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4040 S Shiloh Rd, Garland, TX 75041

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REVIEWS OF Cinemark Hollywood USA Movies 15 IN Texas

Brandon Mochi

Comfy and great quality movie theater.

Donnna Grant

Good, clean theatre for such a great price. Didn't see any stadium seating but nobody's head got in my way. Not sure why this happens ...but the previews generally have louder volume than the actual movie itself. So the Mgr. needs to make sure the volume in the movie doesn't go down once the movie starts!

Yvette Clayton

I love going here it's great and the prices are very reasonable :)

Nick Lascaro

It's kinda ghetto but I've never been to a Cinemark that wasnt ghetto.

Misty All Me!

Ticket prices are great! And end up spending $30 bucks on popcorn and drinks! You can get Dinner and a movie for just as much.

Anaheim Arreguin

If you are older like myself and just wanted to have a good time with the husband and kids do not go on a Friday night... Worst experience ever, kids just running up and down the isle and talking soooo loud during the movie

Zack Riffe

Has definitely been here for a long time glad to watch it grow again

Jill Womack

I went with a friend to see Bohemian Rhapsody. The layout of the lobby was a little strange, I thought. The lady selling the tickets from the snack bar or restaurant (still not sure) seemed a little irritated because I didn't think she charged us enough money. Lol It turns out the matinee only cost like $3.78 for two people!!


The prices on movies are absolutely great. The building is a little bit older, but the seats are updated and comfortable. There are a few inexpensive snacks otherwise snack prices are about the same as other theaters.

moonlight girl

It's amazing and the prices are the best too that's why me and my family go there all of the time

Jocelyn adkinson

lobe it, movies are cheap and up to date

Christopher The Great

I take my kids there often. Lots of fun games. Peaceful atmosphere. Lots of parking, and next to Garland transit station.

Nuri S

Great theatre with good seats. Projection and sound is great for the price.


Great theater with excellent prices!

Leslie Lou

Awesome prices ! And funnel cakes yummy Maybe more strict rules for teenagers with no parents

Lil otaku 4 life

Bro it's nice and cheap. The only thing I don't really like is that it gets the movies that aren't in amc anymore so it's like old movies. Foods pretty nice and there's nice staff. The seats aren't the best but they are pretty nice


love the place ! you'll always catch me here on the weekend !

Paul Kepner

We have been coming here for years to watch dollar movies. It was looking run down for awhile it when we went today it looked so much better. The theater has new carpet and new seating. It looks 100% better. My only complaint today was that the young guy working the food area was horribly slow. He was not busy at all but it still took him 40 minutes to make a pizza for us. They might want to have someone quicker working at the food area.

Richard Cole

Nice place for families to see movies.

Jorge Cardoso

Very nice theater. They have a great selection of snacks and food.

Alma t

Great place to take your kids on a budget Perfect family date idea

ola brad

6 months pregnant and all I wanted was ice cream, but because they put the ice cream scooper in the dishwasher I couldn't get icecream..a paying customer that wanted to.enjoy icecream while they watching movie...smh.. very disappointing...I come here every Monday n have no problems until today ....#noicecream

Pat Kottmeier

This place is very clean and neat. Popcorn is the best and prices are awesome.

Evelyn Jackson

I love the price. The theater was clean!

Aubrey White

This is every bit of an old style but well managed movie theater. I love their prices are low! But they play current movies and you can choose your own seat.

Mimi Silly things

The tickets are cheap but buying stuff is expansive

Tina Cervantes

Affordable entertainment! Family friendly. Popcorn is the best! Seats are comfy and arm rest pulls up out of the way.

LaShonda Allen

The seats are big, comfy rocker-recliner type chairs with movable armrests for couples who want to feel like they're sitting in a loveseat. You can't beat the price, so it's an excellent place to take the family for a fun movie night. The theaters could be a little cleaner between shows - there was sticky stuff and popcorn on the floor, and left over drinks in the cup holders; however, that's probably to be expected after a long day with lots of moviegoers.

cyndi loomis

Clean and comfortable seating. For a discount theater it's top notch!

Aundria AJ Glover

I arrived over an hour early for my movie. However, I had fun on air hockey and simulated rollercoaster while killing time before the movie.

Roxie Francis

Discounted movie tickets here give my husband and I more money to spend on concessions allowing us a total movie-going experience.

Lisa Parra

The price is wonderful to get in however the theater does look somewhat run down and in need of an upgrade. However, the people who work there are very nice and accommodating but the main food bar where they sell the nachos, ice cream, french fries does look a little bit old and not so appetizing :-( Popcorn is always fresh and the different auditoriums are kept up as well as they could be but I did see a lot of trash in the one that I was in :-( :-( :-( I have passed by on the weekends and it always seem to be packed but during the week I think they do need help so they can keep everything in order and up-to-date.

Rodney Powell

Inexpensive place for family outings...good selection of movies.

Rosa Gamez

The place is good for what you pay for. The movie theater rooms has a urine smell to it. If you can bypass the smell, then the theater is a great place to enjoy great affordable movies. Overall the theater is great, never have i encountered a problem.

Shayne Daney

very affordable... clean and friendly environment. 4 thumbs way up!

Jo The Legend

I mean,the place is pretty old so expect it to be a little dirty here,and there on the floor.. The movies are up-to-date here as well,and come to the theater after they're not in the AMC theater's,Cinemark,etc. anymore.. Sometimes they put older movies (not Black and White movies tho) just to fill their movie line-up when they don't have much movies their.. Overall,it's pretty great!

Christian Rodriguez

Love the playground..when we come the children's

Angelica Muniz

Very good ,clean, nice n friendly staff.

Alex Searl

Great movies at an amazing price.....

Pedro Martinez

If you're trying to stick to a budget and spend less on entertainment, a weekly date night comes out to about 8 dollars. Plus it doesn't see as much crowding as the newer theaters. Buy the take-home refillable bucket as it pays for itself on the 3rd use.

Alexis Clinton

My husband and I go on our weekly date nights here. $2 movies and arcade games are our thing. Concessions are always fresh and the staff is always friendly. The manager there knows my face is ALWAYS greets us. The recently renovated and the chairs are so comfy, and there's plenty of space in the rows. I'm 1000% going to continue coming here for years to come.

Cecy A.

Love how cheap the movies are here! We come here often.

Jeremy Iverson

It's a "Dollar theatre" Good value for what you get. We were comfortable. Solid experiences here.

Elena Harding

Police or security walk thru the aisles while the film is rolling.. not sure why.. but it is disturbing to say the least!!!

Chris Gutz

We are without power at home due to storms. Went to stay cool. Totally worth the money and service was great!

Omar Torres

Alway an awesome and cheap place but not service!

Blanca Vera

Very good prices for their movie selection! The snacks are always expensive as in any other cinema. The seats are comfortable enough although I definitely prefer recliners. Facility, including bathrooms, is maintained very clean. Customer service has always been cordial and friendly in my experience. There's always been enough parking and no need to park too far when I've gone.

Valentina Navarro

My family & love it here we spent family time here most of the time pretty nice place to go watch movies haveing fun playing the games with your family.

Dark Gamingkiller

Really good place family friendly too 5 star for sure

Tommy Reames

Cheap no frills. A little loud some week ends

Adam Rich

Cheap movies and very comfortable seats! What more do you want!? My wife and I go here all the time and don't have any complaints. The parking lot is huge and it's right off the freeway. Concessions are available and just about the same quality as a big fancy theater but without all the snooty people. No complaints!

Sherrie Jones

It was great. It offers a variety of movies.

Gerald Patterson

If you can wait a few months for a movie, then this is the place to go. Nice seating, good sound. Family of 3 can get tickets under $8. If you are going to be a regular, buy the year long popcorn and drink containers.

Diana Moreno

I liked their moves an price's ok

Antonio Mayfield

Its nice, I highly recommend this place

Bill Henson

Same as every week reasonable prices good movies everybody ought to go

Rosario Lopez-Espinosa

Why go to a big dollar movie theater if you can wait 3 months for the movie to get to the dollar movies?! Concessions aren't terribly expensive. It's usually pretty clean (restrooms could use a few more check ups but it's definitely not the theater's fault that people are disgusting).

starlight letyourlightshine

Yesss this place is geart for if you missed movies! And its cheaper!

Anassiri Valdez

A great escape from the Texas heat in the summer. Keeps the kids entertain and it has a hood selection of movie

Michael Williams

I wish they had more information about the movie before you buy tickets. Cheese sticks were good!

Ayesha Taranum

Pretty decent theatre they show the movies a little old ones not brand new. It’s good with kids and toddlers.

Kimberly Palmer

Cheap movies good food comfortable seats

Debra Griffin

The young guy who took our order when i bought popcorn was looking like he didn't wanna take our order but im used to it so i just finished my order.maybe he was having a bad day.but i enjoyed my self with my drama i luved it

Robert H

Love this dollar theater ! Movies a few months old. Place is out of date but the VALUE is sky high. Fun afternoon with the family for very little money. Prices change depending on matinee and day. Tuesday is discount day.

Erica Burnley

Loved it!!! Great family fun for a great deal

Loretta Solsberry

Great movies,game time & family fun.

Monique Hall

I'm happy to know that there are places to view movies at a reasonable price. The place is well preserved. I love the popcorn and snacks! Very friendly staff.

David Hackett

Good, clean, nicely maintained discount movie theater

Norma Hill

Always a good experience. Love the officer on location. Wish they kept the popcorn fresher but definitely a good place to watch movies at a fraction of the price.

Ultimate Gamer

The pizza wasn't bad but not great in Mama's pizzeria area. But somebody needs to deal with the yellow jackets or hornet nest or whatever it is somebody needs to kill the nest that is in front of the ticket booth. I don't like those bugs going around and stinging movie goers. And somebody needs to clean the floor more in the movie showtimes part of the theater because I saw a dead cockroach on the floor and it almost made me lose my appetite. Well at least the chairs in the theater are clean.

meka meme

I understand it's a dollar movie but dang. Pocorn, drinks and snacks are sooooo high.

michael espinoza

Its was pretty cool!!! My kids and I enjoyed the movie for the price we paid.


Loved the environment, loved the prices, had many food options. Overall probably one of the best theatres around. It had a small gift shop that fit the scene for the new release movie avengers. It was just a great place to visit. Will be going back

Durlin Matthews

It was a basic movie theater that showed older movies. The good thing was you could get a really good seat because it wasn't crowded at all. The popcorn wasn't that great, but you could add as much butter to it as you pleased. I was glad to see armed security there for safety. The bathrooms were very clean and well kept. Overall it was a good experience and I recommend this theater.


Great ticket prices, environment is fun and laid back. Popcorn+drinks are pricey, but as are most theater's, it's not so bad. I can have a nice afternoon with my father and brother without paying $40+ like at the other local theater

Timothy Owens

For $2 you really can't ask for more! The seating is pretty comfortable, huge selection of snacks and food from ice cream to nachos and cheese to hot dogs and other yummy stuff that's fairly cheap. It's not a dirty movie theater, so all in all I think it's worth 5 stars.

Joshua Alexander

Nice very great place to visit an watch a movie

Vivian Lehman

And older theater without too many bells and whistles. Usually showing the movies that are almost at the DVD stage. The snack bar is the usual found at every theater. However they do have a lunch counter with fantastic chili cheese fries. Bell awful make nachos, hamburgers, hot dogs, hand dipped ice cream, Etc. Since the movie tickets are so cheap oh, about $1.75 oh, you can afford to enjoy your meal.

yobaby fresh

I'm they didn't clean up the theatre after the show was over...I came back and found my wallet..on good Friday.

Ricky Miller

Good place to see a movie during the week I don’t know if I would want to go on the weekend however

Antionette A.

Took my 2 year old to discount Tuesday, which is 1.25 per ticket. She loved the experience. I bought a water and gummie worms and it came up to 10.00... That took me by surprise but overall the theater was clean and my daughter had fun.

Todd Miller

I Enjoy this place. The manager's cute too.

Ming Ming Liu

One of the two remaining dollar theaters left in the DFW area. Great for a cheap night out, or just experience older new releases on the big screen. This one has very comfortable seats with movable armrest, and clean facilities. The screens are huge, more so than some full price theaters. With the smaller auditoriums, the screens almost feel IMAX. The sound quality is great as well. Tuesday movies are truly $1. Keep supporting this theater to preserve one of America's favorite activities - cheap movies.

Sasha Price

Took our daughter to her first movie. The theater had a stale musk, but it was clean. Best place for kid movies! she loved it and we'll be back.

Saul Solis

Great for not spending hundreds of dollars at a movie theater

Nicole Bearrow

Me and my husband have been coming here every week for 2 years. It's a staple in our date night and very affordable! I love this place.

Jose Vallejo Jr

great theater and movie prices, but they make their money on popcorn and drinks.

Michael Brown

Great place to see a movie in daytime on the cheap. Need better hamburgers though.

Tyrone Loftin

Floor was sticky! At the lobby where you buy your tickets inside. Food was good and good seats.

Sabrina S

This place is amazing for cheap theater. Restroom is usually a little trashed but that's just trashy people being trashy (staff is really good about cleaning). 4 stars not 5 bc the air doesn't work in 14 and the seats are absolutely horrible in several rooms (i go every week and have been in every room)

Tina Camacho

I love this place, its chill for family & kids! :)

Nataly Fuentes


Rholonda Jennings

Had fun and enjoyed my movie. Nice staff

Richard Gower

Watched the movie "The Kitchen" w/ Melissa McCarthy. It was really good.

Susely Garcia

Cheap, Friendly service, Comfy seats LOVE IT. Been coming here as a kid && now I bring my own kids && they love it. Definitely worth it.

Ave' Thompson

Great prices for the shows that are about to go on tv or Netflix and you still want to see them on the big screen.

chris V

I bought tickets that were supposed to be dolby that were not and it took quite a bit of effort to get a pair of raincheck tickets to make up for the trouble.


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