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REVIEWS OF Cinemark Alliance Town Center and XD IN Texas

Malinda Gibson

Clean and good staff. The seats are cushy and are heated, which is very nice. The seats could raise the legs a bit more, but all in all a very comfy movie experience. The snack bar is well stocked, but like all theatres very $$$

Justin Machacek

Watched Joker on XD. Fantastic experience.

Dede Croy

I have been here once. It was a movie theatre. Nothing special to specifically mention. It was not the cleanest then. So now reading the reviews to see if it’s gone downhill. I would say sounds like clean is an issue at a lot of local theaters.

Ziva Wanderlust

Nice theatre. GREAT staff all around. Always clean. $5 Tuesdays! Only downside is their popularity. With advanced seating you definitely can't go on a whim on opening weekends unless you're solo.

DA Turner

Go to place for a quick movie with the Mrs! Always clean and the people there work hard. Most of the time there are seats available but you can't blame them for that. This is our first come to go for any movie because it's easy in and easy out with plenty of places nearby to get food or do some shopping around Alliance.

Nick Kuhl

Concessions station is of a very high quality, seats are very comfortable, and prices are reasonable.

Rex Pak

Been a while since I have been to the movies. Reclining leather chairs and cup holders that work. Stadium seating where people walking doesn't get in the way. Wow!


We enjoy this theater. Some days it looks a little less clean and some days it looks really nice.

Carlos Maldonado

Great seats (recliner w/heat). Like the fact that seats are reserved via online. Had a good time. Will use again.

Pamela Fernandez

Great place for the family to go for a movie. Personnel were quite nice. Movie was The Lion King. Appreciated the service.

Mike Reed

They changed there seats to recliners but they don't recline enough. You don't position correctly and its uncomfortable. Was our #11 theater but not anymore. Who wants to sit for 2 hours with your neck in pain. Regal theaters have recliners that go all the way back so you can't easily find a comfortable position. Unfortunately they are more expensive but it will be our new #1 place just for comfort.

Jeff Rhoads

First rate movies at $5 matinee pricing with excellent new upgraded seating. New seating reclines as well as being heated. The only thing keeping this from being 5 stars is concession pricing. Still a great bargain.

Siempre Amor

One word, Awesome. The staff is sooo respectful and polite. I didn't like the popcorn taste ..that's the only complaint I have. The dbox and XD are jus remarkable OMG.. I watched Avengers end game and Annabelle comes home.

Betty Baum

enjoyed the movie with my 3 year old grandson. Comfortable seats

Víctor García

Great place to watch a movie . On Tuesday they has special price

Mark Flesher

This was our daughter's first movie experience. I think we have been here once or twice but has been a couple of years. Theater clean, screen was great, picture was sharp. The sound? Well, there was plenty of bass, center channel was lacking so during songs there was a little bit of voice washout. Concessions were expensive. 40 bucks for a kid's meal, three fountain drinks and two small popcorn. Concessions were more expensive than the four tickets, but I guess that's the game these days! I would definitely return. Good experience, and my daughter was happy.

Cierra Adams

Great movies, many food varieties, good staff! Not much to complain about

Mike Skaggs

Get the D Box seating for action movies. Worth every penny.

Janice in ft worth

Comfy reclining seats that even have heat on lower back. Excellent sound in the theatre wewere in. Pretty good parking. Got my tickets on Fandango before going so we walked right on in to our reserved seats.

Nimr Al Nimri

Amazing movie theater. The employees are all really considerate and just nice.

Jason Madden

One of the top theaters to get a good movie experience in a 15mi radius. Good sound quality and reclining seats. Able to reserve your seat ahead if time so no reason to waste your time getting there early.

Michelle Haynie-Rodriguez

I feel better about going here for movies since their remodel, but the concessions are still slow at busier times, the bathrooms are looked at occasionally (there have been many times I have gone to the restroom and something is missing: toilet paper, hand towels, soap, etc.), and, although rarely, the theater can have trash still in some seats. Overall, this is a great place to go to enjoy a movie or two, but they do have a few things they need to improve to make this the true movie-going experience it should be.

Stephen Zacher

Always a great time. Love the Mivie Club program.

C J Andrews

The theatre is clean, tickets are reasonably priced and the snack bar offers a wide variety, however the chairs do not recline enough for my liking. It sounds like a first-world problem, but I've been to theatres where the seats recline much farther and are plusher and more comfortable. This isn't a dealbreaker, but I feel that the seating should be a very high priority, so I'd prefer to choose a theatre with more comfortable seating.


Love this place, always clean, they now serve alcohol beverages, bever too crowded. Tickets are not to expensive during the weekday and on the weekends $5.00 up until 5pm, it's good if your trying to watch a good movie without it being to crowded during the day stop by and enjoy a good movie

Whatyasee Iswhatyaget

$5 Tuesday's helps out in a large way with families that want to go to the movies and enjoy not spending way to much to do so.

Angela Johnson

I love the place. Enjoyed the heated seat.

Todd Line

Updated to reclining seats. Very clean theatres

zuzu unboxer

Good location but poor staff and poor in keeping it clean

Astrid Davila

Me and my family have gone to this place since 2010 and every time we go there are new things that are upgraded

Braden Jordan

It was great just the whole assigned seat thing is out of order

Rebecca Zaskoda

Great theater. The snak area was bit confusing though!

lajuan owens

The end game so good

David Szakacs

Our family frequents this theatre every week an its great! Just wish they would turn the a/c down, it is always so freezing we have to take blankets inside. Awesome they now have wine and other spirits served there! Try the D-Box seats for a good action flick...AWESOME!!

George Ashmore

Great place. Ticket prices are fair. Food and drinks will set you back a lot more than you ticket.

Kyle Simmons

Two words. Heated recliners. Amazing cinema.

Yasu Kitamura

I am not Cinemark person: I usually go to different theater. This theater is comfortable, and perhaps $ worth to me in future. (With nice seat with back warmer.)

Bobby Trogden

The service was good, there was no wait to get our tickets to watch Hobbs and shaw. We was able to be seated in the theater and it was clean. The seats are heated that was nice, the cinemark in Roanoke does not. Well continue to go here just for that reason. My suggestion is, the lobby itself was dirty popcorn everywhere. I understand it's a movie theater but there was also several employees working someone could have been sweeping.

Daniel Munoz

Dbox seats are the way to go till they update their seats on standard theatres.

michael malone

The theater was too hot and the seats were so uncontrollable. I will not be going back.

joshua jones

Just dont enjoy being told where to sit.

Nilesh Raut

DBox seats not working. If you are hoping to have great experience by paying lot more for DBox, not worth it. Half of the DBox seats were not working. Spoiled the experience completely. Try some other theater. I was in House 9.

Mia 4life

This is the best movie theater I have been to has awesome seating amazing service they have a starbucks food is great drinks are amazing sound affects on point loved the new Annabelle whent and watched it yesterday quality was amazing the seats recline or you can heat your seat up overall it was spectacular

christian brannen

This is a really nice theater with scoopable candy, pizza, ice cream and the usual theater snacks.

Todd Patterson

Great cinema! As clean as you can make a theater, and they serve blue bell! Cool seats with the heating option! Also like that you serve yourself concessions - cuts down on time in line.

Jake P

Nothing to write home about. Friendly employees, Nice location when kept clean. The seats aren't as new as some theaters nearby and don't recline. They also are not jaw dropping comfortable, But they aren't uncomfortable. So for that reason I pick a different theater for the seats upgrade unless this one has a sooner movie showing time.

Eli Sanders

Great show in XD but the place was dirty and i even had to clean off my own seat. Popcorn everywhere even in the halls with employees standing around with brooms but doing nothing. Then to top it off trash cans full in bathroom during both visits. I hope it gets better but be aware...

Codie Allen

Dirty floors . young poorly trained staff. Never go there again.

Chloe LaDawn

Saw Toy Story but since sitting in the front row, wasn't quite as enjoyable. Large popcorn and a drink was 13.80 $$$$ super expensive and i didn't even eat all the popcorn. But it was a good time.


Nice theater. Comfortable reserved seats. Staff was very friendly, particularly a wheelchair-bound gentleman (sorry, I didn't catch his name) who was working the cash register in the concessions area. Overall, theater was clean enough. Good experience.

Madison Leader

The theater is so much better after construction, however i was disregarded by a greeting podium so he could not be doing his job to be on his phone on tuesday 7/23. I felt very disrespected and had to service myself as he did not care. I know how strict the phone policy is at this establishment, y'all should discipline much harder and keep and eye on your employees for blatantly ignoring your guests.

A Muegge

Nice theatre, seats should recline more, too up-right..

Sarah McKinley

My favorite movie theater I’ve ever been to! They serve alcohol, pizza, popcorn, ice cream, small meals... etc. The theaters and bathrooms are always clean. The staff is usually very friendly. Food and beverages taste great. Not to mention, they offer reclining and heated seats in the theaters! I was never a big fan of visiting the movie theater but now I am always looking forward to my next visit! They really made sure to make this place comfortable!

Bill McNatt

Good spot for well priced movies, laid back and helpful staff. Seats are getting a bit hard though and you know it after a couple hours. But overall great place to go.

Austin Thorne

2 guests started talking immediately after the movie began. I asked them to stop talking and they started talking louder. My friend went and informed the supervisor working near the concession area who then came in and stood at the front of the theater and the 2 guests continued to talk and that person did nothing and left. I then went to speak to the manager wearing a suit and told him what was going on and that I was very upset with the situation. He did not apologize to me, but instead started asking me if the guests that were talking during the movie were older. Why would this be the first thing asked about the situation? He then came in to the theater and had another employee come in as well. The guests continued to whisper while the staff members were present and then began to talk louder once the staff left. As I was leaving the theater, the manager was walking by as we were walking out and we made eye contact twice. He chose not to acknowledge my frustration and did not speak to me. This is the worst customer service I've experienced in quite a while and its bad enough that I wouldn't give you my money again. I spent $30 tonight hoping to enjoy a movie after a long week at work and now my night has been ruined due this experience.

Alyssa Price

The seating is great. Concessions a little high but you can get weekly coupons

Sherry Ballard

Nice theater but a little more expensive ticket and concession than others. They are great to work with for events!

Willie Amos

Some movies you just have to see on the big screen.

Andrew Church

When buying tickets online the theatre is split into two for the dbox seats. So it showed all the seats as full but only the regular seats were full. Also before the previews during the Noovie pre-previews, they showed stingers for It and Handmaid's Tale, before Angry Birds 2 (kids movie). Bathrooms were clean though.

Orlando Pereira

The theater was good. The XD experience was great with the bigger screen and great sound. Some of the reclining seats were broken and need some repairing but they were comfortable.

Heather Bowman

Love the comfy chairs! The staff does a great job keeping the theater clean.

Brian Kasula

Very comfortable seating. This is a very nice theatre. Tuesday is the most inexpensive day for you and your family to enjoy a good old fashion day at the movies.

The Familia Alvarez

Comfy wide recliner chairs, you can lean back and also has heating! Did I mention that they're super comfortable!!

Terri Austill

Really good people, especially Thomas at the podium. Great movie

Kimberly Ewers

Easy time getting advanced tickets at the same time of our seeing another movie that day. They have their kettle corn machine fixed & it's so yummy!

Andrew Wright

Come here a lot, and always good cinema. Usual massively overpriced popcorn etc, which I never buy, but th as ts where they make their money. Sunday mornings are the best with matinee prices, and usually quieter.

Nichole Hodnett

Very friendly and accommodating staff! The power went out in the middle of the movie so everyone got free tickets!

Dots The Bug

Great movie place a little warm for my taste I usually enjoy a cold theater with a light sweater or blanket

Corey Nelson

Wonderful theater comfy leather recliners

Marc Jessie

Awesome theater, convenient location with food and other options available while you wait. Reclining and heated seats make any location a good viewpoint

Justus Morgan

Seats were dirty, floors were dirty, bathrooms were dirty. Great movie though.

Lynette Hess

Love this theater! It was very clean, including the bathrooms. Staff were super friendly & helpful. We all loved that the Cinemark seats recline & are heated, which came in handy because about halfway through the movie a couple of us were cold. A little pricey if you dont have the rewards, but still worth it for the overall experience. Great job guys!

Blu Nation

Lion King...need I say more? Theater is clean, comfy chairs, and the kettle corn is a must try.

Arabela Pina

Love how it is so clean and friendly staff

Erin Pfeiffer

Clean, friendly, comfy! I love the kettle popcorn! The chairs are so comfy that I feel like I'm at home. I take a blanket and settle in. My go to place to enjoy a good flick!

Noah Howell

saw once upon a time in hollywood ,was a fun experience going with my mom and a good movie theatre . could be cleaner but its hard when it dark and people have to switch out of theatres the whole day so popcorn gets piled up on the floor

Kris the Ninja

Really good place to go see a movie, can't give 5 stars because like Jack Black said there's always room for improvement but the service was amazing, the theater was clean and the seats were very comfortable. My actual rating 4.88 stars

Bonnie Davidson

Good quality shows, comfy chairs. Snacks are costly... But it's the movies, snacks are always too costly.

Josh Palmer

We commute pretty far for this theater. It is clean, well managed and very comfortable. This has been our favorite place to see movies since it opened and we've moved around the location 2 times now. We live about 40 minutes away but still think it's worth the trip.

Wanda Geron

Love the atmosphere, the concessions, convince of getting in and out and the wonderful reclindners.

Elle Lucas

My mini me and I had a date day to see Ma. I know judge me, it's what we do, we see rated at movies in the middle of the day and we a rewards members. I had an issue with my points though. They weren't showing up, still arent but I have to call customer service. The manager on duty was nice and let us go on in. Jera ( I think that's how you spell it was really nice and helpful. She literally went above and beyond to find my points, kept a smile, and tried to see if she could do more. Beautiful doll. This place is clean. The line moved fast, and the bar is legit. I've never had an issue here and we live close so we'll definitely be back. My son said the movie was good, I was like ehh, we could've watched it on Netflix, but it was more the experience. Did I mention the seats playback and warm up!!! Winning.

Erica Baker

Love the new seats, we were running late to our movie and they only had these new seats available, and no one was buying them because they were a little more expensive. We hesitated but the kids really wanted to see the movie, so we paid. They were only $13, so I didnt think they would be much different, but I LOVE THEM. They recline, are heated, and they vibrate and move like a roller coaster along with the movie. Cant wait to go back. Will always try to upgrade to the new seats if they're available.

Randolph Stranz

Reserved seating, kettle corn popcorn, and movies. This theater is an awesome experience. The theater had stadium seating and powered recliner seats with enough cup holders. The seats can be picked online from your phone in a few clicks. They offer fountain and bottle drinks, multiple types of popcorn, candies, pizza, and more. You can use email coupons, rewards on the Cinemark app, or the Cinemark Movie Club for discounts. This Cinemark location has THX certified XD, which offers a wall to wall screen and fantastic sound. If you found this review insightful, please feel free to click the 'like' button. If you enjoyed a photo, please 'like' that as well.

Caiden CLE

The roanoke theatre is worth the drive, their seats recline ALL the way. Cinemark Alliance’s seats recline like 1/4th of the way, if that, and it is pretty much useless.

Lydia Salas

Great service and staff. Recycler chairs with heat

Edward Gates

Great place. Lean back heated seats. Bar. Movies. What could be better?

Connie Brooks

Very comfortable seating with recliners and seat warmers. The seats move with what's going on in the movie very cool!


Love going here to watch movies. This place is very reasonable priced and I love the fact that you can watch the movie in peace. Its always clean and environment is excellent

Scott Ewing

Nice theater with plenty of parking. They have reclining chairs and interactive seats that move with the movie (really cool). Overall, great experience. We will be back.

Chuck Flottmann

Very clean. Friendly people. Comfy auditoriums.

Delite Gooden

Love this place.. Very cozy & comfy atmosphere


Very clean and well kept. Modern layout of the lobby with a bar. Most self service kiosks were out of order and they don't have those nice all in one soda machine with the extra flavors like cherry and grape. I went to the DBox movie and it was quite good. Good volume and played without issues. Highly recommended.

Ryan Bailey

I avoid this theater whenever possible. Their ticket prices aren't great, but their seating is nice. Their concessions also seem more expensive than the other theaters. My main issue with them though, is their ticketing system. They do not allow reserved seating. However, if you order online, they also still charge a "convenience fee". I'm not sure what is convenient about still having to show up to the theater early in order to get a good seat when you could pay less by just showing up to the theater and buying from THE SAME SYSTEM you use online. Either way expect to show up 15-30 minutes prior to showtime in order to get the seat you want if it's a popular movie. There are several other theaters in the area that allow reserved seating and are just as nice, which I would more readily recommend to anyone.

James Banks

Not a bad theater. The concession line is different then what you might be used to. But in a good way

Lynn Jones

Clean theatres. Great service. Lovely atmosphere and staff. Totally feel like they make the experience as perfect as possible

Nicholas Davis

Love this theater. The also do church here

Stacey Williams

I always have a good time here.

chance jones

Couple talking behind me during the entire movie. I went to get a member of staff and he stood in the theater to listen but did not approach the loud couple. He left the theater and the couple got louder. My friend went and got another manager who came in and I believe sat down near them and I could still clearly hear the couple talking and he did nothing. We passed this manager on the way out and he made no attempt to apologize or offer a refund. It's clear he was either too afraid of confrontation or just didn't care about his job

Tami Watson

I gave this theater 1 star because of the comfortable seats otherwise it would have been 0 stars. Do you not have anyone that cleans here? It is filthy! From food all over the theater floors (they obviously don’t clean in between movies like other theaters) to disgusting bathrooms that didn’t look like they were picked up or cleaned in days! This is the closest theater to me and unfortunately I will be going to others now that are clean. This was my 2nd try at this theater and both times were the same so I assume this is the norm.


Great movie theater, listens whenever I ask for popcorn with butter or no butter, workers can also have a good sense of humor. :)

Jared Forbus

Clean, great atmosphere, pretty sure every theatre was interactive seats(recline and vibration) and had good acoustics. One of the nicer new atmosphere theatres that seems to be more focused on pleasing the consumer not the CEOs wallet.

Tyler Yoon

Good place to watch a movie. D-box viewing was really fun as well. It vibrates with the movie and reclines and heats up. Cool place to watch a movie and they don't check you for a water or snack you might bring in because the prices for food is ridiculous like all other movie theaters.


Good popcorn, good seats, haven’t had a bad experience once!

Eric Mier

Great movie theater. My car died and the people who worked there were extremely helpful in trying to get my car started for me and even offered to let me see a movie while I waited for help to arrive. Also the theater itself is great.

ylw rose

This place is the only movie theater around me that sells delicious Kettle Popcorn by the bucket. Seats are heated and comfortable and they have very affordable matinee prices.

John Aragon

Just opened, theater dirty, employees unfriendly and incompetent. Informed supervisor our movie did not start complained 3 times.

Berenice Martinez

Love their comfy recliners! My #1 go to theater!

Kevin Hernandez

We went during the day. Excellent matinee prices. Great experience.

Shellie McKinney

If I could give a 0 star I would. Went here for a fantom premiere which was suppose to come with a special poster for paying a higher price for the seat. Needless to say they stated they didnt have any posters. Biggest complaint for me is that the recliners didnt fully recline. It was the worst way to sit and watch a 2 hr movie! Will never go back here again. And this was my first time here. Very disappointed!

Becky S

Good movie experience. I like being able to choose my seat & not have to rush. The seats did recline a bit & foot did come up, but not very high. Confusing seat controls for some crazy back heat.

Sean Moening

Nice theater with a lot of snack options and drinks. Love the comfy reclining chairs.

Felica Keech-smith

Wonderfully comfortable and love the pre-assigned recliner and heated seats.

Kymberly Rymer-Benton

Get the movie club thing well worth it!

Kyle Wright

Best movie seats ever, tilt, recline, even heat, generous keg room and aisle space to get in and out 5 stars

Daren Dahl

Nice theater. We didn't sit in the motion seats but we tried the demo. It was cool. None of the seats lean back enough. This is true of all Cinemark's I've been too. They lean back to an uncomfortable angle. I'd rather sit upright but I want the foot rest and you can't have that unless you lean the seat back to the uncomfortable level. The seats should lean back further.

Thug Nasty

Awesome place to watch movies..

Chris Robbins

Hoard of flies around the self service drink area. Theater hadn't been cleaned properly.

Beatrice Mirea

The best movie theater seats ever! Plus, you can get beer and wine with your popcorn.


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