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2501 US-90, Uvalde, TX 78801

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Here you will be able to see the opinions of real people who have information of the services and products of Forum 6 Theatres (Movie Theater) in the area close to Texas.

Nowadays this business gets a rating of 3.9 out of 5 and this rating has been based on 283 reviews.

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REVIEWS OF Forum 6 Theatres IN Texas

greg davis

Need a major face lift inside and out

jake kane

Need new


At first it felt warm in there but it was fine. Its always cold. I love our theater.


Come on guys, get better seats.

trillxmaxx 13

Fix bathrooms and re paint

Laura Miller

Always have a great time!

Anthony Miles Sr

Great tickets prices. Clean and customer service was good. However, they are slow getting you in. Never enough employees working to handle the customers on weekends.

Jay Quinn

This movie theater really needs an update. The seats are worn down and uncomfortable. The soundproofing is terrible. We went to watch "A Quiet Place", but instead heard the movie that was playing next door. The floors are also bare and uneven. It just seems like it's time to remodel. Hopefully they do this soon.

Norma Jean Diaz

Very reasonable pricing on food and tickets. Nice and clean.very friendly town.

Mary Nicholas

I enjoy going to see movies here

Jm Vega

Decent admission cost and for 11 dollars and change you get a large popcorn and two meduim drinks. The only thing I didnt like about it was the paper bag they moved to, makes it look cheap and dont trust a bag with butter in it. A little more cheese on the nachos please... Other than that, I love this place, good fun great people and awesome service.

lil sway

Good place

J Centavo

Recent movies, good prices on entrance and snacks makes this a good theater in my book. The place is a little run down, seats are torn and some broken but I guess this is how he keeps his prices down. A night out at the movies in San Antonio would cost 3x as much. So I guess I'd much rather sit in a torn seat and save $30-$40 so I'm glad this theater is in our town.


Good place but I have one nitpick though for some reason the floors are clean one week then dirty the next Idunno wuts going but it's pretty weird

Lorena Auguste

I've been attending this theatre since I was 12 years old. I'm on my way to 35.

Lin du Plooy

IF I COULD GIVE ZERO I WOULD. This place is an absolute dump! I finally gave in to my son to go there and see Pirates of the Caribbean. 40 minutes into the show the movie gets stuck and breaks down. They tell us sorry it cant be fixed here are passes to see something else. Toilets are disgusting! NASTY place!!!

Jen V

Only theatre in town got to luv it lol. Best deal though is the triple feature 2 LG sodas and refill popcorn can't beat it!

Callie Robinson

Nasty place. Rude staff. No free soda refills and stale poop corn. BROKEN UNCOMFORTABLE SEATS! Unsanitary. The end.

Oscar Ramirez


Kenneth Cruce

Sorry, noisey seats , doors opening up throughout the movie letting light in. Uvalde deserves better

Caidy Wiersing

Forgot to turn the lights all the way off MULTIPLE TIMES! Killed the scary movie!

paul canales

Ok theatre, just need to be updated and remodel.

Kathryn Bennett

Love the movies they place

Da Lyla Ray

The guys up front were so awesome. Its refreshing to see young people who are so caring and nice!

Brad Vacek

Needs a major remodel!

Jennifer Loving

Reasonable prices on tickets,and concessions!

Rosa Banda

Great service and great price for a weekend family fun time... Compared to Eagle Pass TX

Eddie Cervantez

Great costumer service. The movie quality was top notch. The management is excellent. I love this place . Best theatre in the world. I think ill go watch another movie right now!

Clovis Boatright

Geeat for family

Mary Sprawls

Wow worst customer service ever at Forum theater. I won’t be having family outings to the movies in Uvalde. I’ve been a LONG TIME PATRON for over +20 years. I was refused service after 2 people were served in front of me. When it was my turn he refused stating the other customers were from outside and I was watching a movie. Then he stated he was doing inventory, but yet they just served 2 other people on my side right in front of me. So this will be the last time I have a family outing at the Forum in Uvalde. Because they know they are the only one I don’t guess customers count.

Joe Canales

They were out of lung pao chicken

Daniel Fernandez

Too many noisy people. Doesn't let you enjoy the movie how it should.

John Browning

Finally starting to have less R movies & more family movies.

Rudy1991 C

Great prices and clean theater

Scicee Gee

Old fashioned trash theater

Haley Perez

Amazing love the snacks and drinks

Brandon Linnard

Seats are uncomfortable. Not very clean. No matter if you go to a PG-13 or rated R movie, theres going to be crying babies in the theatre and the staff won't do anything about it. At least its cheap.

amanda sotelo

It's a shame the only theater in town and they don't even consider their local and loyal customers. dirty and dated.

Kimberly Cochran

The theater is pretty run down. Seats are poor and very uncomfortable.

Greig Llewellyn

They need to update their furnishings and clean better.

Julian and norma Garza

It's good.


Local theater that supports local requests! Thank you for supporting Christian movies!

Maria Rodriguez

Nice little movie theater to visit when you're in town.

Julian Perez

Don't like the seat layout, too flat, the sound quality could be alot better

Frank Hernandez

Inexpensive, good sound, & good customer service.

Monica Bisso

Best place to watch movies, my daughter & I enjoy going there!

Rosemary Gómez

It's one of the two theaters within 45 miles, but it's worth the drive. Great people, great prices ..and snacks!

chris bermea

Dirty. From the rooms to the disgusting bathrooms. Horrible seating. No variety of items at the snack bar. For being the only movie theater in a 50 mile radius they should make enough to invest in upgrading their theater.

Kendrick Lee

Good place to go and relax here in town

Joaquin Puente jr

Great service

Jonathan Garcia

The seating was uncomfortable and the restroom was dirty

amber white

Definitely in need of an upgrade. Every time I moved the whole theater heard my seat.

Larry J Gerosa

Nice place


Its quaint, but a little outdated. Seats are not comfortable.

Mike Salazar

I haven't been here in years but I'm happy to see it expand in positive ways.

Tim Talisman

Good price but old

Lexie Quillin

It was discusting and my family was not satisfied.

Garrett Arnett

Tight seats but still a theatre!

kim perez

This is the only theater for miles and they know it and take advantage of it, they desperately nees an upgrade, they need to spend money to make money, buy more property or new property and building a bigger better and cleaner theater.

Christopher Gonzalez

This place is great for a little theater and the prices are really cheap it's worth going if you are near this area.


New shows, $6.50 approx., fair comparable concession prices, clean restrooms, family friendly, great and plentiful parking... Could be refreshed, but best to keep the prices low. Been there dozens of times more then 10 years with my family.


Good place to chill

Douglas Waddell

Good place to see a good flick

Lynk Beza

Very cute little theatre. Good ticket prices, though the snacks themselves are alittle pricey. Only downside.

Adalberto Perez

Great place to watch movies

Leggon Arm

Good local theatre, prices are fine.

jose cap

Awesome movie theater, it has that nostalgic moment where it has this similar resemblance of our old theater cinema 3 back in the day before we got cinemark. Its has more screenings than cinema 3 which the name it had only 3 screenings. I would love to come back n just enjoy that feel like it was back when I was in high school.

Tina Marie

Bad experience....paid to watch a movie with friends and couldn't even buy any drinks or candys because apparently we couldnt purchase anything because they were counting inventory at the time. Never heard of such a thing...words of advice count inventory when your closed...or find another method to do so instead of refusing to sell product to paying CUSTOMERS. Smh

Madison Galindo

It’s so awesome and amazing

Sonia Castillo

Needs a makeover

Ann Mejia Reyes

Had a great time place was very clean.

Jose Zamarripa

Good movies!

Bennett Beasley

Being one of the only movie theaters around for nearly a 100 miles, the forum 6 is a nice place to catch a flick in this area of South Texas. Although the facility could have been cleaner and less crowded I still found the experience rather enjoyable, the tickets and concessions weren't priced too badly as well.

Rosa Charles

It was ok good movies

Angelica Rios

Way better than it used to be. Friendly workers great films

Guadalupe Johns

Love the environment, its fun spending time with the family

Blake Luna

One worst theaters of all time! Ugly trashy place seats are horrible staff are rude, movie times always late their people that want see early movie and movie quality is vary low do not recommend this place at all better going eagle pass or get out of town watch movie San Antonio.

Barbara Chase

The movie in the next theater was so loud. It was quite distracting.

Renee Moe

Bathroom was vary nasty when I went out to say something all the employees were having fun in the back room of the snack area..

ksmith1984 g

Best part about this place is the triple feature. 2 large sodas and a large pop corn with refills 10.50

L Vela

Prices are great! Can't beat it! Friendliness is a plus. Seats are old fashioned but it's not too much of a problem.

Maria Sambrano

I love watching the movies on the big TV's.

Gina Ott

This is a small theater for a small-town prices are very cheap for the price of the tickets the theaters well worth going to it's not your big theaters in your big towns but it's well worth going

peggy salazar

Went to go see Sylvester Stallone in the movie RAMBO. It was an awesome movie. I would give the movie a 10 if I could.

Max Gonzalez

Great place to go and watch a movie! Awesome prices on tickets and snacks! You don't have to go broke enjoying a night out here.

Veronica Balleza

Cheap but needs new chairs

Shut up zombie1

Not really a good place to go plus service ain’t that good

Thomas Zamora

Good deals at the snack bar


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