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REVIEWS OF Malco Smyrna Cinema IN Tennessee

Keith Barton

They had no ushers to deal with the people recording the movie and talking the entire time but was a good experience with the ticket kiosk

Fred Williams

Great theater! Much better than AMC.

Tammy W

Very comfortable seating. Friendly employees. Haven't been to the movies in years and it was a great experience

Toshua Brooks

It's always hot. They need the air on especially if it's going to be crowded.

Tina Head

Very nice movie theater

Anna D

I have no problem with seating, since I bring my own. There are parts of the building under repair, but the auditorium wasn't.

The Cherokee Gypsy

Let me say. I love the movies. This theater is always so clean and stocked. Me and my fiance went to watch the late night movie "Captain Marvel" and was fine, until i got hungry. I wanted some popcorn and a drink, yet they already had the entire concession stand closed,while patrons were still watching the movie. I couldnt find any attendent to serve me, so i started saying "HELLO, EXCUSE ME" Nothing. Finally i walked through the employee door, and asked the rude gentlemen that i was there to see a movie, and that all i wanted was some popcorn and a drink. Thats all. He rudely said to me "Mam theirs nothing i can do" i said "I have cash" meanwhile, theirs tons and tons of popcorn in the back. All he had to do was get me a cup, fill it up, i pay, then boom. Instead he refused to help me, and all i wanted was a simple bag of popcorn, and he couldnt even be courteous enough to help his paying customer. The movie thater had customers, and the concession was already down. Thats not right. I work in customer service, and that is not how you run a buisness. I even offered to TIP him if he just grabbed me a small bag of popcorn to enjoy my movie but he refused. When you have customers, you dont abandon the counter, you dont abandon the concessions. We are paying customers. True, the customer isn't always right, but i was trying to be respectful, and he was rude. If you go see a late movie and get hungry, dont expect to get any service.

Brandi Nichols

The kids working were sweet and did took getting the attention of the ones working to get tickets and had towait for someone to notice we hadnt been helped to get a drink because they were to busy talking. They really need an adult manager out on the floor to also help with the bullies like the ones i witnessed tonight. The movie was great! The theater was clean also!

Eunice bongiwe Idahosa

The experience was great.

Valarie Rogers

Customer service was good but the popcorn was stale and old. I like my popcorn hot and fresh. One pro is you can add your butter. Movie theater was clean as well.

Chandary Keo

Nice movie theatre not too crowded!

Dee Mitchell

My favorite cinema!! I hope they get reclining seats. What I've heard about AMC, they are rocking it!

Angi Voigt

Nice cinema, we actually drive in from Murfreesboro because the prices are way better.

Carole Begley

Saw the Lion King it was awesome!!!!


I always come by to this movie theater as it’s great for family and friends. Come early to get fresh popcorn and good seats!

Jerry York

Really awesome had a great time

Kim Noseworthy

I love this theater!! Very clean and the staff here is always friendly. The concessions are fresh and the movies are current. This is not the closest theater to us, but we drive here anyway because we like it so much better.

Lette Brown

Awesome! CLEAN, Lighting good, sound great, movie well received, almost like we were only ones in theater!

Diane Carroll

It was ok they could have more comfortable seating,but it was clean.

Amber Morton

Very clean and the chairs are so comfortable! There were a lot of people at confessions and they were very fast.

Donna Arsenault

Had a great time with my grandson!

Alison Day

I love the discounted movie prices on Tuesdays! They're also remodeling the theater to have reclining seats, so the theater will be even better in the future.

Donshai Turner

Great place to enjoy a night out. Usually helped by Dominoe and she's amazing and always on top of things.

Martin Widick

This is not a review of the Malco but of the screen where we saw the latest Fantastic Beasts movie. It stunk. Pillsbury was advertising some baking mix and each chair had a slip on it which had some cookie scent on it. It smelled ok for about the first 5 minutes but got old very quickly. I would never again go to a screen which was advertising that product and never ever buy Pillsbury again.

John Watkins

Theatre was nice staff was friendly refreshments and tickets are rediculously high but welcome to the real world. Overall a pretty good value

Christy Carter

Great place to catch a cheap Tuesday movie!

Brian Haslett

Always clean. Sound system is great

Mishtiel Deanmon

I understand that it's a theater and movies are supposed to be loud but this was TOO loud. I might just be getting old. I don't know. Other than that, the establishment was kept clean and tidy and the concession staff were very polite.

marisa hairston

Very nice theater. Very pleasant personnel.

Tik tok Monster

My favorite movie theater!

Derrick Kivlighn

Clean theater good prices overall good experience

LuAnn Grimm

Nice theater, comfortable seats and reasonable concession prices compared to most.

Patty Gonzalez

My family and i like coming to this cinema We enjoy ourselves.

Naser Altameemi

This is a nice movie theater. quite comfortable.

Chloe Barker

I think the seats were pretty comfortable! Sound was good but a little loud. I had a great time...

Pam Thompson

Very clean theater, friendly employees.

Madison Uchiha

Way better than AMC. Staff is nice, movie tickets are affordable, theater rooms are way more comfortable. Love this place.

Lisa Renee Mosier

Had a fantastic night. Everything was awesome.

Ankh rafiel Ali

Nice as far as theaters go


Compared to other movie cinema’s I’ve been to, this is by far the best. Clean area with reasonable ticket prices. Every cinema has over priced snacks but that’s always to be expected. Comfy seats and all around great surround system.

Mindy Kerbs

Favorite theater in the area.

Random Camron

Now when I tell you this is the best freaking movie theater in Smyrna it is the best movie theater in Smyrna. The staff is so friendly and funny I feel so welcomed And loved right from the door. It’s not often that you find an establishment. That cares so much about the customers. Specially after I found out that on Tuesdays the tickets are half price, It’s so fun and efficient. This one time I walked in and I went to go see dumbo And when I went up to go buy a cup of Coke these two employees were We’re fighting over who gets to take my order and it was the funniest thing in the world. The tall kid who took my order was just a hoot and made my day. I would have to say 10 out of 10 best movie theater I’ve ever been to.

David Pyle

Pretty good theater. The prices are great compared to AMC or regal. However they do lack premium recliners, and some of the little extras the other theaters have. However for the price, you cannot complain too much! It does get very busy though! But the staff does a great job keeping everything on course!

Jennifer Cooper

Nice theater, reasonably priced tickets. Bathrooms usually need a lot of attention. Can't believe I'm posting bathroom pics on a review, but this is pretty much the scene every time.

Charles Pickett

Movie theater was avg, there was nothing impressive about. The seats were comfortable, the movie was clear and had good sound quality. They use Dolby Digital 7.2. I didn't get any concessions so I can't review that. Over all it's like any other movie theater

Pat Britt

Clean theatre, comfortable seats, quick to get tickets and get seated.

Vanessa Richardson

Toy Story was so cute

Pamela Hoak

Went to see Hobbs &Shaw,it was a great experience for me and my child!!!! You gotta check this show and Malco out!!

Aj Smith

Been going since I was kid still a awesome place to go.

Matt Chamberlin

Everything was great. Nothing negative to report.

Steven Roberts

Decent pricing, decent theater, customer service was pretty good, can be a hit or miss though sometimes. Seating is decent. Etc.

Cathy Hickerson

The upside was a great and funny movie that Kevin hart malco Roxy is a really nice cinema

Steve Hays

Love this theater... close, reasonably priced, all first run movies, family

Charlie Rowlett

Hobbs and Shaw is a very entertaining movie.

Angie Estok

Nice theater, clean, well organized. The concession stand is very nice. Quick to purchase tickets.ALL STAFF were extremely friendly. The Guards were awesome, as I was on a Walker, they opened the doors for us, he even walked me to the curb, and waited for my husband to bring the car around, helping me get into the car. One of the best movie theaters all the way around. Exceptional movie night experience..And Dumbo is such a great movie...

Rashounda Gibson

Always clean. The only downside is when there is a major movie coming out they tend to be unprepared and very scattered when crowds arrive

Geoffrey Breedwell

Experience was great at Malco. Prices on concessions were fair, place was clean, and the seats were comfortable. The staff was friendly, and there wasn't 45 minutes of commercials before the movie. It was great. Definitely a great place to watch a movie!

George Mayfield

Wonderfully great pkace to go to on a weekend :) ;)

Brett Morris

This is a basic movie theater. Decent movie prices. Go on Tuesday nights for the cheapest tickets. Very clean and staff is very nice. Also if your movie is delayed for any reason they give out free movie passes for you to use for another movie.

Christine H

Love this local theater.

David Alvarado

Didn’t have Good boys

Samuel Wingard

When I came in today I had a promotion from VUDU for 8$ off shazam tickets. The cashier and manager both did not know what vudu was even tho it's a movie app to watch movies. How do people who work for a company that shows movies not know about a app that is used to watch movies. The promotion had a code on it for them to input in there computer to take it off but the associates did not know anything about the register other then to take money. The bathrooms where not very clean. $5.50 day is about the only thing worth coming to here. Pay a dollar more and you get better service and better seats in murfreesboro.

garry cardwell

Enjoy the theater good prices on tickets food and drinks is costly. Its always clean plenty of parking. I have so never had any issues with staff they are Lways friendly.

Surreal Spicecreations

We went to see Escape Room. It was really a good movie. This place is clean and the staff is friendly. We also had fun playing games while waiting on our movie to start

Matthew D. Mason

Top notch. Polite staff.

kimberly mcmillin

Clean and sound is great

Wally Saba

Can't wait for the new recliner seats!

Renee Abdo

My girls loved everything about it from staff to how huge the theatre was

Richard Brown

Loved it. Most comfortable theater around. Sound could be a little louder on the dialogue.

Lindsey Alejo

Could be cleaner and more comfy. Im stuck on AMC chairs

Vanessa Caruthers

2day was Grandson & Granny day we went 2 go see The Lion King It was a great movie loved the Animations it looked so real Life Like

Virginia Tyce

It was nice. More modern Apex in Murfreesboro AMC

Deisy Valdez

Came here with my sister who lives in Smyrna and comes here often. I have only came about 5 times but I can say that this place is starting to go down hill. It used to be pretty clean but now the women bathrooms are dirty. Let kids go in unattended who spill water everywhere. Also, the theater rooms itself are filled with trash on the floor all the time, as if they don't even bother cleaning up after a movie is over. The customer service at the food and beverage section can be better. Mostly teenagers working on the weekends. Aren't nice but aren't mean either, mediocre. The ticket handlers are awesome though. Always very nice.

roberto vargas

This movie theater is very nice and clean. I always come here to watch a good new movie

darren jou

I love this movie theater, It's very comfortable.

Mandy Thompson

I had horrible service tonight! Whoever the lady in charge was, was very VERY rude! Normally I wouldn’t even bother to complain about this, but she downright was the rudest human being I’ve ever met and for no reason. I went in right after I got off work and I don’t have a car so I had a target bag with my work clothes. And I completely understand for safety reasons no bags (even though I’ve seen people go in with large bags/purses—but that’s not the point), but normally with any bags like this it’s just checked and that’s it. I have never been told bags like this were not allowed, but now that I know I won’t bring any. But when we simply asked about leaving it up front until the movie was over, we didn’t get a polite “sorry we can’t” we got a snobby ass comment from the lady in charge. Now I’ve seen many people leave behind things for the fact that the purse might be too big or they have a backpack, so that’s why we asked. But now I want to know the whole new rule behind all this so there’s not a situation like this again. I just want something to be said to this lady, bc she shouldn’t act the way she did when all we did was so a question. I’m not sure if she was having a bad day or what, but it doesn’t look good for someone in charge to be a complete ass to customers.


Besides the seats and food pricing, there's nothing to complain about.

Emilie Staudt

Very nice and clean and easy to get a good seat and enjoyed my experience with my family

Nathaniel Greene

Popcorn tastes like it's about a week old. I saw them bring a big trash bag full from some back room. That popcorn should have stayed in the trash where it belongs. Is it really that hard to provide fresh hot popcorn like basically every other theater in the area. If we're going to shell out $10+ dollars for popcorn, they could at least make a little effort.

Amanda Cobb

Very nice theater. Friendly staff.

Marilyn Chapman

Service was great. But the movie Annabelle movie sucks. Not worth your money or time.

Jonathan Fitts

This theatre, in my experience, is always clean and fully staffed. We always get popcorn and soda, never had an issue with the food. The staff is polite and courteous with my family. This is our theatre of choice.

Allison Appleton

There are no recliners like the new ones but I love this theater. It is always clean and not freezing like some. You can add butter to your popcorn on your own.

Holly Cox

Tonight was the first night of reserved seats that recline!! They were so nice and comfy!!

Millie Smalley

Very nice theater. Very clean. The staff was very pleasant, which was a plus.

Tim Peterson

Went to 4pm showing and the popcorn tasted like it was from yesterday...

Patricia Ayala

We purchased our tickets a couple hours before the actual movie but the gentleman put the wrong showing. We came back and our tickets were for the previous showing. The woman at the ticket booth handled the situation very appropriate. We were able to get in to the showing without any complications. However, the popcorn we received was bottom of the barrel crumbs. The staff was very friendly and polite.

Michael Davis

Everything was nice who's clean proper I appreciate it had a good time

Mariam Hakeem

The movie theater was awesome and the employees, only complaint is why don't the employees have a key to the dip n dots machine??


Fun, Bright, Pretty, Fountain Cinema! This cinema is just FUN as soon as you walk through the doors!! :) It had 80s music playing, and a cool, beautiful water fountain in the middle of the lobby!! :) AWESOME that they had the inspirational film OVERCOMER playing!! The movie names were on bright neon lighted signs above the movie theatre rooms :) It even had a small arcade! Seats were comfortable and it wasn't freezing in there, YAYYY!! Also fun and cheerful floor, and nice bathrooms !! My new favorite cinema....we just need one like this in NASHVILLE, IN DONELSON OR HERMITAGE AREA!! Awesome cinema :) Thanks for showing family friendly movies like OVERCOMER, MALCO CINEMA!! ;)


Try not to get in Jeff's line he wasn't friendly at all today. Overall the theater was clean & the seats are very comfortable. If you arrive early they have a small arcade on one side & a couple of tables with chairs on the other side.

johnnie Skull

8 bucks for large popcorn it could have been fresh

Buster Day

Theater great but was cold. Be sure to dress warm in layers. Was clean!

Princess GG

Wonderful time..but the ice cream machine wasn't working.

Margaret Witt

It was awful.. We had to leave 5 min into it. Complained to lady manager and she only said sorry

Patricia Parker

Popcorn wasn't great. Butter flavoring tasted old. Cashier was leaning on the register. Seemed inconvenienced with us wanting butter in the middle of bucket. Previews didn't work. Garbage can was in middle of exit before everyone got out of theater. Saw the Grinch. Great movie.

Haley Davis

We've never had a bad experience, this afternoon we watched Angry Birds 2 Frenemies.

tony jones

It's good but not as comfortable as it can be and the concession stand is great


The theater is nice. The staff is polite and nice. Movie experience was good except for the approx. 20 unsupervised noisy kids that surrounded the theater room. However an usher came and stood near while the movie was playing to help keep the chatter level down. Loved the surround sound.

Tiana Winston

I went to the Smyrna Malco theatre around 9:55 to go see the nun and I bought some popcorn that was extremely nasty and cold so me and my date didn't eat the popcorn. When the movie was out we saw the stand was closed but I saw two employees sitting on their phones. So I went over there and talked to them about it and showed them the popcorn bucket and that we didn't really eat any and the reason why. They said they couldn't do anything about it but to call up in the morning and talk to a manager. The guy that told me that was African America. He was sitting right next to a Caucasian guy and they both said a manager wasn't there!! It's 1:46pm 09/30/18 and I just got through talking the RUDE MANAGER "Cara" I asked for her last name but she said she doesn't like giving out her last name. I told her what happen and she said she can't do anything about it cause it's his word against mine, I asked her if they had cameras in there and she said yes so I was wondering why she couldn't zoom in on my popcorn or the situation. She literally tries to basically say I'm crazy when I told her I talked to someone that worked there, she said "you didn't talk to someone that worked here because the movie was let out after everyone went home and I was the only person here" like first of all they said NO manager was there and I have a witness that seen them too. He even took our order at the stand!! I can't believe she LIED to me like that. Why would employees say you're not there if you were?? And then she was so rude on the phone like she didn't care about the situation. I asked her if I'm talking to tight theater and she still says I'm talking about someone that doesn't work there! I'm beyond mad because I know this is a customer is always right situation. I hope you guys find a new manager for that store because she is beyond rude and she doesn't listen to the actual complaint. HOW CAN YOU SIT THERE AND LIE TO MY FACE TELLING ME I WAS TALKING TO SOMEONE THAT DIDNT WORK THERE AND THEY HAVE ON A WHOLE UNIFORM??? She should've said hold on and check the cameras! I had to get off the phone and try to call corporate and I think she gave me a wrong number cause it says the number has expired. I can't believe the nasty experience I had at this theater! Never in my life has a experience ever been this bad. Especially with a manager. I bought a large popcorn and drink that I didn't eat and I just wanted a refund for the popcorn. But what got to me is that she said "It's his word against mine" so you knew he working but tried to say when the movie got out no one was there? He had a uniform on just like the guy sitting next to him! Both with name tags! You can ask them about last night and if they lie then y'all don't need to be working with any type of customers.

Tracee Garcia

The theater was boiling hot and little help from staff. Will not be back


I’ve been coming here since they opened. I really enjoy the experience every time.

Sandy Willmert

Concessions seem a little high but the gentleman refunded$3 back on my mom's ticket because shes a senior citizen.

Larry Peck

Overall very good theater... Like all it's expensive but it's clean and well maintained

Kayla c

Clean nice theater

9 ca

This place is good and it have a good bathrooms.


I love Tuesday $6 movies

Mariam Michel

I bought 2 3D ticket movies to Aladdin and after my friend and I watched by the movie we wanted to take a picture next to the movie poster. As we were walking back to take our picture, an African American employee asked us where we were going. We politely told her that we just watched a movie and we were going back to take a picture beside the movie poster. In response, she insisted that we show her our ticket after an older employee told her that he just saw us walk out. Though my friend still showed her the movie ticket and yet she would not let us back until she saw mine as well. Her behavior was so rude and I would not return to this place just because of her insulting attitude .

Matthew Singh

Nice theature and very well keep up

diane Williams

Nice comfort seats clean people real nice

timothy moore

One of my favorite places to see movies. Very clean and nice folks that work there

Rey Ramos

Seats were too small. Amc has new seat and lot more space in between. Price was fair and not to bad.

Casey Matthiesen

The actual theaters are ok. Place seemed dirty and could use some TLC. Thw place is super small too.

Mick Langley

The kids enjoyed the movie and the sound system was good. A few broken chairs that was marked.

Den Sechva

Nice not to busy when we went. Bathrooms was clean.

Andre Richmond

Very nice staff


Loved it! Very nice theatre with great snacks.

Ronda Carroll

Love the new seating!


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