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680 Pinnacle Pkwy, Bristol, TN 37620

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REVIEWS OF Marquee Cinemas Pinnacle 12 IN Tennessee

xan joy

A nice environment, comfortable theater and helpful staff.

Gerald Burke

Spend the extra money othe MXC. Worth every penny.

Dominic Teague

Went to see Godzilla King Of The Monsters on opening night. Staff are very friendly. The seats are really easy to relax in. The sound system has outstanding bass and surround sound. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my visit!

Flip Fury

Very nice place! Lots of room and even has a small arcade in the lobby! Very comfortable leather seats with electric recline option! Try the MXC theater it's awesome!

Jim Carter

Great screens, Great seats!! Not a bad seat in the house!!

Nikki Lohrman

Best movie theater in the area for sure! The Seats are amazing. The theater rooms are huge so you don't feel over crowded. My go to theater.

Kyle Bowling

Best theater around hands down

Jacey Howell

Super clean, nice, upscale theater! Friendly staff, super clean bathrooms, delicious popcorn, and the best drink machines ever! Comfortable seating, spacious isles, and great picture! Watched Halloween 2018 and Bohemian Rhapsody here, and both were perfect, crystal clear! Great sound as well! Gave us cold chills! Love the buy online option, and just the convenients of that process! Saves lots of time and interaction! Definitely my new favorite theater! Worth the drive from NC!!!

Gary Underwood

Viewed End Game in the MX whatever theatre with the reclining seats. Great screen size and awesome Dolby sound not to mention the comfy seats and clear sight lines. Worth the extra $1.50 on Tuesday night when they have the $6.50 seat deal.

Krissy X

I love this place. The popcorn has never been stale. The seats are amazing and the sound is fantastic. We would gladly drive the extra distance to this theater for the comfort than the one close to us.

David Crawford

Always enjoy visiting this theater. Even the smaller theaters are nicer than most anywhere else

Brian Mutter

First time to watch a movie there and really enjoyed it

Kip Davis

Not a bad place to see a flick. Floors aren't sticky and seat reclines. The refreshment areas could use some deep cleaning.

Larry Hayes

Love this theater! Love the seats, no one can put their feet on our chair or kick you during the movie. Free refills on drinks

swat 4579

I highly recommend this theater! If you can watch a movie that is on the mega screen. One of a kind experience! It's was worth every penny. Will definitely be going back again and again. Staff was very helpful showing me to my seat. Would definitely give this place a 10 star if I could.

Jurnee Jordan

BEST THEATER EVER!!!! We love going to the Pinnacle because it is such a luxurious experience in the Tri-Cities area. You feel like you're going to a major movie premiere every time! It is very pristine, and the staff is always so professional and friendly!

tirken eowin

As far as theaters around this area go, this one is the best I've seen. A little expensive, but you can always go matinee. I remember when tinseltown was $10+ too, and that was 5-10 years ago, so you can't blame them for getting their money back for the building.

Amber Ball

Always clean and nice, concessions are great.

Hunter Morrow

Hands down the best theater in the tri-cities. Cheaper concessions than the rest with a way better facility and overall great atmosphere.

Charlene Bryant

This is by far the best RECLINING, comfortable and feels like home movie theater chairs! Plenty of arm room, cup holders and convenient place in your recliner for your popcorn. Highly recommended place to take your sweetheart or your family !

Jessica Drinnon

We love everything about this theater, from the online ticket purchase option and quick QR code check-in, to the cushy, reclining seats.

Jody Moore

Love going here! Always clean and comfortable.

chris greer

Not quite the pinnacle, especially seats, but still very good theatre and comfortable as theatres have always been.....regular

Rhonda Mellons

Nice. Relaxing seats with recliners.

Wendy Matney

The only warning that I can give about this place is the chairs are too comfortable.

Benjamin Couch

Comfortable seats, decent service, and overall a clean pleasant atmosphere.

Sandra Plaster

We (our family) enjoyed watching “ The Grinch”. My daughter April works for HMG Sapling Grove .Beautiful theatre.. love the reclining seats. Very clean and friendly staff. Nice experience. Pricing for snacks should be cheaper.

Graphic Designer

Very clean and modern look. Love the reclining seats!

Kristy M

This theater is awesome. The seats are so much more comfortable than the ones in other local theaters. There are way more snack options too. Plus we like how you reserve seats then we can enjoy other shops and restaurants at the Pinnacle and not worry about missing the movie.

Richard Sawyer

Awesome upscale theater, great reclining seats, 3d tech, great sound but you pay for it all, very expensive and like most theates you concessions will be more than the tickets.

mary wilson

Are first time here and it was awesome. Friendly staff and huge theatre and awesome reclined chairs

Neiner Machine

Simply one of the best theatres around, but snacks are way ridiculously over priced but the ticket prices are great compared to most and you get what you pay for

Eric Russo

I drive 30+ miles to see a movie here instead of in Kingsport. Very comfortable seats, I love the reserve your seat online feature, no more rushing to get the 'good seats', I also love how this location will show older movies every month. All the staff I have come in contact with are very friendly and are able to answer any question. My only suggestion would be to update the arcade to feature tournaments through Xbox One and Playstation 4. Stand up arcade games are outdated and with a little investment, this could become a place where gamers could gather to play online with others.

Jessyca Simerly

The cool aspect of this theatre is you can pick your seats. The snack bar is awesome but expensive. I would suggest eating before going to a movie. The seats recline and there is plenty of room in the aisle so no one has to move awkwardly to make walking space. Each time I have been here, it is always clean. You definitely get your money's worth.

Britt Thomas

Best movie place in East Tenn/ va

H Hickson

Best theater I've ever been in. Reclining cushioned chairs, and the ability to pick your seating makes this an awesome theatre. Then add in the fact you have access to a liquid butter dispenser for your popcorn and you quill be in heaven!

Andy Jimenez

Easily the nicest theater around! Huge, reclining seats, a near buffet of snack options, and just an impressive building with a nice atmosphere.

Kayla Swift

Horrible.Horrible.Horrible Popcorn. Like the seat. But a movie isn’t a movie with out popcorn. We go to Tinseltown just for this reason.

Matthew Short

I really enjoyed watching Avengers Endgame here. I was able to reserve my tickets online. The seats recline so you have plenty of space to yourself. The facility was very clean. Someone was waiting inside the room to help people find their seat if needed. I drove two hours to watch this movie in an environment like this. Also as a 6'4" person there's plenty of space.

Jon Ross

Movies have gotten too expensive to frequently see at places like this, but when or if you do, it is a great experience. I highly recommend ensuring you see your movie in an mxc theater. 1-$2 more but worth it!

Michael Rogers

What a great theater! The seats are widely spaced and power recliner with a foot rest. The concessions is great as well, standard movie fare, but you get to dispense your own drink in dozens of flavor configurations and add your own extra butter if desired. The sound and video are top notch. This is by far the best theater I've been to.

With Held

Very clean and impressive looking place. Tons of leg room with reclining chairs and foot rests. Definitely a great experience compared to being cramped in a typical movie theater!


Great, clean comfortable theater with private reclining seats for everyone. Seating is reserved and ticketed. Great place for a movie.

Cody F

Very clean, and friendly staff. The theater itself is really spacious, don't have to worry about rubbing up on someone if you have to walk out the aisle. Seats were verrrrrry comfortable the fact that they recline is awesome, only downside is the cost of concessions. Pretty costly. But all well worth it.

Keith Whittington

This is a very nice place to watch your favorite new movie. They have 12 different theatres to watch and the sound is awesome in all. We have been several times and have not had a bad experience. They will do private parties for your group as well. The facilities are kept clean. The only drawback I have is the costs. Tickets, popcorn and a drink will set you back $70.

Chip Tucker

Awesome place..reclineing chairs

thomas anderson

Great place to enjoy movies with the most comfortable reclining chairs. If going to see a popular movie must online the tickets/seats before in order get get decent seats and view. Never set in the front rows section.

Lee Self

I got to watch Mission Impossible Fallout. The experience was excellent. The theater was very clean and the reclining seats very comfortable. The only real issue was I was too comfortable and almost fell asleep. I need a couple of these chairs at home. The staff was friendly and quick to help with any issue. Overall well worth it.

First Last

Theater itself is fine - the website is a napalm dumpster, and more of a 90s throwback than Captain Marvel. After 40+ minutes of trying to buy a ticket, in multiple browsers, on multiple devices, I give up. I've never seen a company work so hard to run away from money. It's 2019, you can find a web designer/admin on fiverr for a $1.50, what the hell are you doing?

Angela Cradic

Awesome theater. Great for kids and adults.

Jonathan Kyker

What I like best about this theater is its reclining seats and wide isles. There's nothing like being able to sit and watch a movie and not have to worry about someone's butt in your face as they go to the bathroom.

Clover Sheehan

Plenty of seating room, even in the smaller theaters. Popcorn is great, but the drink machines are a disappointment. Flavors just aren't the same and often too much flavoring gets put into the beverage, even if I only do 1/4 of the cup with the flavored soda. Ultimately, this is the theater I go to when treating myself out for a special movie occasion.

Cheryl Rowe

As with most theater, concession is very expensive. But I just love the recliner seats! I do suggest you bring a blanket, it's always very cool.

Don Ramey

Awesome comfortable seating and very clean.

Anthony Laws

Favorite cinema to visit. Seating is awesome

Jennifer Rosario

Love to make it a point to go to the movies on Tuesdays where it's only about $6

Jerrod Berven

When it comes to value, other theaters can't compete. Going to a different theatre to see a movie just isn't the same. I actually enjoy the experience rather than feel like I'm getting ripped off.

Charlene Archer/Loyd

Very nice theater the chairs are comfortable and the Tuesday special they have is awesome.

Brandon Stalcup

Great place with reclined seating great sound large screens and plenty of shopping near by also

Mark Cummings

Best place in the Tri Cities to see a movie. Sound is great, reclining theatre seats even better. No bad seats due to tiered seating. They are a bit pricey though. It costs more to go to a movie now than it does to go out for a nice dinner practically.

Linda Moody

Great place to go and very comfortable seats. Excellent movie theater.

Jonathan Stevens

Awesome theater, great seats!

Jackson Skinner

Excellent theatre with excellent seating. It's well worth the extra $

Jane Jones

Very comfortable. A little pricey.

Tim Eubanks

Best movie theater in my area. Others are remodeling to complete.

Teresea Wells

Comfortable seats, good location, excellent customer service, and good parking.

Kim Oliver

Clean, reserved seating, reclining seating, quality snack bar, just overall nice theater.

Gilbert Suarez

Great atmosphere. We were in the mxc theatre and the seats reclined back far enough to sit comfortably. Very wide aisles for ppl to get by. Clean and well maintained.

Ben Moore

Awesome! Have seen so many movies here. Good selection of snacks. Bathrooms are close to the theaters.

Angela Lee

Comfortable seats and great sound. A fun experience.

Angie Farmer

Good environment and lots of fun!

Paul Durham

The seats are very comfortable if you are willing to pay an additional $2+ per ticket if luxury is what you want in your movie experience. I'm fine paying less during matnee at Tinsel town.


Love this theater. Leather power reclining seats!

Mimi Bird

Very nice theater. We love the reclining seats.

Angela Spence

It was great prices of popcorn was high

Aaron Gordon

Best movie theater experience so far

Leah Griffin

It's EXPENSIVE, just for yourself expect to pay 25 to 30 dollars. The seats are nice and are recliners. I'm just as happy going to Tinseltown at ext 7.

Mary Baker

Always such friendly staff and definitely worth the drive from any where! The comfortable seats are well worth it alone and the prices are reasonable for food and beverages. The owners are super nice as well and the atmosphere is definitely well done. I'm so glad the Tri-Cities has such a great place to go for entertainment.

Nate Zollman

This was my first time going! The entrance is well maintained. Walking in, everything was clean and also very easy to navigate with large signs. The staff was friendly. It was nice getting to pick our own seats and pay at the kiosk. Theater 12 was super clean. The seats are out of this world amazing! Reclining with plenty of leg and arm room! Easily numbered for precise location. The sound was perfect, even feeling it in the seat! The restrooms were extremely well taken care of. I will definitely go back time and time again!

Jojo Shrader

It's a nice, clean and modern theater.

Michael Johnston

Big city movie house! Huge entry, clean, easy access for wheel chairs, descent food selection, and seating! Go!

Elizabeth Cook

Awesome movie theater! Friendly staff! Incredibly comfortable seats!!

Jeffrey Norton

It's one of the nicest movie theaters in our area. Food could be better.

Kimmy's Krew

Great theater.. plenty of leg room so you don't feel cramped. The reclining chairs don't hurt my feelings either!

Nathan Kosmak

I do love this movie theater, but it's not without issue. Reserve seats are great but without an usher people often take your seats and then you have to get in an argument to get your correct seats. That being said the sound and picture quality are top of the line and the seats are so comfy. It's the only place I watch movies in the Tri-Cities.

Joyce Gogley

Excellent place to watch movies

Jeremiah Moody

The MXC theaters are amazing! Even better than IMAX. Most recently saw Avengers Endgame there, then went to an IMAX and watched it again, expecting the experience to be better, but MXC is where it's at!

Jillyan McCowan

Awesome reclining seats. Very clean.

Adam Lallande

Being able to select seating when getting tickets and comfortable seats were both a plus.

Newz with Z

Best place to see movies in Tri-Cities area

Lee Doty

Really nice theater. Seats are real confortable.

Tricia Salts

Best theatre in the tri city area

Wayne Curry

Comfortable seating. Staff is friendly and courteous. Personally I am of the opinion that the concessions could cost less, but maybe that's just me.

Gage Summers

Great service everytime they even hooked me up with a hellboy poster! Love it!

Danielle Ruiz

The best theater you'll find in the Tri-Cities!

Jennifer Garland

Love the reclining seats. Also best screens and audio around.

Maleficar Kadan

The seats recline and were very comfortable. The only thing I didn't like was their website. It doesn't have a mobile friendly version and was a pain to use.

Jarrod Evans

Awesome place and can't wait to come watch "Karma the price of Vengeance" on the 25th!


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