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REVIEWS OF Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Stone Oak IN Texas

Isabel Garcia

The drinks are awesome and the people that work here are friendly and on point.

Shay dee

had the opportunity to try out the stone oak alamo draft house and watch the avengers!!! what an amazing place.. The seats were beyond comfortable (reclined with feet up and head back) the movie was amazing and sounded awesome.. loved the bottomless popcorn, bloody mary was made perfectly. I can't wait to go back.. we went with two toddlers and it was set up perfect enough that they even enjoyed themselves without causing disruption!! Thank you So much for the invite.. Couldn't say enough about this location, food, and atmosphere!! Thank you

AcTavious Black

Saw Avengers: Endgame here. Fantastic movie for one thing. But the movie theater is just as great. They set out some decor on the movie, along with signs asking people not to spoil the movie for others. The theater we were in was clean and ready for guests early. We had a private event but we still enjoyed good service. The popcorn was a perfect amount of butter and salt, and the drinks we were served were also delicious. Will come back again.

david martinez

Movies, staff, and overall experience was great! But pizza was extremely horrible. Sorry, me and my son didn't even wanna finish it.

Greg Stoner

Love this place, but theater #3 smelled (the whole place !) like raw sewage. We were able to obtain a refund, but the manager didn't even show up to talk to us, extremely unprofessional. The guy who handled our transaction did not WANT to do a refund, nor did anyone bother to investigate the foul smelling theater. They lost my business on my birthday, and most likely beyond, due to their attitude.

Andrew Conaghan

Clean theater but if you use Theater 1 please take a blanket as it is freezing cold. When bringing it to the attention of staff it is very disappointing to learn that the theater is either freezing cold or boiling hot, and so they cannot change the temperature or it will break the system. This is a lame excuse and terrible customer service.

Bathtub Time machine

its a great place and you should definitley take your kids although one thing is you cant drop kids off here unless theyre 21 because they have alcoholic beverages on site so cancel any “gonna drop my kids” plans unless you go to a different theater.

Leslie Basham

Love the convenience of having dinner, drinks and movie in one location! Food is decent, popcorn is great, and they have great brews on tap. Only downside is the parking can be tricky, allow a few minutes extra as they do not allow late comers!

Generation z

Food is on point, always have the latest movies. Great atmosphere, theres good lighting, cool posters, and very funny intro commercials based on the movie your gonna watch. The idea of dinner with a movie is great. There is a plethora of great foods to choose from. vegetarian/vegan, brunch, snacks, dinner. Great movie theatre!


If you want to get drunk on alcoholic milkshakes and watch movies, you can't go wrong here.

Telisa Holmes

Enjoyable. I would have enjoyed it more if there was recliner seating. And blankets available. Fast waiter service though.

Adam Howard

Comfy seats, recliners in the front row, and I don't have to get up for refills. Food prices seem to be inching up higher and higher, but still enjoyable for dinner, a movie and cocktails all-in-one.

Chris Bazany

Enjoyable movie house, just don’t bring the kids, adult venue. Food is great, service is wonderful, drinks are super!

Salvador Jimenez

I like the queso and chops and the pizza! Their beer selection is good as well

Trevor Fields

Alamo Drafthouse locations have always surpassed my expectations. They have some of the best customer service in all of the entertainment and food industries . It my second time at this location and this location is no different!

Leonard Cortinaz

Watched the Mummy. We're given small flashlights and lighters to use whenever we would see a sunrise or flames. Great way to get the audience involved. Staff were great the food was great. It was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Rachel Foster

Favorite place to go see a movie and have a beer! The food is really good! The popcorn is way better than AMC and Regal, and the seats are comfortable and spacious. I love this place!

Gina DCamp

Best managed of the locations. Waiters are more on the ball.

AndoraX corp

Can't go wrong here, good costumer service, amazing chairs, and food delivered to you during the movie. It's great.

Mariann Rodarte

Service and food are always good

Aaron Brown

Great food, great drinks, no talking or texting

John Mooney

Really, really unique multi screen theater. Dining tables in all seating areas. Waiters bring you drinks, alcohol....YES! Also, food and snacks. Had the chicken tenders, they were crusty fried, large, on a bed of hand cut French fries....terrific. Others had fried pickles and mushrooms, they loved em. Very comfortable seating.

Curtiss Nagle

Fun place ,popcorn is the best flavor and price !!! The other food a bit pricey

Shelly Nel Odom

Good service nice seats.

Bill Hall

Good food and drinks that are unfortunately overpriced. Service is always fantastic. It's our favorite place to see a movie.

Jerry Miller

Always a great place to watch a flick! Lots of menu options, spacious seating, and some really cool people working there!

Moriah Marshall

Food has really gone down hill over the last few years. It's ok but not great like when they first opened. They also dont have reclining seats which the other restaurant theaters on the area do. Service however was great. They are quick and super friendly and helpful.

tygger bytch

It's not freezing cold so you can enjoy the movie.

Epic Vlogs

If you HATE expensive, overpriced food then kiss that goodbye, LARGE portions of food for a reasonable price and free refills for sodas. The only thing that is overpriced is the candy but there are a lot of options to make up for it. Plus you don't have to wait in line for the food. They are served right up to you in the theater. Overall great movie theater.

Pamela Nelson

Great experience! Loooooove coming for dinner and a movie! I only gave 4 stars cause it wouldn't go to halves. They stopped carrying fish and chips which is my favorite!

Kevin Jackson

In theater service has slipped. I waited nearly 25 minutes, with my order card showing, for someone to come by. Meanwhile, other patrons were being served. I finally put the paper rolled up into a straw so the whole thing was 10" inches high. It still took more than 5 minutes. Service at the bar was fast and friendly. Chips and queso are still delicious.

Nancy Garcia

Great entertainment, great place to go, loved the fried pickles, pizza, and the beer shakes fantastic. I would recommend this place to family, friends and people who I know

Sevier Conditions

Movies, food, beer all in one spot. The waitstaff is really good at checking on you and being attentive to what you want. The policy of not allowing people to not arrive late is great! The bar has a good variety of wines and beer and their mixed drinks were right on time. The only drawback is not having plain jane beers on tap.

Benjamin Hodge

Good food, great crowd. Ok seats. Kind of pricey.

Lisa Cooper Colvin

We really like this cinema as no phones, no talking and no unsupervised kids or adults allowed. They will remove you like they say and WE LOVE THAT! The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is that the food service was extremely poor. Problems: It was our 1st visit and read prior to entering the facility how the food service worked (we thought). When our order wasn't picked up, we raised our hand. Finally, someone came but fussed at us for not putting the paper slip up the "tall" way. We had to ask for our drinks 3 times, our popcorn wasn't "bottomless" and we didn't get straws with the drink. The cinema was not full and couples on either side of use where being served...missed the 1st 10 minutes if Solo just trying to get the food right

Janetta Zehrbach

This is my favorite Alamo Drafthouse. Two seats per table, wider aisles to walk between rows, short walk to the restroom regardless of which theatre you're in, and good service from the waitstaff. Plenty of show times and parking too. Close proximity to several dining and shopping choices. Great place for a date.

Bret Bennett

Not a kid friendly cinema no matter what they try to say. Took granddaughter to see a rated G movie and was told my 2 year old wasn't welcome. It's great if it's date not but don't think of bringing kids to see a Disney movie. Wow

Patti Pickering

You absolutely can not go wrong with this place. Come early to watch the weird trailers before the movie. Good food and great beer selection.

Jacob P

Always will go out of my way to go to this Alamo Drafthouse it's always clean the food good even the one time I had bad food they replaced it and made sure it was good the the fried Chicken sandwich is amazing so are the hamburgers

Derek Mitchell

Ideal date place! It's both dinner and a movie, and their food is pretty good. I went to see Shazam! this weekend and the experience was really cool. I recommend their Mexican Vanilla Shake and their Loaded Fries. The bottomless popcorn is also popular but remember to get extra butter because it doesn't come with much otherwise.

Vanessa Ann

Very nice and clean. Actually, the servers were the nicest at this Drafthouse compared to the others. Very accommodating since I have a bootcast on my right foot.

Tony Palacios

I am a big fan of Alamo Drafthouse, I came from the Houston are where most of them are converted from old movie theaters. This one you can tell was built to be an Alamo Drafthouse. The design for everything is much better. Staff was friendly, the food is good, and the chairs where comfortable. What else can you ask for.

David Sohl

Best place to watch a movie in San Antonio! Comfortable and their quiet rules make the movie pleasant.

Katherine Peterson

Air conditioner can't keep up with the body heat at night. I'd hate to see a movie there in middle of the day

Ewan Grantham

Prices for the movie tickets were cheap - made up for by higher than average food and drink prices. Hard to see what you are eating/drinking in the dark, so recommend going with finger food and bringing extra napkins or wipes. Seats are comfortable, and pre-movie features are a nice change of pace.

Rich Walker

The pizza is amazing and bottomless soda is great for movie watching!


Great food. Good service. Reclining seats

Larrilee Williams

It's great to be served food & drinks during the movie

Dub Doz

It's a really cool theater

Michelle hendrix

Always a great place to enjoy a movie with friends & family. Never had a bad experience.

Scott Baylor

Parking can be challenging but otherwise, a good place to see a movie

Jezire Hudson

Clean. Organized. Good food. Good beer. Good vegetarian and vegan options

James Foster

I recently had Jaw surgery and they offered to blend any of their food for me to be able to enjoy....I didn't take them up on this but it speaks highly toward their commitment to their patrons!

* How To Home Gyms *

Great new concept different then your normal experience. Servers were great...but resembled watching a movie on bootleg with them walking in front. The price was affordable.

Lorena Perez

Love the comfort alamo drafthouse provides

Ed Gonzales

We don't go to the mertesacker anywhere else. I was really disappointed in the wait staff on our last trip to Alamo Drafthouse. It took our server 23 minutes before another server picked up the slack. Then it took another 10 minutes before our drinks got to us. I had never experienced anything like this before. The food was good and so was the movie.

Jessica Sepulveda

This place wasn’t crowded, even for a big popular movie around opening nights. Their decor is whimsical, however, I wish the lobby were bigger to accommodate the cool merchandise and props for the movie. The Avengers cutouts are great to see! I also wish the bar was larger and there was more seating by it and nearby. The service in the theater was quick and food was good though, with comfortable, clean seats. Make sure you check out special menus that correspond with certain movies! Traffic and construction on nearby highway 281 make it sort of difficult to get to, but hopefully that changes soon!


Environment was cool....good service. Only problem is the mixed drinks sucked. Ive only eaten one small meal a day for the last month and a half, havent been drinking, and three mixed drinks there totaling over $36 didnt as so much as give me a slight head change. By suggestion, sneak your own booze in cuz the booze there is a complete rip off

Derek Archuleta

Great menu great seats we thought we were going to enjoy our time there it started off great i placed my order and was waiting for the nice gentleman to return but instead another guy came up to me and my son that is about to be 3 he wasn't crying he was all excited because of how big the TV was and they told us to leave I really didn't know how to tell my son we weren't going to watch the movie because he was under 3 years old after I had promised him we would go I had booked it in advance had his hopes up and you let us down I wouldn't recommend this place if you have kids ! Oh and they did refund me my money but kept the booking charge I'm very upset that they let us sit down and get comfortable they should have told us at the door!

Cory Steinman

Service and staff are amazing

Joe Sanchez

Service and Phone Policy! Nuff said

Alexander Astora

Feel old going in, but still maintained what made it the best. Staff, Food, Environment, and Experience were superb.

Angel Moreno

This place is very home welcoming with a nice lobby. Good workers! They were very kind


Love it. Dinner and a movie at a fair price. Hilarious culture

Joshua Edwards

Love watching new and old movies here while eating their great food. The chairs are nice, big, and comfy. They have a great selection of beers on tap and the makers mark shake is great, especially if you modify it to chocolate to compliment the makers mark.


Great staff! Having the food & drinks delivered to your seat is a great concept!

Alex Buendia

My wife and kids came here and saw a movie which was good and all, BUT what made it a bit unenjoyable for us was the heat level was very hot inside the movie t-heater. I wasnt the only one uncomfortable the couple sitting in front of us said that the sweat behind his knees was unbearable at times. I would hope that this isnt a big issue but I know something as simple as this can be addressed in the future.

Hermann Blancaflor

Great seats, and they serve you right at your seat. Love seeing movies with the wife and kid here. The prices aren't bad at all!

Trevor Stansberry

We went in and none of the employees were in sight. We waited for 10 minutes before we decided to leave. Wish I could base my rating on more, but didn't get the chance to.

Steve Lader

My absolute fave movie theater. Killer service, food and super comfortable seating.

Bryan Ryder

The only reason I'm giving this place 4 stars is because they recently reduced the menu. They used to have this buffalo blue burger that was soooooo good. Other than that it's great. Very comfortable seating and plenty of room to spread out even if its s packed theater. Love the way I can order throughout the movie and the service is always good. Bring back the buffalo blue burger please.

Charlie7634 eaton

The movie was great the service not so much, the waitress never returned my credit card. I went back to speak to manager and he shrugged his shoulders and said he didnt know what to say. If it was his card I'm sure he would've more urgency.

Gregg Birdy

Awesome Theatre with a great feel and theme to it. Love the old school movies that come back monthly. The pizza is great and love not have the waiter system and not having to get up to get out food. I’ve even had corporate events in a theatre cause the price for rental is good and the layout of theatre seating is great for presentations.

Scooter McCray

Food is good but a little pricey. Service is excellent! Would give it 5 stars but the seats don't recline and the food is expensive.

Carol L Hargett

Great but slightly pricy may be the location - could be better on cleaning

Timothy Peers

Always a great experience; clean, comfortable, and still the most entertaining theater before the lights even go down. The food is solid and timely overall, though every other time I go I end up with a pitcher of my second pick beer since they often have already run out of whatever I initially ordered (in my experience).

Gloria B. Santos-Vallecillo

The only movie theater I really like going to. Silence is guaranteed during the movie, the chairs are comfortable, the food is good and the service attentive. Cocktails are amazing, great beer selection. Delicious boozy shakes.

D. Flores

I love the staff... went to dora movie party and the staff helped my girls with crafts. Very nice.

Default Baller

Best 1st date ever loved the great service

Manuel V

We had a very disappointed experience last night at the Stone Oak Location. We have been going to this Alamo Drafthouse since it opened. We have been huge supporters. Unfortunately yesterday, the manager who’s name is Michael abruptly came up to my wife who was seating next to me and told her she had to leave the theater! Mind you, we were with two of our kids, a friend and a coworker. Without an explanation and in the middle of the movie, he kicked her out. I followed behind and then he stated she had been warned multiple times about not using her phone. He clearly and obviously confused her with someone else. As we tried to explain that he was wrong, he started talking on his microphone and told them they needed to call the police. At this point in time, we were sitting by the bench next to the door that goes to the outside as our kids were still in the theater and our bill had not been paid yet. He cane up to my wife again and started asking her why she did not comply when she was warned and my wife kept on saying no one had come to warn us about anything. Once again, he told her to be quiet and told someone to call the police. It was horrible :(. I sincerely hope that someone speaks to Michael and coaches him up or out as it is obvious that he needs training and should not be managing if that’s how he handles things :(. Unfortunately we will never be back to Alamo drafthouse due to Michael and will make sure that we share our opinion about how he handled the situation.

Raul Zavala

Great place to catch a great movie. Food is delicious, and the popcorn is aplenty. We like this location, clean and very friendly people

Joshua McCoy

I think this is my favorite draft house. Good food, cool people and overall nice experience every time i head to the show. only reason it's not 5 stars is that I feel like they have been raising the prices and I just don't know why?? fries are still just fries! fancy name or not! ill go there but don't think i'll spend all my play money on one show.

Steve Mathis

Always clean. Food is always good. Coffee is so-so. Atmosphere is very adult friendly, good beer and some decent wine choices. Vegan menu options. Perfect date movie spot. Something for everyone. Never had a problem here and me and my friends and family have been coming to this location since it first opened.

Chris B

My family and I will never go to another theatre after visiting adh The food is great and the theatres are clean and kept

Arnoldo Sanchez Jr.

I love Alamo drafthouse! The food and service is always spot on. I recommend getting their app and signing up for the rewards program. You can't go wrong!


First place to ID me for a movie lol but was fun

mark sanders

It's pretty good. Nice movie theater with a bar. Food is good too.

Nichole Munoz

Amazing and attentive service! Food service and with vegan options. Best movie theater by far, will return soon!

Taylor Hardy

My family of four and I showed up at 11:30 for the 12:00 p.m. showing of inbomidable. I have two and three and a half year old boys that were very excited to see the movie and eat lunch. When we went to the ticket counter the representative informed me that she would not allow us to watch the noon children's movie because my children were too young. This is absolutely absurd and this policy needs to be revised and/or removed. Until then my dollars will be spent at other theaters.

Kathleen Klocek

My experience of Alamo Draft House in Austin was not favorable (we much preferred Flix Brewhouse's process, set up etc) this location was better than my Austin experiences but not by much. Their rest rooms are only on the front lobby, so it's a long walk back and forth during a movie, wait staff was very attentive before movie but it took forever to get "bottomless popcorn" during the movie. Our waiter totally forgot our request and had to bug another one. My biggest grip - I ordered the Chicken & Ricotta Meatballs. They were good BUT they do not warn you these are served in a piping HOT CAST IRON SKILLET on a plastic plate! This is INCREDIBLY UNSAFE & DANGEROUS eating in the dark!

Silvia Sanchez

This Cinema Was Great They Were Very courteous Loved The Movie We Watched Aladdin I highly recommend this Cinema

Joe Harden

At 40+ years, I don't want to spend a movie near someone on their phone or flapping their lips. I wouldn't even be at a theater anymore if it wasn't for Alamo Drafthouse.

Michael Bambarger

Quick service inside the theater, great location north of 1604.

Claire Houle

It's nice to have your food and treats served but the price exceeds the quality.

Joe Kampa

Fun times with my daughter and friends.

Gilbert C.

Good service but not always attentive on the order cards.

Anna Ramos

Food is always great here, I wish they still had the guiness draft. Parking can be a challenge

Jesse Johnson

Loved getting stuff brought to our seats and the milkshake was outstanding!

Ted Mikolaski

A good place to see movies.

derrik dawson

Nice theater. On the smaller side.


This is the cleanest theater I have been to in years! I will definitely come back. I really enjoyed the experience. Wish they offered domestic beers on tap. I generally cringe going to a theater because they flare up my OCD causing me to obsess over the sticky dirty and not enjoy the movie.


High school band parents bought a private showing of Shazam. I'm the grandparent of a band student so I was invited. It's an awesome place with terrific service..the servers are polite and fast..seats are very comfortable and I love the Bottomless Popcorn with a beer!! Great evening ..Thanks Alamo Drafthouse!

Devin Laviolette

Nice location. Prices could be a buck or 2 cheaper but the food was good. Out of towner, and I got the enchiladas. I ate the whole thing and wanted more! Staff was treat and place was very clean. Movie sound and picture quality was good. I'd return

Susan Castner

If you want to enjoy a movie, go to the Alamo Drafthouse. Each movie is outfitted with pairs of lounge type chairs with small tables between them. The Alamo Drafthouse menu includes a generous list of alcoholic beverages and delicious entres. It is an experience worth it's weight in gold.

Susie Hale

Small, compared to some Austin Alamo locations (irony not lost on me). Good service, no pepperoni roles and servers did not know about ducking during movies, but still positive experience!

Ken Hylton

Very comfy seats. One of my favorite places to go see movies.

Jessica Drewry

Most amazing popcorn!! I don’t go to regular theaters anymore. Love being able to eat dinner have drinks and watch a movie in one place!

Steve Elliott

The theater was fine. Chips and queso were good. Service was definitely lacking compared to other locations.

Joel Palmer

Great place to see a movie. Good service. Food is OK. Main draw for me is their strict no talking and no cell phones rule. It wasn't exactly respected last night. It usually is. Seats got pretty uncomfortable during a long movie. Still best place to see a movie. With some other theaters like Embassy putting in new comfortable seats and upgrading the place, if they add and enforce a strict no talking or cell phone rule, they could be our next date night location.

München Scott

It was far too cold in the theatre and my request for a change in the temperature went unanswered. Other than that, the cinema complex was clean and spacious. Located in a very nice and new shopping center.

Nae J

Love this location more than the one by north central

Sherry Mussard-Varnum

Love this place! Zero tolerance for talking nor cell phone usage. Great food too! Seats are nice & comfy & lots of leg room.

Gwen W

Nice theater. Good seating to screen views. Competitive parking with shopping center. Fair menu selection of adult beverages and food. Pizza was very good. Didn't see recline feature for seating. Wait staff took my second order (for popcorn) and I never received it.

Nathan Boyle

Main lobby suffers from doors opening constantly and thus it is as humid there as the outside. Men's bathroom room is laid out awkwardly leaving urinals viewable from mirrors everytime the doors open. Seating is alright and the food is decent. Drink prices are ok. Service is excellent however.

Google Account

just love love love alamo its pricey but so worth it! the food is amazing and so are the drinks. it's the perfect date night/day place!

Ilona Marie

Great atmosphere, good service, comfortable seats and fairly priced beverages. We had a great time.

Rosalinda Adams

I asked our waiter to give me a to go box and he said ok and took my hot wings with him. Thought he was taking them to put in to go box. Instead I did not receive them back. I had only eaten 2 of them. So the other waitress said he would not have done that unless I had told him I was thru with them. She might as well said I was lying. She then gave me another order but the wrong ones. And they were half done and they ended up making me sick. Any hoo. That was the only bad experience I have ever had there. I will still go back because I love the theater. He might not had heard me.

Anthony Martinez

So we originally went to go see IT 2 but they changed the movie times so all that was available was the good boys so they waived the fee and gave us a refund without us even asking! Btw loaded fries were so bomb! Good beer selection too

Heather Williams

Love seeing movies here! Excellent beer choices and an acceptable food menu.

Juan Garcia

This is our favorite movie theater by far for the great service and comfort. We drive around 20 minutes to this theater (when there is little to no traffic) and pass by other cinemas options but well continue to see movies at this draft house.

Christy McKee

Love the food here. It's always fun coming here to see a movie and having good choices of food

Jeff Contreras

I love Alamo Drafthouse, and this one in particular. The theater is comfy and clean. The service is pretty quick and usually friendly. Prices are on the higher end, but that’s to be expected when it comes to movie theater food. However, the quality of the food is not typical of a movie theater. I’ve tried many of their menu items and they are all very good. The only thing this theater is missing is reclining seat – though I understand how that would pose a problem for servers.

Michaelangelo Cerda

Holy cow the food was super awesome and this was the first time I was able to eat so much popcorn and not get a stomach ache!!! It was one of the best movie experiences I've had in a long time and the restaurant quality food made the experience outstanding!!

Troy Burkman

Fun atmosphere, but food is expensive. No reclining chairs but you can vmchoose your seats online. Join victory club for eventual free stuff. I wish the price for movies was cheaper though. Regal and AMC both best their prices.


Great place to take the kids for family films and movie parties! Food is typically hot and great tasting, though the service here can be incredibly slow, even on slow days.They now have kids meals, which is a plus. They serve a brunch menu all day. Oh, and let's not forget the amazing milkshake and cocktail selections!


A bit pricey, but an overall fantastic experience. Great food, great service, great atmosphere!

Monica Owen

Fantastic night with friends! We go to the movies 2-3 times a week at home but would go more often if there was an Alamo Drafthouse near us. First of all, the seats are comfortable and you have a nice table with a menu in front of you. Our waitress, Tori, did a great job keeping up with all of our orders and even staying on top of drink refills. I would have taken a photo of the fish and chips I had along with the huge bottomless steel popcorn bowl but I could not during the movie. It tasted amazing and made the movie experience that much better. One of the highlights for me though was that they do not tolerate talking, babies crying or texting - they talk to you once and then you’re ejected. If someone is bothering the movie experience you fill out a food form and no one knows it’s you that reported it - very private. I’ve never seen that before - our movie theatres need to take note of this for sure!!!!

Alan Campos

This theater doesn't have recliners and it's very small. Also it doesn't have an actual table or platform in front of you to eat your food. the table is to the side of you and the seating is very uncomfortable. The service was great though.

Rebecca Hibshman

This is one of my alltime favorite movie theaters! Of all the Alamo Drafthouse locations, this is hands down the best! The theaters are clean, the seats are comfy, and I've always had really great servers. The food is amazing and definitely not your typical "movie theater food" and they have a decent choice of beers.

johnny vance

Food + Drinks and a movie ???? Whaaaaa? These folks pull it off well. But, as all things go in movie theaters, TAKE YOUR MA$TERCARD !

Joseph Rothrock

Fun for the whole family. Lots of room and good Pizza!

Regina Garcia

They didn’t let us watch the movie because I came with my sister and she 21 we got kicked out!! Never coming back again

Jacob Faller

Nice little Movie theater. Has good food, although it is a but expensive but over all a great experience. The staff is nice and seats are comfortable

Angel Angeles

Just watched "Dumbo". Service was awesome and quick and efficient. I believe Isaac was our server. Movie was adorable, service great. What more can you ask for?

Stefan Brown

Like movies? Like food while you watch movies? Like food, movies and beer? Do you live in food, movies, beer and not having to clean it up afterwards? Well this is the place for you, of course that doesn't mean be a pig but, feel free to enjoy what they have to offer!

Matthew Cummings

Movie was great, this place has a great atmosphere and good food. Little pricer than I thought, but can't be upset with the experience.

Diana Flores

Great clue movie party...but i wish it would have been a little more time though...service was a little slow compared to other locations

alex perez

Always a good time. I can remember one time we didn't enjoy the food and the manager took care of us.

Daddy TC

Always a great time at the movies. Good food big seats and the staff takes care of everything. Oh and don't let me forget the beer.

Michael Atamian

Great service, would give 5 stars if seats reclined

Naomi Clifton-Hernandez

Love all Drafthouse locations. Always great service. Decent food. Good beer. My 4-year old got to see as Toy Story 4 and they made it very enjoyable for him which is always a win in my book. Happy kid, happy life.

Durga Garcia

Danual was great! Awesome personality. He recommended the buffalo cauliflower and they were delicious!!! Our server is amazing! She was very attentive. I definitely recommend this place to everybody

Grey Flores

This is our favorite spot for watching movies, every once in a while we go to the Park North location when this one isn't playing a specific movie we want to see. Staff is very good, food is always great here, usually comes out in a timely manner. Great beer selection if you are into that.

Amalia Forina

Always a great time at the movie parties

Grace Werckle

Grease sing along was awesome!!!! Thanks for the memories ♥️

Đ.Ɉ.Ƶ. IsBetterThanYou

absolutely one of the greatest theaters i have ever been to. the food is served steaming hot, with hot buttered popcorn, and cold drinks from anything to Dr. Pepper to 10 different types if beer. if i could i would give this 10/5 stars.

Mario Soto

Iron Giant Party was AWESOME! Took my son and had a really great time. I loved the interactive movie viewing.

Sean Nelson

Better than Santikos.


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