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REVIEWS OF Malco Stage Cinema IN Tennessee

shadawndra white

I love the new chairs and renovations it definitely amplifies the movie experience

Araceli Garcia

Luxxxxxxx theater experience. Go for a matinée and knock yourself out with their reclining seats! Love it and come to this location whenever i can.!

Lori Burris

Great seating. A little warm inside.

Jim Crouse

Love the new seats! Makes sitting in a theater comfortable.

Vicky Shackelford

I was very impressed. Have not been to the movies since the remodel.

Rolando Vargas

Super nice, food so delicious, movie room very clean, sistema sounds incredible, nice and beautiful audience.

Pamela Griffin

Love this theater, it's the only one we go to anymore. Love the recliner seating, and they'll even deliver your food to your seat (during certain times). Get the chicken tenders...they are amazing!

Brian Kee

You have to try the new reclining seats and ample space between rows. Make sure to go during a Marvel movie.

Mrs Pj Wynn

Very clean facility , comfortable movie seating (recliners) and nice staffing .

angelina s.

Today I came to this theater to see the new movie Intruder, the seats are very comfortable but the staff is horrible. It took forever for our food to come and when I asked for the wait time there were many attitudes about my concern. Rude staff, will not be coming again.

Vaughn Berry

I love the redesign! It says they really care about their clients and intend to remain invested in the area

901 Resources

This use to be a nice Movie Theater but things have gotten bad. All the seats are numbered by the seat you purchase so why demand to see a ticket when you see someone hand is full with nachos, hotdogs and a drink. This is stupid

T Freeman

Traumatizing experience for me! Was in the movie early before anyone else arrived. All of a sudden started hearing a scratching sound. Stood up and looked by the wall & saw a huge RAT come through the wall & jump down!! Needless to say I ran out of there screaming..told employees & management who only replied “Okay, would you like a refund?” Which led me to believe they’re aware of a rodent problem...smh...never going back again!!!

zina jordan

My favorite movie theater. Love the new renovations

Paul Spitsbergen

I just have to say: WOW! The new renovations to the theater (especially the seating) are exquisite and luxurious. Powered reclining, wide, soft, and leg room to spare... like living in the lap of luxury! And the service was friendly too. Malco has outdone themselves and Bartlett now has one of the best theaters in all Memphis.

Jekiya Udell

Although i didnt get to go in i generally like Malco theatres. The best thing on the menue is the chicken and fry combo... Never dissapoints. This is the Theater with the reclining seats so you can feel comfortable while watching your movie.


Loved this theater it was nice and tucked. It wasn't crowded. The seats were extremely comfortable! I could have fell asleep in the seats.

Dedra Dorris

The new reclining seating is so comfy!

Genevieve White

This is our favorite theater to go to right now. It is clean, the employees are friendly, and these new recliners in the theater are the bee's knees. My entire family loves them. Movies cost an arm and a leg to go see now, so that's expected, but if you go before 4, you can save some money which helps. Very much recommend.

Deadrick Doggett

The upgrades are fantastic! We love going there!

Amanda Motto

Incredibly spacious theater seating, with reclining chairs and mixed drinks. A little weird picking your seats when you buy your tickets, but, hey...reclining chairs!! Very nice experience.

karla carpenter

Beware of Rats!! Worst Experience Ever! I just spent $75 for tickets and food for 3 people!!! Left the theater before my movie ended because the biggest RAT I have ever seen jumped down from the curtains and onto the chair in front of me!!! I notified an employee and he just responded okay. I then notified the manager and he too wasn't shocked and said okay!!! OMG!! So not only are the employees aware of the rat problem, based on the manager's reaction, management is aware there's a RAT problem!! This has to be corrected!! Immediately!! I will not return and will notify the Health Department!!

Jonathan Wagner

They perform some kind of sorcery by showcasing moving pictures that talk.

carolyn johnson

This is a beautiful movie theater. The theater has beautiful reclining chairs. This was the first time that I sat on the first row but I could see perfectly with the reclining seat.


Big place and yet pretty crowded,but they are pretty popular.

Felicia Matthews

The reclining seats were a nice touch, but I did not like having to preselect a seat. If the people are talking excessively next to you, will you be hassled by the Usher if you move? Let me pick my seat when I walk into the theater.


I love this theatre after the remodel! It's very comfy in the reclining chairs.

Denice Rose

I'm here for ALL of the great upgrade changes that the Malco Theaters have made. Just truly amazing - it makes for a great movie experience. Seats are definitely comfy , way more walking space to get to your seat even if people are already seated in their seats with the recliner extended out. Wow I love it great job Malco. Lastly let's not forget about the added menu choices.....

Shereka Newson

Clean and relaxing!We drive from Desoto County in MS just watch movies here!!

Anna Lewis

Loved the recliners! So clean and comfortable!

Heidi McDaniel

My family and I love going to the movies at the Malco. It's nice to see that they are updating many of their theaters, and changing the experience of "going to the movies".

staci woodworth

I enjoy coming to this theater because, it is nice and comfortable. But just recently, they started to have a pest problem (mice). And last night, I was with my sister watching a movie and, a mice ran up her leg. We moved and switched seats and, we saw another one, running upstairs. It made me paranoid and I could barely enjoy my movie. I just think they need to, get the rodent problem under control and everything will be fine. Other than that, it's not a bad theater is nice, they just started having his problem and, it just needs to be taken care of. The three star rating is because of, the mice problem.

Jared Raney

Malcolm stepped up their game at this location. Fantastic seats and super clean. The only thing missing is an arcade. Otherwise, a great experience!

Shirlyn Bradford

Recliner chairs very comfortable and the place is clean

Jenny Sims

So much fancier with the remodel. Reclining chairs, less crowded theaters, and you pick your seat when you pay. Love it!

Ren Rem

The recliner seating is the bomb! The one thing that would make it even better is if they did IMAX @ this location.. They have a "bar & grille" which is neat.. but I'd like to see a pizza kiosk.. and maybe an ice cream kiosk as well .. like the big theatre that I experienced in the huge mall in Kensington London U.K.

Vivian Sawyer

Love the new renovation!!! The seats recline and you don't have to worried about someone foot being on the back of your seat. There is enough space for people to walk past you if you are reclined or not. Again these are my opinions.

Cindy Davis

Love the new reclining stadium seating. We have enjoyed the new menu too. Gives a new meaning to dinner and a movie!

Jamie Jones

I enjoyed everything here except the temperature inside the theater. It was entirely too warm to be comfortable and took away from the enjoyment of the movie.

James Turpin

Great service. Remodel is awesome

Angela Sullivan

Went to see John Wick 3. Love the seating arrangements where you now pick your seat before entering the theater. The seats were comfortable as it allowed you to recline Almost felt like home, only with a stranger sitting next to you.

Ashley Laura Hunter

Love what they've done to the place since the remodel. Great and friendly staff.

Ora Walton

Very comfortable movie place.

Tyler-Wayne Fleming

Ok, so if you have a website online, then you should try and keep it more updated. My girlfriend and I went to see a movie this weekend and we came here first. We got inside and the movie we wanted to see wasn't even playing!? But online it said it had all these listings playing. So for future reference, please try to have things like that on your website saying maybe, "seats sold out" or something like that. Thanks.

Leonard Brown

They've updated the

Cheery The Chestnut Squirrel

The movie theatre has always been my favorite place to be. This one in particular is very good. It will also always hold a special place in my heart because i went on my first date ever there. Again one of my favorite places in the world and i will definetly be going back soon

Mary Francisca Jones

It was Great! Purchased tickets online, entered and went directly to the kiosk to print our tickets, easy peasy!! =) grabbed a few drinks, found our movie and sat in some ridiculously comfortable recliners!!! We felt like we were at home with all our friends watching the movie together!! Sound system was Awesome! Theater was clean, the Staff were Excellent, the Most Honest Employees I Highly Commend them.. my brother lost his wallet, he went back to check and see if it was in our seat.. no sign of it, we got home I called again just to double check.. sure enough they found it, it must have slipped out of his pocket when he was reclined. Absolutely nothing was missing.. I'm telling you.. We have Great People here in Bartlett!! I truly appreciate y'all so very much! I totally recommend this place.. Enjoy your time knowing Honest Truthful people are taking care of you here!!

Jerry Layden

The seating was great. The seats recline almost to a bed like state. The popcorn was warm and my drink wasn't 95% ice. I would have given it 5 stars but the attendant said they only have 1 bathroom for men and ladies by the concession area. I'm diabetic and I was in theater 10. Almost didn't make it

Chris McDonald

Comfortable chairs and nice staff.

Loretta Nelson

Prices was a little high but the choice of movies was great and service was good

Nolan Smith

This theater is so nice since remodeling! You purchase your seats before you go into movie, oh individual reclining seats!

Monica Wilkins

Theatre itself is a great space. Open, airy. Reclining seats, well it doesn't get much better than that. Staff was very stoic, peculiar. Lacking social skills. No pleasantries at ticket counter, or concessions. Very young walking dead.

Ashley McKinney

Only thing i didnt like being seating right in front of the screen. Other then that the chairs was so comfortable and a relaxing setting. The movie showed very clear and audio was on point.

T Dunn

Love the new seating. Reserved seats are pretty nice. Popcorn could still use some work..if its not fresh then it kinda tastes like “Cherrios”.

Jaye Dillingham

Always great to go see a new movie. There bathrooms could use a little more attention, but all in all great experience.

LaSonya Macklin

I love the new set up for this movie theater. The recliner chairs were very comfortable. You get to pick seat you want and section. The service was very nice although the speakers weren't working properly. Everyone was refunded their money back or received another movie ticket to see another movie of choice. My Sister and I will be back to see another movie.

Memphis Coach

Once you go reclining seats, you dont go back! Need I say more! Go check it out!

Pretty King

Field Trip with my grandchild's school. They have upgraded very nicely the place is clean and I love the reclining seats. Makes me want to go to them movies more often!

Lawrence Young

The best place ever to catch a good movie

Susan Peete

It was clean a little slow at the window. I can't wait until they get recliner chairs.

Megan Finger

Bartender Baldwin deserves a raise , he was so polite and listened to my whole spill . He made me feel like I was at home . I enjoyed my talk and will definitely come back when Baldwin is there ! WORLDS BEST BARTENDER ! Fyi food was fantastic ! Cooks did wonders !

La Mccanless

Love the reclining seats. A little loud for such small viewing rooms tho

Lekenya Williams

I love love love the make over in this cinema!!!! The recliners are a big plus!!! We will start going to movies more.

megan bush

Love the reclining seats. Theatre is always clean and food is fresh

Jasmine Zust

Best movie theater in Bartlett with large comfy reclining seats, and the food from the grill is good, too. They will even bring it out to you so you can enjoy the movie, if it is not too busy.

Brandon Amacker

By far the best movie experience! Reclining seats, cocktails and great concessions! I will be back soon!

Clara Espada

The best theater experience I had in a long time

Rachel Ji

Comfortable chairs! Reasonable price

Jeremy Lafrain

I don't know if the phone number is correct nobody ever answers.

Lo Huck

Love the reserve seat thing and the seats! So comfortable I passed out watching my last mobie there

Elizabeth Keltz

The reclining seats are amazing! I like the smaller seating section too. Haven't tried out the grill yet. Might have to next visit.

Jason Edwards

The newly renovated theater is super nice. The new bar and food offerings make the theater experience more enjoyable and the reclining seats are a very welcome upgrade. Nicely done Malco.

A McBee

Awesome after the renovations! Very comfortable leather reclining seats. Nice staff and very clean.

Crissy Taube

Recently refurbished, holy wow! Thoroughly enjoyed my last visit. Will return soon!


DO NOT BOOK ONLINE! I booked for the top row, seat number J-6 online an hour ahead. I get to the movies, and print off my ticket from the Kiosk. It gave me F-10! I had to go back to the front desk to inform them I wasn’t given what I selected and paid for? What’s the point of booking online if you’re just going to give peoples seats away??

Nancy Howell

Wonderful seating

Thomas Wenzler

Great new recliner seats helped make our viewing great.

Jason Bryan

Great service clean place


This theatre is experiencing RAT problems!!!!!!! I have family and friends that have seen them first hand. Management does not seem to care. I refuse to watch a movie here until this issue is resolved. I will happily drive to Collierville until I feel safe to return to Malco Bartlett. I had to give one star or would not be allowed to post review.

Angela Gray

love watching a movie in the comfy recliners! always clean too.

videria willis

Great movie theater!! friendly staff, clean, great atmosphere and comfortable recliner seats

Pamela Jones

Wonderful seating. And the variety of food and drinks were great. Could be used for private viewing party's.

Jackie Sykes

Pizza is nasty, fries are too salty, and the burger was kinda dry. I wish they would've kept the pizza they had before the remodel. Speaking of grab your blankets and recline so u won't have to spend and extra 10 at the front for cover..its cold in there

Donna Johnson

Clean, comfortable, great seating IF you are not too large. Movie and sound quality are excellent.

Brock Wayne

Would have been a 5 star rating had it not been for the way Malco rips you off on food. They have a picture of nachos combo and it has jalapeños on it, all included with the price. But if you order it they charge you 75¢ extra for jalapeños without telling you. Stop ripping people off and be honest about your pricing.

Solofanua chica

Great movie. But why did they go from eight dollar tickets to eleven dollars? The seating was uncomfortable and the staff was not even accustomed to it. The food was more expensive than a fine restaurant, so not worth going on a empty stomach. Sneak in your own food... Its cheaper that way.

Dana Fiveash

Awesome place. We drive from Atoka to this one even though we have a Cinema a half a mile away. It's cheaper, cleaner and the recliners are the best!

Earline Williams

Enjoyed my food and the atmosphere

Aubrey Wade

I absolutely love the new remodel!!! The seats are super swank. And I love that they have ‘momma and daddy’ drinks now! Makes it much easier to have a family night at the movies w some chill time for the parents. :) If the movie looks sold out - ask if they held back any seats...

Fatkyd Brabant

Clean, friendly no complaints.. BTW seen Lion King and well worth it..

Gemini Ann

I love this theater. They have reclining seats. Very comfortable.

Wes Smith

Downton Abby, seat D7, theater 7. Movie was excellent; seat needs to be worked on, one side is a little out of alignment with the other. The staff is excellent! Favorite movie theater in Memphis!

Gretchen Peterson

We really enjoyed the recliner seating and picking our seats. There was a line to get tickets but no one waiting to use the kiosks for tickets. It was nice to skip the line and get our tickets quickly.

Casey Vinson

Nearly impossible to get a beer here. Get there early if you are thirsty. Seats are super comfy though and prices are reasonable!

Adrienne Griffin

Awesome. Especially with all reclining reserved seating. Makes it easier to be sure everybody, you are with, sits together. Get there early enough, you can order your food and they will bring to you in theater. Not the popcorn, but food from bar

Jonathan Cummings

The greatest theater of all time! I'm loving these new luxury concept theaters. It's my new happy place. Lol. Seriously happy...

King Jererian

Nice movie theater also great customer service & good food/snacks

joy criner

Major upgrade! Leather recliner seats, grill, and drinks and wide surround sound screens... paradise

Thomas Johnson

Very comfortable settings and full service at home atmosphere. Like watching a movie on the big screen with all the comforts of home.I never had to leave the comfort of my seat for any reason,including food.My choice for the Cinema experience!

Tommy King

This is a solid theater. The prices for concessions are the same as any other theater (high). The food is pretty good. Being able to have beer or wine during a movie is nice. The seats recline and are very comfortable. Being able to reserve specifix seats is great.

Kathryn Spencer

This place is great. Love all the updates!

Ernest Obando

Great surround sounds, great reclining seats, lots of space.

nicole johnson

Love the upgrades. Nice theater. Drinks could be a bit more alcohol for what you pay.

Bobby Wedgworth

Excellent experience! Safe, clean, amazing seats that recline and lots of space. My new favorite theater!

Jennifer Parker

I loved the seating and it was a good movie!

Courtney Randle

The cashier definitely needs to be trained better.

Li M

Great atmosphere, clean, loved the reclining seats

Melissha Southard

I love this place!


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