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Where is Cinemark Allen 16 and XD?

REVIEWS OF Cinemark Allen 16 and XD IN Texas

Michael Piper

Excellent screen and sound with comfortable reserved seats. Very clean. Always enjoy seeing movies here especially on their XD screen.

Vicente Torres

Great comfortable seats and snacks.

Christine Brown

Comfortable seating. Good service. Nice Theater


The place is great but man the people behind the counters really need to pick up the pace and know how to fill orders without spilling and dropping stuff. It was like they didn't even know where their own product was. You can tell they never worked in fast food before. Very slow!

Christian Valade

Great staff, very friendly and understanding

Tim McCoy

This has been our primary theater for as long as they have been open. In general, almost always a great experience, deserves 5 stars for consistency. Sure, from time to time, slow lines, sticky floors, etc., but all in all, our go-to spot - and we go to 2-3 movies a month. Appreciate the theater seats but really love the Movie Club - save on concessions but most of all, no fees to book tix online and no waiting in lines at the theater to get a better seat. Would like to see the concessions continue to evolve but have ZERO interest in seeing any move to a dinner/movie concept.

Random User

This theater is fantastic. Always clean, affordable tickets, friendly staff

Ja3 sk3adik

It said clearly you can bring drinks to your seat and then they will tell you no drinks allowed inside you have to finish it outside. It's also not a lot of food option. There's a better cinema just down the street called moviehouse eatery, don't waste your money here.

Michelle Turson

Nice seating. Expensive.

j Dubb

Seats were super comfortable, but the a.c. must have been broken, bc it was HOT!!!!

Theodore Ribiro

Good theater experience not into booze but they have some.

Marla Plunkett

A great place to watch a movie. They have the balance of volume at a point you're not deafened and the recliners are pretty kickass. Popcorn needed a lot of help or it would've been a 5.

Joseph Good

Great theater and now even better with electric car chargers out front.

SloansCreekFarm Melson

Comfortable but slightly pricey place to catch a flick.

Louis Rodriguez

Went to the 1140 showing for the lion king and it was to warm for comfort and I paid for the Xd and it was horrible quality sound. I do not recommend talking to the evening manager the only excuse was it's the movie and that's the way it sounds. I paid nearly 40 dollars for those tickets and was not happy at all. Will no longer be going to cinemark 16 in Allen

Curtis Carey

Nice theater in Allen, friendly, convenient parking exits, clean, built in trays in the seats (could do with or without those, guess its ok). They have a seperate express order lane people get turned away from, however through the cinemark app could not find how to express order.

Lidia Garza


Giridhar Sreedhara

This place is right next to my house. 4 stars for that. One star for the excellent service

Daniel Fiorillo

Plenty of available concessions cash registers open. For an early Saturday movie, this was amazing to see. We arrived 15 minutes before our movie, purchased popcorn, drinks, and collection tin, plus in our seats as the previews started. There is also a full bar for adult beverages, and coffee for those who just want their caffeine fix. Time wise, amazing. I wish this could be my normal Cinemark, but alas I live in Austin. Keep up the good work!

Sandra Forrester

Good seats. Could use more leg room for those who have long legs.

Randy R Bell

Great movie experience. Clean theatres and great picture and sound quality. Very comfortable seating.


Fast service, clean theater and the reclining chairs now have swivel trays with the seat # on them. Easier to find your seat. Nice!

gigi cruz

Clean and comfy seats but don’t know if I will be back there. It was too hot and stuffy.

lori a. brown

AWESOME. seats. sound. staff. suuper clean. adult beverages. perfect.

Christie Guerrero

It was terrible. It was hot the steps were to steep and it wasn't loud enough. But the pizza was good.. that was the only good thing.. and the bartender was cool.. iil never go back..

Greg Kowieski

The theater sound was super loud in the upper right. None of us could hear the dialog. Told the great. And he was like "meh". This theater has always been great; I hope this isnt a sign of where it is going.


I’ve been going to this theatre ever since I can remember. I love this place and have it listed as my go-to cinema. This theatre has an overall great experience and the owner has been keeping it up to date for the past few years. I absolutely love Allen 16 Cinemark. It’s what the movie experience should be like.

Cecil Doss

Great theater. Very clean & modern

Blanca Tirado-Cadena

I don't live anywhere close to Allen and I still like to go all the way out there for my movie watching! The staff is always pretty great and ready to take your order. The goodies they sell for the movies is always great and I love to buy memorabilia there from my favorite movies!

Rafa Garcia

I love this place! The bar is awesome, other than the bartender always flirting with my wife, I enjoy the frozen Jack and Coke

Curtis Achterhof

Their kids theater is the coolest thing around. We were visiting from Chicago and wish that more theaters had this feature. Made our little girls first movie theater experience one to remember forever!

David Briggs

A great value and comfy seats.

Rebekah Roberson

Theaters are clean and menu items are reasonably priced for a theater. I always opt for reserved seating, XD if possible. The extra few dollars is well worth it! Staff, mostly teenagers, are generally courteous. There is usually not a "sense of urgency" at the concessions, however, so be sure to give yourself an extra 10 minutes if you plan to grab a snack before the movie.

Dylan Young

The reclining seats are comfortable, staff know what they are doing, overall great experience. I only go 4 star because of pricing, I know they can't help it, but buying a large popcorn already gives them a profit. Also on a side note, who else would like to see chocolate covered cashews instead of chocolate covered almonds that they sell?

Pamela Umbarger

Really like this theater. They have both kettle and regular popcorn. They offer cheap movies on Tuesday.

Allen Rich

This is the main Theater my wife and son and I attend. Its great and with the cinemark app and membership movies are free.

Nataly Echeverria

My favorite movie theater. Their popcorn is always fresh and with enough yellow popcorn (if you know, you know). Their staff is very fast and courteous. The theater overall is clean and has a good ambiance. Now that they added a bar area they just have to work on their bartender... my only complain is that if I am paying that much for a drink I expect it to be a good drink (not the best bc obviously it a movie theater, but GOOD). I had to go back and tell the bartender to add more flavor to my margarita as all I tasted was watered down tequila.

Katie H

Very comfortable seating & clean!

Ray Ruiz

Cozy, great staff, easy to purchase movie tickets

Nevaeh Green

Chris is the worst!! My friends and I (3 black girls) wanted to watch a movie and he was just being so rude about it. When we finally got our tickets, he then told his coworker to check our ids again! Idk if he was just doing this because he might of thought that some black girls were about to be loud in the movie, but that was just not the case. This was disrespectful and not fair for him to do so periodt.

Maria Anita Favela

EXCELLENT ...people ,staff ,food , theater, parking and location.


Been going here for years. The quality only increases. They put in luxury chairs not too long ago. This place is clean, the staff is polite. I love coming here with my family.

Ernesto Cisneros

Nice, clean place. Standard. I was not impressed but I wasn't disappointed either

Noah Yoos

Seats are very comfortable. A little overpriced but I feel like it's worth it

Jerry Neal

Watched Lion King and it was GREAT!!! The movie theatre was super comfy and reasonable prices. We will be back again and again!!!

Dallas Ervin

A very good movie with actors and animated Pokemon characters.

Cynthia Muir

Awesome theatre. Saw The Mule! PHENOMENAL!!! Theater offers pre-purchase tickets, as well as a movie club! Movie club get excellent benefits such as: discounted tickets (oh, and no fees like Fandango) & discounted concessions (excluding alcohol). It also offers new, reclining seating. Very comfortable!!

Jacob Priego

Clean theater. Service has always been great. Easily accessible off the frontage road.

Michael Singleton

Nice visit! Have comfy seats!

Mia Juliana' Farmer Lyles

Nice cashier at concessions. Mid-day on a Wednesday the week of school starting (2019) and still was dirty. Just older, and not as kept as nicer theaters. Not a 1st choice for me.

Vineel Gajjala

Sign up for the cinemark movie pass. Its a good deal

Anne Lohstroh

Great Cinemark; a little smaller than some but nice quality. Helpful staff, clean facilities. Just added a bar section that I have not tried out, and offer the Cinemark Kids Camp.

Zel Graham

Clean facilities. Nice movie chairs. Price fair

Evan Hershberger

Excellent!! Saw Avengers. Super comfortable recliners. Made the 3hr movie very enjoyable. They have a bar too. Frozen Jack n cokes!!

Brandon McGregor

Very clean. Friendly service! Nice recliners to sit in. Will soon be adding mobile ordering for drinks etc. Nice kiosk to buy tickets inside.

Pat Herring

Great experience! Very comfortable reclining seats. They have a bar area that was cool. Signage showed that you could have your drinks out at the bar and take them into the movie with you. Great sound quality. About $10 a ticket for afternoon shows. I'd for sure go when up in the Allen area.

Loraine Rowe

reclining chairs relaxing location.

Rick Barela

Went to see the 50th Anniversary of Easy Rider, big screen experience

Diane Neal

I loved the larger screen and the comfortable chairs. "The Lion King" was very good, too!

Tommy Hodnett

Always a pleasure to go there with the comfy seating!

Mary Withee

We enjoyed having the pre-assigned seating and the ability to recline in our chairs. The theater was clean, the popcorn fresh and hot, and the movie enjoyable!

Nyasha C

Love the reclining chairs.

Michael Braxton

A very nice theater with reclining chairs. I have enjoyed my experiences at Cinemark and the have movie merchandise as well !!! Watching Endgame there this weekend !!!!

april waldren

Only complaint was concessions stands not fully staffed and slightly chotic.

Jeff Phillips

Ok. Nice reclining seats.

Bryce Hamm

Overall great theater. Reclining chairs have a tray table that you can swing over your lap, or push to the side. Only issue here is the slow concession lines, however that just seems to be a problem at every cinema ever. If yo see a late movie, also be sure to make your purchases quickly as they counters will close quickly after the last movies begin. The theater is always clean. 8/10 for bathroom cleanliness. Added plus, it is never that crowded.

Joan Patrick

We were there for a Fathom special event. Nothing on screen at all until 10 minutes after showtime bc a ticket holder went to ask. "We'll check on it." Why should you need to be reminded to check on a movie that is supposed to be starting?? Also very hot even after comments to employees. Not the best Cinemark experience.

Matthew W

I'd like to leave a great review because this theatre has VERY comfortable seating. Yes, the seating is great. The concessions are a bit slow, but tolerable. What is not tolerable is their "Camp Cinemark" program. In short, if want to take your 89 year old father-in-law to see a kid's movie, you can't do that. Why, I do not know. Apparently, adults can *accompany* their children but adults without children are not allowed. The problem is that this policy isn't mentioned anywhere while you're searching for movies to go see. My wife and I raised two kids. We spend countless hours in various Cinemark theaters with our kids and without. Now we'd just like to take the father-in-law to go see a fun movie. Apparently not. Edited: We were once again chumped by their Camp Cinemark today.

Kyle Decocq

Definitely a nice establishment. A little bit more relaxed then going to west Plano or Legacy. Still a great place to take in a movie.

gab jimmy

Amazing theater that lets you really get immersed into the movie that you are watching. They also have spectacular seating thst reclines and makes for an overall comfy experience.

Eric Williamson

I was totally disappointed with my experience at Cinemark Allen 16. The theater has an overall dead feeling. To some degree I felt like I walked into the movie theater at the square from Back To The Future. There is a foundation outside the theater that is no longer functional. The pop corn tasted old and the employees that were there were not groomed. With the competition of other theatres around me, I will never return.

Tyler Lynch

Assigned seating with large comfy recliners. Clean and friendly staff.

Alyssa Zapata

The seat could've been a little better but it was nice and I loved the seat warmers for when it gets too cold. And everything is still nice and clean (hasn't been open long enough to be junked up yet.). Even those it's a small theater, If they can keep up the cleanliness it might be a go to theater for us.


Very clean and fantastically comfortable seating!!!


Quiet location without too much traffic. Can often see new movies without too many loud folks. It's a bit dirty at times, but overall a good place to kick back.

Daughterof TheLivingAlahiym

Loved it! Loungers are the best and theater was pretty clean for us having gone late. Foods prices, as always were ridiculous but so are all theaters

Bradford Munk

My "go to" movie theater. Updated to all reserved seating. Comfy large recliners. Not a bad seat in the theaters.

Heather Nech

This theater serves Pizza Hut at the concessions. Very affordable on the concessions.

Jacob E

This place is legit. The seats recline and are super comfy. We saw an XD movie yesterday and the sound System was awesome. I could feel seats vibrating which was super cool. Everything is clean and well kept. Prices seem high but I guess it’s what movie going has come to. No complaints.

Alejandro Santana

Its awesome love the place

Chelsey Nicole

I was sold with the Coke and Jack Daniels ICEE and comfy seats! We've also brought our kids to the Camp Cinemark (which you cannot bring a Jack daniels icee into btw lol) they really enjoyed the special theater and it was nice not to feel like "those people" when the kids got antsy because everyone in the theater has kids with them and can relate!

Kory Westerman

Concessions close anywhere from 15 - 30 minutes after start of last movie. So, better load up before going into a late movie. Some employees are friendly, others seem to care less about being there. Management isn't any better. Theaters are fairly clean though, and seats are comfortable.

Greg Potter

Great theater! Very clean and helpful staff...I'm handicapped.

Jonah Free

Theater is always clean and concession lines move quickly. Staff is professional and friendly. We live right across the street and couldn't have picked a better theater to be near.

Douglas Hulse

Very nice clean venue. Great sound systems. Food, cocktails available.

sheri coppage

I love the reclining seats and they serve adult beverages!

Cecelia Taylor

Great theater ..loved seats very comfortable.

Amanda Bambico

This was the most unpleasant experience I have ever had at this establishment. The Male manager large in stature with curly hair working on Sunday Sept. 22nd at 10:30 in the morning as well as the female (I am assuming was a manager too) are the 2 most unprofessional incompetent managers I have ever dealt with in my life. I the parent 37 years old purchased tickets to see 2 shows. My daughter and her boyfriend were going to see It Chapter 2 both have already seen the original as well as the 1st remake. Myself, husband and 12 year old son were going to the 11:05 showing of Ad Astra (by the way don't waste your money absolutely horrible movie especially for Brad Pitt), I walked them to the vestibule and printed the tickets for them to go in and the attendant said they couldn't see the movie if I was not going into the same movie. I asked why and it was not because of the rating, but because apparently groups of teenagers have been trashing the theater. So I was calmly trying to speak with the manager when the female chimed in to which I said I don't need your input I am already speaking with this manager. To which the Male manager then said I was to leave the establishment no refund for supposedly being rude to the female. I did not cuss I was not trying to cause a scene until he said I was banned and not getting a refund to which I then raised my voice and demanded my refund, if the GM would pull the video of that morning he would see. I won't ever spend money at another cinemark. Stonebriar mall AMC gave us no issue just said they need an adult to purchase the ticket. AMC will now have my business.

Cole Painter

Tonight was the night I decided I will never return to not only this Cinemark, but all Cinemark locations. The movie theater has always been my favorite place to be, and I’ve come to this theater for about 5 years. I even have the movie club membership. Unfortunately now I will have to cancel that and take my business to a theater where people know how to behave and a staff that actually respects the customer. IT Chapter Two, Spider-Man Far From Home, Midsommar, and many more movie experiences were ruined by disrespectful audience members and the staff simply can’t be bothered to handle them. Pathetic.

Ladonna Nickason

Nice and relaxing place to watch a movie! Very clean place

Debbie Pizinger

Went to see Overcomer today and the theater had a lot of flying insects. They would come right up to your face. I spent most of the movie swatting them away. This is the theater I normally go to and have never experienced a problem in the past. I hope it was a one off situation.

Trisha Berry

They have a theater meant just for kids, its marked separately on the showings. It has big bean bags on the floor in front of the screen and large squishy chairs. There is even an interactive wall outside the theater.

Gena Davis

Nice clean but music was so loud you couldn't hear them talk. But it was comfy

Keith Dearing

One of my favorite theaters.

Amanda Shewbrooks

Nice and clean, but theater had a stuffy smell. Was a combo of sweat and popcorn

Ashton Vandiver

Great experience watching endgame here. I thought my seats in the second row would be terrible, but they reclined so nicely and still were at a good angle that I thoroughly enjoyed it. Clean bathrooms too.

Rajesh Ravilisetti

This review is for customer service. Management does speak lies, take their word bad, disrupt party for which customers paid and can ruin the whole atmosphere. They are capable of all and care only about themselves, one of the worst party experience. Dont book this theater for any parties as their general manager(Danielle) works in the same lines as some of their employees(Jesse/Gabriela) who ruined our whole time there. STAY AWAY. There are better places to celebrate birthdays.

Mark Blackburn

Cinemax is the best Comfortable reclining chairs. Typical with all theaters the snack bar is over priced.


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