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REVIEWS OF Brewvies Cinema Pub IN Utah

Hal Larson

This is a great movie theater if you wanna be able to enjoy beer/cocktails with your movie. The prices are ridiculous for drinks. They offer a full food menu, those prices are a hit high considering it's a movie theater. Almost all the bartenders ive met are very nice. Two different screens and they often do free showings!! The bathrooms are gross and need some improvement. They've been gross since I started going a few years ago. In the theaters there are couches in the back which is nice! The seats aren't super comfortable but there is a little ledge in front for drinks/food. Good spot! No one under 21 allowed and not ideal for a real quite theater. It is fun and I will always go back.

French DE

Brewvies! Love the place! Great beer selection, great movie food, eat and drink in the theater. Get there early and grab a sofa in the back of the theater. They have mixed drinks too. Play some pool waiting for the next movie to start. Very laid back place to hang. Love their popcorn. I do wish the sound was better in the theaters. Easy parking though and rarely crowded. Go there.

Tai Rhoades

Friendly bartenders in one of the only places in the entire Theocratic People's Republic of Utah where you can drink booze in a cinema. I wish they had more screens, though, but it'll do nicely considering where it is.

Oscar Acosta

Had a great time watching IT Chapter 2. Came early for some pool. Has a full service and the menu is outstanding. Food might seem pricey, but it's definitely piled on. I ordered pulled pork nachos and got a mound. Pizza is doughy (deep dish-like) if you're into that. Will come back again for some fun. Beer was nice and cold.

Margie Williams

Such a fun place to see a movie and eat!

gloria gonzalez

Cozy, friendly place with nice staff and great movies! Too bad the good deals changed :-(

Miko Da Sinner

Kool place to grab some good grub and a adult corn dogs in town.

Milli Pichardo

good beer. interesting atmosphere. they are proud of their "best cheap date" awards which is cool. unfortunately, the employees get too distracted by things on the TV like some sort of wrestling that was on tonight, that the customer has to wait for them to care to take care of you as opposed to the TV. the four stars are only because the bartender was not focused on his job, he was mainly focused on the TV on the other side of the bar.

Deborah Lindsley

If you're looking for some great on-screen entertainment at low or no cost, this is the place to go.

Danielle Callister

Love eating, drinking, and watching movies at Brewvies. FREE AND EASY PARKING!! I participated in the 'Cancer Bites' fundraising event last night. The movie was Poltergeist!! This was my first time seeing it on the big was awesome. This event happens every for it. They always play a classic scary movie from the 80's. Brewvies has been cool enough to give a venue for this fundraiser for 10 years running. They have great service, amazing food, and incredible brew. Nothing else like it in Utah!

Carley Smith

Good selection of beer and mixed cocktails. Food is a bit expensive for what it is but it's tasty and it's nice to have dinner or substantial snacks with your movie. I like that they have older movies during the week. I follow them on FB so I can keep track. The employees are really nice. Overall, I like the vibe.

Clifton Speakes

Adult setting and a bar you can eat and drink your favorite alcoholic beverage while eating foods from their kitchen.

Sarah Brewer

This place was super amazing! We went there for my birthday and had a blast. The food was really good, the drinks were amazing, and the staff was really nice. My only complaint is that the theater seats were hard as rocks. Other than that though definitely recommend this place!.


Love this place. The staff is great. (0the blue haired cutie is my favorite) Cold beer and movies dudes, can't beat it.


Disappointed in the service and staff. Spent $60 on 2 awful drinks and 2 pizzas, and ended up throwing both pizzas away. I didn't bother asking for a refund because the staff was already difficult while placing my orders. Missing toppings and burnt served with attitude. Wish you could tip after the meal.. I literally threw up around 4 am that night because my stomach couldn't digest the burned crust. Both times I've been here, the food has been terrible and the drinks are watery. The only reason to visit is to drink at a movie with friends, if any other venues provided beer in a movie theater- I'd visit there instead. Save your money and drink at home.


Fun! They don't have a wide range of food, but the fries are good. Good selection of beer.

Scott Vandewater

Great food! Drinks! And movie! Very nice staff.

Carmen Prasad

My husband and I came here for a date night. I'm giving three stars because the drinks and the movie was good. But the sofas were taped up and wobbly. The chairs were very uncomfortable and the armrest didn't go up at all. There was also little room between the seats and the little bar in front of the seats so our knees were hurting really bad. As I said earlier, the drinks were delicious but our food was a little cold. The bartender also made fun of me because I only wanted cheese on my nachos. The ceiling was also exposed which was very strange. At times during the movie, the screen would cut off a little bit of the actors heads. You can also hear everyone outside during your movie.

Nicole Evans

Love being able to eat, drink and watch a movie and not doing this at home.

Natalie Clayton

Five dollar Tuesdays! Plus, two dollar tacos and margaritas! So good.

Joe Johnson

Super fun environment, however the movie theater could use a remodel.

Justin RosS

Love to drink and watch movies in Utah

Zachary Andrus

Love the vibe here. Awesome movies, beer, nachos and staff. Bounce back tickets for only $1.

Stacey Mccord

The service is fantastic. Everyone from the person at the door you purchased your ticket from, your personal server/bartender, to the ones that aren't even serving you. The staff helps you out and helps each other out to keep the customers happy. Best popcorn I've ever had. Healthy helpings of popcorn and when you ask for more butter you totally get it. Great burgers, great onion rings, a nice place to put your food in the theater....the atmosphere is laid back. The staff are all about serving you. I want to go to brewvies before going to a mainstream theatre.

Tracy Taylor

Very inviting atmosphere. Great place to meet up with your friends to watch a movie. Adequate parking. Their food is very very.

Nathan Jacquez

I’ve been to Brewvies a few times now and I really enjoy seeing movies there. The drink selection is amazing and so is the food. The atmosphere is also nice with people who love to drink and watch movies. You really can’t go wrong: if you’re looking to watch a movie and enjoy yummy food and drinks, this is the place.

Nelson Neuberger

Always a fun time. Popcorn and a blonde ale go so well together

Callan Towse

Such a great place! Definitely not the right place to go if you want a calm, quiet, movie watching experience, but if you want to have a great time with good beer and a rowdy crowd, this is it!

Jeff Johnson

A refreshing sanctuary of tasty craft beers. Great food too.. I spotted a burger that looked incredibly delicious (I'll get that next time) and the pizza I had was outstanding. Comfy seats, great picture quality and great audio in the theater. Pool tables. Definitely looking forward to going back.

Maria Lindsay

Love this place. Good food & a movie! In a comfortable atmosphere. What's not to love?

Max Zoellner

Great movies great beer.

J Aaron Hales

It's been awhile since I've been here, but I was reminded how much I love this place. You can watch a movie, have great food, and grab a beer at the same time. Our food took longer than expected, but we were there for 2 hours so it was OK.

Adrian Broadhead

I like this place. It has a cool "neighborhood hangout" vibe. The same dude has been selling tickets and checking IDs for at least the last 5 years or so that I've been coming here. I have a few friends that like to hang out and get a beer and watch an old flick when they do their film festivals and film roasts. Their food is good, but it is a movie theater so expect to pay more than it's worth. Their beer is cold and good. The one thing I genuinely dont like is their bathrooms. They really need to do something about their bathrooms. They have one inadequately sized set of bathrooms that are kind of falling apart, and have been for several years. And now one of the hot water faucets isn't even attached to the sink anymore. This is a bar. People drink at a bar. And the bathrooms need to work.

Beth Miya

I love beer and movies but this location/experience was disappointing. Staff was nice and helpful but the bathrooms were smelly, dirty and had no soap. The movie was repeatedly interrupted by three different very loud rude drunk couples. The loud folks were asked multiple times to be quite. Folks even asked the staff for help with the situation with no change. I have been to many other theaters that serve alcohol and this was a first. I guess keep this in mind when mixing alcohol with movies.

Mr. Jones

I love this place. Movies, beer & comfort food. Staff is?always polite. Good food. Try the nachos.

Aubri St. Clair

Food was pretty good but it took quite a while to get it. We don't drink so I am unable to rank that part. It's not the nicest theater but it is nice for eating/drinking while watching a movie. The chairs were surprisingly comfortable. The women's bathroom is super small so prepare for a line if there's a crowd. I am grateful that Brewvies is great to work with for charitable events like the one we were attending.

Rob Nixon

Local heros of fighting for personal freedoms. Thanks for being a unique staple in SLC in the plight of adult entertainment. Kung Fu nights are the best.

Nick Gruendell

Fun place to get a drink and watch a movie.

Conrad Beall

A great place to go for beer and movies. Their tap selection is great and they also have dynamite food.

Bianca Gardner

Great place and very nice staff

Danny Post

Great idea, had a lot of fun. The mixed drinks were ok. Next time I will just get a beer though.

Stewart Henderson

Awesome place to drink beer while you watch a movie

Dean Williams

The best way to watch a movie. Although i do usually spend too much here, but that's my fault. Some days there's free pool too!

Clifford Crank

Very unique for Salt Lake and an excellent experience. Smaller screen but worth it!

Lucis Trux

From the greeting to the food, all the way to the drinks. Services was amazing and a huge part of the great experience was the staff and how casual and chit chatty everyone was. It made the place feel more then a movie going experience.

Arbo TM

Sitting here watching the 11:40 showing of avengers drinking a jack and coke with a black and blue burger. pretty cool way to see the film. Good prices too. Love that i only spent 20$ on food and it wasnt just a bag of popcorn and a soda. Great food!

Courtney Averett

Huge shout out to the entire staff at brewvies, went the extra mile to save a dog locked in a car for more than an hour, while I wasn’t attending a movie there the staff was amazing as they showed compassion and team support! They get my business as an animal lover❤️ One staff member even jumped a fence as the owners drunken slurs escalated. Thanks for being both good people and willing to do whatever it takes. Five stars isn’t enough.

Charles Stagner

This place is awesome if you haven't been here you need to find a new movie you want to see then go see it here. They have really good beer and they can make some amazing mixed drinks as well. The cool thing about this place is when your watching the movie everyone is laughing and having a good time pretty much what you want from a movie theatre and on top of that there is no kids there ruining the movie for you!

Carter Powell

Great little place. Stopped in here a few times while in town for work and it was perfectly low-key. Good beer selection, good food, friendly staff, and good conversation. A hidden gem.

Skye McBride

It's nice to have the option to drink and enjoy a movie. A little dirty inside but worth visiting for the 21+ crowd who enjoy a beverage with their entertainment.

Ryan Bruce

This place is a breath of fresh, normal, air in what can be a bit of a stifling sheltered community. Brewvies was my go to for a drink, some food, and a good movie. The staff were always fantastic. I recently moved to Portland, and there are many options here that resemble Brewvies, but none as good.

Biggs Lew

Prices standard. Pretty good wine selection. Free Pool during off times. The reason I love this place is where else can you have a nice alcoholic beverage and watch a movie with super good comfort food. that have healthy stuff too but yeah. No more need to sneak your flask(Are you alcoholic? kidding) in to the other movie theater. Staff friendly. The food is good. Get ready for a good time and to chill on out and enjoy your movie/film and meal as well your DRINK, don't forget your drink. oh one bad note the chairs in the back suck. So skips those.

James Kitahara

Great place to play some pool, drinks and watch a movie but only 4 stars because I've had issues with the movies a couple of times. Example, the first 10mins of Zombieland, the screen kept going almost completely red.

Denise Wright

Great concept but seems a bit dirty and the customer service definitely needs some attention. Went to see a matinee a couple of months ago and the front door was locked. Could see staff setting up so we knocked on the door and tried to get someone's attention. Finally went to the side door, bartender saw me and just looked at me (never coming to see why I was at the door) . Finally someone else was walking around inside and the bartender said something to her. She came to the door and pointed to the front door. I made an "it's locked" motion and she let us in. She was very apologetic but bartender, not so much.. Went to see a movie today at 1pm and the marquee showed the movie starts at 2pm (online said 1pm). We went in to check and the bartender (pretty sure it was the same one as before) asked for our id. I said I just had a question and he was adamant that we show our id (we are clearly over 21, but anyway....). I said I was confused because online it says the movie starts at 1 and the marquee AND the handwritten sandwich board says 2. He replies back that it starts at 1 and looks at me. I said, I'm sorry if I sound confused but it clearly states in two places that it starts at 2. He told me it starts at 1 and I again point to the board. He basically threw the menu at us and said, "here, what do you want to order?" Not planning on going back.

Anarcho-Utah SLC

Decently priced brewskis, and they have a pool table too.

Emily Bryan

Great atmosphere, food, and drinks. They honored my boyfriends veteran ID with discounting both our movie tickets. Great sound system, I was genuinely impressed. Comfortable seats and ample leg room with a place to put your food and drinks. Seating is first come first served. We went to late night showing, I'll have to come back to play some pool! Inexpensive games in a great atmosphere. Be back soon!

Kim Williams Justesen

Pizza, a movie, and a Guiness! Throw in a round of pool and that makes for an awesome Friday date night! And yes - pineapple does belong on a pizza , but they have other choices as well. And their fish and chips is amazing too! Arrive early to get the seat of your choice.

Katie C

You’re going to get exactly what you would imagine. An older, ran down theater that allows beer! Woot! The little table runner in front of the seats is awesome, atmosphere was fun and the location was good. BUT...there was a SCREW sticking out of the cushion on my seat that tore my pants and scratched my thigh!!! I tried to find an employee after the movie to show them but no one was to be found! Our show began at 10 and by the time it ended the place was crickets! Yeah. So that happened.

Katelynn Richardson

So much fun games to play whole you wait for your movie or after. Connect four or never have I ever.

Edgar Chavez

Great place to have a drink while watching a movie or to just hang out.

jason Hindman

Great place to watch a movie with some food and drinks. They also have a solid bar area with TVs and pool tables.

Joshua Snyder

So I went here with a bunch of friends, and I just loved the experience! The price was incredible for what you get. I had a beer, 32oz. A cheeseburger meal and a movie. I absolutely support this movie theater and how incredible the staff was. I will definitely come back!!

Stacey Clark

Their mixed drink selection isn't awesome. They have a wide range of beers, though. Their food is delicious! I love that toy cab grab something to eat, have a drink, and watch a movie in a more relaxed setting. The people are always really friendly. Service can be a bit slow if they're slammed, but so worth the wait.

Ben Ortega

Fun place to watch a movie, ticket prices are great and the available food and brews are pretty good. It's nice to be able to eat an actual meal in a theater, enjoy a beer and best of all.... No screaming kids!.....21 and over only....

Carl Schneider

This was a nice place. They have pool tables and a patio you can vape/smoke on. The theater seating has mini bar style counter in front of you for a basket of food and your drink. All in a nice outfit.

Gerardo Montoya

Very friendly staff. There’s pool tables and a jukebox! Also they’re food is pretty good.

Thomas Crawford

Great venue. Good value

Stephen Stanley

Fun for adults. Food, alcohol and a unique selection of movies. Requires id.

Christie Wnukowski

Awesome environment and good beer.

Sarah Martinez

Love going to see horror movies and comedies here. Prices are a little high but where else in Utah can you have a beer and watch a movie.. legally anyways...

Colin McCauley

It was next to the hotel I was staying at so I'd figured I'd give it a try. Very friendly staff. I was having surgery the next day so I couldn't have any beer, but they had a good selection. The theater is not like a multiplex, but I knew that. Smaller seats that were firm, but not uncomfortable. You can drink beer and eat food from the bar in the theater. Amazing amounts of leg room. I was reminded of the cinemas I went to in Germany, but brewvies screen was much larger and the sound system was great. They have drink specials and pool tables, next time I'm in town, I'll have to stop but and get a few brews and the fish and chips

Cody Harris

Brewvies is a classic! The food is good they have a good selection of beer. The seats aren't the luxury you get at the modern theaters but it I think the charm easily makes up for it.

Michael Krellner

Booze and movies with some pub food.... I like it for action and comedies. The crowds tend to be fun.

Angela Crane

Went to go see IT chapter 2 with my fiance and once again had an amazing experience loved the layout and how the employees and bar tender worked things out also enjoyed the movie as well thanks Brewvies for yet another awesome experience.

Suzy Dowdy

Best place to watch movie by far. Food is fantastic and generous portions. Great deal too.

john oseguera

Movie and Beer was good.!@! Seats were hard.! Don't sit in the back by the door as they keep it open and you hear all the lobby noises.!!!

Capri Bailey

I've always loved Brewvies, but the food has improved over the last little while, if it was possible! Had a burger which was wonderful, just like it came off the backyard grill, and my beer was never empty, even on a busy Friday night. They even told me when the theatre was open so I wouldn't miss my movie. Great place!!

Asgoodasitgets 4us

Great beer. Great food. Great movies. You're missing out if you don't go! Awesome place to go with friends, or a date. Their wings are really good! Sucks that they have to carry your drinks to your seat. F****** Utah.

Jacob Anderson

Never had a bad experience there! Always a good time!

Crystal McQueen

Was a fun date night, great beer, good food and a good movie. The theater seats weren't very comfortable but the beer made up for that! I love this place and will definitely return!

Adam White

Outstanding place to enjoy a movie without kids running everywhere. Great for dates. Inexpensive movie tickets. Free soda refills! Good food, but it's extremely expensive. Do not come hungry.

Jasmin Mateos

If you like to drink alcohol and eat a meal during a movie with a fairly interactive audience then this place is perfect. There are often different events and movie festivals held here which are a lot of fun to go to. If you prefer a crowd that is dead silent during films this place may not be great for you.

Ski. Play. Live. TV

This would be the perfect place to bring a kid so we could see movies and drink beer and they could play pool and see movies. Is it stupid Utah laws or Brewvies just using that as an excuse to make this a 21 and over place? Aside from that the pizza is great and there's lots of choice for beer. You can sit in the restaurant or bring your food into the theater. Liked it better when Brewvies played older films that have long left regular theaters. Now they are a venue for special events and contemporary screenings.

Jacob Andra

World-class fun...movies are always better if you get some brews in you.

joshua lyon

Great cinema house with amazing beer and spirits. The free pools pretty cool too.

Ben Pinales

One of my favorite places in Utah to be entertained whilst enjoying an adult beverage... Food is awesome, The Avacodo Wrap was the best!!! It is no longer on the menu... However they hooked me up and I couldn't have been happier... Made my day!!!

Grace Sumerfield

Always fun to go here! Love getting drinks before a show!

Opie Janzer

I like the relaxed atmosphere at brewvies. My favorite thing to get is the nachos with a beer.

Jacob Schulyer

Beer and movie with pretty good food. Awesome place!


Just needs better more comfy seats. And better doors to block the sound from the bar area. awesome staff too !

Myukie Shigarami

It was awesome good movie showing and awesome tasting beer

Esther Bane

I'm five months pregnant and I look kinda young I'm 26. which is the only explanation I have for the way i was treated. Me and my brother 19 needed to use a restroom and it was late at night alot of places were closed. After trying to use a Sinclair gas station bathroom which was broken. i was getting desperate the only reason i would ever step foot in a place like this. We walked in to a girl at the counter and asked if we could use the restroom. She nodded and we went to go a short man with a beard asked us if we we're "hanging out"or going to buy something. I said we are using the restroom and went to pee finally felt like i was going to explode! After coming out of the restroom i was going to wait for my brother and thinking i may come back they have an interesting idea for a movie theater. But i guess future customers dont count as i was walking out of the bathroom he got in my face and told me very rudely that the bathrooms were not public. I tried to explain my situation but he would not listen told me there are gas stations and we could have gone there which i tried to tell him we had. I told him i was pregnant and he looked like he either didn't care or didn't believe me. Is this the way all possible customers are treated or just women? Did not say a word to my underage brother but attacked me. I will never step foot in this place again.

Anthony Mascarenas

Fun and friendly. Great place to hang out and get a drink, something to eat and watch a movie.

Casey Corless

Great movie, delicious food, amazing drinks, and friendly staff.

Steve Hanson

Truly a gem in Utah. You won’t get this experience anywhere else. One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is come catch a movie with a beer and shoot some pool. It’s the trifecta!

Aaron Orosz

Never been here. So than why an I leaving a review? Good question

Alan Guadagnoli-Alispach

Went to Brewvies for the first time in years and was helped by the manager Josh. Recieved excellent customer service! Was planning on only staying for a drink and going somewhere else, but ended up spending the whole night there because we knew we weren't going to get customer service like what we recieved at Brewvies. I'd give more stars if I could. Thanks Josh!

Chalyce MacDonald

Came for a Front Row Film Roast, got some drinks and pizza while we waited. The staff were excellent! Every person was really friendly and efficient. The bathrooms are kinda what you'd expect at a downtown pub. The roast was great!


Fun experience! Food could use some help.

Dan Eckley

Loved the food an theatre will be back. Little expensive $15 for a smaller size pizza but support this place its fantastic an they probably only make $ off food n drinks like a regular theatre.

Cassie Massey

super appetizing. the service was sociable and attentive. prices were average for the menu.

Sasha Bee

My favorite place in SLC! Great food (LOVE the Tuscan pizza), and good beverage selection. The bar tenders are always awesome and prompt with taking orders. The place is well-lit, and fun for shooting pool or catching up with friends. I really love the theaters where you can lounge on a couch, or in seats, and wait for your order number to light up rather than waiting in the bar. They have tables in the theater in front of each seat so you can chow down during the film. Thanks, Brewvies!

Brooklyn Hutto

This is one of my favorite spots for a night out with friends. The staff has always been nice and it's a pretty relaxed place to just hang out.

Lisa Stachitus

Salt Lake City staple, as well as one of the only places to have a drink while you watch a movie. A good mix of new releases and old favorites (usually free) which make seeing the classics even more fun, all while throwing back a beer and a breakfast burrito. Seats are old school and small, but hey - you just got a free movie and drank a beer that you didn't have to smuggle in as part of your arm, and ate a tasty burrito that someone else cooked for you.

Lynne McCue-Hamilton

Good pub food and great movies.

Patrick K

Easily one of my favorite bars. Good food Andy drinks and an awesome staff. They have two full-size theaters inside the bar. The downside to the fun bar atmosphere in a movie seat is that if you are sitting towards the aisle, you will be getting up all the time to let people in and out. I'm all for eating and drinking while watching a movie, but be courteous to others and plan ahead how much you and your party will be consuming. I love the Film Buff Nights here where you can see classic movies back on the big screen for free. They also do discussion events like big games or political debates/election results. Deadpool approved.

Paul Mooney

Place is legit! They have pizza and all kinda good stuff to go along side a very established beer selection. I actually walked into the wrong theater and sat through the first half of the Princess Bride and loved it because the service was too good to get upset about. Come here for dates or get togethers. It's awesome! 5 stars easy.

James Pierce

Rowdy and irreverent the clientele here like to have a good time. Don't expect Everyone to stay quiet during the movie as of their was ever a theater for audience appreciation this is it. Good selection of beers and tasty food. Always a good time.


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