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REVIEWS OF Brewvies Ogden IN Utah

Kelley winfield

Fun atmosphere and super friendly staff

Frank Dominguez

Nice little place if you're trying to get away from the traditional setting but lacks some of the quality we've become so used to with some of the bigger theaters. Still a solid place though.

James Humphreys

I love that they are showing first run films. I love the idea and th general atmosphere. That being said, it was clear when we went in that while the theater seats were older and needed some attention, the real challenge was it was just dirty. The table area were dirty and there was indeed slimy stuff on the tray at my seat. They need to clean a lot more and change the water more often with some soap.

Shawnee Sawyer

Just say "NO" to traditional movie theaters. Comfy chairs Great prices. Good drinks. Fine services!!!

Jordan Eva

Food was delicious! My only wish, is that there was a way for me to order from my seat in the theater, I would've ordered more drinks and food if I didn't have to get up and leave the movie to order it. Maybe that's Utah's way to stick it to us evil folk who like to have an alcoholic beverage while we an enjoy a show. The seats are decent, but I wish they reclined. If there was ever a way to fix those two things I would give it 5 stars all around.

Lynn Willis

Good food, tasty adult beverages, and a movie. What more could you want? A Bar? Okay, that's here too. Pool tables? Air hockey? A couple of classic arcade cabinets? Yep! Handy trays built into the theater seats, all soft, and some of them recline too!

Shaylee Greer

Bomb food, good movie, your set.

isaak Stansfield

Great food, great beer, great business! I love it every time i go to Brewvies! The only thing i could possibly complain about is that i wish the seats reclined, but top notch movie theater!

Brandon Leib

Thoroughly enjoy this location. Floors are clean and theaters are comfortable. Food is great!

Eric Piper

Great place to watch movies in comfort and they have good food and drinks

Christopher Laudermilt

Great atmosphere with two pool tables, arcade games and a full bar. The food is also well above what I expected for a movie theater or a bar. I had the black and blue burger and sweet potato fries and it was amazing. I'll definitely be coming back, more so than the regular movie theaters. I'm just disappointed that I haven't found this place sooner!

Daniel Cook

This place is great. Food and drinks at your seat in a real theatre. Everyone super friendly and accommodating too. Way better experience than the regular theater. I hope people in this neighborhood continue to support it because I would hate to lose this gem.

Jen Mo

Had an awful experience and will never go back. The movie cut out 8 times, sometimes the sound would keep going without picture. This happened during the climax of the movie. And through it all, Brewvies staff didn’t communicate with us at all. No apology, no explanation, no trying to make it right. My friends and I go to dinner and movie frequently, typically between 6-10 people. We were excited to go and have drinks while watching a movie. We all walked out collectively saying “never again.” Also, the food was disappointing, the service was disorganized, and it sucks to have to leave the movie to; pick up food, order more drinks, etc.

Kaye Sorenson

Normally love this place especially because no children allowed.However things were lacking with our experience tonight. My cocktail was not poured the same as previous nights.The food was not as good and the theater was not cleaned between shows.The loungers are starting to break down.I hope things can go back to the way they were. It was not a great experience.

Casey Flynn

It was much better before a little run down and asking full price tickets as megaplex much nicer place.

Chris Hymas

Best place in Ogden. Not just best theater but best place. Good people, good food, good drinks, good movies, great prices. Lots of parking, fun atmosphere, I definitely want to recommend a visit or 10 here.

Tracy Ellington

Awesome, awesome theater. Great customer service, very clean. Comfortable recliner chairs. Good selection of beer, wine, and spirits. I had a pepperoni pizza with a nice sour IPA. The pizza was fantastic - super cheesy, cooked just right, excellent crust.

Brianna Bailey

Really run down theater. The “luxury” seats are uncomfortable, old, and one of our recliners didn’t even work. The movie screen is smaller than a normal theater so it’s definitely better to sit closer. Everything was sticky and greasy, like …

Kamarun Maraccini

Fun and the food was great

Epic Adventure

Broken chairs and poorly prepared food. "Hash browns," actually meant a defrosted heated up hash brown party, "ham," meant lunch meat with grill marks.

Jeff Norris

Gone down hill. Seats still brolen,staples showing through on arm rest. Was 21+ but GA restored the biggest reason to go. No kids! Price is same as mexplex now as they have a surcharge. We used to go every week when they opened. Screw it I'll watch on demand at home...

Tammie Anderson

Bought tickets on line an still had to wait in line! No lights to find seats.. Seats wouldn't recline. Way over priced. First time an last time I will go..

Derek Jones

This place is awesome! Could not be more happy with this theater. It only has 4 theaters but for us non mormons looking to actually have a good time, this is a perfect choice. My wife and I want to come for the brunch sometime. Could use an upgrade on the games though.

Stephen Juergenson

Awesome small cinema with adult beverages and great tasting food. Brewvies caters exclusively to a 21 and up clientele, completely eliminating that hordes of children that plague a traditional cinema. I've never encountered a crowd at Brewvies Ogden, which means no lines and no wait! Although there is a small number of screens, there are always new movies playing. The food is really good and reasonably priced as are theater tickets and drinks. Every seat at Brewvies is lazyboy style and most of them recline. Every Sunday there is a brunch and special feature. I haven't had the opportunity to attend a Sunday brunch feature but plan on doing so as soon as possible. Next time you're hungry for a fresh flick, great food and drinks, and no obnoxious packs of children and teenagers bouncing off the effing walls, do yourself a favor and go to Brewvies Ogden!

Darryl Armstrong

This is the best place to see a movie. Great food and beer.

Brad Phillips

Went to watch a PG movie with my kids, when before I knew it the previews were dropping the F word. Definitely not appropriately screened.

Taylor Houpt

Hecking awesome!

Bug Kids

Love it here! Super good food and the drinks are great prices!

Charlyn Marple

My favorite place to watch a movie & drink beer. Prices are great & sometimes movies are free. We go at least 3x a month. The employees are friendly. It's just a Great place to hangout.

James Bohn

Always good food and service

Ashley Hayes

Good food, comfortable seating, and great beer selection. So much better than the standard movie theater.

Kassie Tutt

Awesome time having ddrinks and playing pool

Brandon Olsen

First time there and didnt get to explore as much as I'd like to (went for an informational community gathering). The facility was clean and simple. The bar area had a good setup. I believe I even saw a small arcade area tucked away inconspicuously? The staff was very friendly. Nice selection of beers, with plenty of local craft. Full liquor menu too! The food menu looked very appetizing but I didn't try anything. Looking at their website, they do some killer weekday deals as well as frequent showings of some great retro classics. Will be going back very soon!

John Miles

I love this place. Eating lunch during a movie is great, but this is also a great place to stop for lunch during work. They have lunch specials every day, discounted burgers for lunch, and a full bar. The theater seats are like recliners (not all recline) with tables attached. I go here any time l watch a movie without my kids. Even if I dont buy food or drinks, its nice to have a free glass of ice water while i watch!

Candi Hanks

No one under 21 allowed. This should be stated when you are buying tickets online as they are non refundable. My son was unable to enter so we wasted $21 and had to go to another theater.

Lollie Pedersen

Had a great time! The food was awesome, drinks were delicious. Staff was helpful. Seats were amazing. I am so glad you opened in O town Brewvies!! We wanted you here :)

Zayda Hepworth

First time at the Ogden Brewvies. Had a great time! The employees are so nice and do their best to make it a good place to hang even with all the Utah liquor law eccentricities. I would definitely recommend this place


I am so glad Brewvies has come to Ogden. We need a fun place like this for adults. I went to a movie there this weekend and was impressed. The staff was fun, knowledgeable and inviting. We were running a little late, so we paid for our movie tickets, picked our seats and ordered our food and beverages first. We went to our seats in the theater and our drinks were brought to us quickly. Once our food was ready, we were paged by a little vibrating pager that had been given to us. We went out to the front desk to pick up our pizza and were able to hit the condiment table on our way back to the theater. The seats were incredibly comfy, the theater was clean and food was tasty! It was a nice time and I can’t wait to go back again soon!

Josh Hoopes

I could almost forgive the poorly staffed facility and customer service, but then the movie cut out 8 times tonight. Did they care, no. Not worth it to watch movies and drink. Guys, you really need to get your act together.

Jeff Miller Looking to Get lost

Besides having waited months to even have a movie I have remotely wanted to see the manager now has turned me away completely. They refused my groupon and to honor the 10.00 never expired value of what I paid for the groupon because the movie was in its first weekend at their theater. The food and beer that we all purchase is the money makers not sure why they are willing to send a couple out the door over honoring their own 10.00 groupon. But I will never give this establishment my business ever again.

Char Todd

Best place in town to watch a movie. Chris & Rose made our experience even better, with the food & service they provided

Jelino David

Quinn's hospitality excellent. Gave opinion of Us. Got me interested in it I don't like horror films. But may see. Quinn's film knowledge and passion was refreshing and the staff was productive and friendly. Made eye contact and honestly asked how I was, did I need anything, very attentive felt welcome. I saw Captain Marvel a second time. Great experience Staff made even better

Agnes Corbin

Excellent food, great menu. We love going before 4. There are limited recliners and are close to the screen, perfect for me. The movies are current and they do have a Sunday brunch. Call for info on the brunch.


I'm not sure of how I expected a "Cinema Pub" to work. I didn't expect to eat my food in the pitch dark, fighting the sillhouette of a fellow drunk moviegoer's head while sitting in a sticky recliner that didn't recline, next to a wall that blocked the view of the bottom right side of the screen. The food? It was ok. It would have been better if it had been ready when the pager went off, and I hadn't missed 7 minutes of the movie in order to argue with staff about getting my order wrong. Next time, I think I'll stick with grabbing dinner and drinks before going to a more comfortable and higher quality theatre.

Bradley Knight

The workers acted unprofessional, confused, and disorganized while patrons were trying to order food and purchase tickets. The food was descent and the drink tasted great. They left the theater lights on for the first five minutes, which was annoying but explainable by people still coming in from ordering food from the bumbling workers described above. I was excited to watch a movie here, only to have the screen go dark or the movie freeze EIGHT times during the showing. At the climax of the film, it froze and jumped ahead. This spoiled the upcoming scene. After the longest disruption of the eight total disruptions, they restarted the film at a slightly earlier scene. No apologies or efforts to rectify the situation were given by cinema staff. Worst cinema experience ever. Too bad, because the drink was pretty good.

Joseph Owens

Nice friendly staff. Took a bit to get the food but they were packed ans im sure they were busy. Overall satisfied will be going back soon

Rob Marker

Free movies on Monday nights comfy recliners and beer. What's not to like?

Elias Soto

This place is amazing great food amazing service! The Pineapple Express drink is amazing! I will definitely be going back to this place I definitely recommend everyone to check this place out!

Connor Stocks

Food, high ( for Utah) point alcohol, reclining seats and both weird and common movies. Do you yourself a favor and give them a go.

Matthew Jackson

Awesome place. Nots expensive as i thought. Dinner and a movie in the same spot. Worth it

tiffany stanton

Great place to go.

Kaylee Olsen

Loved this place when it was the movie grill first time going with the change to brewvies the food was terrible..... we didnt have a single staff member get our order for food and had to go ask to have someone come get our order we were also 3/4 of the way through the movie before we even got our food and no one brought it to us we had to leave the movie to go get our food we were never offer we'd d drinks we didnt even get water glasses. The hashbrowns I ordered were basically those hashbrowns you get at McDonald's... the other food was no good either over all very disappoint ed

Tim Behunin

Great place and friendly staff

Rhiannon Michelle Stephens-Williams

This place is so much fun. I have fond memories of MovieGrille and Brewvies does not disappoint. I was thrilled to be able to drink vodka during my movie.

Alysse Tassé

Love this place. Staff is fun, movies are good, and food is delicious. I'd recommend to anybody!

Lance Letteer

The food was good and the atmosphere was nice. My only gripe is that the theater rooms themselves are a little dirty. A couple of the chairs were caved in and slanting, and it seemed like the leather hadn't been cleaned properly.

R.M Allen

These guys are the absolute best! Thir customer service is out of this world. The theaters are always clean. The seats are freaking comfortable. And the food and drinks taste amazing. It's now my only choice for movie night.

Jesse Rindlesbach

Love Brewvies! Always a good time, great and friendly service. It's fun to see their Sunday brunch movie.

Chris White

This place is dope. Movies are a bit older, but they have good food, great alcohol, and good prices.

Suzanne Miller

Great place to watch movies and have a beer. Sometimes the food is slow getting out, but overall and decent spot!

Matt Chase

The place was dirty, disorganized, and understaffed. The food was disappointing. The drinks were good. Of course you have to leave the movie to fetch your own food when the pager they give you goes off. And you have to leave again if you want a new drink, alcoholic or not. All that isn't with a 1 star. But when you add it to the movie cutting out 8 times, like they were showing a bad bootleg, you've found another level. The movie even cut out during the climax of the film, skipped ahead, spoiled the big reveal, then rewound several minutes. You'd think the staff would at some point communicate with the full theater, apologise, TRY to make it right. You'd be wrong my friend. I go to movies with a large group frequently. We were excited to try this spot, it was our first time. We all left with zero interest to ever go back.

Joshua Hay

I had an awesome experience today at Brewvies!!!! The two cocktails that I got were delicious and the food was great too. Their was a few technical glitches with the computer running the movie and the lights did not go out in theater 3, but the staff their is amazing and super helpful, they were able to move me to a different theater and I enjoyed watching the rest of my movie Venom!!!! I will definitely be coming back to drink and watch another movie.

Veronica Garcia

If you are getting food get there early so you don't have to get up in the middle of your movie. The food takes a while, but is well worth it. I highly recommend the pizza, it's really good!

Jason H

Delicious food and very friendly service. They also had really good drinks

Bradley P

Great service but outdated furniture

Ed Work-Only

New releases, great food, drinks, and comfortable chairs! What more do you want?

Max Stevens

Excellent staff, good popcorn, great drinks and clean! Seats were a bit uncomfortable, otherwise a great experience!

Twisted Child

I love Brewvies! The staff is welcoming and friendly, chairs are comfy and the nachos are great. Always a good time!

Aaron Hughes

The Ogden location gives the SLC location some shame. I love the SLC Brewvies but it is getting a bit run down and could use some updating. The leather recliner chairs make it an amazing experience.

Simon Peters

Such a nice place to relax drink a beer and watch a movie while drinking another beer!

Alexandra Holdeman

Quiet. But I like quiet. I don't drink so not really my place. Most likely return personally.

Jeff Cooper

Comfortable seating, great food. Got a little hot in theater three, but an otherwise fun night! Glad to have a Brewvies here in Ogden.


My husband and I had higher expectations for this place. We went there tonight and from the moment we came in the staff weren't welcoming. We were told we could order some drinks and food before the movie and we sat at the bar for 10 minutes while the staff just stood there and did nothing or were chatting with friends. We had to place our order at the front or else we would miss the movie. The movie started 10 minutes early and the theater was cold and the seats felt old and didn't even recline. The food was sub par as well. Overall we were not impressed and won't be back. It's not worth the money just to drink while watching a movie. I'd much rather pay for to watch my movie in a comfortable seat in a big theater with more professional staff.

Derek Lott

Fantastic staff, great customer service. The Garlic Burger that I got during Avengers: Endgame was awesome, and, despite not being able to recline, the seats were very comfortable. 10/10 would go again.

Mark Hernandez

Brewvies is by far the best place for adults to watch a movie eat and have adult beverages!!! Great place for company functions as well. Great food great drink prices you will love this place.

Instrumental Gamer

Food isn't amazing but everything else is. Wish it was bigger.

James Gazewood

First time ever to do a brew-bar counter w/ tables & chairs-3 theater place. We really enjoyed it. Did the late afternoon matinee Once upon a time in Hollywood and had the place to ourselves. Comfortable reclining theatre seats. Great service staff. Will do again.

Dj Long

Food was good as well as the cocktails. The seats are comfy but most seem broken or damaged in some way. The trays attached to the chairs seems un level.

Katie Salter

My new favorite movie place, and I don't even drink!

Donald Seher

Comfortable seats and good food. Prices are reasonable. unfortunately the theater leaves a feeling that it could use a better cleaning though.

Summer Wallace

Went here the other day and was super impressed. Recliner seats, delicious popcorn, and friendly staff. Next time I am going to try the food! Will definitely be back. Great prices too.

Bradley LaMadeleine

Good but pricey.

Jed Mullis

Delicious food that is reasonably priced. Pleasant staff and a wide selection of beers and cocktails with your movie is the best.

Angel Holguin

Its a nice little spot! The mixed drinks were a little too strong but im definitely coming back!

Kevin Wood

I've always liked the idea of movie and dinner. Brewvies is a good date night spot. I hope it stays around. Food is good. Chairs could use some updating but prices are fair and I think it's definitely worth a visit. We'll be back.

Claudia Sanchez

Movie starts an hour later. But pretty chill and the food options look delicious

Brandy Davis

Very nice staff and their pizza was good. The chairs are extremely comfortable. Didn't get alcohol on this trip but am happy it's offered. Also I appreciate that it's a 21 and over cinema pub. It's nice to not have screaming babies, talking kids or someone kicking your seat. You can actually enjoy the movie like you were at home. Will definitely be going again and telling all my friends.

Jonathan Andrade

Love this place, drinks and a movie. Just like any other state

Lucia Letteer

I love the concept, the food was great and the staff were great as well, the only drawback is the theater itself. It needs an upgrade and a good clean.

Lea Harmston

To start off this place is super run down. All of the seats are broken and do not recline! The seats have ripped fabric and the trays are gross, very sticky even though it was “clean”. The women’s restroom is missing doors on the stalls. The food is super over price and is as bad as bar food! The staff is super slow, if you even mention that it’s taken awhile to get your food or drinks they give you attitude about it. I found out that one staff member was arrested for doing drugs in front of the hair school, so I guess that’s why the staff isn't great. They only hire drug addicts! Definitely won’t be coming back. I would rather pay to go to Megaplex, nicer staff and it’s actually taken care of!

Lucy Christensen

Awesome theater with drinks and food. It was a little hot for the people I was with, but I liked it! Service was great and we all enjoyed ourselves. The loss of a star is just due to the heat.

Grant Shields

I'm leaving this 3 star review not for any issue regarding food, drink, or building cleanliness etc because I do think this place has some decent bites to eat and they are slowly renovating this theater to get it into the best shape it has …

Chris Jenkins

Great atmosphere, great movie once upon a Time in Hollywood, amazing sound system best I ever heard. Great place to hang out also. Very cool employees also. Thanks brewvies!!!!!

Guy Williams

Saw Dark Phoenix with my wife and had a good time. Their Ryan-Renolds drink is pretty good. Kinda confusing on the whole ordering part of it tho. Will return again.

Janae Parker

I love this place! It's always a great experience! The staff are fun and really welcoming, and it's a great place even on the weekend to just go hang out, play pool, drink some good ol beers and even hop in for a movie. I love the fact that you can eat and drink while watching movies too! If you haven't been, you should go!

Jennifer Brown-Carrillo

What's not to love!? New movies. Alcohol. No KIDS!! I love my kids and enjoy taking them to see movies, but there are some movies that kids should not be forced to sit through (a 3 hour movie) and others shouldn't be forced to hear them either...

Adam Kay

This place is really fun and the people are really friendly

Amanda Gardner

I love this place! Great food, fast service, and a variety of drinks to choose from. I recommend Sunday Brunch- free movie, $5 mimosas, great breakfast!


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