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REVIEWS OF Texas Theatre IN Texas

Terry Goosey

This place is great!

Barbara Macleod

Funky historical place for more reasons than Oswald arrested here. Original seats and screen add to charm, as does full bar and walkup along Jefferson Blvd and its interesting collection of shops, quinceanera dress stores, Mexican restaurants and even a New Orleans style sno cone shop. Films and performances offered at the Texas Theater are a delicious arty offering. Check it out!

Nadia yay

It's a bit cold so i recommend bringing a jacket. Very cute, interesting films, perfect for a first date

Aaron Embry

Cute little Theatre! Went to see "Criminal" the podcast and had a great time. Drinks weren't too expensive, the seats were comfy for the 2 hour show, and the staff was friendly and accommodating.

Sage Grey

Historic theater in the heart of Hispanics Oakcliff with a small bar offering a decent selection of beer and liquor. Theaters are cozy with moderately uncomfortable seats but audio and video quality were very good for the showing of Hail Satan? I attended. Staff was friendly and overall it was a great experience.


They are unable to scan tickets purchases online via a barcode on your phone Other than that, this is the second time I have been here. It is a smaller theater in Oak Cliff. They show private screenings and oddball movies

Louanne Mason

This theatre is so cute. I was there for a special event and panel discussion. The staff was very friendly and helpful.

Jenifer Johnston

Really cool theater with unique showings and lots of history

Preston Richards

It's great that this is still an operating theatre.

Adam Donheiser

My favorite movie theatre in Dallas. They always have something awesome going on. Great screen. Great sound. Cool bartenders and staff. And a fantastic selection of art house films.

Michael C. Hall Comedy

Wonderful place that is playing a key role in re-vitalizing the South Dallas area. Check out the lounge, have a drink, and a snack. It's so cool here, you won't want to leave. Support this amazing local business.

Bhumika Saivamani

Perfect historic theatre! I got a chance ti visit movie festival. Parking: There are some parking available outside and behind the theatres(roadside).

Joseph Eubank

Attended a private showing of "Where There is Darkness". Very nice. Thank you Texas Theatre for allowing this event.

David Cantrell

Great comedy show, "truth in comedy" was there.

Paul T

Classic old style movie theater which stills shows movies on 35mm film! Famous for being where the police found Lee Harvey Oswald after the JFK assassination. Has a museum style lobby with historic photos and a full bar in addition to standard movie snacks.

Don Frisbee

Whoever put this place together intentionally and possibly somewhat unintentionally have created cinema at it's zenith or pinnacle. Trashy elegance. The outdoor box office is unused and trashy, you buy tickets at the concession. Places where the carpet or tile is gone and there is bare cement, but there will be a Victorian style couch in excellent condition on the side. Black and White photos of stars and directors, movie posters of sci fi, war films, books on Hollywood. T shirts with a picture of Oswald, a lounge up stairs with carpet and Victorian style couches and chairs, 80's video games. A bar with the best bartender, it's worth just going to the bar. I saw Tombstone and it was shown on 35mm.

Stephanie Locke

Watching Selma in a low-light, tucked away historical gem added to the experience of the film. There's a lot to see for it being such a small place. Definitely recommend Texas Theatre. Check online for different events they might be hosting.

Gary Frazier

Nice place, kinda expensive no parking.

Robin Birdsong

It was AMAZING. Went to see Urban Cowboy felt like I was in a time capsule

J. Robinson

Awesome, wonderful, and historic theatre. Haven't been to a bad show here. Saw Fred Armisen recently and it was such a wonderful experience. If you're a film nerd you'll be right at home at the Texas Theatre.

Katelyn Buchta

I got to watch The Mummy on the big screen with commentary from the Movie Likers Guild and it was so much fun! Ryan and Darcy were hilarious, as well as their guest comedians, and I plan on returning for their other shows! The building is also very cool with a cozy, inviting, and slightly surreal atmosphere that takes you warmly into the past. I highly recommend it!

Ben Katz

Nice that they have a bunch of different specialty showings, many 35mm showings, special live events, etc. but there are so many problems. Anytime I've gone to see a movie here, it's always pretty hot inside. The acoustics are terrible for movies to the point you can't pick up all the dialogue, the chairs are SUPER close together, offer no back or neck support and are very uncomfortable- if you have any weight to you at all, pray no one is sitting next to you and pray you never have to get up to use the bathroom is getting out of the aisles is a nightmare. The place doesn't seem like it's taken care of very well either. The urinals wouldn't flush, the trash was overflowing, the soap dispenser was broken and half of it was broken off the wall dangling. The seats in the auditorium look to be about 60 years old. Parking is non-existent, and it's honestly not in the best area of town. The lobby is pretty cool, they have some neat posters out there. There is also a nice little bar, and the serves are pretty friendly. They have really cool posters for a lot of their events, many of which hang on the wall above my TV today. The upstairs area is pretty cool too, and the couches and seating lends a nice vibe overall. They have one line going in the place that serves as tickets and concessions. It was really wildly confusing. We had to get our tickets, decided we wanted drinks, then had to go back outside and stand in the huge line for tickets/concessions. It was very weird that they didn't think this set up through a little better. This was a Saturday night showing. I definitely prefer a smaller Sunday afternoon showing. In 1960, these would be silly nitpicky complaints, but it's 2019, and there's a state of the art AMC near my house with seats the size of lazy boys where you can eat an actual meal and use a urinal that flushes for the same ticket price. Alamo Drafthouse is down the road too, and you can watch all sorts of special features, 35mm prints (sometimes), and lesser known showings of old and new films, etc for the same price (actually, Drafthouse is probably more affordable). Dallas also has the Angelika which shows a bunch of movies you can't see elsewhere along with film festivals (The USA film festival), and many appearances from filmmakers. If Texas Theatre was doing stuff no one else was doing, I could give some leeway, but there are far too many options today in Dallas and no excuse for all the negatives. Especially when a showing of a 35 year old low budget movie is $11 a ticket. I really want to love this place, and it has a lot of charm in some regards, but the several times I have gone, I leave with a sore neck, a sore back, and I can't help but think my $12 probably would have been better spent elsewhere.

Destiny Dodson

I came to this theater with my grandpa and grandpa to watch The Yellow Submarine movie and it was the best experience I ever had. It was magical EVERYONE sang along with the movie, popcorn was great, and so was the drinks. I wish I could do this all over again. I will never forget it.

Matthew Walker

Such a great vibe

Myke Fisher

Great bar and fun events like David Bowie karaoke after a screening of Man Who Fell to Earth. Awesome concert venue as well. One of the crown jewels of Oak Cliff

Travis Warner

First time here was a blast seeing Dan Cummings!!! Food is OK but what do you expect, the bar was great, I would definitely return again

Elliot Gowan

Very easy seating. Free water.

Breese Elkins

Saw a comedy show with family and friends here. So much history in this place. They have done a great job preserving it. Quaint place, but they have done their best to stay updated and maintain the history. We enjoyed our evening.

Luis C

Unique theater with some of the best programming in the world. The popcorn could be better but other than that everything else is 10/10

Anna Leone

Cute and artsy with a fun staff.

Rick Flinn

Saw Potted Potter here a few weeks ago. The show was spectacular, this rating is for the theater only. Notwithstanding the historical significance of the theater, I was not impressed with the venue overall. The restrooms were limited and the overpriced bar had nothing on draft. My girlfriend classified the wine as the worst she’s ever had, and she’s by no means a drinker of expensive wine. There was adequate free parking behind the building, although I was concerned with leaving my car unattended in that neighborhood. The theater itself was about the quality of a large, mid-tier high school. Unless you’re interested in the history of the theater or a massive hipster, the juice just isn’t worth the squeeze here.

Robert Fury

One of the finest movie theater i have visited :)

Anne Young Fritsche

Unparalleled film selections. First-rate projection and sound. Easy parking. Impeccable restrooms and theatre. Terrific concessions and bar service.


We have a presentation at this place every year. Children exhibit their work arts. Fun and colorful

Dennis Clark

always a great experience ! love the atmosphere. great bar inside and music to chill. movies the way they are meant to be seen.

Katie Adams

Oh what a gem! Such a fun eclectic spot. The only drawback was the parking will take Uber or lift next time

Xavier Samaniego

The Texas theatre is amazing. Just walking in, you're punched in the face with nostalgic wonder. Definitely the best place I've been to watch classic film's and have a drink.

anna d

Awesome theater.

Cameron Chaffin

I've had some great memories here with friends and saw some great docu's and movies. Love the fact you can drink at the bar or in the theater and hangout with live dj's afterwards. Its a great experience.

Rodney Powell

Old historic building that was comfortable and old decaying smell. And the restroom are nice.

Jared Drapkin

The bar has the best old fashion in town.

Allan Mossbarger

Old Arts théâtre in Classic Oak Cliff. The old gal needs a bit of makeup in my opinion, but they do a great job at the art film genre.

Alex Baker

A charming spot to take in an art house classic or the schlock delights of Tuesday Night Trash.

Yael Jimenez

I love this theatre! They are always playing classics, new releases & trashy B movies!

Irfan S.

Came and watched 5th element. The Texas theater had that old school theater feel. Popcorn and frozen pizza served out of an oven were available . There is a decent sized bar right outside the main theater. The sound was kind of hard to understand at times but nonetheless I enjoyed my visit.

Nicholas Gangloff

An amazing theatre with incredibly friendly staff.

Sara King

Great historical theater with very cool architecture and great place to grab a drink and catch a classic movie.

Dshayla Simon

Great location and can be used to host your own events

Greg Bower

Great atmosphere. Friendly staff that genuinely seemed to enjoy being there.

M. Collin Zreet

Historic theater in Oak Cliff. They host a combination of documentaries, classics, and modern movies. Small bar inside with a moderate selection of beer, wine, and mixed drinks. A definite jewel of Oak Cliff

NerdXZ97 001

Best place to hang out

adrienne landry

A Dallas gem of historic significance! Love going to concerts and watching movies here.

Terrie Preskitt

Fun show. Kind of creepy surroundings. Historic building.

Eva Shiells

Went to see the Acrocats. Yes, cats. The venue was nice. Very historic. Parking was easy to find. We had diiner and drinks at a nearby restaurant a half a block away.

Steven Briggs

I thoroughly enjoy the retro experience of seeing a movie at this theater. The bar has some of the cheapest drinks in town, and the staff is friendly and helpful. I've seen a movie here, a comedy show here, and a concert (behind the movie screen) and all experiences were enjoyable and memorable.

John Alden Boyd

This theatre is the place where Lee Harvey Oswald was captured by the police. Warning surely wait staff!

Nancy Bourne

Some of these old horror classics are so much fun when seen in an old classic theater like this. It is a good night out, especially if you love Dallas and want to support what makes us unique.

Lorna Rankin

Saw Chistopher Titus. Great intimate setting. Love the bar and general concession stand.

J Castro

Cool spot for great movies

Ari Lazarow

Very cozy theater. One of the oldest in Dallas in an up and coming neighborhood. Only one theater, and they show real film movies. I saw Frida for my birthday there, and they had a Mexican food pop up. Occasionally, they have the Dark Side of Oz, where they play 'the dark side of the moon' with the visuals from 'the wizard of oz'. My favorite place to see older movies in Dallas

Angie Ramirez

Great experience!

Olivia Gray

My first visit to theatre. They offered pizza, popcorn other things. There was a bar for drinks that you could take into the movie. Loved the price $.

Margarita Pulido

A nice place.

BNPixPro Series

J William Boothman II Movie Screened here. Bar has Unique & Excellent Cocktails. Shows Small #IndieFilm Movies, like; "A TOUCH TOO MUCH"

Luna Podcast Group

I have been to the Texas Theater several times for special screenings and its always a great time. The venue is unique, the staff is great and everything is reasonably priced. I love that they show older films I'm 35mm. It's so much better than paying full price for essentially watching a glorified bluray at cinemark or AMC.

L.A. Diedrich

Amazing and historic location to visit

DJ-Joyful Lewis

Historically and presently a great place.

James Hunter

I saw "Education of a Negro". Great movie, great gathering at the Texas Theatre.

Matthew Hansen

What an interesting building

Rick Lee

5 stars for th Bartender and 4 stars for the theater. Bartender makes real awesome drinks! Theater is great but needs a surround sound or better speakers less echo. But it gets the job done and it takes you back to the past how theaters used to be

Chris A

A piece of American History preserved very well! Enjoyed seeing El Camino there. Not a bad thing to say. The staff was very friendly as well!!

Russellinmotion Dallas

Beautiful Theatre. A great venue for all types of events

Warren Chaney

The service is outstanding and friendly. This old style theater is wonderful to be in during a performance.

JD Allen

This was my first time here so I can't say what direction it's heading. Watched a movie that had only a handful of viewers. I'd hoped there would be more folks there to bolster my pre-romanticized notion of this most historic place, but weirdly no. Fortunately, that didn't take away from the experience and I'll forgive it for no longer being a gleaming jewel of Dallas's history. I think the ownership is trying real hard to keep it up but it could really benefit from some angel money. Perhaps a large private partnership? Nevertheless, I enjoyed the show, the acoustics, the refreshments, price, and staff. "A" for effort.

robbie !

Went to see watch what crapens here. It was a lot of fun.

Kristy Cook

Very friendly people and a great atmosphere.

Mike Thompson

Always a fun and nostalgic place to go.

Jorge-Anthony Polo

The stage is set for a very special night. Texas Theater is a time capsule that has nuance harkening back to an older time with it's 20's deco-stylized architecture and colorful murals that cover the main foyer. Wonderfully charming and cool in it's own right. The staff were all super friendly and helpful. They don't make em like this anymore, and they should. Thank You Guys! (:'

Annette DeLaughter

Best theatre in the Metroplex

Jared Russum

If you want to go see a movie and get that old theater feel then this is your place! Always showing the classics and new classics. Great staff and atmosphere! Definitely would recommend if they are showing a film you would like to see on the big screen.

Jordan Mcgee

Good theatre need more cup holders though

Ali Soueid

Wonderful historic theatre in Oak Cliff with a great little bar featuring local brews and cocktails. So many great events; check the calendar frequently!

Wesley Merrill

This is supposedly the place where they caught the man who shot Kennedy. Currently it is a very interesting place for artists and eccentrics to hang out and watch good movies from past and present. There are other similar theatres in Dallas but Texas theatre is the best. They have the best movie selection, art exhibits, live local music, and a great atmosphere for it all. Also the place is very LGBTQ friendly, they have a bar with decent prices and good service, and interesting furniture.

Timothy Smith

Unbelievable history


Classic theater style charm. Great staff.

Amy Browning

This is one of my favorite theaters in Dallas. They play old movies on 35mm film. Plus there is a full bar with great drink specials!

Michael Said

This is such a cool historic theatre. The same place that Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested after he shot JFK. Last night I saw Harry Potter and the Potted Potter's. This was a hilarious show! I highly recommend it. But the theatre has so many fun events! Just keep an eye out for them in the observer or in the theatre website. Also, there is great food just walking distance.

Kathleen Bradley

Love this theater. It feels like an old friend.

Peggy Martin

My family and I just watched a wonderful documentary "Touch of Sugar"...this historic theatre was clean, inviting, and a pleasant environment...the staff was nice. We had a SWEET time.

Kyle Kutter

The history of this building is quite interesting but it is so sad how run down it is. With how it is connected to such an historic event of our country it would be great if it was preserved.

Randall Slone

Blast from the past! Check this place out for the vintage factor and stay for the adult beverages. Pro Tip: Search out the vintage cocktail table Ms Packman arcade game upstairs for the real old school video game experience!

Thomas Campbell

An area with exploring with a quirky theatre that recalls the glory of going out for a show. Only reason for hesitancy is the parking, but balance that by arriving early or better yet, plan on eating nearby before your event.

Michele Hays

GORGEOUS vintage theatre with comfy seats and a full bar!

Su Sheehan

I love this theater. Great vibe, solid bar.

Athena Fisher

I went to watch Potted Potter with my best friend. A historical theater. Loved the atmosphere.

Enrika Smith

Good ideal for whatever the building allows you to do.

Ashley Limas

Amazing experience! This theatre is really cool and has free parking!

Jonathan Jones

This place attracts a fun crowd. Really enjoy the special showings they do.

John Mazurek

Cool retro movie theater with a cocktail lounge tucked in the back. Vintage movies and a vintage atmosphere, even a pac man game.

Jamison Sacks

The Cinewilde movie series is my favorite!

Jordan Dean

Loved this theater! It’s unfortunately in a sketchy area of Dallas but everything else about it was awesome! Loved the old time vibe it has!

Elizabeth Howard

It's a go to for a great experience even if you're just sitting at the bar having a drink.

Tom Wright

Enjoyed a fine evening in a great old theater. The staff was friendly and the movie was an excellent documentary.

charmaine martinez

Looks great. Haven't been there in about 30 yrs but looked really nice

Cristina Savala

Always a great experience!

tom hoehn

Love this place and the films and events that they host. #greatvibe

Victor Macias

The Theater is still the same as I remember it as a kid. Had fun talking my granddaughter to watch a movie and tell her the crazy things I did when I was a kid there. Lots of good memories, old and new. The movies change, but the theater didn't. Plush seats, good popcorn and great sound. Can't wait to catch another classic at The Texas Theater.

Hector Alba

Good place

Bill Mohr

Saw a Dallas made Independent film. The dialog was a little challenging to hear. Not sure if it was the film or the acoustics. The ambience is nice with the upstairs lounges. Some parts were a little worse for wear, but still had charm and history. Will definitely be going back.

Alex Smith

The Texas Theatre overall is different. Most films they get are films that get a limited release and they also play a variety of retro films. They normally run programs digitally on occasion they will get 35mm film prints. My major issue is the sound. Because of the building's acoustics the sound echos a lot. Digital programs do sound a lot better than the actual film prints shown mostly because the newer digital shows have better sound mixing. They try for a classic theatre experience but I wish they would get more wide releases so they can be enjoyed first run at an actual theatre and not just in some multiplex auditorium.

Matthew Hoover

This was a wonderful and nostalgic experience. The neighborhood is kind of shady lol but I recommend this place it is definitely a unique experience

Mac Taylor

Best spot to grab a drink and watch a classic movie. Tons of unknown gems as well as new, harder to find films. Do see a movie there.

Amy Cunningham

We love this place. It's just been looking very run down the last three or four times we've been there. I want to see this historic landmark kept up.

Ashley R

You can't go wrong at the Texas Theatre! Great vibe and great movie.

Mikael Colville-Andersen

Fantastic atmosphere whether watching a cool film or drinking at the bar.

Anton Olsen

Great historic theater.

Calum Lindsay

Atmospheric. Old school. Was poured a great G&T at the bar. Went to see Potted Potter which was excellent.

Patrick Graves

Awesome atmosphere building is full of history fun place to go and wonderful staff

Pia Kate Jakobsson

Lots of character in this historic space. Some of the best popcorn anywhere and a full bar makes for a lovely evening whatever the event. This space is NOT accessible - there are odd stairs and twists and turns everywhere.

Mahesh Rajapakse

A lot of character in this building. Enjoyed my visit. Would recommend visitors from out of town to check it out.

Jared Poland

Wow what a cool place! We had a great time watching Lampoon’s Christmas Vacay. Will definitely return for future screenings

Michelle Hamilton

Great space for indie film! Welcoming to those who are wanting to put their projects on the big screen. Recommend you go check it out and support!

John Pascone

Fun theater. Great history

Manny Regio

Had a lot of fun there

Tim Leaf

Amazing place with a great variety of incredible unique shows!

sarah hester

I love this place so much. The building is gorgeous... love the signs outside the building, but the interior is incredible. The events are super fun and cool, the bar stays busy, and the snacks are classic. Love watching movies in the theater. It kind of echoes around the room and it’s about as classic a theater experience as you can find. Highly recommend a visit if you love movies and/or architecture and/or supporting local art and/or history.

Ellen Dickson

Very cool historical building. Definitely a great place to check out!

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