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REVIEWS OF Cinemark Movies 8 IN Texas

Aaron Macias

Great snacks and great quality movies.

Shirley Newingham

Prices are excellent for the movies! Food prices same as other Cinemark theatres. I like the fact there are new seats but for me the seat was very uncomfortable - I'm 5'4" and could not touch the ground when sitting up straight!

The Robster

Went to the dollar movies here for the movie I wanted to see was still playing here. The theatre was clean and the staff was friendly. The popcorn and drinks were not as cheap as the ticket. The seats are the normal theatre style. Great place to see a movie without bankrupting you.

Jeremy Kerstetter

Good movie selection at a reasonable price. Great location.

Michelle Dodd

Great movie house. Large popcorn. Comfy seats. Great sound system.


Comfy seats, crisp picture and great sound, cheap tickets, very clean. Great theatre! Plus the cupholders raise up for potential canoodling. One of the best second run theaters I've been to.

Sheniquia Walton

best kept secrets

Erik Dimas

New seats, fair prices and good arcade area. Family always has a great time!!

Mz Scrivens

Love going here with my kids

R Houston

Saw Bohemian Rhapsody! The sound was excellent, I wish I had this sound system at home lol the cashier/manager? was very nice, he also buttered the popcorn just right, the Sprite was right, the ticket price was right, however they make up for everything with the concession stand prices, Wow! The "free" refills are nice but sheesh! Anyway, loved the movie,can't wait to get the DVD & put it on repeat, blasting the speakers while eating microwave popcorn! Lol

Cate Mari

How can you go wrong? Cheap seats FTW!

Anthony Lafitte

Clean and safe. Wednesday is the best day to get a movie in.

Lauren Anati

Very clean. Sound was great. Temp was comfortable. New seat are great.

Charles Tormos

Great deal for the price just wish it was a little cleaner


Take my whole family out for what one ticket for one person will cost.

leila ansari

Nothing to complain about!! The theatre was clean, the concessions were stocked, and the staff was friendly. The movies are cheap and making it totally worth taking the entire family out! And.....the seats were comfy!!! Actually were big enough and soft enough to enjoy a 2 Hour seating! (Unlike some other ‘dollar’ movie theaters.) So unless you just want to spend more $$$ there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try this Cinemark!

Mikhayla Hutchinson

Love it here! I've been going to this dollar theater for years. I love the pricing (especially discount Tuesdays!) and how long the movies stay in the theater. They are pretty clean as well. My only complaint is that there always seems to be a couple broken chairs in each movie room that never get fixed, but other than that I really enjoy it there!

Jonathan Toms

This was my 1st time going to this theater and I was impressed. The kid at the concession counter saved me alot of money by suggesting I get the large popcorn and drink, which came with free refills, that I could split between my 3 girls. The theater was also comfortable with the updated loungers. I'll definitely be back for more cheap movie nights..

Keath Marx

Relatively inexpensive small theatre. Absolutely great for what they charge per ticket. A bit worn but still worthwhile place to see movie, especially if you take relatively inexpensive ticket cost.

tuc fu

Great place to watch movies

Kerry Whisenant

$2 per ticket!!! Great price. Comfortable chairs. Non sticky floors. Recommend for all

Brandi Blades

I love that there is a somewhat cheap place to take the kids to see a movie. Always friendly service.

June Salyer

I've only been here about 3 times but very good service, is clean. I like the reclining chairs.

Justin Magers

Great set up. We enjoyed the fancy seats.

Amber Hunt

Brought my family to see a movie tonight and wow the seats hurt our backs couldnt watch the movie because we were very uncomfortable. Lift the arm rest and its jamming into us :( might as well sit on the floor. Cheap tickets crappy seats.

Jesse Flores

It's so cool and it has games

Gretchen K

This is a really nice theater for movies that have been out for a while. You can see a movie for about $2.50 instead of the usual $10+ at a regular theater. The theaters themselves have nice leather chairs and have plenty of seating. Definitely recommend if you want to go on a cheap movie date!

Marcus Hill

A fun place to get out and go watch a movie.

Andrea Bartosh-Collins

Very reasonable experience. Not very clean. However, for for people to watch a movie on a weekend evening we paid less than $10!!

Gretchen Niles

Great for a dollar movie. I'll go back. It seemed clean & employees were nice enough, which is always a good thing.

Akilah Smith

Great place to watch movies! Please turn on the heat, I was freezing the whole movie!!!

electra j

The young lady taking the tickets was very polite and very knowledgeable the movie itself was okay locations tucked away a little bit but it's a nice quiet place to go

Lowell Boggs

An old small theatre but generally nice and comfortable. Staff was polite. Some seats are broken but most are in good shape. Conveniently located.

Mandy Wilson

Love there is still a "dollar movies" in the area. The chairs are decent and they now are rocking chairs. Wish the food wasn't so expensive but that's how it is with all theaters these days.

Pharcus Winjammer

Forgot this was a discount theatre, as friendly service and cleanliness was on par with average theatres. Seemed short staffed, but with good timing you can avoid ticket/concession lines. Second run movies for under $5 is a bargain, plus less crowded. Location a little hidden but easily mappable.

MARC Cantoran

Love this place! Been coming here all my life with my family! Great bargain for movies that came out a few months ago.

Christy Rodriguez

Always clean. Love the prices!

William Wilkin

Old style 2nd run movie theater. Old theater seats. Cheap prices. Good for seeing lots of movies on a budget.

Jeff Gwinn

It was cheap. Didn't eat anything, don't know about food prices. Theater smelt musty and they didn't turn any lights on. You can hear other movies playing during low volume scenes

Ajay Sreedharan

The Cinemark Movies 8 theatre at Lewisville is a bit worn down and could use some renovation. A bit old school is what I felt. The movie hall where I watched my movie had the screen higher than the seats, so that gave me a bit of nostalgia to be honest, unlike the new movie multiplexes where the seats are at level. So I guess I would not be saying that i didn't like this place. The staff are super friendly though. Inside the cinema hall, the screen and sound are great. Did not find any issues there. Overall, it's good but could be made better.

David Cook

This is a great discount theater. The popcorn is good & the seats are comfy.

micki thomas

Nice and basic. It was clean, friendly service with a smile. My bathroom needed toilet paper and the pretzel knots were well overpriced for 5 little knots though... IJS

Mxx Trash

The staff is always nice and very personable. Everything looks as clean as you can expect, and the seats are comfortable.

lisa moise

We had a great time, was clean, seats comfy, popcorn just right, great price

Ryan B

This has become my families go-to theater over the past several months. With regular movie prices continuing to climb it's nice to have a modestly priced alternative. The theater is usually very clean and employees are friendly and attentive.

Jessica Hamilton

I mean, it's a dollar theater. If you want the high fancy, go to Highland Village. But for under $4 a ticket on a Saturday night, totally worth it!

Joey Salinas

Awesome best movie theater better costumer service than the other ones for 10 bucks

Maya Goines

They should add recliners


Good popcorn, clean theater. It's great to see older movies on the big screen for such a low price. Definitely worth it.

Cindy Bocksell

Screen & sound have always been good - new upholstery or new seats make for a better experience - concessions seem to be much higher than full price theaters

Anna Chavez

Okay....I guess...its cool to take the kiddos...good kid movies but congestion stand too expensive

Sarah Wise

This is a great dollar theater. They keep the place up, clean,and the staff is great. Wish they would have more kids movie options in fall and winter, not just summer. But we make it work.

Lini Shibu Mathai

Good Malayalam movies

Devin Warrick

Cheap tickets, which are always nice. Good ol' Cinemark popcorn, the classic. The theaters themselves are a bit close, so during quiet moments you can hear some sound from the other movies seep in. Seating is simply chairs on the floor: no elevated rows in the back or depressed seating in the front.

Robin-Ann Klotsky

- Love being able to see movies a little late for so much less. - Unless you're very tall with LONG legs, you will not be able to keep your feet on the floor. When you sit back in the chair they angle up. Uncomfortable for me.


Cinemark is a really good movie theater. The popcorn and snacks taste really good and are fresh.


This has been a Cinemark dollar theater ($1.50 now) since Cinemark first came to the area some thirty years ago. The theater generally speaking has become very dated but the auditoriums are clean, comfortable and enjoyable. You won't find stadium seating, recliner seats nor the extensive concessions offered at the larger and newer Cinemark theaters. But being able to see a movie for a $1.50 will make you not care...

Tony Ishmeal

This place will always have a place in my heart i worked their over 16 years ago i think they were pretty new at that time and it was my favorite job ever i will never forget those great times and 16 years later it still looks the same

Margaret Hansen

Good movies for price

Mort imer

Cheapest theater in town.

Jayita Datta

Great Ticket prices snd comfy seats, only cons is movies might be little old.New movies would have regular prices.

Greg Tallant

Nice inexpensive theater


Great movies and great snacks

Scott P

Good location, and very good pricing obviously. Place is pretty clean and the seating is adequate for quite a large number of people. Staff is very friendly and the picture and volume levels are very good. Only drawback I saw is that the restrooms are in a strange place. You almost have to exit the building and come back in and all the way around it you need to go. So, you can't really do one of those super quick restroom visits so that you don't miss a good part of the movie. And that's the only restroom. Other than that, it's a great place, especially for the prices of the movies.

Silver Fox

Can't beat the price, if you're willing to wait a few months to see the latest movies. The facility isn't cutting edge, but it's more than adequate, it's comfortable and maintained well.

Luana Sullivan

Current movies at a great price

Nick Moon

Im not a big movie buff but the family went here and was a good movie at a good price and comfortable seating

Alex Campos

Good value......Like going for a value date every once in awhile.

Derik Hayenga

They have really upgraded the seats here. Nicer than many full price theaters. Same great movies now with the same great seats. Why pay more?

Barbara Thomas

Theater almost all to ourselves...great price to see very recently run movies. My go to place.

Layne Sutton

Seats are so comfy!

Sheila Bagwell

Great movie theater and only cost $1.61 to see a fairly new release, comfortable seating. Great food

Dayle Scheinman

The theatre is old but has been redone. The movies have been around for awhile but the tickets are the least expensive that I have ever seen. I think for 3 tickets it was $5!

John Reames

Clean and inexpensive tickets. Great theater. I've been going here for over 16 years.

Gayle Johnson

Had a wonderful time with my kiddos.

Elisa Camarillo

Relatively clean, quick service, haven't had any problems. Enjoyed every visit so far, and I'm here pretty frequently. Fun

Ney Co

A great clean discount movie theater. My children enjoyed going.

Christine Wilson

Always a great deal on the movie. Great seats and clean theater.

Tamara Pious

My husband, son, and I love going to this movie theater. We three go here a lot to watch both American and Indian movies. The movie price and service are excellent.

Tonia Quintana

Has great prices on movies but kinda has funky smell throughout the theater. I'd still come again if I was looking for a good deal on movie tickets. Concession prices are pretty much the same as any other theatre. $8 for a large popcorn, about $6 for a large fountain drink, & $5.50-$6.00 for a 20 oz bottled soft drink or water

Michael Fox

Great value theater

Carl Lentz

Nice for a dollar thèatre

Chuck Leupen

Great deals on movies. The theater does feel dated, but in a nostalgic kind of way.

Laurie Hutchison

Always a great experience .

Thomas Stanton

It is a great place two watch good$1:00 movie's at

Aditi Shah

Good prices, clean theater, fun to watch if you are wanting to see movies some time after release.


Great prices on tickets. You can get a student discount with valid ID, discounted tickets EVERYDAY, specials on other days. The concessions are cheaper as well. Average seating.

Amron Aaron

You can't bit the price for whole family night plus you can afford to buy the kiddos popcorn. Lol

Keelie Reason

Saw black panther. Great showing. The theater is nice

Kathleen Sessums

Too many foreign movies. Hate subtitles, have to read and not watch most of movie. Not enough American films or times to see. The ones I want to see are all scheduled for evening showings only, when I work. They may be R rated, but isn't …

Aaron Donbar

Best place for popcorn.

Victor Wakka

This replacement for a dollar theater increases the value of your dollars. This place is pretty darn good for an inexpensive theater. A 3D movie for $5.50... Can't get that everywhere you go. The projection quality was great, and the snacks were typical movie theater quality. like any dollar theater they're not first-run movies, but I can wait three months to see most movies. And by that time I'll know whether they are worth my time to see.

Andrew Fausak

Always nice to catch a movie friends. Service personnel are friendly. Great value.

Mia X

I have been going to this theater for years, and you simply can't beat the price. The food is on the expensive side, but that's pretty much every movie theater now days. They have also replaced some of the seating, which is nice. Weekends are very busy, so make sure to arrive at least 15-20minutes before your movie is supposed to start.

Pauline S

It's an older, but very comfortable theater. The video and sound for the movie was awesome, and the movie was great!!! :)


Very much so a classic theater and has great prices as well as good movies. Definitely enjoyed my time there.

Fernando Carrillo Miranda

This movie theater is good. The movies are cheap(although come out a bit late) but sometimes there is popcorn and other trash on the floor which is gross thats one star less. Another thing I noticed is that no one is on duty to check if you have you ticket to enter although there used to be One star less ( oh well ) in other words their short staffed but everything else is good

V.A. Jackson

Love this dollar movie. The facility is clean and everyone is nice. They enforce the "large bag" rule so no sneaking in pops ;-)

Random_Beatz08 Cruz

Great place for a budget friendly movie that you missed or want to see again. Very old school theater

Sheila Birdwell

Saw movie with my boyfriend and it was a great experience.

Raymond Reyes

Films are shown here after they've been out for a while so the entrance is less than $2. The popcorn and such are about the same as anywhere else. I guess for the price you pay the seats are good but here and there sometimes I go and there is a strange smell in the cinema.

Michelle B

I love this place! You have to wait till the movies have been out awhile but the prices are great and the theater is clean. The staff is always friendly.

Iliana Hernandez

Great prices , always a fun time.

Freddie De La Rosa

Love their Tuesday deals make it easier to have family movie days.

Tricia Bradbury

This theater shows movies that have been out awhile, but that was perfect for us since we were looking for First Man. Not sure what the regular ticket prices are, but we paid only $1.50. I think I paid more even way back in high school!! Popcorn was good and they have Icees. We got cherry and Coke mixed. Yum. Restrooms were clean. The only drawback is no reclining seats.

Bucky Elliott

Second-run flicks at an unbeatable price in a "classic" but still-in-good-condition movie house.

Amare B

great deals for movie cost

Tony Wakefield

Seats suck but overall very nice!!

Seferina Limones

My daughter and I come at least once a week to hang out and watch a movie. The popcorn is always fresh and the theatre is always clean. It's not ever too packed which is nice.

Hayri Kuluslu

Good movies , very cheap prices

Tony Widdison

Older theater. Could hear the movie in the next theater over. Sound and video were clear.

Jason Maguire

For the price it's a great deal. Seems pretty cold in the auditorium most times.

Tyson Haile

I really enjoyed this place and the tickets were cheap. Great place to go watch a movie. It wasn't crowded and I will go again. The theater was very clean and it sounded great.

Marilynn Roberson

Enjoyable and clean! Like the price and choice of movies for kids!

suraj varughese

Seats are so bad it's tedious to get up after the movie couldn even feel my legs need an upgrade

Henry Lau

Love this place. People friendly. 1 dollar Tuesday.

Angie Hatchard

Staff as friendly. Disappointed the Spiderman movie quality was like watching a 3D movie without the glasses. Thought maybe it was 3D, tried a pair one. Nope! Just bad quality. But i will be back can't really complain much with the price being as good as it is!

Vona Atkins

Nice and clean. New seating. Very comfortable.

Jay Vee

Always a fun time! Prices are awesome!

Binod Nair

Good place of Indian regional movies


Cool theater with an old school feel. Very cheap tickets! Food, and snacks with a quiet atmosphere

Ivan Alvarez

This morning, my wife and 6 kids (3 nieces) went to the Summer Club Movie. She was impressed by the positive attitude of the staff as they worked with several daycare facilities who had brought several van-loads of children to the movie. It was crazy, but they had made an awesome decision to have separate theaters for the day care crew and the families. (In the past, that hadn't been the case.) Yes, the facility is old and the concessions add up, but it was a rather positive experience due to the hard work and good attitude of the staff.

B. Hardy

This was amazing because I watched Captain Marvel


Nice place to take the family on an inexpensive movie night.

Cory Summers

This theater is a favorite of mine! $2 movies, that leave me with a little extra cash to indulge in theater snacks! I like that it is conveniently next door to a small shopping strip that includes a huge Burlington Coat Factory!

rod weber

Great prices Great service

Jishnu LLC

Love watching movies here. Fraction of cost from other theaters though movies come late but it is worth it. Awesome theater for the price.

Tommy James

Good safe inviroment watch a an out location nice theater


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