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REVIEWS OF Regal Downtown West Cinema IN Tennessee

Kristen Quinton

In my opinion watching a movie here is a big waste of money. The theater is out dated, and they don’t give you free refills on drinks under a large. I spent $5.99 on a medium drink, and was surprised to find out that they wouldn’t refill my drink. Save time and spend your $40 movie night budget at a theater with refills lol.

Sarah Schubert

Great theater to watch not so common movies. Also convenient to where i live in the area. Just saw the movie welcome to marwen.

Elise M

Great theater!! Thanks for wonderful popcorn and allowing me to get butter throughout!! Good selection of movies, nice staff, clean theater.

Marilyn Smith Neilans

Downtown West often has what I call b list films. Really good but not usually available at the big theaters. My favorite place for movies.

Tonya Jelf

We go to church at this theater on Sundays. Nice staff. Love the types of movies they show.

Hal Flynt

This theater features a lot of not quite mainstream films that you won't find elsewhere.

Scott Taylor

Nice theatre. Comfy seating and great popcorn :) only 4 stars because I think $12.38 a ticket is a little extreme BUT I Would go back

Ken Sparks

This theater may have some age on it but they've managed to stay relevant by showing some movies that are not always distributed to other Regal theaters. For instance, just saw the Bio on Linda Ronstadt, "The Sound of My Voice" (Fascinating!) which was only showing there in Knox. Add the fact that they now sell beer...what's not to like?

Keith Kocher

A nice, small theater. Good service. Well maintaned. Great sound and video quality. I'll be back.

Marilyn Martin

We always enjoy going to the movies there. It's clean and the people who work there are friendly. They offer different movies and get some real jewels that you don't see elsewhere.

ann lawson

Small bag of popcorn 6.79! Yikes!

William MacLaren

So glad this theater is in Knoxville - it shows smaller release films, indie films, documentaries, etc. It’s awesome.

carrie collett

My favorite theater. Not showing the typical blockbusters. Extra clean and comfortable.

Harvey Abouelata

Films are always great but the service is consistently slow. Super slow. You give up kind of slow.

BJ Clausing

It was easy access (I am disabled). Plenty of handicap parking. Seats were very comfortable and the staff was very helpful.

Nancy Mlekodaj

Nice place, comfortable seating. A place to see some really good "off beat" movies.

Alexandra Phillips

This theater is an asset to Knoxville. I've lived in much bigger cities that didn't have an 8 screen theater dedicated to independent film. While the theater itself is older than other regal locations, they do have a lot of the same amenities including Starbucks coffee and tea. I found the staff to be faster and more friendly than pretty much any theater I've been to. It was a very nice surprise! We are usually the ones holding up the line while our cashier prepares our hot tea. But this place is a well oiled machine! Walking into our auditorium I immediately noticed how clean the theater was. While it is an older theater and they don't have stadium seating, the seats were very comfortable! After reading someone else's review, we made sure to select seats that didn't have seats directly in front of us. The theater filled up fast but everyone was polite and adhered to the noise/cellphone policy (worth noting since this is still a rarity). The audio and picture for our film was great (The Shape of Water). My only complaint would be the super small bathrooms. Lines were out the door.

Jennifer Jones

This is actually my favorite theater in Knoxville. Part of the reason is that I love the atmosphere of downtown Knoxville, but aside from that, this theater is always clean, never too crowded (even on major release dates), and it has a good vibe. They've just installed a bar in the lobby of the theater. I haven't tried it, but I would except for the fact I don't like to drink before watching movies. This is a top-choice theater for enjoying a movie in Knoxville.


Terrible, we got up an left ,since I have spoken To others who did like wise. Could'nt Believe two great Actors & Director Could stoop that low..

Riley Bronaugh

Great movie theater! Pretty quiet. Not overly crowded. Plays more of the indie movies.

Cheryl Roach

Nice theater. Clean and comfortable enjoyed the movie to.

Ryan Privette

So I visited this location on Friday afternoon to see "sorry to bother you" at 1:00 p.m. me and 6 other people were in the theater, which I sat behind all of them. Towards the end of the movie I responded to a text from a friend at that time I was told by a employee there to "please get off my phone". I almost laughed at her as I thought how absurd it was to tell someone at the back of the theater with 6 other patrons in there to get off their phone. She told me again to get off my phone because it was their "policy and it was rude". I ignored her and she asked if she should go get a manager and i said yes go ahead. A manager did not come back in but after the movie I wanted to find out for myself where this policy was stated. The manager was very polite and showed me a poster that had 3 remarks on it about texting in movies. To be clear this is not a policy of Regal. If you want to make a policy put it on the door as you are entering the theater stating that it is a policy and that you can be removed for being on your phone. That would be clear to people. It's like going into a restaurant where no smoking signs are everywhere and still lighting up a cigarette. I did tell the manager that I will comply if I come back that theater and I will because I now know it's a policy verbally, but I do think if they want to implement a policy it should be a written policy not a poster on the side of the entryway. I love is theater and I will probably be back but how it was handled over all I would have done it differently.

Michael Herndon

Second year at the Best Picture Film Festival...even better than last year! This theater is the perfect location and has a different selection of food and beverages (alcoholic included) than other locales...and all with a crowd interested in screaming youth.

bhavinakumari patel

I have been watched movies so many times there , every time something n something wrong!! Normally I m not the person who complain over little thing , but now I guess this place need to be improve!! As I said I have watched movies many time this at place every time I go there THEY CHARGE DIFFERENT PRICES TO ME N PROBABLY MANY MORE PEOPLE !!!! WHYYYY ?? When I asked the guy he replied to me “ ohh it’s the night show cost 5$ extra then the day shows , if you cone early n get tickets it’s cheaper””

bill hamby

Old school theater. No stadium seating or reserved seating. Seats were very comfortable though. Very nice staff and concessions. They usually show smaller release or foreign films here.

Andrea Breeding

Unique movie venue custom made for the film enthusiast. This is where you find the latest independent films and other not so mainstream films. It's the only movie theater of its kind in the area. Enjoy!

Mike Benjamin

Great theatre for those arty and foreign films that a select audience wants. Just saw "Won't you be my neighbor?". All Regal perks are honored here, though I noticed the senior tickets are a little higher than the regular Regal theatres.

Christopher Packard

Small but always a good time. Theaters are just the right size! Used the Atom app to purchase my ticket and it was a breeze to go on in.

Suzy Trotta

Fabulous, as usual.

Stephen Wilke

If you are looking for a movie and it isn't playing at any theater in Knoxville, make sure you look up this one, because it will almost always be playing here. I love how quiet, uncrowded, and clean this place is. It's my preferred theater in Knoxville.

Abigail Proffitt

Great concession options, and they show movies that aren’t anywhere else in Knoxville- or any theaters for miles. The bathrooms here are always clean. Four stars because the seats could be more comfortable, they don’t recline and the armrests don’t come up.

Adam Sethling

Nice staff, clean, shows good movies.

andrea beason

FAVORITE movie theater I visit! the concessions lady that works through the week is extREMELY friendly and gracious. the theater is always clean and offers a well controlled temperature no matter the season. A+ in my book!

Steven Mackey

Shows more independent films than the pinnacle but has really nice auditoriums. There isn't any stadium seating so if you're short you will want to sit closer. No kiosks, but all other Regal benefits apply.

Johnson Atchley

LOVE Downtown West Theater for their GREAT selection of films shown nowhere else in the Greater Knoxville area ... Visit at least twice a month!

MJ Aiken

Easy access in spite of a disability. The gentleman who sold the tickets was professional and focused on his task. A small coke was a bubba-sized coke...meant for a HUGE person. an overdo. Amt n size Waste of resouces, time and money for many. . Small popcorn, great size but dry, cold, and old.

Scott Caughorn

This is, by far, the worst Regal Cinemas in Knoxville, Tennessee. Not only is this theater in need of renovation, but the Men's Room had fecal matter bubbling through the drain in the floor. The only good experience was the lady and gentleman working the concession stand. They were both extremely nice and offered immaculate customer service.

Carlos Jimenez

Nice clean and not too busy so one can enjoy watching a movie without all the traffic of persons in and out.alot of room in between the so one can actually stretch your legs or cross the without hitting the seat in front of you

Greg Moates

Over priced. $28 for a matinee for two plus a small bag of popcorn. If regal would adopt a fair price policy on snack bar items, they would grab all the business from other movie chains.

Nicholas Rey

I LOVE THIS PLACE! They are so gracious in letting The Point worship here. Also, really comfortable chairs and a great place to praise God and also aside from that see a movie.

Gabe James

Really nice just the employees need to be more cordial

Stephanie Jordan

Great place, comfortable seats

Michael B

I love that this theater shows movies that you can't see anywhere else. I would give it 5 stars but there seems to always be a line for tickets and a line for concessions so you better plan on getting there early or you might miss the start of your show

Diane Hicks

This theater shows the better movies that the other chains do not. Large theater, nice people, good snacks, even beer for purchase. We attend often to see the more artistic movies.

Dan Renegade

Nice theater

Ken McKinney

Nice place to take in a movie. They also host film festivals here and that was a lot of fun.

Sarah Sennett

Wonderful and 1/2 price popcorn with a refill.

Noah Birge

9.81 for an adult matinee ticket. Seems a little high. Theater smelled stale

Samuel Gronseth

This is a smaller theater for showing relatively niche films, from indie films to foreign films to critically-acclaimed movies that have run their course in larger theaters. It's not the biggest or most luxurious--the screens are relatively small and the auditorium seating is pretty flat--but it offers a selection of interesting movies (and trailers) you won't find playing in other theaters, making it an excellent place to discover new movies you may not have heard of otherwise, and that makes it one of my favorite places in Knoxville.

Frederic Harris

This theater shows movies that don't play in most theaters. Indie stuff. Very worth it to drive to.

Mitchell Greene

The artsy films. This is the place in Knoxville to get 'em!

Amylane Duncan

They show so many foreign and independent films, unlike other theaters in Knoxville. I've been going here for twenty years. Absolutely love it!

Jackson Landis

I am an avid movie viewer and with my recent purchase of MoviePass I go see more movies than ever. I say that because I’ve been to many theaters, and this theater stands out above all others. The staff is incredibly helpful and enjoyable to talk to and ask for recommendations on movies. They have, available for purchase, good draft beer and wine. The theater is always very clean with screens and sound that work well. Last, the abundant variety of movies that are shown here is so refreshing. Instead of just showing the explosive/action driven summer blockbusters, this theater also shows many incredible indie films. 10/10 would recommend!

Pamela Lewis

My favorite theater. The location is great for me and the proximity to so many other things to do. Great employees too.

Lydia Wilkins

I love that they play movies that no other theaters in town play. With Movie pass, we end up going there a lot for refreshing content. I do wish the seating was more of a stadium style, but this is a little gem

Ian Kizer

This is a beautiful theater staffed by, at one point, almost entirely wonderful humans. Mark, the GM, (or former, I love you Mark) poured into this art house theater with his desire for brilliance in film (he also seemed to like explosions, when relevant). Jody worked to converse with every customer, to give them a wonderful theater experience which overflowed towards his coworkers. Trey was a pioneer (with help from two wonderful floor staff "*BADbois"xd*) of a key Sunday special. Based on some below reviews, I would like to clarify that this is allegedly a "cinema art" theatre. They don't neccessarily play 3 different versions of Shazam with slightly different cast, crew, and script (this is an answer to the gentleman below, they don't show blockbusters because that is not the function of this theater...not all italian restaurants serve pizza). g'night loves.

K Bob

A small, quaint, and wonderful theater located right off of Kingston Pike. Always showing the latest indie and award winning movies in small viewing rooms. With beer on tap and wine in the cooler this is a great place to see a film!

Katie Bloomfield

Very laid back compared to Cinebarr and downtown. They have their own parking lot too so if you are running late you can make it in quickly.

Chris Beecham

This is an old place. It was a great surprise to see how well it is kept. It doesn't have the bells and whistles that the Turkey Creek store offers, but it wasn't crowded. Parking was very close. This is a great alternative to the newer theater. I will definitely be here again. It is comfortable and non assuming.

Charlie Brown

Antiquated accommodations and mediocre customer service. Wide variety of film choices.

Haley J

Really enjoyed our experience. We went on a Sunday afternoon, just a handful of people in our theater. Prices are good, and many refreshment options.

Ori Destroy

It was great as usual. It's usually pretty empty there, so it's quiet during your movie.

J Culp

Understaffed today. Was wild. Kept me from spending more money which is good for me.

Annettee Marshall

Love watching movies hete.

Juliette Kesterson

This theater is a hidden gem in Knoxville. Easy location to get to and comfortable space. I attended this theater for a special showing of a wildlife rescue documentary. It included a Q&A session. Concessions were conveniently at the front.

Shannon Hale

Older art house theater which features limited run movies and special events.

Learnie Sanders

Best movie theater in knoxville by far! It's small & quaint, and it serves beer, which is always a plus. Most importantly, it's the only theater in town that plays more artsy, experimental, and (some) foreign films - this is while all the other theaters in town host the exact same commercial (expected) blockbusters.

Louis Arpino

A gem, but we hate that we are now forced to stand on the concessions line to buy tickets.

David Radford

This is a great theater, with a wonderful range of movies. They show many movies that we love, ones that are not shown at other theaters in the area.

Jennifer Bain

Comfortable. Clean. Friendly staff. Great choice of movies. The only thing I would change is the prices of food and beverages. It's ridiculous. $7.00 - $10.00 for a beer. $9.00 - $10.00 for a 5oz pour of wine.

Adam Nelson

Seating is poor compared to modern theatures. Seats reclined too far and person in front of you can get in the way. Tiny screens don't help. But i like they play a variety of movies.

joseph fordham

Rocking chair seats were very comfortable.

Jasen Parker

Nice movie theater,good selections.nice comfortable seats

Jessica Skipper

I like the movie choices they have here. Saw Apollo 11. They have the usual concessions.

Lisa Dohmen

If they could just remember to give your receipt at the concession stand with out asking for it.

Mary Olivier

Great place, good popcorn.

Patty Ford

Great movies (saw The Shape of Water), very nice staff, comfortable seats. Only tiny problem was that we arrived a couple of minutes late and could not see at all, it was so pitch black in the theatre. Some row lights would be nice....but again, our fault for being late. Love the movies shown there!

Larry Williams

My fiance and I were thinking about coming to this theater to see Shazam last Monday, only to find out that they aren't playing it...or any other blockbuster films either. All of these movies that they are playing are ones I haven't even heard of. No Captain Marvel either. I don't understand why this Regal Cinema Theater doesn't play New Releases that other theaters do. Can somebody answer that for me please? We ended up going to the Cinebarre in West Town Mall instead.

ShyamPrasad V Atri

Good place to watch Indian regional movies in East Tennessee. It would be better if you get Kannada movies also.

Jean Sances

Ticket prices gone up, food ridiculous prices.

Brad Hebert

My favorite thing about this theater is the content. Many of my favorite films only get a limited release, and this is likely to be the closest theater around to screen them. The seats are comfy. The screens aren't perfect - Theater 1 has had a significant blemish for a while now. But usually the films are presented well. (I've experienced worse technical issues at 'nicer', newer theaters.) They have a decent beer selection (not cheap). Highly recommended.

Felice Connor

Old theater, few concession choices, smells musty, and poorly lit. The latter is a big problem given the older population it seems to cater to. We got inside theater a half hour prior to show and it was so dark that I needed to use my phone's flashlight to see.

Cresta Christensen

Cozy small theater but it was CLEAN and the staff was friendly.

Rex Zens

they play not so common movies which is cool, but the tickets are pretty pricey... it was 10$ for a early afternoon movie ticket and like 13$ for prime time

Ethan McCloud

Best movie selection in Knoxville

Christa Salyers

Downtown West is a great place to see a movie... great movie choices and theaters are never crowded.

Taylor Albertson

A quaint art house theatre with a great vibe. There's no stadium seating but sloped floors and you can still see the screen quite well.

Baylor Nicole Love

Nice art house theater


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