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REVIEWS OF Galaxy Drive-In Movie Theatre IN Texas

Shamonn Wise

Enjoyed the theatre with my family for the first time. Had a difficult time tuning into the station and the movie started 30 minutes later than the time told. But the cheap prices, friendly workers and movie quality made up for. Can't wait to visit again!

carlos montoya

I love going to the drive in. If you've never been,Just bring a good Bluetooth speaker or make sure to keep your car battery charged. The stars in the sky are an added bonus!:)

Leonel Figueroa

Screens a little dark, but the audio was excellent. Especially since it's being broadcast on to your personal car radio. So nice to not see the glow of cell phones while you try to enjoy your movie.

Victor Martines

Great place to go see the newest movies with the family or with a date


Great experience, friendly staff, clean bathrooms. Good family fun. Star gazing a plus. Check it out !

Amy Leon

I love the way movies come You can watch a movie under the stars Its amazing

Ryan Simmons

Great place to watch a movie very fun

luis amaya

Is the perfect weather get out here and enjoy the night

Rachel Perez

It's cheap, it's fun, and it's just like in the good ol' days (I assume). The only thing I would change is that I wish they still had the radios on the poles so I wouldn't have to use my car stereo. Or perhaps they could make an app so I could use my phone!

Kimberly White

Except popcorn machime broke amd really wanted popcorn

davita posey

I love going to an Drive in nothing like being in ur on space

Adam Donheiser

Has quickly become one of my favorite places to see movies. Try to go whenever the double feature is something good. Love the atmosphere and aesthetic of this place so much.

Elissa Hill

Nice with husband birthday tomorrow an daughter an son in law beautiful time

N Haydon

Great spot for family, friends or a date. Got a good spot up front and loved the show. Only thing I would change is the ladies bathroom was really gross. It needs to be tended through the night but its really the customers fault for leaving it so nasty. Like FLUSH girls!

Ella McAdams

Just a great place to watch a movie and good food from the snack bar.

Jimmy Maravilla

Good experience! Best to be there 30 min before sundown

Matt Barton

We arrived just before the first movie started, still got a good spot. The screens are very good quality. The only let down is the concession building, really small and had a long slow line out the door. We missed the first 10 minutes of the 2nd movie due to the long line. Food is pretty terrible... Disgusting hotdog. No free refill (good price on drinks tho). It's in dire need of a refurbishment. But like I said at the start, the screens are great and crystal clear. Only $7 per adult

Brian T

Best drive-in movie theater in Dallas area. I wouldn't recommend it if you are doing it solo. This is a take your family even, especially if you have kids under 5. Food here is great, the prices are pretty decent (this place basically runs off the concession stand, so don't be cheap and sneak in food). The area is pretty huge, with 7 screens. I would arrive about 7-7:15, gives you time to go grab food before it gets packed (because it gets crazy, wait time are usually 30-45mins). If you arrive early you'll be in line for maybe 5 mins. Then you can have the kiddos run around while you set up. Can't beat the ambiance of a drive in. Especially this location!

Brittany Humphrey

I was so excited when I found a drive in on my vacation and it had 7 screens to boot! How awesome is it l that! Service wad awesome and we had a wonderful time! Back to my home one screen home outdoor theater

Ga Ro

Fun and didn't have any problems, the line for food can get long.

Carlos Tamez

Nice and private except when people don't turn off their lights

You Glow Girl!

I love that it is very reasonable for the family budget but on the other hand they need to spray often for bugs and clean the restrooms


This place is my favorite way to watch movies* Affordable prices and good snack bar options.

Diamond4020 Bailey

I love this drive in, only complaint is the police speed traps set up for when you are coming and leaving the drive in. Watch out for them. They use black cars so that you don't see them until it is too late.

Stephanie Korger

THE BEST EVER!!!! We LOVE this place! Food prices are so cheap we have dinner when we go to help support the whole drive in experience.

Jelacio Banda

There was some really nice people. Old fashioned theater. Over all of it!


I really liked. The price is very good, you pay and see 2 movies. I was thinking about go back in fall.

Emily Wiggins

Great price for 2 movies! Concession prices are higher than on website tho and not very organized. Waited 20 minutes for 1 cheeseburger when 3 ppl got theirs ahead of me that were initially behind me. So the rest of my food was cold. Highly advise eating beforehand!

Maria Valdespino

We love this place. Still looks like it probably did when it opened which makes it fun. They keep the parking lot clean- (sadly today we watched a man literally throw his trash from his truck to the ground- they had a trashcan right next to their truck).

Gabriel Walton

Always love to come to Galaxy. I've never had a bad experience, and it makes great memories that you don't get in a "normal" movie theatre.

Geneva Ayala

Great place for family and date nights. Pets are welcome too if you're wondering.

David Dibean

The longest food line I have ever seen. Fix it and eating will improve. Also prohibits food so you can silently watch your movie from the line.

Desha Davis

Best drive in theater in town. Just get there early to get a good place to park. I don't know about the food or drinks. The movie plays good.

Nathan Negri

Good place, good popcorn, good smell, and best of all, good movies I remember being a kid, and being so excited to go to the drive-in Good days Also, I like that the large popcorn (about 1 gallon) is less than half the size of the Texas popcorn (3 gallons) P.S give the Scrap Yard next to it 5 stars because I want them to have a good reputation

Sheila Ambroz

We love taking the family to the drive-in (there are 10 of us, ranging from 4 to 50), but EVERYTIME we go to this one, people are smoking pot like chimneys, with little kids all over...even in THEIR party!! Y'all need to hire Security to patrol (min of 3 guards) to at least deter these inconsiderate ingrates! We want to enjoy this venue but unless and until something is done about it, we won't be coming back!

Stacy Pool

Had fun.. The workers was nice.. My suv died they they came to my help. I Appreciated it very much. Thank yall

Douglas Wise

Had a good time and great service at the snack bar. No problems at all.

Angie B

My GO TO place on the weekends, nice drive, BIG clear screens, latest movies plus double features. You can't beat the price adults 7 bucks and kids 3 or 4 bucks.The kids love sitting on top of the car watching movies. The only reason I didn't give this place a 5 star was for food (that's my hook line). The popcorn was way TOO salty, because of that I didn't try anymore hot food, the pickles were nice and cold, the cotton candy was delicious, the ground had a few dips, here and there, but it's too be expected. GO with your family, friends, nice date night location (bring your bug spray, chair and blanket), safe location and nice staff.

El Qui'Ablo

Welcoming . great snack bar. You can tune your radio to the movie . awesome

Lindsay Waltner

I am SO disappointed with this Galaxy Drive in location. This was my first time visiting this location, and probably my last. First off, they let WAY too many vehicles into the showing I went to, and the screen was much smaller than previous locations I've been to. People were driving around with their lights on 20 minutes after the movie started. There were also lights on throughout the movie and no one going around having them turn them off. Along with that, there was no indication of where to park, so there would be SO much space between cars, but not quite enough to add another vehicle.

Daniel Mecey

One of the last true drive-in theaters in Texas. Very nostalgic every time we visit and truly an amazing experience to share with your kids. Not only are the tickets cheap for a double feature, but the food is reasonably priced as well- and good too! Even if you live far away, you must visit at some point!

Nay Nay jbdddie

It has good scary movies and you can hook it up to Bluetooth in your car so you can listen to it in the car and u can watch it outside!

Robert Woodall

I'll start with this is a definite place to take the entire family, toddler to adult, and is great alternative for traditional movie theaters. The drive is worth it. Super affordable ticket prices and concessions. Not overpriced at all. The food was pretty decent. I even had a freshly made salad that really surprised me. Staff was friendly too! We went not sure if it would be too hot but it was 90 degrees at 9pm with a very healthy breeze that made it a cool summer night. We went to to see Toy Story 4 and Aladdin. Got there around 7:30 and there was plenty of space. It fills up obviously the closer to start time so give yourself about an hour to get a decent spot and settle in. I would suggest bringing chairs and laying out in you car/suv so you have some options. Plenty of area on the sides to walk pets if needed. I'll definitely be back, I highly recommend.


My wife Barbara and I have been coming here for 6 years and we love the popcorn its the best and you can add as much butter to it from the butter dispenser, we love watching scarry and action packed movies here

bryan burnett

We used to come here all the time but now...they raised prices to $7 a ticket and food prices are as high as a theater now.$4 for a plain hamburger on a bun... What used to be a fun family $25 outing turned into a $50 outing. Screens had a constant glare from too many lights on at the snack bar. I waited 30 mins and missed half of the movie too. Sadly this may be our last trip. No longer worth it for the hr drive to get there.

Janet Ratcliff

Nice place for me n my king to come have watch s good movies under the stars ✨

Hana Hornburg Chandler

I love this place. You can't beat the price. The concessions are a good price, if not the best quality. Still very tasty though. This place is better on the weekends, the weekdays tend to have a less good concession stand. They will also give you a jump if your car runs out of juice during the movie. The bathrooms are rough so don't expect anything fabulous.

Keara Williams

Nice service and we enjoyed our movie. Cheaper than going in the movies. Food cheaper as well. Will go back. Wasn't hot outside neither, even though the day was a scorcher.

Meghan Perez

Worth the drive if you are in Dallas. Fun experience.

Timothy L Notgrass

Great place to tune in and watch a good movie or pop the trunk and pull out the lawn chairs! Good prices and peaceful.

Goddess Juyce

first time rained but it was a good experience..My kids loved it

Rochelle Johnson

With a large family, this is the only way we were able to see first run movies at a reasonable price. Lots a fun and family memories were made here for my family.

Ruben Perez

Great experience each time I visit. One of my favorite places.

Shelby Buck

Always a fun experience! Lots of screens for a variety of movies. They don’t allow outside food and drink, but the concession prices are really cheap and it helps support the drive-in! Remember to get there early for the big “blockbuster” movies if you want good parking! It’s quite a drive for my family to go, but it’s so worth it when you have little kids and still want to see exciting movies in a theatre setting.

Jeremy Henson

Been coming here for about 7 years. Best drive-in around. Ton of screens making the viewing options on par with basic theaters except you get 2 movies for the price of one while in the comfort of your own vehicle. Concessions are very affordable as well. You won't be disappointed with this place!

Kris Yeldell

Get there early because lines get very long at the entrance and you will miss the beginning of your movie.

Marilyn Valentine

Everything was great! Great prices on everything!

Moe Klatte

Wish they were open more at least during the summer. I work weekends so it’s hard to take the kids on the weekend . We all love this drive in , staff is friendly food is good and prices are amazing.

Jeannette Nieves

Nice place but should check the restrooms more often

Bobby Ross

Really cool and has 2 movies for the price of fun. Super retro just hurry at intermission or your gonna miss the second movie.!!!

Uhm Fyre

First time at a drive in theatre. Although packed, they got us in quickly. Great date night!

Carmen Medina

Great place to go on weekends with family!

Michele R

Movies were great but the bathrooms and snack stand were horrible, the kinda place where roaches aren't afraid to be out and about.

James Dempster

Awesome food and great place to watch a movie

Avery Taylor

Always loved going here with my family

Christal Casteel

Me and my family always have the best time coming to your drive in! We also love the concession stand

Paul Banuelos

Awesome food and restrooms

Altrex 3000

I loved hitting my cousin in the eyebrow with a golf club. But the movie was ok, I couldn't hear any audio.

Mike Franklin

I love this place. $7 for 2 movies? Awesome. 14$ for 2 adults even better. Roll the windows up and no outside noise.

omari edmond

Love the food very peacefull

Yvonne H.

Came for the first time, and we received a cold welcome... Their line for snacks were very long, and when we had our hot dog and burger they tasted as if they were sitting there for hours. The process of buying food from them was unorganized and very unsanitary.

Mikeela Hudson

Love going here with family. Cheaper than a regular theater and a fun experience

Kammy Z Robinson

I had a blast I want to go back on a date with someone special.

George Brown

Greatest movie theater ever, drive ins are dying out and for this one to still be open and nice is absolutely awesome.

Michael Miller

Came here to watch Avengers End Game on 4-27-2019. Got here with plenty of time. Movie was blurry through the entire show. Their man that was using the projector was not even sure what he was doing. I went back to tell him, along with a lot of other people, and they never actually fixed it. They just made it a less blurry. Worse movie experience ever. I will never return to this theater. Screen 5 4-27-2019

Jacob Stewart

Drive in experience is great. Negative is that they have signs everywhere asking people to Visit their snack bar so they can stay open. However, the food was terrible and far overpriced. Hotdog seemed to be days old. Burger was bland and small. Nacho cheese tasted more like American sandwich slices. Over all the experience was good but they need better food or far lower prices.

Dayna Yoho

Great venue with several screens to choose from. Its so rare to find a drive-in, so I love to support it when I can. The Christmas decorations were up and a wonderful place to take pictures. The screens and radio stations are good quality. The price is unbeatable. 2 movies for $7 a person is just awesome. Defintely recommend!

Ethel Powell

It was awesome. You don't find many drive ins anymore.


Amazing place to have a cheap but fun time

Fadrique Saenz

Love going here, reminds me of when I was a kid going to the drive in! Prices are great. If you have a portable stereo it comes in handy.

Lakeshia Anderson

Everytime I take my family there, we have the best time! Food is great, screens are clear, and parking is wonderful as well

Darren Knight

A step into the past, took my grandchildren for their first drive-in movie and they loved it. 7 screens to choose from. The only drawback is it horribly long line at the concession. They should consider putting in at least one more concession stand.

Valerie Adams

I haven't been to the drive-in since I was a little little girl and I really truly enjoy myself the place is clean nice the food was a wide selection the people behind the counter greeted us and served us in a timely manner I want to see Aladdin and Lion King I enjoy being at the drive-in more than the two movies that I want to see


Ba oh yeah awesome

Basil Jackson

Great place for the fam....

marisa davila

I brought my kiddos out on a Friday evening to have some quality time. We took a "quick" break to head to the restroom towards the end of the first movie. Well, we had a mishap and my battery blew out. I thought I was going to have to have someone come from Dallas to come get us home. But no, they have some awesome workers there who offered to help us out. One guy went to the Walmart up the road to get me a new battery, brought me the receipt so I could pay him back, while the other stayed with us the entire time. He even tuned to the station in his truck so my kiddos wouldn't miss too much of the movie as we waited. When the other worker returned, he put the battery in and we were good to go! We missed some of both movies but I did not care. My children and I were taken care of. This is the only drive in theater we come to and we will definitely continue! Thank you so much for taking care of your customers!!! Great prices too!

KBDgalaxy girl

The movie quality is great.. The food is cheap and so are tickets.. Great for a family outing

Chas Pyburn

Anyone who gives this place a bad rating doesn’t know how to enjoy a drive in theater. This place is great and it always has been . The food prices are a bit high , however , overall you get an experience that is ten times better than a regular theater for half the price . What all you can get for how cheap it is will be extinct soon. I hope everyone goes as many times as possible while they can .

G Espinoza

Still a great place to come and see a movie. Try to come earlier to get a good parking spot. Price for the movies are great (you get two showings) and you have to support their snack bar. Prices for the snack bar are good, not outrageous.Their funnel cake is good. Definitely recommend it. I will update when I go back and try their other items.

Reilly Fite

The Galaxy is awesome because it’s cheap and you can stay for two movies. Bathrooms are mediocre as is the snack bar and the line for the snack bar can get really long- I’m talking like wait for an hour in line long. Other than that we always have a good experience!

John BigTex

Great experience. MY CARD WAS ALSO HACKED!!!! Dont pay with card!!!!

Amy Bradshaw

This is the best drive in theater I have been to in the area. I love most everything about it, except I think some of the food prices are a little high. Everything else about this theatre is awesome and you can't beat the price!!

Josh Goodwin

The ticket prices and experience are great.. the stale popcorn not so much. They told me that it was supposed to be that way.. my friend got a cheeseburger and said it had a weird taste. They are so big on buying food from them but when I went to say something about the popcorn they weren't helpful..

Alexander Tosch

Always a good time. I just wish they would enforce the lights rule. It becomes very distracting and annoying. I'll take a cell phone during a movie. But lights overpowering the screen is 1st place in the annoyance book.

Kellie Hugues

It is not well marked. We couldn't find the exit. The movie was wonderful and the prices very reasonable.

Bryan Lazo

Cool to go out of the ordinary movie theater routine. The wait time at the snack bar is crazy and it's so hot in there especially during summer temperatures!

Ernest Salinas

The drive in was great

Michaela Hansard

Took the kids to see lion king and toy story! They had a blast. Especially my 3 yo son.

rob h

Very nice family-oriented drive-in theater. Reasonably priced concessions, good price for movies. Got the strawberry flavored funnel cake. Recommend getting fork and knife for this one- delicious but lots of topping.

Barbra Lowry

We had a great time the kids had fun love this place popcorn wooden so good this time usually is great anyway love it

Mae Spikes

Enjoyed the visit very much! Peaceful environment nd clean. The attendant at the both was cordial also. Very good service!

Tameka Hallman

I go EVERY year for my Birthday with my boys and my brother. We LOVE this drive-in movie and I tell everyone I know about it. We’re planning a big family day there really soon and I can’t wait!!!

Gerald Hurley

It was very fun kids love it people running around you should go

Candice Hobon

We had so much fun despite the rain. First time at a drive-in in over 30 years!

Sha G

We used to come here all the time and always had a great experience. But these last couple of visits have really been disappointing. First the lines to get in were moving fast on one side and slow on the other because your employee was having long conversations with the guest. My husband missed half the movie twice because of the lines at the concession stand. There used to be 2 snack bars open, now theres only one with two lines that are super long and crowded. I guess they're trying to save money by not opening the other snack bar. We drive about 40 miles to come here but Im not sure if its worth the drive anymore.

Trisha Barree

Enjoyed it very much...even though there were no clear exit signs to get out of the theater, I give it 5 ⭐ for the nostalgic moment. I highly recommend it.

Khylia Jones

So much room and very cheap for being able to watch 2 movies I watched John wick and dark Phoenix and the quality is great.

Malio Lozano

Great place for the kids. We always play catch in front of the screen before sunset. Good family outing.

Lisa Finch

We took our girls there years ago coming thru from Six Flags. Their 1st experience at a drive in movie theater. What a great memory for is all.

Nicole Paige

Definitely going back again was a great experience and time the movie was clear te s ok sound was good and food a little expensive but worth it we loved it.

Jordan Williams

Love coming to the Drive In!!! Been visiting this one for YEARS!!! I bring my family all the time!!! So much easier to have your 3 year old in the privacy of your car in case he gets a little loud!!! My family loves it!!!

Darrell Presher

Great movie time outdoors. The place needs to invest money in the property and clean things up and it would get 5 stars

Barbara Johnson

Love going to the drive in. Screen 7 is down too low car lights going out affected the movie it also showed with poor quality. I will be back on Sunday

Ben Parker

Always a great time for the whole family. We love coming here. The staff is great and the snack bar is inexpensive and good quality. A great family outing.

Hector Alba

Nice place to come watch a movie with the family. (Addams family )

Babs Deetz

I have gone to this drive-in a few times. We always seem to have a better time than when we go to a traditional theater. Great atmosphere.

Carlos Rodriguez

Super fun and family friendly place. Live coming here and supporting them.

Andrew Kaun

Prices are way too cheap! $7 per adult for 2 movies! Concessions are expensive but it's the only way for them to stay in business. It's so relaxing being in our own car being comfortable and not worrying about people talking over the movie. Yes you have people who have never been and dont know how to work their lights to turn them off but they always figure it out. Galaxy drive in is a staple of our movie experience.

Clifton Bangs

Great getaway! Always go to the snack bar and at least get a funnel cake. This is the only movie theater I go to.

Meghan Knott

Sophia Valdez

So good for a movie night you get 2 movies for how much you would normally buy for one at the movie theater

Tasha Muturi

This is family time twice a month. You can't beat the price for nothing!

Martha Green

Love it, haven't been to a drive in movie theater in 25 years or more

Rasheedah King

This was so much fun. Enough space for everyone and great movies to watch at super low prices, but...go to the restroom before you come and bring your own food.

Ave' Thompson

Brings back memories from when I was a young girl, and I wanted my grandchildren to experience our door movies like I had, that was nice. But the food was a bit expensive and lines were very long, so make sure you get there early enough to get food because we missed the beginning of the movie trying to get food. The concession stan was so far from where our movie was until, we had to drive to the concession stand and couldn't see any of our the movie from the concession stand.

kailey Crider

I'm a regular customer, I love the food, drinks can use some work but it's still good :) i really enjoy the movies :)

Amber Fox

Great prices. Food is pretty good too.

Jeramie Moore

Love the drive in, but the parking needs to be better maintained. Maybe cut back on the number of screens and put that effort into keeping the parking better. Especially since they seem to always have a screen closed.


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