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Where is Cinemark Frisco Square and XD?

REVIEWS OF Cinemark Frisco Square and XD IN Texas

Brian Beverage

Nice theater with comfortable chairs. I often enjoy watching movies here! We have been several times. I really enjoy the assigned seating that way I can purchase great seats if available.

James Hollins

very nice theater concession lines a little slow getting through

Amelia Gannaway

Great Theatre! The stadium seating makes any seat a good one and customer service is usually very good.

Alekhya Adipudi

I would give it a zero if I could. I just came to watch a movie and the staff didn’t even bother to clear the theater at all. There was food all over. I agree that people should clean up after themselves but it is not right to have such dismal service for customers who are usually clean. We went and complained to the cleaning staff and they stepped in to the hall without bothering to clean anything. It really does remove from the movie watching experience

Don Brown

Self service lines are to small and clustered. Other than that nice movie theater.

Jane Ambe

My friend and I unfortunately felt extremely uncomfortable and disrespected with our experience. As frequent customers of this location we felt incredibly belittled by an employee named TONY, who went out of his way to harass us in front of other customers. We feel that the situation he caused could have been handled in a better matter. He caused us to feel powerless. I am extremely disappointed in Cinemark, and will avoid this theater henceforth.

Lena Hammad

Not sure anymore. An getting used to recline chairs and theirs are not. But food is expensive. Either way workers are polite. They will need to drop prices one day or upgrade.

Ruben Jimenez

Good location and comfortable seats.

Geniya Talsky

Great theater to take kids to for a movie.

Margarita Garcia

This is the closest Cinemark to our house, and I love coming here. The staff is courteous and friendly. Clean, welcoming, and accessible.

Jennifer Allen

Pretty good. No complaints.

Mir Ali

Great theater in terms of imax, 3D, and standard options, also love that you can reserve seats, it's 2019 and still not all theaters offer that, just wish theater rooms had more leg room and more theater rooms with the luxury lounges and recliners that other Cinemark's have as a staple.

Shenghe Bai

What I like: location; ease of parking; restaurants and bars nearby. What I don't really like: the floor is dirty and sticky; chairs are not that comfortable and not stable.

Rosiland Jones

Nice and cozy. Second time there so far ,but great place.

Justin Hardin

Never disappointed at this location. Stays pretty clean and typically in late evening they aren't very packed

gloria gomez

We went to see it 2 at 850 and they guy sent us to the wrong theater we walked in on the movie that had already started. We walked out a nnoying other movie goers. Then we get to right theater with no help from anyone. The theater our movie was in was hot. The people behind us wouldn't shut up. Great movie but the theater isn't my favorite

Jason Stover

The theaters themselves are in good shape but the concession stand is an absolute nightmare when it's crowded. Not enough room for people to walk through while trying to reach the beverage dispenser and only two cashier stations.

prashanth venkata

Great quality theaters!

Rolando Jose

Nice theatre. I always have to sit in front if the annoying people that like to talk and kick seats. Not worth fighting over. Overall good movie and experience.

Fouad Saeed

Over all it was a good experience, prices are high though, there’s a lot of competition now so they better make it worth it, at least my the prices of food and drinks more reasonable!

X - Studios

Go here if you want to watch the best movies

Nagabandi Dheeraj Kumar

Saw spider man.. far from home.. It’s a good size theater. The people are very good and parking is quite big. They had some renovation on other side of building and the roads are closed. So google may direct you incorrectly sometime.

Grant Cummings

Super clean theater and convenient location.

Marshall Holmes

We were filming all night at the train museum and I went over there to see a movie.Tickets r all right priced but damn the concessions eat u up.20.00 for popcorn and a drink!!Really.

Gladys McEvoy Chern

Very friendly employees and great popcorn. I saw Aquaman good movie.

Jarrett Gibbs

Nice place to see a movie!

Slash Topher

Clean, convenient, and comfortable. Excellent popcorn. The movies aren't always great, but that's really beyond their control.

Peggy Gamble

It was great but the concession was too expensive.

Deborah Hayes

Went to watch Long Shot on Friday. WOW, they had comfortable seating, service was top notch and the theater was super clean. The movie was good also.

Supreet Brar

I think it's the best theater in North dallas


I always go to this theater unless i feel like eating a meal. Always clean and the staff are always nice and helpful.

Steve Reddin

If you want to see a movie, the best place to go.


Great place to enjoy movies and fun time with family


It's okay because it's close no luxury loungers there yet but there's a good staff and plenty of snacks to enjoy but it's probably worth the drive to west Plano

John Dixon

Still one of the good gems of the Metroplex.

Christine Deane

First time at this theater. Clean theater. Good picture quality and sound. Seats are comfortable. They don’t recline but still comfortable. Oh! $5 Tuesdays!

Gina Ramirez

I love it it's close to home. Always have a great time there.

Joe Thomas

This should be the very last place i would recommend for a customer to go to especially if you want to be comfortable. Old school lobby. Long lines to get your food. Old school seating (no recliner seats).

Emma Jordan

Good sound quality popcorn

linesh badole

Lot of parking space. Good experience. Tried XD but didn't find any different than normal 3D.

Sara Gupta

I loved this place.

David Seward

I prefer the other theaters that have recliners.

Abigail Allen

Great theter. Shows good movies. My best friend sprained her ankle going down the stairs. But the people are really nice.

Christian Serrano

This place has a great feel. Awesome place for a date. Great place to hang with friends. I wish the prices were a little lower so I could go more often, but you get what you pay for. Super clean bathrooms and lobby.

Mina Nim

Good theatre but needs recliners!

Nayana Mohan

Clean place and nice location But the seats here are not upgraded to recliners yet.

Mark T.

Weird setup... park in back, walk to front... consession area is a MESS (spilled drinks everywhere, trash on the floor, empty dispensers, no eployee doing anything, one register open, long line, and slow) and typically expensive... staff is unmotivated. Theater is cofortable and clean.

Bradley Stahl

Friendly staff, good snacks, good movies!

Alex Flores

Small but nice!

Stan Xhiao

Seats are very comfortable for the average-sized person.

Travis Stapleford

Love my movie time with my daughter

Gayla Davis

Great theater. Very clean on my visit

Nichole Brown

I enjoy the Cinemark Frisco location and frequent this one often because of the convenience of the location. I will admit that it serves its purpose, its a movie house but nothing more than that. With the increased amenities and services available in movie theaters these days you would assume that they would spruce this place up inside and create a more attractive location with so much competition. I give it 3 stars because the food options are almost non existent so it’s not attractive to come here for a matinee unless you plan to go eat afterwards. Also the parking is terrible. Every more so recently with the construction in the lot. I’m not sure how this place is still hanging on, but it’s no longer my go to location even though it’s closer to me than the Cinemark in Plano. I prefer the Plano location hands down, but in a pinch I take my son to this location if our favorite locations don’t have seating.

Thomas Gill

Always pleasant and clean.

Sean Robison

Great picture and great sound. Average popcorn. Seats we're a bit uncomfortable for a modern theater. Temparature was a bit hot but there were a lot of people.

Rajendran Rajusangaiah

Fine place


All around great movie theatre. Been here in frisco for a while now. Wish the prices wernt so high.

M Tvete

The concession stand is cafeteria-style, so you get to fix your drink the way you want, but the whole area can be chaotic at peak times. The seats were generally comfortable, but do not compare to the loungers at Legacy where you can put your feet up. Parking wraps around the sides and back of the theater, which could be less convenient for some visitors.

Will NorthAmericanGroup

Ok, so the reason I give this location 3 stars is simply because of its location, because when it comes to comfort this new theater is antiquated. The sound is average, the screens are small, I drive from Frisco to Plano West because the theater has recliners and D-Box. The major plus with this theater is convenience outside of that very average.

Justin Liu

Overall nice place, if you go on Tuesdays, it's only $5 for tickets which is nice. The food and drinks at the concessions are way overpriced as usual but that's to be expected. Seats were comfy and the theaters are pretty clean. Being one of the closest movie theaters to me too is a nice bonus.

Ross Taylor

Typical cinemark movie theater. Came here for a special fathom event and the air conditioning appeared to be turned off so it was really hot. After a few of us complained they turned it on but it took a while for the theater to get comfortable. Sound system screen and seating were all adequate.

Ankit Agarwal

Good place to hang out

Katie Fossee

Super clean, comphy seating but buying anything at the consession stand requires a map. Super confusing set up and no one working there helps the process

Michelle Hood

These were fantastic seats. Super comfy and I could put up the armrest and cuddle up close to my hubby. Great variety of food options, definitely better than run off the mill concession stand. Bathrooms were clean and smelled nice. The whole place felt clean and comfortable. Enjoyed our movie experience, would come back.

Nidhi Shah

Love the customer service and atmosphere, great place to spend a night with friends or family, nice seating and ample space in theatres

Teddy Drummond

Nice place for a first date, with ice cream options with much movie theaters do not have. Good seating, bot too cold theater Temperature just right.

Marvin Kim

Best go before noon for no lines

Briana Streit

I like that you can choose your seats, and you can purchase online ahead of time and know you have guaranteed good seating. This theater is always well maintained and in a nice part of Frisco.

Mehedi H Toufiqe

weekdays are normally not crowded, clean atmosphere

Catina Fletcher

This is my go to theater. I actually hate that they decided to go with assigned seating inside the theater. And, the ticketing machines instead of a "human" greeting you and welcoming you to their location is equally annoying. I love their popcorn.

Laura Roeben

Really enjoyed my movie there

Amy Torres

Nice cinema, smaller sizes, which is nice...the seats are a little on the small side. Loved the concession area set up, very efficient!!

Yvonne Jones

Afternoon on a school day is the best time to see a movie. Why? NO CROWDS

Candice Brown

Always clean and typically not crowded when I go. Chairs are nice and comfy too.

Jesse Hixson

Good place to watch a movie. Nothing fancy here but nice screens and clean place.

Vicki Riddle

Best theater in the area. Assigned seating makes the experience so much better. No more worrying about getting there early enough to find seats together.

Jew Jew

Nice movie theater but they don't have the recliner seats.

Madison Carter

Good place. It's far from my home but it is worth it because this is a cute theater to go to.

Josh Crow

The screens are incredible, they're the new curved ones. It is so crisp and bright, it looks like 4k and seems 3D without the glasses. Just took the kids to see Angry Birds 2, and wow the picture was superb, sound was average, and cleanliness was top shelf as well as the attitude of the kids who work there. When we're in the area avin, we'll drop in for a movie for sure.

penny reed

I really like this theater, always clean, and popcorn is always fresh tasting. I just wish this theater had the loungers like the other cinemark theaters around the area

Claudia Zalmanoff

This theater is great! It's always clean and the employees are very friendly. The seats are comfortable and the movie experience is very enjoyable. If you want an experience equal to that of sitting in your livingroom on a comfy couch with pillows and a blanket, then stay at home. Parking is the same as any other place on an opening weekend or busy weekend.

Becky Bergman

The people were nice. The popcorn was cold and soggy, and the chairs were super uncomfortable.

John DeLucia

Just know that this Cinemark is not upgraded to the new reclining seats, so it was a disappointment for sure. I guess I am spoiled from the other Cinemark locations in the area. Best popcorn on the planet.

Jaime Garcia

It was good just needs an update date

Maegan H

Facilities were clean, but the chairs weren't the most comfortable (Didn't help that there was a kid kicking the back of mine). It was also a convoluted process to purchase a one could see that I needed help bc of the machines and stacks of products. If you go, you'll see what I mean. (Lol) However, once seen, the workers are SUPER nice and helpful.

Trey Veronnen

I really need to work on their staffing issues, almost every single time we have come here, there has been lines that are absolutely ridiculous

Jackson Christie

Great movie theater, lots of candy options, and they have kettle corn!!!

Pete Estes

This theatre really defines the movie-experience. Clean concessions/bathrooms, friendly staff, souvenir cups, XD Experience theaters, and multiple times/showings. I will always go to Cinemark in Frisco!

Kamal Kanaujia

I have stopped going to Frisco one and only go to Plano as it is much better managed and has free electric car charging...wake Cinemark Frisco and bring Plano like experience...

Jaime Chavarria

Great movie experience...

Enrique Pompa

Small cinema but great seat distribution. It really doesn't matter if you seat all the way in the front or the back. Great quality.

John Passion

The staff here are actually helpful and handle the noisy babies which is a plus. It is just a shame about the parking there. Especially on a decent weekend. You will end up walking a couple blocks if not super early and bring an umbrella otherwise you will not make it.

Babel Phaedrus

This WAS my favorite area theater until they started requiring advanced seat reservations. If you meet friends there that makes it difficult to coordinate unless one person buys for everyone.

Missy Skow

Great place to see a movie

Chuck Poe

For folks who are movie purists, i.e, all you need a quiet spot in the theater to watch a movie with some popcorn with minimal human interaction, this place is a nightmare. Avoid this location at all costs! You have order popcorn! My inner introvert screams "OMFG! Why would anyone want to have dinner at a movie theater!?" If that is your lick, this location is just OK. Servers do not have a system or clue as to who came in, who ordered, or who didn't. Expect to wave someone down because they will not approach you, or look at you. It was a frustrating experience and there were constant disruptions throughout the movie. No thank you, I'm good.

talicia raleigh

love the popcorn choices, but seats need updated

Robb Brown

Great seating and location.

T Mash

Awesome for a little theater! Great experience!!!

kamal kumar thotakuri

Sound effects of this theater is worst. Been thrice to this theater Everytime had very bad experience with it's sound system . It make bg score useless

Everson Bach

Need reclining seats...

Dennis Monares

My go to movie theater, so much the guy who takes the stubs recognizes me.

Easton Pulliam

I had a good experience nothing that stood out a ton but good chairs saw a good movie and enjoyed my time there.

Anthony Gibson

The service and food is great. The display of the movies looks amazing!

Michael Washington

Very nice Theater.

Amber Lambert

Good movie experience, nice facilities and staff. Great discount programs that make large popcorn and drink under $8. Cinamark values their customers and makes it affordable to go on regular basis.

Cody Brown

Best movie theater I've been to! Just moved up here and was blown away by how nice it was. I got a hot dog, slushie, pop corn, soda, kids meal and skittles. It is pricey but very convenient. Cool thing was I got to pick where I wanted to sit on the computer, and it showed how many seats were taken. Helps to know if you can put your feet up.

Amber Roberson

Parking is not ideal and this theater doesn't seem to bring in all the new releases. I also hoped the luxury lounge seating will be introduced soon now that we have to choose our seat. I went early to avoid the crowd but there was no one at the kiosk to help with a ticket I purchased through Movie club. I had to wait in the concession stand line and the person at the register didn't understand how Movie Club worked. I expected the overall experience and theater quality to be a lot better considering the area. I prefer the location in Plano and don't mind driving the extra miles for a better experience.

Shelly Duncan

Great experience..

Charles Lee Ray

Went to watch US... waited through 30 minutes of previews then Dumbo started playing. Waited another 20 minutes till the movie got fixed. Sound was way way too loud and Frisco people suck. No respect for other viewers. Talk talk talk. Left about 15 minutes into movie. Got a refund. I'll stick to Allen or Plano. They've got luxury recliners anyway.

Shawn McConachie

The access to the front dropoff area was ambiguous and short. It offers no shelter from the elements that the disabled need in inclement weather. The snack area was confusing and very dirty. There was water all over the floor and no employees were taking any action to protect the customers against slip and falls. The theater was filled to the maximum which is fine considering it was opening night. The problem with the theater being so packed was that there was only 1 entrance and exit from the movie theater. With the movie producers holding a short Q&A post movie showing it backed up the exit from the theater room and created a very clastaphobic feeling when I was trying to exit. If there were any type of emergency (God forbid) that may have happened, there would be no way to evacuate the room. Last point of my disappointment is just the seats were far too small. I am 6'5" tall and only 196lbs and the seats were smaller than a airliner's economy class seat. I am used to being in seats that are not built for tall people, but with all the options available in the market place that allow you to recline, easily exit , and simply feel like you have room to adjust your sitting position during the movie I believe you should go elsewhere to see the movie.

Steven Price

Comfortable seating with ample space. You get waited on quickly for the movies and concessions.

Martin Becker

Legroom is a luxury not in great supply here. The movie XD is huge, the sound system is great (not too loud) and the movie experience worth the price of admission

Dylan Cave

I love that they show Fathom Events here and I visit frequently.

Robert Ballinger

Like the adult drinks very fun

Faraha Hasan

This theater is located in Frisco Square, which is such a nice place to come to watch a movie and then go and walk around or eat. I really like this theater. It feels a little small, and I think it would get full on busy times/days. You can also reserve your own seats. Seats are decent and quality of the movies are, too.

Chelsea Perez

Love, love, love this theatre! Always a good experience and friendly faces when we walk in the door. Became a movie club member because of this location. We are here at least once a week (movie permitting that is). Keep it up!

Mike Mariano

The seats were comfortable and I had enough room to streatch, however the theater I was in (theater 2) did not have recliners. But I digress on that. The service I received from the employees was nothing but stellar... I recommend that you use this theater...parking was ample even on the afternoon. I recommend this theater.

April Bafia

Nice theater.

Steve Freedman

Needs new seating, like the plush recliners in many other Cinemarks!

Justin Stone

First time at this theater and enjoyed it. They are setup a bit different than I am accustomed to for a movie theater, but it is a welcome difference and seems like it would work well, as the concessions are setup more like a cafeteria/La Madeleine restaurant style with wide open flow. The theater was very clean and the seats were pretty comfortable, too. Movie was awesome, especially in 3d xd, and we will likely return to this theater again, though may just switch to the brand new theater cinemark is opening that is closer to home.

Urooj Alam

I go to this theater about once every couple of months. I dislike the parking situation, which is mostly a lot behind the theater and requires patrons to hike to the front of the theater to the entrance. Parking is usually full, and the lot is large but far. On the plus side, the theater is clean, staff is very friendly, and popcorn is decent. Seats are comfy but not luxurious. The theaters are small and more intimate than theaters of the past. Stadium seating is perfectly spaced leveling so someone short can view the screen without having to lean around a taller person in the rows ahead. Their prices are competitive, and they often have good deals (but that may be because I have a Cinemark subscription, which I highly recommend if you're a regular movie goer. Definitely worth it). Great theater overall, and I will return as long as I live in the Frisco area.

Ezri Ikram

We usually go to the one in West Plano. But this Frisco one is not bad. Wear shoes. Sticky floor.

Sarah S

Nice enough. Does not have reclining seats. Space between rows is limited. The screens aren’t scuffed. Bathrooms are clean. Line for food is a little all over the place but that’s cause of the people mostly. I only go when movie time is convenient.

Pete Patron

Clean theaters. Quality seats (does not recline). Nice staff.

Shanti Trammell

Love the place an gr8 food...

v adapa

Today we came to this place to watch a movie as advertised for 11:30 pm show. When we reached there by 11:00 pm to buy tickets doors locked. So we called Them on phone about the show, their answer was that no body bought tickets online so they canceled the show. Wow there are literally 15 people were waiting outside all confused. Bad customer service. I would advise to call them in advance even if they advertised any show on their website. If you ever even thinking of coming to this location.

Sai Nagesh

Nice movie experience

David Kadonsky

Staff is nice. Theaters are clean. Parking is terrible.

Tenth Family

As always... Nice environment for the afternoon movie with my teens.

Evdokia Findlay

4 times i've been here - 4 times there were sound problems

Keith Dearing

Very nice small theater. The staff here are great. They don't have the comfy seats, at least not in the theater I was in. Great snacks.

Mark L'Italien

It's a great theater. I've tried other theaters in the area, but this one is my favorite. It's clean and comfortable. If you want an enjoyable movie experience...this is the place to go.

Michael McCorkle

Nice theater. First 'butter your own popcorn" I've seen. Comfy chairs.

Ramla Aamir

Great theater, never too crowded, easy to find parking. There's choise to get samosa, masala chips and kurkaray

Sai Nãgesh Vadlani

Best to watch movies

James Honeycutt

Seats are great, theaters are smaller, food is ok, popcorn is great

Power BAR Women's Fitness Pole Dance Studio

Had a great time at this Theater and all associates were incredibly nice!


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