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5853 Ridgeway Center Pkwy, Memphis, TN 38120

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REVIEWS OF Malco Ridgeway Cinema Grill & Bar IN Tennessee

Kim Harden

I love this smaller roomed theater with big comfy chairs! That you can order food and they will bring it to you is just the cherry on top. Folks are friendly and helpful. Usually not long lines to stand in and they move them quickly. Great experience!

Terri Patton

Love this theater. Comfy seats, full grill and the best popcorn.

D Mac

Great film selections that aren't always mainstream blockbusters, super clean, great concessions, easy to get to with no lines, and THE SEATS are awesome! It's my favorite Malco location.

David Bahniuk

Great Grill at a great movie theater the seats are really nice and wide you can get beer and wine and sandwiches and paninis and I'll bring it out to your seat before the movie starts helps get there early so that they can bring it out again before the movie starts there's never a crowd there and the people are really respectful and they don't talk much during the movies I highly recommend this theater

Felecia Collier

The parent of the Forest Hill Irene location, it's always a leisure to watch a movie at Ridgeway Cinema. Unfortunately, when I went, they were not serving anything from the grill, and the popcorn was a tad bit too salty (typical, right?). But all in all, it is one of my favorite places to go.

Patricia Burns

We had an awesome time, enjoyed our show!!

mark taylor

Good food. Reasonable prices. Small theater. Comfortable.

Molly Clark

Lovely theater with comfortable seats that all offer a great view.

Teresa Sullivan

Best movie theater in Memphis.

steve smith

Saw the film "Itzak". Ate toasted ravioli. Great end to a blah day at work.

Baul Solanos

Great place to go. I never saw this in any other malco theatre, and that there is a restaurant when your in the movie and recliners which both are really good

Frankie Wade

Best theater in Memphis for adults! Movies we relate to. Comfortable seats. Handicap friendly. The food is surprisingly good, considering it is a movie theater!

Anders Goranson

Seats need to be upgraded to recliners. Grill is great!

WANDA Bergloff

This place was very nice and the food was great! Employees very friendly and helpful. Would definitely go again!

David B. Peel

Grown up movie theatre. Great SEATs. Also Makes you feel young to go there because everyone is older than you.

Joe Spake

Our go to Malco location.


Clean environment, great staff.

Tori J

Less frequented than Paradiso so there aren't any huge crowds all the time. The chairs in the theater are super comfortable lazyboy-like recliners with built-in double cup holders. You are also able to bring your wine into the theater.

Kym Netters Murphy

Hidden jewel in our city. Quaint, clean and not congested.

Hernan Silva-Zetina

Fantastic movie theater. I just wish the seats were taller. I feel my hips coming off their natural position every time I try to sit down or get up. The seats feel like toddler seats.

Ragan Murphy

You sometimes forget it's there but you will not forget when you go. Seats are soft and spacious. They serve wine and food. Beware - matinee ends at 4:00 after that the tickets are $9.00. Overall, I wasn't too upset that I missed the matinee by 10 minutes because the ambiance was 1st class.

Carolyn Armmer

Great fast customer service, food delicious, seats very comfortable and lots of room and space between. Tuesdays are senior days, all movies are $5.50.

James Woepse

The seats and each seat has it's own table.

Gavin Karelitz

My favorite theater in Memphis! Comfortable padded seats. They offer real food, beer and wine, in addition to the standard movie theater items. If a popular movie is playing, be sure to arrive early!

Stacie Carlson

I absolutely love this theater! Wonderful, comfy seats and great food. Had the mediterrean pizza on my last visit...highly recommend!

Michael Old

My favorite Malco theater. Nice seats, adult beverages, and great movies that don't get wide distribution.

Mario Hoof

I enjoyed my experience here. The seats were very comfortable. The attendants were very friendly. The food looks great.

Joe Barnard

Always a great selection of quality movies and friendly staff

Karlinda Hernandez

Great movie theater. It is elegant and charming. Excellent experience. I will come back soon

Chris & Haley Wilson

Great facility and great food. The chairs were super comfortable.

Wayne Warren

Love this theaters layout. Stadium seating is comfortable and people do not step on your feet when they get up and come back during the movie. Have yet to have a bad view from any seat. The concession stand has nicer snacks than just popcorn and candy bars.

Marilyn Turpin

Very nice theater

Beatrice Brown

There are lots of movies to choose and everything is fantastic!

Shawn Lane

This is my favorite movie theater in the Memphis area. It is a small theater with only 4 screens. The seats are so comfortable. If you are hungry for more than popcorn and candy they have you covered. They will even bring your food when it is ready.

Ed Revugh

Tucked away within the i-240 office parks, this 4 theatre venue plays smaller films and attracts a more mature crowd. Prices are pretty standard. One awesome and subtle aspect is the concession offerings. This place sells beer/wine and "gourmet" snacks. These items are not hawked very loudly but do carry a monopolized price tag ($6-8 beers). Very comfortable atmosphere.

Anirudh Madhusudan

Loved this theater. The seats here are wide and there is enough leg room. The ambiance is perfect. I watched two movies back to back and it was the best movie experience I have had in Memphis so far

Christie Dorius

This theatre shows films that seem to fit an older, more cultural genre. It is also safer than many theatres.

Ray Lipham

This is the place to go if you are tired of the mega theater experience. Cozy with a nice limited offering of beer and wine. Nice comfy seats too.

Rick Moor

My favorite movie theater. Great seating with room to move around. They pick good movies to show. Grill has good food to enjoy while watching the movie. We drive from Hernando to go to the Ridgeway, about 25 miles. Worth the drive.

Kathleen Schettler

Love this place...they always have my kind of movie and the staff are so accommodating!

John White

Good cinema. Not full of loud teens like the other ones

Jeff Witinok

It's a tad hard to find being recessed off the road a bit, but it's a quiet place once you do. There's hardly any traffic and it's only two theaters.

Gregory Frazier

A quaint movie theater with a friendly staff.

Chris Rinehart

This is a very nice cinema in East Memphis. If you've never been, Google the address and let your GPS or phone guide you. This theatre isn't located on a major street. It's located in an office park. In fact, the corporate office for the cinema's ownership group is in the same building as the theatre. This theatre is very small. It only has four screens and the theaters themselves don't have an exorbitant number of seats. This cinema tends to show movies that appeal to an older crowd. In fact, you're likely to see more senior adults at this theatre as opposed to teens. This theatre shows more drama type films and documentaries as opposed to Star Wars, Indiana Jones, etc. For example, last time I was there, I saw "Won't You Be My Neighbor?" The seats in the theaters are HUGE with plenty of leg room and cup holders for your drink. The theaters are generally very clean. Your shoes won't squeak when you walk in the theaters because of spills, etc. No popcorn boxes and candy wrappers all over the place either. This theater has a bar for those that like a drink with their movie. Additionally, my wife has a movie pass and it worked fine at this theatre.

Monique Williams

Very nice, neat, clean and quiet theatre. Seemed like a great place for the late 20s and above age range. The restrooms, well the women's, were very clean. However, I was UPSET that the concession stand closed before I could get a refill on my popcorn and drink. I would have liked to know they were going to close early prior to purchasing and/or leaving with my items. I do understand the workers have to clean up after movies, but let people know!!! Simple as that. They would've received 5 stars if it weren't for this flaw.

stacey beall

All the staff were polite and fun. Great selection of independent movies with roomy , extra.comfortavle chairs. I love the fact there is a full bar to upgrade the movie experience. I will make this my choice movie theater.

Chris Fairbanks

Really nice, comfortable seats. Screen 4 (only one I've been in) is shaped weirdly long, so the screen does feel smaller than it is. And they left the lights on dim through the entire movie, which was distracting. Nice enough place to see movies that aren't playing anywhere else nearby, but the lighting thing was very off-putting.

Mike Kincaid

Love this place, comfortable seats, great view. Nice get away.

Morgan Jones

This theater has 4 movie screens and it is a pretty small place. Sometimes the timing of the movies aren't perfect so you gave large groups of people waiting with no where to stand. Also, the screens aren't that big and there really isn't a good "seat". The seats are very big and comfortable though.

Tiffany Joe

This is by far the best theater in Memphis. It is small and cozy with the best theater seats ever. They serve great food and my personal favorite... WINE!!! The crowd is an older and calmer crowd so you don't have to worry about rambunctious teens beating you down after the movie. I love this theater.

Tommie Henderson

Best theater in Memphis.

Chad Roberson

My cinematic childhood and adolescence is in the walls of this building. Still my favorite theater.

Terry Brown

Smaller venue. Popcorn and Did a quite pricy.

M D Jackson

Really nice place since 1977. Staff were outstanding! Modern, updated an clean too! Great location

Shemaira Alexander

I absolutely loved my experience! Great food and movie!

Vicki Wilson

1st time at this theater but it won't be the last. This theater of also has a bar-and-grill and they will serve you in the theater. The seating Was fantastic with wide rows and very large heavily upholstered recliner style seats. It felt like it was a cut above theater. Would be a great place for a movie date.

Jim Lindsey, Jr.

Being the home office, it does not necessarily cater, to the younger generation, which is a big plus. More adult oriented atmosphere. The grill is nice. The studios have first class type spacious leather seats with ample space between them. However, the seats are starting to show their age and most are in need of general maintenance. We had to move locations three times in order to find a seat that did not lean too far back, (ie weakened springs). Otherwise would have given 5stars.

Susan Slauson

Four smaller theatres but quite nice - intimate feel - I like it!

Van Preston

Super nice. who doesn't want to have a glass of wine and kick back in a recliner to watch a new movie on the big screen?

Demarras Crawford

One of the nicest movie theaters in MEMPHIS.

Bailey Wenger Herrera

I didn’t know what to expect when heading to Ridgeway Cinema Grill tonight but it is the cutest theater. I love the retro feel of it, but they also have done a great job updating the theater to modern taste. The food was delicious (there’s even wine!) and when the staff got our order wrong (one of our entrees was not rung up on the receipt), they gave us our burger for free! The bathrooms were also very clean and updated. I’m impressed and look forward to going back.

Laura Faught

Our favorite place for those movies critics like. Comfy comfy chairs. There is a full menu and some wine and cheese type options. The theater rooms are a little long and narrow but that doesn’t bother me. Older people are regulars here.

Hayes Hora

This is the coolest movie theater. The movies are very unique and small budget, typically indie films, and the food is very good too. It's nice being able to get an adult beverage while seeing a film as well. This is a great place for date night and it's right across the street from Benihana's if you'd like to have a decent dinner prior to your movie!

Timothy Isbell

Great movies,comfortable seating,& quiet atmosphere.

Mason Capwell

Awesome theatre

Tommy T.

Comfortable, clean and a great cinematic experience!

Tom Jones

Our go to place because it shows the films not seen anywhere else.

Nancy Axelson

Nice theatre

Marjorie Branch

Beautiful, clean, comfortable theater

Justin Williams

I love this theater's seats, but the screens are small, and it's a good place to see a movie if you're frustrated with people's constant need to be on their phones at full luminosity during a movie. The crowd is usually older, much, much older, and they don't seem to screen movies that attract a younger crowd. Also I've been to several film fests of different varieties and had a great time. The seats are wide and have a tray table built in for their food service. Also beer and wine is served here. I've never had any food except popcorn and a soda. Their prices have gone up on concessions which is outta sight to begin with!

AJ Jones

I prefer this place only early hours

Amy Silberberg

Great movie theatre! Love the big lounge chairs!

Sherilyn Brown

The cashier was was friendly and very helpful.

jeremy alexander

I went and saw the newest Mission Impossible movie here and honestly I kept asking myself why I hadn't been there before. It's sort of hidden on Ridgeway...don't ask me specifics. I'm directionally challenged! Thank goodness for GPS. It's in an office park type complex and doesn't look like a movie theatre at all. After you buy a ticket, there's a concession stand. You can get your standard concessions OR they have the grill menu there as well. Pretty standard...hamburger, salad, wings, pizza, etc. You get a number and tell them what movie you'll be seeing. There's four screens only here. The seats are AMAZING. Big, plush leather chairs. When your food is ready they bring it in to you. My ONLY complaint is that there were no tables to eat off of. But I will say, the food was better than I thought it would be. It's definitely an enjoyable experience. It's a theater that tends to mix it up with indies and blockbuster movies. A great movie going experience!

Michael Mantion

Seats are large yet warn out. Wide selection of food and alcoholic beverages.

Angeline Snook

Favorite theater in Memphis! Comfortable seating and friendly staff! The crowd is usually older and respect others by not talking during the movie, which is nice. The gem of all Malco theaters in Memphis for sure!

A. Garey Adkins

Great theater, seats the best!

Jamie Jackson

Very nice, luv the seating, food options & low traffic!!

William Hagerman

What can I say. It is the best and nicest theater in Memphis. Great seat, wine, and food.

Mark Monday

Good theater..nice staff..walls a little thin..I heard the other movie next door.

Gavin Kao

Comfy seats. Unique selection of movies. Good atmosphere.

Russ Sherman

Quaint, throwback theater serving beer, wine, and an assortment of pub-like foods. Tend to show more artsy and independent films. Most comfortable seating of any theater I've been to in recent memory.

Sharlotte Harris

The movie was great. Very spacious seating. Best kept secret they serve wine.

Gary Jones

Comfortable seating and great sound! Food brought to your seat.

Dr. Frances Fabian

Fish and chips we're actually good.

Don Klotwog

Biggest little farm great movie

Charles Lindsey

Always a nice place to catch a flick. They show some of the "smaller," more "artsy" movies, which I prefer over the CGI blockbusters. Great seating.

Juanita G. Webb

Great time. Not too many people. Great staff. Clean restrooms. Good variety of food.

Joy Wilkerson

Green Book was an excellent movie. Theater has nice seating.

Justin Jackson

I cannot say enough good things about this movie theater. I just competitively priced which shocked me a lot because of how nice it is. They have wine and cheese available at the concession stand instead of in addition to the regular soda and popcorn. The seats are extremely nice, they recline and they are well cushioned and very comfortable. The theater in my experience has been great. I went to see "Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing Missouri" and when I went they were very few people in the theater in the theater was quiet and it was a very relaxing very enjoyable movie for the same price that I would pay to go to another theater somewhere else and have a worse experience. It appears from the other movies at this place was offering at the time that I went that they play a lot of movies that the main theaters are not carrying which I love. I love being able to come and see more low-key or independent films in a wonderful setting like this and I highly recommend this theater for a date night.

Teresa Day-Smith

This is such a comfortable theater. The seats are so roomy. Always glad when a movie I want to see plays here.

Ben Patterson

Very quiet and cozy cinema.

Michael Allen

Quaint, neat retro feel place. I'm not a drinker however their wine selection was impressive. Thier menu offerings could use an update.

Terrell Ingram

Best movie theater but needs a variety of more movies

Lynda Smith

Very comfortable seating. Food can be purchased and eaten comfortably in your theater seat. Highly recommend.

Jeff Thompson

This is one of the most comfortable theatre's I've been too. The seats are very large and you have ample leg room and elbow space. They only have four screens so not everything will be playing here. They do serve wine and beer along with some small plates such as a sausage and cheese plate and small pizza. They do have your normal theatre food such as candy, popcorn, and soda if you prefer.

Michael Andreuccetti

Saw a movie, senior discount

deanne evans

Very upscale experience like no other theater you can attend around here.

Wes Smith

Second best theater in Memphis, a hidden gem.

John Layman

I really enjoyed the movie the seating was great

Robbye Neal

This is by far the best theater in Memphis. It is friendly, cozy, and quiet.

Chris Noblett

Best movie theater in town. Huge, comfortable seats. Upscale refreshments. You can order lunch or dinner and they'll serve you in the theater while you watch the movie. Always clean. Rarely very crowded. They tend to cater to the adult crowd.

Paul Lawler

Ridgeway is a low key 4 screen theater with the best seating in town. Even when the theater is full you don't feel surrounded by people. Some seats even have a small ledge or surface to set food and items on. The screens are smaller, but they play movies you can't usually find around town so you'll catch a fair share of indie and foreign films. They serve alcohol and have actual desserts which makes for a good date night.

Asha Holland

Cosy, quiet four screen theater that caters to the independent and niche film crowd. Comfortable leather seats. Standard movie snacks like popcorn and sodas are available; as are options such as lemon meringue pie, grilled chicken salad, & a fruit and cheese sampler. Several beer and wine options to choose from. The theater isn't swarming with teens and children. Ridgeway draws a more mature audience.

September Young

Best movie theater ever I love it that were all senior citizens very quiet great food huge chairs and no stairs I felt very safe

Jeff Robinson

This theater has older clientele. Enjoy a date night with your spouse at this theater and have a glass of wine before or during the show.

Joseph Scott

Great selection of films not available anywhere else in town. Older audience and friendly staff. Great food and adult beverages, only downside is the price and quantity. Overall good theater, especially for a date night.


OMG, we go to the movies now thanks to this little theater. Great food, cocktails and xl seats. The sausage cheese plate, grilled chicken sandwich and sweet treats are a worthy supper even if you dont see a movie. Friendly staff and cozy facility. We love going to dinner and a movie under one roof here.


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