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REVIEWS OF ShowBiz Cinemas 8 IN Texas

David Deleon

Over priced bar and dam hot theater 4 ,John wick sucked cause it was hot.

The Vinous

Love that its so close to home. fair prices, nice staff.

Jareen Mullenax

Great movies friendly people And clean bathrooms

Barbara Parmeter

Nothing too fancy, but nice. And they have a bar!

Kaz Shavir

Only movie theater locally. So its the best one Marble Falls has. If the AC breaks you might get free tickets. 50/50 chance you get free leftover popcorn from the last movie showing. Its been ol faithful for years so her quirks make her personality that more entertaining.

Melody Morris

Not the nicest Theater I've been to. We went in to see a movie today, and there was trash everywhere. No one had cleaned between movies. Not good. When you pay so much for a ticket, you don't want to sit amongst someone's trash.

Pat Hoffman

I really like this theater

Kay Brandwein

Concession prices are outrageous...everything else is great

Barry Sylvester

I Love This Place. The Movies Suck, but the Popcorn is Great.

Arthur Venable

Courteous employees, comfortable seating

Jennifer Dickey

Not very clean

Lyn Allamon

Comfortable seats!

Pati Borrego

Theater room full yet clean & clerks attentive to the crowd !

David Work

Great place for a movie

Dorothy Combs

Had a great time, seeing the movie Halloween

Lorraine Jackson

Clean and nice staff.

Ricky Ellisor

Love going to this theater. Especially during the week. Never a crowd on weekdays. Weekends are crowded.

ashley mathews

Yu cant even sneak in anymore

Christine Desaulnier

Wonderful theatre.. Prices affordable. Senior discounts. Tuesday is $4 plus change admission. Sign up for REWARDS CARD.. USE it to purchase tickets, admission etc..

Joseph Chastain

This theater is awesome. They play old movies on Wednesday and sundays. I was staying in marble falls while on vacation. The first night there, we were looking for something to do and happened to pass by. Luckily for me, they were showing Labyrinth with David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly. I remember watching the movie several times on TV as a kid, but there is something about watching a movie on the big screen. I would definately go back to watch more classic films if I am ever in town again.

William Acuff

A great theater, usually very clean and comfortable. The staff is generally friendly. The food served could use some improvement and can be a little pricy with the cost of the ticket. It is not an every weekend thing, but worth it to see a new movie once a month.

john sheperd

It's all fun until the fat tall guy with 7 kids eats louder than the hindenburg crashing on the largest whoopie cushion ever. (_)_)::::::::D~~~you're welcome~~~

Catherine Chisum

My son and I love this little hometown theater! The employees are always helpful and courteous.

Raul Rodriguez

Good clean family friendly place for a late night movie.

Shawna Dorris

This is place is okay not the best I've ever been to obviously. Very old seats if you're looking for comfortable this is not the place to see a movie. That being said we did enjoy our movie the food prices are very decent and they have lots of regular specials we attended the Tuesday midday movie and we're only charge $3 a ticket.

Brends Light

Love the new seats ! Hadn't been in a while. ) was clean - but a little loud.

Frances Anchondo

Nice close cheap

Keith Knussmann

Nice people working there!

Denise Reilly

I love this movie theater, the seats are comfy and there's several announcements to turn off your phone and it must work because I haven't seen anyone on a phone all the times I have been. It can be a bit chilly so you might want to add an extra layer of clothes. So going back to the phone issue, I relocated from another state and I quit going to the movies because people couldn't stay off their phones it ruined the experience for me, so I'm glad to be back. Nice staff too

Linda Martin

I Can Only Imagine, made me laugh & tears. A movie that touched my ♡ & to so many uplifting them through their struggles that life can bring. Giving hope in times of darkness : )

Melissa Tolliver

Friendly staff. Usually good movie selection. Does not always get the movies I want to see, but does usually get the big ones and the family/kids movies. Don't like that they now serve alcohol. Comfortable seating and 3D options good food and soft drink options

Dan Colwell

Clean theaters and they serve adult beverages.

Carole Poppema

Comfortable seats and temp. Volume and surround sound was good. Excellent popcorn.

Sigmund Puchacz

Great food and prices.

Lawrence Hirtzel

45 minutes before the end of the star wars 3D movie somebody turned on the air conditioning. It was actually warmer outdoors after we left. Freezing cold. Not sure why they did that or set the air to come on. Maybe disgruntled employees. We will not be back. Not a good way to treat your customers.

Judy Humes

Just Great. Saw movie Gosnell

Carmen Foster

Not good.. will go to Galleria in Beecave next time

Gary Martin

Need help at concessions during big movies.

Greg Chlapek

Decent theatre, but definitely showing its age. Only theater in town, though.

Karrah Wilson

Been going here for several years. Staff is usually friendly. Good place to see a movie. Concessions are expensive, like any theatre. They have food like hot dogs, hot pretzels, and ice cream. There is also a bar, they will bring your drink to you in the theatre.

Ethel Rose Pieri

Not bad for a small town cinema. Tuesday special was AWESOME!!!

Jennifer Austin

Nice theater.

Sloan Richards

One swanky place.. great time..

Epifanio Rivera

Wouuu was satisfied my appetite, blessings.

Betsy Strosser

Typical movie theater. It seems clean, and least in the dark, haha! It’s never been crowded the times I’ve gone, which is a definite plus in my book!

Cindy Cornelius

We purchased our tickets online. Nobody ever asked to see them. The price is reasonable. The theater was clean. The temperature was so hot, we left before seeing the ending to John Wick. The last 2 times I've been the movies in Marble Falls, I was baking, it was so hot! We are going to see Angry Birds tonight. If it's hot in there again, it will be the last time we go back for awhile.

Frank Frischmann

Nice movie theater friendly service and Tuesdays he can't beat the deals with the kids

Marilyn Sistinas

Staffs usually kind and helpful. It never really seems to be thoroughly cleaned but it’s still picked up. Cheap prices on movies.

Margarita Garcia

jose is the best in the west!

Lorrie R

Likes the fact you could buy specials on popcorn and sodas ..bring the cups and buckets back everytime you go and get a good price for refills

Rusty Scott

Nice place to get in out of the heat and see a good movie..

Trish Aikman

It's nice to go to the movies and not wait in line forever. Small town atmosphere. Better prices than most in the bigger cities. Picture quality was good, seats are average. Always glad when a movie we want to see is being shown here.

sterling duvall

Always good service and clean, comfy seats!

Deborah Balsam

Nice staff @ concession stand. Chairs are uncomfortable.

Michelle Sankowsky

The House with a Clock in the Walls was a really good movie. The chairs are comfortable, wish there was more legroom. Concessions are flat out robbery. I was shocked at the prices. In the future, I'll bring my own candy in and run the risk of mild dehydration. Hate to be a cheater with food, but the prices are beyond ridiculous. Almost 6 bucks for a small soda! Small , and it is tiny small, popcorn almost 6 bucks. To quote a famous author, Nevermore.

Bianca Gloria

Staff had always been friendly and it’s usually decently clean. I gave 4 stars because they don’t have a changing table in the bathrooms. There’s not even a counter in the bathroom for me to lay a child if I had to. If it was a draft house then maybe I’d be a little more forgiving but it’s a family friendly theater. They show children’s movies after all.

Anne hudson

Great Matinee pricing

James Granger

Smaller theater but well kept and has a bar. Good place!

BJ Perkins

Always look forward to popcorn, drink & a good movie. However the popcorn is unedible. Way too much salt. It's like they put a whole container each time they pop. Very disappointing.

Alan C.

Went to go see Endgame and the visuals and audio are really good. The tickets weren't even that expensive (considered to Cinemark) and the food options were good. However, the seats were a worn out and very cramped but apart from that, had a very good 1st impression.


The theatre was hot, the chair was squeaky and the candy was old and extremely over priced. The sound and picture were decent.

PamB Tillery

Very nice theatre for small town!!!

Krystil Webb

The staff was nice and the location was clean

Steve Boley

Saw the last Bourne in Marble Falls

Sandra Garrett

Somewhat clean, but absolutely was way too cold in the theatre.

kritty ratt

Seats are comfy - not too narrow, and they lean back nicely.

Betsy Baker

All the employees are very nice every time we go to this theatre. We also love the Flashback Cinema movies that are offered!

Elias Rodriquez

Folks complain about high prices for the food and drinks, but practically no income is from ticket sales. The food , and popcorn and drinks is where they make up for it. You see the great movies they present to you, buy some popcorn, a candy bar or two and soft drink. Support your local theater, they're there for you.

Joseph Charles

Good place to go


Have read several of the low reviews. We go here 2-3 times every month have have literally NEVER found food or even napkins left in any seats near us. Not saying it never happened to anyone, but that sure is not the standard situation here. Staff is friendly, place is decent for a bit older theater in a small town. If we want more upgrades, we’ll need to support them. Beats the heck outta driving to Cedar Park. Glad these guys are here and will continue to support them.


Unfortunately there is no line to pick up your tickets directly so you must wait while other people get their concessions and what not and make you late to your movie.

Jim Miller

Great value. Need new seats

Aylin Snodgrass

The staff was almost uppity to me and my family. My husband and 3 thirteen year olds were coming to watch The Grinch. Nowhere does it say what the age for a "child ticket" is the limit. I asked for 3 children and 2 adults, and the snooty teenage working the booth gave my girls a learing eye. I promptly told them they were 13. She then said they would have to pay adult price, which I'm fine with, but the attitude was beyond rude! Then when we went in, my girls saw a friend in the hallway and they were being silly and goofy...nothing crazy. The ticket taker told them they would removed from the theater if they acted that way in the theater. How rude and presumptuous of him! Took any fun of going to the theater away in a heartbeat for them. We have other choices nearby (Dripping Springs, Bee Cave, Austin). We will not be returning to your theater with snotty, rude staff members. PS...I'm a teacher in middle school, so I generally have pretty good tolerance for teen behavior. Not ok when I'm paying for good service and to feel welcome where I spend my money.

Cheryl Noel

We usually enjoy this theatre since it is fairly close. We went on Friday 6/22/18 for an evening movie. The theatre was dirty and had not even been cleared of trash from the previous show. The concessions stand was so slow, we gave up and never got anything. There seemed to be plenty of staff, but they did not seem efficient at all. I hope this improves before the next time we want to see a movie.

Brandon Shelton

Pricey but stoute drinks at the bar got crunk af during glass

karen b.

The manager made a huge difference in the viewing of a movie I don't like to viewing a movie I really liked and I want to say Thankies much for your help with my movie problem your concern for my happiness in the movie viewing at your theater makes me feel like I will definitely be returning to watch more movies at showbiz theater from now on.

Sherrell Booe

I go to this theater a lot. Great service and polite staff. Enjoy the selection of movies...

Estella Vilá-Vega

Our sons had a great time!

Michael Taber

Movies was good, theater was clean and comfortable.

Cindy Dashnaw

It's the only theater in/near Marble Falls and Burnet, TX. We'll be glad when they switch to Luxury Loungers (no idea if that's in the plan or not).

Jerry and Cindy GANO

Love our movie theater!!! The popcorn is delicious and the theater employees have always been very friendly and helpful. Very appreciative to have a movie theater so close to home.

J Miles

For a small town theater, it was great. The theater was clean, and the pricing was reasonable. No recliner seats or reserved seating, but I'm okay with it, because that has actually made it more difficult for last minute decisions to see a movie. It is also well located with a lot of options for an outing from a grassy field to restaurants to shops to books to a nearby Walmart.

Corey Lawson

Could be a little cleaner and more professional. Does have a small bar but no one who knows how to make a variety of cocktails really.

Tina Wallace

Relaxing and fun

Cindy Blue

Sure am glad to have a movie theater in our small county! The play all of the lastest and change often enough.

Blayne Birck

Excellent movie theater

John Maciazek

First time here and were pleased with these theaters. Was surprised to see a full bar in the lobby. Drinks were a bit pricey, but this is a move theatre. Just got done popcorn so can't comment on the food. Seats were comfortable, leather rockers.


Great movie theater. Also they have a nice bar.

Gary Richardson

Good place for movie night snacks are high priced junk food, ,But then it's either you pay more for tickets at another theater, and high prices on junk food.

Sandy Kay Neill

Totally understaffed. Theater was way to hot and stuffy. The seats, all the seats squeaked every time someone moved. Thankfully the movie was great.

Mathew Howard

Nice place. Old style, but good for a movie

Peggy Sue Baltz

It was great food is expensive. I would say eat first. But great place to see a movie!!!

Kristopher Delosua

They always have a speciality drink at the bar that relates to whatever big movie is playing. Everything is still nice and new. They play classic movies every Sunday and Wednesday.

Jennifer Burton

Chairs are so comfy, great temperature (no need to bring that extra jacket). Live when its movie time.

Ben Masters

Movie was good but way too loud. May be due to the upcoming generation not paying attention but still. My head hurt a

Cynthia Garza

Saw a good movie night with the Love of my life Edgar.

jocelyn cunningham

It’s the only place close to see a movie. Otherwise I would go elsewhere. The. Food is bad, the seats are comfortable. Worst arcade ever I don’t even know why they have it.

Charlene Bannister

The movie (Dumbo) was awesome but the theater really, really need some renovation. My seat had a tear in it and there was food all over the floor and it wasn't like the place was so busy they over looked something, they have cut back on staff so much that it is affecting the look of the theater.

Makensie Bell

Love that every Tuesday is half off! This is a great place to take your family, or date night. Staff is super friendly, and popcorn has been fresh Everytime we have gotten it.

Linda Evans

Very clean. Friendly staff. Comfortable. Popcorn taste stale on a couple visits. Reasonably priced. Accommodating parking for all. Wheelchair friendly.

Robert G Summers Jr.

Check showtimes with the actual theater and don't go with what's online. Theater was dirty and game machines eat your quarters (be careful) but over all attendants were friendly and helpful and active guess just not in cleaning the theater

Jeremy Lambert

Great place. Even has a bar if you want to drink.

Janos Bajnoczy

This location is the worse the trash is over flowing there is trash on the floor and the tables have stuff on them my food was could and the fries well they were could also manger had no clue what was going on real BAD!!

Steele Ram

A decent theater, not the top go to place but is tolerable and reasonable for the price of concessions and tickets. My first experience was okay considering, that the butter dispenser stand was a complete mess covered with not just butter but trash such as straw covers. The theater rooms are nice and relaxing. Not my first choice but definietly not my last.

Rachel Rendon

Theater was nice and cool. Needed to be a bit cleaner but overall good experience.

Kelly Conley

Great theater. Good movie selection and food selection. They keep the theaters very clean.

Matt Kilpatrick

We have lived in this area for 2 years, and this is the only theater here. I became accustomed to the excellent service I received at Cinemark and the Movie House Eatery. The service at ShowBiz is very lacking. It is mostly high school aged kids working here, which I have no issues with. The issue I have is when they are not trained to be professional, wait on paying customers, and be polite and friendly. This is a direct reflection on the management. I recently went to a movie and there were issues with the sound in the theater. You could hear music but none of the character dialogue. The movie, including previews, was restarted once. Everything worked normally until the actual movie started, and it was back to no sound for dialogue. This dragged on for the first 10 minutes of the show. I finally got up to report the issue. I found the manager on duty and informed him of the issue. He rudely told me, " I already know!" A more appropriate response would have been, "I'm so sorry sir. We are working to resolve the issue. Thank you for letting me know." The manager was walking toward our theater when a handicapped man in an electric wheelchair came out of the theater. He too engaged the manager and tried to tell him about the sound issue. The manager interrupted him and said, "I know!" Now people are entitled to bad days, so I thought maybe this was what happened; the manager was just having a bad day, because he did give us 2 readmission tickets as we left the theater at the end of the movie. He still wasn't friendly but gave us the tickets. However, I took my family to the movie today, Thanksgiving Day. The high school aged clerks we're actually very friendly. I presented my 2 readmission tickets from my last bad experience, and the clerks were not sure how to process them. They called a manager, and guess who showed up, Mr. Friendly. The same manager came over, and the female clerk politely held up the readmission tickets and told the manager she wasn't sure how to process them. The manager, in front of a line of customers, told her, " you didn't need to call a manager. You could've just asked Jim." I determined Jim was the older clerk working the other register, but he had a line of customers as well. Now shame on me if I'm wrong, but isn't it the manager's job to support employees, answer questions, and help them solve problems? As we purchased some snack bar items and before we walked away from the counter, I thanked the female clerk for working on Thanksgiving and told her I was sorry she could not be with her family. Way to support your employees Mr. Manager...If there was another theater around, I would never come back to this one.

Norma Gil

Movie theater was outdated and not the cleanest. The staff was nice but this place e needs updating for sure. Seats were sq

Chad Hoffman

Great little theater. Watched Aladdin for the first time here. Very nice seats. Drinks and popcorn was good, too!

Gilbert Trejo

Good theater and friendly staff.

Jeremy Edwards

Nice movie theater. However the place is ran by juvenile delinquents and the bathrooms are dirty, and you can stand in line for 20 minutes for popcorn and a coke. Very slow service.

Bill Belanger

It was OK for the weekend

Molly Morlino

I love this place! I mean, it's Marble Falls... so grateful there's something! The ticket prices are reasonable, concessions are reasonable (relative to theater prices) and they always have the movies we want to see. It's comfortable and clean as well. Wish there were more early showings so I could see a movie before having to pick my son up from school, but far be it from me to understand the dynamics of the business!

Vicente Esparza

A very good Cinema

Kim G Jerill G

Theater was great. Staff was great. Ad Astra well.....

orlando ibanez

Its not as nice as most of the big theaters but its not bad. I go here cause its the closest theater to me and ticket prices are almost half that of those in Austin. I only see about 5 movies a year and they always have the movie I want to watch. I hate going to crowded theaters and I have never been here on a Friday or Saturday night so every visit here has been pleasant and entertaining.

Mase is dankYT

Amazing experience got to watch endgame in 3D

Jacque Hawkinson

Movie sound and picture quality was excellent and had a bar with theme drinks


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