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REVIEWS OF Malco Paradiso Cinema Grill & IMAX IN Tennessee

Andrew Itnyre

One of my favorite parts of Memphis when I first moved here in 2014, And it’s only gotten better over the years! It was the first movie theater that I’ve went to where I walked in, and was taken back by how different the place is. IMAX is absolutely great as well! That’s why I have no problem giving them a complete 5 star rating.

Jarvetta Hill

Love going to the movie and paradiso is my spot

Kris Holliday

Great until the power went out.

Keilah Castellanos

They need to remodel the theater. The carpet stinks and seats are uncomfortable. I know they can do better than that.


Clean, cool theme, good concessions (we did not try the bar/restaurant ordering option), theater had right sound volume, and movie ran with no glitches despite less than 10 people were there.

Nemo Geo

Nice and clean place in general. Had no problems

Janet White

A man who appeared to be an employee stood in against the wall for approx. 30 minutes during the Previews and the beginning of the 2:35 movie, STUBER. He watched the 3 of us half of the time as much as he watched the Previews. Tell him that it's Rude to stare at people as if he hoped we would do something wrong.

Carl Payne

You call that an IMAX? I feel like I overpaid for a fancy entrance and average seats that don't even recline. There's really no benefit over a regular theater. I still like the theater cause there are plenty of theaters and showings, more concession offerings, and minimal foolishness

J. Leonardo

BEST movie theater I have ever visited so far. The sound, picture, atmosphere, and pretty much everything is made to make you feel that you are in the movies. Chairs were some what comfortable but aside from that I had a great experience!

xxxSeana Wilsonxxx

Yay, I love it there! Malco pardisco is the movie theatre to go instead of Malco majestic on Winchester. I go there all the time because the place is clean, the people are not ghetto or rowdy, and the atmosphere is amazing. They have self serving kiosks there too and arcades which is a much bigger than most theaters. The only thing that you may have a problem with is the prices since it’s expensive; if you can afford it. Overall I love this movie theater, hopefully it doesn’t turn ghetto or get shut down if the “wrong-type-of-people” go there. ❤️Army’s? @theanimebaby2 < STREAM DREAMWORLD!

official Esko pachino

Went to see The Secret Life of Pets 2 ... Loved everything about it

Rosalyn Cowans

I'm in love with this theater. Seating is wonderful however I picked our seating to close to the screen. I really enjoyed the surround sound and the big screen.

R A Kaplowitz

IMAX is comfortable but there are big differences in the view depending on which seat you choose. I once had a partially obstructed view which was upsetting given the price premium.

Clayton Ramsey

My favorite Memphis theater - the IMAX screen is worth the extra cost (and provides assigned seating which is a life saver). I recommend buying tickets online and skipping the line.

King Dwag

great movie theater, great surround sound...but the prices for the snacks are a little to high

James Franklin

I only come to this theater for IMAX. It's worth every dollar amount ‼️‼️ If you never experience IMAX before this is the place to be. I just hope they can bring 4D to Paradiso and really take all my money‼️‼️‼️

Nezi Griffin

Movie theaters of new and old,PLEASE go down on the process of your snacks! Jesus! The tickets are already pricey enough. I did enjoy the customer service from ALL of the employees.

Don L. Townsel III

We watched A Madea Family Funeral and it was awesome. The theatre was awesome and the workers were nice. It was very warm and inviting and I really enjoyed it.


Didn't get a chance to eat here come but the theater was clean and well-kept, the staff was polite and very helpful. The IMAX theater is absolutely fantastic. I would like to see all my movies here.

William Oates

been going to this cinema for a couple of decades now.its about the only i go to.great sound system,the screens are large and the atmos is mind blowing comfortable seats and its always clean.i go probably twice a week and even though its nine miles away from me,its worth the trip

Rick Mannon

I saw the latest Spiderman movie today, the seats were very comfy & the sound system is majestic

Matthew Heath

The new IMAX theater was awesome although I wished they had recliner seating like my theater in Clarksville it was a car upgrade to that theater itself

Queen LB

The food was ok, I suggest that the grill chicken sandwich bread be a little soft. Good mix drinks to watch a movie..

Gregory Mathews

It was a nice sized, clean, comfortable theater.

Rittia Polk

We had great seats and the Lion King was awesome.

Lavon Clark

Although, I’m not a huge fan of Malco Theaters as a whole, the Paradiso is my favorite. I come from the AMC’s up north which have gold passes and awesome VIP programs. Also, AMC’s give you better deals and discounts. But back to Malco! Focusing on this location alone, 5 star. Malco as a company, I’m not so high on.


Good... better than most location

Muzammel Rizvi

Theater 2 had something wrong with their speakers... Also the entire place smelled of piss

Dr. Terrie S Reed

I saw the documentation of Amazing Grace featuring Aretha was truly amazing!

Samantha Purcell

Cool theater. Priceyish but lots to do

Chalanda Miller

Great place to watch a film. It also offers wine and alcohol for adults. However, some of the theater rooms are starting to show age and there's been a recent increase in prices including my favorite the grill chicken combo. That is why I am giving it four stars.

Robyn Hayes

Many restaurants to visit around the cinema. Good clean and friendly place to go to. Been coming here since I was a child

Raqhelle Millbrooks

It takes a while for Malco to update their theaters but this location is fine and I’ve never had any issues. Surround sound, variety if big and small theaters. Very clean, bathrooms clean. Popcorn popped fresh. The new IMAX theater is the best part of the location with plush seats and a great entertainment experience. Don’t order the mozzarella sticks lol.

trvp. tana

The movies are great and I love going there good food but high but it's the best place to go with your family and friends

keio dunlap

It smelled like sweaty feet an seats felted kinda damp. But the movie was good.

Brittany Gaither

I love the IMAX! This is my go to theater because the seats are big and comfy. The food is extremely expensive, so it's best to either eat before or after you go. Tuesdays before 4pm it's a discount on movies! Overall a pleasant experience.


It was nice. Staff could be a bit nicer.

Zoey Phelps

The screen went red off and on during our showing of Lion King. There was no one out front to alert. Towards the end and climax of the movie the red came and stayed on, and finally after banging on the counter the "manager" ( I use that term very loosely) the remaining 2 minutes of the movie were corrected The manager was useless saying the only thing he could do is rewind the movie and play it again! Absolutely unacceptable customer service.

Jourdan Plummer

The IMAX shows great but the seats are so close together it’s ridiculous. I will not be going back there. I’ll just see movies in 3D and be comfortable.

Mary Branson

Nice theater employees are kind and helpful food drinks etc a bit pricey but it's still a nice theater my husband and I will continue to visit there.

Alan Pillow

Seats are super comfortable. Plenty of screens, so it isn't crowded for big premieres (such as Captain Marvel). -1 star because a small soft drink costs the same amount as a Cookout tray ($5). Still, provides an overall clean experience that won't distract from your movie.

Precious Simms

Me and my love really enjoyed our date night, popcorn, candy, nachos, the whole 9...A real boss do big things.

Blake McVey

This Malco has gotten nicer as it's gotten older, adding a bar, IMAX and more, but the downside to the improvements is that it costs sooooo much to go to the movies!

Anirudh Madhusudan

Friendliest theater staff I have met. I booked 2 movies back to back. The staff member was insightful enough to let me know that I will miss the post credits scene on my first movie if I have to make it to the second movie on time. The seats are comfortable and the halls smell fresh. My second favorite movie theatre after Ridgeway Cinema Grill.

Teresa Wilkes

Not the same. Its needs a makeover. Smells musty!

Cheery The Chestnut Squirrel

Saw X-Men dark Phoenix yesterday at this theatre! The chairs are kindof uncomfortable. I left with a krick in my neck but the imax screen is astounding!


Great service, quality of the movie screen was great and good food options. The chairs were a little uncomfortable.

Dawn Currica

Dirty seats abd floors. Moldy

Rodney Pierce

Malco Paradisco Cinema is still a great place to catch a matinee for the people that don't like crowds.

Heather Owen

Great screens, seating, and audio.. good food too, but prices are kinda high

Q Shelby

Love coming here... clean place and nice friendly staff

Lavelle Reid

Still a good place to go but quality of service has changed some.

Mario Murrell

I just want to be able to sit and drink alcohol and watch my movie but can't take drinks from bar in the movie

Carolyn Buehler

It's been a long time since I've been to the movies. But I enjoyed the experience.

Cat 3

Clean theater. Great menu selection. Bar available. Go here for a good time.

Steven Richmond

Rules are bad on weekends you can't take your child to a R rated movie even if you are a parent going with them my daughter is 15 we wanted to go see John Wick 3 we were not allowed to enter like criminals so I drove to desoto center in southaven and happily enjoyed the movie I'm the guardian of my child and if I'm with her or him at any kind of movie we should be able to attend 15 and 17 yr olds don't carry around I.D. that rule is stupid I spend over a hundred dollars every time we attend your over priced theater we will not be going back

Chris Hill

A good resource in the middle of East Memphis, although movie theaters in general aren't healthy institutions with too many other options for great entertainment in the city and online in the comfort of your own home. The IMAX here isn't the original standard IMAX, but the newer how-do-we-make-money-off-the-IMAX-brand IMAX. Not worth the extra cost. Highly recommend you do not attend a major blockbuster release here on opening night that tends to attract a youthful audience.

Latia Brown

The IMAX was great. Comfy seats and good food

Kenyana Black

I know it's a part of Memphis history but it stinks. They don't clean the seats good

Danial B.

Went to the IMAX to see Glass, excellent movie by the way. It was a very good experience with the theater being very clean, concessions are a rip off but they always are. The theater had a good showing of people which has been a nice change over the years and the line to get in was small with the option to pay at a traditional counter versus self serve. IMAX is large, well made, new looking and kept up well with the assigned seating being overall a good idea. Go see Glass, great movie.

Candace Webb

This movie theater is probably one of the worst ones I’ve ever been to. The women’s bathroom was filthy, the chairs and carpets are in dire need of a deep cleaning, my popcorn was stale (I paid $8 for it!), I saw a few baby roaches on the concession counter, and the theater had an old, musty smell to it. Please clean everything. Thoroughly. And the employees have such a nonchalant attitude about everything. The kids who sold me my food were cursing and playing around and the guy who tore my ticket didn’t look me in the eye or smile. I will not be back

kaylee shae

The service is absolutely terrible. The staff is so rude. Me and my friend went and felt very targeted by the workers and this was not the experience I want to have. I will be calling the cooperate office about this. Very upset and I will be getting a refund.

Leon Nelson

simply put 5 minutes before my movie started I ordered a hamburger and a hot dog for my wife. a few minutes later after asking about my hamburger I was informed it would take approximately 15 minutes. When I asked to change the order to a hotdog I was told this was impossible without my receipt that my wife had already discarded since I paid cash. $10 for a hamburger !!....

Jesse Turner

Other than the woman behind me snoring through out the entire movie, it was great.

Rashad English

Most popular theater in the city, only commercial IMAX. Come insanely early on the opening weekend of a popular movie if you want good seats. Lines can get crazy long.

Gene Sneed

Nice large theater with comfortable seating, and convenient parking in East Memphis. They left IMAX illuminated signs (directly adjacent to the screen) on for first 20 minutes of Bohemian Rhapsody...what a distraction for the start of a really good movie. For our $16 tickets, I would prefer to skip the IMAX screen and illuminated signs, and see on their regular screen.

mary hawthorne

Have a good time every time

Robert Rowan

Malco hasn't updated their brand or concept in 20 years. See: Alamo Drafthouse for inspiration.

Ken Giddens

Great place. Clean

Jeremy Mayfield

Love this theater! Great seating!

Joshua Steen

I love the Paradiso. The grandeur, atmosphere, and lights make it an experience that remember. I loved going to see Endgame there. Great sound system and comfort

Tim Ward

This is NOT a true IMAX theater! It’s the reduced resolution digital “LieMAX” junk with 2K projectors. No 4K laser projection. No 70mm film projection. Just a bigger, taller screen (where you can see the individual pixels) with bigger sound. Save your money and sit closer to the screen in the regular theaters. The Paradiso overall is pretty great, but they really dropped the ball on their “LieMAX” theater.

Rebekah Marie Yearout

Great sound, spacious seats (in most theaters), good location

Jessica Wilson

This is a nice place to spend time with your friends family ❤️ and the people you love. Hope you go see it for yourself

Jay Rodriguez

The physical attributes of this place are just fine in so far as watching a movie go. I do not attend movies frequently so I really have little basis for comparison. Because this place is close, I go to it by default. I feel that it could be cleaner but perhaps it is clean as theaters normally get. I have not stepped into Old chewing gum nor have I sat on any. I have hit a couple sticky spots that was no doubt a spilled soft drink. The following complaint is not directed against Malco alone. The size of drinks and popcorn they sell puts Costco to shame. (At least they are very expensive.) Not only can I watch senseless violence but I can rot my teeth and get diabetes at the same time. Yippee! I have posted this review because Google sent me a notification on my Android that wanted me to do this. (I know. I didn't have to.) If there was a movie that I wanted to say I would not hesitate to go back.

Ravettra Ford

Fresh Concessions!!! Clean and well stocked restrooms!!! Friendly movie ticket sales representative!!! I rated them a four because my husband had to clean some food off of my movie seat.

Steve Smith

Thank you for showing Cinema Strangiato! This was a great evening for my wife and i!

William Pope

The movie was timely and the concession stand was well stocked

Tanisha N. Conley

Fun with family. The IMAX was nice and clean. Temp was great. BBQ nachos were good. I was visiting from Chicago. Great experience.


This is my favorite theater. Dinner and a movie possible in the same place!

Ernest Murphy

Enjoyed the movie and food service was great little pricey but will be back

Jason Johnston

Great theater, not so great clientele. Lots of large groups and unruly teenagers make for a less than spectacular movie going experience. I'd only recommend it if you absolutely have to see something in IMAX.

A. Neville

Watched a movie in the IMAX 3D theater. It has super comfy rocker style chairs and a really big....well....IMAX screen. Definitely worth the price to see a good action movie.

Brent Arcement

Food was great and service fantastic. We had a chicken sandwich that was undercooked and they not only replaced the sandwich but refunded it as well.

Sydney Newkirk

OMG this theater is BEAUTIFUL, I’m from Jersey and just the architecture is really pretty so I was hype to be here

Mark F.

IMAX is great.The rest of theatre is top notch including a very good beer selection.

Tyrone Terry

IMAX in itself is a wonderful way to enjoy a movie. The Cinema is pretty clean but the parking light is poorly lit and poses a threat to moviegoers. Malco Paradiso is about good as it gets for Memphis.


Has the best servers everything is fast and ready

Quintin Jones

Well I thought this theater would be safer for young children. However tonight the BLACK security guard proved me wrong. My 15 black brother and his 15 white girlfriend attended a movie there.... after the movie they both stood outside to wait on rides. Now her parents live in Collierville and we are in Germantown. This grown man decided to call the police on them and they were told they could not stand outside. My brother then let the police know that both of them were waiting on parents. The officers then backed away..... about five minutes later the guard walks back up to them and asked for their tickets.... which they both still had. Now this part is the part that scares me.... once they gave him their tickets he threw them away and said if y’all not gone in 15 I’m called the police bc you are loitering. How can you throw away the only evidence of them being there?!?! I have called the theater and no answer.

Joe Reed

Very nice facility. Restaraunt, which is now common in newer theaters. Always friendly staff. Kept clean. Usually busy. I have never had problems in the parking lot, but there have been incidents with youth and out of control adults. This has caused them to have strict age enforcements for movies.

Rochelle Reed

Went to go see Godzilla! Awesome movie

Jo Green

16th Birthday Party for my son in my opinion worth the money our hostess Kelsey was awesome made sure we were catered to in all aspects even on Marvel weekend price includes movie passes, popcorn, drinks, and group seating on Avengers End Game weekend (excellent seats)...need I say more. I would definitely return to Paradiso. Thanks for making this day hassle free.

Caroline Lutey

Great theater. I love to go on Tuesdays since movies are 5.50. Definitely worth it, especially during the summer months. The bar in here is good too. Usually crowded, but I guess I understand since it's a theater and not a bar or restaurant. They also have an IMAX. The IMAX and 3d showings aren't part of the 5.50 on Tuesdays, of course.

savoiya brown

Had a blast with my baby girl and her babies.

naveen malla

My first experience of IMAX in memphis and though seating is not recliner but it is comfy and nice to relax during movie

A.W. Hawk

I'd rate them 5 stars if the price was a little lower on tickets or concessions

Teresa Day-Smith

The theater has a very large open area which is somewhat unnecessary. Also the floors are concrete. It has stadium seating so that except in just a few rows one is either too close or far. The staff is great - very accommodating. It also has 3-D movies and an IMAX. Prices were a bit high even for a non 3-D/IMAX movie. We had popcorn which tasted fresh.

Valerie Tines

This is my favorite theater in Memphis so far. They have a great selection of food and beer. It's a tad expensive; a cheeseburger is $10, but movie theater food is always expensive. Love the IMAX theater.

Marisa Nelson

Comfortable atmosphere. Great movie and awesome Bar and concessions

Randi Paige

It has been almost fifteen years since I have been to this theater, but I went recently to see "Dark Phoenix". In the past, the theater had become rowdy and distasteful. However, my most recent experience was completely different, but the time I went could have attributed to the more positive experience. My biggest issue has always been the volume of the movie. I do not think the speakers have to blare the sound in order for everyone to hear. People with sensitive ears and/or prone to migraines like myself get deterred due to this. The cheaper ticket pricing also surprised me, but the concession prices are beyond ridiculous. No slush should cost six dollars.


Don't play in the arcade you will lose money at the machine and the manger will not give you your money back because the machines does not belong to the movie theatres.

Haley Cambron

We went to see Glass at this theater because we had not been in a while and wanted Ben and Jerry's afterwards. The pros from this theater were that it wasn't too busy, we didn't have to wait too long in lines, and the movie theater was clean for the most part. The cons were that the staff was quite rude and the other customers were even worse. The concessions worker could hardly speak up when we ordered a drink. The ticket taker didn't even say anything. Our whole top row was having a full on conversation throughout the entire movie and when I went to go ask the worker to see if they can do anything, he says "alrighty" and no one ever came in. Great movie but poor service.

Ernest Rufus

Food was good. The auditorium had a musty scent and attendants didn't seem too interested in working that night.

Dan Sterny

Great place to see a movie. Godzilla rocks!

Brenda Allen

The movie had great surround sound.

Alicia Castellanos

Good service. Clean and cool place to enjoy the movies.

James Wolfgang

Have not been disappointed once, prices are a bit high but that's the price of qualit

Brad Boutwell

Probably the best overall theater in the Memphis metro area but the crowds and traffic are pretty rough.

Lindsay Gordon

Hooray for movies! Buying tickets at the kiosk is the way to skip the long lines. Prepare to spend as much on a snack and a drink as you did on the ticket (or hit up Walgreens candy section prior to arrival to prevent yourself from dipping into the kiddos' college fund

Antonio Lane

A great experience for a date night with the wife. We went to see (Over Comers. 10 our of 10)

Matthew Everett

It may just be because it's Sunday, but there were no lines for tickets. Concessions had some people lined up at one of the registers, but several were open with employees. Had a great time watching BROLY SMASH with a great audience. It's things like this that make the Paradiso my favorite theater in Memphis.

Elizabeth Saunderson

Got there early enough to get a good seat. Not a big crowd so there wasn't a lot of noise.

Candace Thompson

Love this place!!! So comfortable- alcohol served too!

Taybugs Vlogs

The movie and the food was great! Staff was ok, some with little attitude but it was fine. We all a life, but I would totally recommend people to this place if they ever want to enjoy a movie. Thank you!

Pamela Townsend

Really enjoyed myself. Greeted with a smile from the front to back. Popcorn pricey but really good.


We don't have many choices in Memphis for different "brands" of theaters, but one is probably the nicest Malco in town and the ONLY Imax as well.

Ally Fleckenstein

Great theatre! Love the fountain and other decor. Staff was kind and efficient.

sheila McDavid

So nice theater nice seating.


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