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2105 Court Ave, Memphis, TN 38104 Located in: Overton Square

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REVIEWS OF Malco Studio on the Square IN Tennessee

Constance Duckett

Loved it

DeAndria Morrow

Love this theatre. Wine and fine foods are where it's at. Worth coming to catch a movie!

Beverely Marek

As a grandparent who lives in Midtown, I would love to take my grandchildren to a movie here! ?? I was told that they do not do kids movies(PG) bc they serve wine?? They serve wine at all the other "malcos"???

Alouisha Wynn

I loved it!!

Derek Chavez

Theater chairs need to be updated, but the neon signs and decor were nostalgic. There is actually a parking lot here, so that's a BIG plus here in Memphis! Picture quality and sound were good. Theater was easy to get to. All around good experience!

Max Thomas

Popcorn tasted fresh and the place was really clean :)

Justin Lee

Love this place because no line to wait.

Ben Strassman

seats a lil uncomfortable but it has a bar so that's neat

Truc Nguyen

Recliner seating is great. You get more space and you get to recline. Love the new renovation. We saw Detective Pikachu and the kids loved the theater and movie. But as always, snacks and drinks are high.

Russell Mitchell

I loved it.

Tmm Kaee

My fav, parking is terrible though, early arrival suggested

Portia Robinson

Watched IT chapter 2 it was dope

Jacob Gomez

Nice screens but squeaky seats prove to be an annoyance

SoutherN ReepeR

Great theater for ppl in midtown

Larry Loveday

Nice enough theater. They offer both mainstream and independent films, which is the reason why I visit. Serve wine and some desserts in addition to the usual theater fare. Smaller screens, regular seats and decent sound.

Samrangi Ghosh

Excellent place to catch a cheap movie!!!

Joseph Norman

The theater is always clean and the seating is great. The auditorium is a little smallish but the screen viewing is good.

Jean Joiner

I enjoyed the movie very much about Queen and the refreshments are great and friendly staff

James Franklin

Never again will I come here! The reason is finding a parking spot is horrible and the drunks will talk and get on the phone throughout the entire movie. This the first time I been to a movie theater where there is no room chaperone to watch over uncivilized adults.

Steve Williams

Good movie theater

C. B.

Great seating

Jeremy Collins

Love the seating!

Terry Carter

Really appreciate the equality and respect given

William Oates

its a good theater for the size but i usually go to the paridiso for the sound ans size of the screens but this one is within biking distance if you live in midtown,still its a good place and i like the decor in the lobby,good posters and that old movie camera is great

Kai Alimayu

Cool little movie theatre!

John Griffin

Small but cozy.

Sidney Nelms

It is nice and clean and the people there r nice and helpful

Rebecca Sledge

Love the wine selection....

Scott Peachey

Very nice experience, wonderful staff and the place was superb in terms of cleanliness. They serve alcohol! Which is a wonderful perk during movie watching. Not alot of food stuff to choose from, so the traditional popcorn will have to do. Great movie choices to choose from, they do a good job of getting the top movies coming out.

Michael Ray

Clean theaters, great picture and sound, comfy seats... And beer and wine! The prices are a little high in comparison to a bar, but not by much, and the selection of local craft beers is fantastic. Well worth it to have a drink and see a movie. Plus ticket prices are very affordable. My favorite movie theater!!

Panache Farris

Love, love, love always nice and clean

William Webb

This cinema shows an electic mix of movies, blockbusters and some lesser known movies. But it's time for a renovation here. It's starting to show its age.

Robbin Houston

Very nice place to have food while you wait for your movie very clean

Samantha Purcell

Great location and the atmosphere is really cool!

maia** cook**

Love the features, the seats are comfy and spacious and concessions are inexpensive

Marquette Isabel

Great place to go see a movie.

Elzee Dewayne Martin

Great place to see movies, saw Shazam, it was very well made.

Maggie W

Nice theater in perfect location.

Donnalq Brunetti

Movie ok for Senior outing

Dexter Lowery

Nice, quant place for movie. A little different menu than most. Also has a bar.

Bill Cook

A great theater for an evening show. They have sandwiches and better type desserts besides the standard popcorn and Coke. I like going to this theater.

Miguel Estrada

Great audio and staff, stinky old movie theater, but you get used to it

Keenon Payne

The food was burned to a crisp. Theater floors were sticky with drinks. Bad customer service and attitudes were on 100 during my visit. Will never return and you shouldn’t either.

Sarah Koon

I think I'm being generous with three stars. I do like the intimate feel of the theater, and it's usually quieter than Paradiso. But all of the theaters smell like urine. And lastly, if you buy your tickets online, you have to pay a convenience fee. I can't remember what it was exactly, but it was about $5 or $6. But when you go to the theater, you still have to wait in the same line as everyone else to print your tickets. If you printed your tickets at home, they have to still scan them for you in the same line. I have to say, though, that the worst part of this theater is the urine smell in the theaters. It's alarming.

Rachel Johnson

The theatre is okay. It’s smaller and some theater seats are raggedy and/or broken (i.e.Holes in the seats and arm rest that do not work). Went to see movie one week day night and trash had not been taken out, huge trash can filled to the top by the screen was an eye sore.

diana mitchell

Nice, clean and cozy, wonderful staff! They also serve wine and coffee

demarcus Prackett

It was ok I paid 15 dollars for nachos and extra everything and I didn't get it

Brent Crenshaw

I love this theater, but it's in severe need of an upgrade. Seats are raggedy and broken. The one I'm in only has one arm rest lol. The area is really growing up, and this theater should too!

Rashida Steele

Smaller than the paradiso but closer to home

Kimberly Clark

Great place! Would definitely visit again.

Nick Linville

Theater was fine. There was no control over the other guests though. Multiple people getting up and walking with flashlights on while talking. No attempt at all by staff to provide good atmosphere. They serve alcohol though, so that's a plus.

dredrick moore

A cozy movie experience

Wendy Briscoe

One star because the smell & heat is unbearable. This is usually not the condition. A warning sign would of been nice. The smell is nauseating. Left before the movie started.

Sharon Williams

The food was good but pricey. Relaxed atmosphere.

Thomas Van Fossen

I went to see IT: Chapter 2 last night on September 7 for the 10:00PM showing. I could not be more displeased with what occurred. I had to switch seats twice because of broken seats. Also? The amount of ambient light from the cell phones being used during the film was aggravating. And one more thing: I should not have to feel like I'm going to get a contact high from being in your theater. Do you not care about people getting high during your movies? I don't want to be around that. I would like to respectfully call upon you, Malco, to do a better job of making your theater a clean, functioning, welcoming, and enjoyable location to visit. I waited two years to see this film. The entire experience was ruined. This is unacceptable.

Elias Gutierrez

Great service. Only complaint was a weird smell in the theater 4 and 5.

john smith

Great theater!!

Wendy Shick

I don't like spending $20 plus at the concession just for me and having to beg for butter. Then still had to go back and ask again. I don't care how the workers like theirs, they are there to serve what customers ask for and when someone says LOTS of butter and they are spending that much give them LOTS. This is the closest theater to me, but the other 2 I go to offer do it yourself probably have lost my business.

Nicholas Matlock

Great theater

the real stank Collier

This is a B movie theater at best only because they don't offer select seating but if I must say so it is a nice little cozy theater sort lines very adult atmosphere love the place me and my wife go all time but it really should look into select seating

Stephannie Rawls

Always pleasant; never dirty!

Leon Talada

Nice theater, alcohol is to expensive.

Alva Flowers

My favorite movie spot

John Dumas

The Madea movie was good and the pizzawas great

Bucking Fitch

I absolutely love this theater. It's always clean with friendly staff unlike the larger theaters in Memphis. I would like to see them add audio descriptive services (headphones) for the visually impaired. We have a huge population of visually impaired in Memphis that get overlooked and they have to travel to Little Rock for these options.

Joe Pipkin

It's nice. The seating is comfortable and the sound is very good.

Latasha McQueen

Although my husband and I live in the city, this was our first movie experience here. This is definitely one of Memphis's best kept secrets. I had a glass of wine while my husband opted for the cheesecake! Don't think we'll be going to any other movie theaters as long as this one is here. Great food, smaller more mature crowd, and the seating is a bit more comfortable in comparison to most theaters. #Date Night!!

Spencer Regelson

What a comfy and quiet theater. The lobby makes it seem really classy for a movie theatre, and I love that they have a beer and wine selection, as well as healthier menu items than other movie theaters. I really do love going here, and the location is wonderful.

Colleen Detaring

Great location but food is pricy

Larry Scott


Tucker Jordan

Great prices and location and very nice people working there. Also super clean. Maybe a lil wd40 for the chairs could help them be less squeaky

Sara Lovel

Studio has a great mix of blockbusters and indie flicks. Plus they serve wine and beer and they have fruit and cheese plates and other food, not just the standard candy and popcorn. This is where everyone in midtown is on a Friday night.

Billy Walters

This is an awesome theater, they have 5 screens when they first opened they showed mostly all Independent films now they shall s Independent films, and a few mainstream films. This place serves wine and beer and food and of course the traditional popcorn nachos and candy. It is a nice small quaint cozy place to spend with friends or a loved one I used to work here I loved it.

Deborah McLane

Attended movies for OUTFLIX film festival. It was excellent.

Carolyn Hare

Love this place. Nice and private atmosphere


Nice atmosphere. Plenty to do in the area

Eric Elion

It's nice.

Bobby Hagebusch

Always a great experience!

Anita Holford

Nice movie theater

Le'Trice Donaldson

Its an ok movie theater, but it needs to be upgraded. All the Malco theatres need to be upgraded in the Memphis area.

Turner Allen

Awesome value

Byron Jenkins

My favorite of the Malco chain.

Antione Holden

Great movie theatre


Best movie place in the city. - without a doubt

Lauren Turner

It's in a good location, really close to bars and restaurants, however it's not well kept or updated much.

Brenda Johnson

I had a great experience there

Gareth Jones

Friendly staff, good food and drink selection, and they tend to have a great lineup of recent movies. Picture and sound are both good quality, but seating needs a little maintenance and sometimes the theatre rooms aren't up to a good standard of cleanliness.

Albert Franklin

While it doesn't have a vast selection of films it does have that quietness and serenity that a lot of theaters don't these days. They don't have the big block busters that usually come out so be aware of that. The seats also don't recline. But they're never sold out. So it's the perfect place to go if you've eaten at any place in midtown and want to top it off with a nice little film.

Sean D.

Nice area

Mindy Roberts

Too noisy due to film festival. Interfered with movie

Tracy Parker

Nice atmosphere. I had a glass of wine while enjoying the movie

Richard Neal

I enjoyed watching Superfly. The theater was clean and quiet. However, they need better sandwiches. The turkey (only sandwich)was very dry and only mustard, no mayo.

dustin green

Love mid Town, and love seeing movies!!!!great place to go for a drink and a movie

Tamara Berry

Our favorite spot to enjoy a movie.

Portia Cutter

Excellent service & comfort

Ryan Mathis

Nice, albeit small lobby. Chairs are comfortable and tickets are reasonably priced

Theodore Brown Jr.

Went to New Theater down town Power house beautiful!

Noel Coward

Facility is a bit dated. Staff was friendly though. Basic concession fair.

Sara Shughart

Horrible parking at this location, but they are one of the few Malco's that show indie/arthouse level films in the area.

Robert Jones

Fabulous theater. Great picture and sound system. State of the art plus IMAX. My go to theater to watch first run movies.

Janice Carr

Love this place. Only wish they would convert to leather seats with the whole bedbug epidemic.

MsWEb cam

Great concessions friendly staff

Riley Matthews

They serve adult beverages!

Gloria Jones


Scarlett Tanner

My grandkids love this place very nice

John Zubiate

I love this place. It's my favorite theater to visit.

Raven Kelly

Great place to watch a movie

Casey Vinson

Clean, comfortable, and rarely crowded.

Dale Kay

Always a great experience here. Staff very friendly and helpful.


Cozy and cool. Not a big mall mega theater and convenient if you live down or mid down. Most of the patrons are nice folks, but unfortunately you have people like Chelsea Butler, who go there, give it one star. Notice she is the only one. …

Stynaaa Lenysse

I love it

Jake Cole

A great little theater nestled in Overton Square. Staff is friendly and the theater is clean. Awesome selection of food and drink. If you like midtown and the square, this is a great place to see a movie.

Regina Woods

It's the best atmosphere for adults.

Martin Raymond

The location is really the selling point here; you can't beat the convenience if you live around midtown, and it's awesome to walk to one of the bars in Overton Square after a show. Could be a little cleaner, could be a little cheaper, but still a way better option than driving to the paradiso

Timothy Washington

First time ever going really nice

Janois Tillman

Avengers endgame awesome

Audrey Hill

Great experience!

Adam Truong

Nice small and cozy theater to watch movies in. I watched the Joker there recently and didn't have any major problems. I did however sit in a seat wrapped in duct tape but besides that it was a great place.


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