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Where is Broadway Centre Cinemas, operated by Salt Lake Film Society?

REVIEWS OF Broadway Centre Cinemas, operated by Salt Lake Film Society IN Utah

Colette Menlove

We got to go see the free showing of "It's a Wonderful Life" on Christmas eve. It was wonderful. We will be going back

Lana Dahle

We go to waffles and wassail every year. It's our new family tradition now! The staff is so pleasant. I love the alternative snacking options for movies. My dairy free husband appreciates the various popcorn toppings. Comfortable seats

J Isakson

Love this theater. Best films in town. Great seats and eats. My favorite

David Kirkman

We have always loved this venue! We haven’t been back for a year because of the lack of closed captioning device availability. Does anyone know if this has changed? At that Time, they only offered on screen captions on one day a week but it wasn’t a very convenient day or time for us. Most theaters in the world have the “at your seat” captioning device which is very helpful for those with clarity types of hearing loss. I’m surprised they don’t have those because a lot of the movie goers I’ve seen at the theater tend to be older…

Kimal James

The movie was GREAT! The popcorn, not so great. The butter flavor was rancid. They gave us a new bag without the butter. Did I say the movie was GREAT!?

Jeff McNatt

This is a theater in which you can walk in randomly, pick a movie and never be disappointed.

Margaret Rijkelijkhuizen

Only the best (international) films. Good public as well. Parking validated for garage next door.

Kelly Hannah

Okay, these cinemas are the best ever! Great location and building scale... large enough but not too large. Presenting quality movies that deserve to be seen! There is a great common area for visiting, eating, and drinking. I really enjoy watching a good film with a house made latte in hand!

Jordan Bradley

The larger and more professional of the two independent cinema houses in town, the Broadway is fantastic! Absolutely dedicated staff, huge and semi-healthy snack selection, and most importantly, all the movies worth seeing. It has comfortable seats, decent bathrooms, a nice clean lobby with local art and independent movie information, and a huge, 6 level parking garage right next door that validates parking with a ticket. It's AV system is state-of-the-art, of course, but you won't find any 3D or vibrating seats at this place! That is not what the Broadway is about.

Luke Knudson

It's the only place in salt lake to see foreign language films and independent films. Plus they have great snacks and it's an old style theaters, so you can sit close to the screen .

Mary Luna

In spite of being an old building, an elevator is available for disability access. This is a must for me. It's a wonderful theater. They have lots of independent films which is why we drive from Ogden to go. They have a full coffee/tea menu as well as vegetarian and vegan snacks. And of course all of the usuals like popcorn, and traditional candies and snacks. They have so much to choose from! I love that there are all types and ages of people attending there. It feels like you're in a community just by being present.

Bro La

Always playing independent films, which is great for those who are looking for something abstract, or against the mainstream circuit.

Martha Walter

This is easily my favorite theater in Salt Lake. The selection of films is different from what is everywhere else and for anyone who wants to see festival award winners on a big screen this is the place. They have free screenings with Q&A sessions and series of films that won awards in other countries. This is my favorite place to spend free time.

Kaitlyn Hansen

This theatre is amazing. The staff is friendly and willing to talk about the films with you. This is the closest theatre to our home that plays Indie films and it's perfect

Derick Varn

A great price to watch Indie and art house fair in downtown. A little cheaper than a corporate theatre, and their concession stand actually has healthy options.

Elizabeth Leach

Volunteers can be curmudgeonly but they show great movies that may be hard to find in more mainstream theaters and typically the staff is fantastic. They serve pizza that needs 5 minutes to be prepared so, prepare for that goodness. They have really interesting movie snacks like edamame and tamales. German chocolate is also a good movie snack they provide. And don't forget the espresso!

Deon Gines

Wonderful biopic Miles Davis!

Bonnie Shiffler-Olsen

The only place to go for decent cinema and art films in the area. Great environment. Lovely concessions. Brings in the films indie movie lovers want. I drive an hour to get here. Always well worth the time and traffic.

Austin Reece

Love this place. The movies here are 10x better than what's showing in your typicl theater. 11/10 full send.

Toni Moore

I'm having a tough time with this review. I loved the movie, Notorious RBG. It was so good and informative, and I love the Broadway for bringing movies like these to our town. They give voice to the disenfranchised and Salt Lake needs the Broadway. However, the Theatre's air conditioning either was broken, or very insufficient for cooling the building because I sat there sweating just watching the movie. I had sweat rolling down my face and neck. My friend complained and the person said she'd see what she could do, but it never got any better. The theater should have given us a rain check. I will go back, but I will call first to see if the air is working.

Ethan Carron

You can tell from the second you walk in that everyone there cares about the best film experience possible, from the staff to the ticket buyers. The atmosphere hits you instantly. In your average theatre, people talk, text, or loudly fart during the movie. With typical theatres, you have to deal with people who don't really care about the movie or whether anyone else does. Broadway Cinemas is pretty different. People just, you know, enjoy the movie. Most people even sit through the credits, just for fun. Not to mention the films they show, most of which wouldn't screen anywhere in the state otherwise, especially foreign films. They don't usually have explosions or decepticons, but good writing and acting instead. If you like theatres where people leave their phone alarms on, come in late, answer a phone call during the movie, and then loudly leave early, maybe this one's not for you. Anyone else, though, will probably be happy they came here.

Sala Tumanuvao

I've seen some of my favorite movies here. Not only do they have a great selection of films but their snacks are delightful as well. Much better than your standard theater.

terry tengler

Saw independent films from SLC artists. It was a lot of fun!!!

Michael Simpson

Clean theater with awesome staff who are excited about the films being shown. This place is perfect for any film buff!

Zach Sadoff

Best independent theatre in SLC

Camille Smith

Wonderful venue. Movies you cannot see anywhere else. Great selection of concessions and love the free parking at the garage next door.

Donald Ulvestad

Best theater in Salt Lake for meaningful films and excellent concessions.

jorjina broadbent

It was awsome . Got to watch a fantastic film. Sons of perdition. We all grew up and have such wonderful lives. It's all about family

Ren Shore

Wonderful selections of movies. Staffed by enthusiastic volunteers.

Ed Kirkpatrick

Nice theater but the seats are very uncomfortable.

Stacie Schofield

Great place for film festivals. Thanks for your support....


Fabulous theatre! Great selection of films, fair prices, good concessions (big variety) and comfortable seats, good sound quality and screens. An Oscar worthy experience!

Alex Whitener

Great. The movie family was funny

Janna Paul

I enjoyed how it looked and felt. It gave the feeling of total acceptance... no hate, just love. I loved how at the end of the movie everyone clapped. The last time that ever happened to me was at the old Riverdale Cinema in South Ogden. The crowd of people and the workers gave genuine interest in giving you a wonderful experience. What an amazing Movie Night!

Coby Vail

This is my favorite place to catch a film in SLC. In addition to being the best place for independent cinema in SLC, they also have the concession options of my movie theater around.

Dorothy Dunne

This place is for all people who enjoy thought provoking films and all films that won't be seen in the general theaters. A place for independent film makers to learn their love of making quality films. I love the place and recommend it highly.

Maria Lindsay

I love that this place will have movies other places won't, but this theater needs some work. It's old. The seats are rickety. Paint needs to be replaced. Fabrics, like drapes, need to be removed. And, unlike many of the other theaters, they have no discount day, which makes me less likely to choose them.

Christopher Swaner

I go there frequently for movies and for special events of theatrical plays .

Sid Unrau

this place always has fabulous selections and many of the film's there are not shown in any other theater. It emphasizes indie films and it is just a great atmosphere and a great crowd of people and great staff that work there. The food is a little pricey but I don't mind supporting the arts. Also they have some spectacular selections that you can't find anywhere else.

Celeste Defigueiredo

My favorite theater in town.. I like the variety of foreign movies they show.

Paul Ricketts

Cool place with great movies you don't get to see in chain theaters.

W. Carl Ammons

Absolutely wonderful experience. Really enjoyed Tolkien movie..

Jill Baeder

Saw a great film that wouldn't have made it to the chain theaters. We're lucky to have the Salt Lake Film Society and Sundance Film Festival here. Lots of screens, decent seats and eclectic foodservice.

Joshua Brooks

This was a great way to wake up and enjoy the city life this morning. Happy Holidays!

Nicholas Hutto

Went here looking for a small theater vibe. Was surprised that the screen we used had updated and comfortable seating. The staff was happy to help and seemed happy to be working there and interested in film.

Viviana Wolinsky

Consistently great selection of films. Wonderful seating and good concessions at a reasonable price. What more could you want?

Redmond Christopher

Awesome theater, seats are a little dated but still comfortable. Great staff and selection of refreshments!

Hayden Berg

I feel lucky to have a place like the Broadway near me! They show excellent films that can't be seen anywhere else and everyone there is always kind and helpful. The huge snack selection also a plus!

Nathan Ruschman

Cool vibes and part of the Sundance Film Festival. I always go here over the bigger cinemas in town if possible.

Joe Pienezza

Show's are always good.

Janeen Steer

Comfy seats. Big screen. Good audio.

shannon russell

I went to the movies for the first time in a long time and had a blast

Carole Fraze

I loved the atmosphere and the snack bar had plenty to choose from. The staff here are chill and very nice. My daughter and I went and the other patrons in the theater were respectful it was like going to watch a movie with a whole bunch of friends. We all laughed, gasped and cheered. I felt like I was transported back to when I was a child going to the the theaters in L.A. again when people had manners and were cordial and cared about the whole experience. No feet on the back of your chair, no cell phones going off, no one talking really loud through out the whole movie.

Sabrina Grover

I love the films shown here, but the seating is a bit run down. Could use some renovations!

Jamie Lott

Love this theater. I'm a member and I love to support the great work they do bringing quality films to Salt Lake. They have great snacks like edamame and burritos along with movie popcorn and espresso. You will never see a bad movie here.

Angela Thompson

So glad SLC has this treasure!

Brant Wilson

For #artfilm, #indie, #Sundance, and during #Oscars season, this is the go-to for northern Utah. The euphoria and endorphins of seeing a film here is among my favourite things to do.

Maclain Drake

I was on the fence about this but I know they raised funds last year for ADA compliance and I gave them my card to make sure they update their assistive hearing devices since they are very outdated but now a year later and it is still the old technology that I advised for them to change. I can’t enjoy any of the shows here properly and I wish to help to get it fixed.

Tim Behunin

Great place to go see movies that are not the typical mainstream fare.

Loisi Yee

Popcorn is fantastic!

Gaylene Dawes

Thankful for the documentary & independent films shown at the Broadway Theater. Just need a lil cheerfulness behind the snack counter

Taylor Elkins

Little expensive tickets and concessions, BUT the downtown location is awesome. Definitely not an upscale theater, but a quality place to find films that aren’t local blockbusters. Still recommend for the award winning films!

Max Rasmussen

I love the Broadway! It's fun to see limited run and independent films, and this is usually the only place you can find those movies. They also validate parking which is nice.

Stacy Semborski

One of my favorite venues in SLC! The various events held there are something I attend every year, especially the Czech That Film. It has the same pricing as the mega theaters, but have the best off major films. I feel very lucky to have a venue like this in SLC that allows the community to see indie films locally.

Karen Nobile

Staff and volunteers are so kind and helpful. Did not eat. Just saw a documentary

Donald Wilson

Easy to park , nice facility, very good popcorn.

Alex Baca

Best Chai tea I've ever had. And the staff was cool. However, the men's restroom air hand drier was filthy beyond acceptable.

Cade Anderson

My favorite theater around Salt Lake! This is the only place that shows a solid variety of independent or lesser-known films. Every employee I have seen here is always above and beyond friendly. Note that there's free parking in the garage next door; just ask for validation when you buy your ticket inside.

Cory Stringfellow

I wish the screens were a little bigger, but the seats are comfortable. This is a real asset to the city if you care about independent films.

chris e

Just saw "JUDY" & it was truly amazing... Great works- Ms. Renee Zellweger!! :)

Lisa Veenstra

Small intimate theatre that shows independent movies. The atmosphere makes you feel that your stepping back in time. Lines do get long. Highly recommend buying tickets on their website. Arrive early if you want to get a snack. There are no assigned seats. And there are not many seats in the theater. If you're planning on a huge screen with stadium seating, go somewhere else. This is an independent theater that has class and charm.

Dylan McDonnell

My wife and I love going here to see movies. Its got great screens and sounds, a large selection of options for consessions, and friendly staff. I wish they would serve beer or wine here, but it's Utah so i cant really fault them for that one.

Challenging Senpai

If you like cinima it's great. Good for a date night.

Rhett Wilkinson

Salt Lake Film Society staff members Barbara Mellen, Derrek Wall lied and fell way short in their service, respectively. Mellen told me that I could come to a film and redeem the ticket for which I paid, but then reneged on that -- and claimed to Wall that she never said I could redeem the ticket for which I paid, Wall said. Then Wall didn’t try to help, but only fought me and tried to divert criticism. If he wasn’t in the wrong, then consider that he was wrong in his claim to me that another staff member, a male whose name I cannot 100 percent recall, didn’t have a phone number. (I am providing a courtesy of not saying any name since I cannot definitely remember it.) I provided reason to Wall that this staff member probably would have a phone number, and sure enough, he did. (Also, I called that staff member about these issues, as he is higher on the SLFS chain than Mellen and Wall, but he never replied.)

Teresa Statz

This theater is very nice, slightly cheaper than most chain theaters and shows all Independent films. It has regular seating not comfort seating. They validate parking in the parking garage next door so that's free. My only complaint is that I'm short and their seat backs are fairly high so I have to be sure I sit up straight to see the whole screen.

Edward Comer

Different type of theater. Very rustic in downtown Salt lake city.

Steve Park

We've been coming here for years. It can get a little crazy during the Sundance film festival, but we love it.


Went there to see a Sundance film for class, nice theatre, but the chairs are strange, they slightly lean back but not enough to make it seem worth while, other than that I didn't notice anything off about the place. Nice to visit, just be weary of the near by parking prices.

Cole Cox

Best movie theatre in Salt Lake City. I've been coming here for over a year and it's the best place, because it doesn't show these big box office sequels or superhero movies. They are "Utah's home of Independent, Foreign and Documentary film." Such a friendly staff and such a unique environment. I love this place.

dave simpson

My favorite movie venue of all time. Parking is free, matinees are cheap, popcorn is fresh , and most of all films are diverse, poignant , topical, and some are the film of the year best in many categories. No teenage drivel, no animated nonsense, and many wildly creative themes.... Love this place--- don't tell anyone.

D Child

Awesome theater and people working there. Definitely worth the trip!!!

Michelle Schnurr

Cute movie theater with a good selection of mainstream and off beat movies. Good snack selection and comfy stadium seats, along with tickets at a reasonable cost.

Allison Hite

Such a great place! Friendly staff, huge selection of exotic and treats and bottled soda pop! Things to know before you go: 1. There is no fountain soda, if that’s something you like for a movie. 2. Park in the parking garage next door, they validate! 3. They really put movies back to back, so they don’t do lots of cleaning between movies, and since it’s run but many volunteers, it can be a little messy when coming in. They also ask that you try and clean up before you leave. Which if you are a decent human, you should be doing anyway. 4. The seats are not stadium, just traditional movie seats. Comfy, with cup holders. The theaters are also small, which we liked, very intimate. Also, no pre assigned seats. So thankful for this great art house! The only place you can see so many great films!

Patrick Gibbs

I love this place. The seating is not ideal (not easy to see if you are short, i sometimes bring a cushion a make shift booster seat) but there's just a feeling of passion for cinema that makes me feel emotional when I'm there. My history with the place goes way back to the '90's and seeing "Schindler's List" there, so I will always associate it with high art. But the Salt Lake Film Society has brought a wonderful new life to it. Every time I go there I find myself thinking "I need to make more time for this place".

Cody Gearheart

Honest to God, this is one of the best movie theaters I’ve ever been to. Classy, great service, comfy and casual, and amazing offers for concessions!

Jarom Nelson

Great films, great food, great experience

James Howard

The food selection here is quite nice. But the seats in the actual theaters could use some redo. Also it is not stadium seating. So if you happen to get a tall person in front of you you may be in trouble. It's like going to the theater in the 1970s. However the seats do have cup holders and are comfortable. Now as far as the selection of films. You're going to find some of the best films available here. That's a bigger theater chains don't carry. So you think of it as an art house theater. Then it's not bad. Hope to see you at the movies.

John Pherson

This place does not have any snakes, which is nice, because I'm very allergic.

Joshua Cameron

I like the Indy feel, though the theaters I have to admit seem a tad underwhelming compared to a Megaplex or Cinemark.

D R Lewis

Great movie house: thoughtful film choices, comfortable seats, excellent projection and sound, expansive concessions, great location.

Robert Raleigh

Best movies in town, specializing in indie and foreign cinema. Fantastic service.

Brayden Lopez

It's a nice place, great selection of independent films. The snacks and drinks section is filled with juices and healthy options; I love that. The one downside is the theater room gets quite hot. And the seats are not super comfortable.

Agatha Milk

The only place I’ll go and watch the movie. Always cool choices.

Julian Kozerski

I love this place! The atmosphere they have created there, and the community involvement. They have some really good screenings for movies that you may not have ever heard of but are deffinitly worth seeing on the big screen. I will encourage everyone to check them out. It is ran by the Salt Lake Film Society which is a great organization.

colton powell

Every thing is expensive I spend fourteen dollers on a 12oz soda and a chocolate candy bar.

David Svikhart

Great movie theatre in downtown Salt Lake City featuring independent films. Wonderful small theaters with comfy seats and great sound systems. Contemporary snack bar with varied offerings.

Timothy Gerber

This theater is owned by the Salt Lake City Film Society. While this theater does not typically screen big name titles, it is certainly the best place to see indie films. This is a dated theater so don’t expect leather reclining chairs. The concession stand has some great “off-beat” gourmet-ish selection like bottled micro brew root beer and double dipped chocolate covered peanuts.

Hana Christiansen

Great place that has awesome movies! The snacks are exceptional as well.

Beth Wisch

Great little gem of a movie theater. Love to see films there, great snack bar with grown up treats, and they validate parking. Loved it, will be back.

Concerned Boy

Very good very funny. Had a lot of timely political commentary and is very dark. I liked this a lot nonetheless

Janna Armatage

Upscale theater. Respectful crowd. Great concessions, including pizza and hot dogs. This theater is for the budding theater enthusiast or the seasoned independent film aficionado. Nice dinner options in walking distance or try outdoor ice skating in the colder months... Buy your theater tickets online to avoid a wait in line outside.

Jeremy pritchett

All the seats are comfortable. The staff really knowledgeable and friendly.

Brett Thompson

Love many of the films! Would give it 5 stars but the seats are at an uncomfortable angle and lean forward. Fix this and it would be a much better place to see a movie

Hal Muir


Patrick Bostick

Staff are always friendly and enthusiastic about the films. Always a great experience here.

Paul Mason

Very nice film-dedicated joint

bruce manka

Art movies at their best.

Michelle Manwaring

Love this theater so much. The snack selection is crazy great! The employees are incredibly friendly and down to earth. The bathroom was super clean (something I’m very picky about). Overall, an excellent place to watch smaller films.

JM Montgomery

Fantastic indie movies, really good hot dogs, fancy candy, kinda clean bathrooms.

George Pence

Superb venue for independent and foreign films of high quality. Utah in general, and Salt Lake being no exception, is starved for art oriented cinema. The Broadway fills a local gap in what would otherwise be a desert of fine cinema. Do yourself a favor and trust to their powers of selection and choose a movie at random you might not otherwise see, you will not be disappointed as your spectrum of appreciation broadens.

WMyles Reilly

I love this place! Since all other maga movie theaters have replaced character driven, and complex stories with end of the world, dystopian, one man/woman against all, big bang, noisy, and u complicated story ideas, 'The Broadway' shows movies that bring us closer to our humanity. Great stories, creativity at its finest. I love this place.

Chase Baur

This cinema is great when it comes to showing new independent films. It is definitely the ‘go-to’ place in the Salt Lake area when it comes to these types of movies. The reason I am giving three stars is this: Throughout the last film I saw, an usher never came in to check on things such as people talking, using their phone or being generally disruptive, all of which were occurring in my screening. Additionally, when the credits started to roll an employee came in to clean the theater. I am the type of film-goer that likes to stay until the very end, as are others. Having someone clean around me while I was staying to the end made me feel as though I was putting someone out and in the way. As an independent cinema I would expect more. This was a midday screening on Wednesday. I hope this is not how they regularly operate.

Bryan Wells

big fan of Broadway, loved seeing Hamilton. Funny how people fly all the way to New York for Broadway when they could just go here in Utah. Jokes on them.

J Saunders-Spencer

Want a true cinema experience? This is the place. It is nothing like the mainstream theaters. No recliners, but the seats are comfortable. I enjoyed the quiet. It was a sophisticated movie experience. With the validation, there's free parking in the garage. The concessions are unlike the mainstream theaters. Independent Films rarely make it to the other theaters. Now I know where I can go to see the films that are not likely to be in my neighborhood. The staff were very nice. First visit, but not the last.

ERNEST Akimseu

1 can always count on being entertained. No. 1 film festival caliber movies from comical i.e. Art of Self defense, drama i.e. Farewell, real life i.e. The Eagle Trainer, to off the wall i.e. Black Klansman. I would if I could, watch a new film a week.

Sonja Burke

Love this place! Saw Hell or Highwater here a couple years ago. Fun concessions area.

tara hoppie

I absolutely love SLFS. I'd rather see a movie at the Broadway Theater than any theater in Utah. The films they show are always top notch (I've never seen a crappy movie there), and the staff is so friendly.


Great venue, saw Free Solo with a q&a period after with Alex Honnold and Jimmy Chin and it was amazing. Ticket prices vary depending on the time and show, child and senior tickets get a discount. Concessions are available and reasonably priced.


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