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REVIEWS OF AMC Deerbrook 24 IN Texas

Nichole Mcknight

This place is absolutely disgusting. It stinks its hot and the exit stairwell is covered in urine to the point it literally chokes you while walking out. Concession prices are way too high for a place like this. I didn't feel clean at all after leaving infact I could literally smell the seats on my clothing after leaving. The sound is way too loud and this is coming from a young person. The seats will more than likely have you itchy. Save your money and go on ahead and go somewhere else. We were in theater 21 and won't be coming back.

Isreal Curiel

In all honesty, AMC Gulf Pointe 30 is better in my opinion!

Kelli McCleskey

The Dolby and IMAX theatres are amazing! Great seating, spaced out, very luxurious and enjoyable! I don't think I'll ever see a movie here in the regular theatres again!

Luis Carreon

Tried to watch Lion King at 6:00pm today 7/21/2019. It was my first time and will be my last time at this theater. Theatre number 10 was not cleaned, popcorn on seats, trash on the floor and felt super warm. It felt disgusting sweating there. Had to leave before the movie started, we couldn't stand the smell and heat. Not to mention the super old seats. Please save yourself time and go to a better movie theater.

Lorie Corkins

Went to see Night School with Kevin Hart and enjoyed ourselves. There wasn't refills on popcorn anymore, but it's nice that there is a bar and you can order Beer and mixed drinks, but not cheap. We went to the Dolby Theater and I would highly recommend it. It was so much more enjoyable than the standard theater and the power lounge seats and love seat option were so nice!

Teresa Ferguson

I like Spring 10 AMC better. The seats are more comfortable and there are no escalators but otherwise it's okay

Dianna Hill

AMC has an A list card that you can buy but for the rest of us that means standing in line at the concession wondering when we will be served and watching others go right through. I thought it was very poor customer service....the a listers prepaid their movie ticket but not their popcorn or drinks. Why should they get to cut in the conession line, which was not very well marked?

Garden of onions

Watched endgame it packed they did a good quick job cleaning up the theater for the next group of people

Brenda Cantu

Overpriced! They partially updated, & definitely upcharging everything, yet it's still mostly dirty and funky. I rather go somewhere else.

a R

Ice machine dirty.. Seats are old has bugs be careful.. over all the movie theater is dirty

Cookie Universe

Good place.Forgot what movie I watched here but the snacks are pretty good.

John OBrien

Outdated. Old seating. Customer disservice is robotic. Want my future business? Earn it by smiling and thanking me for my patronage. The competition places you in the shadows.

Susan Johnson

This place is great for seeing movies! It is quiet and is updating some cinemas. The popcorn is always fresh, variety of drinks and friendly staff.

Chris R

Go to the other theatres in the area. This one is disgustingly dirty. It doesn't look like they clean it. They have the old, gross, and uncomfortable seating. The pricing is too high for the quality. This place is more like the super low budget theatres.

Rhonda Fannin

Always a great place to grab a bite to eat and then see a movie!

James Lemaux

After waiting 45 minutes for the movie to start, the film crashed again 30 minutes into the show. Never going back to this technological disaster again. Avoid it like the Titanic or the Hindenburg.

Average Joe

If you're going alone or with the whole gang, this is the place to be. Whether you're here to window shop or watch a movie, you will not be let down. It's a bit too chilly in here, but that's probably just me. There's enough shops here to keep you entertained for days (maybe).

Yesenia M

Good theater. Nice and clean to me. Quiet. Bar.

Dead girl

It's really cool I want to the movies it was so fun over there

Stephanie Manley

I have been going here since this place opened. Movies are fine. It's weird how all of the concession stands are closed but the main one. This place is in need of a major renovation. Wonder what the nineties looked like? Go here.

Heather Reynolds

This place was completely filthy and the seats are old style. I was disappointed. Everywhere you stepped was sticky and popcorn on the floor. The auditorium was not cleaned properly in between movies. They did not have plastic wear so we had to eat our food with our fingers. The soda machines did not have ice and were out of many different drinks.

Abraham Rodriguez

Love this place. Everything around it. Food court conveniently next to theater.

Krissy Kent

AMC Theater is quite lovely! The IMAX theater is very nice, the seats are very comfortable, and it’s very much like watching a private screening! The mixed drinks are definitely worth the price and the popcorn is actually delicious! Will be back!

The Satas Podcast

I will never send my kids here again my 16 year old was with his 18 year old brother and was told he could not see the movie due to a curfew ? And he sat outside of the theater till the movie was over while his 18 year old brother watched the movie what would have been the difference of him watching the movie verses having to sit in the lobby alone for 2 hours.

Joel Banda

The reclining seats didn't work in the Dolby E10 and E 11. The reset raises the feet and the recline resets it. But the re line button didn't work. Concession experience was great though.

Doug Sweet

Great screens and plenty of them. Concessions could be much cleaner....MUCH cleaner. Also, I wouldn't wear flip flops if I were you either.

Michelle Kinder

Theater was filthy. Was given wrong 3D glasses. Could not see 1st 30 minutes of Avengers Endgame. Then the last 30 minutes of the movie was stopped by the staff. Only after a guest complained did the staff resume the movie without video (audio only) then suddenly the picture resumed. I have had a bad experience @ this theater the last 3 times I went there. I have since then refered to this theater as the AMC Ghetto Theaters. So do yourself a favor and find a different place to watch a movie. Because this place is horrible. Staffed and operated by mindless dolts.

Shalonda Cooper

Seats were comfy, clean too. The sound and clarity of the movie was on point. We enjoyed an awesome movie in a comfortable surrounding.The gourmet popcorn was ok.

Fernando Gonzalez

Decent movie theater. Has 2 Dolby Atmos theaters which are AMAZING! The sound, picture and seating is top notch. You have to go in through the mall to get to it. And through the food court. The mall was recently updated and it looks nice inside. Clean white shiny tile. The people who work here are very nice and eager to help. Never have I experienced any issues. One star is taken off because of the second floor: the escalator doesn’t function and it looks like it needs updating/renovating.

Rashida Robinson-Terrell

Not the cleanest place in the world, but it's a movie theater in a mall and I went to an 845 showing, so I guess it's to be expected...Bought my tickets in advance, and using the kiosk to retrieve them was fairly easy...However, the restrooms could be better kept...

Vincent Incardona

What great entertainment. The 3d IMAX was amazing. Lounge chairs, with plenty of aisle space. If your a backwoods hick like me you gotta try this out at least once. Bring a fifty dollar bill for you and the wife. I would buy the tickets online if I did it again. The little kisok wasn't too user friendly. Backwoods hicks like me and the wife made it happen with no help. These little kiosk things are kind of like Smart Phones. Smart Phones didn't get there name because the phones are smart. They got there name because you got to be smart to use one. But I still give this experience 5 stars, because we both had a great evening.

yoandi aguliar

I love the mall and movies so MY FAVORITE PLACE

Angel Vela

IMAX is the best to watch a movie in !!!

Hannah Allison

Typical AMC theater. Great before noon when theres 5 dollar movies


The entire place stinks, and still has the same stink from when I worked here 15 years ago in high school. Dirty and broken seats with dirty and scratched screens. Don't waste your time or $ unless it's in the Dolby or IMAX screens.

Christina Escamilla

I would have put a ZERO stars, but it isn't a option.. this is one of the most disgusting theaters I've ever been to. Dirty, hot, muggy, stinky and way outdated. The chairs smelled like mildew. Then when leaving there was urine all over the stars that lead to outside. AMC Deerbrook 24 should charge a dollar and make it a dollar theater because that's all it's worth. Or just shut it down and demolish it. We were in auditorium 11.

Louis Duplechain

Very helpful,prompt service and very clean restrooms and sitting areas.

Andrea Estrada

There are comments written about the "luxurious" seatings at AMC theaters deerbrook mall. Although, the seats themselves are comfortable. They neglect to mention that it's not consistently so. By the time the first function is over, the seats are covered in sweat and grease stains. (And will not be cleaned ill next morning)Not only does this cause discomfort, but the controls can't be used as it is touch screen. You have to wipe away the thickness of the butter before it is functional. But wait, there's more. There this nasty habits of malls where during the summer time, the AC unit is turned off (perhaps the reason why there is so much pit stains everywhere) to save money. Can't think of any other reason as to why someone would think it's a good idea to turn the AC off when there are hundreds of people gathered in such a small space. Don't waste your time complaining as the employee staff consist of young teens who couldn't care less and would do anything to help the customers. They are there to hand you the popcorn and that's that. P.s. just in case if you were wondering, I was in the Imax room. You know, the one where you pay an extra for a "experience like no other". Well...they weren't wrong. No one said anything about liking it.

Eduardo Camacho

I've enjoyed coming to this theater for a few years now and I'm always happy with the experience. It is great being a "Stubs" premiere member and this has a lot of perks. I strongly encourage people to visit the theater at least once.

Jason Harper

I used to love going to the movies at AMC. But overtime it's lost some of its luster... The arcade at the front was like a ghost town as nothing was plugged in or operational... And among my biggest complaints was all the imfomercials, commercials and otherwise before the movie. I'm not paying exorbitant amounts of money to see all of that. If so I'd rather be doing something else. A movie theater should be a magical place. Sadly it's missing the magic it once had.

L Clark

Nice facility. Good location and very clean theater.

Truth Pearson

A regular theater....its by the food court so feel free to get some orange chicken and stash it away in your purse/oversized jacket, so you can enjoy it while watching the movie. Theater food prices can catch these hands.

Alexis Martinez

I went to go see the movie Crawl in a regular movie theater & as I was watching it, I felt something legit crawling on my back. I looked over with my phone’s brightness & seen a bed bug stuck on the chair. AMC 24, you guys need to exterminate. I will not go back to this movie theater. Disgusting.

Kay Orange

Great but there were problems today. Movie was not showing by time. Was moved after 30 minutes to another theater. But we got free passes and free popcorn for our time. Attendent was very nice and kind to all 7 customers.

Natasha Richardson

Long lines due to there being only one concession stand and very slow staff. Ran out of ice at soda station and no one was available to fill it. The floor by the soda station was sticky and soda all over the floor. Second level of escalators were not working so once you rode up the first platform you had to walk up to the second floor on a broken escalator. It was the same going down. Will not be returning...

LaToya Curtis

The theater was DIRTY and NASTY. The seats were nasty with stains and dirt! I felt like something was bitten me throughout the movie! I felt like something was crawling on my arms, neck and legs! However the staff was nice but the theater was a HOT FUNKY MESS! I will not recommend anyone neither will I return unless they get new seating!!!!!!

Kimberly Lewis

Nice and clean, staff's pleasant. However, the prices are kind of steep. I am also not a big fan of the assigned seating because I prefer the top seat on the left

cassie bryant

Movie got 30 minutes in and they started it over. I hated it

Andrea Sylve

Needs to be updated. New clear directions that the movie theater is on the upper level.


The best Cinema in the city of Houston, been here for so long, it's created its own place in my childhood. Absolutely love to come here with the fam and shop around while we wait for our movie. Convenient and very much worth the drive!

Marquel Haynes

Had a double date with my fiance and his brother plus his gf and we all had an amazing time very nice theater

micah dean

Seats are more comfortable than most theatres. Didn't have a chance to enjoy the concession stand due to me eating Saltgrass. But it was quiet so I was able to enjoy the movie. I would recommend this place. It's pretty clean too for it to be inside of a mall

Noemi Jimenez

Like the place..always a great time to watch movies

brad mashburn

I went to see Avengers End Game. The movie was great however we were packed into a theater that was almost completely sold out without air conditioning. 30 minutes into the movie I went and spoke to one of the employees to advise that theater 2 was without air conditioning. The response was that they would get it taken care of. Nothing done.


Staff is nice. However I had stopped going years ago for same customer problem. Phones are on, camera flashes, and people talking as if they are at home. I won't be back. Management is nice but they don't seem interested in curbing the problem. It's a shame because it could be a great facility. Also, left the theatre and popcorn and other items were strown down the hallway. Animals acting as if they are in pens and ruining facilities. Again, it's a shame.

Eric Parker

Nice move theater... Seats were comfortable. Although they didn't recline.. full bar and some nice drinks for a movie. One draw back was. My popcorn was slightly burned... And I didn't not want to leave the movie to try and exchange.. being it was after 10:30 pm and they were cleaning up.. I figured they were done fixing all the fresh popcorn. Once the movie was over it wasn't anyone to speak with.

Nancy Aguirre

Bro I paid 54 dollars for IMAX theater to watch IT but the reason for 2 stars I loved the seats but the whole time I was just sweating I couldn't even enjoy the movie I just wanted it to end Houston is not the place to keep the ac low..

Hiqh Guy

Theatre was not clean at all. I could forgive the aging seats with stains and holes, but not the bags of popcorn and leftover drinks all over them. The employees weren't very attentive preferring to talk to each other and they'll help you after their conversation is over. The lights didn't go off once the movie started, and it wasn't until someone left the theatre to say something that it was fixed. I didn't personally have this problem but my friend felt a bug crawl on him and seeing the condition the theatre was in I'm very inclined to believe him. This place is really showing its age and it's not aging gracefully. Also a soda is like $8 and it's self serve... so there's that. Don't think I'll be back.

Mike Hoff

The cup holders in the seats were filled with liquid and it was all over the chairs. I cleaned it up myself thinking that movie was about to start. Then the movie started 12 minutes late after I had to tell staff it hadn't started. Also, the floor behind concessions is always filthy and sticky. I reported this all to the manager and was given passes.

Epitacio Ramirez

Perfect experience, tonight. We open a door, and got to the roof, without knowing.

Michael Jackson

I love this theater, nice staff and the super combo it's my favorite exelente price

Derek Myers

Worst AMC I have been to. Stiff seating, cold popcorn, theater #6. Next theater over was so loud it shook the seats in #6. No reclining seats either. Not worth the money to go here.

Wisha Carmona-Reyes

What in the world!?? We all brought jackets as it always get cold at movies, but this place was burning hot. We didn’t even get to wear them. The seats are super old and did not recline. The was a very disturbing shadow on the corner of the screen that won’t let me concentrate. The “FAN” kept making a annoying noise (are you serious!!!) This theater needs major reminded me when I was a kid. I am 43 years old!!! I am new in town, we need to find another movie theater!!! Just for that, they shouldn’t be allow to have today’s prices!!! $30 for a popcorn and 3 icees!!! Smh

yxus hsvs

The movie quality was great but our movie started 20 minutes after the start time said on the board outside

Tennille Coates

Love the reclining chairs, staff is always friendly! Clean and nice environment to watch a movie!

Kim Volz

Clean and felt safe. Usually don't in deerbrook at night. Well lit up in parking lot.

Sornia Castilla

Its nasty hot screens are to little the seats smell like sweat just horrible

Enrique Carmona

Not the cleanest but what theater is. The movie selection is always really good considering it's so big I would be surprised if it wasn't. The lines for the food can get long sometimes but usually are really good if you go on a weekday. They also have self checkout booths for tickets which in my opinion are faster once you get the hang of it and you can also get them online which saves a bunch of time once you arrive.Overall a good theater.

Ana Alvarado

Could use a little remodeling/upgrades. But reclining seats are comfortable.

Hector Ramirez

Service could be improved, but is a very good theater .

Wiley Fishing

The entire place is disgusting. Everytime I've been there the concession areas are gross and unsanitary. Bathrooms are horrible. And good forbid you see a late show then have to exit the theater parking doors where there is piss and puke everywhere down the stairs

Roland Perez

Although there is no required interaction with people when purchasing tickets, I was still greeted with smiles and helpful workers. The theater was very clean and I enjoyed my movie very much! I will definitely be coming back!

Debbie McDonald

One of my favorite movie place to watch movies

Josh Spires

Been coming here for 25 years. Way better than it used to be. Prices are outrageous, Dolby theater is bone shaking.

Raul Torres

Recently tried to see a movie but left due to rats in the theater. Yes big rats. Several people and I were able to get refunds. The theater was extremely dirty. So if you feel something crawling on your feet you now will know what it is. We will never return.

Matt Maynard

Let's be honest. You only ever go here if you are already at the mall or it's the only place showing the movie. That said, the movie sound and picture is fine. Concession prices are OUT OF CONTROL. The large popcorn/drink combo is something like $16. In fact, I'm taking a star off for that. Final note: don't wait until after the credits; you don't want to see this place with the lights turned up.

Rudy Martinez

AMC theater in humble clean nice place to take your kids and watch great movies popcorn's always fresh can't beat that

Robert Hernandez

A bit uncomfortable seats, but the service doesn't disappoint.

Joshua Owens

My AMC movie adventure this evening was one of the best ever. Being a Marvel fan, I had the opportunity to experience Avengers: Endgame in an excellent seat along with excellent refreshments. Thank you AMC, I couldn't have asked for anything more.


Friendly staff but extremely dirty with sticky floors. Poor management with seating, had to kick people out of my seat.

Precious Smith

I love AMC. However, the seats were torn. They need to be replaced. The speakers sound like they need to be replaced as well. However it didnt ruin my movie experience. I wouldn't go back unless they have an upgraded theater. Customer service was satisfactory, but it wasn't cleanliness wasn't at the top of the list. Mind you if they have updated theaters your experience could be very different from mine. If you want to catch a movie last minute go check this joint out.

Monica Sanders

This AMC theater at Deerbrook Mall needs major updating. We went to see Avengers & the assigned seats left me questioning if I should stand throughout the 3 hour movie. VERY outdated & unclean

Margie Lewis

It were pretty good it can be better if they close it and get some comfortable seat it that cinema

Linda Stewart

It was an excellent movie. The Overcomer. But one of the women restroom was not clean.

Cassandra Gill

Clean, good movie and better company!

Craig Battise

Nice theater but needs reclining chairs


So ghetto here. Very old and rundown movie theater. Felt like I was at the $1 movies in Greenspoint. We came here last minute to watch the IT movie because our Showbiz was no longer showing it. First and last time! Never again. The sound control at all. It was so damn loud it felt like your eardrums were going to explode. Old vintage seating with no reclining. I was pretty shocked how outdated it was. Go somewhere else. Showbiz in fallcreek is cheaper and really niceee.

Carlos Flores

One of the best theaters I've ever been.

Tiger Tigerine

I went here to see Nezha, a Chinese-language animated feature (great movie!) It was more convenient than driving to the southwest side to see it, but still a 45-minute drive for me. The theatre is a bit dated decor-wise, but it is stadium seating with reasonably comfortable seats and clean floors. Modern projectors and sound systems are where they've spent money on the older theatres, which is as it should be. Bathrooms were clean and well-stocked. Clearly some effort has been made to provide alcohol and food as part of a 'premium' theatre experience, but this isn't what got me out to see a movie for the first time in a year and a half. It was the opportunity to see a foreign box office hit in its original language while it was still globally relevant. As long as this theatre continues to offer rare events like this, I'll keep coming back for the chance to expand my horizons.

Anita Phipps

Nice theater.. Food is VERY EXPENSIVE over $16 for and Large drink and popcorn.

Roger D

Joined the A-List and people that work there really don't care. I think they enjoy making you wait.

Holly Colotta

Had a great time but it has been quite a few years since I went to a movie. Everything's changed so much you can get your ticket at the kiosk and pick your seats. they have full size recliners. IMAX is now better than 3D. it was so comfortable. we saw Dumbo it was so good. I know it's an oldie, but it was really a good stor. Definitely would recommend A+

Enicnarf Aznarrac

This place needs a makeover.Going here since childhood this place has only got worse. The new imax area is okay but not the best. Regular theatre seat are stained and torn to the point yellow foam is coming out of them. I did go a month ago with a friend and got bit by BED BUGS!!! there were bites everywhere. Also when playing a movie I know surround sound is important for the effect but not blow your ear drums effect. For the service of course you will get high school and college students working there jobs so don't expect high class service. As much as you pay for tickets it is not worth it unless you are really desperate. Oh and please fix your iceee machines.

Ruben C

I like that you have reserved sitting. They have very comfortable recliners.

J Runa

This AMC is always on point. Even better a few weeks after your movie has premiered. Itll help you miss all the young middle and high school groups! Thank me later


Now that every seat in the theater is place on the tickets you can have a nice time there n enjoy your movie. Thanks AMC Deerbrook 24 for the amazing experience....


Movie theater is doodoo gets super hot and seats are trash

Idania Limon

Went to go watch avengers end game and the concession stand was a mess they had popcorn all over the counter where you order and the floor where they were working i ordered a pretzel and they took 20mins to give it to me. My husband bought a iceee and all of the flavors in the machine would turn to water like 2 mins after he got it. He ended up just getting a coke. Horrible service

Deidra Sampson

The movie theater has good quality seats and screens but its always hot. This is the second time in one month I had to speak with a manager about the heat. They give the same excuse- "we have been having problems with the air". My boyfriend likes this location but if it was up to me I would never return.


32 minute line for concessions on a Saturday. Way understaffed. Front ticket checker’s electronic ticket scanner doesn’t work. Bathrooms are filthy. So are most theaters, with spilled popcorn in seats and sticky floors. The bar sells $15 margaritas and rudely refuses a glass of tap water. Try to avoid if you can, there are plenty of alternatives nearby.

Stacy Jones

Had fun. The theater was not crowded. The kids enjoyed themselves

juan gomez

I liked this theatre, very big. Nice and comfortable viewing experience !!!

Hayden Lane

I only come here for the biggest movies of the year because they have the Dolby Atmos screen which is a curved and angled screen that is way bigger than the average theaters screen. The sounds is also way improved creating a more immersive experience. The seats recline and are extremely comfortable. As for the rest of the theater, the staff is ok the food is expensive and the other theaters always seem to feel a little damp.

Esmeralda Abranilla

We eat at Sarku Japan is delicious food. The mall have new design inside the foodcourt their table and chairs. Looking good

Basil Morris

Was nice enough but super unorganized, ticket people were all over the place movie started 25 min late. The theater was hot felt like the AC had not been turned on, which unacceptable in Texas. Could have been really nice if they got their stuff together

Steven Chase

This AMC has some major problems with customer service. It's not necessarily a problem with the employees. It seems that the company is unwilling to make the investment required to maintain their own facility. For instance, the escalators to the second floor are constantly broken. The upstairs men's room is closed indefinitely. The employees don't seem to have the equipment they need to do their jobs. For example, radios to communicate to their managers. I inquired about this and was told that the company simply doesn't replace things like radios when they are lost or broken. Due to key individuals like the ticket taker not having radios, it often it takes a very long time to get the help of a manager. It does not seem like management and AMC as a corporation is focused on customer service. This is the entertainment business and you go there to have fun. However this location simply cannot deliver that experience because customers aren't the first priority. Considering the price of movie tickets and refreshments, I simply can't recommend this location until they get their act together.

Dominic Sanders

Me and my son had a great time

Robert Devor

Clean, spacious, comfortable seating in theaters. Chairs have drink holders. Ample leg room. Sound quality is excellent. Food, drinks were tasty and readily available. Kiosk ticket screens at entrance sped up any potentially long lines. 4/5 stars bc seats were worn & don't recline.

marco debesos

Ok place to go see a new movie if one feels like steping out from home

Briana Webb

Self check out scanner system could be faster

Juanita Cruz

Seat where comfortable.But sitting in row G or above you can't see screen right because of a half glass that's put behind the seat.Its in your view of the screen.

crystal burrow

Theater is old the seats are warn and have holes in them. My chair was missing an armrest. There was food all over the floor at the concession stand. The drink station was horrible. The floor at both were very sticky. I have been to other theaters that are on the area that are a lot better than this one. Even one with reclining seats. Much cleaner and better service. I will not be returning to this location. I will be going to a nicer cleaner facility. Cinimark and Showbiz are just a few minutes away and a lot better. Don't waist your money here. Go somewhere you can have a great experience.

John Jackson

Nice theater and good food. Drinks are not bad either. A bit pricey bit overall exceptional. I recommend and action movie with a 3D option. Saw Captain Marvel and it was extraordinary how the screen jumps out at you.

George R.

Nice place. With a lot of theaters so something is always playing no matter when you go. It's right next to the food court so you can always get something to eat before you go in. There is 2 levels with 24 theaters in it. Some of the theaters have the electrically reclining seats with the leg rests in them and the other one have just the regular high back seats. The movie food is lacking and they need to do something to upgrade this soon since so many other theaters are upgrading there food.

Dorothy,Kelly Smith

This theater is out dated to say the least you are over paying to sit in out dated stiff chairs and pay ridiculous prices/ my daughter is handicap we had to go up the escalator wich was broke she was wore out and ppl huffing and puffing behind us because she had to take her time this was 1 of my worst experiences ever...I'm trying to talk her into leaving and going to another theater but shes to tired and HOT' literally its July and it feels like they have not turned on the A/C to give them 1 star is doing them a favor....

Walter BisCamp

This place just always feels "dirty" in spite of all they have done to keep it up. I have to go somewhere else.

James Colburn

It's old but not bad. Just not great.

Zachary Davis

The seats are great and the screen was a good size as well as the audio immersing you in the movie


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