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REVIEWS OF Shady Brook Cinemas IN Tennessee

Alonzo Chambers

I love this place, reminds me of a more classic feel when going to see a movie!

Dank Jalapeñobusiness

Ah, the Shady Shack Has never been a good theater but it's a local thing. It's super cheap and if you're more interested in the film rather than the environment, then you're in for a bargain. 4 stars.


This theater is disgusting. The whole building smells like garbage, the bathrooms look as if they have not been cleaned in ages, and the floors and walls look dingy. Not only that, the popcorn tastes stale and has made me sick in the past.

Ty Banks

Timely service and great seating, good sound and better deals on movies.

Craig Dean

Very comfortable.

Mark Johnson

Never too busy, best popcorn in the area imo.

Ashley Wallace

It's a great theater. I'm partial to this one because I grew up here. It just has that home feel.

Lawrence Hyden

Watched 1st purge great movie and now they serve cold beer wow!

Olivia Walker

A very nostalgic filled experience at this theater. The staff is beyond amazing and courteous, something you may not necessarily get at a bigger chain. The popcorn was the best I've had anywhere compared to the bland popcorn at other theaters. They are family friendly and are doing something right. I hope this theater stays around for years to come.

Alex Troge

A great cinema experience right here in Columbia! While it can be very easy for movie theaters in smaller locals to skimp on the experience and quality of their theater, Shady Brook doesn't! With a nice looking and clean lobby and theaters, with friendly helpful staff to boot this really is a great theater.

David Marquez

Great place to go to the movies,this might not be an Imax, Rpx super Fancy theater but you wont regret it ! Now they have beer or coffee for 3 bucks !

Wes Sanders

Great professional and friendly staff makes you feel welcome. Prices are far lower than the bigger chain theaters, which is great for large family's wanting a night out together. By far the best popcorn around!

don cernuto

Great service , kind staff always there to help you.

Tracie Helton

Love it! They still have a matinee!

Trina Baker

The movie and service was exceptional. Loved it!

Justin Bobilin

Came here for my 4 years old first movie. Legos2. Ordered the hot dog. It was cold. I went back to exchange it and was givin a hard time. Finally they exchanged it and the one they gave me in exchange was ice cold too. I will not be going back we will go to spring hill. I would not recommend this place at all.

Tiffany Erdman

Enjoyed the second incredibles movie and the concessions. Everything was great

steven yankowski

Went to see Joker,,dark

tony mcnabb

Short on staff but they tried

Jason Tucker

Employees are nice. The deals are reasonable. Place could use some updating on outside signage.

Theresa Medina

Nice theaters and good selection

Cherie Johnston

A nice small town cinema

Aubrey Cavitt

Love that their old rugs are now wall art.

David Adams

Had a great time here. An older theater but the staff was great, good ticket prices and they even had a table with free movie posters.

Nancy Gann

Awesome theatre with more than just movies

Corey Johnston

Took my wife wife to see scary movie. She really enjoyed! Everything was great! It was very clean..nothing to complain about, just pure fun!

Tim Harris

Was great place friendly staff

E.W. Warner

Last time we venture out to Shady Brook Cinema. We were there tonight trying to watch the latest Will Ferrell movie and was distracted to many times by inconsiderate people playing and or snap chatting on their phones. Got fed up half way through the movie and reported it to the young lady who was manager. She followed me back in and stayed for about five minutes. I’m sure the miscreints watched her come in with me because they didn’t start playing with their phones again until she left. It happens every time there. So we’ll never be back. To many other choices out their.

Elaine Potter

Shady Brook Cinemas was comfortable. Movie was great. Sound was a little loud but manageable. Nice clean bathrooms and plenty of parking spaces.

amanda Henderson

Great place

Robert Brossia

we had an issue at the theater but contacted the director and she did straighten out over all pleased with the outcome

Neeshui angel

It's small not up to date but pretty cheap prices make it worth going.

Dwayne Hickman

Clean environment..comfortable seating..and the security

Sonya Vasile

Great place to watch movies with childhood memories

Jessica Seale

Love that they can show movies longer than most places because they have so many theatres.

Bryan Pierce

Terrible theater, operated by a terrible person nothing like enjoys movie with cockroaches crawling on you then when you walk out of movie to bring it to there attention flat out called a liar with roaches in my hand never again will I return

Lacey Howard

We have been to several movies here. The regular prices and shows are affordable and up to date. The free summer program is wonderful, allowing kids in free for late morning movies. They serve pop corn, nachos, hamburgers, soda, and candy.

Josh Belcher

My favorite place to watch a movie. I just need a decent lady to fill the seat next to me. Employees are always curtious and attentive

Lindsay Cross

I like the prices of this theater . Only complaint is the volume was a little low

Jarrett Mercer

A great small theater, I'm giving it 3 stars becasue of the seats. Time to update those old rusty seats!!

Keith Williams

Good place to watch movies

Brandon Saltzmann

Best theater around. i hope they never tear this place down. i watched my first movie at this theater. its got an old time vibe and reminds me of the theaters in the 90's movies. the seats aren't too comfy but hey you cant really complain when the movies are 6 dollars a pop :D

Terri Slown

I love our little theater!!! The prices are fair, the people are friendly, and the popcorn is the best around!

Alex Davila

I was all set to be unimpressed by this theater & thought it would be similar to "dollar show" theaters back in my home state, but was surprised to find they had all the amenities of the bigger cinemas & the staff kept everything clean. Seats are comfy & they even have an IMAX screen. Only downside is that the single set of restrooms is on one side of the theatre, so if you're movie is playing on the opposite side, you've got a bit of a trek.

Tammy Bigbie

Very nice and clean

Kidd Fam

Enjoyable movie going experience. Theater could do with an update for interior seating and such.

Leona Hubrich

I just love this place!!! I take my grandson here.

Brittney Lawless

Really nice town theater, be prepared for long lines though.


Great place for kids. Now sells beers as well

Bonnie Blackburn

Carried my grandson to see Hotel Transylvania 3 and had awesome experience.

jeff mcglinchey

Old seating desperately in need of upgrading

Albert Pryor

Older theater, but we'll maintained, very clean, not hustled in and out due to crowds. Really loved it. VERY spacious seating.

Kira Garland

So cute ! & They have Shady Brook blankets you can buy that are conveniently rolled up, Velcro to hold with a handle!!

Annette Brewer Lamay

I haven't been to the movies since the "Miller's " came out. So me and my husband decided to go see Jurasic Park today. Bought our tickets in advance was excited because it was in 3D. It was so hot in there we had to leave half way they. My husband lays asphalt for a living and when we left his white T shirt was see thru. From what I can remember movies are usually cold. I brought my Lil lap blanket and a jacket. Surly didnt need it. Just really disappointed 16$ on tickets, 2 popcorn, 2boxes of candy and was too hot to enjoy it.

Ed Valenzuela

Always clean, nice employees and great movies.

Stephanie Tywater

This theater is great for the budget but could really use some updating in the theaters as well as the snack area. Candy selection is pretty limited. It definitely feels dated throughout the entire theater. Hopefully it will get a needed update soon.

Peyton Wray

Great prices! Decent service! And clean theaters!

Chris Alonso

We had a great visit and was very comfortable with the seating

darrell jacobs

Very dated and unfortunately not clean or kept up. The theater we were in smelled a bit musty. Would be better off to go the AMC theaters up and the road.

jesse king

Pretty clean and nice ...

Robb Winder

I was very disappointed in that the handicap bathroom was broken. Had to walk up one hallway and down another to ist the bathroom Fought with only one leg There was no hand rail going into the theater was afraid I'd fall. The seats were to low for me to get out off. All in all I did not like my visit. Oh the popcorn was old Will no go back again.

Mystery Theater

Kind of a weird building. The AC was not working on the day I went. The theater is a bit rundown in general. The people working there seem tired. Not a great movie going experience.

Kim Ruegsegger

This was our first time here and I like that the door to theater was hidden where you're not making a scene to go out to the restroom. Now we were very disappointed with the popcorn as it tasted stale as if it was popped day before reheated and butter added. Otherwise nice experience with our granddaughter.

Alvera Anderson

Good pop corn

Tyler Marshall

Have no problems with them at all. I'm always late but Everytime I show and get in line, they are quick and never miss the previews

Charles Martin

Movie was good and the employees were friendly.

Shell Mulloy

I really like this movie theater!

Tammy Woods

I enjoyed my movie

A. Cannon

Please plan accordingly if you plan to come to this place on a Saturday night. We waited in the concession line for 30 minutes before finally giving up and leaving. This is the 2nd time, this has happened. Here's a suggestion, Shady Brook, why not have extra people behind the counter preparing snacks while others are just taking ticket sales? I never have this issue at the Spring Hill theatre.

Mae McCord

Love this place. I have been going to my.little home grown theatre since I was a kid myself, and now I get to watch my little sisters grow up in the se theatre too !

Mary Meglis

Took granddaughter to DumboGreat show,

Lea Bell

MIB was good movie. Popcorn not as good but was still a good evening.

Shell J

Staff could be a little nicer. And not the cleanest theater I've seen. But overall it's a fine place to go to the movies.

Dale Walker

Nice clean business, good service

Hannah Singleton

Great prices small and dated theatre but very reasonable but you know what isn’t reasonable the attitude of the young lady behind the concession counter. Not sure what her name was but she was bigger, dark,long hair and glasses she didn’t smile and was rude seemed angry for no reason. when I paid for my popcorn she slammed my receipt on the counter and seemed irritated that I was even there the two young men who handed me the tickets were nice but as for the young lady if you expect customers to continue to come to your business you should probably make sure your employees aren’t rude and have a better attitude towards customers.

Mike Heroux

You can't beat their prices. Service is always very friendly and they do a great job of keeping the place clean

First name Last Name

This is an old theater.. they need to either lower their prices or do a lot of updating. The guy that took the ticket stub was friendly, but the girl we purchased the tickets from was rude.. this should really be a $3 theater. They are apparently lazy,.. cause lately they don't even update the movies that are being played on their showtime board. Now it just says for showtimes check the website or something to that extent.

Holly B

It's a good low cost option versus driving to Spring Hill. The people are friendly & but I've gone to see movies and was hit by a terrible musty smell when I went in to sit down and watch the movie. I thought it might be an anomaly and was just in that screening room but I've noticed it with other rooms as well. I've gone to 4 movies in the last 2 months & 3 out of 4 had the musty smell. It seems like it's probably mold/mildew so I would not recommend going if someone is very sensitive to mold.

Jenifer Riggins

Seats are comfortable, is extremely loud, attendants are friendly. Where were at today smelled really bad of urine. Popcorn was stale.

Keith Wright

Great price friendly people!

Jeannine Strahan

Great local theater for our small town!

Brandy Thompson

Only decent store in this mall is Bath & Body works

Angela Price

Watched Skyscraper but asked if special effects were on because it was so hot....

David Epley

Great family entertainment.

Janice Tatum

Love this little theatre. Great staff and the prices always leave enough for the munchkins to get plenty of munchies. (Six Kids!) Price is always about half of the "other" place. Thank you!

Maddie Rose

This place is perfect for everyone who wants to enjoy a movie with friends and family. Everyone is super friendly and the popcorn is the best I’ve ever had. 5/5 would recommend.

Matt Tibbs

We've been going to this theater for over 30 years. It's always great to come back every now and again to see how much things have changed. We watched Ant-Man and Wasp today, the employees were all very kind and helpful.

Timothy Blake

The cinema was well organized and on time. Lines in the lobby moved quickly. Theaters themselves were clean and comfortable, and the sound was excellent. Price was inexpensive at only $6 per adult when we went on a Saturday afternoon. We would definitely return to see more movies at Shady Brook Cinemas.

Paul Joiner

We love Shady Brook. They keep trying to improve the customer experience and they care about their customers.

Matthew Lindvall

Cheap tickets good sized theater lots of showings.

Serenity Gryzik

I liked it but for me the seats were uncomfortable

Lori Williams

Friendly service. Affordable prices

Tanya Hendrix

Great movie place

Dorothy Parrish

People were curtious and helpful. Not alot of interaction, buy ticket and go sit down.

Shelly Henderson

Awesome staff, very helpful with me (disabled) and my Service Dog.

Alexanderia Dodson

We went and seen a movie by ourselves. The whole place was full inside but the one movie we had seen about a dog's life dedicated to one human girl and her family. Was awesome!!

Bobby Ryan

I went there to watch a movie with my family Saturday night. Concessions girl was very rude. Seemed uninterested by what I had to say, but after I got my concessions and tickets people at back in front of tv were nice and professional.

Fredrick Mcdowell

The service was fine, but it was colder in the theater than it was outside. So if you go when it's cold, remember to bring a blanket.

Sharon Crafton

Watched US tonight for my birthday! Yay!

Linda Everage

Enjoyed the movies we've seen there. People are really nice.


I have gone here for years. It slowly has been getting worse and having worse service but it still is the best theater in the area and it's quaint size is a big boost

Margaret Roberts

Employees are friendly, food is very expensive though, other than that, theater was clean, and movie showed perfectly

David Anderson

Stadium seating with comfortable seats. Awesome sej

Virginia King-horn

Decent theatre. Everything is comparably priced. Only complaint it has a musty odor in the actual theatre.

Michael Hood

Only 6 people were watching the movie we were watching and the screen was just a little bigger than my TV. Definitely should lower their prices to $5.46. Ohh yeah and the popcorn is old as hell and was soft and chewy.

Emme Rotier

Love it great selection lots of parking good people!

Nicole Goldstein

This place smells like urine

Mark Stooksbury

For an older theater, it's usually pretty clean. They have a good snack bar and the sound and picture are very good.

Jessi Neely

Great hometown theater

Timothy Trudeau

This place is inexpensive. It has movies and it has the snacks and candy you'd expect. It's not the cleanest or nicest place, but if your looking for the best deal, this is for sure it.

Scott Gandee

Decent enough theatre. However, their popcorn is often old and kind of stale. But their ticket tend to be a little cheaper than AMC.

Jaksunator 88

It's good if you want to see a movie cheap. Otherwise the theaters are kind of small and the customer service was not that great.

Christy Robison

We use to go to the movies here all the time when we were kids. It needs a deep cleaning but it brought back great memories!

Ashley Montgomery

The staff at the concessions are not friendly and completely stone faced. Prices are expensive and unclear. It’s just a mess. I love to support local but they have to do better.

Frances Adams

The threatre was clean. The movie started on time. The popcorn was good. The movie was good.

Mary Crutcher

Went to see New Halloween movie. Movie was great! Great place. Great vibes!

Ra Blake

Aquaman, great movie! Did not turn me straight as friends promised but did not take a star for that

Susan Barnett

Very nice and comfortable. Don't think they should serve liquor though.

Anthony Enriquez

Watched Aladdin. It was really good.

diamond gamer

It was a really good place to watch a movie

Donna Benderman

That have free movies ever week for kids popcorn and drinks for $2.00 it's nice for the kids took my grandson

Willoughby Adventures

Prices reasonable. Great place to take the kids

matt foutch

Place is a 80s throw back. On the other hand it's a fantastic place to take the family. Really friendly place. Great atmosphere.

David McCauslin

A nice clean theater. That said, a bit on the expensive side. Two for a Sunday matinee, two drinks and popcorn was $29.

Danielle Barnhill

Always a good time. Usually a little chilly so i suggest to bring a jacket or a blanket. Little pricey, but what movie place isnt these days. They usually run a deal on popcorn and drink, which is awesome.

Adrian Breedlove

This is a great value movie theater! We saw the newest Spiderman movie, which has been out a while and was in one of the small theaters. The small theater was cozy and comfortable with great seats and views. The price of the movie was good and the concessions prices were reasonable. Thanks for a great experience!

Mark Gosnell

Clean, plenty of parking, great staff. Popcorn is freah!

Ryan Reynolds

Loved it! Great employees, good prices an comfortable seats to enjoy epic films!

robert howell

Lots of fun. Snack prices and ticket prices are both very reasonable. My so and I have been a few times and had a blast.

Mathew & Johnna Varni

Very nice

Tim Blake

Fast and efficient staff was very helpful and prices are quite reasonable at $6 per person for a Saturday afternoon movie. Each cinema room was appropriate in size, the movie was of proper volume and quality, and on time. Restrooms were clean and well stocked. We would return the next time we are in Columbia Tennessee.

Rosebud Cosplay

obviously an old theater. but the screen rooms are nice, comfortable chairs. friendly staff. has a small arcade, my date won me a prize from the claw machine.

1000 subscribers eith no videos? Challenge

Polite employees, and really good popcorn.

Kenda Perry

One of the most funniest AND Enjoyable GIRLS nite. Taraji P. Henson movie is the best

Divine Favor

Ok spot for a peaceful day away

Tiffany Lestet

Love the movies! we go weekly! I would love to see some kind of deals when you go so much!

Karen Odom

The theater is dated but we have always had great customer service. We love going to this theater.


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