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REVIEWS OF Malco Majestic Cinema IN Tennessee

Barb G Johnson

Bad customer service. No one seam to have time to sale the tickets. Why should I have to go to the concession stand to purchase a ticket, I came for the movie, not the stell popcorn. Angry had to wait behind all the people to buy my ticket when there were other employees, like the guy with the pony tail, just running around in circles. No stars they put one there for the comment.

C. Farmer

Please do not go here. They do not clean the restrooms, they stink sooooo BAD!! The bathrooms are FEALTY!!! They let you buy a ticket for R rated movies if you are underage but do not let you admit into the movie. This is a low class establishment and I do not recommend attending this theatre if you are in Memphis because you will be highly disappointed.

Samuel Judd

Quite no crowds resonable prices

Jennette Claybourn

i like this cinema. clean and very affordable tickets

Jyothsna B

Worst smelling theater .. Big screen although what's the point of the corridor are doesn't have enough lights ..... I wish they could take inspiration form another Malco....

Violet Hayle

Came in today to watch the "Nun" and had a wonderful afternoon.....

Traci Logan

Went with a school Group. The theater was clean and comfortable. The sound, picture quality, and air conditioning make this a great place to visit on a hot summer day!


Improvements make this theater more enjoyable to visit.

Romeo Tillery III

Not overly crowded, good customer service, and good overall movie experience

aniyah greene

Date night for me and my husband enjoyed the movie

I.T. God

Went doing one weekday evening would share the day of the week but don't want more people there next time I might decide to go. No one was hardly there was given ticket prompty to catch movie.


They really need seating they make too much noise

Darryl Myles

Theater was nice and clean. I had a fun time with the family

Tammarra's Legacy

Still a great movie place

Pinoc chio

Never going back to this theater. Usually we go to collierville sever's name was Carl I think ! had attitude when we asked for popcorn lid or paper bag so my 2 year old son can leave us all alone and not make a noise in a theater. He was rudely saying it cost full money like buying the popcorn which I understood but no need to be nasty about it. I Complained to manager and manager told the server but he was giving me the same look like he really dont care about the manager either... well it was totally empty theater no wonder why no one's going to this location. It has weird smell too like pee !! Good luck to this ppl and theater

Big Jack

On Friday night me and my wife went to the movie to watch a show. We ordered hot dogs and cokes popcorn the popcorn was cold not cool but cold and the coke tasted more like sugar water. The hotdog was just warm. Poor service the servers were more like argue with each other than serving

Melanie Momon

ENJOYED myself

Vicious V Fearless

I always have a wonderful experience

Sandra Watkins

Some Renovations have been done which was badly needed but still have a musty smell. I think it's the carpet. Concessions prices are too expensive like other theaters and I never buy any.

Kellie Horne

Nice, quiet, and clean. Security is present and the parking lot has plenty of light. I would suggest this place for an individual, couple, or a group of people to watch a movie and feel comfortable while being there!! A great environment!!!

Terrell Foster

I like it

xxxSeana Wilsonxxx

Terrible went here on multiple occasions . The only thing sufficient there is the food and the actually movies, well if you can enjoy it because little children are running around. The people here are rude, disrespectful, and judgmental. Not to be racist or anything but mostly this theatre is for ghetto blacks only. I see why we’re not allowed anywhere anymore, get it together. ( and yeah their are some good blacks their, decent service, and the place is kinda clean) Overall I don’t recommend this place at all, go to Paradisco On Mendenhall it’s better. P.s don’t go there if you can’t act or can’t control your little ones either.

King Zilla

Me and my girlfriend had fun. It was a perfect date. I'll come there with my girlfriend any day


Terrible service movie started at 2:05 was at the snack counter and no one was there 5 minutes later an employee walks out from the back

Nicole Moody


Steven Nichols

The majestic is a shell of itself. To be fair, the neighborhood has undergone huge changes since it was built, and not for the better. The theaters themselves are fine and mostly clean although the seats are now old and creaky. But i am not comfortable taking my family there.

Lisa Wherry

I have nothing too much to say about this place, except it was quiet n clean.

Katherine Greenwood

Everybody was so nice here. The theatre was big, and it wasn't crowded. Parking was easy, and the ticket clerks were really helpful. When we left, the lady who took our tickets asked us about the movie. It was a great experience.

Terrell Willis

I went to this theater on a Sunday afternoon. I enjoy my movie, nice crowd.

Tara D

1st time here in years...It needs a make over. Chairs are very worn and had to move twice just to find one that was comfortable. Floors were extremly sticky and trash under seats. Staff was very nice and friendly. Refreshments area was clean and popcorn was fresh.

sparkle Boyd

It was ok. Need good seats

Jean Crawford

My family and I really enjoyed this movie theater.

Tarrance James

Nice and quiet. Walk right in.

balaji ch

Maintenance is good

John Christophet

Was in this area but not to see a movie

DeMarco C

No complaints and they had the latest showtimes

Davitus Collier

GHETTO I used to come here as a kid with my parents I would not suggest bringing my kids here


Not real fancy, but clean, quiet and less congested than fancier theaters.

Sammie Hence

Malco Majestic Cinema it was very clean the people are very courteous the food was so good

andrea thomas

Have been here many times to see a movie. I have never had a problem here even on opening night when it is packed. The people don't talk all through the movie. The seats are comfortable and the 4:00-6:00 movies are inexpensive.

deshay beauty

I was escorted out of malco majestic because the manager , wade peterson, has horrible communication skills and a bad temper. All because he thought i was exchanging tickets with my friends when i only had one ticket for myself and they didnt even have one. When i told him we werent exchanging tickets he caught an attitude and continued to argue with me and told me i can get a refund and i said okay let me get my refund and he still continued to argue and told me i couldnt get my refund but i refused to leave until i got my refund. Then security came and asked what happened and all and i had to get one of my friends to get my refund for me. I will be calling corporate.

Laurita Shaw

Everything was awesome

Johnathan Cole

I just watch the lion king and it was awesome

Kay Pruitt

I love going To the movies at this site. Not a long wait and everything is clean and everyone is nice.

Marquita Robertson

I come to this theater all of the time because it's right down the street from my house. I went last weekend to see Thor and it was cold and I went and told one of the employees. I guess the heat doesn't work because it was still cold after I went and told them. So hopefully today I don't have that problem or wil be spending my money some where else.

Tanya Smith

This place give you chinese food & soul food all in one but the foreign staff not very friendly

eureka thomas

Cool cheap clean

McCoy Scott

The Beautiful Wife and I out & about. Watched the new Jennifer Lopez movie with my Beautiful Wife, she loved it. The movie was excellent, because the Beautiful Wife enjoyed it and I enjoy seeing my Beautiful Wife smile. Husbands enjoy your Wife.

J Bobb

Please stay open

Bridgette Robinson

Nice place. Need to make kids out if their parent is not with them.

Trường Giang Nguyễn

Look classic style but the curve screen is wonderful, also the speaker are good

Shadow Assassin

The moive was badly good in funny

Samantha Garza

restrooms were dirty & i almost fell getting to my seat. it was slippery

Kerion So cool

Go see the best movies coming out this year

Tawanna Henderson

I took my grandson to the movies. I went to purchase an upsized popcorn and a large drink for him and a fruit and cheese tray for me. Well to my surprise no fruit and cheese were sold there. Paradiso sells it daily but its location from home is 9 miles and the Majestic is 1.3 miles away. If one Malco can cater to the needs of the elderly. Why can't all of them. I was so not satified!!!!

Mario Record

Getting better, renovation in progress

Teddy C

Great place to go see a movie. Concessions have decent variety and theater was clean inside but would love to see a renovation with the interior and exterior. Parking lot is wide but overall could use use an update.

Sabrina Hayes

It's very spacious. You would enjoy the 4 thru 6 movies for $6.50. I didn't give it a 5 because it smells like feet. Other than that, it's ok.

Lenetha Blackmon

I love their concession stand.

Kili Miller

Needs renovation

Daisy Cleaves

It is not right to put teenagers out of a scary comedy movie (Truth or Dare) when they react to the movie. They paid adult admission but were not allowed to see the entire movie. This was simply taking their money. The Majestic will be removed from our acceptable cinemas list.

Gacha life cute

The movie I watch was so cool and it is open all summer

Antonio Conley

Very nice & clean! Really enjoyed myself.

Taylor Nicholson

They let me pay for my ticket, then tell me that I'm not allowed to go in because the lady who gave me my ticket told them not to let me in.'re just going to take my money?¿ She assumed that the adult that was with me was NOT coming back from parking his car. But yet you let us pay. Never going there again.

Monica Sykes

Had a great time out with my love. Friday is date night


No military discounts? Seriously?!


Nice place barely any popcorn or teash anywhere nice service.

Log1119510 Mix

Too many people talk during the movie and overall just be weary of the there.

Jake Hartzburg

Rude staff and gross/messy theatres. Would give 0 stars if possible.

dredrick moore

Great pop corn! The floors were clean! Plus Ultra!

davida brown

Need to bring more life into the place.

Del McCondichie

My daughter and I both noticed somewhat subtle movement in our theater chairs, which though minor, made it necessary to keep quiet by not shifting much. Then, as the movie end credits began, a lone employee entered with a trash receptacle and a flashlight. She was annoying and distracting, ruining the experience for me by shining the flashlight into my eyes repeatedly. I thought clean up duty wasn't supposed to begin until AFTER all viewers leave. How rude...

N Smith

Friendly attentive staff and buying tickets online sometimes help cut the wait time.

Christopher Garner

The theater seems as though it has seen better days. The attendants out front were nice and helpful, however there was one hanging out in the mens room with his friends, just hanging out and telling jokes, while blocking the door and urinals.

Bonnie Johnson

I went to the movies with a group of summer learning academy students. We all enjoyed the trip.

Durrell Yancey

Nice the have made a different i do miss some of there old staff

Sereniti Royce

It needs to be rebuilt the place is a complete dump!!!

Sincere Price

My husband and I attended a 7:30 show. The movie was great but the experience was horrible! We had to deal with disrespectful teenagers hollering, cursing, kicking the back of our chairs, and being rude the entire time. More than likely we probably won't go back.

Eric Meredith

Outdated, but because of the price it's cool.

Deon Rogers

I love their evening prices

Anthony Robinson

Had to wait 35 minutes for the theater to be cleaned, only to sit down around filth

Nikol Boyce

I had a great time and the movie was awesome. #CaptionMarvel

Maria The Chosen One

Prices are too high for no reason

Talha Mohammed

It's good, but not many shows.

Demarras Crawford

I enjoyed the it. It was clean. The workers were very nice.


Great prices

Vernitta Jackson

We really enjoyed Night School❤❤❤

Delroy Francis

No lines plenty parking

Genice Oliver

I enjoyed my "me" at the movie theater on last night. I went to see The Hate U Gave.

J Jackson

Visited yesterday to see The Equalizer 2. We came to the 4-6pm discount showing. The theater itself could use a new coat of paint, there's plenty of parking and they still show all the newest movies. The staff is young, so the customer service is a youthful 'part-time summer job' vibe. We received a free Equalizer 2 hat upon purchase of our tickets who's was nice! The snack bar menu was in the process of 'updating,' but there were paper menus available if you didn't know what you wanted. Bathrooms were clean and stocked (at least the one I was in). The reason why they lost 2 stars is because the theater itself, #6, was a mess! There was popcorn strewn all over the floors, empty AND full buckets of popcorn left on vacant seats, and soda cups or various other snacks left in cup holders. It was disgusting. I remember thinking I should take a shower immediately after the movie.

Skyy Dreams

I enjoyed going to the movies.. This particular locations needs an upgrade or better yet steam clean the had a weird smell to me.

JoAnn Jones

The 1 adult to every 4 kids ratio is crazy as hell. I had to take my daughter home cause I had reached my limit on how many kids I could have with me. I understand safety and it was a 10 o clock but gotta trust parents with their kids.

Floria Sandlin

Very convenient, like to upgrade on paying for your tickets inside vs outside.

Aisha Johnson

We love going to the movies. This theater is I our area. With some upgrades and esthetic modifications, I know it'll be awesome once again.

Tiney coner Willians

Luv this place

Barron Hall

Nice theater

Ms B Aldora

Awful experience. Woman did not smile when giving me my ticket. I went to the concession stand and prices were more expensive then other malco theaters. The next time I will continue to drive the extra miles to the next malco theater in order to get better friendly treatment and least expensive food at the concession stand.

Omar Peeler

Great Theater especially if you don't like big crowds yet love the theater experience me and my son went and were the only 2 watching Uncle Drew great theater for parents and couples alike

Debra Fulton

I see most of my movies here, it’s conveniently located and we always have a good time.

Vicki Christian

Movies are great however prices are ridiculous for younger children unless it's matinee and that's not great for 4,5, and six years of age. Overrated prices just to eat or drink

Terrell Moore

Great place for family night or date night. Lovely environment lovely and helpful staff.

Kathy butler

When in to buy tickets for the night show and the girl who sold them was very cold and really wouldn't answer my questions and on top of that she sold me 4 tickets for the wrong time and just crossed out the time and wrote it in. It was very unfreindly place.I asked her if that was going to be a problem she answer me like I was bothering her

Gina Dennis

Rarely crowded and reasonably priced. Surprising amount of variety at concessions. Staff was courteous and I enjoyed my experience, especially since I hate overcrowded theaters.

Kawanis Mcdonald

I went to watch The Prodigy! The movie was ok but,the movie theater was good as usual with the snacks and the showing of the movie it self!

Rosalind Mackey

This was nice very clean. Not to cold.


Love it

Mamie Tabron

I wish I felt a little more safe. Not a fan of the kids running through the place, like it was their own backyard. Sad


All the other malco theaters that I've been too they have butter machines for self-serving this is the only malco theater I've gone to where I've had to ask for butter also the counters are dirty it's always sticky and yucky on the counters

Ralph Wynter

They Dont Answer Their Phones When Called.

Fran McGruder

Terrible. Staff was very rude.

MzDee Dee

Seats are very comfortable but it's decent.

Byron Crumb

Popcorn was excellent. Staff very respectful and helpful.

christopher b

Least crowded when the big releases are out. No long ticket lines , and clean

Elizabeth Mckee

Staff was nice bathroom clean. Recommend

Elaine Taylor

Great crew kind and courteous. Loved the fact that the Cinema was very clean

The happy Truck driver

It has a lot of movie screens and the staff is helpful. Some chairs are comfortable but the place is very old and decaying. If the place is upgraded I hope they put in luxury seats


Alright for the kids and family. Not the best looking place to spend your money. The last time i went here my popcorn was cold and my soda pop was hot!!! Come to find out that they dont pop their own popcorn, they serve you bagged popcorn that they let sit in a heater for hours. Theater Auditorium wasnt the best looking and one of the speakers was blown and it made the expirience worse than it had to be.

Tim Brown

Got their at 1145 am Avenger's End game started at 1230pm...the opened the doors st 1215 PM, with a long line of Patriots waiting....very unprofessional

Abdul Malik Shakur

Nice Clean and and great Sound

Xander Ray

I have mixed feelings about this place. This theater was the first I've ever been to. I used to watch movies here every week at some points in my life. I recently moved within the past 5 years and took a date here since it was close by. The building is torn down now. The place is dying and it smells now. The parking lot is mostly empty.

Ranardre Curry

Great service and a good atmosphere

Deborah Bess-Flake

Very Quiet & Peaceful !! Love The New Surroundings & Environment.!!!

T Gottii

One Of The Best In Memphis

George Blue

If you enjoy movies on a budget.

cory manning

I went to go see a local (Heal The Hood Foundation Memphis) movie called "Gone viral" at this theatre. I really enjoyed it. The staff was quite friendly and the movie had a great message.

Ari-zhane Lynch

Best to go early in the day or late at night on the weekends to avoid the children.

Donna Russell


Karthik Kothuru

Theatre seats were dirty and the bottle/coke holder on the chairs are disgusting with dirty smell coming out of it.. I tried sitting in different chairs majority of them looks same.

Betty Sharpe

Comfortable seats. Great list of movies

Doctor Tresie Lopez

Very clean theater . The employees are always polite and respectful. I enjoy my visit every time.

Taha Sadikot

Very good place to watch movies

Lashawn Griffin

I love this theater!!

Candice Cobbs

I know this place gets a bad rap and while the building is older, and not in the greatest part of town, the movie experience you get is on par with the other theaters. The equipment that runs the movies is the same as the other theaters so you're still getting a high quality experience. I prefer to watch my movies here, it seems as though people have forgotten about this theater so the auditoriums aren't crowded, it's like your own private movie. It's awesome! Give it another shot if you've forgotten about it, you might be surprised.

Broken Windows

Nice an clean! Everything you would expect at a movie theater. Nothing pops out but good in general

sheila McDavid

Really like this theater,just didn't like the prices going up.

Terry Richmond

Great family hang out place,good food.

Kim Wamble

Typical movie theatre. We went on a Friday night and there wasn't a large crowd. The theatre was clean and the movie sound and quality was good.

Blanca vasquez

Everything was pretty good but the popcorn was stall and the soda tasted like a bunch of sugar


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