught, her because of the film, and me because honestly I expected a fight about the refund. But Alex didn’t ask a single question, just pointed us straight to the box office and said “he’ll be happy to take care of you.” Guy at the box office pleasantly started the refund, again with no questions asked, and he appeared to run into a computer issue so he called another manager over, who happily and speedily completed the refund, explaining how it would be issued back on my debit and wished us a good night. Again, not a single question as to why we wanted a refund, asking for any justification, they seemed to just know that it was a bad night for us and that we wanted to leave as quick as possible, and all 4 of these people took care of it. 2 managers and 2 regular employees. Please make sure they’re recognized because they’re good people and I’m very grateful. Thank you. (And I’ll be back to see the rest of “Climax” for sure!)

Brett Bullock

Century 16 is always a nice place to see a flick. They keep the theatres clean and they've been outfitted with comfortable, motorized lounge chairs so one can just relax and watch the movie. Like everywhere the tickets are a bit pricey as is the food but if you exercise some self control, you can get in and out in under $12.

Amanda Johnson

I enjoy this theater. It doesn't cost as much as the cottonwood theater and they have the same moves. It's at times seems as if no one has cleaned it. Staff is great and helpful. There is SSLPD officers on duty at this location which makes things safer for the public.

Chris Myers

The remodel is very nice. This place has been getting nicer Everytime I come here

Robert West

A very nice theatre with easy parking. Very friendly staff and clean facilities. Will be my regular place to catch a flick

Mary Patricia

One of the nicest Cinemark in have been in. Clean and easy to find the movie you are going to see. Polite customer service. I love the recliners.

John Ramos

A bit small, but I loved the stadium seating and mechanical recliner chair. It wasn't traditionally cold as most theatrical establishments. The food selection was decent but was traditionally high priced. Pizza is coming so there is a small area closed in the lobby. Restrooms were nice and clean. The game room is small. Overall I had to give a 3. The best feature at this place I have to say was the movie seating and movie selection. Good was still good so There is that too. Enjoy

jon magneson

The leather recliners with extra leg room is quite nice! I've had amazing sound experiences in every theater. I prefer this theater for big action films

Mark Barney

Comfortable seats, but projection still can't compare with HDTV, which is available in most American homes nowadays. The chairs are nice, but the floors still sticky and gross. I budgeted 5 dollars for snacks, went over that for a single soda. But I went there with my fiancee. She enjoyed it and appreciated it. Even if I was disappointed with quality and expense, her smiles worth all stars.

William Gardiner

Went to see Aladdin and I was very impressed by this theatre. The seats were amazingly comfortable and the assigned seating was great. I hate having to fight through a crowd to find a seat. Prices were a little bit high, but they deliver on an experience that makes it worth splurging on.

Patrick Gibbs

Great theater overall, except that the projection seems to be fit more to the preshow advertising than the movie itself. When the film started, it wasn't fit to the screen (black negative space on the top and bottom). I get that advertising keeps theaters open, but the way it hurts the experience may kill movie theaters in the long run.

Aaron Hughes

Their new leather recliner seats Are outstanding. Pricing comparable to any other theater. Concessions exorbitantly price but that's no surprise. I will definitely be back in the future.

T Dardon

Easy to purchase tickets online at Fandango (they charge extra $3.40 service fee) or buy at the theater. We love the black leather like seats that recline at your leisure with a seat control button. There is plenty of parking.

Michelle Barker

Absolutely love visiting this Cinemark. Breeze thru lines using the app; save at least $15 as a Cinemark member and customer service is FANTASTIC. Clean theater without the sticky tread as we made our way to our luxury seats.

Matt Chavez

The seats recline and are comfy. You go through the concessions kind of line a cafeteria which is nice. They have Freestyle Coke machines.

jon Butler

First rate movie experience, with many theaters, many films showing. Rocketman a very well done filmwith the lay back seating, audio good picture wonderful.

Varun Garg

The luxury loungers are incredible. Big reclining couches with huge armrests that don't have to be shared. Come here on a Tuesday where all tickets are only $5! Make sure to reserve seats online earlier in the day tho because they tend to fill up.

Drei von Funf

I liked the whole layout of this theater. The separate theaters were easy to find, and so we're the restrooms. Buying tickets ahead of time was worth it. Especially as you can reserve your seats. This a much better experience than I …

phillip castillo

cup holder had soda filled in the cupholder and had to wipe off the seat next to me for this female who came with her friends to sit down.... surprisingly the floor wasnt sticky.... but chairs werent as comfortable or reclined as far as I'd like them to be.

Jessica Nguyen

Went to see Avenger's End Game. We usually go to the Sugar house theatre but no seats except right under the screen. Century 16 had a huge auditorium and screen. Nice reclining seats. Fast concessions. Big variety.

Derek Jones

Ticket and concession services are great. Went to see Captain Marvel, got popcorn, redvines and soft drinks. Great movie and I especially love the new recliners.

K Cram

I like Century 16 Salt Lake cuz its close and a nice place to go to.

Sasha Bee

Nice, helpful staff; comfortable, clean theater. My only complaint is the popcorn was overly salty. I don't usually complain, but it was "off" enough that I felt I needed to say something, even though it meant missing some of the movie. Gratefully, the staff replaced my popcorn, and the second batch was much better.

Heidi Martinez

Very comfortable, roomy seats. Great theaters. We go here a lot.

Ezra Gindi (Student)

I saw into the spider verse. It is a very conferrable theater. we were there for one week i recommend going to this theater. parking is very close.

Kristin Melugin

Pros: Comfortable Recliners, Friendly Staff & Fresh Tasty Popcorn/Snacks, Love that they offer Brewed Iced Tea.. Cons: They need to clean the popcorn/butter off the Recliners between movies.. Overall great experience!

Scott Nebeker

The projector clearly wasn't set to display properly on the screen (a good foot of the bottom was unused and the image was curved). The saving grace of the theater is the chairs. They're motorized, leather reclining chairs.


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