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REVIEWS OF Rio 7 Cinemas IN Texas

Kim Keller

I wish their seats were more comfortable!

Vira Garcia

As good as can be expected for a small town theater.

Javier Vargas

This place feels like out of a bygone era, and not in a cozy, nostalgic way. It needs serious renovation and their selection of films each week is very predictable, they hardly ever exhibit movies that aren't huge blockbusters. There really should be another movie theater in town to rival this one. It wouldn't be a difficult task to compete for business if you ask me.

Noe Diaz

Management is terrible, and the seating is old and smelly. I gave it two stars for its decent prices.

Thomas Carmona

Prices stay cheap for tickets and snacks! You cant hate on that! Besides the poor kept chairs to sit on, the place is great!

skot mitch

Ticket prices are good, snacks are little high. Seats on small side. Needs a little TLC between shows.

Amber Albright

They need more comfortable seats

Joshua French

Best movie theater

Priscilla Guerra

The staff is always friendly and helpful, the movies are always current, and the prices are the most affordable in the area. However, the theaters themselves are seriously outdated with stained (sometimes smelly) seats and sticky floors. I'd imagine if they made upgrades, you couldn't see a matinee with snacks for 2 for under $20 like you can now:)

John Derrick

My wife and i wanted to take in a movie...sooo...Rio 7 Cinemas was on our "try" list...and no regrets! The lobby, theatres and rest rooms are clean and well managed. The prices for movies, popcorn and soda will go easy on your wallet too...try them!!!

Ryan Collins

Great theater reasonably priced

Sandra Jefferson

Sometimes they bring in new movies bi-weekly which is fine and then at times they will keep the same movies for months at a time.

constantino DeLeon

Could use more comfortable seats

Albert Garcia

Great night at the movies, I got there a few mins early (which is big for me, lol). I by-passed the ticket counter which saved me a few minutes. I walked in and found a concession line with one person in front of me (Whaaattttt?). I ordered my goodies and ticket and made my way to theatere 1. My Hotdog was hot and bun was fresh (kinda hit and miss at times), my popcorn had the right amount of butter and my drink was cold. I found a good seat and no one sat in front of me...I loved the movie. Cant wait till the next show!!

Senthil Selvan

Went for avengers infinity war. Disappointed by the sound quality

Rey Munoz

Seats really need to be replaced I can feel the hard frame on the seat,no more cushion on seats. Other than that it's ok.

Victor Dimas

It was ok. Seats are old and it's aways hot. But hey it's all we got. Lol

Margarito Saenz

Good snacks...seats need upgrades..

Jeremy Coleman

It was a great experience and the movie was awesome very friendly people and great service I would like to give thanks to the movie people and the movie was awesome I seen Hobbs and Shaw lots of action better than the other ones it is a must-see movie :-)

whodini mcgee

review of multiple screens and multiple times ! BUGS ! that bite you live in the seats and equally unforgivable, but easily fixed... screens aren't aligned correctly the movie is projected on the back o, the front few rows

Yoset Mijares

Very clean better than the one in alice tx... I'll give it a 5

Major Lui

A little old, needs some repairs, such as a piece of the ceiling in one of the theater rooms is are broken and the insulation is exposed but it hasn't caused any harm, other than that, all is good.

rene estrada

This theater needs a major make over. Seats are all torn, floor needs to be cleaned, screens and audio need to be updated. They need to stop re-using popcorn from the day before.

Prathap Uday Shetty

Bad seats. Sound quality nt so great. Cheap tickets on weekdays

April Ryan

Very nice. Reasonable prices.

Roger Garcia

Outstanding service

Josie Rodriguez

Chairs need to be upgraded my butt hurt after show

Rey Garcia

The place never disappoints.

Linda Arredondo

Loved it.

Maria Ramirez

Very delapitated condition theater in desperate need of upgrades

Roy Williams

Pet Sematary was awesome

Andrew Villarreal

Needs new chairs,a paint job, and new carpet

Cindy C

Now it's Time for an Upgrade in the movie rooms now. Front area when going in is a lot better. Then it would be worth the charge.

Luis Gonzalez

For hair in my popcorn

Martha Delagarza

I work there

Argelia Tipton

Good movies, good prices, good service, terrible seats, they are old and broken. We go anyway and have a great time.

Guadalupe Rodriguez

Prices are ok. Popcorn is good. Seats need updating, they are small and not much elbow room.

Gokulnadh Naduvilakandy

Ya we do have a movie theater in kingsville, Just ok, try dollar cinema corpus, better and cheap.

Esteban Elizondo

nice place

Feesh Nuggits

The projector in theater 1 was apparently down today and "just got fixed" before our showing of Deadpool 2. The screen was pulled and looked like it was acted my the Umpa Loompas from Willy Wonka. The workers behind the counter had absolutely no F's to give. With no other options for new movies in Kingsville, I guess we just have to take it, prison style.

Richard Butler

Gotten better over the years

Zachary Kawamura

Although the seats and theater are not in the best condition, it's still a great place to watch movies and enjoy snacks.

Juan Trejo

Good surround sound.

April Deleon

The seats are very filthy and very unconforatable.

Lupe Olivarez

It's ok kinda small but nice..some cell phone service is knocked out while in there..

Elizabeth Garza

Went to see captain marvel!! Loved the movie and the popcorn and slush I had hit the spot!! Love that they use coconut oil in the popcorn so if you dont want butter you are not getting any butter and the popcorn still tastes good!!!

Shawnda Kumro

Really inexpensive, but desperately in need of remodeling & an update.

Charles Bazan

Great theater

Pablo Baltazar

The seats always smell weird and there is no auditorium sitting. However, tickets are very cheap and the screen is decent.

Melissa Smith

Facility is old fashioned, and falling apart. Ceilings in certain areas in caving in from water damage. Seat's need to be repadded, and scrapped of old food, and gum.

Daniel Sanchez

Reasonable prices on everything, but has very old seats and broken seats. Needs renovation

April Winter

We love Rio 7 Cinemas...great prices but does need a remodel for the seats

christian trejo

In need of a renovation, but it still provides the common needs of a movie theater. To bad this is the only one in town

Julie Tune

Food and ticket prices are great, but seats are small and uncomfortable. Updates need to be done and soon to show customers that the theatre is listening to their clientel. Also need to do a bit more advertising to bring more people.

Debra Redd

I enjoyed the matinee prices and the movie, I wasn't so happy with my seat it was needing some padding

Aaron Ledezma

Not the best movie theater, seats are uncomfortable but it was cheaper than most movie theaters

Daft Jock

What a prize! Great local asset. Not all the amenities of big city theaters, but much less expensive. Most major movies show here. BUT PLEASE SHOW MORE CHRISTIAN MOVIES.

Sarge Bang Bang

Cheap prices. The theaters isn't the nicest. However not many people go so it is easier to get in the theater and relax. The chairs aren't that comfy. POPCORN IS THE BEST.

Maggie Vela

This theater needs to be reported for health reasons. It smells and the whole theater needs a makeover. Seats are horrible, ceiling needs some replacement. This was years ago and probably in worse shape now. I rather travel out of town to see a movie.

big dilema

It was awsome

Juan Guzman

Great movie, popcorn and drink combo is a good buy.

Adriana Kawamura

The only local cinema. Prices are good, concessions good, and clean. In case you don't know, you can purchase tickets at the concession. Usually the actual box office is closed, so your only choice is to purchase at the concession. Heads up, when you enter a theater, look up at the ceiling to make sure there is nothing hanging where you want to sit.

Rich Johns

If you plan to select a movie with a run-time longer than 1h:36m, Please bring your own seat pad as the seating is terrible. No worse than terrible... Disgusting, uncomfortable, embarrassing, unbearable. There is one area in which the theater's seating benefits . The low ambient lighting denies customers the ability to see any rips and tears which expose the internal sweat stained pads. REALLY NEED TO INVEST IN NEW SEATS! Picture quality matches Kingsville's cable service standard. Sound is great... Even if its not the movie your watching. Pricing/lobby - Best part of the experience. Enjoy the line because when you sit down.... you will dream of standing.

Christopher Dean

It's old. You can't really compare it to anywhere else, but you won't find a cheaper theater anywhere.

Pritesh Patel


Valentine Lara

Seats and interior...carpet, bathrooms, walls need to be refurbished

Josie De La Rosa

Wish we got more movies But they are great

Roy Hughes

A nice clean but small theater

Karina Reyna

The seats are pretty small and it does get quite hot when the cinema is full, but otherwise an enjoyable experience.

Sarah Rios

Customer service was on point, but this old cinema (if God wills) needs a good remodeling! Them chairs have holes :-( uncomfortable..... Kind of sad to see it go downhill like this.

Necro Kittie

If you are cheap and don't mind that they only spot cleaned the seats since they opened the theater in the 90s, then it is an ok place to go. I only go a week or 2 after a movie i want to watch comes out (usually marvel movies) because then i can be sure to pick one of the safer seats to sit in and only share the theater with a dozen other brave folks. Opening night is packed with kingsville's rudest people. They show up with screaming toddlers and an unwillingness to remove them no matter how much they talk during a movie. it's just not worth it. I remember back in the 90s when the opened, it didn't take long to become gross. the same infant vomit i remember back then is still on the wall today. the seats became comfortable around year 3, they increase in discomfort every time i go. my butt falls asleep if i don't change positions every 10 minutes.. i can hear other people doing the same around me. the food isn't a bad price but the popcorn might be stale because they made too much and they are going to sell all of it before a new batch is made. it is true there is insulation hanging out of the roof where they had a roof leak.. i don't think that is 100% the theater's fault, they don't own the outlet mall. The roof is leaking water all over the mall, not just the theater. I know you guys are freaked out by the roaches but the rest of the mall has rats which crawl around in the roof rafters, I've seen them. i'm pretty sure the rat have access to the theater as well. they are probably eating the fallen popcorn the clean up buy misses when he cleans after everyone leaves.

Scott f

Good place to watch a movie

Urbano Garcia

I really enjoy the convenience of the location. The biggest problem there is the seats really need to be replaced. Several broken seats and they are really dirty.

Anthony Ostwald

Nice place

Roberto Hernandez

Seats are uncomfortable! Which makes it hard to enjoy the movie.

John Sheets

They do alright for a mid-size city theatre. The concessions and tickets affordable. The screens and seating are acceptable.

John Greene

The place isn't bad for a small town but it is always dirty and half the seats are messed up. It would be nice if the owners actually with the care and maintenance of the place.

John Celestino

Not enough butter or salt on popcorn seats are out dated and uncomfortable

Richard Hartman

Needs renovation needs new seats everything else is fine

Jody Rosenbaum

Great movies, they don't use the ticket window. So sometimes even arriving you can't get to your movie on time. They don't have enough staff.

Margaret Bell

I went to see san andreas not the inside of the theater. I was very comfortable and enjoyed my self.

Monica Martinez

Nice place to watch movies!! It was clean and comfortable; and the staff was pleasant. Snack bar was nice too!!

Josh Vela

It's nothing big but it's a nice little movie theater for where it's located.

D.J. Flores

Serves it's purpose. If seats were redone, this would be a totally different experience. Prices are the best in area as far as tickets go. Like every theatre, the concession stand is over priced. Would love more food options, but smaller theatre obviously won't have the choices of a larger venue.

Anthony Johnson

Love it

kourtney mcgilbra

Affordable prices and the popcorn is the best I've had at any theater. The staff is always nice. They even helped my friend find her debit card after closing hours. The seats need upgrading & the selection is limited to box office hits, but it's still worth my money.

Albert Vela

Very clean great food and they have galaga

Rocky Sycamore

Small establishment , pricey snacks and drinks

Alonso Hinojosa

Needs to be updated. Broken and dirty seats

A Garza

It is the only theatre in town. Period. All the locals I know Agree it’s the worst. Rather go to Calallen or Corpus Christi. But if you have no problem with the following or have been stranded in town, feel free to stop by this little dump. -cockroaches -stale food (Yes they save it for the next day. We all know. It’s a town secret. Sometimes they’ll make it fresh to throw you off) -broken seats -torn up seats -seats missing most or all their filling -Fleas on some chairs (various cases as discussed with others in town) -broken ceiling tiles -insulation seen falling down/ hanging from the ceilings -smoke/mildew smells from theatre -glitchy speakers They could at least turn down the lights during the trailers. You can’t see the screen! Don’t mind watching R rated films with a group of primary kids sitting a few rows down? No worries. This place has no morals either! Small town, and ethics out the window. We all know someone’s getting paid to turn a cheek when it’s time for an inspection. But hey, the prices are great!

Francisca Ramos

Dollar cinema in Corpus might be cheaper but their concession stand is very expensive. I'd drive to Kingsville anytime.

Cristy Escalante

They need new seats.

Hipolito Garza, Jr.

Great enviornment! Friendly workers!

Alan Rodriguez

The whole movie theater needs to be remodeled it looks very old and out of condition. But the movies are ok.

Melanie Raines

There is no sign outside saying this is even a movie theater. Went to box office to buy tickets and noone was in there. No signs directing how to buy tickets so had to go ask ticket takers. You had to stand in the long slow concession line to buy tickets. When we were finally to the counter...10 minutes in to the movie start time there was a baby cockroach crawling across the counter. :( Only plus is the price...


It's your only option that doesn't involve driving an hour somewhere else. Small uncomfortable seats. Poor facilities. Small screens. Does at least have 3d movies but it's kinda low quality no mater what.

Brittney Sanchez

Kingsville needs a upgrade to their movies.... and the service can be better.


This place is great 10/10 if you live in kingsville

Marco Lugo

This place is a CHEAP and perfect alternative than going to Corpus for a movie.

Maria Buentello

Always have the newest movies possible

ezequiel garcia

Good ambiance and very good prices for tickets and food


Seats are small restroom smell funky and they don't have a big selection of snacks

Ryan Rocha

Good enough to watch a movie and a cheap ticket price.

Tx Bomber

Good place need abit fix

David Salazar

Old theater... hasn't changed in decades.... its kept clean and staffed well...

philip chavez

Seats are not comfortable it tight fit shoulder to shoulder experience and it may not be business fault but its annoying when people kick or push your seats from back throughout the movie

Gerardo Trevino

For being a small town theater it is decent quality. Does not have features of a big city one, but still gets the job done. Good service and fresh popcorn.

Joseph Todd Jr

Great movies at great prices! Even the concession stand is very reasonable!

Jaime Rodriguez

You get what you pay for. Tickets and snacks are cheap but that's about the only good thing. Theater is in need of a major upgrade. Seats have probably not been replaced or cleaned for that matter since the theater opened many years ago.

Josephine Gonzalez

Took the kids to watch Peter Rabbit and the Room 6 smelled like cigarettes. The smell was bad. Other than that the movie was cute for the kids.

Deborah Washington

Inexpensive tickets. Never a crowd. Hope they stay in business! Rather uncomfortable seats.

Angel Rodriguez

It's inexpensive and reasonably priced but they need to get better seats...

Robert Davis

Tickets and food are affordable, good place to take a family. Picture and sound quality are alot better than what they use to be. I will say the inside needs a good renovation and newer better seats is a must. Plus, Wednesday is College night, students get $2 off with their student ID.

salvador garcia

Just sitting is to low for tall people

Chuckle Berry

If you only is the movie, then you're good

LeeAnn Campos

Seats are terrible! Very uncomfortable.

Gary Eulenfeld

A nice place to catch a movie. Great concession stand food too!

Jade Newhouse

I wish I could leave a zero star review. Let me start by saying that when we bought tickets the popcorn that was under the counter looked DISGUSTING-I don’t know if they even clean that thing out. We found #4 a little early to pick “good seats” and ended up just searching the place for any that weren’t torn, lumpy, sticky, or too badly stained. After contemplating just leaving and asking for a refund we realized that there were wires sticking out of the walls (capped thank god) and a large piece of insulation just hanging from the roof. We stick it out and once the lights were out it wasn’t too terrible-minus the fact that the theatre smells badly of old cigarettes and we may need shots after sitting there for almost 2 hours.

Ashley Orme

Value for money was really good, food and drinks both served here to a good standard, some of the seating wasn't the greatest but it was still good enough to enjoy a movie in. Overall a pleasant visit as always but just a few minor points where it could be improved.

Jacob Caughman

Only ever got good serbice, and have never had to deal with a screaming child for long in a movie here. The place may need renovated, but if you want to see a newer movie without sharing air with others, go here. Also the got Mr pibb

Rolando A Padilla

It's a great and friendly theater to bring the entire family or friends and enjoy the friendliness. The staff or polite and ready to serve the people. Quite often I fall asleep to the joyful sound on the screen. Still in all the wife and I keep coming back.

Larry Lee

Staff was pleasant, 12 Strong was very good but there was a slightly unpleasant smell in cinema #7. Overall a good time.

Michael Kirmaier

The matinee showing of Venom was less than $5 which was a pleasant surprise. The seats felt their age, but sound and sharpness of the video was great.

Michael Wolfe

The theater is old and cheap but that doesn't mean that you can't clean and maintenance. Since this is the only theater in town it is safe to say that if they were to clean up their act revenue would probably increase.

Mario Garcia

Cheap prices , good movies

Mike Gonzalez

Great prices, but like the building it's located, could use some TLC. Seats and lobby could use replacing

Cynthia Oropeza

Good place...reasonable prices

Cynthia Salinas

Saw Aladdin in 3D with my's a good movie..

Iris Gonzalez

Checked out the cinema in Kingsville watched "Little " bought big popcorn and drinks tickets are $4 bucks a piece pretty good price

Norma Gonzalez

Good prices


This place is outdated and has gone downhill big time the seats are uncomfortable and nasty sometime the sound quality is so bad you can barely hear the movies and another time I've gone there was coke splattered all over the screen only been here a handful of times because Id rather drive to Corpus to see a movie in a decent theater

Angelina Ramirez

It was not good many broken hairs and the carpet is old and dirty , real dirty....but the wrkers r great

Jolea West

Good place to go watch movies. Not too packed. Enjoyable.

Donald English

Shows great first run current movies, inexpensive, great staff. Digital and 3D. Theater itself is run down and worn out... mostly empty except for opening weekends for popular movies. Locals can be pretty inconsiderate of other patrons during movies.

Lenny Gonzalez

The audio is bad. The nachos don't even fit in the new smaller tray. The 2 starts are cause the employees are great


One of the most disgusting movie theaters you can ever be too. Seats all torn and dirty, which I dont think they ever clean. The roof all torn up and outdated carpeting.

Jessica Evans

Cute little theater though the seating could be better!

Manuel Campos

It needs to be graded espically the seats. The cushions are worn and might as well be sitting on the metal

Sai Srinivas

I had a gud experience in the theatre...

commander Wolffe


Christen Munoz

I've had good and bad experiences here. The tickets are cheap, the theatre is old. There are deals on popcorn and drinks (which are good ) but I've been served stale popcorn before too... so it is what it is.

Mercedes Cavazos

It's ok, really cheap prices but I got really sick eating the popcorn. :/

Cathy R

Very affordable ticket & snack prices, friendly staff & clean.

Sonia Baker

Movies are excellent but the theater is old and needs renovated.

Samuel Riojas

The seats are very uncomfortable

Adrian Garza

The prices are ok but the seats are terrible. If the movies are longer than 90 minutes I'm heading out of town.

Leticia Cadena

It's an amazing place to just relax and eat popcorn and other goodies!


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