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REVIEWS OF AMC Edinburg 18 IN Texas

James Cordova

Great place to watch movies love the reserved seating. Always clean.

Joel Cervantes

Really like this place, love the IMAX...

Miguel Lira

stale popcorn - would of taken close to an hour to return it or replace it, which would of resulted in missing first 30 minutes of movie. need to pay employees a better salary which correlates to better customer service.

Angie Zuñiga

I love coming here with friends all the time. a lot of people complain about the prices but I think you're paying for quality and comfort so it's worth it. word of advice, I used to only buy IMAX tickets because I thought they were the best (and while they do offer more in terms of visuals and quality) standard does astoundingly better in sound AND comes with reclinable chairs, which in my opinion goes a long way compared to simple quality. I watched far from home on standard weeks ago and it was one of the better experiences ever in terms of quality of sound and comfort!


Seats were great. Food was ok. Restrooms were bad. Theater and lobby area was dirty. Popcorn and jalapenos on the floor. Unclean rest rooms and no working water faucets. Had to rinse the soap off my hands on the water fountain outside of the restrooms.

Josue Martinez III

Good movie theater


My favorite theater in the valley! Absolutely love the environment compared to the others. IMAX is by far the best way to watch any movie! I also highly recommend their AMC's A-List program, very satisfied.

Monica Garza

The pretzels were so gross. Popcorn was stale. The icee cup lid wouldn't stay on. Hot dogs sucked. The bread just split in half and crumbled. Order fresh ppl!

Janie Diaz

It was great the best recliner seats ever will definitely go again.

Pete Oliva

Very nice theater. Much better run than when it was Carmike. I'm glad AMC has a presence in the Valley now. I'd like to see them build another, newer theater in the area. Picture quality could stand to be improved a bit. But the facilities are nice and the movie sounded great.

Marlene Dianas

Good movie choices. Lots of food. Clean. Super comfortable chairs.

Jesus Armijo

This is great the movie here are great and I saw child's play the movie was so great

John Hill

The 18 screen theater had plenty of showings and very comfortable seats with some of the theaters having the recliners. With only one exception, the staff is always friendly and helpful. I have the AMC stubs A List monthly subscription that lets me watch up to three movies a week for 20 dollars a month. I actually have a Cinemark Theater five minutes from home but the deal, theater, and staff make the twenty minute drive well worth it!

Krystle Tamez

Our AMC membership has saved us a ton of money! We get three free movies a week, discounts ar the concession, and get to cut lines. I love it!

Miranda luevanos

Loved their interior work althought the restroom in the front were a bit bad the ones in the back were better. The seats are amazing very comfortable, the service for food was nice and there was a lot of options.

Manuel Ibarra

Waited in line 35 minutes for snacks. By the time we got out it was 40 minutes past our scheduled movie. However, these 4 stars go to Camacho for being able to find another showing for us.

That one person everyone hates

The workers are very hard working here. The seats are incredibly comfy and the snacks are delicious. Definitely recommend.

Diana Robles

Seats are so comfortable, they recline laying down, Tuesday five dollar movies, popcorn was good , purchased a package of $15 a large popcorn with a large drink, free drink refills and one popcorn refill... Good customer service, well definitely go again... Thank you

Jesus Trejo

Watching movie was good. Concession stands need more people to serve, bathrooms need more attention. Need more employees.

Enrique Garcia

Very good theater with food alcohol selection and pretty good pizza, wings and burgers

Janie Patlan

Love their reclining seats!!

Johnny Alcoser

Awesome place but need to lower price

Edith Rubalcava

I like it the people are friendly and helpful. Never have problems when I go there. I am so glad I joined A list.

Jeffrey Richardson

NEVER AGAIN AM I GOING FOR $5 TUESDAY! I went to go see Dark Phoenix. During the previews everyone was talking, but it’s previews. So no big deal. During the movie The talking was getting louder. The couple behind us were having a full conversation. Kids were running up and down the stairs. RIDICULOUS!

Nolan Wright

The first time I decide to go to the movies out here and the movie doesnt play. I got a voucher so hopefully next time it plays.

Israel Figueroa

Saw Avengers Endgame on IMAX nice facilities, could nicer seats tho.

Erick Hurtado

Great seats the food its not bad but need to improve imho.

Katia Contreras

Great movies, pricing is a bit high but affordable

Jesus RIos


Juan Ramirez

I most recently visited on a Sunday around 5PM. The men's restroom was a mess, urine all over the floor near the urinal. The faucets to wash your hands seem set to only let out a small drizzle of water. I understand water conservation, but get efficient faucets, don't just make me wash my hands with what feels like an eyedropper. Also the paper dispenser seems busted, so they just had a roll sitting on the counter, in a puddle of water. Can't explain it. But the roll was soaked at both ends. It was... Pretty disgusting drying my hands. The theater itself is good, screens are nice and bright. Roomy enough chairs. I do feel I should mention two things: When I got to my chairs, the floor was already kind of dirty. Sticky from soda and popcorn. Idk if it wasn't cleaned between showings. Secondly, this was Avengers' opening weekend so they might have been a little busy. But of the three theaters in twon I've visited this weekend, this was by far the grosses feeling one as well as the Most expensive one. I really hope AMC ups their game here, I usually love their theaters, and hope the bring Dolby Vision to the RGV. As it stands though, this AMC theater needs management to step it's game up.

George L

The staff was courteous and professional like always. And if you go to the theater as often as I do I highly recommend signing up for either AMC A-List or AMC Stubs Premiere (Google both of those) because you'll quickly save money on movie tickets and concession stand items. Oh, you also get to use the Premiere line at the concession stand which means you get helped quicker.

Irene Cano

Took my granddaughter and daughter to watch The Maleficent Movie, very good seats, but I wish the seats would recline since this Theater is more expensive

Yolanda Aleman

1st time back in years... Would not go back again... Popcorn cold and chewey. Nacho cheese was not good. Soda a bit flat and everything is completely overpriced. Definetley sticking to cinemark theaters.

caesar torres

A bit pricey but over all good

Leanne Ganessingh

The seats in this theater make the experience so much more worth it. Really clean, but snack bar can get very packed and is usually understaffed. Show up early on Tuesdays since it's usually the busiest day due to discounted ticket prices.

Robin Becker

Clean and cool, nice since it is summer in South Tx. Staff is friendly.

Brandon Helmers

Don't like the food line, great IMAX experience though.

Sophia Rodriguez

Went to watch avengers end game. Restroom in front was gross, only 2 toilets and one of them was literally crapped on. Washing your hands only one faucet was "working" very little water coming out. Watched movie in theater 14 and the ac was out, super freaking hot in there and the workers lied and said it is working


Recliner theaters are definitely nice. Plenty of parking. Coke machines usually have a lot missing drinks and typical overpriced theater snacks.

Enaida De Los Santos

Nice theater! Remodel looks good. Great customer service.

Raquel Esparza

Easy fast service. Nice recline seats. I will go there again for sure.

Swathi Holla

The theater itself is nice and the seats are comfortable and reclining. The bathrooms were disgusting and the sinks didn’t even work. The carpet was moldy and the hallways outside the theaters smelled disgusting. If they cleaned up this would be the best theater in the valley

Daniel Garcia Ordaz

Premium cost pays for itself with instant popcorn refill. Folks bring Easter baskets, whatever and refill at counter upon order. Premium line embarrassingly quicker and shorter by far. Some reclining seats, but you might get that pesky kid behind you. Parking on either side of the theater but not in front. Huge. Bar. Limited food. Self-serve fountain drink stations with those touch-screen choices. Slushies. IMAX, digital, 3D. Premium membership app means waived fee for online tickets. Choose your seat online. Print tickets at kiosks near entrance or at counter or just show on phone. Seating for wheelchair and accompanying folks adjacent. Some powered recliners. Not in all theaters. Pretzels are great. Show up early if you want any food.

Angel Cuellar

I think it was Great, I'd really like this Movie, but i felt asleep during the film. But i've ordered a large tub of popcorn and a large Soda.

emtp 101

The snack counter needs to be more organized, movie was good quality but the sound was not loud enough.

Liza Wright

The theater is very nice, clean and comfortable. I've never had a problems with going to the movies here untill recently. They informed us that they were cutting their hours so 7 is basically the latest you can see a movie during the week. Even weekend showings have been cut down. Some of us work long hours and can't take a day off just to catch a movie. So, we won't be going nearly as often anymore. Bone head move management.

Julio Gutierrez

Great theater I would say the seats are better than Pharr Town Center

Mimi V.

Huge theater with lobby seating and a lobby bar. Self- serve pop machines for your refill needs and the theater seating is so comfortable and roomy. All theaters are equipped with reclining seating and plenty of leg space to let other guests pass by without stepping or falling all over you.

Augusto Ramirez

Very nice movie theater great sound.

Bruce Akers

I am NOT a fan of special lines and special priveleges for customers. The whole A List program is just another reason to mistreat regular customers. Concession stands had a lone employee to wait on a long line while the A List line had the manager and 2 other employees waiting on that line. Waiting 20 minutes to buy popcorn and a drink was ridiculous. Lastly I refuse to pay a $3 convenience fee to purchase tickets online. I am not cheap but resent paying a fee when I do the companies work and make things easier for them.

Alma Cuellar-Acosta

The only bad thing here is the POPCORN! By the time I get to watch my movie, popcorn

Jesse Sanchez

Really great IMAX experience. Seats don't recline on this one. But great sound and picture. Popcorn quality and taste has also improved from my last visit (about a year ago). A bit expensive but if you visit frequently, getting their monthly movie membership really pays off.

Sonia Garcia

I haven’t been here in years and I remember why now. Super messy waiting area! Popcorn all over and it was HOT. Not acceptable. Theater was nice and cool but bathrooms were GROSS!! Sh*t in every toilet literally! Like who are these people who don’t flush?? Toilet paper all over floor. Nasty. Will not return.

Flores Construction

-10 star Its Sad how they have let place go even with IMAX one would think they would want to keep the place clean. Absolutely never going back a live roach crawled over my seat manager seamed as if was normal it was terrible experience for my kids the restrooms looked worse than jobsite outhouse wet floors and countertops no soap or paper towels

Isabell Garcia

Take a sweater or blanket - it is cold in the theater.. Movie was great - Captain Marvel. Always love the popcorn & drinks.

Alki Vid.s

Good movie theatre. Love that you can take back the bucket, and get it refilled a second time. Main reason I love AMC theatres though is cause of movie stubs A - List. Savings like crazy. Beats any other theatre chain by a long shot.

Candy Mack

Big and clean theater. Tickets prices are high. Movie theater seats are comfortable.

Charles Cartwright

Its really clean and confortable. Prices are pretty friendly!

Aaron R.

Long lines, no recliners in IMAX, Crowded seating in IMAX. Going to restroom you will bump into everyone in the row. They put the ticket booth in the concession which slows the concession stands. XD 1000 times better. Cinemark got it right.

Yuki's corner

The food there is sooo good, they have good service, and the theater is so huge.the recliner seats are the best cause I can adjust them to how i like it. The only reason I gave it a 4 star rating is because there is always room to improve.

Shannon Harris

Very nice theater. Clean also.

Mel G

I like that there is a bar! I also enjoy the fact that there is always enough staff for ordering

Indomar Zarate

Everything Awesome..From Menu to Seating, Picture Perfect Experience!

The Man with No Name

Nice theater. It's the only one in Edinburg, the rest are further south. Loved the IMAX will come back.


The place was really clean and service was very good. I especially love how you can print out the tickets using a little machine there.

Nori Martinez

Love the bar area helps to relax before a movie. Pizza wa great and worth being a AMC Premier member. SEMPER FI Nori

Miriam Rodriguez

I went to see Toy Story 4 when it first came out and the first thing my husband and I noticed was the dirty environment. The carpet was covered in popcorn, napkins, and small trash. I don’t think anyone had cleaned up all day. The soda machines were all sticky and had a slight odor, there was trash in the patio by the front entrance and once we sat at our seats, there was trash in the cup holders. We even noticed other families finding trash in theirs as well. They could really use some more staff. I liked it better when it was Carmike...


Thought this theatre was really good. The layout of the theatre is better than many AMC locations in various cities and states I've been. Really like the open feel when you walk in. The only negative was open space infront of the location is an open field area that is unkept and makes the building look worse. I'm not sure why it isn't part of the property but it's not and forces you to park on the side of the building which I thought was weird and I've never seen this setup, but everything else was spot on. Huge theatres, newer reclining seats, but it did have narrow hallways into the theatre.

maricela castilleja

Awesome place to go to see a movie


Great place.

Rubi Gal

Horrible line for snacks on a Tuesday!!! Ended up paying for my tickets full price, which I didn’t mind but waited OVER AN HOUR to get popcorn!! (Snake) Line was all the way out to the doors, asked the manager why they didn’t open the other snack bar, and he said because there has to be more people for that ?!! Excuse me? Waiting over an hour is not enough ??? Super long line isn’t neither? I used to love coming here but after this bad experience, i will be taking my money somewhere else. I don’t recommend !!!! Don’t waste your time.

Anthony Peralez

Great time was worth the money. Will b back for sure, wish coupons could b sent out. More specials would be great!

Rm Gaming

I don't always go here but when I do I get treated with upmost respect and friendliness

Joe Contreras

In one word "relaxing "

Alejandro Garza

Amc took this old theater and made it to one of the better theaters in the valley. They have good drinks, specialty popcorn, with a good selection of food for your movie going experince. If you get a chance try out the luxury lounge chair theater. I live in Brownsville an me and my family drive to this theater because it is better than anything we have here.

Isauro Alvarado

This is a great cinema! Although when I went some of the machines for tickets were down I don't believe this is always the case. The lines for snacks are at times long but this is okay if you come early enough for your movie its not a problem. With the access to watch some movies in Imax make the moment that much better for viewing. I greatly recommend this cinema to enjoy movies with friends and family.

fatima saldana

Ok place. Not worth the higher prices

Alexandra Marmolejo


Angie Rivera

Loved it, went to see the movie Annabelle.

Edgar Ponce

The movie theatre is great, but the concession stand/ticket booth combo ma1les the experience chaotic

grace cabrera

Staff helpful. Very considerate.

Esmeralda Rodriguez

Great place to go with family. My son treated me for Mother's Day. We saw Avenger's movie. Super awesome.

Kathy Vara

Ordering a hot dog? Be prepared to wait 15-20min. Seriously?! Popcorn was so stale! I understand the pizza takes a while to cook but it always comes out to a crisp where the edges are too hard to chew! There was absolutely not one person in line when we ordered. Why not have things prepared that’s so simple like fresh hot dogs like other movie theaters?! There was at least 5 team members ready to assist. Finally got our order and as I approach my seat I felt the floor slippery and looked down with my phones light and there was water everywhere even on the seat!!! I’m 6 months pregnant and I could’ve slipped. I had to go back out get napkins and clean up the mess myself. Don’t they have a clean up crew?! Management needs to step it up! By reading the reviews it seems like they either need new management or do some serious changes on how they operate this place! Horrible! Absolutely horrible!

Erica Garcia

This is the second time we visit this AMC and there is an issue. We watched Lion King in 3D! We were very excited as we are huge fans. But as the movie was starting we noticed the 3D effect was not working. My husband had to get up and report it, but the opening scene was unfortunately ruined as he missed it and we were not able to experience it in 3D. The rest of the film was fine, but it's annoying to pay good money and have a part of the film ruined. We had a similar experience with Spider-Man on July 4th where the house lights suddenly turned on about 15 minutes into the movie. It took about 10 minutes before they were turned off. This was especially annoying as we paid to watch it in IMAX!!! I am from Laredo where we don't have AMC, and we've never had issues like this with UA Cinema. Step it up AMC!!!

Carlos Cadena

Did not like waiting in line to purchase tickets. Liked it before where the ticket booths were up front and then the snack bar. By the time I got there all the seatings were full. Will not recommend this theater to anyone.


My only issue with this place is the cleanliness. Everytime, and I do mean everytime I go, the trash bins are overflowing with trash. The bathrooms are worse. Urine or water on the floor and the smell is overpowering. The fountain drink area is also a mess but that has more to do with the clientele not cleaning up after themselves. Other then that, this place would be excellent.

Mario Saavedra

The place is very comfortable and popcorn is delicious !!!!

Joe Mata

Im an A List member and take advantage of great savings !

Robert Wells

One of your workers made my date awkward by walking in as soon as the credits rolled and just stared at us

cp 3

This movie theater is my go to,but I did not appreciate the extreme lines, to purchase a ticket. There must have been 40 people in line,and it took a while to service us. I do understand you want to hire less employees to save money,but you are delaying the process in ticket sales and customer satisfaction.

Freddy Rodriguez

Nice theaters. The reclining seats are very comfortable. Sitting on the top row is highly recommended since the angle from there lets you recline all the way and see the screen perfectly. Osbviously, concessions are pretty expensive, but that's kind of par for the course for all theaters. If you're looking to save, just go on Tuesdays and pay $5 for a ticket with their free amc stubs account thing. Best enjoyed with friends.

Ben Curet

Nice seats, friendly staff.

MichaelTheNine 9

Best theater ever

Marco de la Garza

Imax was cool. Not gonna lie tho Cinemark popcorn is hard to beat.

Eddie Tapia

Nice going to the movies when it's 100 degrees outside and nice and cool inside, popcorn and a drink

Letty Garcia

The people that work there are very Polite.

Angela Crystal Mendoza

Clean and comfortable. Enjoyed with the babe.

Cynthia Perez

Movie was good. Seat was comfortable. Was there for first showing and popcorn was not fresh and very stale. Over priced for day old popcorn. Alamo draft has always been fresh popcorn. Disappointed and customer service was not very good either.

Danielle Gonzalez

Super comfy seats that recline and always clean.

Juan Rodriguez

Take extra time when arriving for a movie. Concession tends to have a line and move rather slow. It feels like the theater is understaffed and it also shows when you see how trashed the lobby looks. On the positive I really enjoyed the seats and the configuration of the theater.

Brendon West

The movie theater seat were comfortable but the parking suck and was outside of the theater was trashy

Victor Rubalcava

Didn't get my complaint addressed.

Nieves Gomez

Great but the seats were not luxury recliners, that was a bummer

Leticia Carmona

Love the new seating and privacy too great place to spend a family day out or just you and your spouse.

Beatriz Balli

Imax was great. Theatre needs more functioning bathrooms. No water at one of the women's bathroom sinks, no toilet paper in one stall. Very dirty. Concession line goes too slow.

Erik Quiroz

Great theater, best one in the valley!

Yesenia Viacobo

Awesome movie choices. Can get tickets ahead of time. There is a line for popcorn and drinks but worth it.

Edgar Duenas

Loved their amc a list program but sometimes there are issues with movies that just ruin the day/night.

Carlos Martinez

Have not been to this theater since the upgrades. Looks very nice and comfortable seating. But the price is higher than other theaters that are very nice in our area.

Natalie Borjas

My favorite movie theater, love IMax

Becky Cavazos

Theater was a bit dirty but the employees were great

Joshua Mora Saenz

Great theater. Air conditioning in IMAX side needs to work better though

Melody Sound

Not worth having the stubs membership. You get in line and even for a popcorn refill you are there for a while. They just call up the regular line... next! Not even bothering to look that there have been ppl standing on the so called fast line for some time already. They don't even explain to you that you can get a free refill after purchasing the first popcorn bucket. I kept buying so many because we go as a family and didn't even find out until one day I heard it from a customer in line. Same for the drinks you buy the small drinks and should be automatically be re placed for a large one with no price change difference. I kept buying the large one and was paying for a large sized drink. We always buy more than six drinks. After two years having the AMC Stubs Premium Membership I didn't find out about all this. How disappointing. And to think I was complaining about Cinemark's prices. AMC is a rip off too.

Jessica Loredo

Walked in with a stroller and was told until we were walking in to watch the movie that they weren't allowed. As per the manager it is posted on the door. As we walked out I checked and no where in their policies posted did it say anything about strollers. At first I said okay we'll leave the stroller out then he proceeded to say we needed to purchase a ticket for my newborn daughter, mind you there was only 4 other tickets purchased besides ours. The theatre was basically empty! We could have argued them not saying anything until we walked up, the theatre being empty or their made up policy. I decided just to have all our tickets and food refunded.

Arnulfo Lerma

Great place to watch a movie

Leo-Liz Tolento

Great place to watch movies. A-list member all the way.

flip quin

The mini pretzels and hot dogs were horrible. Everything else was fine. Service and seats were tip top. Men's restroom floor was filthy. Maybe I just went at the wrong time. Been there other times and loved the place.


Nice movie theater has updated alot in 5 years.

Dolores Guzman

Great place to go see the movies, love the seats. Some faucets in the restroom were not working.

Jaime Lopez

Brought my daughters and their friends and they had a blast watching the movie Dumbo..

Carlos Tor

Been going here since I was a child and its come a long way!!!

undrea 21

The restrooms were dirty , the toilet didnt flush properly...the sink didnt work and there was no paper towels

apolonio ysquierdo

The I max is noice to experience plenty of seats!

Orlando Guerrero

Good place

Brian Wright

Awesome theater! The coke machines with a hundred options are the best. And as far as deals.... $5 Tuesdays if you buy tickets at the concessions and the stubs A-list can save hundreds if you go more than once a month. From time to time the theater does have issues with bad smells though, but usually only in the halls.

alma morales

Was fantastic, love those reclining seats and are so comfortable.

Christina Danielle

I love everything about the movie theater! Definitely will be going back!!

Clau Elis

The seats at this theatre are my favorite, plenty of room in between the seat and the walkway, the only downside is the concession area. the lines are usually pretty long and if you're not a premier member you get passed over in line constantly.


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