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1178 Kroesche Ln, New Braunfels, TX 78130

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REVIEWS OF Stars & Stripes Drive-In Theatre IN Texas

Danielle Beaudoin

Such a fun date night or family time. Definitely bring your own FM radio speaker so you can hear the movie well. You can being your own food which is nice. They have large restrooms so that's a huge plus especially when everyone is trying to go between movies. Definitely a fun experience!

Nora Leal Home Loans

Very easy to use online tickets. Fast food pick up. Very well organized, no long lines.

Robyn Bryant

Great family fun. Our church went as a group. We had a good time.

Erik DelValle

Admission ticket prices reasonable. Concession stand prices for food a bit over priced.Hot dogs cold and had a rubbery texture.Nachos stale .Movie experience was good just how i remmembered from when i was younger going to outside theater.However when it came time to leave theater parking lot was a nightmare.No employes directing traffic so it was congested and it was a bit disturbing just trying to get out exit theater. Had to jockey and hope someone would let you get in line to exit.Would suggest getting parking attendants to manage each roll of parking lots to help ease flow of exiting.Would have rated higher but that experience was not pleasant. Did ask one employee who had reflector vest on if he could help with exiting traffic.I had a Van full of family.Was told they our not responsible for parking or exiting traffic.In all Movie was great Lion King.

Edward Mireles

Came two weeks ago and this place is so cool. Now we came back because of friend of ours was celebrating her 50th birthday party. This place rocks! Not that many drive-in theaters in Texas. Glad i found this place.

Adea Math

Love this place! This is definitely my first go to when a new movie come out.


Nice family atmosphere, clean restrooms and very reasonable food prices.

Telisa Holmes

The prices are good when you take into account that you get to see two movies on each screen when you go. I am glad that google maps brought me to this location easily because it is Really hard to find. My kids like the park there. They have military discount on tickets also. The movies are current. The parking lots themselves are a good set up and there have never been any issues when we go there.


Great spot for family night, a little getaway from everyday entertainment love the experience, simple things in life go a much longer way!


Super nice family place. Loved it. Old school drive threw atmosphere. my family and I love to come here

Stuffed Animals :3

I loved it! It had a great cafe, playground,movie! I loved the food!! It was well made.

Miss Kharen

It was really great for our first time. Getting there early is truly the key, and I must stress this because it can get packed. We got there at 8:30 for a 9pm show and the lines were crazy and we missed part of the movie waiting to get food, so plan ahead. We parked towards the back, but could see and hear everything nicely. Definitely bring chairs and supplies to sit outside, because sitting in the car will get hot. The burgers, milkshake, fries were yummy; the funnel cake meh, and the drinks were watered down. All in all it was fun and we even got to bring our pup with us. So I say it was a 7/10 experience. Will go again.


Great place! Captures old spirit of watching movies back in the day with little 50s style infomercials, along with 50s style diner. Comfortable atmosphere.

Glass Half Empty Realist At Large

How fun is the drive in? Go early & get a good spot. Try not to let people that don't follow the rules ruin your night...and don't be one of the people that ruin someone's night. It's great!

The Dude

Great fun, expensive concession stand that closes too early; friendly folk, good selection of movies, their website is just awful though. If you need information best to call and talk to a human. Overall 4 stars

David Ramirez

First time there and we loved it. Great clean place inside and out, prices for snacks and food are great and not over priced like other cinemas. You get 2 movies for the price of 1. You can take your own food and snacks. We will definitely be revisiting. Highly recommended.

Mandita Pandita

Amazing experience! We're new parents looking to enjoy every date night we get! This was a great choice for opening weekend of endgames! Great burger and shake! Classic look and feel from diner to movie drive in set up. Loved this place So much!

Patricia Lozano

Lots of fun with the kids. Good movies and good food.

Sabrina Martinez

We missed coming here this past visit but every time weve ever came we loved watching the movies . Everyone around is respectful and mindful. Staff is quick and friendly. Food is a bit high but it is with all theaters/ drive ins . Hope to come back soon

sharon burstein

We come here all the time we absolutely love it. We get here early to get a great spot, let the kids run around for awhile then we all relax and watch the movies. 2 movies for the price of one,cant beat that.

Gabe Sarabia

2 movies for the price of 1at a theater. The kids don't have to be super silent like at a theater. They have a playground for the kids to play at intermission. The concessions are VERY affordable and they have to be because they also allow you to bring your own food.


It was my first time ever going to a drive thru movies. I really enjoyed myself. And love the fact that they had a full diner to purchase food and snacks. But you could also bring your own snacks as well.

alexandra pierce

It was a memorable experience. The stars and stripes drive in theatre had phenomenal service as well as the perfect spot to park and watch the films. I love the double movie feature where you can watch 2 movies for the price of one. The playground for little youngsters is remarkable. And I would by far recommended this to anyone.

Ken Richardson

One of my favorite places to go! It's a drive in movie! Every time I've been staff has been friendly and polite. The food and the prices are pretty good. There's a kid area is your kids get a restless. The movie selections are good and up to date.

Bruce Wayne

Great prices, clean establishment, excellent staff interactions, and the food at the lobby was actually good

Mika Smith

Love the experience and the price. As a parent, this can be a LOT of fun for the family. The first time (Thursday night) was great, there was lots of space between my car and the others so kiddos playing or folks talking loudly or blocking the view from sitting in the truck bed with chairs wasn't a big deal. The second time (Friday night) we were packed in, babies screaming and crying on both sides, folks talking loudly or blocking the view from standing up to take selfies in the back of their jacked up trucks and not being able to hear the speaker over all of that noise made for an unpleasant experience. At one point a toddler was almost hit by a vehicle because the parents didn't notice that he'd walked away. I had to run after him before a truck could hit him. I was told to turn off my vehicle which I didn't have to do the first time we'd gone, but for safety reasons, I get it. However it was hot and muggy and with my windows down listening to all of that chaos, we were a little miserable. We decided to tough it out but will either return on a week night when it's not as busy (or hot) or try one of the local indoor theatres where the temperature and noise are regulated. Either way, I was glad that me and my kids were able to experience it together at least once. I think everyone should. Just go during the week if you want a "quieter" experience.

Sam V

Other than the distance, it's fun for the whole family. As long as you don't mind getting home at 1 or 2 am. It takes a while waiting to pay to get in, so allow at least 20 extra min for that. As long as you arrive at least 45 min before the movies start, you will be ok

wendell klesel

Fun place to go see 2 new release movies. Nice n clean little place pretty good food as wel.

Laura Moreno

This place is a great value. The area is clean and very presentable. Indoor wait staff is very friendly and makes a great hot chocolate for cold nights. The playground is really nice for kids and I'll admit I played in it too! Ambiance is really great tucked away from bright city lights, nestled in between spacious acres. Wonderful place to take your family!

Jessica Peña

Great place to watch movies. Great snack bar. I wish they would make it a smoke free environment. It's so uncomfortable watching a movie and having cigarette smoke blown in your direction.

Steven medina

I always love going to this Drive in. It's very family oriented with its wonderful playground and wide variety of movies to go see

Burbank Mom

Always have a great time with family here. The advertisement on movies has never been wrong and they truly are open everyday. I love coming here and would definitely recommend the experience.

Josh Caldera

Such an amazing spot to have a drive in. Nice open country with amazing views of the sunset. Also it's a drive in movie theater! The restrooms are very clean and large. They also have a very large fenced in playground for the kids and it's guarded by a cop. Very nice place to take the family.

Terri Torrez

Had fun and it's windy to sit outside too watch movies enjoyed it very much love it going back neat a very clean place !!!

Netira Sandoz

This place is awesome! Always a great experience for everyone, the place is very clean and the food is inexpensive compared to other movie theaters although you can bring your own drinks and snacks. The employees are friendly and always willing to help. Under 8 dollars for 2 movies per person is very inexpensive as well. You have to bring an fm radio is the only thing, although if you choose to use your car and it dies they can give you a jumpstart.

our fun life watch out world

Our family absolutely loves this place. It's super clean. The employees are so kind. The movies under the stars is relaxing and so much fun. I highly recommend buying a small battery operated radio. If your car dies they will give you a jump. The food is so delicious! The kids just love going there! I highly recommend this experience for family with kids of all ages!

Oscar Salazar

Classic drive in movie atmosphere, clean restrooms, staff was friendly, concession plenty to choose from. Will definitely bring the family again and will recommend to my friends. Thanks for the experience!

Michael Brady

Really fun time. If more than 2 people, its really popular to bring lawn chairs and a speaker (with radio). Especially if u bring a pickup truck.

MS 37

Good time. Parking/ leaving was surprisingly easy for a busy night. Movie theater food was much cheaper here then an actual theater.

Samuel Mercado

Best outdoor theater, but unfortunately so far from my home but well worth the drive. Food and snacks at Diner were very fair and food was excellent!!!

Chris Jacques

Very clean cafe and restrooms. The kids will love the playground. Affordable food and friendly staff.

Celisse Charles

Always a good experience. Food is very well priced and employees are all really nice. Get there early to get a good spot!

Celena Towne

I love going to the drive in. They have a good selection of movies, often showing new movies on opening day. A double feature is an excellent value. The concession stand is reasonably priced.

Mari Lopez

We always have the most fun when coming here, never just a one time thing it’s our monthly date night spot!!! Great experience every visit!

Aly Kirchhof

This place is great! Take the family or a nice date night. They do 2 movies on each screen so if you're a night owl you could stay for the second movie but I'm always too tired.

jacques edel

My first time here and I loved it! Inexpensive, relaxed atmosphere, great amount of space, a playground for the kiddos to burn some energy, and two movies! Wife and I will definitely try to make this a once a month deal with the kids. Thank you!

Gretchyn Lopez

So great to have a stars and stripes close again! I love having a date night or a family night. Always a fun time.

Jeremiah Jones

Awesome place, great for the family. Friendly staff that gives amazing service. Food is a little expensive, but good. Very CLEAN!

Cristine Picardi

Everything is great as usual-just a suggestion- Why not have segregated parking for cars/trucks-we moved 4 times. A drive in up north has taller vehicles park more towards the back & cars up in the front areas-

Les Burkett

This is a great place to go. My wife and I enjoyed the nice breeze and the outdoor movie. It's great to sit or lie back and watch a movie outside. The hotdogs and funnel cake were delicious too. This place is awesome. The parking spot was big and there wasn't a huge crowd for Sunday night. The people coming into the second movie could have turned off their lights before flashing the screen, but some people are just inconsiderate. That's nothing against the theater.

Rob Holub

The kids really enjoyed this place. So much fun, great food, good location.

cortni smith

Me an my kids have made this our weekend tradition when new movies come out. The prices for admission are awesome. There's always a cool breeze blowing through since there aren't any buildings around it blocking the wind. The restrooms are always clean and the staff is super friendly. Would totally recommend this place for a family outing or even a date with your s.o.

Robbie C.

I love coming here, such a awesome experience for my kids n myself. Brings back memories from my childhood.


I hadn't been to a drive in since I was a kiddo. The experience is great, especially on a cool spring evening. The staff was all helpful and friendly. They allow you to bring your own food but honestly the diner is pretty cool and prices for foods and snacks are lower than expected. They have a playground for the little ones if they need to release some energy. I recommend bringing your own little radio or speaker with FM tuner. We brought our own chairs and had enough room for 4 of us to sit within our allotted parking space. Great venue, in a great location. It is worth the drive from San Antonio. I will definitely come by more often with friends and family!

Josefina Hernandez

First time at the drive was a friendly people and the snack bar and playground was very nice. And the service was fast..I would highly recommend this place for a family get away..thank you for a very enjoyable place to relax and watch a movie.i mean double feature!

Jessie Hermosillo

I loved this place so much. The tickets are inexpensive so are the food prices. The playground is nice and big my kid loves it had to pull her swing crying. The staff is so nice. We had accidentally purchased the tickets for the wrong day and they allowed us to come without having to pay again. They started the movie late but that's because of time change and it wasn't dark enough for us to see it on the screen. The food was really good the restroom was nice and clean. The staff was very nice. We got good parking spot but we got there early. We will be returning soon.

Lesslie Coronado

I love coming out here with my kid. Very clean, fast service on the concession stand. Restroom are well kept. The atmosphere is very calm an relaxing. I enjoy every min of it. Highly recommend you to visit at least once.

Mary Ortiz

It was great.. Brought back childhood memories from when thw mission drive in was open. Also great price for a double feature! Over all good experience. Good Date night destination or for some family time. !

Krystal Reyna

This is an awesome place! My husband and I love it! Great food and it is always clean! Perfect place to catch a flick!

Jessie Godsey

Good place to go for a date or a night with family. Two movies for the price of one, and there are double features. Saw Detective Pikachu with my dad and some friends a couple of weeks again. Large screens and quiet aside from the audio from other movies. Even then, it's not too loud (usually)

Rebecca Weiers

Such a fun experience! The food was great, and love that it's a double feature.

joey benoit

Was my first visit to a drive in. I will definitely be back though. The snack bar offers really good food. Be warned though, they dobt sell beer. So be prepared and bring your own

Jolanda Pete Dowell

A throwback to my childhood. The drive-in is clean and the people who work there were friendly. Highly recommend going here for a fun night at the movies.



Yadhira Vega

We got to the movies early to get a good spot. When we pull up to the parking we noticed cones. We didnt see any signs. The girl up front in the ticket booth said nothing about the cones. So we parked. We set up and a guy cones up to us and tells us its reserved. I told him the girl at the ticket booth should have told us not to park where the cones are. The man, who works here, said yeah they dont know whats going on. Really? Wow. The manager here needs to take a communication course or something.

Ashleigh Ortiz

Bring either camping chairs or make a big pallet in the back of your vehicle. They allow outside food. Very kid friendly. Arrive 1 hour early to get a good spot.

Tessa Sanchez

Loved it, had been years since i had been to a driven. But was amazing. They dont jave speakers anymore they have a radio station you turn your car radio to. Will do this now everytime i go to New Braunsful

Erika Freudensprung

This was so much fun! There are 3 big screens and you can bring chairs and sit outside or inside your car. It's far enough out there aren't city lights too. There is plenty of room as the lots are large. And the snack bar is big with a outdoor playground for kids.

Sweet Peaa

Great prices for snacks and meals! Waaayyy better than the movie theater prices. I like how it was located in huge area and you won't be distracted by the other movies screens that are playing at the same time. Great reception and view. Best to always arrive on time to gain access to closer spots and to leave early if you stay for both showings because you'll beat the line

Charlene Dotts

I love drive-ins! It takes me back to fond memories that now I can share with my kids! This place is very nostalgic!

Brent Huddleston

This place really surprised me. I hadn't been to a drive in movie in several years and this was our first visit here. The parking lots are paved with keeps everything very clean. The concessions are in a clean building with plenty of space. The menu had a surprising number of choices with reasonable prices. There is a playground for young kids that looked well maintained. We very much enjoyed our visit and the double feature movies!

Daniel Flores

Love coming to the drive it is a bit of a drive but so much worth it love getting a great place to go on dates you get your money's worth on movies prices in the 50s cafe are great so much space for many people to park and enjoy eachothers company or stay with your own companion. Staff is always attentive making sure everything is clan and safe. Thank you for keeping the drive in open having the old school feel going.

Alex McDowell

The cleanliness of the concessions was top notch! The staff are very friendly! Ticket price is far below the going rate, and food prices are no more than you'd pay at a fast food restaurant! Great way to spend a fun evening with your kids (including the furry kind!) without breaking the bank.

Elizabeth Luna

The movie itself was great! Let's start with that. The enforcement of the "rules" advertised are lax, to put it kindly. The rules say no dogs out of the car or on the Patio... We saw MANY dogs roaming. Which is great actually, we would have brought our pug if we had known it was so pet friendly. There was a car in front of us that ran it's car during BOTH movies. I complained to management and was assured it would be handled... Nothing. It's a fun place just be aware that no one is there for customer service and no one cares about your experience after you pay for your tickets.

G. L.D

Love this place. I remember the drive in at Mission was awesome when my parents took me. Now I am taking my kids there. They love it. I live by sea world and making the drive is worth it. Will continue to take my kids.The concession is only a minute walk from anywhere in the theater.

michael ross

Star and stripes is not a great example of a drive in theater. Small screens crowded viewing with people sitting on their vehicles making it difficult to find a good viewing location (I tried moving my car 4 times. Concession area was very crowded as well with not enough staff. Long line for the ladies rest room also. Management was not responsive even after I brought my concerns to their attention. I have been going to drive ins forever and truly love them. This one just isn't very good.

Easy Money

Cool place to watch a movie! Great setup they got here.

Rebecca Tey

So sweet and entertaining, absolutely loved the experience. Prices at the Cafe were reasonable didn't have to prepare food and drinks to take. Next time all our food and snacks will be from the Cafe.

Brandon Best

Our first experience was a birthday party with 6 boys at the age of 11. Showing up early was a fun "tailgate" feel. We arrived 2 hours before on opening night of Lion King, found a great spot up front, played on the playground, ate our pizza, and totally took our new dog. It was a good "old fashioned" experience that gave our crew hangout time + a fun movie.

Dane Fuller

This is nearly 5 stars if not for the policy regarding not being allowed to move from one theater to another in between movies. Other than that the food is great and not too expensive. The playground is incredible too as my 3 year old son can't get enough it. You also can't beat the value in paying only $8 to see a double feature! Would highly recommend visiting at least once just for the experience or the nostalgia for all those who actually grew up when drive-in theaters were still commonplace...

nina blanco

Great, family friendly and clean place to take your kiddos and family. Very reasonably priced both movie tickets and snacks. In case your battery goes out from being on for the movie, they have folks coming around in golf carts at the end of the night to give you a jump of needed. Great place!

Reinesme Delgado-Salazar

Awesome place..very friendly family oriented..can't wait to go back!!

Elias Robledo

Its a really great place to enjoy a movie outside but when other screens are done the car lights exiting ruin ongoing movie. Would be nice for privacy fences so it wont disturb our movie.

Barbie Morado

I'm from San Antonio and the drive was worth it ‼️ we had not been to a drive in in years. It brought back a lot of memories of when we used to have a drive in. Right now is the perfect time to go the weather was beautiful ‼️ nice and cool & the price to go in are good to.

Tracy Atkinson

Love to watch movies here. Great burgers and funnel cakes. Never seen it before but didn't like the roaches all over the ground this time. Will wait until winter to go back to cuddle with a blanket without the roaches. Screen #3

Rhonda Camp

We take a group every summer and I can let them wander around and know that they are safe

Brian Schrage

Great experience! Kids loved the idea of watching a movie outside and if they got restless there is a playground in the center. Also, you can bring in food, drinks etc just not grills. The cafe serves average food and is priced cheaper than most normal theaters.

Tony Presenza

We’ve always enjoyed a great night at the movies, also the food is very good if your looking for a good way to plan out your evening. Don’t forget about the huge play area for kids. Thanks for always putting on a good show!


Very relaxing and well kept. Food was great.

Robert Mendoza

Movie: IT Pretty cool graphics and lots of CGI. Not really my favorite movie though. Movie theater experience was alright, make sure to bring blankets and pillows for sure

Jo Ruiz

It was a great experience. There are a few things that got me. The screen could have been higher and/or the parking could have been done at a raise angle the farther you are from the screen. The employees didn't force the patrons to lower their hatch gates properly. Of course there are inconsiderate patrons but that was to be expected. Other than that it was nice. The movie was clear enough.

Danna Thomas

Very nice experience. The lines were LONG but they moved so quickly. My kids loved it and so did myself and husband. The prices were very reasonable/affordable. We'll definitely be going back.

Chrishelle Pulhin

What an awesome place to spend time with your family and friends. The breeze and the stars were such an amazing addition to the movie. Great environment, everyone was very respectful and non disturbing during the movie. The cafe is also very well-kept! Very clean. And they even offer free jumps if your car won't turn on after the movie. Overall great experience and would definitely come back even if it's 45 minutes away from where I live.

Alex C.

Great place to see movies like back in the day. Great place for family night. Be sure to be courteous to your fellow movie goers and turn off your lights. Also when you are coming or going go slow down the aisles with your vehicles as kids maybe around and turn on you parking lights and go slow. If you have you bright lights on while you are going to park, people will get a little upset with you since you are blinding most people and you are making it unenjoyable to watch the movie.

Michael C

Amazing time. It is a place you can go get two movies and enjoy the outdoors. We have a pick-up truck we take out there, put the bed towards the screen with an inflatable raft, and enjoy the movie! We had such a great time!

Kim Gentry

It was okay but for me I think I'll stick to a Santikos type theater. A truck can late while movie was playing a parked right in front of me partially blocking my view. There was space so that the driver didn't have to park directly in front of me. That just soured the experience for me. On a good note the food (chicken fingers meal and popcorn) was great.

Tamedra TJ Jones

This place is absolutely amazing. The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. The cafe where you can order food was very clean and reasonably priced. We received our food in a timely manner and made it back to our car. If you have children there is a nice playground for them to play on while you are waiting for food or even for your movie to start. I can not wait to return!


I found this gem of place a couple of uears ago and its been awhile since ive been back... only cause of a baby.. but coming back was great. Food was still tasty, drinks were flavorful, and staff was friendly. Its a good hang out spot to catch movie and worth the trip out of town to come here. Just make sure you get here early so you get a good spot to park and set up.

Horror Fans Dad

It reminded me of the times before when I went to the drive in and had a great time. Those were memories with my family that I kept close. Stars and Stripes Drive in allows me to relive those times before and enjoy myself in the drive in now. Making new memories with my own family. It's a safe and clean place to go enjoy a couple of movies out doors, that you get for a reasonable price. I highly recommend.

Hector Sanchez

Such a great time, it's nice and clean, play place was great. Great ticket and food prices. The picture quality was really good, I was surprised on the quality. You can sit in your car or truck or bring lawn chairs. My family loved it.

Ronald Dill

My wife and 3 kids 13, 9 & 8 really enjoyed the drive - in. The kids enjoyed the playground before the movie started, wished the lighting was a bit brighter. The only other short fall the wife and I would have like to seen the employees carrying out the theme with some type of uniforms for that era. We will be returning many times in the future.

Brock Belmonte

Very well planned out, clean, updated place. I would highly recommend checking it out it is a fun time!

Angela Hutcherson

Very awesome place, very polite employees absolutely great price for a double feature. Playground is amazing for children to play, climb and run some energy out before sitting still for the movie, great place all and all we will be returning very soon..

Richard Musgrove

I loved the drive-in movie as a kid. Even better now. Whip out your camping chairs and ice chests and chill. Bring a good sounding boom box with digital tuning. Makes your experience better.

Cat V

While the atmosphere is relatively good. The way managers handle situations is very poor. The whole first come first served policy has some major flaws. And it does not seem like they really want to have newcomers come back. IF we EVER go back, it is going to be a long time from now. And I can only hope management gets better at serving their customers.

Kimberly Terrasas

I love that I get two movies for the price of one. The customer service is always great and the food is reasonably priced. However, I always seem to get stale popcorn

Isaura Chilton

The first time it was perfect I love it but the second time was ridiculous it was the worst experience ever I came to see toy story 4 Saturday June 29 and they don’t tell you that there is no more parking spaces I asked the lady to get a refund but she said she can’t give me my money back so instead she gave me a pass to come back again. I mean really!!!???

Twyla S

This place is awesome! Everyone is so nice and friendly. From the front gate to the concession stand. The food is descent and and the prices are very reasonable. A nice place to take the family.

misty hudson

Always a great family night when we head to the drive-ins. They offer military discount and kid prices. The facilities are always clean. For a family on a budget, you can't go wrong. Enjoy the 50s diner or a pizza to bring, sit and watch TWO movies for a cheap coat. Our family of 5 (1is under 3) receives admission for $20. A must go see!♥️

Alfred Prieto

Usually have a great experience, but tonight wasn't great. Received an email with screen 1 showing toy story 4 and spider man, screen 2 and 3 was duplicate of lion king and decided to take the family to see toy story 4 and spider man, drove 75 miles to find out it was spiderman and men in black....a movie we had already seen. They need to be accurate. Family night ruined. When we left after spiderman, noticed there was an employee correcting the front screen to read just like email sent on 7/17/19.


You can bring in an ice chest this place is awesome bring a portable radio for the truck bed to tune into movie sound !

charles mahovlic

Great prices. Family enjoys going over the summer every other week. Some tips If it’s your first time. If in a truck bring foam mats and line the bed for extra comfort for the double feature. Blankets and pillows help a bunch. Arrive an hour early for picking of whatever spot you want. Bring a football and kids will be kept busy in the small field in front of the screen or they can play at the playground. Bring outdoor AM/FM radio with battery pack and you won’t need to run your vehicle at all. Also, a small ice chest works perfect for the couple hours you will be spending there. Snacks and dinner can be brought also if your in a rush and there’s plenty of trash cans around.

Jon Seaux

Me and the kids love it here. The only issue is that it's hard to find a radio app to get the sound to play since you cant have your car on. We make due. Its cheap and fun as heck plus you get 2 really good movies for the price of one. Way cheaper then a regular movie theater. We always go back. Its beyond worth it

David Rocha

The staff was very friendly. The line in the cafe was very long but it moved very quickly. They had someone driving in a cart to ensure everyone was enjoying the movie. Will definitely be coming back!

Marcos Contreras

The nostalgia of being at an actual drive in theater is awesome! I loved everything about it. My 7 year old daughter had never heard of nor seen such a thing. We had a great time! Will definitely be going back soon.

Eric Lake

Stars & Stripes is the best drive in that I have ever been to. Food is reasonable and the entry fee is a good value. We will definitely be back.

Jim Foxx

Very friendly staff and informative if it's you first time. The grounds themselves plenty of trash cans and grounds were very clean. My family and I will definitely be back to visit for the new movies out.

dan smith

Very clean and nice but would have been better if the other theatre goer's would have been more curdious and shut their vehicles off.

Iris Martinez

It's a nice experience . I love it . I do recommend others love the atmosphere

Kayla Thacker

This is easily the nicest drive-in theater I've ever been to! The parking lots were clean and well organized. There's a diner that's surprisingly cheap and it has a decent size playground. Can't wait to come back!

Enrique Rios

Love the environment! Great price! I’m very happy they are dog friendly. They serve good food or if you wanna picnic with a cooler it’s all good! Bring your lawn chairs and a blanket or just sit back in your car and enjoy the show!

Pedro Garcia

Such a cool & beautiful property. Sits in the middle of a corn field on a high elevation. There's alway a cool breeze. We sit outside with speakers, as do a lot of people. Also, the restroom are kept up clean!

Richard Fitzenwell

It's so sad that you don't see these anymore. I had a wonderful time with my girlfriend, but it's unfortunate that the car full of children were on their phones throughout the whole movie. They couldn't take their eyes off their own screen for 5 minutes, while their parents sat in the front seat, not even watching the movie. Aside from the failure of society to guide its youth towards a more fruitful and productive future, the Drive-In is a cut of nostalgia placed in the heartland of Texas. Bring some blankets, grab your snacks, and find a good spot!

Cody Fore

Great atmosphere!! Some of the scary/horror movies can be difficult to see on the screen. Overall stars and strips is an enjoyable experience!

Jacob Stout

Nice clean modern drive-in. Food court prices are reasonable and not your typical movie theater rip-offs. I really enjoy watching a movie under the stars. The kid's love the play ground and look forward to the break between showings.

Jonathan Sixtos

I absolutely loved every part of the experience here. The staff was welcoming and warm at the entry gate; they explained the procedures, and the concessions were reasonably priced and well organized, not to mention delicious! I used a portable Bluetooth speaker and the sound synced well with the video. I recommend a lawn chair or truck bed to get the fullest experience. Stay for the double feature, too!

Abi Gregory

It's a fun place to have birthday parties at. If you want to see a movie for the 2nd time for a date or picnic it's super fun.

Devon Cierra

I am always pleased when I come to the movies! If there are any problems they fix it immediately! This is a very family friendly place!

Mz Tiger Lady

1st time going. Price of food too high. Good thing we can take our own. Enjoyed the movies though.

Malyn Hough

I really like the drive in. It’s always nice to be able to sit in my own car and watch the movie at my own preferred volume and without disruption from other viewers. Although I do notice that sometimes after the movie has already been going for a while, some cars still show up shining lights which can be bothersome. And I have also noticed that there are a lot of people who like to sit in the middle of the road where cars pass which is dangerous, the crews should be more on top of that. The food is always good, but it does take quite a bit of time to come out. Usually it’s always about a 15-20 minute wait just to get up to the register because it’s a busy night and they only have 2 or 3 registers open, and then it’s about another 15-20 minute wait just for the food to be ready which by then the movie might have already started. So if you plan to order food, make sure you get there well before the movie starts. I also don’t like that the concession stand closes just an hour after the first movie starts. I mean you have the first movie starting at 9 and the second one usually about 11 or 11:30, and the concession stand closes at 10. I mean that’s a little inconvenient for those who stay for the second movie or show up for the second movie. Sometimes snacks, food and drinks run out during the first movie and we’d like to get a refill or order more but can’t because they are already closed which is disappointing to sit through a second movie without drinks or snacks. But it isn’t a bad place, I do enjoy going every now and again.

Kathy Rdgz

Great place. Good food. Friendly staff.

Gabe Varela

Great views. Great food. Great movies. What more could you ask for? Get there early better than later. Try and not disturb others during their experience

Annette Garcia

First time going and it was really cool. It was a nice breezy night so it was comfortable being outside. People had their lawn chairs, some had blankets on the ground, others sitting in the back of trucks, own snacks, own drinks. We were not able to listen on any of our phones with the FM tuner. Take a radio. They did have the sound on for our movie but the volume was a little low. Food line was very long but went by really quick. Food was really good! Very organized. Staff is very friendly. It was a really cool experience. The 4 stars is because we could not tune in on our phones. Would definitely go again though! And with a radio.

rosanna Aguirre

Always clean! Food prices are not like the movie theaters! They have reasonable prices! But the best part is that you can bring your own food! But can't eat it in their restaurant or the patio. But you can eat it on your car while watching the movie. You can bring some chairs and can watch the movie that way also. Can get fresh at night so bring some blankets. The best part is that you can watch to movies and not pay so much money. I do recommend this place

Robert Echeverria

Great place and lots of fun. Only complaint is how long it takes to get through the ticket gate. There should be separate lanes for those with online tickets and those that need to purchase tickets. And it would help if the ticket takers didn’t give everyone a five minute dissertation on how it works.

Clifton Simon

Great affordable way to watch movies! Rather you watch from inside your vehicle or bring your own seating to enjoy the show outside your vehicle... it's up to you.

Daniel H

Not my first visit to this theater and won't be my last. Military discounts offered. Great time, kids enjoyed it. Snacks are good, better pricing than regular movie theaters (that's if you forgot to bring your own). It rained a little, but we just turned the car/A.C on.

gwen briskey

Had a great time. Excellent date night. Concession reasonably priced.


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