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Where is Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Cedars?

REVIEWS OF Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Cedars IN Texas


Great vibes in there. Friendly service from ticket counter to bartender and theater waitresses/waiters. Great menu options (food and drinks). Tuesday’s are discounted, $5 tickets! Great location

Gerardo Rendon

Enjoyed the movies here! I really like that it’s modern and up to date. I like the feel of a little bit of a restaurant and movies. Just feels old as in how movies were but also new as in how you really don’t have to wait in line at all if you don’t want to everything is online and they check your tickets when your seated so that a big plus!

Garrett Dennington

I've been to this location twice and both times it's been VERY disappointing. My first time at the Cedars location was to see Avengers Endgame. My wife and I waited over 30 minutes for her water. We had to ask for it twice before the server brought it. Meanwhile, my soft drink came out almost immediately. It also took forever for our food to be delivered. My second time was to see a movie with a special rate for Victory members. Water was ordered for both my wife and I, we asked for lemons with be water. No lemons. We ordered 2 burgers and asked for lemons again. No lemons. My burger came out first. We waited. I ate. We waited. I ordered a chocolate shake with no whipped cream. It was delivered...with whipped cream. No burger ever came for my wife. We were told that there was a mix up and that that was no way that they could deliver her food before the movie ended. The only reason my wife will go with me to the movies, and Alamo Drafthouse specifically, is to get a burger. Needless to say we've had 2 bad experiences at this theater and we won't be back. I'm really disappointed because I love Alamo Drafthouse and their whole concept, but this location is just not holding up the standard.

Alex Mata

A group of eight girls and I sang karaoke here in a private room and had a great time. The larger screen wasn’t working so the first round of drinks was on them. We used the same small screen that we used to select the songs to read the words (a little awkward). Drinks and service were good.

Candace Smith

Happy hour is great! Their drinks are made right, and their fried pickles are delicious (caution:very hot!) I wish they would open one of these in California. All the patrons are on their best behavior since they have a one and done rule.

Callie Boydston

Our favorite place to see a movie! Great food and drinks. Love the craft beer selection, the queso, popcorn, and pizzas. The Vetted Well bar upstairs has nice downtown views and a chic but laid back atmosphere. Geeks Who Drink trivia on Wednesday’s at 8 at the bar is also super fun.

Tristan Coronel

I love this theatre! I go here a lot with my friends and we enjoy going here a lot. Tuesday’s there’s usually a discount on the tickets, at least every time we had gone on Tuesdays, and the service is wonderful. The last time we went there we watched Toy Story 4 and there was a little activity outside of it. I highly recommend this theatre, the experience was wonderful.

Chris Hymas

Awesome place. Visiting from Utah so this was a real treat. They are clean and great when it comes to customer service. Order food and drinks in the theater and they bring it out to you. Drinks were delicious and so was the food. Prices were reasonable. I've heard there are many other definitely recommend seeing a movie here. All the staff was super nice and we're quick to get orders in and out. Thanks for a great experience

Richard Hernandez

Prefer this place over any theatre. Just be sure to get there 30 min before showtime for the best previews. It's a more adult version of any theatre you may have been to. Great cookies and chips con queso and popcorn. Well everything is good. Take my word.

Luis C

One of my favorite theaters. Food is always great and staff is always ready to help. Make sure to get the loaded fries!

Elwood McElveen, Jr.

Great place to see a movie. They make sure it's a good experience for everyone; no cellphones or talking during movies! Gotta love that. Theaters are not huge so it make for better viewing.

Chris Dawson

Food was wonderful, seats are extremely comfortable. Both seating and food were far above Studio Movie Grill. However, the tables are not! Way too small, will barely hold 2 dishes and there's no way to lower it or get it closer to you. SMG's are larger and they've got those long bars used for tables as well.

Melanie N

Love this place. We make it a point to stop and catch a movie here everytime we get a chance to come through Dallas. Love having and ordering from a full menu from your seat. A great place for those of us who truly appreciate great cinema.

celeste beavers

Get tickets online and get assigned seat online - LOVE THAT! Also can buy ticket in lobby if you do not mind taking a chance. Food is ok, alcohol is ok - adult milk shake is delicious but really is flavored normal shake. Love T.A.C.O. (Tickets Are Cheap On ) Tuesday - $5 tickets plus service charge - still less than $8. Love the Quiet and No Cell phone policy - but some movies in day time will be lax on those rules - to have movies more accessible for small (noisy) kids or kids that may have other issues - check their website about that.

Christian Serrano

Best movie theater I’ve ever been to. The manager is the most chill guy. Employees competent as can be. There was a lot of people in the drink area and they were calm as can be. They definitely do this on the regular. This is my first time at this location. It will not be my last. Dan is the man!

Allison Nichols

I love this place! I especially love that they give teachers a treat a few times a year with no charge on the movie. Now, the parmesan truffle popcorn is phenomenal!!! I didn't know popcorn could be that good. Seriously, if you don't try it, you're missing out in life.

Meegan Alexander

My favorite theater to go to now. I had never been to an Alamo before this one. I like the ordering system, no words need to be exchanged normally. They check your tickets and take your order card. Plus, this theater is always very clean, and the staff are nice.


The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is a wonderful place to enjoy time with your family to watch a movie together! You are able to order food whenever you want until the movie ends, which is cool! The front sections are provided with neat seats that you can get comfy with. The service is also really good and even you should try and take a look!

Paul Corey

Great place to see a movie. Best food and drinks of any of the dinner and a movie places. Love the breakfast tacos.

T. Caronna

I love this theater so much. I've been here several times & each visit is stellar from start to finish. Service, quality of food, general experience. All of it.

Fernando Martinez

Loved this place. We needed hours to kill to get our passport near by and was a perfect place to kill time while eating good food and watching a movie. The staff was friendly and made sure to get everything to us in a timely manner. Food was surprisingly good compared to other locations I've been to in the past

Micah Branaman-Sharma

I went to Alamo for a fancy dress showing for the Downton Abbey movie and loved my experience. Service was a little slow in the bar and theater but the friendly staff made up for it. We had an after movie cocktail on the roof and enjoyed the view. It was a fun event!

Javance Johnson

The movie I wanted too see was sold out. Atmosphere was awesome. The parking is something else. Yet it was a good nice clean facility.

Gustavo de Leon

The Alamo Drafthouse at the Cedars serves up another great instance of the Drafthouse concept. An great selection of current and classic movie showings, as well as fun events to commemorate releases and (select) film anniversaries, will give you excuse enough to return often. The Vetted Well upstairs is also excellent, with a cozy patio space that offers a great view of downtown Dallas. To top it off, the Cedars Alamo serves quality food good enough to crave with or without a movie to accompany it. If you're near, definitely give yourself a chance to visit.

Michaela Shearod

Not going to lie, I never had an experience where we had a server help us during our movie. It was pretty different but I really enjoyed my time here. You could have endless popcorn bowls and drinks. You should definitely try the fried pickles, they were scrumptious!

Whitney Mitcham

Did you know they don't allow infants? Drove from mesquite to see Aladdin with our 5 year old and 3 month old and were turned away... I understand a baby might disrupt a theater full of adults, but in a theater full of children @ a children's movie?? Ended up driving back to mesquite where we had no issue

Michael Toussaint

I'll give it four stars because at the very least it's a clean nice theater. The sound was definitely on par with some of the bigger theater chains so it's definitely worth going if you want to actually watch the movie. The detriments are the prison feel once you get in and the movie is about to start. They are pretty strict about phones, which I can understand, and no talking but the way they tell you it's almost like do this and you're gone! The food that we had was pretty ok. The adult shake, Irish coffee, was definitely great but that was about it. The best is their whole thing about the movie experience but the servers are walking about during the movie so that kinda sucks. Also the seats are a little uncomfortable to eat in since they're so far from the table where the food is. It's also a little hard to write your order in the paper slip they provide since it's dark and the lights aren't always on under the table. It was definitely an experience I'm glad I had, but I can't say that I'll go back. The logistics of the experience don't necessarily make it the best. I think if they fix a few things, like the ordering process, and the seating/eating thing. This could be great.

Bellami Benigno

This is a beautiful, clean theater with friendly staff and a fun vibe. The bar upstairs is awesome and has a great balcony with a nice view of downtown Dallas - we like to get to the theater an hour or so before our movie and have a couple of cocktails up there before the show. My one complaint is that sometimes we get there early only to find that the bar is closed down for a private event. It'd be great if you could get some kind of notification via email or the Alamo app if the bar will be closed around the time of your show, so you can plan accordingly.

Benjamin Munoz

I LOVE this theater! And the food. The Big Kahuna Burger is always good and their pop corn is endless. Also "Birth Death Movies" is a program that they show before the movie starts and each one is tailored to the movie you're about to see. The amount of detail that the Alamo Draft House puts in to making sure that this is an enjoyable experience for the fans is definitely noticeable.

Bianca Rezzonico

I really enjoy coming here. I went in the morning time to see Endgame and I had a wonderful experience. The amaretto sours are always delicious and I tried the chicken tenders for the first time and they were pretty freaking good too. I didn't care for the gravy but it wasn't bad. I'm going to have to try more food options

James Meeks

Great view of downtown on the patio upstairs. Comfortable leather seats in theaters. Delicious food, tasty drinks... oh, and a good selection of current movies!

Wendell Montague

My favorite movie theater! I will never go to another theater if I can help it. Comfortable recliners great food and drinks amazingly funny and appropriate pre show and a great no noise policy.

Yanira Mares

First time here enjoyed the movie with my wife! Food selection was ok. I'm just the type that like to see my food when I eat and here you have to hold it under the light beneath the table to see. Not crowded at all which I enjoyed. You don't have kids being dropped off and acting up. There was no interruptions during the movie. They will actually ask you to leave if you are on your phone or talk after the first warning.

Claudia Frausto

I love the front row of this movie theater! Reclining seats are amazing and this scream does it feel that close. It's a very hip and the bar is very nice. One thing I would say for new place the bathroom gets really dirty fast. And clean of the bathroom is very slow.

Lexi M

Comfortable seats, great food, fantastic selection of beers on taps and cocktails. The enforced no phones and no talking is the greatest thing to ever happen to theatres. And the price for tickets are incredibly reasonable.

John Vickrey

Excellent place to see a movie! I'm such traditionalist. I can't seem to get over that you can just walk in from the street to sit down for the movie. You're ticket is electronic. The seats recline, and although I haven't eaten the food yet, it does smell very good. And they have a no talking, texting policy that seems to be enforced.

Stitchlip's House

I Wish the seats there would recline back a little bit more. It is definitely more comfortable to get a seat higher up than lower because you will be straining your neck upwards if your anywhere towards the lower end, normal movie theaters usually have super reclining seats in the whole theater, but this place I guess is catering more to people drinking who probably don't notice the discomfort they are feeling until the following day.

D Henderson

Very nice theater. Has rules about cell phones and will ask you to leave if you use phone during movie

Cinthya Gonzalez

I love coming here early and watching the shorts (Birth. Movie. Death. I think) before the movie. It's really cool and doesn't feel like a waste of time. The rooms are spacious but hold an okay amount of people so it feels cozy and familiar. The staff is friendly and the menu variety is pretty good, even includes a kids menu. There's also a bar upstairs and funny photobooths. I've been going for two years now and it never disappoints.

Ouna Fawaz

Love that place. The food is great, the cookies are to die for, and the staff is friendly. Suggestion: It would be even better if they had new reclining sofa chairs! (I'd love there lol)

Kelly Williams

Food was good but terrible service in the bar today. Usually go earlier when Derek is behind the bar (always awesome takes great care of us) but came later so were at a table instead. Not sure of her name but the waitress with the half yellow hair served us. Had to go to the bar for my own drink refills and waited 20 min after we finished eating for our table to be cleared and to get our check. Won't be going there in the evening again

Cair Wood

Seats are not great here. Service was abrupt and not very helpful. The person who sold me my ticket sent me to the wrong theatre and the attendants in the theatre treated me like I was an idiot for trusting what the ticket guy said. Food as always was great.

Heidi Hoyt

There was this one server her name is deja she was the kindest and fastest server we have ever had we have been to Alamo 41 times across 4 different locations since September and she was the best. The cauliflower wings are BOMB perfect as always. I'd love if they would start using organic popcorn PLEASE ALAMO! Genetically modified corn is so not cool it is so bad for you! And we cant wait till Alamo starts offering plant based milk options so us vegans can enjoy some milkshakes, since nothing on the dessert menu is vegan friendly. Hands down tho Alamo is the best place to go see a flick!

Sarah Harman

I prefer Alamo over SMG any day of the week. No servers bothering me while I'm watching the movie, no human interaction required. I just write my order on a little slip of paper and stick it out there and my wish is granted!

G.L. Boxe

It's a cool place and the staff was very professional and nice. Plenty of free parking too! I like the fact that there is a "reading light" so you can see the menu in the dark but wish there was a way to turn if off during the movie. I found it distracting.

Zak Krzystyniak

Great theater setup compared to some of the other Alamo theaters in DFW. Has newer seats with recline functions and closer tabletops for refreshments.

Precious Smith

I went around 4pm. The seats are nice, the service aas great, and the screen was bigger than I imagined. It was actually some of the best popcorn I've had at a theater. I enjoyed it and because it was so close to my house I'll be returning. Id say definitely go check this joint out.

kiyana cherry

The theater was clean, and my group's order was brought quickly. The food was kind of pricy, but you can't go wrong with the bottomless popcorn! Also the servers walking through the aisle during the movie was a little distracting. I know that's their job, but maybe there can be a more efficient way to order. Other than that, it was a good experience!

Ted Okoroji

Love Taco Tuesdays- Great Margaritas served for the occasion (note Taco Tuesday Margaritas do not enjoy the $2 discount on happy hour). Service is great: Servers have great rapport and food is served quickly although the cinema wasn't busy when I went there. Date loves the cauliflower ' "wings". Seats are comfy and the screen looks great. Definitely the better Studio Movie Grill.

Emily Hendricks

If you haven't tried this place, try it! The vetted well bar is AMAZING! AMPLE vegan options and they're delish!!! I come here just to eat at the bar sometimes! Best movie theater known to man. The perfect theatre with personalized previews and preshows. Very amazing. Very hip. Very different.

Yari Marrero Montesino

Let's start from the beginning is 15 min away from home which make it super convenient for me. Nice pricing for Tuesday night movies, ticket is free if is your birthday and you are a member. Food is tasty nice selection on drinks. Chairs are very comfortable.This is my #1 choice for movies now on. Highly recommended!!!!!

Josue Molinar

We watched toy story 4. It was amazing! I tried the Kookie Kong shake. I believe it had Whiskey In it. It had a good taste but it was a bit to strong for me. The seats a very comfortable . They are not full reclining but it was still a wonderful experience.

Byron Williams

I've been to this location a few times now and over all enjoyed seeing movies there. The place is clean and has a trendy vibe. As far as food goes I can vouch for their burgers and highly recommend the parmesan truffle popcorn! The prices aren't bad, food and drinks are both on par with most restaurants in the area. I will say they seem a bit under staffed during week day shows though.

Jay Are

The couple of times I’ve been at this theater have been enjoyable. I like the no talking and no late arrival policies they have in place. Service is great and I have enjoyed the movies I’ve seen at this theatre. Will definitely return in the future to watch more features.

Tim Welsh

While I've recently noticed a broken recliner or two, this place still deserves 5 stars for the killer balcony view from The Well upstairs. The team there is also great and I've always gotten great service.

Ryan Renard

I have always loved going to the movies. It's been a passion since I was very young and also didn't help that I was projectionist for close to ten years in my youth. I love the Alamo Drafthouse primarily because you go there to actually see a movie, and not listen to your neighbor's gab through it. If I want that I'll go to another theater. The food is always incredibly good and so are the drinks. If you get a chance a little-known secret is the bar that's upstairs try it out the guys that are there are wonderful.

Zachary Wenzel

Great service. Really clean. Food was way better than I expected. Get tickets in advance on their website to get a good seat.

A.J. Alvarado McClendon

Loved it. My first experience and I absolutely enjoyed my time here. Staff were friendly and professional. Facility was very well kept and cleanliness was superb. Will definitely come back!!!


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