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320 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78701

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Where is Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Ritz?

REVIEWS OF Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Ritz IN Texas

Zhihan Wang

Good service, venue comfortability could use some work.


I love it here. Always a great experience

Tracy Rice

Not as big as some of the other draft houses I've been in, but it does the job. Good selection of movies and drinks, but I'm not crazy about the food.

stoagy mahalo

Now this review is from about a year or so ago.... God, I was on mushrooms a while back and was heading to the theater with my friends to go see Prometheus, we got to this amazing theater in Texas called the Alamo and by then I was tripping out way too hard to be aware of anything, meanwhile everyone is getting stressed out on the trip with what i think the one girl who I thought might have had a crush on me spurred one my friends advances that night,which at the time I was still broken hearted. But she and he were all grumpy and just wanted to get to the movie already while our driver one my best friends was trying his best to hold us all together with optimism and guiding me through the whole "trip" but you could tell it was waning. By the time we made it to the Alamo, everyone was walking 6 feet apart and I was dead behind, watching the beautiful lights it struck me that I was the one who preordered the tickets and only had my card with me in case but no receipt, so by the time my bestie made it to the cashier, I was at the entrance. The place was beautiful, more amazing than I ever imagined with Robots being the check in machines and 3 movies playing on screen, THIS movie was one of them. I got entranced and suddenly everyone was shouting so loud and I was freaking out, by this time my bestie, our friends were all yelling at me and I couldn't for the life of me figure out why so I looked at the screen AND there was Mark Wahlberg with the same look of confusion when everyone was standing in the field behind him asking him questions and it struck me how much movies tend to exaggerate expression, but at that moment I truly felt the same way as Mark and it blew my mind how intense this feeling was. After taking a second to steel my emotions, I turned to my bestie and he said again "They said there are no such tickets available, we did not make the purchase" with the saddest look on his face of failure and disappointment. A spark grew and I ripped the paper out of his hands (confirmation number) I walked right up to the ticket stand, regardless of the theater rope and stood inches from the cashier, looked her straight in the eye and said "Is there another Alamo here in Texas?". With confusion, she mentioned another Alamo but sure it wasn't the one I was thinking of, (to my realization later, she meant the historical one) to turn around and as if a light bulb lit above her head, she mentioned another close by and typed the number in. With the largest sigh of relief, she relayed to us all, "there are tickets for four for Prometheus" to drift off ".... about 12 miles from here in another alamo". Like that, with the movie to start in 15 mins and we all in need of refreshments and snacks, we rushed straight to the theater, red lights be damned with Legend of Zelda's theme remake playing and me peaking on the trip, I was in a space oddyssey with fantasy on my mind, as if traveling to the world of the Engineers! Fate was on our side as we hit the parking lot with a space left open out front and with everyone in the theater already, no lines and with a quick check in, we found the last 4 seats for the movie. To my delightful surprise the Theater (instead of previews) was conducting a fantastic fanfest with the audience and it was so glorious to witness the spectacle of the crowd with a bar infront our seats, I also discovered the beauty of restaurant style food served with refreshments in a movie setting. Truly an adventure of a night to end with such a great experience.... Only for the audience to turn into coneheads and then eggplants, the movie was amazing. All thanks to Marky Mark's performance giving me the strength to speak up.

Lamont Mccloud

I like the seats and the space between the tables. Also like the old rustic look plus the t-shirts they sell in the lobby! Over all a cool place.

maurice barrett

the screens & seating at this location are not very big but allows for a more personal setting. i love going to the Alamo because of the no nonsense rules against talking & phones. it was interesting how the joker hysteria lead to a …

Toine B

An excellent, friendly staff. They have gaps between the rows so that the staff can ask for and deliver food and drink orders. It is a bit distracting to have them kind of scurry in during the movie. Additionally, the need for more leisure designed seating is needed as other theaters have adopted

Mackenzie Onyx

clean, fun place with great service :] However, if you don't like crowds, I would definitely refrain from visiting during the evening

Thomas Hall

Still a great place to watch movies. Master Pancake shows are always fun and worth catching if you can.

Bree'ya Brown

It's a cool theater on a very busy street. Nevertheless, still worth visiting.

Benny Cash

Little warm up top, but what isn't during summer in Texas? Master pancake was knock out funny. Food is incredible, added rum to the ginger berry and it blew me away. Go back again and again and again drink and eat and laugh yourself to death.

John Little

An unusual experience for me in having actual food served in the cinema. Very happy. Saw a great european horror film

Todd Oltman

Theater is great, but be prepared to be hit up for cash by numerous meth-heads on your way in and out.

Stacey Evans

I went to see the listed movie Bohemian Rhapsody. I went all the way there on the bus only to be told that the movie wasn't playing due to a private party. They didn't bother to post this information on their site. I wasted 2 hours of my day off and a bus ticket and the manager just stood there looking at me like "oh well." I will never set foot in Alamo Drafthouse again.

dan alvarez

I went to the Ritz for a screening of the Sonic Youth Daydream Nation 30th anniversary films. It was one of the most enjoyable moving going experiences I’ve ever had. So enjoyable, that I decided to go back the following night and see the Terror Tuesday Made for TV mystery movie show they do. The theatre itself was very nice, has an old time Art Deco vibe. Food was great. Most importantly, the variety of their film programming (with new films and art house/cult classic/left field type films sitting side by side) is inspiring. If only I lived in Austin, I would be at the Ritz all the time... Alamo needs to come up to NJ and bring a theatre like the Ritz with them. I have no doubt it would be a big hit in Princeton or New Brunswick.

Alex Smythers

Neat building - two fairly small theaters upstairs when you enter. If you bought a ticket online, you just walk right into your theater to your seat - no fuss! There is an elevator in the back by the restrooms. The menus are hiding in a slot under the table in front of your seat. The wait staff will explain it all to you. Careful not to sit in the back rows - you will be behind the aisle where the wait staff will be traveling throughout the show. Finally, don’t show up late or you will have to catch a different showing!

Kyle Kasche

One of the most unique Alamo drafthouses in Texas

Michael Gibson

Great place to grab a bit to eat and catch an old flick or new. The annoying part is the parking and getting to the front door without catching some type of airborne virus. Alamo still rocking it though.

Alli Spencer-Driden

Truly unique movie experience, this location has the best features!

Claudia Garcia

Parking can be a little tricky for this location, but it's really neat that they've maintained this little piece of Austin history!

Victoria Gonzalez

Loved it, very quite and friendly staff

Matt Michaels

balcony seats are fun for the price

Melissa Zavala

Always enjoy Alamo Ritz. Master Pancake was hilarious. A great date night for us! Buffalo cauliflower was amazing. Yum!

Jason Holland

Great audio and video quality. Good beer selection and friendly staff.

Amanda Nash

I love this Alamo location. I went to the Father's day brunch viewing of Birdcage!! I had a great time. Service was poor. I didn't understand why they only had two servers working the sold out show in the bigger theatre. Everything anyone ordered took forever. Come on Ritz, live up to your name ;)

Ima Ortega

It was awesome. I saw Quentin Tarantino there

Benjamin Kolodzie

Still unique and offering a great special movie experience. The drinks and food are also above average.

Justin Kline

Great spot on 6th street to catch a movie. Love the in seat service!!!

Tako Vermeulen

Don't go here to watch a movie on film - as others noted it's often setup incorrectly. In my case I watched Roma with a flickering screen - worse that it should be with 70mm film. This ruined the movie for me. For the rest, nice theatre.

Jeff Laney

Love this place for the Master Pancake theater, wish they did this at more Alamos around the country!

Ross Asher

Doors opened at 7 and they would not let us come in 727 Drove all the way form dallas

Deepak Varshney

This is a fantastic place to watch a movie on a nice afternoon with friends. The atmosphere is really great and I really enjoy having food and drinks with my friends while watching movies. Really great spot and location with fantastic ambience that just cannot be beat. Always looking forward to the next movie here so that I can enjoy spending time with my friends. Very interesting concept and I would recommend this to everyone. Interesting thing about this theater is that they really focus on etiquette and insist that people act appropriately, which is a very refreshing experience given how often people speak during movies. Glad that this concept has reached Austin.


Can't beat a comfortable movie theater, where you can order food to your seat.

Ani DeGroot

Clue night is so much fun if you're a big fan of the movie.

Ana Mendez

I have a love hate relationship with this Alamo, I enjoy movies and I love when they re-screen some of my old favorites but man, the homeless and beggars nearby had scared me twice, and kind of makes me difficult to go. So you just need to be careful on that regard, other than that the service is great. And I enjoy the re-screennigs ,yes I know I could watch on streaming but, there is nothing like going to the movie theater.

Jason Temple

I was upset when they turned my favorite music venue, The Ritz, into a movie theater oh so many years ago. However, look how well it turned out! They've been serving great movie-themed food for years, and the service is always quick and …

Tej Dorian

Should go by “The Quitz” rather than “The Rtiz” meaning that it makes a practice of dropping a movie show time option if it believes it has insufficient sales. After arriving with two out-of-town guests a half hour before this advertised show time as they suggest — given the movie house’s threat that “there will be no late seating”— after having paid $8 for downtown parking and standing outside in the summer heat — 5 minutes before our 4 PM showtime it was simply removed from the marquee, after no one answered the door we knocked on. I have never, after 60 years of movie viewing, heard of such a practice. But if you like wasting money and time hanging out with the homeless folk sleeping next to the front door entrance of the theatre, then by all means patronize “The .Quitz”.if not, my advice: “Forget the Alamo”!

Erick S

Saw Lawrence of Arabia in 70mm and was not disappointed. The service was good and the food was as well, albeit a bit pricey. This is a good spot to catch classic movies or gems you can’t find anywhere else. I recommend you get your ticket as early as possible though since this is a small theater. This place offers a nice break from the hectic pace of 6th street.

Kenneth McAda

So I bought 7 tickets for dragon ball super broley movie at 7pm for my buddies and I to watch, well 3 of my buddies couldnt make it for that showing that day, so I called but got a answering machine I asked if I could change the times on my tickets left my name and number. I got a call back saying they already changed my ticket times and that I was good to go. It made my day that i could watch a movie with all my friends. ALAMO HAS GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE

Austin Sunshine

Had an absolute blast at the "Elf" movie Christmas party. I will make it an annual event. Loved it! I highly recommend it!

Richard Garcia


Jeannie Gianni

This is the coolest theater to watch your movies. Its spacious seating with food service.

Quinton Favors

See an original show here, ie. Master pancake or a sing a long, live your life


Great place I come here all the time for the Master Pancake Show. Nice and retro vibe to it. Took 1 star away because the seats are very old and can be uncomfortable.

Subramanya C H Praveen

Parodies of movies and actors, nice entrainment

Elena Bright

Very nice staff. Went to watch Dragon ball. Also great food.

George Warren

Experience is amazing. Great food in a wonderful environment. Love when they renovate beautiful old places.

Jerry Morris

I usually love the draft house, but this location felt cramped, it was hot and the waiters for the food wrong several times. It was disappointing at this location(the ritz).

shelby nicholson

Really cool cinema, amazing food, the bottomless popcorn does not lie, it’s seriously huge. Good service and decent price for what you get.

Jeff O

Definitely go to a Movie Party or one of their other special events!

Jason Franklin

We watched X Men Dark Phoenix and the movie was great. The Alamo Drafthouse facility was also enjoyable. My wife and I only had chips and queso from the menu which was really good, and each had a soda. The service was great.


Don't expect a lot of seating room, this place is always packed. And for good reason: great food, fast service, and a very quiet and respectful movie experience. They will kick people out if they repeatedly use their phones during the movie, it is wonderful.

Stephanie Sammons

I like their other locations in Austin better. But Alamo Drafthouse is still the best chain of theaters

Benjamin Davis

I've been wanting to come to the original Alamo for awhile and I wasn't disappointed at all. My first experience with Alamo was in Houston and the Austin location is just as good. Our waiter Alex was courteous, attentive, and timely in getting food and drinks to us and the movie was great. The theatre itself has lots of character as well.

Ein U

Watched a Master Pancake riff of a cornucopia of Tim Burton films and had a great time.

Carlos Castañeda

This is the original Drafthouse location, I believe, and unlike all the others there's no adjacent shared parking lot so expect having to walk a couple of blocks and more if you go on a weekend night when that part of downtown gets crowded with nightlife. This one is a small location with only two screens but I strongly recommend its occasional Master pancake theater. Look it up.

Zack Murray

Good food and service. The movie sound in the theater was a little loud, especially since it was Godzilla and friends roaring a lot, but that's a better problem to have than it being too quiet.

Chad Pierce

Finally got the balcony at the Ritz. Totally worth it:). Saw Bohemian Rhapsody, which was incredible, had a whisky sour which was delicious and a waiter named Joel(also delicious). Five stars

David Wyatt

Parking is most inconvenient. Parking on 6th Street is prohibited most days after 9 p.m. If your movie is going to run past 9 p.m. find some other Street to park on and walk. The lobby is tiny.

Jonathan Monjaras

Brunch with the boys was absolutely the best. Highly recommend coming to see the wonderful Austin Drag Queens preform before the campy LGBT throwback film show.


Be sure to go to a Master Pancake Theater show. It's a great time!

Semone Valdez

Very nice and antique/vintage vibe inside... very cool spot

Cassidy Rowell

We go here all the time for their Master Pancake shows! Seriously THE BEST date-night idea in Austin :)

Jon Howell

This is my favorite theater in Austin. They show new releases, some classics, and do some pretty unique events. There are movie parties and quite alongs but my favorite events are the annual lord of the rings feast and all of the Master Pancake shows.

Ziv Kruger

Great place to enjoy movies, food, drinks, and terrific service.

Hannah Martinez

Though I love the drafthouse and will continue to go, my experience with my last visit to the Ritz was not that great. Food and drinks are always good and staff are very friendly, however you are downtown so a lot of the people on the …

Zelie Pforzheimer

Pretty good food and drink. Comfy seats and nice screens.

Kyle Drexel

It's the Alamo Ritz. Do you enjoy movies? If yes, that's mecca.

Aaron Bevan

Great staff. Sometimes I just stop by for a beer on my way past. They have great selection of local draft beer.

Estefan Ximenes

I have been going to the Drafthouse since I moved to Austin in 2013 but have never taken the time to review them. I Saw once once upon a time in hollywood last night the best part was this theater was playing it in 35mm. It brought the prefect touch to the viewing experience. A lot of theaters these day are all digital so it's nice that the Drafthouse has the option to watch certain movies in that format. I hope the Drafthouse continues to off this kind of experience as long as there are still filmmakers who still shot in the format

Christopher Garrison

This place is magical. They host the best movie parties, singalongs, and of course Master Pancake. It's a small old downtown theater complete with tiny old balcony. It's intimate and unique among movie theaters. It's no wonder it's a favorite of so many stars of the movies they show.

Bryan Espinoza

I love this place. The concept is cool, the employees are humble and efficient, the food is delicious and the movies are great. Love it

Robert Kleven

Love it! Unique Austin experience

Andrew Gibbs

Nice place to watch a movie. Bit pricey, but good good

darren alexander

Loved it. Just write down what you want (food or drink) and they bring it to you during the film. The stout adult milkshake was epic.

Kat Cook

I wne to a wedding here. The service was great, the venue is beautiful and original, loved it

Tope Eletu

I can talk about Alamo Drafthouse all day. What I love about the Ritz is the originality of it and its location downtown. This is the location I go to for more specialty screenings like Lawrence of Arabia or The Fifth Element Movie Party. They know how to do it right. They have one huge screening room and a small screening room. The food is good here but I do miss the old menu.

Melodi Janke

I recommend this place because of the environment... however, y'all really need to fix your website. This is the second time the your website has purchased tickets for another theater when I know I clearly clicked on the correct location. I also know it's not user malfunction as I know plenty of people who have had this problem in the passed. It really wasn't a big deal to me in the past, however this time, today day my only day off and I was really looking forward to watching this movie. I originally wanted to see the 1pm. I clicked on Lakeline location, Bohemian Rhapsody, and 1pm, the next page confirmed that, however when I looked in my email for the tickets it said 3pm. Which at the time I didn't mind and went ahead and planned for that time. I arrive at the movie theater to find out that it was for the downtown location and the next showing of that movie is at 4:15. the movie is almost 2 1/2 hours long and I have to be home at 6pm for my child, do needless to say, I missed out on watching the film entirely! Not to mention, when I called the south location they said it would take 3-5 business days to refund the tickets! I don't get much time off, and this was a waste of my day. Please fix this soon as I know I'm not the only one that has these problems. I've purchased tickets on your website before with no problems so this is happening sparatically.

James Hudson

Great service by server,Irish Coffee was Great! Saw JFK, either print was bad or projector was out of whack, it was jumpy and blurry. Old style seats not as comfortable as New Recliner Seats @ other Draft Houses but Building is Old, overall it was OK!

Bharath Kishore Aluri

Great place to catch movies. Lots of food as well served right at your seat.

Patricia Bunton

I love that there are waiters that take your order while watching the movie. You simply write the order on paper, place it standing up & a waiter comes by very quickly to grab the order & they put it in immediately. The menu has many delish snacks, and pizza. I'd highly recommend the Carnivore Pizza! There's adult drinks like margaritas, cocktails, and beer. The restrooms were very nice and clean, with toiletries for the ladies. It's a small theater with only 2 screens but I still had the best time!!!

Xochtil G

The movie was enigmatic and the photography was gloriously simple. Loved it for an oscar contender

Doug Nero

Watched the sing-along for the greatest showman was wonderful ... The lights the party favors and the carnivore pizza

Tiffany Holmex

Great little movie theater..

Hector T

Very cool place, parking sometimes is tricky, but overall a good place to see a movie

Leah Baker

this location always has offbeat options that are fun to participate in, like movie parties and terror tuesdays. there are only two screens, so you won't have a ton of options at any given time, and the seats are old school, which is kind of fun after being pampered so much at other alamos. food is great, and the character of the building leaves a lasting impression.

Patricia Sylvana

Great previews and loved the food. Master pancake theater highly recommended comedy show.

Emily Conry

So cool!! We went to see the fifth element movie party. We were given cap guns and blue glow sticks (for the diva of course). One of the most fun movie experiences I've had. Partly because of the balcony seats. They're nice and private. Very comfortable. The food was tasty. Looking forward to future movie parties.

Jameson Zaballos

The best drafthouse, and drafthouse is the best theater I’ve ever been to. Their level of service is just unparalleled, and their commitment to a great movie experience is second to none. Their app, especially, is wonderful. This drafthouse is more intimate - only a few screens - but always offers a great experience.

Amer Arab

Love the Alamo Drafthouse. Amazing Cinema experience


Loved coming here to do Brunch With The Boys a couple weeks ago, an event where people gather to watch a movie that represents the LGBT+ community somehow but prior to the screening you have a drag queens show and enjoy some brunch!

Tony Ski

Best place to catch a movie downtown. Most of the time it's older movies for movie parties or the live riffing antics of Master Pancake Theater. Still the old style of tables where it's one large one across the row of seats so to get in and out you go Under the table to go forward but at this point with the rest of them upgrading its a good astetic. Food is on par with the rest of the Drafthouse being good but prices are in line for an Austin market. Go to it and after enjoy 6th street.


Quite honestly this is the best movie watching experience you can have in a theater. With good food, fun pre-movie videos, and nice waiters you should have an excellent time

Chris Ruedas

Went to see one of their movie parties (Coming to America). I always enjoy this theater. It's small but gives the vibes of the classical theaters do. I've also been here for multiple Master Pankcake Theater shows and they are histarical. Can't go wrong with Alamo Drafthouse, always my personal theater chain of choice.

Liam Thomas

The Ritz is stupid...Awesome. The Scott Pilgrim vs the World movie party was the most completely awesome thing I have ever been to. No spoilers but Wallace is the one who's drunk!!

Prashant Mishra

Amazing theatre with great ambience. They are very strict regarding maintaining silence during a movie so if you are a cinema person like me, you will love this place. Food is amazing and the system to place order is super efficient. Must try Chocolate Milk Shake here. Since it is on the 6th street, parking might get difficult during weekends. Speakers are good and overall movie watching experience is worth it.

Rachel Quevedo

The master pancake is one of my favorite things about Austin. Seriously, just try it once. Laughing is soul food.

Bob Kusumoto

2small theaters. Got a cool vibe even if it's a bit older

Gayle Chin

The Ritz is an older theater that reminds me of movies showcasing vaudevilike. I'm not sure how old it actually is, but it is a beautiful theater. As a person who is wider than most the seats are a bit small, but I can still get my ample posterior in. There are a lot of stairs to get to the theaters, but there is a tiny, slow elevator if stairs are your nemesis. The food is typical of any Alamo Drafts House - delicious and subject to specials based on the movies and events presented. Service is a bit hit or miss, but once you get everything it is delicious. I have a serious food allergy and at this Alamo I've never had any issue.

Lucas Diercouff

Such a great comfortable theater in the thick of downtown. Catch Master Pancake whenever possible.

422 de

Nice place, great old time movie atmosphere. Really good food too.

Tinnybird G

I really like that this is one of the locations that shows old school movies on certain days of the week. They show a lot of the 80's movies that I miss so much! I have them on my Facebook page so that I get notifications from them so that I know what is playing!

Jeremiah Bas

First time to visit the Alamo Drafthouse. There are fun posters from concerts and events from Austin framed in the lobby as well as a selection of souvenirs and movies. The auditorium was clean and the wait staff was amazing. A warning: I went on a Sunday; and on Sunday in Texas you cannot be served alcohol without food in front of you. So you will get your drink with your food (and you must at least order a popcorn to be served).

Lucia Herrera

Cute, downtown theater! Clean and staff is very attentive!


Quaintly situated and decorated. Love the signage outside and the antique feel of the theatre. Went to a sing-along recently and they had great dance space to really enjoy the experience. The staff was fun and welcoming. They offer a good variety of food.

David Tsanava

Place is fine... it’s okay for you... just make sure you pick the right movie.

Nathan Hurley

Best Alamo Drafthouse experience in austin

Olivia Garcia

Small outdated seats and atmosphere

Jason Cass

Get tickets early, reserved seats, great vibe, I haven't had bad food and I've tried pizza, sandwiches, apps, vegan, and beer. You can get in and out during the movie if you are willing to slip under the awesome tables. Arrive 30 minutes early to get awesome clips and fun. Look online for fun shows and some cool stuff like old movies and fun parties. Go here please, but don't steal my seat.

Erica Barnett

It's always fun to attend this theater. The best of the Alamos. Very modest and doesn't try too hard - which is saying something for an Alamo

Theron Cameron

Stopped here to see the joker. It’s a little old time feeling inside and I would like to see it be a little cleaner and keep the same feel. That would be the reason for the reduced star. The volume on the movie was just a little too high. …

Matthew Hales

I've never experienced a movie like this where you hold props and interact with the movie. Very fun.

Brenda Z

No parking! We couldn't find a space to park. We looked around and decided to not go to the movies.

Ken Schuster

Every city needs a movie theater like this. Fantastic. Reserved seats, clean everything plus food and beverage at your seat. no texting or talking or phones or get asked to leave. Great view everywhere of the screen ... I wish my hometown had a movie theater like this ...

Brian Fitzpatrick

The Alamo is the best movie house in the country, bar none

Jeff Beck

Cool little theater.

Michael Halfmoon

The Master Pancake roasts are a favorite of my wife and I. The service is great, drinks and food always arrive in a timely fashion.

Anthony Murray

Awesome theater, great food, good service. Appalling amount of plastic straws used. After the show almost every glass had a plastic straw left in it. If they are compostable or only by request, I would give 5 stars.

Nigel Uno

Old movie theatre with a modern upgrade, bar and food service while you watch a movie

Chloe Hawkings

I love the Alamo drafthouse and this location has excellent service and holds up the company policy very well. A lot of special events and screenings are held at this location which is why I go. The downside is that parking in downtown is extremely difficult and can be stressful even when you have given yourself plenty of time before your show (they also do not allow you to show up late). I would recommend to go to the other locations because parking is easy and free.

Danielie Williams

I love and miss this theatre especially for their opening nights and movie parties. That Taylor Swift one, though; SO FUN! And every time before opening night they staff on stage always goes the extra length to show their enthusiasm. The props at this location are always good. Austin has the best Alamo Drafthouses.

Timothy Sherwood

Had its pros and cons. The essence of filmmaking really presents itself here. Perhaps what I liked most. I have never been a fan of people crunching on nachos like they are feeding a wood chipper while I'm trying to watch a movie. I think …

Mcdowell Carson

My favorite movie theater of all time! Good selection of beers and alcoholic milkshakes. The food is also good, especially the queso, fries and pizza. The service is always very good and doesn't bother you while you are watching a movie. The Ritz also has Master Pancake, which is a comedy show based on a movie which you have to check out, they are hilarious.

Audra Parker

Cinema was clean and the reclining chairs were comfy. The air was comfortable not to cold. Will be back

Al Wyse

I haven't laughed as long or as hard in years! We watched the Keanu Reeves movie review with 3 of the funniest comics on the planet. What a treat!!! Our server was first rate. The food was brought pretty quickly for a full house. It was hot and delicious. My beyond burger was so good you could go just for it. Kudos, Alamo.

Lord Helmut

Master Pancake are the funniest of dudes. Go see them. It will cure you of all terminal diseases.

Rose Phillips

Awesome experience! The dining service doesn't intervene with the movie due the unique floor plan of their theaters. The food was good, though their menu has a lot of messy dishes that could prove difficult to eat in the dark. I especially enjoyed the custom pre-movie entertainment; a way better movie intro than a barrage of trailers!

Sarah Wennik

Fun, table service movie theater. Loved the hip vibe and great beer choices!

Nirav Chaudhari

Comfortable seating and good spacing so you can see without someone in front you blocking the view other than the servers going back and forth.

Victoria Wetherington

This used to be my all time favorite. The menu and quality of special events have been on a downward tend for years, sadly. Still the best place for pre-show entertainment, but newer there's are blowing them out of the water on seating and dining experience.

Karen N

You've gotta go. Everyone told us to go, and i'm so glad we did. You have to go to the Master Pancake show, and buy tickets early otherwise you risk them being sold out. It's run by comedians and if you get to see a horror movie, you'll laugh your way through it. Loved the atmosphere and theme. Great experience while in Austin!

Hector Lopez

Brunch with the boys Batman is a great show every year!

Roya Johnson

Great small movie house cinema where you can also have food and drinks served.

Nathan Guevara

This place rocks. With fewer theaters than other Alamo locations, the Ritz makes up for it by having lots of great performances and special movie screenings. it's also the best (only, I think) place to watch a movie downtown.

Mobolts Jackson

The movie theater in Heaven is probably theater two in the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz. One if the coolest places around. Definitely Uber strait to it if you can.

Tessa Stadtmueller

Was fun, loved the food and how it is dileverd. A little pricey but that's ok.

Tyler Swenson

Good buffalo wing pops

Juanita Beattie

Had to wait extremely long time for wait staff to take order even longer for my order and when finally receiving, it was lukewarm with no condiment. Frys lucked liked and tasted old and ed reheated. Was a little disappointed that movie was not completely what we came to see miss the director cut but still enjoyed the edited movie.


Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Ritz en Texas
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