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2601 Brazos Blvd, Euless, TX 76039 Located in: Glade Parks

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REVIEWS OF Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas IN Texas

Michael Nolan

What can I say? I work here for less than a month. Only made $7.25 on 40 hours a week. I would have stayed only if the management was a little more professional. The only professional manager there was Ruth. I moved on to where I am making $25 + tips at DFW International Airport in a restaurant. I am happy here at DFW.

Ashleigh Davis

The service is excellent!! I would know... I am also an employee. Mon or Tues are when I usually watch a movie. The seats are comfortable and soft leather. Meal oders are delivered right to your seat as the show plays. Staff if fun/family friendly. And great grown folk drinks. Ticket prices are not bad for a luxury theater.

Jared Decker

Very fun experience experience in a clean and modern environment. Food was good. Chairs are comfortable. Staff are friendly and professional. However, make sure they have your order correct.

Hector Mejia

I love this place, I come at least twice a month. The atmospheres is lovely, the prices are reasonable, and the seats in the theater room are simply amazing. The service is also fantastic, never had any real issues out of all the many times I’ve come. Management is also very nice, they actually make an effort to help when issues happen. David Judd for example, very attentive and friendly. I had an issue with my tickets for avengers on opening weekend, and even though he was incredibly busy he still made an effort to actually help and resolve my issue. I cannot express enough how much I love this place, and I will surely continue to enjoy my movies to come here.

reptar cereal

This place is super clean the seats are great! I dont go to dine in so the food is a non factor for me. Normally bring in a starbucks coffee to enjoy during the movie. I don't think theres a matinee ticket price if so it's not cheap still about $9 or $10 but I dont mind for the clean environment and the staff is always super, super friendly (the second super was not a typo!)

Miguel Estrada

Good view from 7th floor. Staff was attentive

Amy Betancourt

Loved this place! Brought my family to watch a movie while we are on vacation & we absolutely enjoyed our experience! The staff was very friendly & helpful.

Milagros Patterson

This is the 2nd time I've gone to Cinepolis. Both times I ordered the pulled pork fries and yesterday when I got it it was cold the waiter came and took it back and they did bring me another Luke warm pull pork fry I don't know what it is about heating up the pork and ensuring that it is cooked the fries were hotter then the pork I just don't seem to get it. I was about to send the plate back for a second time but that my husband took it away I don't mind paying for food at a certain price but I have an expectation when it comes to it being serve. the wings I ordered also were lukewarm I manage to eat them very quickly. Overall I didn't enjoy my dinner last night the movie was great

Auggie Rodriques

EVERYTIME we go there’s something wrong. The theater is being cleaned 10 mins PAST movie start time, understaffed, we DON’T get our food we ordered, or when we do, it’s 1.5 hours into the movie, their order system is down and orders are lost, the recliners (or lights) don’t work, the menus are the wrong menus with food they do not serve...... I think you get the picture. Not ONE time has this place satisfied our needs. Absolutely the WORST movie/diner we’ve ever experienced!!!!!!

K Clark

Easy access. Nice bar

Tracy Glidewell

Too expensive. Lots of fruit flies in the soda area.

cody carson

First time attending here, after ordering 2 cocktails, 2 candies, 2 waters and a medium popcorn well before the movie started with the first server, we waited maybe 30+ minutes into the movie before hitting the button to check on our order. Another 5-10 minutes goes by and finally someone who was not our original server comes by and asks what we needed. We told him we had placed an order and still had not yet received it. He was polite and said he would check on it. 10 minutes later goes by and we received half our order with no napkins for the popcorn. So I again push the button, same dude comes up, and I told him what was missing. This time was more prompt. I get it, it was a Friday night, and our showing was later in the evening but similar style dine-in movie theaters without "LUXURY" in their name have provided more prompt service.

Angelica Reyes

It's always clean and never crowded.

Alliyah Edwards

Amazing movie theater. Nice atmosphere, clean, good food, and great service. Great place for date night

Raisean Larai

This was a beautiful venue. The service was exceptional.

Paul Mampilli

Now this is what is called watching a movie in style. The family watched Shazam and the entire experience was delightful. The staff at the Cinepolis were very polite and helpful. The parking is fantastic, loads of place. The environment was very luxurious and the food was not too bad. To be able to recline and watch a lovely movie was a true pleasure. For the price charged I do believe it's worth it. Take your family and go experience this place. You won't regret it. Btw don't forget to try the games in the lobby. The gentleman manning the counter is super friendly and he wants you to win.

Faisal Khowaja

It was nice place to take family there and enjoy movie and dinner.

Adriana Blue

Too expensive. $5.50 for a bottle of water? What a joke. Gave 2 stars because the chairs and employees are very nice!! Please lower the prices...for a saturday night the place should be packed.

Akash Arora

Good ambiance. Expensive tickets and good location. Service is VERY slow as it took almost an hour for my wine to come out. Food menu is Extremely limited but tasted decent. Wouldn't really go back.

Angelo Styles

Great food and great service. Don't elect fine dining and you'll be ok. Expect any stadium tipper service and you'll get it

Dane Tessler

Nice theater. Non heated seats. Movie stopped half way through and started over. Got a refund and left.

iruoma Ginigeme

Really amazing experience. My food which was just popcorn nd a milkshake came out late but it was good

Syllabic Zero

Loved it best movie theater ever. The seats reclined and you could order food from inside the show room


First time experience was pretty good. Will try there food next time since we already ate before going here for a movie experience. Reclining seats and very neat and clean. Bathroom was clean and smelled terrific.

Claribel Hernandez

I went to watch Hobbs and Shaw with my family. Parking lot was empty so it was easy to find a close up parking spot. I got my tickets printed out from the kiosk and also ordered food. I went up to the register to ask for the food and they told me to “go scan my tickets at the booth and the food would register to my seats and be brought to me”. 25 min passed by and I decided to check what was going on and purchase water. The young lady up front said it would be another 5 min and they will bring it to me. I said okay thanks. Another 20-25 min passed by and I had enough. I Walked to the front and asked where was the food the young lady said it would be done shortly. I asked to speak to the manager who said “they could not find me” I told her what do you mean why could you guys not catch it before hand when I came down 25 min ago. The manager could not give me a straight answer or explain anything. She was unhelpful. I asked “how long will it take to get my food?”. She said “15-20 min” I told her to give me a refund because I was not going to wait anymore. This theater has poor management and needs to have a better system.

Liz Mendez

Love this theater! Seats are great and the food is not your ordinary movie theater food. I cant wait to go back!

Rebecca Iroha

Excellent seats!!! And pleasant and helpful staff! The popcorn is really good. By far my favorite movie theater.

Tins Flynn

The movie experience was awesome and the popcorn was novice and hot and delicious. The nachos were the best.

Christine M

Your typical movie theater but quieter. For the price I wish they would at least wipe off the tabletops at the chairs. Overall nice place

Mark Moccaie

One of my favorite places to watch a

Kervon Hamid

The Cinema is REALLY nice, with an extremely upscale look and feel. The theaters are very well appointed with great lighting and VERY comfortable loungers. As for the food and drinks, they are some of the best that I've had at other similar style of movie theaters. This is definitely a good place for a date (day or night)!!


My wife and I really like this place it's a little bit expensive. There is a bar in the lobby. You can order at your seat food or drinks. The seats are very large and they are electric powered recliners.

Neil David

I hope this theater gets better because it's in a great location down the street from me. The accommodations are very comfortable and it shows a great selection of movies. However, the service is really lacking. During our last two visits, we had nobody take our order, and we even arrived early.

Luis Torres

Is an amazing theater honestly, is the best, I would recommend to take your date there cause it’s in downtown and is beautiful especially at night

Rob B.

Nice concept decent theatre selection of movies needs work

Cameron Snodgrass

Very new upscale facility. Good selection of soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, and snacks. In theater comfy reclining chairs

jean rojas

Had a date here. Had a great time. Odd thing about this movie theater it doesn't really have bad seating. Every seat is at the right angle and the right level. It was oddly surprising

B.J. Davis

Great food & atmosphere! We shared a burger & fries. Margarita night!

Jessica Rose Valenzuela

Got to enjoy the movie here with my husband. No long lines for the popcorn coz they'll serve you on your seat! The screen was so nice as if the animated movie was a real one, super hd. And not to mention the crowd, it felt like we're on a private movie house.

Tyler Hein

I am appalled at this theater. I will never go back. When we got into the theater we didn't have any menus at our seats so I had to get up to find one. Our food came out freezing cold and was barely edible. They also forgot my dipping sauces I requested. We ordered a drink before the movie even started, and the drink didn't come out until the last 10 minutes of the movie even though we asked FOUR times. Who wants to watch a whole movie with no drink? Absolutely unacceptable. The sound was also really poor. I added a star because the theater itself was really beautiful and upscale. The service however is awful. I would recommend look cinema, it's a bit of a drive but the food and service is really impeccable.

स्वीकार कार्की

It was my first time visiting this theater. Nice and clean theater. Comfortable recliner seats. Clean restroom. Great location near shopping area. Pleasant and helpful staff. Food is very expensive. Overall I loved the theater.


This place is luxurious and clean. I felt like a celebrity and was treated as such. Food and drinks were made in a timely fashion and the waiter was very sweet. Can't wait to come back.

Mildred Green

Luxury theater and the prices are more than decent. I like going here for new movies, they need more locations!

C. Isaac Diaz

Literally walked out of this theatre as were waiting 45 for simple fountain drinks. Not to even mention the apps and popcorn. Such a bummer that a theatre at this caliber has horrible service. If they don’t get better at hiring employees that care about their jobs this place won’t last another year. Waste for money for the investors. Horrible service. Place smells funny to. My son said his seat smelled like poop.

Tiffani Werner

Disappointed to find out that they don’t let you order from your seat. Guess my husband and I are spoiled now. We ordered fried pickles that were $8, they brought them to our seat in a plastic to go box and there were literally 8 pieces so we paid $1 per slice of pickles!! Infuriating!! It’s ok to just watch a movie but there’s way better places to get the full experience. This place is too proud and beyond not worth it.

Monty Kitchens

This theater is very comfortable and the service is impeccable

Cyrs Mo

Great seats, pretty good food, and the sound was awesome. Looking forward to the next movie.

Carl Molsbee

Nice but could use a wipe down between shows , spilled , drinks etc

Daniel Ramos

Nice theater! My only beef is there isn’t many pairs of chairs like some theaters have.

Howard Gunn

had to see Vice. nice place to view. cool popcorn amenities. high price for plain old large tub of regular popcorn. no free refill either.

Peter Fehr

Very nice theatre, will definitely visit again

Connie Scott

Nice, comfortable seats. A 4 because i still think it would be better to place orders from seats rather than at bar.

James Omorodion

Comfortable chairs, the bar is well stocked and the bartenders are experienced.

Jeevan Giri

New and nice...good music system and comfortable place..

Andres Cortez

Went with my son nice place to watch a movie they have recliner seats

Gabriella Garza

Love this place. A little pricey but the atmosphere is great. Clean theater and comfy seats.

jose lujan

Love it. Good. Food a little high. But love this place

Tucker Olson

I was impressed by how large and comfortable the seating was. Add in the convenience of being able to place my food/drink order through their phone app, and I had a very pleasant experience.

Edward Valencia

Nice place, but terrible service! I never received my food order despite being charged for it. After waiting 45 minutes, I stepped out to ask a manager where my order was. He asked what I had ordered and where I was sitting and told me he would get bring my food to me. However, the movie ended and I still had no food. I had to flag him down and show him my bank app to prove I had been charged. He did refund the charge, but it spoiled my experience.

David Mueller

Comfy seats. Not crowded.

Megan Moon

Comfortable recliner seats, good popcorn and immediate service. Didn't try the bar or food other than soda and popcorn

yasser albaroodi

Great place, great service. It was crowded and yet our order came in a timely manner. The sound system was just fine. We watched Aladdin and we know its a musical movie and it was a great experience.


I visited this theater on June 11th to see "MA" at the 6:30PM showing. Upon arriving, my two friends and I purchased our tickets at the kiosk. Afterwards, we order our food and drinks. I order loaded fries, no meat, and add jalapenos. The employee said it would be brought to me. We went to sit at our seats (G8, G7, G6). Cups, candy boxes and other items were already there. I cleaned off the area ourselves. When they employee brought me my food, it had bacon on it. I told him that I asked for no meat (I don't eat meat at all). He said okay and that he'll bring it back correct. When he came back, it was missing the jalapenos. I told him and he said that he'll bring some on the side. He never brought them. Once the movie was over, I asked to speak with a manager. I explain this entire situation to her. Her response was that "we are short staff" and that "the kitchen is our priority". I informed her that my friends and I had to clean our own area and my food was incorrect and never got correct. I then asked for her name. She told me Jasmine. Then I asked for her last name she told me she wasn't giving me that information. I asked for her employee number and she told me that she wasn't giving me that either. I asked for her manager's information. She told me follow her to her office, which I did. Then she asked me to write down my information to give to her manager. I told her no because I can't guarantee that you will give my information to your manager. She then tell me that she isn't giving me her manager's information. I informed her that I was calling corporate to tell them about this situation. She said "okay, and this will be my first complaint". I told her that she was not professional and then she told me that I was yelling at her and that she was calling the police on me. I told her to go ahead and call them, I'm okay with that. She then told me to step outside of her office. I went outside of her office and sat down on the couch. After a couple of minutes her employee walked up to me and asked me to give them my information. I told them no, that I'm asking for the manager's information. She said okay and walked away. She comes back about five minutes later and hands me a card with the general manager's information on it (yes, the information that I couldn't have). Then the police arrives, I explain the situation to one of them and basically they sided with me that I was given the run around just for them to give me the manager's information in the end. Seriously, stop calling the police on us Black people just because you're wrong in a situation.

John Leonardson

Good all around seating and food.

Rick Hawkins

Nice place to see your film. It wasn't at all crowded in this gigantic place with many movie screens. Extremely comfortable with fantastic sound. We didn't purchase food or drink so I can't comment. Nice to have a high end movie house in our area, again.

Roger Barton

The theater itself is pretty large and has some independent movies not normally shown elsewhere. Came here for a mid weekday showing of Apollo 11, a highly rated documentary, and the closest other Cinepolis Luxury Cinemas showing it was Cinepolis Luxury Cinemas

Mitch Stokely

The people at these new theaters are great. The kids are always friendly and do a great job. But the design of these new theaters is horrible and the movies overpriced. It cost almost $80 for three people to see a movie with food. And that’s just popcorn, nachos, and drinks. The screens appear smaller than typical theaters. The aisles are narrower and the lighting is bad. I had bright LED aisle lights shining in my face during the whole movie. The seats are adjustable but poorly designed and m hurt my back even after adjustments. The audio is heavy bass but no middle frequencies and doesn’t extend to the back. My main complaint is the poor design of these theaters. There’s a tiny parking lot in the front so if you don’t get there early prepare to park far away. There’s no trees so it’s all concrete. Ugly and unappealing. Everything in the entrance is metal and concrete. Most of these new theaters are just not designed or architected for people. It’s just a cheap shoddy building. The food was terrible. They gave me a cup and so when I went to fill my drink I had to go to one of those machines that told me it was out of regular coke after pressing 4 buttons to tell me that. Why can’t we have a normal soft drink dispenser that the minute you tap the machine you can see it’s out? The nachos were just a plastic bag of chips with some luke warm cheese squirted into a tiny plastic corner. Really really bad food! In the old days they would hand us a large paper bowl filled with real chips and a large cup of queso they ladled from a cooker. This is just trashy microwave food. I do not recommend this theater or any of the new ones built in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Go to the old theaters if you must. It’s just a terrible experience, overpriced, and better to stay home and make your own movie experience.

Taliver Heath

Food delivered directly to seats, very, very nice seats, nearly lay flat. Definitely makes it worth going to the cinema. Best theatre I have ever been in.


Nice seats, good food

Joshua Horner

Great atmosphere, very clean establishment. Super friendly staff, we were waiting for a flight out of Dallas and they were more than happy to hold our luggage for us while we watched a movie! Very helpful. Highly recommend.

Enny Nicole

The seats are great. I enjoy watching movies here. I just hate the services so much. Every time I come here, there’s just something wrong with the service. You charge a premium for your movies so you should get it right about your services. It pisses me off so much that you serve water in a stupid plastic cup like I’m a child. You can do better! How is it difficult to do a simple refund and charge me the correct way you were supposed to charge me and my friend in the first place. Split the bill and you didn’t. So I asked for a refund and a manager was telling me he doesn’t think he can do a refund and then charge correctly. How am I supposed to believe that a place like this can’t carry out one of the simplest transactions.

Santosh Vaghela

The only way to watch a movie. Seats are super comfortable. Staff is friendly. Screen and sound are awesome.

Cristi Marashi

Delicious food, friendly staff.

Christopher Gagnon

The nicest movie theater I have ever been to. I was visiting from out of state and I'm glad I chose Cinepolis. Everything from the lobby to the bathroom was sparkling clean and smelled incredible. All the staff were extremely friendly and knowledgeable. The theater itself was immaculate with giant power reclining leather seats with moveable side tables. The seats go so far back you could take a nap if you wanted to. The picture was extremely crisp and clear and the surround sound and bass completely blew me away with it's clarity and it's capabilities. Apparently you can order food at concession and they will deliver it to your seat. Although I didn't try any food the people who did seem to throughly enjoy it. My only wish is that we had a Cinepolis in my state. I know without a doubt that it would be my go to cinema.

Sam Valdez

Nice clean place, comfortable seats and great snacks!!

Lee Levy

The theaters are great. The chairs are plush and comfortable. Drinks are very slow to arrive. The food was not bad, it wasn’t gourmet but it was ok.

Cristal Ontiveros

Beautiful theatre. Order our food before our movie started and towards the end of the 2 hour movie our items were still not out.beveeyone seem ro get refills and more orders and we couldnt even get our drinks and popcorn.

Elisa Bravo

Place is very elegant, the seats in theater are big and comfy reclinable.

Chadrick Adams

It was a great environment good for my situation.

Cyrus Shah

We have been going here since it opened. We used to love it. Service and atmosphere were great. But now, it seems that the service gets worse and worse as time goes on. Last night the drinks got there 30 minutes after the food. I hope they get it together soon.

Fernando Ochoa

I went on an interview, LINDA the events MGR. was very professional courteous gave me a short tour of the business and their movie menu is quite exciting, highly recommend this place

Ronald Jenkins

High-end establishment. Very clean and pleasant environment. The screen and sound system were perfect. The Texas burger was one of the best I've ever had. Parking garage is accessible from Victory Blvd. You can get your parking ticket validated at the front counter. Great experience!

Lauren Oakes

I love this movie theater. Warning, concessions are pricey but they already delivered to your seats. You select your seats when you purchase your tickets. So nice to have the option to reserve your seating online. Everything is clean and sets are roomy. You have a built in tray as well as room and, the ability to recline your seat. Bathrooms are clean. Staff are friendly. This place has quickly become my go to theater.

Darshan Hiremath

Awesome theatre. Comfortable seats. An upscale version of Studio movie grill with reasonable pricing.

Tabi G

Had a fantastic experience. Food was good, had a nice bar and clean..will def be coming back

Linda Siu

This place is super clean, offers great dishes that they bring to your seat, and has a bar to meet up after dinner and before the movies.

Corban Garcia

Great experience, tickets are pricey but worth it.

Madison Rainbow

The movie theater we've all been waiting for in the Downtown/Victory Park area!! Super comfortable recliner seats, clean and spacious. Full food and drink menu available from your seat, with happy hour! Movies are $12 before 2pm! Highly recommend!!

Sabrina Jordan

Great Experience.. I've had so much fun my last 6 visits. We had a Waiter with the name badge of 'Jett' he was very nice as well as efficient. I also noticed the staff supports their co-workers. Thanks Jett


Nice and modern feel. Great service despite kitchen being backed up. Order on the app before you go in. Comfortable accommodations.

Christopher Lirot

Very overpriced food, small portions and it wasnt even good. Theatre itself is nice but the food really was not good.

James Merry

Clean and comfortable. Nothing much else to say.

Jasmine Jones

I’ve been here several times before because this theater is located in my apartment complex. Well, gone are those days. Today I saw a movie mid day which still managed to have loud teenagers in it - but fine, that’s life so give them a pass. But to add insult to injury I order a draft beer at the bar and the bartender literally cashes me out, LEAVES to go talk to another employee and is gone for a good chunk of time only to come back and say sorry for the delay. As much as tickets, food and beverages cost here...unacceptable. The place is clean, convenient and nice but the customer service is either really good, or really bad. No in between.

David H

Made us all wait in the hallway to get in the theater, got let in 5 min after the movie was supposed to start. Waited 1.5 hrs for my cold flat bread pizza and 2 hrs and multiple questions on where my Diet Coke was until I just went and got it myself. Never got an apology, nothing was comped. I will never be back to this location again. The place itself is amazing, but they need new management. I would love to go back just for the theater, but can’t bring myself to do it.

Danielle Albers

They keep the temperature a little on the high side, but it was still ok. They just changed the large cup that was 44 oz to a smaller like medium size, but kept it at the same super high price!!! At least with that big cup we could share with a date but now it seems like we run out early while eating the popcorn. At least lower the price so we can afford to buy 2 drinks

Elizabeth Dunphy

Nice, comfortable seating. The popcorn and nachos/cheese tasted so much better than Cinemark. The place is pricier than Tinseltown and Rave but definitely much nicer.

Hannah Ashley

I give 4, only because I’ve never eaten the food there so I don’t know how that aspect is. But theaters are big and comfy, kiosk are easy to use, could use a little more parking spaces in front but there’s plenty more you just have to walk a little during busy hours. Their systems were down once, they could take cards and let us see the movie for free. Nice!

Kylan Hoss

I love this place, we go there all the time! The seats are amazing, and the food is great. I don’t usually worry about the food when I go to a movie, but this showtime happened to be around dinner time and we figured why not kill two birds with one stone! I highly recommend this theatre.

Tyrel Starling

Great atmosphere, staff was really slow. I ordered the garden pita with chicken that was missing the avocado. My drinks didn't come til the movie was just about over. Comfortable seating. Seemed under staffed for a weekend.

Kevin Marlow

They have a long way to go, to compete with the other theaters in the area. They charge more for a regular ticket than anyone else without offering anything different. And what they do have to offer, isn't as good as anyone else. There aren't any options for a better audio or visual experience, like Dolby or Imax. The theaters are very small and aren't as comfortable as others. Though they offer food options, they are limited and not very good quality or taste. You also have to order out in the lobby, then they'll deliver it to you. There aren't any options for ordering from your seat. Actually, I think you are supposed to be able to order using their app, but that doesn't work. I wouldn't mind any of these things, if they didn't charge so much for their tickets.

Muhammad Kazim

Great movie theater. Love the recliners. Can't miss $5 Tuesdays.

Matthew Frazier

Love the seating ... encountered no kids which is my preference for movies

Mbf Fau

Nice theater stadium style seating it being a new place it smells new the seating is very comfortable it has reclining seats tray for your food cup holder. You order your food when you buy your tickets and they do not come to check on you so if you want another food item you must go to the lobby to the refreshment stand. My wife and did enjoy our visit but this was not a cheap date.

josejjg85 g

Great place to take a first date or even the family. Although it may take a bit longer to get seated sometimes the staff take a bit to finish cleaning

kevin p

The view is cool, what really killed my vibe was the bartender named arsaely. she has an attitude with everyone

Kimberly Coburn

Very nice seats .had a great time

joy goode

Excellent service. Fab drinks and great food. I am spoiled.

Ron Burgundy

Just saw Toy Story here. Very enjoyable. They do the $5 tickets on Tuesdays to. Whole theater was very clean. Screen was perfect. Will definitely be back. Plus this is the only place I've seen actual popcorn choices - caramel, Cheetos, and regular. Very neat.

Mohammad Taslim Reza

Extremely clean, high class and new movie theater. The amenities can be compared to a high class hotel. The staffs are so nice and helpful. Its now one of my top list movie theater. Highly recommend. The seats are comfortable, spacious and full reclining. A perfect movie theater experience. The check in is also fast.

Courtney Smith

Big comfortable automatic reclining chairs. Good food and drink menu. Service was great. Facility was clean. I will definitely be back.

Bianca Rezzonico

I won't visit here again. The seats are okay but the sound sucks. The volume isn't loud nor does it surround you to give you the vivid loudness all around you like you are literally with the orchestra watching the movie. All of the volume is towards the front. If you care about loudness to get the total experience of a good movie and your money worth this place will leave you disappointed. I would suggest another theater but you're going to have to Google it.

Kari Adigun

We go all the time & the service is wonderful. Rodrieck the General Manager is amazing. He goes above & beyond. He made my son so happy tonight by finding one last Aladdin cup. Thanks again for your #1 customer service.

daniel aguilar

It was the best time I've had in a movie theater in a while. Seats were amazing.

Nick Robinett

Tuesday 8:30pm showing of Avengers. Movie theater didn’t open the doors until 5 minutes after the start for the movie. Avengers End Game ruined by the entire movie theater complaining about not getting food or drinks, then re-complaining when the food came out cold. No attempt to comp the checks, not even an apology. Movie theater itself is beautiful. Could be a great experience if they even had decent service.

Johnny Swindler

This place is VERY clean from the entrance, to the bathrooms, to the theater..its clean. Food is very good and the seats are ridiculously comfortable.

Lavada Bailey

Absolutely love it here. The only way to watch a movie in the Theater

Kattina Bryan

Great atmosphere. Took my grandsons to see Toy Story the seating and staff made this a great relaxing outing with the children. Great food, great price.

Anna Perales

It's very pretty and fancy , I loved it

Patrick White

Maybe the best movie theater I’ve been to

Kenneth Hargis

Awesome place. Plenty open parking first off. Clean restroom..friendly staff nice seating clean theater..

Shaquanda Afoke

The place is always clean and the staff is always nice. I usually go during business hours with my toddler, so it's never really busy

Toshi Hines

The chicken wings were so delicious. The small table attached to the chair in the theater was a little wobbly and uneven. Loved the overall experience.

Jose Vazquez

Worst experience at a movie theater ever the movie theater it’s self was hot and checked it at 88 to 92° I ordered my meal Popcorn drink and a shake before the movie started never got it even though I paid upfront in cash and when asked to get my refund I had to go through three managers who kept giving me the runaround and on top of all that I ended up in the hospital because of the heat And my Sugar dropped you would think for $20 a ticket You’d be well taken care of well absolutely not again WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!!!!!!

Val erie

Beautiful cinema❤ Food is just OK. I ordered the sliders. Gross. I ordered 3 slider plates for my 2 daughters and I ..and one of my daughters could not finish the first slider (the meat was weird, definitely didn't taste like beef). I ended up sending hers back and our server saw that I only ate one out of 3 sliders and ended up taking 2 of the slider plates off the ticket which was really sweet because I was still going to pay for mine even if I no longer wanted it, so I'm very appreciative that Brandon look out for me and did what was right. Outstanding customer service! Also dont leave without trying the caramel popcorn, its SO delicious, nice and warm. we ordered the large and shared between us 3 and we STILL had tons leftover!

Anil Shah

Luxirious and comfortable seats and good customer service. Neat facility.

Montana Buendia

Great service, quick, efficient, everyone is super nice! Food was good too. Worth it to watch a movie there!

J Bru

Best movie theater I've ever been to..

Priyank Patel

Cinepolis is amazing. The seats were very comfortable. Concession/ popcorn and drinks were amazing. Restroom was nice and clean. Overall a nice place to come watch a movie with family and friends.


Great theater, loved the fountain drink setup to the side, also liked how easy it was to get to any theater inside, not a long walk to the theaters. Stairs inside the theaters could be a little shorter, but do allow a lot of privacy per row.

Leslie Graeme Fullerton

Clean, friendly, great staff, on line tickets were easy, and Gabby looked after us really well.


So, I've visited this place several times and it seems to be the same each time I go. Poor service. The food is just OK the drinks are pretty good but the service is horrible. Today there were only 4 of us in the entire theater and our service was terrible the fries were cold, the drinks were not so good and again the service was terrible. This theater is very nice and Comfortable

Michelle Hall

Seats were fabulous! Ordering from our seats was great, but the food was just meh. Staff was very helpful and energetic. I'd recommend and go again but probably try the popcorn instead of the burger.

Jeff Parker

This place is VERY nice. In fact, this whole area is super elegant and modern with lots to do.

Dorinda Hunter

I absolutely love this theater. The ambiance, the class...great place. Even across the street there are lots of things to do. Nice area.

Gordon Burns

Very nice, very clean theater. Good concessions. Very large and comfy reclining seats that are clearly embroidered with the seat numbers. A nice touch as it makes your seat easier to find. Wish I'd found it sooner. It's a little tricky to find it if you don't know the area and don't use navigation. Not easily seen from 121.

Joel Gutierrez

The movie experience was great. The only downside was that I did not like the drinks tasted. I'll be back

Emanuel Retana

Must say a local of Dallas and being that the usual is AMC 30, AMC Northpark, Alamo etc this place tops it all in professionalism and efficiency. Not to mention the seats and the convenient service button that summons your waiter in almost no time! Kudos to my server Brandon he was funny and pleasant and quick lol Been here once I will never go to any other theater the price is trumped but the atmosphere and quality of experience. Not to mention perfect for dates not as packed as Studio Movie Grill and there drinks are reasonable but text book in quality!

Gabriel Seamen

Atom Tickets worked great at the kiosk, one of the best experiences I've had with that. Nice motorized seats, best in class real 3d experience. Check it out!

Keller Whitlock

Super nice movie theater! Delicious gourmet popcorn and yummy entrée choices! Perfect place for a date or to watch a movie with friends.

Esequias D Hernandez

I loved their extra comfy chairs

Review ER

Very nice and new. Reasonable prices.

Lindsey Albright

It was fun to be 7 stories up and the place was way comfy. The popcorn was super good. Unfortunately, our service call button didn't work or they just flat out ignored us. I'm not sure which but I left the movie to get popcorn and we didn't get to eat dinner there, as intended.

Matt Campbell

Good seats, decent theater quality but the sound was not loud enough. Despite reserved seats that we intentionally purchased away from others about half way through some teenagers, who were obnoxious and loud, decided to move into the seat's next to taking away from the movie for us. Not the worst but certainly not ideal. All in all for a Friday evening it was relatively open and except for a crying baby and typical teenage annoying girl (hard to avoid either at a movie theater) it was pretty decent.

Kent English

Service was very good but food was disappointing. The chicken had no flavor and was a bit dry. Movie tickets are too high just for the option of ordering cocktails at an eat-in theater.

Stan Waller

Great place to see a movie, seating is spacious and very comfortable. Ticket prices are reasonable but the concessions are ridiculous. Bottle of water for $6.50, chicken sandwich for $11.50, box of candy $8.50

George Acosta

Super clean very nice place sits very comfortable little pricey on the food but it was good. Drinks good too.

Norma Rivera

$5 Tuesdays are the best!

church mickel

Clean and in a nice area.

Kristin Jenkins

We’ve been here in the pm before, and rate that 5 stars. Today, we came in at 10 am. Not nearly as good. I recommend to management you stop morning service. ‘Out of’ coffee cups? Server didn’t know what a Screwdriver was. No brunch menu. These things don’t happen at Alamo. If you are a luxury cinema, it has to be run really well.

Allyson Baugh

We went at 1:30 pm and the theater wasn't busy. Everything went smoothly from parking to tickets and buying snacks from the concessions. Seats were comfy. Theater was cold. Next time we'll bring jackets. :)

Monica Cline

Really nice theater, the sit are comfortable... Service in the other hand was ok, they took forever to get my drink and when I got it it was not the one I ordered.

Frank Khoshgam

One of my favorite movie theaters. The reclining leather seats are comfortable to say the least. The concession stand is typical of any other movie theater with the exception of them having Cheetos cheese popcorn (really good) in addition to standard popcorn. The food menu looks very appetizing and they have alcoholic beverages as well. The movie theater is kept pretty clean and the staff is very attentive. I haven’t figured it out yet but the theater is never very busy which personally is to my liking. Always a good movie experience! Enjoy

Cheryl Love

Clean modern theater, good food but a little pricey, $9 for a hotdog.


The theater is very nice, clean and comfortable. Came on a Tuesday for the $5 tickets, the prices at the bar and concession stand are ridiculous, so ill be sticking to my studio movie grill.

Jacob Webb

Food was good. Seats have been hit or miss. Been 3 separate occasions, some of the seats appear to have been installed improperly and the bottom cushion leans to the right pretty heavily. If you get a properly functioning seat it is a nice experience.

Danielle A

Look, I was expecting it to be really nice. And for the most part, it was. It was expensive for a theater experience that wasn't the best I've ever had, but certainly wasn't the worst, either. My five stars aren't for the slight lack of interior architectural aesthetic, or the fact that the recliner seats are the best I've ever sat in.... they're for the fact that despite you pay around $8.00 for a large Icee--- it's a MASSIVE Icee. As a child at heart, this was a huge win. I like the section in the back they had for Dumbo, but there wasn't anyone back there even if kids wanted to play the games! They can do more with that back section!

Leo Griggs

Came here on a rainy night excited to enjoy a movie and dinner with my girlfriend. Ordered a bottle of wine, quesadillas and a milkshake before the movie started-most of it came at the last 30 minutes minutes of a two hour movie and the milkshake came melted. The wine never arrived and we were still charged for it. We tried to talk to the manager after the movie to ensure the wine would not be on our final bill and she was rude, unhelpful and not able to handle removing the bottle of wine from my credit card. Terrible service. Comfortable chairs. Great movie.

Rex Cumming

Terrible service. Their food order system "needed a reboot" and we never heard from them again. Many people waited way over an hour for basic orders. Since they never took my order, ( a sever came by and turned off my order light) I went to the concession to order, no one was there. When they finally showed up they were busy just handling and staging the in- theater food. Very disappointing. Have to give them kudos for the great design and seating though. And the screen and sound were great.

Cheryl Smith

This theatre is nice great seats. But prices are expensive. And need better food.

Bernardo Cortez

Clean, upscale, comfy seats. Not a fan of waiting in line (25 minutes) just to order food.

Neasie Boggess

The movie theater was beautiful but the management and organization was horrible. They tried to overcharge us and then got an attitude about it when we asked about it. We never received our food or drinks and they weren't even apologetic about it. Management blamed the poor one server who had to take orders for the whole theatre. Management told us that half of their staff quit and their systems went down and that's why no one received their food. I felt management should've chipped in to help their staff even if they had to serve and cook it themselves. That's called supporting your team. Please do better next time.

Lonjee Garth

Nice staff, clean location and comfortable chairs

Eric Soden

The facility is very nice. The service isn't great which is a little frustrating. We pushed our call button and no one came, multiple times. It's been like this every time we've been there.

Josefina Perez

We started coming to this cinema about a year ago, I loved it! Everything was nice and clean and our dinner servers were very attentive and helpful... well, that lasted! As time went by and re-revisited this particular location, service has been next to mediocre. We always have to wait for a long time after the blue light went on for someone to show up and then the food took twice as long! Food had not been great, but we kept thinking it would be different. Last night did it! Again, we waited for service for a very long time and then our food took sooooo long to be delivered that my sandwich was really cold! I ate the bread as I was hungry, but left the entire chicken breast and then brought it to the server's attention. His response was "Oh, the sandwich was probably left on the kitchen counter for a very long time" yeaahhh ... MAYBE! I was still charged for the sandwich because I ate the bread! LOL Margarita was great! Kudos to the bartender... other than that, everything but the movie was a fiasco! Chairs are dirty! Going back to my old good cinema LOOK, in Addison!

Sheeva Shahinfar

Came here for a late showing of a movie. During the ads, I came to get some candy, and they had closed down the registers. I wanted to thank Jasmin and Alexis for helping me out and opening a register just to keep me happy with my candy! Clean movie theater and comfortable seats as well.

Jaime Chavarria

Excellent place to see movie....lounge seats are great.

Ingrid García

Didn't like the experience, if I pay +20 bucks per ticket I expect great service. The seats didn't work, we had to sit still, we told the server before the movie began, they didn't offered any other solution than to move us to the front row (when they had more seats in other rows). They brought our order like 20 minutes after the MOVIE began, brought a soda and didn't left a straw, we had to wit 10 min more. Servers where late and interrupting the movie. So, it is a no for me. I love Cinepolis VIP in Mexico, you guys really need to level up.

Les A

Loved the atmosphere. Comfy seats, super clean bathrooms. the only negative thing I didn't like was their popcorn, they were super salty and the drinks were warm with maybe 3 ice cubes. AMC has better concession food.

Stevie Green

On-site staff has been hit or miss, but management and the team that answers the phones went over and beyond to assist with on-site issues as well as online booking issues. The seats are really comfortable, the screens and audio are nice and new, and the snack/drink selection is pretty good (gotta love the Coca Cola dispensers that do like 3 billion flavors).

Adan Hinojosa

Great place to relax. Real comfortable seats. And great service

sean hunter

Love this place. This is my preferred theater

Johan Salvador

The seats are comfortable and the isles are very spacious but the staff is random and often seem very overwhelmed. I've come here a few times and the experience is always different and not in the best of ways.


Found this one as it was the closest one in uptown. Loved the place. Free parking in the garage as long as you validate upstairs. Definitely making this my new go to cinema.

Rian Lowe

Theater itself is nice but bit too much walking in front of you during movie, distracting. They should have policy to stop serving big meals once movie starts. Food up and down. Many times they don't cook it properly or all the way. Have gotten half cooked chicken wings, cold fries and hamburger lukewarm. Certainly not good when you're hungry and for the prices, they need to pay closer attention to what comes out of kitchen like they did when first opened. Gave 4 stars mostly for the venue.

Rob Henke

Love the full service, but the food was meh. Drinks weren't bad. The venue itself is worth it...posh, comfortable environment makes you feel like you're sitting in the comfort of your living room.

Erika Romo

Very nice cinemma. Comfy sofas. Easy to buy tickets.

Christy Williams

Great Movie experience!!! Very comfy chairs and guest service was awesome. Everyone is friendly and enjoys their job.

Dhiraj Jagota

This is an amazing place , totally worth the money. One can relax and stretch on the comfirtable recliners and order food. The picture quality is also very good. This place is easily accessible via an elevator. The floor no. is mentioned on the button inside the elevator

venkata ramana komati

Entertainment place. Nice ambiance

Wesley Hunt

Really enjoyed the movie. The seat we had reserved was broke so we moved a seat over. Told the supervisor and she didnt seem to worried. The theater is nice but kind of pricey.

Tommy E.

Not sure how I feel about this place yet. The theater is clean, the seats are comfy but the sound was absolutely terrible. Barely heard the dialog being spoken. No one was being loud so it was absolutely the sound system of the theater. Snacks are unique (cheetoes popcorn) and expensive which is normal for movie goers to expect. The variety was a welcome change. But they have to get modern sound man... C'mon!

Raquel Vazquez

So not only did my husband get sick from them not turning on the AC the employees were rude, and not wanting to help him. He never got the food, drink, and popcorn he ordered. Then he had to argue for a refund on his concession stand purchases (when I feel they should have refunded the whole thing!). I'm sorry, but for some fancy place where one ticket is 17 bucks I think you would get better services!! Nope Not Cool!!

Dylan Ezell

Better than smg

Ryan Shipley

Seats and food were good. Our server came once to our table and never came back. Had multiple servers to get our drinks and take our food order. Waited over an hour and half for our food and my father had to go to the concession stand to say that he’s been waiting for a while. Food was subpar. Take your money elsewhere.

Danny Williams

Clean comfortable and what you can expect for the money! Download the app and order your tickets there... the food options have improved and its not 17k for a smal popcorn, so its family friendly. I always go here!

DaNesha Goggins

WORST experience imaginable, especially for their prices! My first encounter of what such rude service this theater provided was when i called in to account whether or not I could switch my movie ticket from the Lion king to crawl. The lady was just rude and trying to rush me off the phone I had to repeat my initial question to confirm that she gave me the correct answer. Upon arriving to the theater, we were a little late for our movie, This individual interrupted the young woman initially helping us thinking he could do a better job and we literally waited about 15 minutes for him to figure it out, excuse me he didn't figure it out he had to get some assistance twice to do what we needed him to do. We finally get into our movie and there is not one menu in site. the server at the door was something else! THE WORST SERVICE YOU WOULDNT EVEN EXPECT FROM A PLACE LIKE THIS. A friend of mine went to see the lion king and myself and another friend went to see crawl. Imagine our surprise to find out we both had HORRIBLE service!!!!! I was overcharged and paid for items i did not order. The friend who sent to see the lion king waited over 40 minutes for someone to even take her order she had to go out and ask for a manager. Now next day my friend realizes she left her wallet at the theater, we go back, I address the issue with me being over charged and the manager was aggressively rude like it was my problem that i was overcharged. ugh this place just sucks and I forsure will never return. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY HERE!!!!!!!


Found this place when the other theaters were full and I'm so glad that I did. Very comfortable seating and the staff is wonderful. There is plenty of room everywhere. The theater is very spacious, the bathrooms are clean and modern. I was concerned about where I was going to park but the theater had indoor parking that will be validated by the theater. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone. I really enjoyed myself.

Jameel Nabulsi

This is a great venue. Just wish they had more movie selections. Great service and quality!

garrett poyser

Comfortable seats with electric recliner you can pick your seats when you buy your tickets. They have an app you can use if you wish to order food while staying in the movie. A/C works a lil too well sometimes so bring something to cover up in if you get cold easy.

Eddy Iglesias

Service wasn’t great. They had theater closed for cleaning up until a few minutes of the start time. Missed previews and didn’t get food until end of movie. Theater had malfunctioned waiter call buttons. The manager said that servers would come around and they never came. Several of us had to go seek someone to give orders. Food came and was horrible. I don’t think it’s any of the actual staff’s fault but most likely a poor management issue and possibly understaffed and overwhelmed employees. Movie was good.

Aarez Chaudhry

Very good theater. Me and my friends went to go see Shazam! and it was an amazing experience. The food was good, seats were comfy, and the theater was very clean. Highly recommend.

Al Moreno

Great theater had never been here but will be back. Clean, organized, very, very comfortable recliners & app to order food & have it delivered to your seat. Reserved seating

Karen Wilson

The staff is very helpful and curtious. The cinema and bathrooms are clean. Guests receive 5 hours of validated parking with purchase of a movie ticket. We really enjoyed our visit and will definately return.

Geno Cochino

Had a great time. Seats were wonderful and drinks were just right :)

Shalena Ambroise

For as much as you pay for this theater the staff didn't pay attention to details, my food was delivered to me but my popcorn and soda to another theater but it was all order at the same time. My cousin order pork fries and ask for ketchup but never got it to go on the fries. I hope this was just off night but I wont be visiting anytime soon.

David Escalante

This has always been a great movie theater but when they first opened up the prices were outrageous. They have since dropped their prices to compete with other theatres and now it's well worth the visit

Mark H.

Pretentious, expensive, but very comfortable. The people next to me were the loudest eaters I have ever head. The woman in front of me would not turn her phone screen off. The waiters passed through my view of the screen over and over. We did enjoy the plush leather recliners. The seats are in groups of two, which was also nice. Also, not having been there the ordering process was a bit confusing

Shafi Baig

Excellent place and a truly luxurious experience. Very friendly and courteous staff.

Dick Cassidy

Great theater. Clean, state of the art, Comfortable leather recliner seats. Great sound and great screen.

Hurp Durp

The Full Bar has a great variety of liquors and a great way to start or continue your evening.

LaTasha Williams

This was my first visit. The bar staff was great. Their service was great. Once we went into the movie the service was TERRIBLE! They added item to my ticket that I didnt ask for. They over charged me for items. The manager didnt care or even try to correct the situation. He definitely needs more customer service training. I will not be coming back to this location.

Joe Thacker

Love this place - food , drinks, very comfortable recliners

Josephine Trenkler

Nice experience! Spacious rows and recliner seats with your own personal pivoting tray, that provide almost too much isolation from your neighbors, as I couldn't hold my hubby's hand while watching the movie. Nice service, you order the food and they bring it to you before the movie. Great neighborhood location with easy access to nearby restaurants and neighborhoods.

Andrew B

My friends and I had a wonderful experience at Cinepolis Victory Park earlier this week. After a disappointing experience on an earlier occasion, the new General Manager (Rodrieck Mitchell) personally reached out to us to listen to our feedback. We gave Rod an opportunity to deliver, and he did with flying colors. Now under Rod’s leadership, a group of us went to see another movie at Cinepolis Victory Park. The film viewing experience was excellent and the food service was great and speedy. All of the servers were very diligent and professional. Rod is everything you’d expect to see in a manager—professional, responsive and accountable. His team is following his lead and we are excited for our next great experience at Cinepolis. We definitely will be going back soon!

Robbyt Tish

Very bad experience. You might want to hire more warm than warm bodies to do the job instead of dense employees who don't know what their doing. Those prices I would a better staff of service. $20.00. That assistant manager is rude no smile and just not fun to be around. In fairness the seats are nice.

Arturo Clark

Horrible service at this place. I didn’t receive my drink but my wife got hers, and we noticed multiple other patrons having trouble with their food orders and checks. I decided to ask for a printed copy of my check just to make sure they weren’t charging me for something I didn’t receive. The waiter told me they didn’t know how to print a receipt. Then he offered to reimburse me for our order out of his own pocket. I never asked him for a reimbursement, I just wanted a copy of my receipt. I found the entire ordeal really strange and suspicious. Too bad since the actual theatre and the seats were very comfortable.

ricky andro

The seats were fantastic. Popcorn was way too salty. When I alerted the waiter I was told " that's just how we make it." and wasn't offered another batch. They forgot my sides of ranch, didn't refill my water. The flatbread pizza was average. Generous wine servings! If you park in the garage, you can validate your parking ticket for free parking.

Lavada Hunter

Absolutely love it here. The seats are super big and comfortable. Not crowded. Food is okay but a little pricey for what they offer


Was there a few days ago. Nice facility, brand new. Seating very comfortable. Teenage staff was polite, but not particularly attentive. Food was about 7/10, bit pricey for value received. I will repeat. Overall 4.5/. Feb 12th visit

Jaime Ortega

Our new go to cinema since we moved from Dallas to the Mid Cities Love the loungers and the service is good.. It's not Alamo Drafthouse.. but It's a good quiet cinema.

Monica Garcia

Very nice thought the large popcorn could have been bigger.

Annette Runnels

I guess 4 me,didnt live up 2 the hype but nice

Jamie E.

I will say that this movie theater makes the absolute best Cheetos popcorn. Actually, that is the ONLY reason I’m giving it three stars. However, don’t get too excited because they will NOT let you buy it in any size except small AND it’s $10 per small size you buy. It costs just as much (if not more) to buy the food there as it does to see the movie. My guess is to pay for the automatic reclining seats in the movie theater. The chairs recline. Wow. In my opinion, there is nothing that sets this movie theater apart from the others except that it’s over priced and it has chairs that recline.

Rich Ramos

1st time here, took my 7 yr old to see the new animated Spider man flick. Very clean and comfortable seats, didnt try any snacks but still

C Akinwumi

We drove 1 hr to see Avengers Endgame at your theater. You are supposed to be a luxury movie theater. We ordered food but 1 hour before the movie ended, my six year old daughter wanted a small Icee. I rang for service, someone came and said they would bring one but nobody came back. I rang again for service, said I had asked for one and again, nobody came back. My little girl never got her ICEE - I didn't complain while I was there because it was a three hour movie and I was ready to just go. I do want you to know I will post this on every review website I can find. The waiter service in the beginning was impeccable but having to deal with hassling someone for a darn drink was ridiculous. It seemed like you were understaffed because management was also waiting tables and rushing to get orders in and out so your crew could go onto the next theater. Take care of your staff so they can take care of your guests. I will keep my money and not go out of my way for such an experience, it was a waste of time.

Timothy Genlick

Nice place. A little pricey, even for a theater. Plus it's not like SMG or movie tavern. You can't order food while watching a movie. You have to order it before.

Denise Moreno

They Seriously NEED to upgrade their sound system. ONTOP of not being able to hear the quieter sounds in a horror film, but could hear everybody else's talking.


I miss Mexico whenever I'm not there, I always used to go to this Cinépolis near my house every Wednesday. This Cinépolis is way better than the one back home. I wonder if this one is the equivalent to Cinépolis VIP un MX?

datus short

I love this movie theater


Great Movie Theater. My first time here and we will comeback. Easy parking, a lot of space. Cheap, 2 adults for $17. Big popcorn and 2 cokes $23. Looks very new everything and very clean. Seats are so comfortable, roomy, i felt like i was in my sofa. Screen and Audio EXCELLENT !! Love it. This place is gonna be my favorite one from now on. You can buy your tickets there but also on line.

Karl Arp

Tickets aren't too expensive. The seats are comfortable, and even recline. The food is rather expensive for what you get, though.

Tara Short

Very nice upscale movie theater. Excellent customer service!

Hector Salvador

Such an awesome experience! Great seating, awesome attention, and just the best movie experience. Keep up the good work!

Joshua Chisum

Service was polite and good from some employees, but not so good from others. Some concessions workers ignored me when I asked for help. They were out of Snickers candy... Like, Out... Why I paid premium price for this, I don't know. Popcorn was not fresh... I tried popcorn from all 3 machines - all were old and no indication when new would be made from the manager. Worst of all - the coffee tasted like it had been made with mop water and left in the pot for 8 hours... I have really enjoyed other Cinépolis locations - not going back to this one.

Sandon Spalding

I've visited this location twice. Once around the time of it's opening and once again last night. I'll never return after last night's terrible service. My partner and I arrived early and ordered drinks and a dessert before the movie started. 40 MINUTES into the movie, we realized we had yet to receive our food and drinks. after waiting another 5 minutes after pressing the 'service' buttons on our seats, I took it upon myself to walk out of the theater and find help. Well, on my walk out of the theater, I saw my drink order sitting next to the POS kiosk, just abandoned and forgotten. I hailed what I assumed was a manager to express my frustration only to have him look very confused and only offered to reorder my drinks and food for me. Another 20 minutes go by and the same manager comes to deliver to wrong drink order to me, and forgets the other item I ordered. More waiting for the right drink order and food. When everything is finally delivered, the food is cold and the drink order is still not exactly what I ordered. And to top it all off, I receive not one, but two receipts for my food purchases. So not only did I have to wait for cold incorrect food, but the management did not even offer to cover the cost for their errors. This place bills itself as a luxury theater, but after two terrible experiences with no excuses or offer to make things right, I'll never be back. And I suggest anyone else considering this theater to do the same. Visit an Alamo Drafthouse, instead. At least you won't be paying over $16 for a movie ticket there.

Jessie Perez

The facilities are great. Selection of movies is very good. Only complaint is my food was cold.


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