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1810 Tiny Town Rd, Clarksville, TN 37042

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REVIEWS OF Regal Clarksville & RPX IN Tennessee

Aaron Pillow

This movie theater is an excellent experience the only thing that can make it better is if the concessions lines were not so long they have reclining chairs excellent staff and so far I've never had a bad experience there and like any other movie theater they can lower the price of the concessions! Besides these small things it is an excellent all-around family outing!

Bruce Anderson

Great theater. Reserved seating with great seats. The only draw back is there is no Imax. Only RPX.

Chatters Will

Clean theatre with friendly employees, love the reclining seats and spacious seating makes it even more of a plus.

Elizabeth Blight

Thank you for installing those amazingly comfortable recliners. I hated going to the movies before because I could never get comfortable. Now we bring our blankets, kick off our shoes and have a cozy movie day as a family. The new games you have in the lobby add to the fun. Good job, guys.

Diane Soli

Clean, not crowded. Seats were comfy. Staff pleasant.

Naida Majka

New seating made the difference. A very good experience and will return again. Snacks are good too.

Debbie Debbie's creations

The movie theaters chairs are very comfortable. This is the first time I went online in ordered tickets And where I would like my seats at.

Aaron Zacheis

Clarksville's BEST thatre. Plush reclining chairs, great cinematic experience, and enough consesions to feed the family. The Regal Rewards system is easy to use and you buy tickets through the app. You get to bypass the long line for that Friday nights newest release.

Future Mrs. Susskin

The theaters are amazing, but walking in you would think you were walking into an outdated theater. It has so much space and not being utilized. It is off putting. Concessions is always a slow process. Need to get to the theaters almost 45 minutes in advanced in order to get your food and drinks before the movie starts. With so much counter space not being used, it needs to be utilized for faster transactions. And the only "decor" is the cardboard movie advertisements. The carpet is drab. It's depressing.

Cathy naylor

It was so hot in there why we had paid extra for the best experience great movie and sona all in one

Jason Goldston

Consistently poor management, but theater is decent.

Sitri Radcliffe

Love going here. Always great customer service and friendly staff.

Stephanie Prosper

Saw Hobbes and Shaw! Great movie. I wish they would bring the popcorn combos back

Emani Johnson

So we went today and it was raining so the power was out but over all when the power came back on everything was good the customer service was amazing and I would definitely 100% go again.

Tamara Perry

Love the RPX here! So much room and the seats are sooooo comfortable! They really outdid themselves with this place

Brett Kiser

The seating was very comfortable the screen. And atmosphere made it a more than enjoyable experience and it was quite pleasant.

Nikki Davis

Great Place Had My Son's Birthday Here No Problems


Super chill staff. I had to change my ticket date and they were understanding and not annoyed at all. I was told I'd get hired here, however, after applying and never received a call back so.

Jordan Foster

Takes a little planning ahead to get groups in, but the most comfortable, well-maintained movie theater within 50 miles. My only real complaint is the long lines and slow service at the concessions counter.


Really nice theater that feels clean with the comfiest reclining seats. Typical movie theater prices but also has a lot of options for concessions. The nachos are pretty good, I always dip my popcorn in the cheese.

Mr. TDY Man

This theater is fantastic. They have the newest movies, the theaters are clean and not cold. Seats recline and unless the person in front of you is over 8feet tall, you will never have anyone blocking your view. Prices are normal including the concession stand. Over all, this is the best theater in Clarksville.

Benjamin Flasher

Comfortable reclining seats. Good sound system. Enjoyed watching Avengers: End Game in the RPX theater.

Jessica Preski

Absolutely LOVE the comfortable recliner seating!!! Definitely set the standard for local theaters here. Every time we have come, the floors, theater and bathrooms are clean. Helpful and kind staff. Workers are on it! Even with long lines, everything moves along quickly. Summer movie express is always a great time. Our kids look forward to it every summer!

Joseph Kosalko

Excellent theater. Comfortable seats, clean areas. The staff was friendly enough. Good sound control and not too loud on the speakers with good sound quality. The layout is kind of dumb with the male restrooms though. Lets say youre in a movie and you have to go to the bathroom and forget your ticket. Well the men's restroom is past the ticket checker so of they decide they dont remember you you cant get back in.

Gary Jackson

Very nicr theater, recently remodeled. Very nice seats. Only downfall for us is the food is very expensive. Taking 4 kids and getting food is as much as the tickets.

reynaldo Alvarado

Great thing they do for Clarksville Tennessee. Movies for kid's two days a week. Thank you so much for your time and consideration


Great theater, but today the movie was trash. Missed trailers and 1st part of movie due to screen malfunctions. Luckily they rewinded it and I got to see the full movie but not the trailers. The picture was extremely dark with little to no real color. Never even received an apology for these errors either

Derrick Curtsinger

Nice atmosphere, comfortable seats, large selection of movies and snacks. Could use a little more games but then again you don't go for the arcade.

James Stewart

It wasnt as clean as it has been before. And for the price I wasnt too excited to go. Now I know why teens netflix and chill! Parents cant give $100 for a movie date

Jules G.

Rpx was awesome. I thought i was gmreally gonna miss IMAX but this was even better! Not too packed with seats and they fully recline, fresh popcorn, great sound. I can't wait to go again

darryl taylor

Pros: I love the new seating and love the ability to select seats ahead of time. Cons: Like other theaters, the food is overpriced; but most people have come to expect that. However, it seems as if the concessions are habitually understaffed. There are typically long wait times. Overall: minus the concessions, it's relatively clean and the seating is a bonus.

Lauren Ballog

It was nice and clean. I also enjoyed the reclining chairs.

Richard Catignani

Enjoyed the recliner seating but food prices are ridiculously too high.


+ : - The price of watching any movies. - PLENTY of parking. - This is the ONLY movie cinema that I know of that has reclining seats. This is good for people like me that likes to kick their sandals off and watch a movie barefoot comfortably. ___________________________ - : - The price of food is pricey. I guess when you mix the price of food with the movie, it probably even out to the same price as every other movie theater across the US. ___________________________ Overall, I'd highly recommend anyone that wants to watch a movie to come to this location. Knowing Clarksville, there's probably plenty more that are as friendly and well priced as this but if you're traveling across the states, PLEASE come to Clarksville & especially check this one out. :-)

Deborah Turner

Always a great experience. Only wish the lines for popcorn moves swiftly.

Mary Horner

Comfortable seats! Also love that you can pick where you want to sit in advance when you purchase the tickets.

NYC Gal Out

Small movie theater, but love the seats! They are reclining seats and very comfortable and roomy. They also offer military discounts, and there's a parking lot. The restrooms aren't disgusting (so that's always a plus); has the usual concessions for food and drinks. It's also about 15 minutes from Fort Campbell if you go straight down Fort Campbell Blvd., heading towards the direction of Publix.

Jennifer P

Great Theater but the concession stand is run Very poorly. They lose alot of money due to long lines and being understaffed. You better get there an hour early during peak times if you want popcorn.

Andrew Bradford

Friendly service and the most comfortable seating outside of your living room.

Ashley Martinez

Love the seats, very comfortable. Last time we went the power went out and they gave everyone re admission tickets. Handled it professionally.

Whitney Greer

We've only been able to see one movie here, where we had to sit in the very front row because tickets are sold ahead of time with seat selections. We got a date night away from the baby and were so excited. We arrived early and there were several seats available, but because they had been pre-selected, other movie patrons just ambled in late and took the best seats. Gone are the days of going to the movies. Now you have to schedule it a week out like a hair appointment. Super disappointing experience.

Danielle R

. I love this place last night their ac unit stopped working. So instead of just apologizing for the inconvenience we got a free movie pass for the next movie we see. It was really hard to to stay focused on the movie but we pushed threw and became overcomers... pun intended

Sherie' sykes

The seats are so comfy and the theater is clean. No sticky floors. Seats and have your legs up or down. Did that make sense? Lol!

Dawn McCoy

It's the best place I've ever seen movies at. The place is clean, atmosphere is great, seating is reclining and extra comfortable too. The prices are excellent for the quality of experience

Ben Theredonethat

Since they installed the new lounge style seating the experience has been improved. Screens and projectors are in good working order, and you are within minutes of several good destinations for dinner / lunch once you are done watching your film


The best theater in town with its great seats and clean theaters but you better get those tickets in advance if you want some good seats. It could be better if they would let you know an easier way to see what seats are available without having to go and find out from the registers.

Gretchen Lawrence

1 dollar movies every Tuesday and Wednesday of the summer is awesome! We try to go every single week.

Leighnae Fabian

I haven't been to the movies in a long time, reclining plush seats, great sound

brian miller

Wonderful, comfortable and great overall movie theater. Enjoy going there with my daughter who is 17 and son who's 10. We go at least once to twice a month and I can say I've only had one bad experience. Would definitely reccomend it to any and everyone.

jowanie rodriguez

Nothing too special was a movie theater. Lots of selections were available, this was over 2 years ago. Not sure how much has changed? If you live around the area and looking for a close theater, it's a good theater. Clean and well kept, nice enough staff, nothing stood out to me as above average for a theater.

Mike Hermey

Best movie theater in town. Costs the same as the mall, but doesn't smell like a urinal. Concession stand is a little slow, but the employees are friendly. Get there about 20 minutes early if you like snacks or drinks because the lines are usually long. The seats are really comfortable, and the are works great. If you are easily chilled you will want a jacket even in the summer. I'd you have sensitive hearing, you might want earplugs as the movies can get pretty loud. Rpx is like a1/3 scale IMAX which is pretty cool.

Alonzo Boykin

It was the first time I had been to a movie in years. I feel like I've been missing out. Great experience!

Shawni Goldtrap

Saw a wonderful movie in the most comfortable and clean recliner chairs!

Lacy Wells

Very nice workers, love the seats, love the food

Bobbi Martin

This is the best theater in Clarksville. I love their recliner seats. The bathrooms and theaters are always very clean. I do wish there Atom service was better for the food, but it normally isn't an issue unless it is a weekend or opening weekend for a movie. This is my preferred place to watch movies in town.

Francis Graves

Went and saw IT 2 Seats and sound system were amazing and adding to the movie

Christopher Hylander

Just took my wife and daughter here, and I loved my experience here! Staff was super friendly, the food and drinks were amazing, lines were a little long, but they moved at a good pace. Wait time in line was like 3 minutes. Once we got into the auditorium the first thing I noticed was the seats. They looked so comfortable. They reclined to a certain extent and even sitting in the front wasn't bad on the neck due to them reclining. Great theater would recommend it to small families. Especially if you live in the area.

Christina Stone

We live about 45 minutes from this theatre but always drive cause it’s the nicest theatre around. Unfortunately we drove the 45 minutes to go see the 9:20 showing of Aladdin and when we got there, they had canceled the movie and put a different movie in that theatre EVEN though it was still listed on the different apps. When I talked to a manger, they told me the GM decided to cancel it for a more popular movie. So we drove 45 minutes and didn’t even get a sorry or anything. So make sure you preorder your tickets or else they might just randomly cancel your movie. I usually always preorder but I figured it had been out a few weeks and we’d be fine on getting seats. Now, I know better with this theatre.


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