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Camille Kaya

They made me absolutely love going to the movies! The seats recline and are very large, whether you're in VIP pod section, or general seating. I've never had a problem with any staff members (@ The Rim)!

Linda Flores

The cup holders in the left side of the tray is awkward. Other than that it was a nice place to see a movie.

Rob Morin

Imax screen blurry needs the lens cleaned my wife sat next to me in most squeakest seat next row down also in a squeaky seat. My home theater is louder then this. Snacks ok.

Courtney Pletcher

Just took our little one to her first movie ever, Aladdin, and had a magical time! The manager Shawna was really nice and wonderful when we got our tickets from her register! After the movie, Shawna saw us and asked how everything was! Couldn’t have asked for a more perfect first movie theater trip for my daughter!

J.R. McDowell

One of the best theaters in San Antonio. Huge stadium seating, food and drink options galore. Make sure to check it out.

Night Hawk

Best seats and screens around and great matinee prices

John-Paul Reed

The Palladium is great. I try to see the movies that are in the VIP theaters as you can order food and drinks and you get free complimentary popcorn. The seats in the VIP theaters are really comfortable.

Nate Peters

Clean and roomy. Many food and drink options available.

Leonard Cortinaz

It's a regular movie theater with your regular concessions, popcorn, soft drinks, candy, etc. But it has a well stocked bar with beer, wine, margaritas, and the hard stuff. It's a great entertainment place any time of the year.

Carlos Esquivel

Best theater I've been too. Huge, elegant, and I got free popcorn

Ms B

How can any movie lover not give their business to this local company that gives so much to community and love movies as much as they do? I don't understand it. Santikos is constantly upgrading their locations, providing superior customer service and great food. Casa Blanca provides even more entertainment for the family with bowling too! Santikos has a reward program, gives to community and has happy employees. You may think your dollar doesn't matter but Santikos shows you it does. Check them out!

Lisa Sanders

The renovations are beautiful. Super comfy seating.

James Everman

Always a pleasure. Great discounts for our military community.

anam sultana

It's so big and cool. The seats are super comfortable and there's lots of snacks to choose from.

Joe Flores

Great place to watch a movie. Martin the kitchen manager was out and about making sure everyone that ordered food was having a great service. Inwould definitely visit again because of him.

chuli liu

Love the palladium such wonderful snacks and movies palladium is the place to go if you want to relax .

Jessie Villareal

Big place, I can't believe they took away the icecream spot. Either way the IMAX rules here. Good seating and plenty of selection of food.

Bret Bennett

Used to live coming here but over serving alcohol and allowing them to bring into kids movies is a lawsuit waiting to happen. The managers did nothing and the off duty Bexar county officer did nothing when the drunks threatened my wife and daughter right in front of him. Freedom of speech ends in my opinion with verbal assault and threatening actions like getting in my daughter's face. Ive lost all faith in Santikos to provide a safe family friendly environment. If I could give a zero stars I would.

G Diaz

Love EVERY Movie experience I have at the Palladium. This theater is my GO TO choice for any and all new Releases!! FANTASTIC JOB SANTIKOS!!

Fernando Farias

If your a San antonio native, you dont need me to tell you about the palladium. If you're out of town, allow me to inform you. The palladium is high quality luxury film entertainment at it's best. Nice big screens, a wide selection of food …

Evelyn Silvernail

This movie theatre is amazing. It has outdoor patios, a multiple bars, a party room, games, the balcony and sunset are awesome, not to mention comfort while watching your movie. The outside of the building is very enticing to go inside. …

Curtis Ostrander

Best chairs ever, excellent food options. The VIP seats are worth every penny.

Dan Martinez

Have been there in 5 years. Nice renovations staircase set was really nice recliners in the theaters were really nice

Travis Thomas

Great experience! Comfortable seats and plenty of options.

Nick Reyna

Best movie theater in town. Swivel table is the best thing ever.


It's beautiful and has amazing sound quality, I just wish the snacks weren't so pricey.

Stacy Marsh

I like the luxury seats for two. The section for soda near our theater was out of ice (all four machines). So if you wanted some you had go to to another section. Enjoyed the movie.

Rodney Rios

I usually don't travel up to this part of town, but some friends wanted to watch a movie here. The theatre itself was nice upon walking in. Clean lobby, customer service was good. For the area and price of the theatre .. I have a minimal expectation.. to help sit through a 2 hour movie .... air condition! We watched Godzilla and I was borderline sweating from being seated .. my back was damp for sure from being pressed against the seat. I'll stick to my usual theaters instead of taking a gamble again

Sara Ruiz


Mary Friday

The movie was just what we needed: funny, great lines, excellent acting! The theater was clean and easily maneuverable. The soda dispensers were out of syrup on one side, but we were able to get drinks on the other side. We told someone at …

adrian flores

This place is very clean. I say you should buy the Mezz tickets. It's very affordable.

Kolton Cox

This place could be cleaner but overall it is a nice place to watch a movie.

Ru Das

My first time in San Antonio, and I'm a big movie guy. So my friends that Im visiting here say let's go here. So we go. And GOOD GOD. Ok first off, the place is HUGE! (I know it's Texas lol). Second, it's multi level with a huge bar and …

Brandon Garcia

Always enjoy watching movies here. Since moving, I now go to the one in cibolo. Both theathers are great.

Kaila Jimenez

This is the perfect place for either a date night or family outing. They have a little restaurant with some pretty good food as well as regular concession stands and also adult drinks, which helps when you're watching a 2.5 hour movie with …

Reginald Aslett

This is our favorite theater. We especially enjoy the VIP seating. Seating is very comfortable.

Angélica M. Padrón

Nice, clean place with super comfortable reclinable chairs that make you feel like you are in your living room. Minus one star because each adult ticket cost us about $15! Ouch.


My friend and I had an unfortunate incident with a rude customer who caused myself and my friend great stress. The security team was wonderful and took care of the situation quickly and professionally. They were very kind and considerate, …

Gwen Ulmer

The adult theaters are definetly worth the few extra dollars! The waitstaff serves adult beverages and surprisingly good food.

Seth Quillen

Love the layout of this Santikos. It's our closest IMAX and has a wonderful screen and sound. Staff is very friendly and they have those awesome coke machines that let's you choose your flavors that are fantastic. Santikos also has a great rewards program if interested. As always, I love going to Santikos because they give back to the community do I highly recommend this theater.

Enoc Salazar-Ruiz

Went to see a movie and got “VIP” seating, that gives complimentary popcorn to munch on while you are waiting for your order, I was a bit confused because I thought someone was going to come to us during the movie trailers to come get our …

Jason Fox

Always my go to first theatre!! Upgrades over the last couple years are noticeable, and great location to walk to other establishments from for an extended evening out. I do miss the live music outside on the patio tho. It was very nice to just sit and listen to some good music and watch a movie, then come back out and listen to some more music have a few drinks and chill outside as the summer temperatures dropped. I'm sure it didn't bring in a positive revenue, but was a nice touch.

LeeAnn T

This is a good theater, my family and I like it because we can watch a movie and we won't hear the movie next to us. We usually like the seats. However, the Imax has terrible seats considering it's $16 tickets. They aren't reclining and they are rather stiff. The beverage station is usually packed with people and there isn't an usher inside to direct the flow of traffic. It's also very dirty in the beverage area. Those would be my only complains. Side from that, there are some really good theaters in the palladium, with recliners and such. It's overall pretty clean. We continue to use it for the reasons. I mean the prices are pretty decent for a theater too.

Rosanne Atkinson

It's big and clean. The reason for a 4 star and 5 star is there was only on person at the ticket counter, but plenty of workers around. So sad takes only a minute to get lines gone. I realize there are things to get done but customers seem to be way down the list these days. It's easier to stay home with home comforts and no lines.

G. A.

Straight to the point. This theater is very nice. Perfect for a date. Selection of food, drinks (including full bar), and they serve you at your seat as well, if you wish. Seats recline, and you have a more "personal" space for you and a …

Sandy Riddles

Very nice and clean . Comfortable recliners. Movies not listed at the door. Had to park and go in to see watch was showing. Overall very good.

Eme Judith

It was an elegant looking theater where my family and I were treated great. Pricing was a bit high but it is expected from such establishments. The price and look overall was decent. Only downfall were the nachos, it's the same small …

Alex Herrera

Palladium is a great place to catch a good flick. We SPECIFICALLY visit this location because of Brittany the bar tender upstairs for the VIP. Her customer service is fantastic and her ability to go above and beyond for her customers is exactly what Santikos needs as an employee. She deliveries perfect attitude as well as courteous and genuine service. My wife and I live literally 5 minutes away from Casa Blanca, ( 1604 and Culebra) and every time we choose Palladium because of her. I recommend this loacrion if you are on a date night and have the $ to splurge on the mezz. Arrive 15 before and go upstairs to meet Brittany, she'll definitely great you with warm welcomes and superior customer service.

Ivan Y

An o.k. theater. The IMAX theatres have regular seats, no leather reclining seats. For the price you pay to see a movie on IMAX, leather seats should be included. Also the floor in theatre 5 needs a serious upgrade or paint job. The whole floor is peeling.

Gulmaro Salinas

The seats here are amazing and love how you have free refills would recommend this theater

Kevin Wells

5/5 highly reccomend going here. In my opinion probrably the best theatre I've been to.

Norma Tuma

My husband an. I are 59 years old and I am 56 I forgot my wallet and they wouldn’t sell us a bottle of wine for my husband it would make sense if I were under age but it’s ridiculous when you have a date where we come often and they treat you like a liar look at you and say it’s corporate policy to not sell you liquor when they can very well see you are old it’s offensive I feel and I really don’t care to drink last time we came I asked for ice water and all they gave us was the wine I was upset I asked three times finally got mad an left the kiosk

brad gustin

We were Very disappointed with the seats in the IMAX theater (#5). Not only were they narrow but they were hard. As we sit in the front of ground floor (behind handicapped seatting) they are not adjustable, not reclining and too low to see the bottom of the screen over the seats in front of them.

Rebecca Tey

Pricier than I'm used to paying, but we'll worth it. Had a great time. Seats were comfortable and pizza was good.

David Chapman

Highly enjoyed going to movies here while traveling for work. They seem to keep the place very clean and the theater is very easy to access and order tickets from. What else could you ask for?

Michael Bocanegra

My only place to watch a movie. This family is all about helping others. May this legacy left by the family continue when I'm no longer around. Clean, friendly staff! I need more candy selections. More chocolate.

Rob Gtz

The first big theater experience in San Antonio from what I can remember. Nice clean location. However the imax avx premier theater which cost more over the standard showings needs the seats updated. Small and uncomfortable, one of our purchased seats was broken.

Brian Young

Nice theatre. Nice recliner sezts in the general movie rooms. The VIP room has lounge type seating. A little more intimate and adults only. Would have given 5 stats but price a little steeper here. Also sometimes you are forced to VIP room because that's the only pkace movie showing. VIP cost even more and there is even wait staff to get drinks/snacks., but there is also a line on receipt to give a tip. For 2 oepple in VIP about $32. So a decent dinner and movie will set one back $75 plus. Not a weekly outing for some. Plus, ununless a really big blockbuster movie, the movie wll be in Red Box in 2.5 months, pay per view in 6 months, and on a movie chamnel like Showtime, HBO, or Cinnemax. In about 9 months. But. movie theaters stil dtaw crowds.

Robert Koch

We came to see a movie here a few months ago but there was an issue with the sound system. We were given some movie passes to come back at a later date. Unfortunately, even though there was no expiration date on the movie passes, The Palladium staff informed us that they were no longer valid when we came to see another movie. This happens and I'm not worried about that too much. However the way we were addressed and informed that our passes were no longer valid upset me. As if us showing up with them was an insult. Edit: It's been well over a week since I've called the number given in the comment below and I've yet to hear back from anyone.

Elizabeth Carroll-Stivers

Watched IT, was awesome! Food was good also. Seats are comfy.

Tracy Atkinson

Love this theater. Always clean and the recliners are comfortable. Finally got to stop and see Avengers Endgame.

jann dionne

Its rather pricey but if you want to splurge its definitely worth it. I love when I can bring my girls here for dinner and a movie. And booze when we come for date nights! Swiss mushroom burger is my favorite.

martina cortinas

Staff was Great, service was excellent. Overall experience 5 Stars!!


The food was not so great . The nachos tasted 2 days old . If u order pizza have them make it fresh. IMAX #5 was dirty. Stuff all over the floor . I thought they cleaned after each viewing. Also its a little to loud if you kids . I wouldn't suggest IMAX


Paid almost $40 for 2 IMAX tickets. Get in the theater and the seats are horrible. Old wobbly stadium style seats with no recliner. Theater also smelled of meldew. Every time I order food it taste burnt, extremely salty, over cooked and or …

Chris La Rosch

The tickets are a little bit on the pricey side but it’s always very clean and comfortable which definitely makes up for it, and when the band is playing on the upstairs balcony it makes for a really nice experience, all in all it’s a great place for movies

Fernando Covarrubia

Great place for a movie! Great, comfortable seating & service! As with all theaters, food & drinks pricey!

Fatima_Tuz Zohora

The Dolby atmos sound system in Santikos gives you the best movie experience and the seats are so comfortable! The gaming corner is also a lot of fun!

Tonya Ziegler

Food was not appealing. 2 of the chicken sandwiches dinners were overcooked (chard). I had turkey, dressing and mashed potatoes. Dressing was dry and had way too much sage. Turkey was dry even with gravy... atleast the potatoes were tolerable. Will not be returning

Thomas Weaver

The movie theater itself is very impressive. I will say these things. For the amount of money you pay for beer, it really could be colder. Santikos, you can work on this. Also, when sitting in an upper-level seat, it's a good deal warmer than down below. If you have a more warm constitution, keep that in mind when you get your seat

rosemary porras

Great customer service. One of my favorite Santikos . I Recently took some co workers to watch a movie, they live out of the SA. And they loved it. Movie nights here is always great. Good food and drinks. Sitting is great.

Lauren Camp

I love this place. Granted it can get packed but this place is huge! The theatres are always clean for the most part, they never have sticky floors which I think can be a big deal sometimes. The prices are kinda outrageous but the snacks are good and I keep coming back.

Michael Messina

For the prices, I would expect a much cleaner facility. Fruit flies surrounding the drink dispensers, the family restroom was disgusting, and the IMAX theater had filthy floors, in fact, just about every piece of floor in the entire building that wasn't carpeted was sticky. The photo attached is just an example. One thing positive that I can say about my experience was the friendliness of the staff. Destiny was very helpful at the refreshment counter.

Lizette Urrabazo

Love this movie theater! Will recommend this theatre to any family and friends. The manager Roger has been helpful in multiple occasions.

Khaled Matar

Nice large IMAX screen. The place is clean. However, the seats are bit smaller. If it is more important for you to have adjustable seats then go for the DXB screens, but if you prefer larger screens then go for IMAX.

J. Lang

Santikos is really nice and they are remodeling as of this writing. The staff is friendly and approachable. If you bought a pre-show ticket and something came up, they will give you a rain check for later use. This place I know well. There is a cocktail bar and refreshment area, a little overpriced, but the food is good depending on the cooking staff for the day. It's clean and your concerns are wuickly resolved.

Noel Thames

Clean theater. Good picture and sound. Very comfortable reclining chairs. The only thing I don't like are the Coke machines that dispense all of the soda flavors because it messes with the flavor of regular Coca Cola. Even after flushing it with water. Small complaint in an otherwise great experience and believe me, it is a small complaint at best.

Jacqueline Ramirez

I have to say that this is my favorite theatre in the area and I drive a ways from my home even though there are 2 other theaters much closer to me. My last experience at the theatre was VERY disappointing. I purchased tickets for the movie with selected seating online as I always do. We always select aisle seats as we plan on at least 2 bathroom breaks during the movie with a 4 year old. We arrived at theatre early to get settled in. The movie was just starting when a woman came up to us and said we were sitting in her seats. I pulled out my confirmation and showed her our seats, showtime, and auditorium number. She proceeded to go to customer service and came back with a manager who also reviewed my confirmation. He went to further investigate the situation and came back to inform me that he did not know how it happened but the system had accidentally issued me a confirmation with incorrect seats. He told me my correct seats were a few rows back in the center of the row. I informed him that these were the seats that I had selected and I would never select seats in the center due to having a small child who needs to get up a few times during the movie for a bathroom break. He expected us to move and I informed him we would not as this was not an error on our part, but rather a computer glitch or error. The other party had already found seats on the same row that were available. People, don’t trust that your seats are accurate when you purchase online. We were embarrassed by the manager who wanted us to move but I stood my ground and refused as the situation was in no way our fault.

Joseph Kelnhofer

Reasonable prices and such amazing service. Highly recommend this theater.

Ryan Wencl

Huge theater. Lots of screens. Excellent comfy reclining leather seats. Good food choices. I don't go out to see movies often but I do prefer to go here to see movies. They have a bar and arcade so there is plenty to offer for everyone.

Michael Briggs

This is a great theater. Even in the smaller theater seeing a movie on its last days before being sent to dollar movies was very nice. Every seat is a comfy recliner and very clean as well. I'll definitely come see another movie here!

Amanda aka HAZEL Slavin

Service is good the movie was great plus you get free drinks during and you get to refill your popcorn it's a nice experience

Antonio Pesina Jr

Great, wow it has been a while since I have been to this theater.

Miranda Combs

Had a private event at Santikos Palladium and everything was set up so nicely. I was surprised. The staff were all fabulous. I will definitely plan another event with Forester's Financial here!

Gracey Gowler

We love the palladium. The place is always clean and the food is good. I love the assigned seats and the recliners. The a/v is great too.

Carson S Miller

The Palladium has recently been remodeled and has regained the title of best movie theater experience in San Antonio. The theaters now feature recliners - which means the movie better be pretty good or you are going to have an expensive nap. The Mezzanine is the 18+ upstairs bar/lounge. Nice to be able to get away from little ones. Select screens have reserved seating for couples with drink and food service (and complimentary popcorn!) Definitely an upscale movie experience.

Maryjane Campos

Nice clean place to watch movies drink and be merry! Love the seats very comfortable.Relaxing .

Millennia Stevens

A nice place to watch movies, however when I walked into one of the theater rooms, there was some popcorn on the floor from a previous showing. It slightly bothered me, but I know that the employees only have so much time to clean up the room in between showings, and have to deal with people that somehow become entirely disabled and can't walk a few feet to throw away drinks and foods. I still recommend this theater to friends, and family.

Joe H Saucedo

The Palladium theatre with the reclining seats is awesome. A beautiful venue.

Lauren Snyder

I like the VIP seating since you get free popcorn delivered to you and they can refill your drinks plus is more secluded seating. However, the drink area smells like a truck stop bathroom for some reason.

John Colorado

So much better than mayan..OMG nite and Day different

Ivan Rivera

Great movie theatre. The seats in most rooms are great. The staff however does need some training on people handling, speed and efficiency. The bar lady is always awesome. Wish I could remember her name.

Dee McKinney

IMAX tickets were $15 a pop even for kids mid day. Other than that the big screens are great

Makayy_ love

Always a nice theatre .i usually just go to the watch the movie . haven’t played games or ate food but it always looks good

jesse flores

Great ambiance, clean theaters, fresh popcorn. What else can you ask for!


I’m from the PNW and have NEVER seen a movie theatre of this nature. It’s sooo extra (cool). The chairs are comfy, the food is yummy, and the place is clean. It has great lounge areas and bars for those 21+. Definitely will be returning.


Very pricey drinks and food (which is mediocre at best) but great atmosphere.

Justin Rodriguez

Cannot complain staff was very nice and theater was very clean. Can't ask much more it off a movie going experience than that. I will commend the ticket clerk for adamantly bringing up discounts, military, because I totally forgot it was even offered. Very much appreciated and I definitely recommend this theater.

John Rono

The theater is HUGE. Other than that there's really nothing much different. The seats are comfortable and you get a nice table for yourself. They also have a bar and good food.

Ashleigh Fluharty

This is my family’s go to theater. They are always so clean inside and around the theater. In all the times we have gone, both early morning, afternoon and evening they have a great way of handling the crowds and getting the tickets out in a timely manner. They have great service from the ticket booth to the concession stand. We love the fact you can get unlimited icee refills and I believe popcorn refills. They have very clean and nice theater. The seats recline and the chairs are so comfortable and large to sit in. They all have built in tables for your drinks and food. We know they have an upstairs viewing area to drink and lounge before and after the movie, but you have to be 18 and older to go up there and 21 and older to drink there. This is always the first place we go to when a new movie comes out.

Isaac Quintanilla

I'm always happy with this theater. Everything is clean, organized and seating is roomy, comfortable and power reclines. So nice!


Horrible speakers had rattling everytime there was a action scene. They need to fix this issues. Second movie and theatre I've had this issue with. (Update5/8) Contacted the palladium and was given quite the run around with 5 different transfers. I was told I would be given to a manager but ended up just with a employee to take a note and no apologies we're given for the poor movie experience but they did say they would look into it. So I will be going back next week to see if they actually resolve there issues or just say they will.

Noe Deras

It just to be the best place to go see a movie. This last visit the service was not up to par and they only had 1 bartender for the entire public. It took me 15 minutes to get a drink.

Topeka Charlton

Brian Banks was a great movie and my reclining seats and dinner made it that much better!!

Jaqui Longacre

My family and I had a great time. We enjoyed the movie, service, food and drinks. I really live this theater. I love the way it looks and the energy of the staff. Always a great visit when I attend this Santikos Theatre.

Jedsan G

I visited the Palladium recently for the first time and I really enjoyed it! I went during low traffic and early around 12pm and the seats are very comfortable, very spacious, and lots of movie options! Definitely would recommend the trip!


I enjoy the theater experience there. The place is kept clean and the staff is courteous. Also, I enjoyed the new Lion King, it felt real and the camera shots were awesome.

Scott Spicer

This is the standard for all new movie theaters. It feels like a special treat when you go to the movies here.


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