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REVIEWS OF Stardust Drive In Theatre IN Tennessee

Marcus Beebe

Drive-in movies at Watertown, TN! Super fun place for the whole family to watch a double feature movie. Small cars park in the front and trucks/ vans park in the back. Full feature concession serving snacks at a good price. Pay $6 and bring …

Derald Ward

Perfect place for family outings. Great people.

Marlon Moore

This is the "BEST MOVIE THEATER EVER"... We saw the unfinity war double feature... and fell asleep.. They woke "my entire family" up so lovingly. . I was embarrassed until they said "IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME".... I love it

Alicia Clemison

Picture on the movie was great. DON'T buy the pizza they hand you this nice box like you are having a good piece of pizza talk about the cheapest frozen cardboard.....

Occams Toothbrush

Great drive in movie theater! We went with an 11 month old baby and a dog. The dog was fine, the baby wasn't into it. Good place for young kids that will watch the movies. Dogs on leashes allowed. Great picture quality, great setup, good concession food.

Kyle Welch

Great place to see a movie! It is always a fun time.

Manivone Stephanek

I can't wait to go tonight! Nice clean and fun for the whole family!

Austin Plumlee

Very fun! Great prices all around!

Brandy Clark

I love this place

Joshua Tinker

Take a step back in time and enjoy

Beverly Bender

I love it, I love it, I love it Two good movie's for 8.50 .man O I seen Man in Black again & Child Play they're playing Til Thursday next week. Beverly Bender love it Guys...Go see it.

Kevin Troope

Really enjoy coming here. Staff is friendly, the place is clean. A fun time for couples and families with kids.

Dalene Carter

Pretty amazing what a great experience with grandkids at a very decent price. Popcorn and drinks also at a really good price. Thank you for having it at a low price that people can really afford to go out and do something with the family. Great night!!

Rodney Burlin

Food is a little pricey, but average for a cinema. Quality wasn't great. Took forever to simply make a hamburger and french fries. Should be better organized. Friendly staff. I will still go back. Will just eat before.

Erica Schleimer

Great drive in experience. Concession food is pretty good!

shane hubanks

$5 xl popcorn and a drink for under 4$ with .75$ refills. Plus nostalgic and fun. I just wish they weren't so far away from us!

Greg Ramone

This place is an absolute gem! First off the staff (especially the Lot guys) made me and my wife feel welcomed on our first visit laid it out for us. Do recomend getting there about 30mins to a hr early to get a spot. Bathrooms were clean. Food was fantastic for theatre food and reasonably priced which was also a plus. Good quality screens and audio was good. They offer a jump if your car battery dies. I was absolutely impressed and I will definitely be back for different movies.

robert hicks

I LOVE old drive in theaters as a whole. This one is a step above a lot of what is still left though. It's a pure shame that we don't still have more drive in theaters across the nation.

Kristen DePasquo

Always a fantastic experience!

Joe Peters

Good movies... nice people... good popcorn!

Paul Blocker

Would definitely recommend for a fun family night out. Clean. Affordable.

Elle Miller

So much fun. Bring a radio

Josh Cooley

Decently priced snacks and tickets ($5 XLrg popcorn, $8.50 Adult ticket for 2 shows). Very efficiently run, and they're quick to fix distractions (e.g. headlights).

Jane Morrow

Great family atmosphere. Great customer service. Clean bathrooms and good food.

Kevin Butler

We had a great time. The place was clean and the staff was friendly. The movie screen was easy to see. I will be returning. Suggestions, seemed like all of the adult staff members were on parking duty while the concession stand was left to the younger staff. I would guess a majority of revenue comes from food, maybe an experienced staff member should be overseeing that operation.

Moises Garcia

Great customer service! Great food! Awesome movies! Definitely a unique experience to everyone.

Bruce Gman

Excellent. Clean facilities and good food. It's a drive, but well worth it!

Donato Desanto

Have always had a great time here. Except tonight we were told we couldnt run our car. So here me and my child have to sit in a hot vehicle. After tonight I will never return or recommend people to come here.

Raymond McGee

Great atmosphere, food is exceptional

John Martin

Great summer fun

Adam Sanders

Maybe the best option for watching a movie but here, you get a double feature for a great price.

James Bollin

Great place to bring the family for a nite out,under the stars.staff is friendly and helpful.

John Tracy

Great place to take the entire family.

J. Nunley

Food is great. Nice set up. Super fun.

Justin Hickman

This is the ABSOLUTE BEST place for me and the wife to take our kids for FAMILY NIGHT! YOU GET 2 MOVIES FOR 1 CHEAP FEE, watched "The Grinch." & "Night School." AND THE CONCESSION STAND DOESN'T HAVE BAD PRICES EITHER!!!

Santa D Stinson

Love this place. Kind and polite people. Prices are unbeatable. Great place

Zachary Gillentine

Love the atmosphere here. Good prices too!

Harry Allen

A solid drive in experience! The landscaping is perfect for angling your vehicle toward the screen the way you would like. The food is good enough Americana at reasonable prices. The home brew radio station that plays before the movie is localized and I live that. They let you bring in outside food if you pay for the ticket to do so. That’s fair enough. Great movies at good time frames PLUS double features. 4 stars until they finally build one closer to Smyrna/Murfreesboro.

Brian Blalock

Awsome place great for the family or just u and your woman cheap food but very good food an a large variety of menu options

Michelle Perkins

First time going and lived it. Will definitely return.

Melissa Strong

The best place to go!!!


Great family fun

Katie Gallegos

We drove an hour and a half to come here and will gladly do it again! Plenty of parking; there really isn’t a bad ‘seat’ in the house! Food is cheap or you can pay $6 to bring your own. The restrooms were clean and the staff was beyond friendly. Highly recommend!

Justen Callis

Awesome night with a old school vibe

chetique burns

Great family place

Daniel Watson

Learn from my mistake...DON'T LEAVE FOR ANY REASON. My fam and I got here and realized we should have gotten gas so we could get back home. So we drove out to get gas. When we came back we were forced to PAY A SECOND TIME and the lady claimed that we should have read the fine print on the back of the menu she handed us with our ticket and/or their website. They aren't as friendly as the reviews claim, and didn't want to be reasoned with. The groundstaff and canteen staff are pretty rude too. It's my fault for not reading all the rules and assuming this was like going to a movie theater, but this was a poor customer experience. This was our first time here and my family was so excited about the idea of going to a drive-in. Now we sort of regret it and will probably not come back. It's a shame. I really wanted to share my childhood experience of going to the drive-in with my kids, but the nostalgia was tainted by a money-grab tactic like what we experienced. The kids still had fun and the food is good and fairly priced and you can't beat 2 new release movies for 8.50, unless you have to pay twice. This is probably the only reason this isn't a 1 star review.

Christey Gibson

Fun economical night out option.

R Ewings

The popcorn is addictive, the price is unbeatable, and I CAN BRING MY DOGS! First-run movies on a constant rotation. I drive 45 minutes to get there and it's my favorite theater ever.

Anthony Souto

Great place to take the family or a date. Friendly people and great prices. The food is reasonably priced. The sound for the movie comes thru the radio in the car or any radio if you want to sit outside. Great fun place to go. Highly recommend going.

James Rich

Lovett good food

C Farris

Awesome experience! Bring a lawn chair, bug spray and a radio! For $6 you can bring your own snacks! Lots to choose from at the snack bar.

Rhonda Cuffee

The pros....great price for 2 movies....clean restrooms....great production of movies...the at snack bar not so great especially the pizza and the big jim....popcorn great

Candie Seratt

1st time taking the kids to a drive-in. Very nostalgic. This theatre is great. Clean grounds, clean bathrooms, great staff, and reasonably priced. We will make the hour drive again soon for this experience. Great job, Stardust!

Dilya Knight

I love this place. Very clean and very friendly!

Jason Peace

Best drive in I have ever been to. Food is delicious. Screens Are really nice for beimg outside.

Justin Bird

fun place for a great price!

Humam Constantine

This was my first drive-in theater experience and it was awesome. They had amazing qmd friendly staff, lots of food and snack choices. Great popcorn and the movie quality was very good. I would definitely recommend this drive-in amd we will for sure go back.

Victoria Butterfly

I absolutely love this place. They play the newest movies when they hit theaters. You pay the price for one movie at a normal theater but get two movies!!!!. I take my kids all the time and we don't even have to worry about the kids ruining other people movies due to us being in the car. It's a little bit of a drive but it is sooo worth it. I go at least 2-3 times a month. They have new line ups every Friday. They are open all week long during summer months. They go only to weekends when school starts back and runs till December. They close up until March when they open on weekends. If you are in Nashville or close to it you should take time and go see a movie and experience something that you can't other places.

Angela Rushing

Wonderful place. Two movies for less than the price of one.

Roger Woods II

They should stop showing "R" rated movies. They used not to when he 1st opened it. Other than that, it's nice!

Zack Bennett

Staff is very friendly, box office operates flawlessly, and their projection & audio looks and sounds fantastic. They keep the property clean and have no tolerance for guests who hinder the experiences of other guests. They resolve issues very quickly and are active on social media responding to complaints. I'm docking them one star for the speed at which their concession stands operate. They cook to order, but that slows the process WAY down and lines can get ridiculous during busy weekend nights. It's not uncommon to wait over 30 minutes at the concession stand. They do have an "express" concession trailer for common items like soda, popcorn, and candy, but the soda dispensers in the trailer are very slow and have been for a couple of years now with no improvement. However, the concession prices are very, very reasonable. Much better than the prices at traditional cinemas. Aside from the concession situation, this is a great place to spend a summer evening and not spend a lot of money.

shannon clemens

Amazing place! Took my 6 children here here and they loved it. Great prices so i loved it too. Big screens, nice sized parking spot, not over crowded, and they allow you to bring outside food for a small fee. This is the only drive in that …

mike foutch

Great place to spend time with family or date night as long as you dont leave for one minute ....... before any show starts then you have to pay again . Dont think this is far it pay double for on product

Jeanna Puckett

They're food is awesome!

Elizabeth Dunn

I Love this place! Good food selection.

James Samples

This is family owned. My wife and I have going here since we moved to Nashville in 2010. It is a family environment and I will say once you come here you're going to love it. The people are friendly, it's the kind of place you love going to. You will want to watch the movies here instead of sitting inside the theater.

Jacob Walker

Amazing! Great food selection and a great overall experience!

A. Rose Ray

Out in the middle of nowhere, nicely set up, and wide variety of concessions! A great little place to get a cheap double feature, especially with children!

Funmilayo Celestina Ekundayo

Best prices for the nostalgia of a drive-in movie experience. They play the national anthem at the beginning of the movies. So, be ready for that... patriotic feel. Good prices for theater food. They charge $6 for you to bring your own food. Old screens, but worth the journey. 4 stars, -1 for the weird forced patriotism.

Karen Weatherspoon

Family oriented, Organized, Clean and Well worth the Money and Time. Two movies for the price of one! Will definitely return.....

Richard Petty

Good out door movies & friendly

Joseph Tidwell

Great drive-in, super great value for tickets and food. Plus, it's open 7 nights a week during the summer. Great way to take friends and family to see the newest films

Melissa Hatfield

The kids enjoyed it and the food prices at concession are reasonably fair.

First Name Last Name

The best place for an old school drive-in experience. Great deal for a double-feature. Good selection and reasonably priced concessions.

Cameron Arnold

Very fun musical diner. The staff is extremely talented. The downside is how expensive the food is. It's pretty pricey, but I guess they have to pay the staff well to keep them there.

Courtney Crane

Great time was had by all

Nathan Lee

This was my first drive-in theater experience and it was awesome. They had amazing and friendly staff, lots of food and snack choices. Great popcorn and the movie quality was very good. I would definitely recommend this drive-in and we will for sure go back.

Pat Boyum

Great nice to get a blast from the past every once in awhile. Not to many left enjoy while they are still around.

MaryKaye Kelly

The concession food is excellent, cooked to order and reasonable. I'm not fond of the Drive-In setup they have. The clean extra stalls in the womens room well worth it!

Marissa Johnson

I just love a drive in. This place is out there but worth the trek. $6 food fee and bring as much food as you want. They get all the big movies. Took one start off because there is about 29 minutes of commercials before the previews even start.

Jonathan Murnion

Great place for fun. The drive in was clean and we'll kept the food prices where good, not to expensive. The sound quality was good given you have good radios and speakers. Get there a few hours early and you can enjoy the day time features like the small park a d picnic tables. More then enough room to through frisbees and football around. Will be coming here again.

Ray Maslak

Love this drive in and frequently visit with the family. Reasonable ticket prices and honestly great concession stand prices and food

Andrew Arrington

Home cooked meals,super customer service,great prices,great double features and much more. The greatest drivin I've ever been to. Wow

Michael Conner

Great place, amazing service, friendly staff.

Lauren Russell

cheaper than the movie theater and way more fun! the staff here is sweet. they have a fire pit and lots of tasty treats at the snack bar.

Charles Atkins

The fact that Screen Two faces the entry is a major issue. Late arrivals are admitted in after the start of the movie. This would not be an issue if the Owner would enforce that late arriving patrons put on parking lights as they enter instead of their high beams or regular headlights blinding you as you try too view the movie. There is also substantial light bleed from nearby businesses and street lights. Screen One does not suffer from this issue and I would recommend only using screen 1 for viewing enjoyment. Lastly the Owner should also have staff to put signs out if a row is filled. This way you don't have late arrivals coming down back and forth looking for a parking spot interrupting others as they try to find a parking spot. I find that to be too disruptive if you have arrived hours early only to have folks shinning lights and looking for parking arriving 10 to 20 minutes after a movie has started. Outside of that it can be a wonderful time and extremely affordable.

German Melendez

Love this drive in theater!

Jeremiah Eslick

Great place to see some movies, typical drive in, but they offer a triple feature for one price.

Jamie Whitefield

It's a shame that there isn't more drive ins like this one! This place is great! There is nothing like the drive in experience!

Melissa Fox

Great place lots of fun. Clean and friendly.

Damon Harris

Great place...always a great experience

James Stephanek

This was fun. Haven't been to one of these since the 80s. I'll definitely be going back.

Demi Gregory

Best Drive-in I have seen! Great pricing on food and movies, friendly and helpful staff!

Fred Matthews

Nice and very retro.

Brandy Erickson

This would have been amazing if not for the mosquitoes!! We had off and still got eaten alive! You would think they would spray the field where we park...

Jeanne Boner

Something different to do with the kids. They enjoy the experience. Always showing up to date movies. "More bang for your buck". The concessions are inexpensive and delicious.

Dan Castillo

Great place! Classic style Drive in! Our kids love the experience! Appreciate how they filter Trucks, SUVs, Mini Vans with lower sitting cars. Don't ever shut down!

Kelsey Christian

Can't beat the prices for a double feature. Delicious and affordable concessions. Also they have cars park in front and suvs in back so no one's view gets blocked. Ground is tilted up to angle you towards the screen. I like this one much much better than the one in Franklin, KY. If you live on the Nashville area and are looking for a drive in, choose Stardust over anyone else!

Matthew Quillen

Went with my family to watch The Lion King and Toy Story 4.Had a Blast!!!Food was great, parking spot was very convenient,and the overall drive in experience was nice as always.

logan l

Fun great movies to watch and great staff working there everybody is friendly

shirley seibert

I love the movie choices..and there will be a 3rd screen coming..i do enjoy going to the drive in...

Ash Leigh Majcen

Two shows for one price. So much fun. Concessions so much to choose from and so much cheaper than regular theaters. Movie choices always fresh.

Amanda Sutton

Classic drive-in experience just a drive from Nashville. Great prices in tickets and concessions (who doesn't want funnel cake during a movie?). And we love that Stardust always has recent releases too! So much better and cheaper than a normal theater.

Sara Schneider

Great family fun

Mr Mime

Very simple drive in theater but the food was great and the quality of the movies were really amazing for a projector

Adam Munoz

Haven't been to a drive-in in years and this was a great date night place. Friendly staff and nice facilities. Had good experience with the audio and the picture was big and clear. Also, had a nice patio area to eat before the movie. Will definitely make this a regular spot.


The food was awesome. Everything we ordered was so good. The popcorn wasn't the warmest but it was still decent. The best thing there is the funnel cake. One of the concession chicks acted racist but whatever, the experience was still great. It got dark really fast and I didn't think about pictures because I was too excited about the movie. It ended up raining and I brought the worst choice of a car so we left. We plan to come back during the summer in a truck, most definitely.

Loren Miller

Love this place

Eric Betz

Great place to watch movies under the stars!

Deborah Cosby

Very nice place to enjoy a movie & the food is good.

Amber Lloyd

Super amazing! Bring lawn chairs and get there early!

Shontell Wells

I went to see the drive in movie for the first time Friday and had such a good time I decided to go again Saturday. I went to the express concessions stand to order snow cones and cotton candy,the young teenager (Wesley)working threw my …


This is such a lovely experience! it's only it's only $8.50 for an adult for two movies. Make sure you bring some stuff for comfy seating, and some blankets or hoodies because it will get cold when it gets dark. They also have some killer popcorn and hot cocoa. I took a bunch of friends and it was awesome. It's a Summer Classic, everyone should get out and go while they're still open

Heidi Netherton

Best Place to enjoy a Good ol drive in! Great people and family friendly! But get there Early on weekends if you want a good spot! 2 movies for less than the price of one... can you beat that? Nope!

Summer Scott

Jeff Will

Recommend movies under the stars. Admission for 2 movies are at a great price. My wife and I enjoy dinner and a movie here during the season they are open.

Tanesha Sherrill

I usually visit this place throughout the summer for the double features. It's much more budget friendly than going to a walk in theatre based on ticked prices and the concessions stand. Highly recommend

Marci Outley

It a fun thing to do on the weekend and it's perfect for the whole family!!

David Bogema

This is a great drive in with two screens showing to movies each. The admission price is very reasonable and the food and drinks are tasty and much cheaper than at a traditional movie theater. Summer showings tend to fill up so get there early and have dinner.

Jasmine Amos

First time at a drive in theater and loved it. Wish Nashville had one

Myranda Noblitt

It's an awesome place, so much less expensive than a regular theater and more comfortable! Only thing is movies start late (1st movie was 8:45pm, second right after that at 11pm) because it needs to be dark so it was a little hard for our young children to be up so late but otherwise such a cool experience! Will definitely be going again!

Jorge Morales

Went there and the radio was not working for me it worked last time.I went and got a radio but everytime my car was on it didnt work and made the surrounding vehicles not work either.Keep in mind that it is raining and thunder storming out here.So i go up and ask for a refund since ive tries everything and the manager gonna say its my problem and they wont give me a refund,but it clearly wotked for screen 2.So i wasted my money and time.Defiently wont be coming back here never ever eva again!!!!

Blake Baldassari

What an awesome place. They really do a good job with the radio and concessions. You can pay 6 bucks to bring your own food tho. It's so fun! Definitely a classic date night

April York

Me and my family loves the Stardust!!

Tony Vastano

Nice drive-in. Not that expensive and it's a good way to watch movies.

Darby Faccinto

Always a super fun and engaging experience

Peyton Buie

This place is AWESOME!!! The family oriented atmosphere was amazing and the bathroom was very well lit and clean! Havent watched the movie yet but i already love this place!

Julia Keppel

Date night with my husband!

Derek K

This is the best. Great atmosphere for adults and children perfect snacks perfect drinks although do wish they would pave the driveways to the spots. but they keep it well maintained

Gary Ashmore

Took the grandkids. Had a great time. I am 70 and grew up with drivein movies. What s fun time. We plan to go again and again.


I wish I could rate this higher than 5 stars! This was the 1st drive in I've been to in literally 35 years & we had an absolutely great time as a family. You won't find any price gouging here. Everything from the ticket prices to the concessions were unbelievably reasonable. It's an hours drive for us, but will definitely be going back when we have the chance.


I'm going to be honest, this place isnt perfect but it has a hell of a lot better prices than any movie theater I've been to. I read all of the low star reviews, those people are ridiculous. The rules about food are clearly listed on the website (as well as movie times and faqs about why they charge for things the way they do). If you cant act right, then dont go. I would give 4 stars but I wanted to make up for those who rated low because they think they can do what they want.

Victoria V. Juarez

Great place! We go every other weekend, you can bring in your own food for a small fee. Food is yummy and fair priced. Only complaint is the pizza taste like card board.

Ashley Nicole

Our favorite place for family fun night. Amazing movies and super friendly staff. We love it there! Never change!

Mitchell Hendershot

I really enjoy the setup but the other customers make it hard to love it. Jerks like to park mini van with tailgate to the screen and refuse to put down enough for us stuck behind them to see the full screen. They all sat outside the van in …

C.L. Thomas

Love this drive in! Very good prices on the double features and concessions also.


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