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REVIEWS OF CUT! by Cinemark IN Texas

Robert Koerner

The CUT! By Cinemark theater is really nice! The recliner seats are very comfortable and offer plenty of room.

Felix Hernandez

I love going to the movies. My girlfriend and I make the time to find a good showtime to leave room to go out and eat beforehand or maybe even after. Cinemark just changed up the whole game on how we approach moviegoing time because you can order delicious food right there! And drinks too! The comfy heated recliners are a plus. I gotta come back to try the XD Experience. TLDR: Loved it!

Anne-Marie Hall

Today ( Wednesday September 11th ) My husband and I had the best service today at Cut! Our Food came out fast in a hurry not to mention the young lady by the name of Tiffany was our server, very polite young woman my husband and I were asking for a bunch and she had no problem going to get what we needed I thanked her a lot because you don't get a lot people who aren't rude! WAY TO GO!!!!!

Carlos Gonzalez

Upscale movie theater with beverage and food options! It features EV charging for those with vehicles that need a charge!Nice to enjoy a drink and watch some sports before a viewing. It is nestled in a nice quiet corner of DNT and Highway 380. Extremely pleasant experience!

Steve Davis

Great new theater at University and the Tollway. Held off going to let them work out the bugs after reading so many poor reviews. Went on Memorial day evening so expected a lighter crowd. The theater itself is awesome - seats, projection and sound all top notch! Service was excellent - our drinks came out within 10 minutes and food just under 30 minutes. Way better than other reviews. The food was just okay... Small portions and expensive pricing. The quality of the food needs some help. We both ate again after the movie down the street. Overall - really nice theater but won't go out of our way to return. Try it out again in six months.

Jacob Thompson

The whole experience was kind of meh. It was over priced as opposed to even an Alamo Drafthouse without any of the conviences that come with it. Basically an overpriced movie theatre with way more overpriced food for a movie theatre.

Matthew Staggs

I love that it’s close, the food comes out quick, and the seats are really nice. The one star off is that I still have to give the edge to Studio Movie Grill because of the menu selection. I mean, we’re in Texas, y’all. Where’s the chips and salsa?

Moore Supply

So great experience. Food good, service fine. Love the arcade and fireplace patio. The seats however were miserable. The MOST UNCOMFORTABLE SEATS KNOWN TO MANKIND. At least in theater 2. They make your hips hurt I think because the leg rest doesn't come all the way up it puts preassure on your hips. I don't know. So otherwise everything is great.

Lauren Foster

Every employee I spoke with was very nice, and helpful! I had read other reviews, and was surprised when we were immediately greeted with a smile and help getting set up for our movie.

Bryon Parks

Great place to take the family!! Food is good and a great beer selection.


Visited today for the first time. Overall experience was great. Only suggestion more rest rooms would have been nice in this new theater. If you're disabled or have trouble walking makes it a little difficult to go to the front compared to other cinemark theaters where rest rooms are many. However, still enjoyed myself. Staff was nice and food good.

Matt Nielson

The facility is great and I really enjoyed the movie. The service was pretty funny. They were all new enough they couldn't find the right seats so I kept getting offered other people's food. I assume once the servers get a little more experience the experience will be great. The food was over priced but good. I just have a hard time spending $17 on a personal pizza that wasn't bad but it also want spectacular.

Kevin Diaz

Cut was for the most part a great experience. The food was well cooked. The seats where comfortable however once we got there the trays where dirty from the last guests. Also it took a good 20 minutes to get my drinks out. I had my food before I even had my drink. Overall I would go again.

Jennifer Murphey

I’m just going to leave a review just in case anyone tries to speak negatively about their weekend opening. The facility is beautiful and family friendly. The chairs can be heated, and that is amazing! The food was delicious! Yes, there was some problems with the service, but kinks are expected when a place first opens. They have to work the kinks out. They did everything in their power to fix things, and were very apologetic for any delays. People need to be kind, gracious, and patient. This place is amazing and it will be even better after the kinks are fixed.

Neil Turner

Great environment! Chairs are pretty awesome! Food was good, came out warm (not as hot as I'd like but I like my pizza to be like molten lava). Needs more variety on the menu...basically just pizza and burgers. Could use more staples on the menu vs "gourmet" options. Wait service was great!

Brandy Loesel

I have been to this theater multiple times and they are steadily getting use to this new theater going format. The theater is super clean, wait staff is very helpful. The seats are great with both reclining options and heated seats (yes please.) There are a lot of fun things for both kids and adults to do while waiting for a movie. The service has been better and better each visit. Even the greater at the door is always super nice and helpful. Another plus, the bathrooms have always been stocked and super clean. I truly enjoy our time at the movies at Cut! by Cinemark.

Corey Mann

I'm giving this a 2 star review because the theater overall is really nice, and the individual theater seating is pretty comfy. However, when it comes to service, that falls below quality every time. Every single time we order food before or during the movie, they mess the order up, take forever to get it, or forget about us and we have to call them back up to our seats multiple times in order to get help. We've had our orders messed up several times, we've had people that order long after us get their food before we do, we've asked them to bring us additional items (which takes more than one time asking), and we've had to wait long into our movies just to get the drinks we ordered before the food comes out, even if it's just water...last time we got our food it was cold and soggy, like it finished 15 minutes prior, but they forgot to bring it to us. Unfortunately, they did nothing about it. I recommend the theater since it's nicer than all the others around, but just be aware that the service isn't the best when it comes to dining in. High food prices don't equate to quality. They need to step up their service. If so, maybe I can change my review and feel good about it.

Berenice Sauceda

Visited this location on fathers day. It took an hour for the food to come out. There where no people in the lobby. The menu had pizza but they where out of it. A family appeared 30 min into my waiting time and their order arrived at the same time mine was coming out. They had pizza! I was told they didn't have pizza and I was stuck with my brisket nachos and they gave me the runs! The restroom was too full, I couldn't even have the runs comfortably. Wouldn't of had the runs, if they had pizza for me. I didn't not see a movie because everything was sold out. My tequila sunrise didn't have grenadine, had to go to the bar and ask for it. The place was clean and the floor layout is well decorated with several areas to socialize when accompanied in couples or a crowd.

Jamo Hesketh

Clean theaters. Good food. One of the employees, Miles, was very helpful when I needed napkins, ranch, and extra bags. I didn’t want to bother anyone but he seemed more than happy to help. Great place to bring the family for Toy Story.

Charles Dunlap

Super plush. Super fun. Super comfy. Super yummy. Super expensive.

Walter Gibson

I love this place!!!! I’m visiting from Michigan and this theatre is down the street from my niece and nephew’s house. I went to see Godzilla there at 10:50 pm, and the service was fantastic. The popcorn was delicious and the servers were so kind and helpful. One of the most enjoyable movie experiences ever. Certainly will be my theater of choice every time I’m in the area.

Heidi Young

Loved this place. Reserved comfortable seats and happy service.

James Adams

Beautiful decorating and architecture. Very fresh. Positive service

black jaguar

Kid Friendly, very friendly employees shows movies all days of the week usually has the newest movies. The theaters are outstanding every row has all heated seats that recline the food is fresh there is nothing I can really day bad about this place

Harold Keith

First time seeing a movie at CUT! but I'd definitely go back. Theater was clean, food was delicious, and the arcade was pretty nice. The only thing I'd fault is that the instructions aren't entirely clear on how to alert the host in each …

Edgar De Jesus

I read a couple of reviews before I went and I have to say this is hands down the best movie theater concept. Recliners that are heated and food brought right to you. They have a full menu. Prices are better than expected. I read a …

antoniO terrY

The theater and movie were great! However the staff can use a little more training prior to serving customers. If you go to this establishment and order anything, make sure they have it first. Tonight they ran out of sour cream and salsa, …

Ashtyn .Broussard

Went in for date night tonight with my boyfriend and Raven did an awesome job taking care of us. We will definitely be coming back for more drinks.

Christa Karabelski

The service is awesome and the chairs are so comfortable. I had a blast at their arcade too.

Everything Star Wars

I could not love this place more! They have awesome recliners and perfect quality theater set up. I totally recommend this place.

Beatriz Polanco

The seats were comfortable. Food price can be pricey but the food tasted good. I enjoyed my time being there.

Steve and Julie Worster

The service is efinitely getting better....girl taking tickets was super friendly!!!

James Dies

If I could give this place 0 stars I would. First experience and will absolutely not go back. I will give two positives. The facilities are nice and the chairs are comfortable. Now for the real stuff. ordered and took 45 min to get our order. All of it was cold. Could tell it had been forgotten. Took them 5 min to come back. The girl then said she had to get someone else to come take the food. He took another 10 min to come back and say they had to re-order and that we could keep our COLD food if we wanted. Took another 35 min to get our food, after went and talked to a “manager”. The food still came out cold. They didn’t seem to care or apologize. We actually had one girl, who came to “check on us” after we pushed the button, say “what??” when asked about our food. Never even had a Manager come and apologize. This place must strive for mediocrity in food and service. Go here if you want cold food, delayed service and indifference when a mistake happens.

The Hair Affair Shepherd

Different, I prefer to have my popcorn with butter to my satsfaction when I get into the movie, plus I'd like a lid on my drink. So the concept is cool minus me and my popcorn and drink like I like it

Maria P

The place looks very nice and inviting for all family members. We went opening week. There were no tickets available for the time-show we wanted which was not a big deal. We purchased tickets for the next day instead. We stayed for …

Cyndi Dotson

Theater was very clean. Sound was amazing, good food, drinks and servers. My only complaint is I had to choose my seats all the way in the front of the cinema because they showed all the other seats taken. Those good seats sat empty the whole night. We will go back but their shouldn't be assigned seating.

Robert Filer

Disappointed so far. I visited June 7 for a movie. Tried the kiosk and it said 24 seats available. I selected the tickets then was not able to check out. Asked for an employee and was told it was sold out. People many time will book online and there is a lag. I was told to book online next time. Fair enough. Try the games and then the games did not work. They gave us another card to compensate. The next day I try several times to book online and again it allows me to select seats, but again unable to purchase tickets. This time I tried about a hour and a half early. Nothing. Maybe sold out? Nope because I tried to get tickets for other shows as well. It is as if they do not want business. There is no way to buy tickets. I gave 2 stars instead of one only because the place looks great and employees seemed friendly, but the overall low rating based on multiple disappointments.

Rob Gray

My family LOVES coming to this movie theater!!!! If the food was a little better, they would get 5 stars instead of 4. It is in a great location and not too terribly crowded. I am sure that will change over the years as this area is growing so fast. It is a great movie experience.....

Jerry Whorton

Very disappointed in this location’s service. The facility itself is fantastic, but the customer service leaves the patron wanting much more. I arrived 15 minutes prior to the previews starting, waited 25+ minutes for a server to show up... (the theatre had more servers in the room than customers) We ordered a Dr. Pepper, Coke, and a popcorn with butter and cheese. The waiter looked at me like the cheese (the kind you use on popcorn) was a novelty item.... the popcorn was stale (worse than any real theatre popcorn) and they brought us two Cokes. I guess I expected more for paying $27.00 on tickets and $20 for 2 cokes and a popcorn. I will shop closer to Melissa in the future.

Elijah Leslie

Theater is clean and staff is friendly as always. The chairs are super comfortable and even heat up for the cold natured people about. The food dishes are pretty much standard fare for dine in theaters. Nothing specifically delicious. The popcorn is fantastic though. Would definitely suggest.

Justin Wood

Great Bar staff, comfy seats, but terrible in theater service experience. We arrived 30 minutes before the show and bar staff was excellent. Had a martini and a glass of wine. Friendly and welcoming and they did a great job. During the in movie dining experience, it stopped there. The waitress seemed kind enough, took our order 10 minutes before showtime. Theater filled in, and we noticed everyone around us got their drinks, food, and water before us. The show started, we’re about 30 minutes in and I go check on water. The waitress took my tickets and said she would check. 15 minutes later our drink arrived. 20 minutes go by, then our food arrived. Food was decent but nothing to rave about. We stopped eating as our water had not arrived. I went to check in again and a gentleman gave me some water. It took almost an hour to get a glass of water, no refills. I understand being busy, but with all around us getting their items in 15 minutes or less, it seems like our order slipped through the cracks. No apologies from our server. We live in the West McKinney / Prosper area and will not be back. Will stick to Movie House and Eatery, the food and drinks are better.

Christina Nye

The theater itself is gone. They have decently comfortable chairs with heat warmers. I do wish they reclined a bit more though. The food is really where I'm not a a fan. I've been to the theater 5-7 times now and haven't found any dish that I just love. The quesadillas are decent. The burger was fine except the bun should be grilled or something. It tasted stale. Same goes for the chicken sandwich. I've also had the brisket nachos and was not impressed. The Nashville sliders weren't very flavorful the time I had them. If you're wanting a theater with a great dining experience try Alamo Drafthouse! Much better food!

saey mcclurkan

Half price movies on Tuesday. Really friendly staff. Fun experiences all round.

Michael Christopher

We have recently started going to the movies again and we usually frequent McKinney Moviehouse. We decided to give this place a try since it has a similar concept. They start odd strong before the movie starts service was but once the movie starts you can tell they have shifted their efforts to another theater. I requested a refill twice and was the only person that got a fountain beverage. It took over 30 minutes to get my refill. Not the end of the world but when i got home i noticed they charged me twice $6 for my drink, so $12 for a fountain drink. The chairs don't recline nearly as much as they do at the Moviehouse. Prices are slightly higher with much less service. I think we will stick to usual for the next round and quickly cancelled the Cinemark membership.

Sunny Bunny

Have been several times now. Always great customer service, great food with a few vegan options, and comfortable seating in the theaters.

Twila Joiner

Stopped to check out the bar and our bartender Raven was a joy. Loved the blueberry pomegranate martinis and tropical sunrises she made for us. The pizza was delicious

Andrea Dunklin

Staff was great.. they didn't interrupt the movie and we're super nice!

Piyush Mewada

Good food but a bit overpriced. The noise from everyone eating food also kinda ruins the movie. But it's what you get for going to a dine in theatre.

Valley Cooks

A great movie experience. The nachos and popcorn were delicious. I loved the reclining seats with plenty of room. The best was having a refill of coke without missing the show. My waitress was great and she brought me a box to take my leftovers home. Fun date night.

Stephen Davis

Great new theater at University and the Tollway. Held off going to let them work out the bugs after reading so many poor reviews. Went on Memorial day evening so expected a lighter crowd. The theater itself is awesome - seats, projection and sound all top notch! Service was excellent - our drinks came out within 10 minutes and food just under 30 minutes. Way better than other reviews. The food was just okay... Small portions and expensive pricing. The quality of the food needs some help. We both ate again after the movie down the street. Overall - really nice theater but won't go out of our way to return. Try it out again in six months.

Mia Juliana' Farmer Lyles

Great decor, clean, new facility. We've waited 4.5yrs for it and it's a beauty. Comfy, heating, spacious seats. Great sound quality. Tons of parking for fuel efficient cars - ZERO parking for new Moms. Maybe 2 or 3 spots would be cool for new Moms. I saw Captain Marvel this morning. Asked the tall, Male server with black glasses if I could have a to go container. He came back with a wet box. When I told him the box was wet, he acted confused rather than saying "Yes ma'am. I apologize, I'll get you a new box right away." On his behalf, his colleague: a thin, Caucasian, male put his customer service hat on STAT. HE offered me a box, got the box and apologized. Why the initial confusion and lack of customer service in the first place? I'm baffled.

Sari Jokitulppo

Food is good, service is fast, great location, lovely outdoor area.

Ashley Kennedy

We had a great experience. Theater is clean, service was great. Everyone was polite and very helpful. We didn’t eat but the drinks were really good. Loved the entire experience. Will make a point to try and go here in the future for all our movies if possible.

Venecia Green-Miller

This is got to be one of the most Racist movies I have ever been to never in a million years did I think this wold happened to me and my little sister. We went in on one lovely Saturday to watch a movie to past time because she had a basketball tournament so I go in purchased movie tickets and get to the stand and a white man exes me was this my daughter not! Are you going to enjoy the movie did you guys want popcorn nothing like that X the first thing was was this my daughter I said no this is my sister he then goes to say you need to make your way back to the front and get your money back because you do not have guardianship over your sister meanwhile my sister 16 I’m 30 years old she’s with in adult at a movie theater I’m not understanding why we can’t watch the movie so then I asked for a supervisor she comes out and says the policy is if you’re not the parent you can watch the movie and I said well she’s with an adult she says you have to have a guardianship card or guardianship papers for you to watch this movie together then she goes to say did you purchase your tickets with cash or credit card at this point I’m like you’re not even trying to explain or make me feel comfortable in this moment you’re basically trying to rush me out here is because we are black yes because it was not one other black person There so I said yes please give me my money back and I left and my Saturday went from lovely to discomfort and humiliated

Elliott Garland

Nice seats. Clean movie theater but the service was poor. I ordered a drink and they brought me the bill and forgot my drink. I had to remind them . I didn't even have time to get a refill

Whitney Green

The service and food were great. The seats are horrible!!! They are by far the worst I’ve ever sat in. This is a complete shame as it’s a football throw away from my house. My neck was so stiff when I left. We couldn’t even finish our movie because the seats do not recline all the way, leaving your neck bent in an awkward position. I do NOT recommend this theatre!!! I’m not sure if the seats were bad in every theatre but we were in #10. I love Cinemark and have had zero issues with any of their other locations. Steer clear of this place unless you want to just enjoy the bar and food.

Christopher Stehno

Nice new theater, but probably won't go back. The service was slow and awkward and the food a bit expensive for what it was. Also, the service gets annoying during the movie since you have a conversation going on order and they're standing in front of the screen. The aisles are not raised enough to make it tolerable.

D Kimura

Nice, new and clean. The recliners are awesome. Bathrooms are clean. One thing don’t like was the prices for arcade games. It was kind of ridiculous pricing for kids games. So I’m torn between 3 or 4 stars because of the price for arcade games. Okay..4 stars for now.

Jayachu TV

One of the few places near Plano which has game zone along with theatre. The theatre is similar to studio movie grill since it serves the food we ordered while watching the movie, Which is really very nice but the menu had very less options. The theatre is as such good and neatly maintained. Though The game zone is smaller it is very entertaining and enjoyable. When we went the prizes were out of stock, so we had to go another day to redeem our prize. The prizes could have been better and also useful. The fire lounge outside the building is very cozy.

Jeffrey Guintivano

I'm getting really tired of the "concessions is backed up" excuse. Figure it out! You've been open for quite some time now and this model is used in other theaters. 30 minutes for a drink is inexcusable especially when my food has been sitting in front of me. I forgave this issue the first couple of times when this just opened. I even excused it when it happened again later, thinking maybe it's an off night. This is happening way too often for that. I like the location and i like the concept. I am disappointed with the execution.

Veronica Miller

State of the art theatre. Decent food and drink options. Areas to kill time before the movie starts. Great arcade and lounge area. Friendly staff. This is our new go-to for movies.

mellisa ekirson

Just left this awesome place with my special needs son and we also had the best young lady tiffany very patient with my son and I .

Chad Kay

Need to show opening hours on website or on google. Other than that customer service was great. Greeting at the door was excellent. Everyone has said good morning thus far.

Simon Brown

Nice new movie theater. The food is also good. Service is fast. Best to get there a little earlier so you can order your food before the movie starts.

Kirsten Bomar

Great atmosphere. Clean theaters. Except for being a bit soggy in the middle, very good pepperoni pizza. They used to serve popcorn in big, metal bowls but now it's the paper bags again. So sad.

JeNel Lawson

Saw Angry Birds 2 with my two kids. The theater was comfy but I would not return. For the money you pay I expected more. I compared my experience to Mckinney Moviehouse. First off they don’t have ICEES. When I looked for a kids menu there is nothing on the menu, you have to ask the server. We ordered popcorn, which comes with butter on it. The popcorn was cold and they didn’t even bother to bring napkins. I asked if they had kid sized popcorn and drink combo but they did not. No one came to refill our drinks. I feel like this theater is more for adults and teenagers. Yes they did have a small arcade area, but it is very pricey.

Christopher Stephenson

Great movie experience, food is ok and normally delivered cold. Drinks are overpriced.

Rachel Nelson

Visited today for the 2nd time and the experience did not meet my standards. Spent over $50 on a cold pizza and popcorn with next to none service. It took them 20 minutes to even come take our drink order and I had to wait after the movie for them to run my credit card while everyone else was already leaving. I am hoping this was just a fluke incident and it will be much better next time. I will be back because it is so close to my home, but am expecting a much better experience next time!


Not all of the food is amazing, but the theater itself is. Very comfortable reclining chairs with seat warmers. Popcorn is very good, as are the cocktails.

Lisa Keys

When you are paying that much, you expect good (okay, maybe just try) service. We didn't get that. There are better theater options.

AfroRican P

I'm really amazed at how awesome of an experience we had tonight at this location. I have been excited to come here since I found out they were building it. As soon as you walk in someone was there to greet us and help with redeeming our tickets at the kiosk. There's a game room/arcade. A full bar where you can also just sit and eat with huge flat screens. What I loved were the seats. Not only do they recline, they heat up if you get too chilly or if you just like that sort of thing. The servers were super nice. They have a great looking variety of food and drinks on their menu. For a brand new place that was packed the food came out in timely manner and tasted great. Will definitely come here again. Oh, and if you haven't seen Captain Marvel check it out!

Andrew torres

The movie theater is nice. The seats are comfortable and over all movie watching experience was nice. I however did not have good service. My wife and I got to the movie about 30 minutes before our movie start time and we were the 1st in …

Bethany Beckham

Came here on a double date night and they have HEATED SEATS!!!! I was in movie heaven. Food was good, theater was clean and we had a great time. Wish all the theaters were this great!

Jamarick Simmons

We loved the atmosphere here. They have heated seats and good food options. Also, the bar is really nice. The recliners don't recline back as far as you'd think and they don't sell ICEE's but overall the place is cool. Enjoyed movie!

D Dill

We went to Cut! for the first time today and we had a great experience. I've read some of the earlier reviews and it looks like they have worked out a lot of their growing pains. Our servers were quick, efficient, and courteous. Our food …

Robert Gill

I watched the Lion King with my girlfriend and her 2 small children. The theater was clean, had comfy chairs, and good picture and sound quality. Our food and drinks came out timely, and the burgers are yummy. Yet the staff never came …

Dashanie Crosby

Yes I love it its just like studio movie grill but prices are affordable.

Bridgette Graham

Its a nice place took relax and eat & watch a movie. Only bad thing was food came out it took a while for drinks to be brought out. Drinks should always be first. Other than that it was a great experience.

Rajender Ravula

This theater is new and every is great about this theater. On top of that this theater is like 5-10 minutes away from where we stay. This is the huge factor that would pull us to this theater.

Cindy Jones-Nyland

What a great addition to our neighborhood! Great theatre, amazing seats and service. We enjoyed a Sunday matinee of Wonder Park and had a fun time. Hunter provided excellent service. Highly recommend checking it out.

Arun Vishwanathan

We went there for the first time to watch the "ENDGAME" Avengers movie and it was a blast. Seats were comfortable and the service was great. Prior to the start of the movie, the waiters took in our orders and we got our drinks and popcorn as the movie trailers were playing. The movie theatre itself is very ritzy and inviting, and its the kind of place you can go to even if you don't watch a movie there. The cocktails were well done, and the popcorn was pretty good (with clarified butter), although a tad bit salty. The sound was awesome, and a good time was had by all. We will be going back ...


Brand spanking new movie theater. Comfortable recliners with warmers. Friendly staff. Very modern, has hotel feel to it. Has their brisket nachos. They were a bit cold, the queso was saltier than I would like but overall they were good. I …

Reginald Wilcox Jr.

This brand new theatre is beautiful and very welcoming. Kevin and Mary were the host for the show I was watching and their customer service is top-knotch! I went to see Joker on a weekday for a matinee and got to experience the beauty of the venue in all it's glory. If you watch a show in XD the best seats are the top 3 rows. Try to sit a little to the left or right from direct center


Our server Wednesday night (8/7/19), Nathalie, was the best! She not only reminded me to give her my Cinemark member info so that I could take advantage of discounts towards concession treats, she was very friendly, took great care of us …


We saw Black and Blue last night. The movie was awesome and the seats are comfortable and the convenience of the kiosk for buying tickets and printing them is convenient and easy to use. More theaters should have this. My husband and I got the chocolate chunk brownie w/ice cream. Too small to split but it was very good.

Amy K

Love it here! This is such a cool new theater, very nice outdoor area and lounge. The food was a bit pricey, but I don't think it costs any more than other dine-in theaters. Awesome for date night or a night out with the family.

Mike Serrano

Overall a very good take on a dine-in theater. Recommend this one over any other in the DFW area at this time. Theater - comfortable, plenty of room between isles so you don’t bother anyone else. Seats are comfortable and view was good even in the lower rows. The call button is in between the seats next to your legs (hard to find at first). Service - Excellent. Plenty of staff. Drinks came out quickly, popcorn even faster. Response time was very fast. Even though plenty of staff walking around it didn’t bother the movie experience one bit. The bar has some very good drinks. Recommend the ghost margarita.

Samira Bahsoon

This was a end the spring break week with some fun time, and we always go to cinema Frisco Square, and my sister in Prosper, told me about their new location in prosper , and that the kids will have fun with the games, food and nice seats, I must say... It was clean and well kept! What got me about our experience there was that each staff I came across was friendly and had a smile. Very helpful, from the greeter at the ticket line, to the waiters in the restaurant_ Peyton was awesome! and my son commented that the staff was attentive... the managers are doing an awesome job training the staff, they had an atmosphere of together among themselves! I was impressed and I’ll be returning! I hope it continues!!Thank You for making it an experience!!! My kids are not new or rare to the movie theater so to feel them really enjoying being at this location and they told me they it was fun was worth it! Great Place!

Renee Savage

So clean and great service. Movie seats spacious and comfortable with heat. Food was good my grannies ate 2 pizzas wings were good to.

Justin Stone

This theater was great! It was a late showing on a Sunday night, so not a lot of people there, server/ theater attendant was very friendly and helpful, the seats were really comfortable recliners with a heated option (which the girlfriend loved!),and the food and drinks were delicious! Price is about what you'd expect from a dine in theater and the options are desirable, in my opinion. Definitely will be going back for more movies! Oh, should also mention, there's a nice bar area in the lobby, and an arcade room, and a couple dining/sitting area. Think the lowest price game was $1.00 and you get a game card ghost is rechargeable

michael jackson

I knew from the beginning that this would be another bring food to your seat place. It turned out I had accidentally purchased the prong seat and was directed by a lovely person to the customer service counter. There I saw something rather …

A Cole

Nice theaters. Food and service are terrible. I have been there 6 or so times, and they have yet to get my food order right the first time. Had to wait an hour for food a couple times. Tables are swing away style per seat.

Neil Planick

Great seating (electric heated recliners with tables). Food is okay, menu a bit limited, but service was fast. Nice to be able to have a beer with your movie.

Jen Long

Make sure you watch your receipt!!! I was charged for my meal, plus some random stranger's meal. It took me three days to actually speak to a manager, who took my information and assured me the random stranger's meal would be removed. It was removed, then they added another random meal to my credit card. After two more attempts at getting a manager to help me, I have resigned myself to having two charges on my credit card. This has taken two weeks and is not resolved. DO NOT believe they will help you. I will find another theater to visit.

Jacob Geary

Love love this place. Food is good not great but again it is a theater so you get what you pay for. The only complaint I have is the last 2 times I have gone my chair wasnt working but come to find out it was just unplugged under heath the seat so that's not their fault I dont expect them to check every seat before a movie.

Jay B

The place is clean, spacious, and welcoming. Don't know who did the menu but NOTHING has taste. I understand that this isn't a restaurant but they can at least use salt. I've never had a pizza that tasted like water or a burger with no taste. NEVER. Weirdest thing ever. Use SALT people. A sprinkle or two wouldn't hurt. Love this place as a movie theater and its convenient location but I will eat before I go here again.

Elaine Howell

What an experience! Reclining seats, food service to my seat, beautiful bathrooms, and friendly staff make this my number one place to see a movie.

Nick Abbott

Novel concept. Great food really surprising. Beatb thing is you can have a few drinks and refill popcorn without leaving your show. Keep it up Cinemark


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