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NCG, 2101 Fort Henry Dr, Kingsport, TN 37664 Located in: Fort Henry Mall

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REVIEWS OF NCG Kingsport Cinema IN Tennessee

xan joy

Friendly staff and clean up to date theater.

Rachael LeAnn

Love everything about this theatre. Took my 3 daughters tonight and we really enjoyed the movie the popcorn and the seats and awesome variety of drink choices. Overall great place

Flip Fury

Awesome cinema! Concessions are a bit pricy but that's just about any cinema! They have very nice updated chairs and a great futuristic atmosphere and their in the mall which is awesome! Get their NGC card to earn points for free concessions!!! Also they have slushes for the same price as soda and FREE REFILLS on ANY SIZE drinks!! Not crazy crowded if you don't like a full house which is nice!

Lou Resha

Good prices and a friendly staff.

Tracee Horton

We just stopped by to get popcorn, and everyone was extremely nice!

Kathy Smith

Its a family thing. We love the movie, just not the cost. Lol

brandy france

Great movies. Tickets are a little on the high prices side but other then that had a great time. Only thing is when I allow my teenagers to go alone someone has came in saying they had to leave since it was past time for kids w/o Parents to be there. It was recorded the second time it happened and a lawyer has been scheduled to speak to about tgis problem when I paid high price for him to see the movie

Cliff Jones

The screen was very dark to the point you could sometimes barely see what was going on in the movie and it was fairly hot in the theater. I doubt I will go back to Fort Henry to watch a movie.

Ethan Gibson

The theatre is somewhat overpriced, but they do have unlimited refills on any size drink and any sized popcorn. They also have the new "choose your own flavor," Coke machines, which makes it even more fun to go to. In terms of seating, the chairs are very comfy and the chairs provide plenty of room.

Joshua Bryant

Nice and clean theater.

Kwan Tipton

Good prices quality sound

Nina Light

Experience was excellent. Spent over hundred dollars to see HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 3. Took grandkids. There were a lot of kids there but you didn't hear a peep out of any of them. My 3 year old granddaughter was still and quite. She loved it. Enjoyed the movie and seating. Just the concessions were outragous.

Allie Edwards

This is a nice theater with decent ticket prices, including student or military discount! The only thing I wish they could do is assigned seating, at least for big releases. Other than that it's a pretty good theater!

Matt Williams

This movie theater is a breath of fresh air compared the older one! Tuesdays are the days to go for cheap tickets and discounts on their popcorn and drinks. Drinks and popcorn have free refills. The place is definitely clean.


NCG is the best movie theater in the Tri-Cities! They offer reasonable prices, delicious popcorn, and comfortable seating, all conveniently located at the newly renovated Fort Henry Mall.

mark ray

Nice theater, friendly staff, fresh popcorn and a huge drink variety, both refillable. Theaters were comfortable, good seats and good sound and image quality.

Natty and Daddy Show

All of the new movies. Local. You can't beat it

E Smith

Took my 2 grandsons to see the Spider-Man movie. It was a great time as usual

stephanie mclain

Well priced and clean. Comfortable seats but they do not recline, just lean back some. There is no center seats in the theater except the last row in the back. Picture quality is very good and sound clear.

Barbara Revitzer

Love this theater. Prices the best hands down! Always clean and nice staff.

JEM Farm

Nice place. All the popcorn and fountain drinks you can eat, good seating also.

Deke Martin

The prices are great. The seats aren't that bad either.

Tony & Angela Ellis

NCG is an awesome place to watch a movie!

Alisha McEwen-Slyker

This place is always clean, and has good seats, the only reason I gave 4 stars was because of the price. We had a group of 4 and we bought 2 lrg popcorns and 4 lrg drink that was almost 80$

Karen Greer

Went to see, Isn't It Romantic with my fiance. that was cute and funny, Better than What Men Want

William Brooks

If you're taking the family to a movie matinee they have great service, excellent popcorn & drinks and friendly staff! There theatre is clean and the seats are comfortable!

Savanna Williams

Nice, comfortable, clean, reasonably priced concessions. Free self serve refills on drinks and popcorn. See pics for drink machines and popcorn stand with unlimited butter and salts. (Sorry, thought I got better pics)

Todd Davenport

Comfortable chairs and matinee prices made this a more enjoyable experience. As with any theater, concessions are way too overpriced, but not any higher than others around. The price of movies has moved so high that we seldom go. That said, this is one of our go to places.

shane simpson

They have done a really nice job with this theater. They do have QSC speakers they are very good sounding speakers. I would like to see NCG finish what the last guys could not do by building a standalone building with large screens.

Bernie Justice

Very nice place

Ty Young

Excellent prices and great location!

Michael Brickey

Nice clean local cinema with comfortable chairs, small crowds, and free refills on all popcorn and drink sizes!!

Rebecca Mitchell

This theater had been changed for the better, nice comfy seats, no foot rest like at the Pinnacle but your paying $3 less for a matinee ticket and no 20 minute drive. I believe the popcorn and sodas where cheaper too. Very clean, employees were professional and well groomed. I will be seeing all my movies in Kingsport now, why pay $3 extra just for a foot rest. Keep up the good work!

Thomas Kellum

I not been there in some time and what they did to that place is supper, I look it and the new lay out is great

summer woods

A little pricy but worth the comfort to see something on big scrren!!

Teresa Edens

Clean and comfortable. The girl at the register could have had a little more friendly personality but it didn't interfere with the movie enjoyment. Popcorn awesome as always

Jackson Orfield

Great job little bit high prices

Jody Moore

Good prices, hardly ever crowded, always clean.

B A Alley

Best cinema thats been in this location in a long time. Modern and well equipped.

Walt Chez

Movie was real good very scary and very creepy

Angie R

Great for family outing expensive as expected. Med drink is 4 candy is 3. But we all know they overcharge for it. Otherwise decent experience.

elizabeth Anderson

Great prices, refills and drinks and popcorn. Clean theater.

Olan Walker

Was very surprised with the comfortable seating and all them drinks

Kelly C

Pretty nice theater. Much improved from years past. May be the only good reason to go to the mall anymore.

Doris Shumate

We went and watched Equalizer 2. And since we went on a Tuesday it was supposed to be $5/person but since this was made by Sony we had to pay $6/person which wasn't bad. We got snacks and of course watched the movie. All in all a great day out. Didn't spend too much money. Always greatfull for a day out and having fun.

Ray guimond

Theater is new and very nice. Only problem is they do not allow you to bring in your coffee. They do not sell coffee and my wife and enjoy watching a movie drinking coffee in a cold theater.

J Smitty, Spiritualjedi

Pleasantly surprised! So, i used top live in the tri-city area and worked all over, so i knew this area. We wanted to see spiderman far from home, but waited too late to get our tickets for the closest theater. We decided to drive to kingsport to see the movie but was unfamiliar with the name. Once we saw the general area, i figured out where we were going, and was a little hesitant, but we'd already bought our tickets. I pulled in the parking lot of the Fort Henry Mall, and saw this beautiful, newly remodeled building and was like 'what? ' the inside was equally as beautiful. The cinemas were nice and clean, great sound and video quality, and relatively inexpensive prices. We're are considering moving back here within the next 2 months, so will probably be back. I'd recommend it to anyone.

Kayla Johnson

My daughter and I went and seen jurassic world. The seats were very comfortable and it looked clean inside the theater. I enjoyed free refills on popcorn while my daughter was always wanting more of the ice she got

Furious Mittens

Good value cinema. Ticket prices are great. Great cinema for all movies. I have been there over ~twenty times. (Not lying) And every-time I have been I have always wanted to go back for more when another movie comes back. Great experience. Friendliness of staff could be more pleasant. They seem to be robots going through the routine motions. Overall an above-average theater that I will keep coming to.

Billy Mims

Clean theater. About mid-range on price. Free refills on popcorn on drinks.

William Sells

Really like this theater. Prices are best around Tri-cities area. They have a rewards card program that benefits more than most places that do this. Don't have to spend a fortune to get something. I've used it many times for free popcorn and drinks. Hopefully the mall will get a good restaurant where Garfield's used to be. The mall has improved over the last year but hope they keep going on improvements. Really really need a legit food court...should be a given in this day and time for a mall to have one. They could've turned the Sears part into a nice, big one but just tore it down. Anyway...the theater was one of the first improvements to the mall and they did it well.

Senior Whoopy IRL

The is the best movie theater is the world! Everyone is so friendly, and free refills on drinks and popcorn all day! You can even get hotdogs! Coming here to see a movie is one of my favorite things. Always clean, perfect cinema experience!

olga Kenyon

Very nice theater! Great prices

Kayla Williams

Updated and very nice place! Love the seating and the popcorn vendor... fab theatre to go to

Robin Broome

Although there was a line at the ticket counter they had enough employees to keep things moving. You have to take out a loan if you want to indulge in popcorn and drinks but that is the case with all theaters. The chairs are comfortable but don't recline like the area's fancy theater. Theater was clean. Sound and projection were all good.


Love this low key theatre. Great staff, awesome slushi machine and free refills.

Christopher Sexton

Newly remodeled looks great and is great wish they had 3D movies I've never seen option of anything 3D here which isn't cool but everything else is great

Amanda Broome

Comfortable seats. Decent theater. Not rundown or exceptionally dirty. Its not a Pinnacle, but it's a good movie theater for the price. All the employees I encountered were more attentive, courteous, and genuine. Several took the time to engage with me and made me feel valued and appreciated as a customer. I also like the modern open floor plan and the popcorn flavoring bar in the lobby. I would return.

Robyn Shepherd

Very clean and courteous. Especially the one with his hair in a ponytail.

denise welch

Love going here and watching movies.

Michael Higgins

Very clean theater. Very clean restrooms. Popcorn is the best of any movie theater around. Friendly staff! Love the Coca Cola freestyle machine, especially the Lime Coke!!

Ricky Conant

Wonderful experience. Great seating. Super concessions.

Jim Bravo

The ticket prices here are cheaper than I'm used to. The staff is polite, and the seating is surprisingly comfortable.

Matthew Williams

Awesome theater with free refills, an awesome slushy machine, and comfortable seats. The theaters themselves are a little small and seat less than 100 in each. Their party room looks great for kid parties.


Awesome place to see a movie. My only complaint is the use of those freestyle drink machines. I miss the availability of real cherry coke.

Opal Evans

Comfortable seating, great surround sound, excellent video quality.

Blake Grizzle

My family and I watch a movie here twice a month.It is always clean and the staff are always friendly. The free refills on drinks and popcorn is pretty awesome. A great place not far from home to see a movie.

Doctor Steve

Actually pretty nice. Reserved seating would make this place perfect.

Chris Marshall

Very nice small town theater

Kari Phillips

Nice seats, great theater.

J Kings

Strange lobby area. Movie was good. Seats were comfortable

Alexa Wynter

Fresh! Updated! Wonderful! Upkeep is great!

Shadow King

$6 dollar Movie tickets for Students plus free refills on any purchase! The theater is super nice and the employees were kind. I Drove 30 minutes just to go to this theater and it was worth it! Definitely my new theater of choice!

Mae Manis

Loving the updated look and feel to the theater. Super comfy theater seats.

Roger Shanks

Very nice and convenient. Free refills on large drinks and popcorn. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Theater experience was great.

Mark Robinson

decent theater.... reclining seats and tables would be nice but it's close to home so that makes up for it when I don't wanna drive to the Pinnacle.

Sharon Whittemore

Very good seats. So comfortable. And the employees were top notch. Thanks so much. We'll be back.

Cindy Trammell

Had a blast with husband we were the only ones until one other couple showed up it was great

Lauren Weaver

Small screens, big heart. Tiniest seating number I've seen, but that puts you closer to the screen so I didn't notice whole watching the movie. Plus, smaller theater size seemed to have better "rumble" sound that you could feel! Napkins are thick, popcorn was average, service was nice!

Dominica Bolden

The seats are really comfortable and the staff were friendly.

Jacob Smith

Okay movie theater. Seats were pretty uncomfortable. My wife's chair was broken (we switched) screen was nice and employees were also friendly.

mark miller

Good prices clean and comfy chairs

Tristen Laponsie

Prices are not too bad. Fairly comfortable chairs.

Zach Chandler

Didnt know they had a popcorn area where you could add your own butter and seasoning. That was a pretty good added feature. Plus the seats were comfortable and staff was nice. Definitely recommend. Just as good as the pinnacle in Bristol. Went and saw venom when it came out and was impressed with the cinema.

Michael Wood

Not a lot of people in but the whole room smells like butt

Elizabeth Corby

Love it. The seats are very comfortable. Great hotdog.

Ben Butler

Great movie theater. Fresh popcorn. Free refills on the popcorn. Doesn't matter the size.

Dj Brooks

First time visit since the revamp of this theater. Very clean, great sound and screen in theater, better prices than the pinnacle. Wont be driving to Bristol for a good theater experience anymore. NCG from now on.

Michelle Carlton

I really think your cinema is great. The seats are super comfy and the price is good comparatively. However, I can not give it 5 stars because the theaters are way too cold! I mean icy cold and it's hard to enjoy a movie when you are concentrating on how cold you are. I bring extra clothing including a hoody that I have zipped up and I still freeze. Sure wish you could do something about that. Other than that I have no complaints.

Jeff Ramey

Had to leave not even an hour into the movie! Kids should not be allowed to be accompanied by one adult when the ratio is 1 to 12 kids in a rated (R) movie. It was a circus!!! 10 people got up and left asking for refunds. Management gave us free tickets but did not offer anything else to repremend the situation.

William Fletcher

Great seating and nice screen. Concession was good.A very pleasant movie experience

Love Bug

The cashier didnt give us the senior discount so she gave us a refunded the $2 and i waited on it i asked where it was and she said she put it back on my card. But i paid cash? So i explained so she gave us cash back.

Hectik Deka

Amazing theatre with quick staff and they have student discounts!

Kenneth Ours

This is one of the most upscale movie theaters that I've ever been to! Hot popcorn and all the best new movies!


I debated between 3 or 4 star one reason is the $1 convenience fee per ticket online I had to pay when they could just charge $1 total or no fee at all! Second reason being, we went to the late show to watch Fast & Furious (Hobbs&Shaw). Which was in a theater on the left of the main entrance in the mall. Halfway through the movie I came out to go to the restroom and both women & mens room were blocked off for cleaning even though no one was cleaning them. I had to walk to the other end almost to the exit to use the only one not blocked off on that end. It was a disaster in there. By the time I found a clean stall to use with toilet paper, washed my hands without soaking my shirt from the puddles of water everywhere, drying them, and then walking back across to the other side to were the movie was playing... I missed a good 15 min or so of a movie I just paid $30.36 (2 adult 1 child) to go see.

Chelsea James

More food options would be nice, but overall a great theater with low prices & no crowds!

Joel Gilman

Great Customer Service and great movies

Aaron Gordon

Popcorns good theaters are smaller than normal but provide good sound.... Usual weekend crowds are loud and inconsiderate. You can talk when you watch Netflix at home not when I paid 30 bucks to be there....

Vilma Manrique

Super nice with a friendly staff and a comfortable environment!

Tony Isham

Great theater, very nice.

Mary Baker

Definitely nice theater and decent price

Kim Scalf

Great place. Love that you can get free refills no matter the size on all popcorn and drinks. Tuesdays are awesome just $5 per person

Edward Lytle

Really nice place easy parking and great service to

Andrew Letterman

Love this place, they offer student discounts and also give free refills on everything.

Lola Cogbill's

Went to this Movie theater loved The Lion King and the service! Thanks NCG Kingsport Cinema!

Gary Taylor

Nice, modern theater. Friendly staff.

Dean MIller

Great play to watch a movie for a good price.

Will p

Prices tad high other than that top of line


Updated in 2018. They have done a good Job updating the place.


Very nice theater. Friendly staff. Pricy concessions.

Ashlyn Forester

Amazing staff. They were super nice. Family friendly place. They have public restrooms. Wheelchair accessible seats. Wheelchair accessible entrance. Wheelchair accessible parking. This place was really good. 10 outta 10 reccommend.

Autism Mom

This was our first an last time there, we had move cause kids were kicking back off my son's seat, then after we moved the kids and parents talked very loudly during the whole movie... very disappointed

Steven White

Great place to watch a flick!

Jennifer Alayo-Aguilar

I love that they updated everything I mean it's pretty brand new and you don't have to worry about the smelly seats everything's been replaced

Latasha Robinson

Very nice after they remodeled!

Pamela Jones

Seats were comfortable. Popcorn was good. Movie was great

catrinya wren

Extremely rude Sunday staff. Cashier kept line waiting 5 mins. to talk with his friends/family. Asked him which room the show was in, as obvoiusly would be late, told me "to get my popcorn from him". Popcorn vendor wouldn't tell me where to go next, so Iguessed the woman standing off to the side who wouldn;t speak, she told me for future reference the room number is in my ticket.. sent me to wrong room. Won't be a future time.

Brandon Bishop

Excellent seats and sound!

No Way

Seats very hard and crew cab was not friendly at all

Emily Moorefield

I watched the Grinch with my family and it was a great movie. The seats sit a little close, but they were cozy. Good experience!

Trina Weaver

First time here. Paid online and paid a "convenience fee " but ended up having to wait in line to get tickets anyways. Got a loyalty card and they wouldn't put our purchases tickets on it. Asked for something to put the popcorn in for the kids and they wouldn't give us anything because they are not allowed to. Even asked if I could pay for the little paper nacho trays or cups or anything they said no. Overall not customer focused or convenient

Brayden Yonts

Great place to catch a flick! Like any other place the price of snacks and drinks are astronomical, but that's expected nowadays. NCG is clean and professional, and generally won't mind if you carry your own drink/snacks inside. Never had an issue here, and hopefully never will!

steven brown

Nice place to watch a movie. Clean and comfortable.

Aaron McBee

Nice and cozy theater. Great staff and good prices. A great family environment.

Chey Wheeler

For a small little theater, it's clean and well kept. Don't go in expecting the massive screen experience. All together, I enjoyed it, though.

Billy Bob

They advertise $5 Tuesdays but only some movies are $5.... mainly the ones you don’t want to see. It’s better to pay a little more and go to Pinnacle where the screens are huge and seats recline.

Lauressa Carey

Clean happy place

Valerie Bartram

Everytime i have ever been here has been with family so i dont know if its this place that adds to my family experience or if its my family that gives this place such a good feeling but i have never had a negative moment at this location

Jennifer Jeno

theaters fine movie wasn't as good as the hype "Hustlers". lots of language nudity not as bad as language to me.

Landry Rimer

Very clean theater. Nicely updated and renovated. Staff was very polite and courteous. Great experience all the way around.

Sandy Vowell

I have been going to Ft. Henry Mall theaters for a very long time (I'm old!) and when NCG came in and took over the space, they created such a beautiful space. We just went to see Overcomer last night with good friends and the theater was clean, the popcorn was warm, and the bathrooms immaculate. It was Tuesday "bargain night". The movie was really good - and after it was over, we sat at one of their tables in the lobby to just visit for a few more minutes. Thank you NCG for bringing the movie experience back home.

Mike Nahrgang

Always have a good time here. They keep it clean.

East Tenn Kats

Place was clean and seats were comfortable. Food prices are stupid expensive though. Sneak in drinks lol

Zachary Cannon

Great theater and lots of variety in drinks. Very clean and friendly staff

billy ramey

Great audio visual experience


The only complaint is the seats. It's an antiquated set up.

all good things are wild & free

This is one of the nicest theaters in the area but has some of the best prices. They have very comfortable seats with stadium seating that reclines slightly but not automated and no footrest.

Tricia Thomas

Love the refills on ALL SIZES.


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