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1035 Greensboro Dr, Gallatin, TN 37066

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REVIEWS OF NCG Gallatin Cinema IN Tennessee


Great theater!! Awesome sound system and really good popcorn too!!

Bruce Atkins

Great prices. Clean theater

Bob DeGraff

Concessions are top notch. The theater is kept as clean as possible with a high attendance of patrons. I have always had a great experiences at this theater. .

Donna Topf

Cleanest theater around. We always pass up another cinema 20 minutes closer to us and drive 45 minutes to NCG. Its clean and reasonable able prices, and free refills on drinks and popcorn. Nice staff too!!

batmanbatman Extras

Ignore the Psyduck, I was here for the detective Pikachu movie, and It was an overall great experience.

Brian Tilghman

Great service, excellent theater, clean and awesome seating , would definitely recommend!!!!

Matt Geegan

Great thater close to home!! We saw a child friendly sensory showing of Toy Story 4 and our 2.5yo toddler loved it. I like the customizable Cokes and the popcorn is always fresh!


Not all that people friendly the day of our visit...they could work on their customer service skills, concerning their younger servers. However I LOVE their popcorn station...problem solved!


No personality at the service desk What So Ever!! The Lion King was great!!

Robert Ferello

Great movie theater. Good prices. Nice seats. Always enjoy catching a show here.

Patricia Kingrey

Enjoyed the movie ...seen Medea ....but the seats wasn't comfortable at all. They went back to far and me and my husband both were hurting so bad when we left we couldn't hardly make it to the car.But as far as the movie it was great.

Tia Perrault

Love this theater. Reasonably priced for matinees $6.00 a pop. Free refills on popcorn any size you get so you aren't forced to purchase a large. It's clean and the staff is very courteous! They don't have recliner seats but they are super nice leather and quite comfy. Definitely going again!!

Jim Leininger

Great place to see a movie. Clean. Free software drink refills. Comfy chairs. Cheaper prices than other chains.

Greg Cook

Great movies. Very clean theater. Nice staff and reasonable food and drinks.

Janice West

Another day out with my girls! It is wonderful that we can decide on a movie despite our age gap, 23, 39 & 55... Makes the choices up in the air doesn't it!

Lani Vaughn

Great prices and the seats are super comfortable

Ron Craighead

Enjoyed and look forward to going back

Will Branigan

Had a great time. Will definitely go there again.

C Garcia

The prices went up a little but you get more for your money

Roy McCullough

Saw Spiderman. Pretty good movie . Wasn't too crowded.

Moises Garcia

Great place, clean and family friendly.

Jason Walters

Good local movie, always clean and friendly.

Amber Walden

Nice staff. Comfortable seats.

Christen Case

We always have a good time at NCG! Their staff is friendly, the way-overpriced popcorn and icees are always good (can’t get away from the price at a movie theater...), the bathrooms are usually surprisingly clean, and the seats are comfy! We’ll be back soon :)

Jude Abernathy

It was great, loved the sound quality, but wished the seats reclined. It was good though, i would recomend it

Conna Middleton

Was pretty good, but food is very pricey. Comfortable seating.

Danielle Swaffer

Should offer coupons though

Ron Bell

Multi-screen cinema, smaller seating capacity but very well designed and cleaned between each showing and very comfortable seats. Good sound systems, multitude of non-alcoholic beverages, snacks, lite food and (surprise) popcorn!

Vee TheAmazingGreek

Went to see Ant Man and the Wasp. This is a nice theater. The sound is great, the seats are comfortable, and the staff cute. I just hate seeing TV commercials as previews. I know they just show what they are told but I miss the days of movie trivia or more previews of movies. The place is clean and the seating is set up so you don't have to worry about not being able to see if someone sits in front of you.

Nancy Little

Wish they had the nice recliners that Regal have. They won't give you a extra cup either for popcorn. I love LOTS of salt and my husband doesn't. So I have to bring a extra bowl. If they were more flexible and would give a bowl it would help! I do like the $5 Tuesday's so I am giving it 3 stars.

Krystal Jakes

Everyone there is so polite the seats are super comfortable and the theater was very clean

Barbara Ivy

Clean and comfortable. Not pricey. What all theatres should strive to mimic.

Melody Garcia

Tuesdays are matinee price. Loved it!

Wesley Rees

This cinema is a great place to catch that film you've been wanting to see. Great Prices and you don't feel like it's too crowded. Convenient show times.

Torre Blackaby

I absolutely love this theater. Every day before 5pm, except Saturdays is matinee price. On Tuesdays, tickets are only $5.00. Drinks are free refill. My boyfriend and I went and got tickets, popcorn, and drinks for the cost of 2 tickets at Regal. Theatre seats are very comfy and roomy. In my opinion, they beat Regal or any other movie theater.

Deadly Spawn

Great prices and selections. Very clean theater. Oh yeah, better convenient movie times too. Staff are very nice and respectful. Ample parking as well.

Brandon Hill

This is a great little theater. It is always clean and has a great selection of movies. You can catch movies on Tuesday for 6 dollars. The parking lot is spacious but could definitely use more lights.

Andrew Marsh

Great alternative to Indian Lakes (also a great theater, I just hate the assigned seating). NCG is great, you buy your tickets at the same place you buy your food so it's super quick. Friendly staff. Love this theater. No assigned seating at the time I'm writing this. Good old fashioned "buy a ticket and find a seat".

tina sterrett

They got an ambulance for me asap....

Albert Pryor

Clean , not crowded, good location. But kind of hard to find.


I loved it the seats are amazing the atmosphere is awesome when It Chapter 2 came out they had red balloons in the lobby and it adds to the esthetic

Daniel Mitchell

Great show house. Great price for Tuesday. Clean theaters. Pick your flavor drinks.

Reba Meyer

Great service, selection, clean.

Peggy Rees

I was able to see a current movie I like, sit comfortably and have a diet coke!

Amy Carr

Fine cinema. Don't buy tickets online, however. There is a $1 'convenience fee' without any convenience, as you have to wait in the exact same line as everyone else to collect the tickets!

Joe Griffith

Good movie


Great clean place

Mandy Matsumoto

I enjoy this movie theater a lot. It has comfortable seating, great prices, free refills on popcorn and drinks, and $6 Tuesday night movies. I’ve only had one bad experience here, but management handled it. That is why I gave it 4 out of 5 stars.

Rogelio Mendoza

They could have fresher popcorn

Matthew D. Mason

Great theater. Free refills are awesome.

Isaac Deas

Great prices, especially on Tuesdays. No IMAX, if you care.

Norman Gardner

I give it five stars it was a good place that must say was good the salespeople good everything was great had a great time

Mary Smith

Very friendly place to take the family, self serve drink stations and price isn't to bad

Mark Scott

Nice seats, good prices

Corey Davey

The movie was great, comfortable seating ...over all thumbs up

J. Ray

Cheaper than Indian Lake for the same movie. Clean establishment with clean bathrooms. Free drink and popcorn refills. Matinee prices are good. Needs a ticket window so you don’t have to wait in the concession line.

Angela Woods

Really enjoy the movies Outcomer and Loin King. Popcorn is always good.

Joy Within

The carpet is so filthy dirty. The whole place needs to be renovated. They just opened at 10:30 am. We went early. Went in when doors opened. Popcorn all over carpet and the restroom was a mess. Manager and staff just too young to care about some things. It might be age related. They keep advertising The Pizza Machine that has not existed at 106 Public Square since 2014. Many of us have told the young manager many times. Joy

Katie B

Short concession lines because you fill your own soda (oodles of choices and free refills

Charlene Archer/Loyd

They have nice seats, they do not recline but are very nice. Tuesday is the best day to do you get popcorn & a drink for $2.00. Very clean and friendly staff.

Patrick Poplarchick

It was nice. Theater was ok wasn't very clean for a thur night. But dumbo was a good movie

Sonja Schuette

The seats were very comfortable. They resemble recliners. The soda fountain is self service, meaning you fill your own cup. This is great because it keeps the snack bar line moving. Prices were reasonable.

Rusty Bell

Great place to host a party for your kids. But like every other theater in America the concession prices are through the roof. They try to compensate by having 'combo' deals but still cost 50 bucks for popcorn, candy and drinks for 3 kids. But if you already know it going in then it's not bad. The floor is clean and the seats are comfortable

Becky Burton

Had a great time with our family!!

Mrs. B.

Love 5$ Tuesdays!!

connie smith

Great place and always clean

Peter Lupinek

Good price on movies. Free refills on drinks.

Sydney Butler

Very good prices for tickets and food, especially since drinks and Icees are refillable for no extra cost!

Mark Noyes

This theater may not be up to the standards set by Regal Cinemas BUT, according to my wallet, this theater is a good deal. Our group consisted of two adults and 3 kids. My wife and I shared a large popcorn and drink and the kids shared a large popcorn, had their own drinks and candy. I was kinda shocked when this rang up to be $68+ ,,, but then I remembered -- the price included the price of the tickets.

Michelle Clardy

Great place to watch a movie. Very reasonable prices for movies and concessions. Comfortable seating! Family fun!

Hendersonville Hat Tricks

I have had the worst service from the manager Jennifer Garcia. She was making us feel discriminated. She should be fired because she said god bless our family for having to deal with us. That is why she should be fired.

Shonda Young

Very clean facility, professional staff, reasonably priced

Brian Russell

It was a good and funny movie pet's 2

Jeffery Hooper

Took forever to get my tickets, stood in line for 20 minutes. If they had one register dedicated to tickets they could smooth out this process during peak times. Theater was clean, seats comfortable, and audio quality was on point. Slight diffusion from the projector, image could have been sharper.

Rodney Smith

NCG Cinemas in Gallatin are a great place to see movies. The audiovisual equipment works well, the seats are comfortable and the staff is efficient and friendly. They have a big selection of snacks but we prefer their popcorn, to which we can add more butter.


Dead inside, do not recommend the popcorn. It was not fresh and it was cold

Jason L

Awesome theatre. Always clean and no long lines.

Patrisha Webb

Love this place! Great pricing, clean facilities, comfortable seating, great staff, wonderful atmosphere and 6$ Tuesdays with discounted concessions. Can't beat this theater in my opinion!

Katlyn Walters

I really love this theater but it doesn't have reclining seats like Hendersonville's theater. Lovely staff and great quality overall. The movie snacks are expensive as expected.

Amanda Gagnon

Sign up for emails and get a free popcorn... Upgrade to a large popcorn for a $1 and get free refills on all drinks. Great value

Jessica Dieter

Really nice. The best theater in the area by far


Could be cleaner! Need help from the patrons and their bratty kids!

Ariel Wright

Bathrooms are not as clean as they could be! The theatre itself was nice and overall clean. I did not order food here, too expensive.


Good sound system installed in this theater

Debra Necessary

We really enjoy this movie theater. The popcorn is delicious, free refills too!

Don Simpson

Great customer service

Luci Koban

Clean, big comfy seats, very reasonable matinee prices ($6), easy to get to....just around the corner from where I just moved. Nice neighborhood theater.

Angela Hill

I went to see the movie 'Overcomer' with a friend, it was amazing! Great movie

BA Skellington

Staff is always super friendly and the environment always feels nice and clean!

Bryan Lillard

Nice clean theater. Comfortable seating and less expensive ticket prices.

Georgie O

always clean and a very friendly atmosphere

Barry Reid

Great movie theater. Really comfortable seats and very clean. Free drink refills.

Jason Cook

Free drink refills, a great place for a kids birthday party.

Wesley Barnhart

Large clean seats, clean clear screen..

Chris Gray

Love this theater. Its clean and has great prices compared to other theaters in the area. Usually my first choice when I'm in the mood for a movie.

Cheree Meredith

I LOVE this theater! They have some really nice family movies and deals. Great choices in concessions! Viewing rooms are clean. My feet have NEVER stuck to the floor

Kevin Welch

Reasonable ticket prices with free refills on drinks. Theaters are well maintained and the projection and sound are solid. Movies have less trailers than most theaters with commercials for products instead.

Neal Gilliam

Very nice staff, good show times, cheap food (which is weird for a cinema), clean theaters, and tons of parking. Better than what I'm used to I'm in my last town. Definitely going back.

Franklin Garcia

Great place to go to.

Sherie C. Woods

Great customer service...clean and free refills on drinks and popcorn all sizes

Kimberly Wix

Clean fast friendly service

Edgar Malone

Love the cinema and Godzilla was a good movie

space in time 88

Great movie great customer service

Nicole cooley

Great prices for movies. Friendly service and staff. I will always come to this location with my family.

Mike Reed

Great place to see movies. Reasonable prices.

Hype Wolfe

Employees were friendly. Theater was dark, sound system was good. Overall a standard movie experience. Chairs were more comfy than other theaters I've been to for sure.

Kevin Bass

Great theater. Very clean and friendly.

Paul Canas

This cinema is always clean, they offer fresh pop corns and the soda machines are top of the line, you can mix the soda the way you want it with free refills? and the price for the tickets are fair.

James Burns

I see that they have recliner seats that's New to me

Kaylee Hofstetter

Best movie theater. We live in Franklin KY and still drive to Gallatin TN to get here. Good rewards program and super comfortable seats. You also get to refill your own drinks with their Coca-Cola Freestyle machines and add your own butter/fun popcorn seasonings!

Cindy Woolcott

I love this theater ..the staff is great and the price is way affordable

Gerald Brown

We've been here many times to watch movies. The seats are comfortable, and there is such a variety of soft drinks. You can earn points for free popcorn

Deborah Hamby

Great theater for the price. Best concessions over all theaters in the area.

Paul Singleton

I do generally like this theater, but do not like that they do not have a dedicated ticketing counter and they make you go through the concession lines. It really slows the process, and feels like they do it just so they can sell more refreshments at the cost of customer satisfaction. Also, what's the point of allowing customers to buy tickets online, such as on Fandango, if you still have to wait through a concession stand line to actually get your tickets when you get there (unlike most places)?

Robbin Snow

Love price & love the refills !

Abby Kemp

All we ask for was a small tray to put POPCORN in! My husband is in a wheelchair and we had to set behind him, not able to share. I understand that they're are people who take advantage of the "free refills" but I talked to THREE PEOPLE one claiming to be a manager. RUDE, RUDE, RUDE not budging dis not care that he's in a wheelchair! Will NOT RETURN!!!

tamala Meador

We visit every week, and always have good service, fresh pop corn, plenty of choices for drinks and candy! Tickets are cheaper than other local theatres. I just wish the bathrooms were cleaned more regularly.

Cassandra Carver

Loved it watched a movie with my 12 year old it was a blast


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