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REVIEWS OF Cinemark West Plano and XD IN Texas

Luis Cedillo

Beautiful experience. Its pricy but if you want to have an experience this is the way to go.

Honie X

Ordered samosas before my movie started. I had to return them because worker served them to me cold! He stated that their oven works when it wants to! If they're aware of this, why not stop serving heated food until oven has been repaired?

trivedi hardil Ketulbhai

Seats could have been better. Good deals for students.they have everyday deals actually for the drinks. Good customer service.


Love this place! They keep it clean and offer a great selection of movies, food and beverages.

Cody Weaver

Great location, clean theater, and the only place in town that you can do a regular popcorn and kettle corn mix. That is enough to win my business!!!!

Hessam Rahimi

Offers everything a decent cinema should. Comfy chairs, great customer service with staff always smiling

Temetra Williams

OMG!!! This place is so much fun. It is a must if you are in Plano! We will most definitely be back.

Michael Freeman

Had a great time. The only reason for the low score was the luxury loungers didn't work. Great theater otherwise.

Josh Bennett

Love the recliners and decent sized screens. Hate the concession pricing. I have stopped going here since there are better options around. You don't have to pay extraordinary amounts of money for popcorn. Surprised these theaters are still in business.

Pratik Patel

Love coming to this location. All or most of the screens has recliner seats. XD experience is awesome.

Joel Morrow

Very helpful staff, clean, comfy chairs and great sound. I recommend!

Ayon Sarkar

The XD screen is just the best. I've seen it in Imax screen and XD screen. And compared to both, the XD screen is at least 2 times better than the Imax one.on top of that, the Cinemark offer an luxury seating with full recliner seats with leg rest. That is far better than the one in AMC or in Studio Movie Grill. The screen size is big. The sound quality is just top notch. Overall it's worthy visiting and it's an superb experience. I see movies very often and Cinemark XD movies is an automatic choice for me. Also, on Tuesday, you get discounted tickets. So that's an added advantage.

Adam Pineda

I was here for the 22-Marvel Movie Marathon and I gotta say that this was an amazing movie theather experience. The staff was very friendly and patient, the theater were clean at all times, and management was fantastic through out the whole event. Kudos to everyone!

Shehryar Hamid

Big Theatre. Automated ticket counters. Friendly staff. Clean theatres and comfortable reclining seats.


Fantastic theatre, way better than most of the others around it and newer too!

Bhumika Saivamani

I did not go to the movies! I decided to try out the VOID experience they have there!It was one of the absolute best. I am not really a big VR nerd.But I loved the experience.I got to go on a mission in starters ship.My experience was really good.I would recommend this place and planning to go back again for ghostbusters sometime soon. The people who work there was very kind and helpful. Price is reasonable.

Jenn Satterwhite

Can get crowed close to show times do get there early for concessions. Amazingly comfortable seats. Great sound. Me blockbuster movies on several screens.

Carlos Correa

Better sitting very comfortable. High prices

swar gandhi

For some reason, today cleaning wasn't happened. Otherwise we always enjoy here.

Nathan Shone

Best theater in DFW. As it should be, Cinemark headquarters is literally next door, this is their showcase theater.

Kaite Bruning

It's a decent theater we normally come here to see movies. The seats are decent and my feet never stick to the floor so all in all I can't complain half the time I go I wind up with the theater being mostly empty so I love that.

JagadishKumar Kondapalli

Loved the seating and surrounding sound system.

Dan Murray

Very good spot to go see a movie. Staff is usually quite accommodating and friendly. Love the luxury loungers which are extremely comfortable. Great sound and picture quality. The only reason i didn't give it 5 stars is because of cleanliness. Seats and floor sometimes appear not to have been cleaned. Overall though high quality movie theater.

Jessica Obermayer

Great Updates, Comfy Reclining Seats! Like reserving seats online, very nice theater, lots of free parking. One of our go-to spots! Location is wonderful with lots of restaurants very near (some in walking distance) and it's just a major street away from the Shops at Willow Bend mall.

Bharath Satya

The XD screen is so good. It's better to watch a 3D movie in it.

Susan Collins

Refreshing Cinemark theater makeover, comfy reclining seats, great sound system, and a nice selection of snacks.

Nekia Woods

They have mini restaurant where food and drinks are actually good that you can take to theater. Seats recline without extra charge. Always clean and staff always friendly.

Cameron Woods

Well let's start with the New Hyper-Reality experience called "The Void" it's unlike anything you have ever experienced! Maybe, You want to have a Drink with Gourmet food while watching your movie? Visit The Reserve it's Located in the front Left side as you walk into the Theater. They also have Kettle Corn Popcorn, Self-serve Butter stations, Hot

Akshara Pillai

I love this theater it's got a bar and great concessions and friendly staff. Theatres are always neat and clean and they have luxury lounge seats. Only a 4 star rating cause a few times we've eaten at the bar the burgers were excessively greasy to the point we couldn't finish it. Besides that it's a great theatre!

Brad Pillow

Went to The Void. All my kids say it's the best thing ever. Staff was very polite. I liked just hanging out while the kids were going through there experience.

Jep Fo

Decent cinema, but not my favorite. I don't like the idea or reserved seating. My lounge chair didn't function either, so I had to sit upright while everyone else was lounging back with their feet up. I also don't like the attitude of the concession employees. They act like they don't want to be there. I far more enjoyed the experience of the Cinemark on Josey Ln. And 635. I will try to go back to this location when I can. Also, the movie tickets are cheaper at this location!

Caroline Grundy

This Cinemark definitely has the best seating I've ever experienced. Everyone is always very nice and welcoming, regardless of the amount of traffic this location receives. The only complaints I have is that I've gotten broken seats several times & specific drink flavors or ice has been out when I've gone. I still choose this location over all the others though!

Marie Porter

This is the best movie theater in the area. When I moved here, I tried almost all of them just to see, but this was the best by far. Comfortable, great sound, so many viewing options, setup in general is nice, any staff member I've encountered has been pleasant. I wouldn't bother trying anywhere else.

Jane Fuhrman

Very nice seats, which turned into recliners and they even moved with the movie like rumble seats.


Kennedi (spell check) was very rude at the box office when I asked for assistance. She would rather chat with her coworker than to do her job.

Miss One

Great movie theater in a good location. The tickets and concessions were not economical, but the seating was worth it. The place was clean and the people were friendly and helpful.

Debbie Fairleigh

Love the reclining chairs. Fourth row and back are the better seats.

Derek Paschal

Great and clean theatres, great and well-stocked concessions! Can recommend both XD and regular theatres.

C Pipher

New theatre upgrades! Really nice and good snack choices!

Kassandra Buckingham

I love this movie theatre! Everyone is nice and it is always clean

Chris Kim

Love this theater and the seats. Plenty of room to get by.. Without having to put your legs down

Barbara Ball

Monday movies for this retired teacher and friends. Staff is polite and cheerful. Cinema is clean and sound is good!

Jamie Polizzi

This theatre is so nice and feels very upscale while also being very affordable. The seating is comfortable as well, and the reclining seats are awesome. We've always had very positive interactions with the staff -- on our most recent visit, we realized (when trying to pick up our tickets) that when we bought tickets online, we bought them for the wrong cinemark! The person helping us transferred the tickets over to this location and made everything easy for us.

Tim Anderson

Ticket prices were reasonable, and I had an enjoyable viewing experience from a second row seat that I obtained within an hour of the showtime. The 3rd row seat that I originally had picked was defective, but guest services allowed me to pick another available seat without hassle. I would return to this theater.


Lay back comfortable chairs to relax your feet and enjoying a movie.

Chetana Rao

I love Cinemark theatres. Especially because of the recliners. The recliners are big and super comfortable. I am so used to these recliners that I do not feel like watching movies in theatres that don't have one. The popcorn tastes great. Overall, great movie watching experience

Joua Xiong

The virtual reality games at The Void are so fun and really interactive! The staff are awesome. Definitely would go again.

Thomas Bafia

Really nice theater. I like the way they do the concessions; it's very efficient. Theater is clean. Staff is friendly. Reserved seating. Luxury seats that recline and that won't be kicked from behind.

Nathan Peck

No complaints. Comfortable seats.

Tenacious Trekker

This movie theater is impeccable! The tickets are decently priced, as well as the concessions. The popcorn always tastes fresh, and they butter it for you themselves. In addition to serving soda, they also have a full service bar, and you can take your drinks into the theater. The theaters have reclining seats that extend out to put your feet up! Overall, it is a very clean and comfortable theater.

Jennifer Lonnes

Friendly staff, quick enough through the ticket and concession lines. Cleanliness could've been a little better but it wasn't terrible. Bargain Tuesday is a cheap time to go.

John M

Excellent theater to watch a movie at. They have upgrading all of the seating so now they have very comfortable recliner seating. Screens are awesome quality and the theater shows all of the latest movies and is kept clean. If you need to see a movie this is a great spot to go. They also have a new vr experience available only here in TX. I haven't tried it yet, but sounds awesome!

Karri Alexander

Love this's our favorite! Service is ok....high school kids, mostly. Had popcorn and a Fanta orange their comfy seats...

Anthony Quarm

I really like this theatre, as far as the concessions area, bar, and lobby as a whole. The theaters themselves are pretty nice as well, with reclining chairs that *generally* work. The reason for the low score is very simple. Their theaters are hot as hell. I'm usually a very temperate person. I usually don't even think about temperature when I'm out. Having the Cinemark movie pass however, I've been going every month, and I've noticed it is constantly warm in there. Warm enough that the second half of any movie is uncomfortable. It's a silly thing to be cheap about, and yet they seem to be consistently reluctant to run their AC. If they could address this, it would be a much better experience.

gill bates u bot

Amazing I always go here definitely a five stars from me

Teresa Scott

Really cool theater! Lots of variety at concession stand. Seats are comfy. XD screen is huge! Staff seams friendly. Josh, a kitchen worker, was super nice when we were there. Kudos to you all for hiring such a great guy!

addis coleman

The best place to watch movies....I've been everywhere and none compares to this.

Adesua Okoduwa

The seats are great. Picture quality is great and the customer service is great.

Pradeep Mangalagiri

Theater is really good. Sound system is excellent. The only complaint, is the seats we had (row K) were situated such that bottom couple of feet of the screen couldn't be seen because of the sepeation wall for the seats in the front of the row. The whole movie is ruined because of this. If you use the recliner, then you lose even more screen.

Kal Judah

The floor was absolutely disgusting throughout the entire Cinema and the food section was so poorly designed with half of the area roped off and not enough pizzas or any other items. The place was packed with people with no discernable lines. A huge drop off from a Harkins cinema. Some dork with Analytics numbers probably designed it. Terrible aesthetic experience. Looking for a new theater pronto.

Layne Bledsoe

One if my favorite theaters to go to :) always so clean. And the bartenders Carlos and Alexis are hilarious!

Jorge L

Great theater. They have a big lobby with a bar/restaurant on the left side where I got myself a beer for $7. Walked in to the theater room and saw they have recliner chairs that are really comfortable. The screen size and sound system are great and lastly the restrooms are really clean and they actually had paper towels. Definitely check this place out!

Jason Reynolds

Absolutely changes watching a movie. XD is craxy!!!! Great seats! Great sound! Foot is great and not priced sky high. When you like to experience your movies, go here!

bhagirath palla

Nice theatre. Comfortable seating. Big screen. Nice sound system.


Clean, great reclining seats & easy swipe to get tickets and choose your seat

Mark MacMullen

A marvelous place to meet friends and enjoy a movie. Very modern enclave for movie watching.

Kristin Kepford

Great theater! And movie experience!❤

Nicholas Cai

My go to theater. Reasonable prices, clean, reclining lounge seats and convenient location off the tollway.

GAE _25

Loveeeee the reclining chairs ....they have a Starbucks a bar they have hot dog pizzas love this place

Chanell Pingrey

This is a very cool,state of the art theater with more attractions than just a movie. There's a small restaurant and bar. Food is awesome

mohd rafeeq

Good seats and good atmosphere


At the time of writing, this theater is one of Cinemark's premier theaters, and is the best in Dallas Ft. Worth area. They have the latest ticketing systems in place, and very fast moving concessions, even when there are crowds. Their seating is the best in the area, and are very confortable. They recline and also have arm rests that can be lifted, which is great for snuggling up to your movie partner. They also have 2 massive XD auditoriums with modern screens coupled with THX audio.

Cieslak Coaching

Yes theatre!! It is good but should have more visits...

J Hawk

I don't know where to start. First time at this theater, I took my wife and 2 kids to see Aladdin on Saturday night. Bought the tickets online and got to the theater a little early. Spent $54 on tickets and about $30 on snacks, normal so no big deal. Got to our seats, 2 out of our 4 seats were broken. One wont lean back, the other is reclined all the way and wont go down. Also we were 2nd row from the top and they have this weird wall infront of us that is too tall to see completely over for my 8 year old. (At a kids movie) So shes watching about 3/4 of the screen. Also it was hot in there, no air circulation at all which only added to the growing frustration. The people next to us brought about 5 young kids in then proceeded to watch the movie and ignore their children. The kids were yelling, walking around, TALKING the entire movie. One of them made a dirty diaper sometime in the middle of the movie and they never changed it. If it weren't for my kids ignoring all of these things and just watching the movie, we would've gotten up and left. It was by far the worst experience at any movie theater I've ever had. Will NOT go back.

Sarah Castillo

We did the starwars VR and it was amazing! So much fun and kept you wanting more.

Sweet and Classy

One of my favorite movie theaters to go to. I love coming here. I've been coming here for years. I also like how over the years they've added so many amenities and dining options in the surrounding area. And if you want other options a few more minutes up the tollway there is the Shops at Legacy and Legacy West. This theater is in a really good area. My only complaint is parking. It can get pretty full on weekends. Other than that this will continue to be one of my go to movie theaters.

Tanya DeVaughn

The theatre was dirty, floors sticky and leftover popcorn in seats. Need to do a better job cleaning after each movie. The reclining seats are comfortable. Admission price is reasonable.

Gwendolyn L.

Although the lobby and outside has been updated, the bathrooms are in horrific shape!! Also they don't seem to clean the theaters between movies. I often find the theaters to be filthy as well. The carpet also is in need of a good cleaning throughout.

Eduardo H

Used to be super nice, now is ok, lobby is super crowded with sales. Looks like a tiny market. Little dirty. At 13 dollars a movie on a friday night in may 2019. 6 dollar a medium icy. But i like the crowd. Spacious, assigned recliners. Actual theater was clean.

Lisa Bethea

Usually have a great experience at this theater. But, this evening, we purchased tickets for a 6:40pm show that the theater apparently changed. So, we arrived, purchased concessions then found out the movie wasn't playing at that time any longer. We had to speak to 3 people before anyone realized their mistake. They changed our tickets for a later time, but it seemed that no one cared that this was an inconvenience. After rushing from work to make it on time we ended up waiting around for an hour for the movie to start. I expect better customer service from this theater.


Great place to take the family to see a movie and enjoy yourself the problem is too expensive just to see a movie it used to only cost about $50 for a family of 5 now it almost reached a $100 for the tickets and just a few drinks And some popcorn very disappointed on the Pricing will not go back for that particular reason.

Sandra Cruz

The Cinemark West Plano is a great location to catch a movie. The reclining seats are great and having the option of watching movies in 3D and even XD when available is an experience. There is ample space inside each theater and you don't feel like you are in each other's personal space. The theater as a whole & restrooms are always very clean and tidy. Varied concessions available as well, but as with all movie theaters a bit overpriced in my opinion.

John DeLucia

This is the best place in the area to see movies, XD theater is amazing, the sound rocks your chair.

Ken Davis

Comfortable reclining seats. Always clean. Wide selection of refreshments including a side bar for adult beverages.

Cameron Franklin

The did The Void and had a ton of fun! The staff was great and the VR was very well done

Marlon Hernandez

Recently renovated, big ample theater, with a bar and food and regular theater goodies, new innovation happening here. Reserve your seat and easily get tickets at kiosk, it's missing a star because it could be a little cleaner. It's a theater and it's fast paced movie after the next but still need slight work.

Valeria Schmidt

I haven't been in this movie theater since the remodeling and it was a big negative surprise! The new area to get your comfortable food was messy and dirty! It was difficult to get the food and to pay! My cheese bread was cold and hard! I am looking for another Cinemark to go, this one I will not recommend it! I don't like either the new Cinemark logo look with those retro colors from the 60s!!!!!!!!

Lisa Keys

Great place for a movie but the service is terrible. I am looking for a better option.

Eugenie Bowman

I love this place. I'm heating impaired and they offer headphones to amplify the sound and describes the movie for the blind. The Kettle corn is delicious

Punk Rock Rider

All around good place. Comfy seats, just remember to check them and the arm rest before you sit down. They can be sticky.

Jon Shuler

This theatre has more updates than other locations. For instance they have kiosks to purchase and pickup tickets instead of people. If you have a problem there is a customer service person you can see. All the theatres reserved seats which recline. Drinks and snacks are expensive as expected. Wish they had more healthy options. If you go to movis at least once per month, look into their movie club get 20% off food.

Peter Camp

This is located right next door to the corporate office, so they get all the best toys. Check out the 3D interactive built into the theater. It's an amazing experience! Seems a bit pricey, but honestly it's worth the $ for the memory. We tried Star Wars, and enjoyed being Storm Troopers, and wielding heavy blaster rifles.

Tom Andrus

Great place to watch movies. Currently getting some renovations done. The theater was warm. Second visit in a row that it was warm. Gotta have a cool theater in Texas during the summer.

Mindy Moser

I get to go there on occasion and it's always good.

Kan Choi

You should try it. The RV games movie make it very real. I joined in the star war. I think I was. Wow very real, I think I am frying out of the volcano, if you fell, you die. I would like to join it again, pretty fun!


amazing view, it looks real! its helmets are heave, but it's a worthy trade-off.

Steve Casey

Kind of surprising being that it is located right next to Cinemark HQ, that two visits in a row, different auditoriums we had a non functioning seat.

Douglas Quaid

The seats lean back and the arm rests can be lifted. That's worth a 5 star review alone. Ontop of that there are multiple self help ticket kiasks and KETTLE CORN!!

Khrys McKinney

We went to the Star Wars experience which was inside the cinema space. Pricey, but worth it. The virtual reality experience was highly detailed, sensory and thrilling. The teens who were with us are not easily impressed, but loved it. The entire family agreed we must come back for the Avenger experience opening on the 18th.

Anbarasan Rajendran

Wonderful cinema experience, neat and well maintained with ample parking space

Kyle M

Saw Avengers Infinity War here. Theatre was awesome. Acoustics were fantastic and the seats were just right

Jonathan Anderson

The theater is pretty nifty with all the options offered. I didn't try any of the concessions or food but it had some nice offerings. The XD theater was amazing.

Soumya Arun

Good recliner seats but could have stretched farther!

Saint Ground

I always go here because it's set up is simple and I never get lost here. Clean bathrooms and movie experience was never distracted by anything.


Awesome place. Nice.. clean... Updated... Good customer service reclining seats good food good drinks. Perfect place for a first date! Also good place for the family.

Scott Arbuckle

Let's talk comfortable seating people, okay, when you go to the movies you want to feel just like you're at home nice and comfy with your popcorn and your soda completely zoned in with great holds on the flying in mountain because you are in for a ride. This place has the perfect seating with the adjustable chairs and everything. And the price is just right every Tuesday with 5$ for any movie. Just become a stubs member if you aren't already. Its free... Super worth it

Vanessa Rogers

I showed up just before show time with my special needs child. Turns out I had purchased tickets for Cinemark legacy, not Plano west. The employees were so nice. They changed our tickets, reassured us that this happens all the time, and found us excellent wheelchair seating. One young man then walked us to our seats since he couldn’t print new tickets. This was already the best movie theater ever, but now even more so! Thank you to the kind young men who saved our “date night” for Toy Story 4! My husband, son, and I are so appreciative!

Sai Vemuri

Can't go wrong with this theatre, one of the few theatres that screen foreign movies. Their XD screen is amazing, must try.

William Peter

Reclining seats were very nice. I liked the options for food and drinks. They have a bar inside. I waited 15 min behind one person so I could order a single black coffee and I walked away because they took so long. Staff needs more training on making drinks or more people to take orders. This is especially sad cause it's right next to the corporate office.

Brenda Wells

Customers leave a mess for custodial workers in the theater and in concessions. If they know this, why did I have to clean my own seat before sitting down. Why do I have to see it. I had to sit between two strangers even though you choose your own seats. The movie watching experience was nice.

Mike Serrano

Excellent theater! Usually has the most advanced technology installed before the other Cinemark locations. Seats are comfortable with all movies reserved seating. Bar inside which is relatively new to Cinemark. The popcorn setup is efficient, you are able to get in and out to your movie in no time. XD screens with Dolby Atmos are a must for any big release, trust me. Mobile ticketing is the way to go, try their app.

JMC Property Group

Always clean and good fun. Comfortable seats and good food(especially the popcorn).

Noor Wadi

Great place, but why is your volume always so low for movies playing? :/

pragya trivedi

Good theaters... nice seatings and sound system

Justin Stone

Pretty good experience. Loved the movie and the seats were comfortable. Also, the bar is on point. Not sure the bartender's name, as was a little loud at the time, but she mixed our drinks perfectly.... That's where the good stops, and we touch on the bad. We ordered popcorn in the refill bucket for the year, and, though we could see plenty of large fluffy popcorn in the bin, our bucket had mostly tiny pieces and un-popped kernels in it. So much so, that we could only eat about 1/4 off the popcorn. This is unusual, as we both usually love movie theater popcorn and I believe it is the one concession that should always be in top form at a theater. Aside from that, we had to change one of our seats due to the seat we chose not actually working to recline. There was no notification of this when selecting seats, and no one to tell about it at the end of the movie... Overall, pretty decent experience and the theater is nice. I'm also excited to try the VR experience one of these days.

Tammy Holbert

I am used to AC being very cool and it was a tad bit warm for me and I am cold natured. Others in my group said it was hot as well.

Javier Rocha

Love this theatre! It’s always clean and the theater rooms are all high tech. We go to the movies a lot and we have found that Cinemark’s movie reward system is the best deal.

T. Griggs

Always an awesome experience. Popcorn always fresh. They sell alcohol that you can take into the movie with you. Reclining seats. Just a relaxing environment


Nice, relaxing environment. Good place for families.

Brian Murphy

People in the back row were loud. Told management and they did nothing.

Colyn Whittemore

I have been going to the Cinemark for like 8 years. Never disappointed. I love how they upgraded the seats to the recliners and all the small upgrades they made over the years.


Loved the void and theather was nice and clean

Holly Brehmer

Went to the Void VR experience. So much fun! We went twice in a row. Kids need to be at least 48" to participate.

Trey Lattier

Great theater with excellent service. The quality of the screens and seating is at the top of the industry. Huge screens and comfortable recliners throughout the theater.

Leon Van

Comfortable seats, nice ambience, large screens and very clean

Marcelo G

I’ve only came to this theater for the Marvel movie marathons and every time they just keep getting better and better! The staff was so friendly and helpful, the restrooms were actually pretty clean considering the sheer volume of people, I have never been to a Cinemark theater this big and nice they have so many food choices and overall great experience wouldn’t change a thing

Michael Weaver

It's a nice theater with lots of updates right next to their corporate office so you see the things they will be trying out. We went on a Tuesday to enjoy the discount tickets but they seemed to take a discount on staffing too. Overall not s bad experience but nothing that made it special

Dustin Mills

My favorite movie theater. Good selection of movies and times. Always clean. Great reclining seats


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