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Jessica Pachar

The new seating is wonderful, so comfortable. The fact that part of the front with the "fancy" food they "upgraded" to is always closed is just sad. It was great before they closed it. Same basic traditional food as a movie theatre and a few nicer options. Decently clean and decently nice staff. Alot of teenagers and families, expect to take the risk that other people will sit in your assigned seats and try not to move out of them. And kids next to you won't sit still for the whole movie. Pretty expected as a basic movie theatre experience

Sharon Jamison

Total refurb- very comfortable seats in #9. We'll be sure to visit more often now.

Brianna Adkins

With the new updates and tweaks. I love First Colony AMC. The staff is chill. The crew cleans to the best of their abilities and only problem I ever had is never having toilet paper at night-late night showing. I am against assigned seating but if every AMC is going to have it soon, atleast this will help First Colony with opening nights which get pretty chaotic here specially if it's a super hero movie. Getting food order at the cafe takes a while and during certain slow times, you probably miss previews waiting on someone to come notice you when you want a cooked snack. As always concessions is expensive, but hey gotta make money some how. Also AMC First Colony has movies that last longer here than other theaters around Richmond/Sugar Land/Missouri City area. Specially if it is a foreign film.


Wish I could give 0 stars. The people in front of me got there tickets and walk off then the teenager at the window literally started texting on her phone instead of calling me to the window so I walked up to the window thinking shes going to look up and do her job NOPE. She finished her important conversation first. Then we get our tickets and guess what the ticket checker guy is on his phone texting as well I could go on but you get the idea. LAST TIME I COME TO THIS PLACE

Juliana Lamar

Went in the middle of the week, and the theater was dirty, the soda fountain had a funky smell. Just not what it was.

Humma Khan

I love watching movies here. Watched Secret life of Pets with my two adorable daughters. Their newly added reclining seats are so comfortable.

Shane Spurlock

Very dirty place. Concession area was absolutely gross. 6 soda/pop machines and only 2 had ice and most of the flavors were out of order. Popcorn is sitting under a heat lamp in a bucket and is stale as can be. Staff is very lazy and unhelpful. Wont be back.

Armando Gonzalez

Most of the time it's been great! Clean seats friendly staff etc. We normally get Dolby tickets to get the full experience. They are building a 'new' auditorium called "prime" next to it. Since then Dolby speakers inside Dolby theater where none existent? Seats were dirty and one of the seats not working but still charged the full price for Dolby... I'd rather pay regular price and watch it digital... might have even been better to what they left Dolby.

Drift Kid Productions

Over the years, restrooms get stickier, food gets a bit more expensive, ok staff. Haven't been here in years since a better place opened up closer to home.


Great location with clean facilities and comfortable chairs. Online tickets and plenty of parking. The theater is the one of the biggest AMC I've been, and it does not disappoint. The chairs were comfortable and adjustable lounge chairs. Unfortunately our movie started 20 minutes late, and we weren't notified. Credit accepted, free parking lot, lounge seats.


Excellent theaters. Electric recliner seating. Very cool. We watched Avengers Endgame in the Dolby theater. Badass..We'll be watching ALL future movies here

Eddie Wang

Friendly staff and theaters are quite clean, though I wish people could be more considerate and just go to their right seats instead of whatever seats they want.


The Dolby theater is the best quality in theaters today. Better than Imax

Melinda Lopez

Went to see the Avengers movie on Mother's Day. Was disappointed that the new seating had not been put in that theatre. Also, after the movie was over I had to contact the manager in regards to the ladies room. It was disgusting with paper towels thrown all over the floor, toilet paper everywhere and none of the doors would lock. It was filthy, but that is usually the norm at this theater. Condiment stations are always filthy with butter everywhere and long concession stand lines are common here. Needs a better manager to control staff, maintain theater sound volume, improve cleanliness and provide better overall customer service.


Seats huge and recline too I'm staying here better than my recliner at home

Vijay K

It was very good experience and the recliner seats were very comfortable.

Al S.

Friendly staff. Reclining chairs. Not too crowded for a Friday night.

Parag Kadakia

Quite comfy reclining seats. Nice sound effects.

lisa Francis

Descriptive headphones were not available. My son is blind, he uses these to fully understand the movie. Asked gentleman to bring them to our theater once it was ready and he never came! I walked back up to the front after the previews were done and the movie had started and he wasn’t even there. It was a young lady who had to keep asking someone how to program them. Finally a manager named Bradley came and got them to work but by then I had missed 30 MIN of the movie. I didn’t even see how the new forky character came to be! (Toys story 4) Only after I expressed my disappointment did he offer to movie us to another theater but I was with 6 other family members and two babies... no way they would have lasted an added 30-45 min. I had to ask for vouchers to come again. On top of all that the back restrooms do not have changing tables. So moms if you’re watching any movie in any theater other than the ones right in the front, be prepared for a walk and probably missing 15 min of the movie.

Charlotte Sakallah

I haven't been to a movie theater in 25 years. Omg this place was awesome, comfy chairs, plenty of arm room, clean, easy access to drink refills, no wait, food. WOW

Sabrinah Gonzalez

Nice and comfy place to watch a movie..

Jhoana Mangalus

Loved the renovation and the reclining chair are the best, and they added heating too!


I had sat at the F row and its extremly hot at the middle of the movie.

melanie woody

Totally newly renovated theater! New Premier theater with rumbling seats and other theaters have adjustable, heated recliners! Great selection of foods and treats and unlimited refillable drinks!


It is a nice place it is huge. Love it.

Neil Miller

Got their special offer, which includes 3 free movies each week. For 20 dollars/month can't beat this deal. 3d and Imax movies are included.

Sazzy De

My family and I went to the Movies to see Godzilla: King of Monsters. Very neat and clean, good food and snacks the chicken and waffles sandwich was good, I just wish I had a little bit of syrup with the sandwich. The hotdog was juicy and delicious. The popcorn was good. I also got a free refill of popcorn on the popcorn.

Christopher He

Reclining seats are pretty nice. Staff doesn't do a good job of cleaning up in-between movies so you will often find left over food in-between and on the seats.

Andrew Slagle

Theater was hot and I could clearly hear the movie in the next theater. That really ruins the whole experience.

Cami White

This theater is really struggling after the remodel. While the actual screens and chairs are awesome (why there are 2 stars as opposed to 1), they have to get it together with their sound and projection. This was the 2nd time in a row since remodel that we went and first time the sound was horrendous (had to cover my ears for all the sound effects and then struggled to hear conversational sound). The second time we sat in the theater for over an hour after showtime and the movie never even played. They didn't even try to move screens or anything. Terrible.

JDG Inc.

This is a good place to watch movies

Alejandro Portal

Unhelpful and rude staff in the kitchen, confusing order lines, and overpriced food. Many people love to talk during the movies here. Will never come here again.

Cotrina Wilson

Nice theatre...Special date night!❤

Jiyun Wang

Well, I have to give those staffs 4 thumbs up ( including my two toes) The current staffs changed my previous opinion about this location. They were extremely helpful, friendly, and efficient on my request. Way way way better than previous management team. Especially, I would thank the gentlemen who was just sweeping the floor ( sorry, didn’t get your name) and manager, also, SUPER thank and appreciate Evelyn’s assistance. She changed my mind and make me wanna go back to this location instead of AMC 18. She really understand a guest’s need, listen to them, and showed empathy for them. Even, they are under construction, still very patience with the guest. Once again, thank you for everything! See you guys in the future !

Anita mehra

Enjoyed it immensely. Went after a long time and was pleasantly sprouted to see the renovations in place.. Awesome everyone on the recliner seats with heating pads..Way to go AMC... Am coming back soon..


The theater had great seats. There were reclining seats which were extremely comfortable and easy to use. the picture quality was fantastic and the sound quality was superb. The Dolby theater was incredible. There was a great selection of food and beverages, and all of the food was delicious. The restrooms were clean. I enjoyed my time at the movies.

504 Nola

It's as if every cop in Houston is on duty there and the last movie if your not there on time they take the cash registers and close shop stupid place

David Wills

A bit pricey, but a fun place to go and watch a movie.

T. Tucker

At first view this looks like an abandoned theater. The outside of this venue needs major work! I almost thought it was closed I had to get out and check. Once you get past the (bad) first impression this is actually a good theater! They have speciality screenings for kids with autism or sensory issues and I took my 6 year old son to see Dumbo. The theater was nice and clean (we were in theater #19) they have nice comfortable reclining seats. If you get cold they have a button that will heat up your seat. The restrooms were nice and clean I was impressed! Looks like they're doing renovating so I'll come back to see their improvements! Overall good theater!

Robbie Jansky

Great theatre in the heart of Sugar Land! After a long day of shopping. And dining. Step inside and watch your favorite film and enjoy the great seats great view awesome sound and lots of snacks. Highly recommend this location and this facility because the of the friendliness of the staff and awesome presentation.

Frank Quiroz

Today's experience was awful ! We are Premier card holders and with that come benefits. The associate that rang up my purchases charged me full price for my popcorn and drinks instead of the discounted price that are perks of the card. I tried repeatedly to let him know he was over charging me. He must have been a newbie. He just didn't get it, and there was no one at the customer service desk to inform of what just happened. On to the movie, or not. I bought tix for the 1130 feature of Peanut Butter Falcon. Waited till about 1150 before I went back to the customer service...oh wait, no one's there. I spoke with a young lady on the floor, informed her about the situation but she seemed to have cared less. I return to my seat and FINALLY the movie starts at 1200. WHAT EVER HAPPEN TO CUSTOMER SERVICE?

michael allen

Had a great movie experience with short lines entering and at the concession stand!

CM Jones

Enjoyed...this cinema. Took my granddaug to see Lion King, enjoyable Friday evening not crowded, clean RR's, threater clean as well. Superb!!

David Torres

Terrible experience. I saw 8 guys sneak into the movie theater and talk very loudly to where I couldn’t hear anything. Worst of all, they were using their phones and taking pictures. When I went to complain and ask for a refund they wanted to make sure I didn’t miss any of my movie but I already did because of them. Security was of no help worrying about who was loudest than the people who snuck in. Terrible management.

Christopher Henry

Just called and the phone system hung up on me (and my question about the available 3d formats at that location) instead of letting me hold. I'll go to Edwards on I10 I guess. Edit (went from 1 to 4 stars): Edwards got rid of what I wanted go see on their 3d IMAX, so I ended up coming to see my movie here, in Real 3d. Other than my phone answering complaint, which still stands, the experience here was great. Not too crowded, plenty of parking, clean all around, comfortable chairs where the folks behind you can't see you (or that easily be bothered by you), movie looked and sounded great. Answer your phones! Mmm... also, I couldn't get the scan code on my phone to read at the automatic pickup machine, so I had to wait behind people picking their assigned seats to get my prepaid ticket from the ticket window guy. Oh well.

Bimal Radia

Convenient place to see movies in sugar land. Need to change their seats and bring it up to current standards. AMC fountains is a great alternative with recliner seats and lower ticket prices.

LeiRoi Daniels

Remodeled and much more pleasant to watch movies

Chika Onyia

This theater is being updated and refurbished and the changes are great!! The app makes the experience super easy and convenient. Love it!!

Gerald Ellis

To be in a nice area, the theater is a mess. Bathrooms, concession areas, and lobby were not only dirty, but downright unsanitary. The worst part was the the theater was warm, and sitting on the leather seats made you sweat while you were watching the movie. Trash theater... Go elsewhere if possible until they get their property in order.

J. Scott Edwards

Excellent lounge chairs, awesome picture, we were in theater 24, the sound had little bass and it seemed like they was no surround behind either

The Dragon Boy

Best pricing and showtimes for movies you want to watch are always available, food is also great and cheap as well.


The food set up was confusing at first but good selection. Clean theatres, seats worked. Can't complain.

John M. Oyerbides

Best chairs in Houston. Will take this theater over any I have been to in the area. The chairs are heated. They have a good snack bar selection but it can get a little crowded. They have a grab and go area for the basics like popcorn and all the specialty items you have to order for pick up. Super place!

Girard Timney

Enjoyed the theatre and the movie. The rest room needed a little attention, trash cans needed to be emptied, otherwise okay.

Kyle Evacula

Great cinema but doesn't have the cushioned, reclining seats.

Rhonda Pollard

Making a mental note to never return to this AMC. Popcorn was not fresh, only one person to sell and validate pre - sale tickets. The movie marquee was even incorrectly posted which caused confusion. Naw, I will pass on AMC First Colony.

Paul Thomas

Nice theatre. Concessions could have been cleaner but it was the second day of Lion King so they were busy.

Hannah Triplett

Considering its endgame release and hella early I cant complain to much besides the theater being kind of trashy. The renovations are AMAZING!! Seats are so comfy and much needed


Its a great place to watch movies and I love it if you come in the morning its cheaper also.

Sherre Skeen

Great quality theater. Did not have food, so my rating is not on food. Sound and picture quality is fantastic. The seating is not too cramped. A winner all the way!

Christian Groever theater ever..big screen, comfi reclining leather

Joseline Canongo

I am really upset arrived to watch US. I had sat down and there was a condem in the cup holder. I had informed the manager and he did not even bother to call anyone so they can clean up the area where it was found. Usually before entering to watch a movie they are suppose to clean the area the best as possible for the next show. This was not case. After 10 minutes passed I went back to check if it was cleaned, but it was still there. We also did not get our full refund back. I have never been so disappointed. Families bring children for a movie night to find something so disgusting.

Inkara A

We lost our keys while watching a movie. Came back twice to look for them but there was another movie showing already so couldn't look. The staff promised to look and let us know (we told them the exact seat numbers). Came back again - the staff told us they looked and couldn't find anything. OK, we didn't quite believe it, went to look ourselves and they keys were sitting right there in a plain sight. Really really spoiled our movie experience. Overall, the seats are very comfy but the sound was too loud.

Juan Beltran

Despite doing construction work inside the theater, it's still a cozy environment inside. Clean, Cool, and Smelling grate. The popcorn and hot dogs scream, buy me & enjoy with a refreshing cool drink. The reclining seating and sound system is a live experience, so take the whole family and see your favorite movie.

Courtney B

The facilities are nice, and the staff is very friendly and helpful. The picture and sound quality is also good. The food is good too, but it is way overpriced. But you expect that from a movie theater. I paid $14 for nachos and a soda. The tickets are reasonably priced, $20 for two people.

Varsha Vilankar

Great theatre. The seats are very comfortable. Clean place. Ample parking. Great location as it’s in the heart of Sugarland town Centre. Overall the staff is good too.

Marilyn Hulett

Snacks weigh too expensive! Bring your own.

Aundria Eli

That under construction making is much more comfortable. So please excuse their dust during this time of beautification. The chair upgrade alone is definitely worth the wait. The new comfortable chairs include reclining and heating. Just wait, you're going to enjoy the improvements for sure. If it's in your budget and you have time, become an A-Lister!

Julie Hookfin

They finally upgraded to assigned recliners which are very comfortable. And their $5 Tuesday deal is amazing.


They just recently remodeled the whole theater with recliners, so much better now.

Shawn Petricko

Man. Comfy seats with heat and electric recline. Missed a star for making it so damn expensive. More people would go if it didn't cost that much. Kiddo liked her popcorn. Restrooms were clean and didn't smell like the barrio or anything....

Danny Elkins

Employees are lack luster. Closed early due to flooding and tried to speak with an employee about ticket refunds and were stared at by several employees and ignored. Thankfully a girl who seemed like a manager spoke with us after a crowd gathered outside the doors. I dont like my job either but I still do it .other than that the theatre is top quality and even has a bar. We had seats that fully reclined and had heaters for no extra charge.

Kristy Sanchez

Loved the seating...seats were reclining and heated optional. Theater was organized and So nice.

Haldane Hickey

They've made some major upgrades to the cinema. The reclining seats are nice...could go back a lil farther but that's minor. I enjoyed my time there. I also applaud going to reserve seating because the last time I was there some guy tried to lie his way to the front of the line of a movie...nice job AMC

Skye Lam

The new reclining chairs have helped a lot. Place feels much cleaner than before the renovations

Jane Doe

It's not a sit to waiting for the movie inside of the movie theater what's up with this!!! I come to the movie to get out of the hot, and I need waiting outside because it's not a place to sit, and I bought the ticket one hour before the movie started. The restroom it is new, and this amc does have a new recliner chairs it is very nice. This AMC actually it's the best one I have been in Houston area, it could just be a little more clean.

Reggie Franklin

The Movie is always clean and the reclining seats are very comfortable and spacious!!!

Antony Joseph

Need to bring Malayalam movies back as old days. Lot of Malayali people in Missouri City, Sugarland area. New seats are really good.

Brian Heironimus

Has very nice and comfy chairs that recline without bugging the person in front or behind. Large signs make the theater number you want easy to find. When purchaseing tickets picking your seat might slow the process down.

Pierre HUYNH

great movie theater, seats are comfortable, reclinable and heated. There is enough leg room. staff are good

AD 236

This theater is amazing. The renovated seats are sick and the overall quality of the place is great! Highly recommended for movies...especially $5 Tuesdays :)

olaniyi laniyan

Very impressive. Great customer service. It is all reversed seating and very clean restroom.

Reys reviews

Good but ticket machines don't work so good and ticket attendants on phone had to knock on window after minutes of standing in front of window.but love the heated seats and recliner

Elijah LaForge

I love this theater, this theatre had amazing sound quality, from highs, mids, and lows but the seats were extremely comfortable and there were no interruptions in the Theatre.... Amazing Job Amc im very impressed.

Maven Detail

Seats, seats and more seats. I once heard that places sometimes would be known for not having a bad seat in the place, AMC 24 first colony is that place. I believe this is a part of their renovations I have been seeing take place, their smaller theaters now have reclining chairs similar to the ones in the Dolby theater they have.

Alaap Ghosh

Place needs to clean and tidy. The fountain vending machines are empty of orginal coke.

Jeri C

They always have a variety of movies and many choices of showtimes. I'm a Premier Stubs member and this has been my home theater for many years. I love the renovations.

Benjamin Mund

The seats are very nice, but the staff could care less, the place is old and dirty and all sorts of construction areas in the building, that's seems like they just stopped work and never finished. They didn't give us 3D glasses when they took our tickets, so we had to go find them on our own. The bar looks like it was thrown in as an after thought to keep up with thre other much nicer theaters that are in the area.

William Malpass

Very nice reclining seats. I didn't try the food or beverages.

Melissa Gloekler

The concessions line was really confusing setup but overall a really nice modern theatre with heated seats!

Lindsey Campbell

The staff, with the exception of the gentlemen that greeted us at the door, were rude. They were VERY understaffed. The theater was a mess. It wasn filthy, it was messy. The lid, napkin, etc, dispensers were empty or almost empty. I will not be returning after being told by the manager If I didn't like it I could leave. I was politely asking why they were so understaffed and the lines were so long. They will not keep customers with managers that handle questions with hostility.


Great movie theater. The sound is spectacular the seats are great

Brittany Ye

This is our favorite movie theater in the area. The seats recline back further than any other theater. I also appreciate that they allow you to add your own butter to your popcorn. They also have the option to order your popcorn and drinks ahead of time, and all you have to do is pick them up.

kairy walker

Great location, very commendable staff.

Sabrina Mckee

I love this location new seat!

Gỏi Cuốn

Clean good and Friendly (Depends whom you are served.) serbices.

Sharina Gasch

Movie theater was HOT, DARK (WHEN IT WAS TIME TO GET SEATED IT WAS PITCH BLACK FOR ABOUT A GOOD 10 MINUTES BEFKRE THE SCREEN CAME ON), was not handed our 3D glasses.. Not good at all! Concession area was FILTHY! I know it is busy, but dang looked like it hasn't been cleaned since this morning!

Margon L

Upgraded and beautiful. The reclining/ heated seats are a nice touch to the newly renovated theater. They still need major work on the restrooms and the outdoor ticket kiosks but I am sure that is all coming soon. I'll be looking forward to it.

Sonal Pathak

Still struggling to get my own money back from AMC as power went off. Customer service is pathetic- nobody picks up the call or take responsibility for anything. Worst experience ever and lost a big money too

Richard Finnigan

With their remodel and new reclining reserved seats this location can't be beat. Good concessions for a theater as well.

Mandy Jones

Mehhh pretty pricey when we went but was all in all a good movie night out

Rafael Franco-Vera

Love the new redesign recliners but my only issue is that the concessions doesn't really follow through with the amc A-list premier line. If they were to better how they placed the lines it would go a lot smoother.

Sonny Toupard

As an AMC premiere stubs member this place is a joke! They didn’t care about premiere member lines or priority service. The first time there I thought it was just a mistake, but the second time it was just a repeat. Why pay for premiere stubs fee? I send an email to AMC on this and got an automated reply. Tried again, but no one cares! Sad!

Mollie Tillman

the seats here totally freaking baller and the acoustics of each row now make it so that you can't hear if other people are talking in the next row down or up and you can't see if a phone screen lights up down below you and they also upgraded their sound systems HOWEVER....a bottle of water is still $5.95 after tax. Not even like a very large one either. A dasani 24 Oz or 36 Oz I think. Something that even at a gas station is never more than $2.25 making it so that now you can go to that big fancy Marriott in town center and get a bottle of water for cheaper there than you can at your local movie theater which is abso-freakin'-lutely unacceptable.

Resident of a Potter's field

Too pricey, and the theater has always been dirty when I come in to watch a movie. The food also tastes pretty bad. Still, at least the chairs are comfy despite the smell an the movies are in good enough quality.

Kevin H

This place has good theatres, dolby atmos, dolby prime, power recliners, but it always smells like burnt popcorn and there is never more than 2 registers open at the concessions stand so you better have amc prime to get in the short line on opening nights.

Raven Blackrose

Great movie theater has reclining chairs the bar has great drinks :)

Kathleen Magers

In the new AMC Prime theater - wow incredibly crisp picture and enhanced sound. Pretty awesome. Although the theater is completely newly remodeled with all new reclining seats - this theater still does not offer WIFI to customers


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