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REVIEWS OF Cinemark Movies 12 IN Texas

Shelly Jones

Could use an upgrade, but love how cheap the tickets are. :)

alma perez

1st of all let me say that this theater needs a lot of remodeling. The seats are so old, I see heads imprinted in the seats. I felt as if mites were crawling on me from the carpet. 2nd my surround system in my room sounds louder then the theater. I could here every person whisper as if they had a blow horn. I'm glad I don't live near this movie theater. I only went bcus my daughter invited us for my grandson bday....but never again. 3rd I would rather spend the extra $9 to go to a nice movie theater and sit on captain seats, comfortable and relaxed.

Cindy Mutchler

Love coming here...just out movies at great prices

Chelsea Blair

I frequent this theater because they have $5 tickets. The price MIGHT creep up closer to 6 on a weekend night but if you catch a matinee or early bird the price drops to $4. There's nothing fancy about the theater, it's your standard spot and it's in the abandoned TX City mall. But they play all the current movies so you can go see whatever summer flicks you want without breaking the bank. If you live in Galveston County, especially TX City or LaMarque this makes a good hang out spot.

Dylan Cox

It's definitely not the most fancy or updated theater around, but the ticket prices are way better here. So if you're like me and just need a comfy chair and a big screen then this place is good for you to save some serious money at the box office.

Alex Torres

A decent place and good price to watch a movie.

Rurh Galindo

Thank you for making going to the movies great and affordable to us of a certain age .. {Concession too )

Catherine Ingrasin

I waited months to go see this movie with all my cousins we had 10 people total in our group. When the movie first started it was so low you could barely hear what they were saying and on top of that there was a group of teenagers that were talking which made it worse. Then the whole movie the same teenagers kept running in and out of the theater. The officer and an usher came in there twice and talked to them but after the officer left they still kept running in and out so there were several scenes we missed or couldn't hear because they kept going in front of us and were talking during the movie. Now I will have to wait till it comes out on DVD to see the whole thing. When I called and spoke with the manager all he said was they were having issues with the projectors and an usher was supposed to be monitoring it. Evidently they were not. He said they will have someone monitor more often.

james foster

Great Staff, Clean, Well Organized. Had a great time!!!

LS Kyle

Seriously, going to see the newest movie at a fraction of the cost. Customer service could be better. This place definitely needs a good cleaning. However, the kids don’t mind and nor does my grandma. Family or friends night out on a budget.. there’s a pool hall in the same center and bar..

Ruth Galindo

Movie was great ..although popcorn tasted funny and so cold

linda Odusoga

Nice place for the price. Wish the food was cheaper

Melody Andrews

Cheap date! Love it. Older theater but great prices, comfortable seats. Had fun!

Donald Johnson

Good place to take the kids and pricing is fair. Not a high end theater just a good place to watch a movie.

David Carlisle

I love this Cinema. Easy parking and incredibly cheap tickets. Why so cheap, the mall is practically abandoned and the theaters aren't as spacious as the new ones. They're not small like the ones in the 70's but they aren't the grandiose …

Lillian Lopez

Loved te seating. Need to get tickets in advanve if more then 3 ppl. Food costly. Great movie selections.

Donald Jackson

Never crowded

Daniel Williamson

Couldn't beat a 3 dollar movie. Say the movie upside! Everything was good , no complaints. Food and drink prices was average as usual

Dustin Armstrong

My kids and I love coming here.

Universal 82

Good movie theatre for a cheap movie. Seats are ok but not fancy the sound system of the theatre is dated but works.

Karen Elrod

Dont like how they set you

Desi playz

If I could give a 0, I would. Rude staff, soda that tastes like water, and expensive food, unbelievable people even come to this place. Never would come back to this location in my life. I really hope they read this and understand what …

J. S. Richards

This is an old theater in a nearly shuttered shopping mall. The tickets are in expensive however, cheaper than any other first-run theater around. Adult weekend film ticket is $5.25. You can't beat that. Popcorn is fresh. Cokes are good. What more can you want from a theater for the price?

Elliott Johnson

I highly recommend the pizza, out of this world! If your of age Cinemark has adult beverages........A+++++++++++++

Greg Corcoran Jr

It's a movie theater, concessions will always have a wait during prime time, show up 15 mins early or more for concessions and finding a seat while the lights are still on, but average movie theater has 15 mins of preshow presentation

Ken Swain

Theater was fine no handycap doors to get in building

Cameron Jackson

The seats aren't the best, but the price absolutely can't be beat in the area. The staff are friendly and helpful. Clean restrooms.

Moriah Torres

You get what you pay for LOL that's all I can really say.

Azure Draws

Staff is friendly and professional, theaters are relatively clean and tickets are cheap. I wish popcorn and drinks were less expensive, but that comes hand-in-hand with movie theaters in general. Overall a good place, especially for movie night with the family.

Ercie Moeini

Always enjoy a great movie that is presently showing at major theatres and not having to pay ridiculous prices! Friendly staff. Clean seating and bathrooms!!

Patsy Grand

The popcorn is always stale and the seats are very sticky it’s never really a good experience

Marquise Edwards

Kinda deserted, but all was good

Matteson Williams

theatre was ridiculously hot & smelled like cat pee. def not recommend

Jesse Courtney

This theater is pretty good the matinee price is always amazing though the concessions are a little steep. The actual theater rooms are always cleaned properly though the seating itself could probably be replaced as they are rather aged. The picture quality is great though and I've never had a bad experience. Staff is courteous and helpful, overall it's a nice experience every time.


Went to see Pets 2 today, theater clean and cool, compared to heat outside this was a nice feeling.. have been to this theater many times and it has been extremely over hot or extremely cold but never just right like today..

Donnell Garcia

They don't take care of this place. Pretty dirty and always popcorn all over the ground. We haven't been there in years

Jason Stamper

A great price for new movies.

dam dot

I used to work at this theater when I wad in high school since 30 years ago. Great ticket prices for the age of the theater.

Julie Monarez

Great matinee prices. Sometimes the bathrooms could be cleaner.

R. M.

Not too bad I always watch the first showing a family of four can watch a movie with 2popcorns 2 sodas for about $30.00 that's not bad


Extremely slow service at concession stands. Rude people in ticket booths. Filthy bathrooms with broken toilets, sink fixtures loose and broken. Paper towel dispensers broken. Broken seats in theaters. Very poorly managed facility. Not worth shopping in here. Rather drive a few miles up the road to a clean well managed facility. This place should be a dollar theater at best.

Chris Wedemeyer

I like that cinemark has theatres where you can watch a new movie at an old school price. This theatre is not as big and up to date as some of the others, but they have the original faire that many of us grew up with...

#leon#TM sylvester

How did you get my email xD eny ways i liked this cenema it's my third time coming to it and i love it

Judge Clemons

Kids always love the movie experience...

David Gilder

For the price, the best theater in town!

jeremiah ware

Me and the wife took two of our daughters and one of our sons to see wreck it Ralph and everything was good except that the guy be hi d the concession stand did not want to be there. Really bad slow service.

Luke Aiuppa

Very out dated. The seating is 15 years old, uncomfortable and disgusting

Cheri Wood

Great theater. Cannot beat the prices ANYWHERE!!! Seats are comfortable and they are good at cleaning each auditorium in between seatings. Staff is friendly. Nice assortment of snacks as well. It is almost the only theater we go to.

G Cadogan

There was a constant crackle from the rear speakers. The bathrooms were very run down. No one was available at the snack bar.

Sebastian Martin

Hands down the best bang for your buck. 4-6 Bucks for the basic movie package. If you are a simple person who wants to just watch a movie comfortably, this is a good place. The up keep isn't the best at all, but the youngsters do a decent job. The front booth can be a bit slow, regardless. This place is top tier.

Michelle Dorsey

Was clean enough but the times online gave for the 3d showings were wrong. Neither listed were 3d and when I bought the 5pm tickets I was 15 minutes early and movie was all ready on. I missed the first 15 min or so. Very disruptive people in the theater which isn't the theater's fault but over all made for a bad experience and first impression. Won't go back.

Christian Paez

There will be occasional long lines every now & then, but not often.

Maqx S.B.

Always good seating because it's out of the way

jesse` ruiz

Nice...Pretty cheap prices compared to the valley

Darla Hankins

Great place to go watch new releases

Mario Mcdonald

This cinemark is nasty. Seen roaches in popcorn. Popcorn gets burnt quite often cuz oil machine is not maintained. Some staff are rude. I used to get courtesy cups of water or soda now all of a sudden its not allowed unless paying customer. …

Frank Benvenuto

This is a great discount theater. We have been coming here for years. The movie quality and the movie sound is great. The people working here are friendly and helpful. The popcorn and food is always fresh and a must-have when watching a feature presentation. Finally, the ticket prices are very reasonable. We will be back. We always come back.

Stacy Welch

Friendly staff. Clean. Large seats. Good matinee prices.

Chris Dupla

Back in the day this theater was the place to go as I was one of the only theaters in the area to have THX sound. Sadly, it's tired and worn out.. It needs to be either refurbed to at least be something of a movie theater or just shut it down. I think I saw the graffiti on the wall from when I went there in 91! how don't care cheap it is, having a neck cramp from the the same purple chairs isn't worth the cost!

Artic Gamer

Seats are ruff besides that its good

Loretta Wilson

It's was a good move me and sister enjoy it


I like cause i live near there and because um

Killer death Zi

They have nice employees

Jovan Joiner

The seats are small but they have great prices

Brian Moran

Love going to this theater. Its definitely worth a bargain matinee. I certainly wouldn't call this a spot to take a date but for 6 kids it's a great outing.

no mo

Great place to watch movies but big

Crimson Ronin

An amazing experience for a good price. You can tell the staff care alot and are doing their best with what they have

Joshua Ruschenberg

Best deal you are going to find. Is it old? Yeah. Does it smell? Yeah. But that's what living in Texas City is all about. So drop whatever you are stealing from Walmart and come watch a movie.

Alera Welch

Good price for tickets. If only I could say the same for snacks

Sauce Jay

Best staff and ticket prices are well

tammy stewart

Cheap seats but messy mess. Popcorn spilled and walked all over in the lobby. Good movies and good prices

Monique Hrachovina

The drinks, the food, the atmosphere, the seats, the cleanliness,,, EVERYTHING was just Amazing! Pricey but worth it.

Sonia H

Prices are Awesome! Floors can be Cleaner. If you wear flip flops

Montana Ramirez

Affordable and family friendly! Staff is friendly and professional! No fancy, oversized seating- but if you're just wanting a movie with popcorn, snacks and drinks at an affordable price, then this is your place! As an added unexpected bonus, there's a restaurant/pub just a few steps away if you choose to arrive early and have dinner and an adult beverage or two before your movie starts!

Eric Pieper

Seats weren't very comfortable, but very much worth the lower price compared to other theaters in the area

seand 713

A A place where you can get a bang for your buck.

Maddy Elizabeth

horrible. i would NEVER go back. my friend and i went to this theatre with my parents. we were not aware the movie was rated R, so we had my stepdad buy a ticket and walk us in and then leave. right as the movie started, the guy working the ticket booth came in and told us we had to leave. he did not even offer us a refund, and was very rude. there was a plethora of children in this movie unattended. first off, this is not even his job, and we had consent from parents. never again, and the mall is trash, absolute trash, the food is disgusting, and theres 2 stores. 1 star.

Nikki John

Great place. Great experienced with the Grandkids.

Salvador Romo

Great prices on tickets. And the staff is always friendly. Seats could be more comfortable but overall if you want to watch a movie it's a fantastic choice

Rick Hill

Great prices getting in.

Marlalynn Yourell

Always enjoy this theater. Prices are right!

Lytonia Jenkins

Great movies in Great prices

Allen Moore

Great price on tickets. Not crowded and clean

Alma Hernandez

Good place to go a have fun. Movie and games

V Lo

Good prices but update the bathrooms please!!!

DJ Alibi HTX

Not bad for a little movie theater in town

Christi Alford

Great staff friendly. Even thou the theater was packed my daughter and I really enjoyed the movie.

Bill Nik

There selling point is the low price of tickets. You can get them pretty cheap compared to other luxurious movie theaters. But that comes with less of that expensive luxury you might enjoy. The chairs are just simple plastic and tough cushions with a cup holder, rather than the leather La-Z-Boy recliner the $20 ticket places have. The popcorn is ok while the soda and candy is the same stuff you buy from CVS. And if you are a hardcore germophobes beware, the floors are 'bout as clean as a gas station's. The chairs are relatively free of large particles as they fold up and everything rolls off but you should still keep an eye out for stuck on gunk. Potty breaks are not encouraged either. If you really have to go its as good a place as any, but try and hold it till you can get home or to a nice restaurant.

Walking Grotesque

Family friendly pricing, even for early showings! Its an old joint, but that gives it a certain charm.

Alicia Perkins

Si awesome only 4.50 a movie no matter what it is cool place

Christopher Dommert

H hi io

Kenneth Frohne

Best discount cinema in the area - clean facility and courteous staff.

Gerry Mena

Theater itself is always on the dirty side, but price, and quality of film image and sound are great.

Jennifer Doyle

Like the price but its pretty dirty

kelly dobberstine

The theater is very clean. Can't say that about the floor outside the ticket booth. Very sticky. Overall a great experience! I love that I can treat my boys to a movie without spending a fortune.

Charlene Adams

This was the filthiest theater I have ever been in. My teenage son and I went to the see The Lion King Real 3D in cinema #4 at 5pm on 7/20/19. The seats looked awful but I assumed it was just old. I sat down and about 5 minutes later I felt like something was biting me on my feet and back. I was itching all over. We changed seats and it eased up some. Disgusting. This place needs to be steam cleaned from top to bottom. I will never go back to this theater. It’s a shame too because the screens were nice and it is close to my home. I would rather drive to Webster where the theater is clean than sit and itch and wonder what is crawling on me!! Clean this place up or shut it down!!

Pebbles Stone

Price was right but needs better seating.

Lacrema La

I personally like this theater. Prices are reasonable. Plenty of parking. I don't have to pick my seat ahead of time. They are nice. They have the kid pack combo of popcorn, gummies & an icee. They don't have stadium seating, but I don't care that much. It would be nice if the people watching movies were more respectful.

Joseph Fuentes

I like the low prices, but the smell and cleanliness is questionable!

Jose Gonzalez

Needs to be cleaned up and all seating updated. Water about 3 inches up in front .

Ava Dusek

I love going to this theatre it's nice very cheap tickets but they are very strict about checking ID's and what not but other than that it's a pretty normal theatre cheap tickets rip off concessions

Pavel Rodriguez

Exellent seats and location grate pizza and service

Mytra Thompson

The staff was great and attentve the theatre was clean and the seats were comfortable. I will be returning.

Samantha Ouzenne

Need to do a better job at keeping the restrooms clean

Antonio Barrett

Went for my birthday with a friend and had a great time! The only reason I give 4 stars and not all 5, is because the screening time were difficult to understand, and so we weren't able to watch both movies we had planned on.

Lyryal Thea

Older Cinemark theater, nice new chairs, lower price on 1st run movies (including 3D!) than anywhere else in the area. I go to this theater more frequently than the newer, totally upgraded theaters. Does Not have stadium seating/ reserved seats/ recliners. (Loses a point due to the restrooms needing an upgrade. Tolerable - yes. Still not great.)

kverian bell

Love it get staff but the snacks are a little high

Margaret Corfield

Friendly ticket counter, smiling concession workers, clean and working restrooms and very enjoyable seating. Thank You for a delightful afternoon.

Gloria Bradshaw

had a blast. good hours prices n not that crowded when we went. i recommend.

Daniel Donnelly

If I could rate this with zero stars, I would. Started off with Stale popcorn and a flat tasting soda. I didn't want to get up from the movie and miss something, so I just dealt with it. The seats were uncomfortable as well. But what got me the worst was after the movie when I went to get a refill on my drink and saw a 2 inch roach crawling up the wall. Told the manager behind the concessions and he simply stated " Oh, I'm sure someone will kill it at some point, there isn't a place you can go in Texas and not find those roaches anywhere." I said he was full of it because I grew up in Texas and they aren't everywhere. But he just get on and couldn't care less, even though they were serving food there. Asked for the other manager, who told me they have had them for a while now and there is nothing they can do about it. I WILL NEVER VISIT THIS FACILITY AGAIN. They are a disgrace to the Cinemark name.


Movie wouldn't play lights kept going on and off no sound

Bonnie Patterson

Went to see Meg. Pretty crowded but air was ok. Temperature of theater was good considering the amount of people here. Floors weren't very clean. Price was good. I would go back.

Anjelina Filer

this place is AMAZING I come here almost every time there is a new movie out, the snacks and drinks are THE BOM.

Steven Scheck

Fast service good environment to go watch a movie

Eduardo Lopez

Other than the fact that it's a little old and not as clean as ithey movie theaters, I live going here because watching a movie doesn't "break the bank".

Brad Pourchot

My family and I have been going to this theater for as long as I can remember. I remember going to this theater when Mall of the Mainland was still fully open. They have cheap tickets and always have pretty good movies in their theaters. Can be a little dirty at times, but for the most part it is kept a pretty clean. This is normally my go to theater when a movie comes out, because it’s cheap and you can still get the full movie theater experience. If you are in the area and haven’t been here, I would definitely recommend it!


Better movie deals than webster

Mariah Washington

I was surprised that such an inexpensive theater would be so nice! Matinee on a Saturday was only $3 for kids and $3.75 for adults. We will definitely be back. We saw Lion King

Phyllis Burton

Been coming for years because tickets are so cheap. Seats are dirty, smelly, and torn, but I have dealt with it. I had mice run across my feet during movie. When I reported it, manager said they know but cannot do anything about it. Mice using the bathroom on seats and in concession explains a lot.

Tammy Whalen

My daughter and i brought the grankids to see goosebumps Halloween on oct.21 they put us in the wrong theater room when i walked in there was no movie name above the door as i always check after waiting an hour the movie finally came on it …

Shane Watters

Love the 1st run movies at a $2 theater price

Brittany Haley

Good food and good movies

Elizabeth Wolter

Always clean and everyone is friendly. Prices are fair.

M.A. B

Quiet place, small lines and wait time.

Jess themess

It was so good because I watched Allanden

Michael Strickland

3 stars because of the extremely cheap tickets. 4 matinees tickets for $12. Seating was terrible. You could not sit behind someone because of the very gradual slope. I definitely would not recomend during peak hours.

Gina Quintanilla

Love the price! Also, the popcorn was fresh. Thanks!

April LaPoint

Love the popcorn


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