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REVIEWS OF UEC Theatres 14 IN Tennessee

Vee Esposti

It was a much needed break from my truck. I enjoyed the movie and the staff was very friendly. Over all I'll be marking the truck stop in my book as a good place to stop.

Patricia Daniels

Love the comfortable seating and rewards program. Staff is always friendly and professional.

Gary Lange

Small theatres but plenty of room. Saw Sherlock Homes and only had about 20 people watching. All seats are leather-like and electriclly recline. Plenty of leg and arm room. Tuesday is $5.50 day. Small popcorn and unlimited drink refills is $11.50. That's where they make their money back. Eat and drink before going and it's a cheap movie night.

barbara henry

The theater was great. Sadly they do not offer child free show times & I was seated next to 3 squabbling brats with no home training!

Robert Johnson

Very nice. Being next to the Truckstop is an added bonus (for a truck driver). So the Truckstop does fill up the available parking pretty quickly. Top notch theater, with reserved recliner seating.

Brenda Childers

Great movie.. The staff was polite and helpful.. Restrooms were clean and stocked..

Dustin Edward

Very comfortable double sofa lounge chairs, for you and you woman... moderate selection of snacks. My go to theater

Dewayne Son

What can i say it had powered recliners....amazing

Keith Nitsch

I love the seats! Staff is friendly, sometimes the bathrooms are a bit rough

Alex Harris

Best Recliners in Town! Tickets are a little pricier than most but you get way more bang for the buck

Thomas Schupan

Great prices, and as a trucker it's nice to be able to catch a movie while on the road.

Belinda Moore

Love the recliner in this theatre always clean and friendly staff

Autumn Swanson

This place is very comfortable and they have nice employees with great service!Over al definitely a FIVE STAR movie theater!!

Ruth Draggoo

Loved the lazyboy style chairs. Felt like I was at home!! Expensive food tho....normal.

Bryan Bismark

As theaters go, it's one of the best. The seats are spacious and comfortable (they are the reclining type), and you can reserve them from the website for extra ease. When it's busy they actually open all the concession registers so it's not 50 people lined up at one til. Their facilities are always clean, and the staff there is always friendly.

Anthony Tuttle

Clean, pleasant. No problems during my visit. The people I spoke to were professional and helpful.

Christopher Fugate

Power leather reclining loveseats, reserved seating, and decent food. Second best theater overall in the Chattanooga area, imo.

Rob Danielson

This is our local place to watch the latest releases. Clean, well run, well lighted, good concessions stand with friendly, professional staff. The BEST part is the reclining seats. They are literally like the recliner in your home. Makes watching most films a pleasure to view or to take a nap if the wife has picked the film. Prices are competitive and discounts are offered. Recommended. Thank you.

Darla Park

Outrageous price for popcorn and drinks, no wonder a lot of people sneak in their own snacks in large pocket books ☹️

Tennessee 21

Unfortunately have to do this for the 1st time. Went with my wife to watch SFFH. And a drunk got in our faces because shes pregnant. After everything that happened we were the ones booted out but was generously given 2 free passes for the next movie.

selena webb

Usually love it but this time apparently we had the only 2 seat that didnt work mega screen #3 seats E 9 & 10 so that was a bit of a bummer.Always clean ..only word of advise is now that you have to pick your seats, buy your tickets I'm advance. I have taken the grandson many times and there are a lot of empty seats but not 2 seats together so we had to leave.

Billy Roddy

Favorite theater, nice reclining seats, movie starts within 10 minutes of the show time, so if you like previews show up early.

Robert Russell

Feel safe and it is clean.

Bobby Reed

Good theatre. Ad Astra was the worst movie I have seen in a long time.

Vanessa Newby

Very clean and comfortable! We love the seats and the popcorn is always fresh! A+

april goins

Great place to watch movies

Corwin Hunter

Omg. Everything was amazing. Although in room 10. Row E seat 11 my seat when reclined got slanted.

Sarah Stocker

Absolutely my most favorite place to watch a movie in the Chattanooga/Cleveland area. I love the flexibility of picking out my seat and watching a movie on their mega screen. The staff is always nice and the ladies room by the mega screen is always clean. However, I can’t say the same for the others.

Tyler Mckenzie

Great deals, and comfortable seating! Overall great experience

Jacob Farris

Best theater I've been to in Cleveland. The seating is really what gives this place the upper hand to other theaters, but it does all other aspects of a theater that you'd expect really well too. Everything is very well kept, and on Tuesdays they even offer a 5$ movie night. They also have a great member program, so if you find yourself going to the movies regularly or very often, this is the theater for you.

Josh Furman

Excellent theater. You get to pick your seats which are broken down in two seat section that recline and are leather. Prices are fair as well

Bobbie Cichy

Popcorn was a bit stale but it was a quiet theater visit. Tickets are cheaper than regal for a matinee which is always plus. Staff was nice.

Nataliya Zhogan

Only movie theater I go to. Rewards program is nice, the reclining seats are awesome. It's so comfortable.

Zac Dixon

Great Theater! The Mega Screen has an incredible sound system. The theater is reasonably clean and the staff is very helpful. Most of all the theater features reclining love seats each with their own arm rest.

Jeneda Trentham

Always good place to watch a movie

Lady Amethyst

Great place to watch a movie the seats are super comfy

Eddie Murphy

Good experience and really like the reclining seats

Tony Hagan

Good price, excellent recliner seating

Martie Floyd

People is very friendly seem to know what they were doing my day was good place was clean price on Stacks was a little pricey

R Houser

Excellent quality screens and sound! Went with a large group of children, staff was courteous and helpful. Seating was extremely comfortable and a good time was had by all!

Cameron Reel

This movie theater is well kept, fairly clean, and THE SEATS GO ALL THE WAY BACK. It has nice parking, it's in a good location, and the workers are usually very friendly. But did I mention that THE SEATS GO ALL THE WAY BACK. That's right, the reclining seats have cup holders, retractable arm rests and THEY GO ALL THE WAY BACK. There is no movie theater more comfortable to view a cinematic masterpiece, or a box office bomb in then UEC Cleveland.

Mary Schings

The best theater with huge reclining chairs. Awesome Tuesday deals with their UEC card. I love going to this theater. They also have a lot of daytime shows.

Igor Kashin

Great price on Tuesdays with free popcorn. Screen was very nice and the reclining chairs where very comfortable!

Alison Morgan

Nice theater but I couldn't figure out how to recline my seat. And another thing...yes I paid for what was supposed to be one of the few seats left in the very front row, but well into the previews nobody had claimed seats a few rows back so I thought it would be ok to sit there. But an employee came in with a flashlight, checked my ticket, made me move. Now if the person who paid for that seat was late getting there, saw me, went to get the employee, fine, my bad. I'll never know since nobody came with him or asked me to move. I'm 4' 11". Not very threatening

Kimberly Dixon

Great place to watch a movie. Great family time. Wonderful old fashion movie popcorn. I recommend a loyalty card. Great deals with one. Every Tuesday with every ticket purchase u get a free bag of popcorn.

Charlene Sellers

Saw a late movie on Tuesady night. Did not realize they have discounted movies all day on Tuesady. 2 tickets were $11, I believe you can also get a free small popcorn if you show your ticket.


Kind people, clean bathrooms,comfy seating. Fresh popcorn.


Nice clean theater with fantastic reclining seats. The restrooms have always been clean. Just so you know, they have very few previews. Thus if you show up 5 minutes late the movie has already started.

Casey Hobart

Tue is best day to go, seat also recline awesome

Jennifer Anderson

Love the seating and price was good

Elaine McCowan

Matinee should be less expensive

carrerennis roblox

Great place been there for many years and I loved Hobbs and Shaw the new movie

Chris Hayes

Cool recliners, great snacks, good movies.

Jennifer Wilson

We live in Chattanooga but we drive up to go to this theater that is not as crowded, has reserved theater seating, and no alcohol.

Cynthia Boyd

So expensive!!!! That's why I wait for the DVD, but wanted to see Lion King at the movies

Keith Mitchell

A very comfortable place to watch a movie.

Alonso Pool

Several very positive things here... First of all, they definitely have the best seats around for movie watching. Unless you are watching a movie alone, otherwise the seats can't be beat. Also that Tuesday pricing is great, $5 for a movie on Tuesday is awesome. Simple, easy, fun day out to break up the week. It's also clean and never had bad service so I certainly recommend it

Andy Parker

I really like this theatre. It's never really that crowded and they have the big leather recliners. I drive about 30 miles to get there. The only thing I don't care for is you can hear other movies playing in the other theatres.

Oldman Kid

So far, I've always had a great experience here.

Dj Frantzen

It's a very good movie theater, but the only problem that I have is that my friend cannot pay for his ticket using his Discover card. We have complained with the management about this issue, the past 5 times. They still haven't addressed the issue, hopefully, they will now

jd88 b

Friendly clean place to enjoy a movie. Reclining theatres chairs are great

Nick D.

Great staff clean theatre.

Terri LaVon

We saw Breakthrough Absolutely moving!!! I cried the entire movie because I am a Christian. I pray daily several times daily. I know the power of prayer. This film shows us that it truly is impossible to please God without faith AND most importantly it shows us the wonderful things we miss out on by not having faith...

Paul Marsh

Although some of the screens are a bit small, I thoroughly enjoy the large reclining seats with lots of legroom to sprawl out and comfortably watch a flick.

Brandi Goodner

Went and watched the horror film "Ma" and It was a really good movie.

James Coggins

I love the recliners!!! Great movie theater!!!

Arthur Williams

Great theater with surprisingly competitive prices, especially considering all their theatera have reclining leather chairs.

Robert Rene Delgado

Great place to watch movies. Reclining seats are very comfortable. I wouldn't call this place state of the art, but it's not over priced either and you get your money's worth. Sometimes the screen seems a little dark and the sound a little low, but not much at all. Been here many times and will continue to visit.

Crystal Neece

Seats are comfortable. Decent theater. However cashiers at the concession stand are rude. Also when did they start charging for cheese with pretzel bites. Paid 5 bucks for reheateted dry salty bread.

John Turner

One of the best theaters in the Chattanooga area, even though this is in Cleveland. Affordable with comfortable seating. This is the only place I go to now.

Angela M Blackwell

Most comfortable place other than being at home.

Jennifer King

Love it, except the theater rooms are too warm and popcorn is not very good.

Tyree Smith

Great place and I love the fact you can pick your Seats. Makes things great for reserving tickets.

Angela Barnes

Love this theater. Always clean and well maintained.

C Scott Graham

Love the reclining chairs and room for handicapped accessories!

Brenda Jean

Love the seats. They give you little paper baggies with the biggest bucket of popcorn. Its really helpful when you've got a bunch of kids. Lol staff was polite as well.

Marcie Williams

This theater is much nicer than the others nearby.

Indigo Cordova

Usually no wait, seats are awesome. They keep it clean and the staff is friendly. Great place to watch a movie.

John Cross

Never had any issues met with hesitation to satisfy me. Comfy seats and buy online then redeem tickets at a kiosk is wonderful.

TJ Morgan

Best movie theater in the area by far. They have reclining seats, and everything is always clean. They also have some great deals on Tuesdays. This is deffinetly my favorite movie theater in the Chattanooga/Cleveland area.

Laurie Cory

Reclining seats were so soft and comfortable. Great selection at concessions and love that you can get refills of drinks. We enjoyed everything we experienced while there.

Holly Entwistle

Very clean and comfortable, friendly staff

Sonya Durig

First time to UEC , loved everything about our experience, great , comfortable reclining seats , friendly staff , clean ... we will be back !!

Adam Reiss

Decent theater with all of the things you need to enjoy a movie, location is in a rural area some of the folks are not accustomed to the manners of being in a public place. Theater seemed a little messy not well cleaned but still a good environment

Meg McDaniel

This place is cool. It has a food court and a few games. The theatres are cool, they have recliners that are pretty comfortable but sometimes the theatres aren't really clean.

Tanya Tinsley

This theater is outstanding. The seats alone are worth going for. No more kicking you in the back of the seats Because you have so much room with these wonderful reclining chairs.


Love this place. Reclining seats. Pick it.

Stars In Hand

Hey. I like nice people.

Pamela Thompson

Great little movie theater. Decent prices. Seating is phenomenal! Love the recliners. Refills on sodas. Butter your own popcorn. Wish all movie theaters were like this.

Brandon M.hall

Best theatre in Cleveland! Great seats!

Cristin Lucas

We went as a large group to see Toy Story 4. The only real issue I had was that our recliners didn't work for three of the people in the party. That information should be provided when tickets are purchased. The recliners were why the theater was chosen.

stefanie mason

Seat was broken and where my sister in law is large her seat was not big enough for her see sat in most of my seat. Need to make the seats larger.


Just waited in line for nearly 30 minutes for the 10:20 am showing of Avengers and the manager never showed so the employees couldn't even get in to get things moving. I ran out of time in my schedule and had to leave.

Tommy McConnell

Great service. The prices are decent. The reclining chairs are really amazing and comfortable. I recommend this theatre. It is one of the best around. Great selection of new movies.

Ruth Cronan

Staff are friendly, establishment clean, and there are reclining chairs in spacious rooms (need I say more?)

A LaCount

Best theatre around. Clean, modern, super comfy lounge chairs, crisp sound system and clear picture. An adventure of blissful proportion. Staff are friendly, welcoming, snack bar has good deals and wide variety and many movies to choose from. Reserved seating offered as well as online ticket purchase and loyalty program. Five glorious stars!! #clevelandtnuec

Marnie H

Great staff and very comfortable seating!


Enjoy going to this theater. Great location. The seating is awesome love the recliners. Great experience.

Bethanie Johansen

Great comfortable recliners to watch the movies. Only downside is the cost of the concessions. Probably not more than other theaters but still very high.

Teresa Cameron

We love it!!! Love the reclining chair. The aisles allow for ease of movement. The self service drink station is convenient. The matinee prices make it very affordable. I was very impressed with the staff. It's the best theater in the area.

Kimberlin Smith

Awesome place to take the family to see a movie. A little pricey, but worth it.

Jeannette Massengill

It was a great place and i will always go there to see a movie

Itzel Guzman

My go to theater! Doesn't matter that it's quite a drive and there is a theater across the street from my house, this place is worth it!!! Been loyal since before they got the fancy leather seats! Which I have fallen in love with! Keep up the great work!!!

James Harris

Great seats, I wish they had more selection at the concession stand, but the theater is nice, screen is high quality, sound is clear, and the reclines are comfortable.

John Goins

I love this theater. They have a big screen and huge leather seats that recline and gives you plenty of room. It's like watching a movie from the comfort of your recliner at hime!

Jamie LaShell

Previews rarely are on the screen, the theaters are always too hot or too cold. Get it together guys

Sonya Plemons

Me and my mom went to see Overcomer it was a great movie. Go see it if u haven't

Melinda Harris

My favorite movie theater of all time! We drive from Chattanooga to go here. Nice, clean theaters and bathrooms. Friendly staff and great tasting concessions. And you can bring in blankets for those that get cold. LOVE this theater!

Lily Deems

For me it is the best theater in town. The reclining seats and the mega screen are awesome!

onelife josiah

Best theater in our area! Most comfortable leather recliners. We come to watch a movie but I just wanna sleep!

Luke Morris

The seats are so nice! They recline and everything. My favorite theater around Chattanooga for sure.

Jason Fawbush

Good seating and great location away from urban sprawl.

Colin Cooper

Awesome clean friendly OVERCOMER movie was best movie all year

Lin N

Excellent theater, great comfy seats & very clean.

Brian Yarber

Quick service you pick a seat you pay you go get your snacks and sit down and watch a movie

Pavel Rodriguez

Aok the pizza can be improved but the service A OK I WILL RETURN

Caleb Carroll

Seats are extremely comfy and you can't beat the deal on Tuesdays with a free popcorn per ticket. The popcorn isn't huge, but it is tasty! The screen we watched had a dead pixel but it was barely noticeable for most of the movie.

Scott McLawhorn

It is right next to a place I stay at. They treated me vary well.

Katie Stewart

Absolutely amazing for the price. The seats are incredibly comfortable, the staff was kind. Tuesdays, you can get a movie ticket for $5, and a small popcorn is free. After going here once, I never want to go back to an AMC.

Heather Canales

The line was quick, service was fast, the movie was great! The chairs are the reason to visit this theater! UEC is the place to go.

Tonya Watkins

Great theater! Loved the reclining chairs. Wonderful watching a movie with feet up. Wish we had a theater like this back home in Pensacola.

Terry Powers

Clean awesome seating had a great experience loved it

Rob Thomas

Reclining seats ftw!

Daniel Miller

Great I had the whole theater to myself watched Angel Has Fallen excellent movie!!!!!

Kathy Snyder

The girl behind food need to be retrained. I ask for pretzels bite said they was out and then gets them out the back after we purchased our stuff. We told her we thought you were out when she brought them out. She said she had to separate them and couldn't sell them to us. How hard is it to count? This is the second time in two weeks I've tried to order pretzels bites and they said they were our. Is this how we are supposed to get treated? Telks one thing and bring it out after the fact and tell us some BS line.


It's a great place to go your family or your love one Togo and have fun they have great movies

Summer White

Can't go to the other theater now because the seats are great at UEC. Also I like the entrance and set up better at UEC

A Blackwell

This is my go to spot to see movies. Truly one of the greatest theaters in the area. I often drive well over an hour to get there because of the quality. The only complaint is the popcorn. It just doesn't taste like movie theater popcorn. I don't know if it's the quality or the way they make it, but it taste similar (but still better) than something you could make at home.

Emelia Thomas

Great place for a date

Dale Kramer

Reclining seats but not as nice or enough seating compared to Regal. Good theatre for Cleveland. Better than Bradley Square Mall.

Janey Cambell

Love love love this place! Llove the recliners! Love I can put more butter on my popcorn! Love the friendly people!

Aliena Ellis

I love this theatre. It is the only one I go to anymore. The seating is more private and comfortable also they have 5 dollar Tuesday and rewards points

Sherry Lyle

Date with my love was incredible! I actually watched the whole movie! Popcorn and drinks are much higher than expected but other than that we had a great time!

Rebecca Robbins

I am pregnant and was bringing water in since my doctor told me to drink as much as I can. The customer ahead of me also had water and they told her the cup is not allowed inside and went and got her a cup to dump her water in to bring into the theater. Once I got up to buy my tickets they informed me “being pregnant is not a medical condition and couldn’t waste another cup” but allowed the person in front of me to bring the water she brought.

Robert Davis

Comfortable seating and friendly staff

Jolly Goodbeard

My favorite place to see movies ..stadium leather reclining loveseats ..awesome sound ..friendly staff

Travis Hannah

Good atmosphere. Seating is very comfortable. Concessions are pretty expensive.

Tim Atwood

Friendly service. Great recliners. Drove from Chattanooga just for the recliners.

Shawn Daniels

Awesome seats and good food

Boredom Lab

If I want to call the theater to ask a question then I should be talking to a real person, no one wants to waist gas driving 20 miles to ask someone how many seats are open. What you guys are doing with the automated message system is just lazy and pothetic get your act together!!!!!!!

Alyxandra Davis

Amazing customer service and clean. Have been going for years! Today my son ( who is autistic) had a melt down and refused to go in the theater. The manager not only was happy to give us a refund but to also help open the doors for me(while carrying my sons popcorn and drink) so I could get my screaming child out. (We were just trying it, even if they hadn't refunded us they were very considerate and kind).

Orenda Shortoak

I really enjoyed going to the movies for the first time in a few years. However getting in and out was difficult using a walker. Don't think there's anything they could do to have made it easier though.

Chris Cooper

Our favorite theater. Staff is very helpful. Seats are the best.

Bob Williams

Loved the movie. Good snacks. Loved the reclining seats!!

Megan Mccampbepl

Love going to this place, always clean, friendly staff, comfortable seats! Great prices

Richard Trow

I went to see Avengers End Game, the theatre was clean and the staff was helpful.

Jennifer Crisp

I love the reclining seats, cleanliness & hospitality I get everytime I go. I'll never go to any other local theaters!!

Cyrena O'Bryant

We drive past multiple theaters to get here because we love it so much! Bathrooms and theatres are always clean. Staff is really friendly! And I love the rewards program.


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