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REVIEWS OF Cinemark 17 IMAX IN Texas

Jorge Vargas

Cinemark is the best name in movie theaters.


This is a good movie theater , staff is friendly I try to go on week days to avoid the crowd. Only bad thing it's they don't clean to often you always are popcorn on the floor and counters.

Dj Kousukekira

Very clean and the reserved seats while ordering my meal was a great relief.Staff are very attentive.solid 5

JDM Engineuity

I don't live anywhere near this movie theater and only came for a promotion. Problem is that promotion was a first come first serve basis and we were not informed. The event was Aquaman and although it was not specifically the theaters fault they allowed this event to happen without properly informing people of what they had to do... Easily 60-100 people turned away after waiting in line for an hour, with little to no information on how to proceed. Had I known it was first come first serve I would not have wasted my time driving 1.5hr all the way across the metroplex to show up only 30 minutes early. Apparently some people (although very few) had been there since the movie theater opened for the day and waited a long time. It only requested we be there 15 minutes early. As stated before we were a good half an hour if not more before the movie started but it all ended with me not seeing the movie at all. After constant communication with the event people for a good while I was able to secure 1 ticket and I gave it to my friend for the trouble of them having to find a babysitter and move things around just to show up and then be denied seeing the movie too. All that being said the theater itself was nice, very large, seemed clean, lots of merchandise, some of the shirts were even cheaper than the popcorn. The theater did take some responsibility and allowed me and a few other people who we unhappy with the outcome to watch a different movie for free. So

Kevin Wilkins

This movie theater is pretty darn big with great concessions, seating & service. Went for the first time a few months ago but will definitely be back.

Carolyn Zarate

Everything was fine except the seats where no recliner. Consignment guy Sergio was very respectful.

Pratik Patel

Love the IMAX experience! Sometimes the floors are sticky but other than that it’s great.

Paul Mampilli

Living in Central Dallas this Cinemark is so conveniently located. It's also got a ton of screens. We did 3 movies in a week as it's so easy to get there and watch movies. The iMax was great for Captain Marvel. We love this Cinemark and will visit often.

Abhilash Peddu

Great place to watch your movies , best theatre in Dallas . The refreshments could be improved especially the pop corn .

Michael Azcona

I drive an hour to go this theater, when so many others are closer. Best hands down. Always clean. That is important to me. Good job #17

Montez Wilson

Awesome place. Seats that recline and can order food from your seat. Beautiful

Sir'T Wilson

Love this place, but food could have been better for the price.

CoffeeM Videos

IMAX good experience sound wise and screen wise. Theatre is ok . Price is ok but can be reduced with what they are offering . Location is ok .

Bug Boston

Wish movie times coincided better with getting off work. Need 5 and 6 pm movies nor 7:45pm and 10:45pm

Allison Setterlund

Our law firm rented out the theatre for special showing of the Lion King and we were blown away by the level of customer service they provided at this movie theatre. They were so accommodating and made this event extra special. All the managers there are wonderful and we would definitely host another event here!!!

Tony N

Great place, better place on Tuesday since they have movie discounts.. I recommend getting your tickets early so just walk right in.. enjoy

Angel Ocampo

Good time with the family ( Dora la explores )

Krys G

We come here pretty often because I'm a member of the Cinemark Movie Club. Generally, its decent enough. Not a fantastic experience, but not a bad one either. We sometimes order food because of my discount, and today was one of those days. However, it will be the last. We get the burger and fries because its good and not too pricey. Today, they put about 10 fries in the meal. We told the manager that its never been like this before, and he said that is the serving they have. Its hard to tell in the photo, but there's a ketchup packet there for size reference. Very upsetting that a "manager" wouldn't try to fix this. Makes me wonder what would have happened if it was just an hourly employee we spoke to. Won't be eating here again. Only movies from now on, and I'll probably get rid of the movie club since the only benefit I use is the 20% off concessions. Oh well.

Nikhil Ravindran

I loved the theater and most of the shows have reserved seating. You will get good bites as well with coke.

Callie Howze

Enjoyed my movie bathrooms needed attention over all good experience.

Ida Ordonez

Grate place to watch movies,and enjoy.

Jimmy Walker

Off the chain clean high tech and price worthy love this place worth every penny

Rod Powers

When I want to see a movie..THIS IS THE ONLY PLACE I GO...GREAT SOUNDS,GREAT SEATING,Parking lot is lit up.

Jep Fo

Really great theater! The seats are extremely comfortable, and the picture and sound quality are also very good. My biggest complaint would be that I didn't feel there were enough cash registers open at the concession stand, and it made the lines excessively long. The workers that were there, however, were trying their very best. I would definitely recommend this theater to everyone.

stephen annis

It's good theater it's clean.

Bri Canon

Nice theater. Patient friendly staff. Was able to change seats easily to accommodate for service animal.

Mari Castillo

Need to update the seating and it was so hot in there the day we went, but it was not crowded like the other cinemarks so that was a plus.

Truth Be Told

Theater is alright pretty much what you expect. High prices for snacks and hope to be there in time to get good seats. Avg theater.

Samuel G

IMAX. The Lion King. Awesomeness

Dan Hangen

Nothing like seeing a movie on a big screen. Only gave it 4 stars due to the movie, the picture was not as sharp and in proportion. I don't think that the movie was designed for IMAX. My friend noticed it too.

rosemary vinson

Great seats, clean restrooms

mistr scaredy

Can easily hear the theatre next to you during a movie. Screen quality left a little to be desired as well. Came here to see Midsommar for my second time. First time at /this/ location. Much worse than the first viewing at a different theatre. Just way less visual clarity.

Patti Toupal

Always fun to relax and see a good movie. I always bring my own snacks LOL

Thomas Schubert

One of two real IMAX screens in the state and it's 10 minutes from my house. Am I dead? Is this heaven? Not to mention their super cheap Tuesdays. Love this place.

Charles Astor

Great experience but this the IMax screen seemed smaller than I expected it to be.

Efren T.

I would have really enjoyed the movie if it wasn't for this young lady blowing her vape smoke to the whole room. We sat on K15 and K16 all the way in the back in the IMAX theater and they were sitting next to us. Does your theater let people use tobacco products and vapes in them? I was not aware. Me and my spouse will not be returning.


Nice place

Jon Goins

Watched 50th anniversary of Hello Dolly. Great fun!

Tohho 1972

Very positive experience, extra discounted ticket prices on Tuesdays, parking is very convenient, they even have electric vehicles charging ports. theatres have leather seats and also assigned seating, popcorn tastes great. Unfortunately bathrooms don't have sensors, so flushing is still manual.

Yesenia Olmedo

Nothing to lose 2 So much gret Movie inspiration and motivation FAITH

Joyce Francis

Love this theater we always go there

Douglas Custer

Bought tickets and reserved seats thru app quick and easy. Tickets picked up in theater kiosk less than 10 sec. Allowing time for refreshments and anything else before the movie started.

Kristi Betts

The theater we were in for our movie had the most comfortable seats. They reclined and had a space for your concession items or to simple place your personal belongings. The seats in front of us were low enough there was nothing obstruction our view of the screen. Wonderful environment for watching movies.

Tyler Watkins

Very nice theater. Clean and accommodating. I love the addition of simple foods such as burgers, pizza, etc. served at the front of the theater. Chairs are super comfy and have optional heating. Has Dbox available, but not in the 3D theaters, where it would make the most sense.

Carlos Aguilera

Everything good just cashiers take really long to serve

oscar calderon

Good sound.. could be better. I wish there could be a room for people who love full blast movies and be specific for those loud movie loving people out there. Still though great movies even though they changed my chili cheese fries.

rey niebla

Nice place..and a big big parking lot.!

Cody Abbott

Great place to take your kids or just you and your better half

Gisela Garcia

Great large screen however the rows are so close together that we had to get up to let other in and out of our row. The seats behind us kept kicking the backs of our seats with any movement they made. Experience made it hard to enjoy the movie.

Rod Gonzalez

Great theatre to visit. Really large and spacious. Multiple screenings throughout the day. Really well kept with a friendly staff. This place has been here a long time but has always kept up with the changing taste and expectations of moviegoers as times have changed. I'll come back for sure. Please hit "like" if this review helped you.

Kellee Winchester

Great theater with adjustable, heated seats. My family enjoys coming here. Tuesdays are the cheaper priced day, so come Tuesday if on a budget. My son managed to win 1000 tickets at one of the arcade games, he was so excited. We usually do arcade after, the use play cards.

Marie Surles

Love going out to the movies.

Dude What

Always have a good time coming here. They should enforce the no talking rule more than they do. I dont see how people cant respect that.

Gaby Rodriguez

Jennifer the manager is very good at her job. Thanks a lot for the help! Highly recommend

Glenn Sapien

The theater is maintained pretty well but the concession worker handling my line did not have the slightest sense of urgency considering all lines were open and at least 6 orders deep. Distraction enforcement would be nice, if possible. Too many phone screens lit up during the movie and the little kid behind me was watching a video on her phone on full blast during Endgame. Spoiler alert: your 6 Y.O. can't make it through a 3 our movie without ruining the experience for others, hire a babysitter. End Rant. Having the concession stands within the ticketed area doesn't make a difference if you never have them open.

NaNa Gomez

Place was nice the movie not so great

Jess Sanchez

Im always impressed when places have clean restrooms! Plus they have grat services.

Richard Evans

Very clean and comfortable theater. Absolutely love the seat reservations and the recliners!

Michael J Wilson

Clean, enoyable and alot of showtimes. Its better than most.

nick bledsoe

They have improved the interior a lot in recent years. Also its one of the only paces in town for IMAX.

Major Bob

We took a grandchild to one of the earlybird showing. Line was quick and it was clean. Despite the sign that said lounge chairs our theater were standard. Popcorn and drink were expansive..cost more than the tickets.Picture was adequate but sound seemed a little low. Overall a decent experience.

Kenneth Hilliard

GREAT Experience ,Love The Reclining Seats And Tray Tables

Brittany Jones

Clean theaters and restrooms, friendly staff, and great movie perks! The line to get food was getting pretty long. The manager on duty quickly noticed, grabbed another employee, and jumped behind the counter to help out with the line. I will definitely be back for more movie experiences.

Manish Khanna

Good movie theater, used boxed seats with hydraulics. It was a nice experience but a bit expensive.


Had a wonderful time at the movies. Very comfortable chair.

Luisa Anzo

I loved it all the people where so nice

John Kaiser III

This is my go-to place for big budget Blockbusters. Love the fact they have reserve seating now.

Silver Stewart

This place is awesome talk about a full screen tv

Calvin Bell

Cinemark 17 is a great theater with an IMAX setup. I frequently it due to their catering of movie screenings. The overall layout provides a comfortable experience, especially the the lounge chairs. Another perk of this theater is the food selection. No more just candy, popcorn, and nachos but there is a wide assortment of food choices. This perfect when you have movie dat night after work.

kisan senapati

The theatre is very neat and clean. They have good options for food and beverages also. The picture quality and sound also very good.


They have really made some wonderful upgrades the big comfy recliners

Brody K

Good movie theater. Bad concession food.

Mary Gilman

Seats are very comfy! Great customer service - electricity went out for about 5 min. We were given free tickets to return.

AJ Jaiswal

Amazing IMAX theater. Full IMAX screens, not wannabe screens. Sound quality is amazing. Chairs are comfy. If you go for the luxury seating, that is amazing too. Not all theaters offer luxury seating though. The DBOX experience is pretty neat too.

Joseph Wiseman Ra

Staff wasn't rude but was kind of pushy about the extra accessories for like drinks food la la la la la la la. Other than that enjoyed a great movie.

Spring Foster

Conveniently located right off 635 between Marsh n Forest Lane this is a nice place to stay abreast watching new releases in the comfy luxury lounger here. There is more than 1 concession serving stand. The atmosphere is quiet n not too crowded.

Jennifer Mulroy

Great seats, great concessions... fun for the whole family

Grace Flores

Customer service is at an all time horrible state. We’ve been coming here for many years.

Keelie Reason

This was a great Theatre. When we got there, our seats weren't reclining. We went and asked someone at concessions to come help us. They sent someone in right away and got them working. We saw Captain Marvel. It was a good experience

Aaron Moore

Love this particular theater... Willing to drive across DVW to go there.. mostly for Imax

Marvin Robertson

The seats were very comfortable the people friendly and the screen was huge. We really enjoyed it. We drove from Allen to get there so that's a 30-minute trip one way. But it was well worth it.

James Turrentine

Very nice theater. Gear sound and picture quality. Super comfortable recliners with attached tables for snacks and drinks.

Matt Broussard

Massive screens even in standard theaters, great sound! Book online or show up early, assigned seating only. Overall great movie theater.

jorge saul

No kids crying and no rude people whipping out their cell phones

Jon Shuler

Decided to see an afternoon movie and basically had theatre to myself. This location has not been remodeled like other locations but still has reserved seats. Wish had more food options and better prices for snacks.

Rakesh Sanapala

Great place but would love to see recliners in all theaters.

Parker Rider

I mean, it's a movie theater. And just like most theaters, it's overpriced but the service is acceptable.

Gilberto Estrada

I think is a great cinema! I really loved the fact that you can buy a pizza and get into the function with it. The chairs are comfortable enough and very clean.

Christopher Valero

Burnt popcorn, prices are higher than average to most. The seating has gotten a upgrade since last I've been. The audio was subpar.

Chip Linck Griffin

Nice theater. Decent IMAX screen. Not the biggest, but not one of those tiny pretend IMAX screens either. Easy in and out. One star off because I ordered mozzarella sticks and was asked if I wanted marinara, then when they were ready they said they were out of marinara. Really though, if that's all I have to complain about, it's a pretty good place. I've enjoyed myself every time.

Todd Swanson

Loved the chairs. Popcorn was cold though. Friendly staff.

John Doane

The IMAX screen and sound was great, but the seating is less than comfortable. Small seats, no legroom, very cramped


Its the same thing different day we waited outside for them to clean and soon as we all walk in same dirty theatre why work here if you cant do your job but stand around and be on your phone plenty of other amazing people who could use a job. Last time we step into this one and im not one to even write a review but this was way to frequent were the seating areas and steps are just gross.

Brim Reese

Great quality.. nice prices

Rene Aguero

Great place to watch a movie. They will have special events for films made outside of the US which one will need to check online for availability and tickets.

J.Loved Loved

Big...big....thats about it....big. So big in fact that the parking lot fills with those very intelligent people who play under developed noise at very, very high volumes.. demonstrate how intelligent they are. When i speak with a mouthful of cotton and novacaine i can approach sounding as smart as they sound. But hey, what is good diction, proper speech and uttering a complete thought ? It is merely an impediment to communication. Let's behave like the photos indicate : Most humans should stop having sex....and buy bass-ie stereos and connect them to their reproductive organs. They could save the world.

Roderick Davis

It was as though I was right there with the actors in the movie. Great!!!!

David Leal

D-BOX has got to be the coolest upgrade to a movie experience that I've encountered. Tickets are $20 each, but the experience is worth the money 100%.

Christelle King

Very good. Saw screening of Gemini Man! CGI was good!!

claudia mama


Lillie Ramos

Great deals on Tuesday my favorite spot

krishna sai

They have changed a lot, the recliner seats were simply superb I really enjoyed movie here and I recommend everyone to visit and enjoy the services.

James Beach

Now that they have recliners and foods trays at your seat this place has become a favorite spot for my wife and I to go to the movies. Staff were pleasent and expodicious.

Mike & Paula Campbell

Really like the comfy lounge chair seating.

Tina Rolf-Lee

Nice clean theater and bathrooms. Friendly and courteous employees. Theater had great sound and seats were comfortable.

brandon Chenault

They have one of the few true IMAX screens in Texas. I saw 2001: A Space Odyssey here. Amazing. I saw Dunkirk here. Unbelievable sound. I just saw Alita here. It's a great IMAX experience.

Ben Cheng

So I watch Avengers Endgame here today, and the seats and theater were great. The seats were comfortable and spacious. The theater was clean. The one and only major issue is that I could hear the music and audio from the movie next door... It is hard to focus on the movie when I can make out the soundtrack to Dumbo to my right. It really did break the ambiance of the movie especially during the emotional scenes. For other action/comedy movie, it might be ok, but for dramatic, romantic, and horror movies, I think it is a no go.


Thanks for helping us out with our tickets Herman! You really know how to keep customers. The theatre was very spacious and comfortable with reclining seats. Great drink and pop corn. The bathrooms were clean. We had a really good time. I've been here a few times before. The only things I would recommend changing about this place is upgrading the IMAX seating and lowering prices.

Josephine Ibarra

Not our usual theater that we go to. Love that they have an arcade and a starucks/pizza hut along with the other concession favorites. The only things that I didnt really like were that the leather seats were very uncomfortable and too rocky. Also, the sound quality seems to be a bit off....not loud enough and the balance of bass and treble are not what I would expect. We went twice in a row to watch two different movies and we got the same theater, so that's why I say the audio is off...for this movie buff at least.

Hector Ayala

Comfortable place to relax after a long day and watch on a huge screen a great movie

M Harris

I love this place! I try to see all the first run movies in IMAX. If you become a member of the Movie Club, you get one free movie a month for the cost of the monthly fee ($8.99). If you want to see more movies or add additional seats, they're also only $8.99. There's a $2 up charge for an IMAX movie, but it's still cheaper than a regular IMAX ticket. And you get 20% off concessions. Lately they haven't been opening the outside doors to the IMAX theater; everyone has to go through the main theater to get to the IMAX section, but you can still get out through the IMAX doors. The theater is always clean and there is lots of parking, including handicapped in the first row. If you buy a ticket online using the Cinemark app, you can reserve a specific seat and don't have to worry about being there ahead of time. You can either print out the ticket inside at a kiosk or, if the lines aren't too long, you can have it printed outside at the ticket window. Not only is there regular theater food, but off to the right side of the main lobby there's a little grill where you can get hamburgers and fries and other things made. It also has a nice ice cream counter.

David Vodka

Excellent place to watch movies Love this theatre Clean & Friendly staff!

Maria G Lopez

Ita been remodeled and it has great seating

Kapone Williams

One of the cleanest theatres I've been to in the area. The prices are very family friendly and they have a nice food/snack selection

David Ramirez

Clean for the most part. Half price movie tickets on tue and they also play international movies; Mexican movies and hindi films.

Mahesh Rajapakse

The theater is maintained well and kept clean. Restrooms are clean as well. Staff were friendly and helpful. Plenty of parking available.

Mike H

This place is really good on a Tuesday. The reason being is that the food is very pricey and can hurt your wallet if you go any other day if you also include the movie tickets. Therefore, discount Tuesday is the best way to enjoy a movie with low movie prices. They have new types of ways to watch a movie and the experience is great.

Sharon Lee

Saw Adams Family! Fun movie with granddaughter. Nice, comfortable theater!


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