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14028 North, US-183 Building F, Austin, TX 78717

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REVIEWS OF Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Lakeline IN Texas


Alamo Drafthouse is the place to go for movie experiences here in town. They're really serious about people talking during the movie and will walk people out of their being disruptive. They did get rid of the best item on the menu - the wild at artichoke hearts pizza - and that made me sad, but they have other stuff that is good too. Seats are comfy and you can reserve your spot ahead of time. I also love their special screenings. The Lakeline location is new and very nice.

No Thanks

One of the best Alamo locations in my experience. Parking is very easy here, the location is massive, and has the best fried pickles of all the locations I've been to in Austin. Top notch veggie burger, and the movie-going experience is the same, unbeatable level as you'll get at any Alamo location.

Brian Selke

I love the place. To sit in a comfortable chair, have food and drinks brought to me throughout the movie I'm watching on a big screen and dynamic sound, is the only way to go. This location is also clean, well stocked and kept that way, no matter how busy they are.

Karen Mariscal Báez

Great experience, always clean and nice and helpuf employees. Great place to watch a movie without other people talking, also you don't miss parts of the movie because you need to get a refill of soda or popcorn since they bring refills right to your seat

Lisa Garza

It was a good visit all the way around this time. Our server was attentive and the bottomless bowl of popcorn tasty, fresh and warm! I went with my adult daughter to see Hobbs and Shaw. Thank you Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Lakeline! 08-29-19

Jennie Perry

We love going here. Very comfortable seats. It's a little more pricey, but there is food. The popcorn is more healthy than anywhere and it's unlimited!

Michael Scesny

I still hate the seats, but the food is good, the employees are cool, and the atmosphere is why you go.

Savannah Rudkin

This is our home away from home. Love the atmosphere and service. I wish they would add a few dishes to the menu for this of us with less adventurous palates, but you can't beat the bottomless popcorn and beverage selection.

Samantha Gardea

The theaters are well maintained and comfortable. The staff was attentive and friendly. Overall I had a great experience at this location.

Jeremy Lowe

I love this theater! The wait staff is as attentive as possible, while being as little a distraction as possible. The menu changes a little at a time, but their buffalo cauliflower is the best!

Linda Nichols

If I could give zero stars, I would. This Alamo has really gone downhill and the customer service was horrible. I was attending a fundraiser event tonight at this Lakeline Alamo. Our food bill was over a hundred dollars so you would think that we would get decent service but let me explain what happened and you can decide for yourself. There was a total of 4 people in our party. Two of us ordered brown sugar lemonades with our food. When the drinks arrived, one of lemonades was clear and the other was full of brown sugar as it normally should be. I tasted the clear drink and I could tell that brown sugar hadn't even been added. I immediately put the card up and the waiter came. I explained the situation and he took my drink. Around 5 minutes later he returned with the same drink which had my old straw. I was shocked that the same drink was just returned. I put my card up again and a different waiter came and took my drink. They returned a different drink with something, I'm hoping it was a piece of brown sugar floating in the bottom. No other indication of brown sugar anyplace else. This time the other lady in my party takes the drink out for me because I am on a cane. My husband immediately follows to go talk with a manager. My friend brings back a drink that looks more like it should(I've ordered this drink multiple times) on different occasions so I know what it would normally look like. Yet, I don't feel confident drinking it at this point. The manager comes back with my husband and I tell her what happened. She apologized and said that she would take care of the drinks. She explained how she had the bartender pour out that batch and make a new one. I asked my husband after we left if the drinks were on the bill, he said yes. We called the theater and spoke with a different manager. This manager got the information and removed my lemonade and told me that it brought my bill down to $103. I expected after the poor service, the first manager not adjusting the bill, and having to call, that she would have adjusted the other 2 drinks off the bill as well. If this an example of the leadership, I can understand why the waiter would feel comfortable bringing the same exact drink he removed back to my table. Alamo, get new leadership and train your wait staff. I will definitely not be returning and couldn't recommend anyone going to this location.

Geri Cummings

Great food, with service at your seat is wonderful. Terrific comfortable seats! I was impressed, and wish the franchise would open a theatre in Red Bluff, CA. Thanks for this experience!

Jack Al

Food is good here, theater was nice and clean here. The one staff member we ran into was ok. Seemed pretty baked, which is fine, he took our order correctly and was polite. We will definitely be coming backing to this location again. Parking is not great though.

Leila Rivera

Staff is friendly, seats are comfortable. Good at announcing which movies are "small kid friendly" so I know not to go to that showing and be the only adult getting drunk watching Toy Story 4 at 11am on a Tuesday with the lights only at a minimal dim and not have some small baby looking at me the entire movie...because this happened at a different location.

Chris Kirkpatrick

Great place to catch a movie and grab a drink at the bar. Food sucks like all the other locations. Way too much salt in everything and frequently comes out cold. Stick to popcorn if you have to have a snack. Pre-movie entertainment is a big plus. Really wish the food was better to earn 5 stars.

Jeff Dunn

Really do enjoy this location. Great staff, always willing to help. Awesome events for friends and families.

Carlos G

Great atmosphere. Good food. Cold beer. Great movie experience.

Dillon Peterson

Decent elbow room. Nice to be waited on from the comfort of your seat.

Elora Hoberecht

I have so many fond memories here. As someone with severe social anxiety, I loved coming here after work to practice existing in public by myself. I've seen so many wonderful movies here (and some major flops too), and tried just about everything on the menu (the fried pickles are bomb). This particular location is always clean, food is always fresh-- and staff is always kind and very helpful with any questions or concerns. I moved to Seattle, WA recently and the realization that I might never step foot in an Alamo again hit me like a ton of bricks. If you have the money and opportunity to grab a seat here, do it. It will change your perception of the theater experience forever. I'm gonna miss you, Alamo. Please come to Seattle.

Christina Ramirez

Good service, comfortable seats, and clean restrooms.

Dean Stroder

It's Alamo! Awesome always. Keep Austin Weird!

Eli Zavala

Awesome movie experience! Get some old fashioned movie experience in, and its not old fashioned, its a perfect experience. Enjoy your favorite drinks and have a meal while watching, no the staff does not impede the view or movie experience, its like being at home, almost, no pause button. The experience is well worth it come by and see a movie or movies and pick up up some rare souvenirs while you are at it

Penney Varner

Adequate choices for mostly tasty food, comfy seats but they don't recline. Prices are okay and service is great! They are swift and quiet, I have never had an issue with the service or people.

Robin G

Very cool place. I'll be coming here more often to see new movies!

Louellen Kimberland

Great place for lunch and a movie. Service was superb! Food was delicious!

nicolette jochim

Huge difference from the old Alamos... awesome vegetarian menu... very good service... tasty food... and... clean!

Madhu Singh

No reclining seats, but still always clean and available parking! cant complain when it comes to Alamo Drafthouses

Devlin Hyatt

Food was good, and the movie was fine but the service wasn't great. Delivered what we ordered to another table, tried to bring us the wrong thing twice. Didn't bother asking what we actually ordered, but still brought us the ticket with an entirely different item attached to it. Got them to change it, and they finally brought us our receipt after the movie. No sorry, or clarification, if anything he seemed annoyed we inconvenienced him. Probably better just to go to Cenimark or the theater in Lakeline mall.

Brian Nesbit

Always a good time. Join their frequent visitor Victory rewards program for free food and movies. The one thing that's costing them a star is their food isn't as good as IPIC and their seats aren't as nice. But they are also half the price. If they could just get their burgers and hotdogs as good as Fudruckers, I'd give them 5 stars and go more often than my current 57 visits.

Adrian Jeter

Every room is great here. They have big and small, more intimate theater rooms. the smaller ones make for a much more pleasant experience imo. Food is always tasty and drinks galore! No spot in the house is bad. Friendly and quick service to each table.

Phoefe P

The restaurant/bar is great. Good vibe and service. Wings in a cinema aren't usually that great but they were decent. The pizza is yummy. Everyone respected the quiet rule inside the theater. The server was attentive.

Reagan Resendez

Our favorite theater with the best food, drinks, service and atmosphere!

Bob and Alisa Said

I wish they would change up the menu more.... however, I've had some amazing costumer service.

Joshua Stout

We saw "green book" at this location. What an amazing movie. But you want to hear about the theater. It's great. No really. It is. Just one tip for whoever runs the joint: number the items on the menu. We can't write in the dark. Put a number next to stuff and give us a form like the fill in bubbles in high school. We can do that and your wait staff won't go blind before they are 25 years old. I'm looking at you Stacey.

Lauren Baker

My boyfriend and I went to go see Child’s Play. The whole crew of employees were very professional and very conscientious about staying out of the the view of the screen! I would recommend this location!

Cory Beeson

Alamo is quite a bit behind Moviehouse and Eatery here in Austin in the price and comfort. The entrees aren't necessarily bad, just very average and overpriced. Alamo Drafthouse events are all great, but the food, comfort of seats (don't recline) and high prices of tickets and menu items lead to 3 stars.

Gal Medzini

Great theater, great food, the pizza is awsom also the salads. The seats are very good but without raising legs

Michael Donnan

My wife and I were visiting family in Austin and Alamo was recommended as must, and they didn't let us down. Customer service was perfect and the food was served promptly without interrupting the movie. I've noticed a new location is coming to Asheville N.c. which is much closer to our home in Greer S.c. If you could open a location in Greer that would be highly beneficial to the company. Greer has turned into one of the fastest developing cities within the U.S. and there is more than enough land ready for development in an area that would greatly appreciate the new theater. Thanks again for an excellent job in Austin.

Christina Fulcher

Visited on 9/24/2019 with BF for an 1125am showing of "IT, Chapter Two". We were the only ones in the theater to come watch it. So we could make all the noise we wanted was awesome! Our server came over and asked if we were ready to order anything. My BF & I were still deciding. The server offered us cups of water while we decided. We took him up on that offer. The water was nice and cold...very refreshing. We were thinking of purchasing drinks, but I decided to order popcorn instead. My BF agreed. Drinks are $4.50 each and popcorn is only $8, and both would have free refills. The only complaint I have is it took a long time for our server to come and get the slip to get a refill.

Bob Crimm

Took my friend to see Downtown Abbey, she absolutely loved it, I scored points and everyone got what they wanted. Movie is 2 hours and 40 minutes, we went at 9:20 and there was maybe 10 other people in the theater. Easy in & out.

Jeff Press

We only watch movies at Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas! If the movie is not good you always know you can have some good food. They also have Gluten Free pizza and a Gluten Free bun for their burgers.

luong kiu

My regular place to go watch movies where food and services are top notch

Roberto Gelleni

We had dinner at the Glass Half Full last night, and it was a very good evening. From the excellent draft beer to the cocktail craftily prepared by the excellent bartender, to the 6 cheeses grilled sandwich to the roasted cauliflower our experience was very positive. It was fun watching the bartender mixing the cocktails without skipping a beat. Cool place for some chow and some refreshing drinks, with or without the movie.. strongly recommend.

Ron Ross

Great place to see a movie! Great menu! Good drinks. Adult shakes are the bomb! Crab cakes and a movie? Need I say more. Executive chef is a master of her craft!

Kara Tzarski

My fiancee and I went to see joker today. The movie was awesome and the loaded fries were delicious. The quiet policy makes for a great viewing experience.

Vicki Walkin

This is a good one! The crispy cauliflower is amazingly delicious, and the Irish coffee shake too. I also love the commercial previews they do, so much better than regular ads.

Paulina Fernandez

By far one of the best movie theaters that I have ever gone too. Such a wonderful experience. You get to dine comfortably while watching the latest release and you don't have to get up for anything. The waiters are really nice and attentive to your needs. The seats are incredibly comfortable as well. I'd recommend everyone to go here. :)

Dinesh Kumar B

A very good experience at drafthouse with Spiderman movie and some IPA's

Will Green

Good food. Reclinable seats. Great atmosphere. Just a good theater to go to overall

Shuvodip Paul

The Alamo is wonderful. The seats are pretty comfortable. There's plenty of parking. The bathrooms are pretty clean. The seats are fairly spacious. The staff is really nice.

Ryan Stallings

Alamo is a great movie experience. Their passion for movies shows and it makes going to the movies at Alamo the best.

Scarlett Hao

One of the best Alamo theaters. Seats here are wider, large parking lot. Food and drinks here are good, sometime they have certain movie themed food. For example when Captain Marvel is on, they have a whole menu of Captain Marvel themed food and drinks. Food is ordered before the movie, at your seat. And waiters will bring it to you. It’s a bit challenging to eat in the dark (when the movie is playing).

Jerred Troutman

Saw the movie It: Chapter 2 and it was great. Service was good here as well and the employees were courteous. However, I ordered 2 sodas and an alcoholic shake from their special menu for the movie (2nd day it had been out) and was told they're out of the liquor for it, ok no problem. Ordered the next alcoholic beverage I could read in the dark. Got the check later in the movie and it was 22 dollars for 2 cokes (no refills) and 1, one, promotional spritzer for the movie (in a wine glass no larger than a kid's palm). Yeah that's taking expensive movie food to a whole new level. I highly doubt that the shake I originally wanted was the same size as this teeny spritzer, but they were the same exact price. Also wasn't a big fan of just seeing random people walking in front of me and hearing small whispers from people giving food orders (already enough whispering in this movie). I know the theater is designed as such but just not my type of environment. Probably sticking to the IMAX experience from now on and get a burgers and fries before the show starts.

Mr. Mayhem

Loved it. Food very good, great beer selection. Even enjoyed the show. Recommend.

C Williams

Don't miss Downton Abbey here! The series recap is great and they even have a special menu!

Dan Schwieterman

One of our favorite movie places. Great food, great sound and great seats.

Chris Delpire

Great place to watch a movie. No ads before the film, instead you get fun clips related to the movie. Staff is very kind and seem to know exactly when the best time is to bring out the receipts. I have been to this Alamo many many times and it has always been a fantastic experience.

Nick McMurray

My favorite of the Alamos in the North Austin area. We never have any issues and the place is always clean. The staff is consistently on top of their game and we're rarely left waiting too long. Food and drinks are good.

Wade Heidmann

Great place to catch a flick, a little lunch or dinner and a couple of drinks. A good time with the whole family as well. Download the app, it makes it easier to purchase and track your benefits.. like free Popcorn and a lot more. I honestly can't wait to get back.

Patricia Griggs

Beautiful theater. Very vintage style. Great for screenings or dinner with the latest movie!

Kyle McAllister

I saw Detective Pikachu with my mom here. Was a good day, enjoyed the theater, had no problems, they were very helpful with finding good seating for my handicapped mother. Good people.

James Onderdonk

Customer service is always really good and the theaters are always very clean. Plus they have a full bar attached so you can hang out before or after your movie.

Brian Cox

We love this place. When they ask " Is this your first time" we say, no and it won't be the last. The floor is a little sticky from all the food and beer spillage.

Robb Poirier

Love the place very clean and quite nice place to watch a movie. They take phones and talking serious it seems by having actor swear at you prior to recent movie I saw. Prices for food a little high, but all movies are cashing in. Coffee was great at midnight which was impressive

Matthew Heberlein

Good movie theater and typically good prompt Service. Only thing I have not been impressed with so far are their sandwiches and burgers which I've tried probably at least half of them and they always seem very dry. The carnivore pizza is a monster though!

Ryan Walters

Mostly clean and nice looking theater, but the entrance smelled weird. Staff were energetic and nice, responding to questions and the like quickly. I'm more concerned for them, the way the crouched a while running people's orders around trying to allow optimal for viewing of the movie. Audience was quiet, screen and audio were what you'd expect. Seating wasn't top tier and was somewhat uncomfortable, but perhaps that was just me. Menu seemed appropriate, but I don't know that you would count on it for a full meal, so review it before hand. The bathrooms were clean but dark, as if a light was busted. Overall an enjoyable experience, will come again.

Michael Poole

Love the Drafthouse! Great service. Great food. Great drinks. Excellent all around!

Karen Seligman

Great place to see a show and eat lunch or dinner! Food is good. Drinks are awesome. I like them Lakeline location the best. 2 seats to a table. No long table to crawl under.

Netti Finney

We love going to the movies here I just wish the seats reclined. It's great to go at night and not have a bunch of little kids in the theater.Food is great and service is always good.

Carolyn H

Alamo Drafthouse was the best when it was the only full service theater around but they are falling behind the competition nowadays. The seats are not very comfortable, the table design could be improved, and the food prices are rather outrageous for the product. However the service is consistently good.

Tony Ski

Good place for movies. Food selection is good, if a bit pricy. But they're Austin prices. Wait staff is always attentive. Seats are alright and the tables are big but you need to share with your neighbor. Sound systems are Loud for the theaters I've been in, and that was most of them. Not recommended if you can't stand loud noises. Parking is good but some nights it's confusing. Like when a Jeep crew rolls up and parks all in the main drive and on the grass.

Cathleen Ursula Gruetzner

The staff and facilities are outstanding and that chef, excellent. Thank you Lakeline Alamo for a wonderful date night.

Annie Princess

Love the whole dine in and eat experience! And the food was great too! I also really appreciate the effort they put into making the movie experience “picture perfect”

C. A. Fitzgerald

Love the planet of the apes decor. Food is good for a cinema. I'd rate dinner and a movie places for food 1. Moviehouse 2. Alamo Drafthouse 3. Flixbrewhouse. Second place is actually really good Alamo has a huge lead over third place.

Meli Tovar

Walked in to eat the bar/ dining, was not greeted by the man behind the counter when we walked in. He kept his attention to the customer at the bar. We sat down grabbed a menu to look at our choices. He still did not acknowledge us, he kept walking to the storage room 3 times. We kept waiting looking over to him. Finally a new couple walked in and the man smiled and greeted them. We got up and left. If I could give a 1/2 star I would. We love to watch movies here. And last time we ate at the bar/dining area we had a great time. Pretty disappointed in this behavior.

Priscilla Brickey

Huh... they turned us away for “Toy Story4” because we had children under 6. Why are they showing a kids movie if kids are not welcome. AMC will happily take our money! What a joke!


I've been going to the Alamo Drafthouse since 2004. The staff is always friendly and any mistakes are corrected before you say anything. Good food and good drinks. Best way to see a movie.

Michael Oakes

Great place, great location and depending on when you go...easy to get in and out of. Plus, an onsite bar and tons of surrounding restaurants. Morning movies may not be your thing, but if you don’t like waiting in traffic, it is the best time to stop by this Alamo location for a film. I was able to get in and out of the parking lot and move about the theater with ease. The staff inside is super friendly and having your food and drinks quickly brought to your seat is a huge plus! Super clean location also.

Kyle Christensen

The atmosphere is unique and comfortable. Love the short films which are themed to the main feature movie. We saw IT and the short movies informed about Stephen King and his stories to include IT prior to the flick. Great experience.

James Durago

A staple in Austin. Food's terrific and the theater offers an array of choices. The staff are pleasant and quick to help you. It gets a bit chilly in the theater so bring a light sweater if you easily get cold.

Maia T.

This is the choice movie theater for my family and I. The theaters and seating are always clean and comfortable, food is generally very delicious and staff are extremely helpful and welcoming! They are always quick to accommodate and help out whenever needed. Prices can be a bit expensive, but much more worth it for me compared to other theaters I've visited. In general, Alamo Drafthouse is the way to go. :)

Nic Iraci

Booked a theater for a private event and every aspect from planning to finishing our evening was exceptional. Laura did an unbelievable job of walking me through the process and easily handled my nonsense. The event was great and the chicken sandwich changed my life forever.

Amon Dempsey

Great food, booze and a great movie, what more could I ask for in a theatre? Not much

Matt Smith

Decent food (though the quality of it just isn't what it used to be). Great service, awesome movies/showtimes, friendly staff. My go-to location for movies!

Robb Brown

Great location and choice of movies. Very nice lounge chairs and service.

Heather Leonard

Love this theater, especially the Kids Camps in the summer with classic films at up to $5 a piece. Ticket prices are donated to a local charity for your feel-good vibes. It makes for a cheap morning with the kids out of the heat and you can even have brunch/lunch at the same time! The theater is clean, the bathrooms are centrally located, and the staff is kind and the food is good. We always have a good time here. What you have to watch out for are adults with sticks up their butts, though. You go to a KIDS movie during a KIDS CAMP, guess what there are going to be lots of? Kids. Today my daughter ran into the nastiest woman during the 10 AM of showing of "The Neverending Story" in Theater 8. She was sitting in row 6 in seat 11. She was there with another adult and she seemed annoyed at the presence of all the kids in the theater. My daughter is almost ten and has been seeing movies since she was 4. She knows how to behave in the theater and I would take her out if she were being loud or disruptive. She wasn't and neither were any of the other kids. They were actually all behaving for once! This lady seemed annoyed that she had to sit next to my daughter. There are some scary parts in the movie and at one point, my daughter let out a frightened wail and started to cry quietly. This awful lady leaned over right into her face and hissed, "SSSSSSHHHHH." What. The. Frak. Mama Bear rage ensued, but I wasn't about to start something in the middle of the movie. I wrote her a curt note, "What the heck, why are you lashing out a kid for being scared? She's not being loud. What is your problem, anyway?" but she crumpled it up and threw it away without reading it. I waited until the movie was over and gave her a piece of my mind and questioned why she thinks it's acceptable to lash out at a frightened child. I congratulated her on making herself look like a first class idiot and walked off. So, if you're an adult with no kids, understand that you will encounter KIDS at KIDS CAMP. They are usually well behaved, but if something scary happens they will react naturally and cry. Don't go to the kids' showings if you don't like kids.

Matthew Pasteris

Remember the Alamo! Or, more specifically, Alamo Lakeline in North Austin. This establishment is one that I have visited more than any other place in this city. And with good reason! It's a great place to catch a movie. Ordering drinks (they have a bar in house) and food (they also have a kitchen with premium Alamo-centric offerings) right from your theater seat is pretty awesome. They also host events, art shows, and more, making Alamo Lakeline effectively a full-on venue. Remember, indeed...

Michael B

Always a great time at the Alamo Draft House. One of the proud staples of Austin. Been coming for years, went and saw Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Service was great, atmosphere was great. We really enjoyed it.

Jack Hoggard

It's a great theater. Really love watching movies here, especially with a group (large or small). They serve great food for a moderate price.

Dylan Smith

Love!! I’ve worked here in the past and I go here as a customer. When its time for a date night this is the place we go and I have yet to be disappointed. It’s honestly a 5 star place to go for a movie, a drink, and/or some food. Their “competitor” here in Round Rock leaves me hanging constantly and is nothing compared to this beautiful cinematic place. Alamos various locations are also themed differently allowing you to have some adventure visiting different theaters. It isn’t cheap, but it’s completely worth the price for the environment and food in my opinion. I like to actually enjoy my movies and I can do that here. They also are VERY vegan and vegetarian friendly! Their alcohol selection is top notch and the drink do not hold back that alcohol punch you want in a sturdy drink. Will always be a loyal customer!

Tiffany Dooley

Very nice place. I went for a company celebration. The food was really good too! Bathrooms were nice. No complaints here!

Chris Friedman

I will never go to a 'regular' theater again. The Drafthouse is quiet, comfy, and has in your seat service. Never again do I have to hear a crying baby while watching a movie. Do yourself a favor if you haven't been and invite a friend to join you at the movies.

Clint Walker

My wife and I are rare movie goers so when a good flick draws us out we are for sure going to an Alamo. We live about a mile from this one and we've never been dissapointed. The service, entertainment and seat comfort is always on point. We've never gone too deep in the menu regarding the food choices but they're milkshakes are amazing. If I had to pick a single bad thing to say about this place it would be that occasionally the volume on the movies is a little over the top - just past the enjoyable loud level you expect from a movie theater. Other than that it's always a 10/10 for us at Alamo.

Jess Shafer

I love this place! From the moment we got there, everyone was helpful and it was a great experience. The employees were friendly and went completely out of their way to help us figure out a drink I had forgotten. Food was excellent! I love that they had an Avengers themed menu! Definitely going back!

karla balch-reno

I always enjoy going to the Drafthouse! Such a fun movie experience! I always enjoy the food and the movies. The preshow is fun too. Best to arrive early. I do wish you could pay the food bill after the movie is over, so it doesn't interrupt the movie. Also, on behalf of my brother and my mom, they do need additional handicap parking. Overall a wonderful place to go to see a movie!

Sabrina Beltran

Pretty good and usually a fair experience. Nothung to really note

Adrianne Garrison

Seriously the best movie theater ever. One of the best parts is their no talking policy, so you can ensure a nice movie watching experience. The popcorn is really good, and their Irish cream adult milkshake is the best ever.

jason torrent

Clean and great service. Booked 30 before the showing and was able to walk right in and sit down. No kids without an adult was also a perk!

Scott Trent

Our visit was a pleasant one as always ! The movie we chose wasnt the greatest..but the food and service were top notch as always ! Keep up the good work alamo drafthouse !

Sara Parks

Omg! This was funnn I went to see the lion king and was so happy. I recommend this activity to anyone of any age, you will love it.

Matt Jenkins

The best in what's Austin movie watching. Keep an eye out for rotating screenings of classics and cool movie nights. Theater opens 30 min before showing and come hungry and ready to drink. Great food and selection and local draft specials. Also the best selection of pre movie never know what to expect and always PG family friendly but oddly Austin

Andrew Brownfield

Love the silence, behave yo'self rules. This place has a great attitude and it ensures you have the best movie watching experience. I don't watch movies anywhere else.

Kaylee Prymuszewski

A bit on the pricey side but I don't go to any other theater in Austin. Vegan options are delicious and my husband swears this location makes them best. Their Sangria is killer. I buy it by the pitcher. Cute attached bar makes it the perfect dinner/drinks/movie date location. Be sure to join Victory rewards to get lots of cool perks and updates on cool events.

Daveina De Los Santos

I think the menu needs a bit of a revamp. I think 5 dollars for a drink is over kill. The vegan cookies are an awesome choice for a treat. The service is really good.

Richard White

Always a fantastic experience. Always have my food and drinks correctly made and delicious. Amazing service. I go here all the time and I expect to be back often in the future.

Burt Nomuta

Awesome! I went to see "Once upon a time in Hollywood". Before movie starts. You get to watched Charles Manson & his "family" biography from the late 60'$.

Carol Forsberg

A movie theater that respects movies and the patrons. Good lighting of movie, reminder for f no talking or cell use-- and they mean it.

elyrien valkyr

Easily the best theater I've ever been to. Almost always able to find a showing that isnt packed, despite the popular location. The food is decent if not overpriced but watching a guy get kicked out for snoring during IT chapter 2 made everything worth the cost. Easiest way to ruin movies is other people, so its refreshing to see a place take that seriously.

Tray Gober

Always fun, Good food and service

Christina Hernandez

Wish menu was not so pricey. Drinks are not the best , cant even taste liquor. But it's better then Flix.

linda Phillips

I've never been to a dinner and a movie place before. It was extremely comfortable seating as well as exceptional food and service. Would definitely go again.

Renamed 58

The seats and tables feel like an upscale alamo drafthouse. I like the new look.

Tamara H.

It’s nice you can pay on the app and reserve your seats. I also love the menu selection it’s HUGE!! They have rly good draft beers and I love the cheese fries, & pretzel and green hatch Chile cheese it comes with. Overall it’s high quality and always very clean but it’s crazy expensive for tickets, food, drinks anything. I usually spent btwn $60-80 for just myself and two kids to see a movie and eat and drink. My reason for 4 stars is because for these prices the seats should definitely be able to recline like other theaters offer.

Josh Pruett

The new cinema setup makes it easy to get to your seat (no more climbing under tables). Went on my free birthday ticket thanks to the Alamo Victory Club!

Jason Barborka

Every Alamo is great, and the Lakeline theater has been our our preferred spot for years. The staff is fantastic, the in-house bar has a nice atmosphere and good drinks, the theater is always clean and immaculate, the food is great, and you never have to worry about dealing with a disruptive person in the theater. Seriously, if you live in North Austin, Round Rock, or Cedar Park, this is where you should be going.


The Drafthouse is by far the best place to see a movie. They have super comfortable chairs, and have a zero tolerance policy for talking or texting during the film. They also have amazing burgers!

Tess Keller

Great service, and a good selection of movies cycle through here. I'm glad this is my neighborhood Alamo. Food here also seems to have improved the last year or so.

Bad Walrus

Alamo Drafthouse is the best theater chain. You can eat food and grab a beer while you're watching a movie. It's nice. This location tends to be very good at enforcing the no talking and no cell phone policy.


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