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1080 N Germantown Pkwy, Cordova, TN 38018 Located in: Cordova Towne Center

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REVIEWS OF Malco Cordova Cinema IN Tennessee

Craig Hill

Large theatre. Nice seating. Attentive staff. Nicer than average but not extra.

Alex Kondziela

Good theatre, clean, nice staff just make sure you ask for butter in the middle of your popcorn

Mempis Knight

Great Place To Watch A Movie

Andrew Itnyre

Concession are great here! However, not one of the premier Malco theaters in the area. Seats are uncomfortable, would love to see them invest into an IMAX or revamp the place so I don’t have to run to Collierville or Paradiso. Still a movie theater in a great location!

Jeff Coddington

Very clean. Nice theaters with comfortable seating. Security guard on duty for customers safety and watches cars in lot.

EV Robinson

Seating needs an upgrade as many are torn and uncomfortable. Popcorn was stale.

Annalea Posey

There’s a cute concession name Wesley and he is worth the 10$ movies

Casey Wright

I have never met a mean or upset employee here. Everyone is very nice and helpful. Its also very clean.

Nadia Sukhanova

Watched the movie SHAZAM. I went only for the sake of my son :)) We have a family day on Sunday.

Glenn Fouse

Great! Good atmosphere, good pop corn!

stephen finney

Nice theater but a little worn

Emily Ha

Not bad, can't really complain. Big theatre rooms with comfy seating.

Justin Lee

Their tickets were very cheap. Screen felt smaller and sits were little uncomfortable

Steven Crain

Clean with good quality sound and bright sharp image on screen.

Kevin Foley


Gena Heelz

Watched Alita:Battle Angel in 3D very enjoyable

Mew Two

Okay if you like riff raff.

Donald Dickson

Great movies, and great atmosphere.

Nyssa Kizer

My kids loved this theater.

Donna Lee

Nice theatre, always clean when I go to the movies.

Christopher Cullum

Conveniently located at N Germantown Pkwy and Macon Road, Cordova Town Cinema has the newest movies at convenient times!

Tippy Toes

Great theater

Jonathan Wagner

It's a movie theater?

Keith Casto

Ate my girl here

Stephen Sturdivant

Staff is very helpful..great experience

Beautiful Dan

Typical movie theater with popcorn and butter that I can't resist!!

Jamila Cook

The Cordova Town Cinema was "GOOD". But, they check your purse if it's too big. Why you ask "because everyone bring outside food in". Also, the chairs squeak oil the chairs and you would fix the problem. Don't forget to bring the oil and leave outside food on the outside. The screens show well.

Carolyn Armmer

Great and the latest movies. Senior discount on tickets. Comfortable seat and clean areas and bathrooms.

Natalie Franklin

Smells a lil mildewy in the entrance and hallways but the lady at the counter was very courteous. No kettle corn sadly. Small theater size but the reclining seats were nice and comfy.

Nancy Nyleen

The staff is friendly. The theater and bathroom are clean. They have a good selection for snacks but I wish they had more snacks for diabetics.

Jermaris Moore

One of the best theater's in the Memphis area. Clean restrooms, friendly staff and clean theater's.

king edwards

Needs a update to the whole theater.... Imax, D-box, more 3D , more concession items, better seats all these things would be a good start, but overall good theatre to go see a Regular movie at...Most of the Malco theatres here could use theses updates, because if AMC or anything like that come to Memphis, Malco will have a problem. ..............

Gloria McNeal

Comfortable environment, great customers service

Ankh rafiel Ali


Jonathan Goodwin

I love this theater. I would give it 5 stars if the employees quit lying as if the pizza is broke all the time because they don’t want to make a pizza. (Currently in the theater wanting a pizza!)

Michael Baer

30 minute delay in sound. As that wasn't enough management was notified during previews which sent crew to the theatre while we waited. Could hear that they didn't get anyone to the booth till 20 minutes later. Did finally fix and restart the film but by then we just wanted to leave. Shows how urgent fixing the issue was with management.

Chris Gary

This place is a good spot for checking out the newest movies. It gets kind of dark after a couple of minutes, so it's hard to read and do my crosswords, but I use my cell phone screen as a light and everything is great again. Now if I can just find a way to stop people from staring at me through the whole movie, this place would be even better!

Bert Burraston

Nice place to watch a movie

Larieter Payne

Nice seating area

Donald Morgan

Cool lobby decor

Action Audio / Video, LLC.

Nice place to take your date ( WIFE )...

Linda Wiseman

Our visit was ok. The movie we went to see wasn't poplar or maybe it was the night we chose to go because we had the theater to ourselves. I enjoyed that. Overall, it was a good experience. The staff was friendly. I will be going back to future showings.

Daniel Clark

Okay theater, seats are work out, walkway path has some debris on it from not being cleaned up. Otherwise great place to view a new movie

McCoy Scott

The Beautiful Wife and I enjoyed enjoyed the "Equalizer 2" . Denzel Washington is epic in this film. The Cordova Town Cinema was pleasant, as it always is.

Miguel Estrada

Quite disappointig. The Malco cinemas don't offer numbered seats which means getting there earlier than needed make unnecessary lines and the quality of the projection is mediocre in general.

Teresa Blair

The management here at Malco Cordova has been stellar for many years. Their willingness to give back to the community means something to me and many others. Not only do they assist with my classroom, but they also are there for Make a Wish! Thanks mainly to Mark!

Madame Magaelia

Great seats! Great audiovisual quality! Great food!

Susan Miller

Comfortable seats. Tasty snacks. Shows current and new release movies. Weekends can be real busy but if you catch a weekday mid day show it's never crowded.

Sakita Clark

The atmosphere is comfortable, and the quality of the movies they show are great! Generally get all the movies that hit the box office. I also like the fact that there is plenty of security there! Security is a MUST!

takeea m rhinehart

Tuesday is a discount day for malco theaters. Only $5.50 all day any movie

a wer

Same as any other movie theatre. With already popped popcorn at steak dinner prices and an arcade. Which at a distance can easily be compared to that of a fashion models cat-walk.

Lindsey Beason

Nice and clean. Just wish they had of a selection on food.


Good deals on combos of popcorn and soda. Comfortable seats.

Ann Jones

Staff not friendly at ALL.

Ore Dixon

Malco is a good place to watch movies.

Maria Hernandez

Faster using the machines inside to buy tickets. But decent movie theatre.


Excellent place

Catrina Bulloch

The atmosphere was inviting. It wasn't very crowed.

Robert Knecht

This is the normal theater that I go to because it is closest to my house. Overall it is in good condition as the sound system and movie qualirty are both good.

Matthew Jackson

Always clean and well kept. Staff is organized, efficient, and hard working. Seats are comfortable and in good repair. Screen sizes are large

Steph .Rabetsky

Clean theater and really great prices for snacks :)


The staff is pretty courteous. The security crew is also professional. I like this movie theater.

jer thac

This theater is due for renovation, the other ones in the area have been renovated and this one simply isn't worth going to anymore.

Arthur Townsend

It is so nice to have a neighborhood cinema. The theater is very clean and they have a good selection of first-run movies. I really like that you can use the Malco app to purchase tickets in advance, so there is no waiting in line.

Vera Taylor

Friendly service, clean and fresh theater

LeighAnn Leyerle

Great theater with lots of screens and comfortable seating. Expensive though!

Sheila Starkey Hahn

We went to see a movie that was supposed to play at 7:25, according to Fandango. The theater had unilaterally decided to stop showing the movie, randomly and in the middle of the week. We had planned this outing, drove 35 minutes, taken off early from work, and it was to be the kid's last treat before school started. We will NEVER be back to this theater.

Tony Coleman

Nice theatre

Kelvin Monroe

Staff were friendly, but seats were worn and had old gum stuck and other things stuck on them. Expected more from a Malco.

Takema Calhoun

Enjoyed the movie, theater was clean from the movie area to the bathrooms which is a plus on the bathrooms. Also loved how courteous the staff was. Will be visiting again soon.

Vicki Wilson

Very clean and comfortable! Large selection of movies with varying times to see them. I appreciate them beefing up their security just keep it reasonable. Large concessions area with a nice variety of snacks. They could improve their popcorn. The often offer movies that other area theaters do not. They have senior citizen discounts!!!

Katherine Perry

This is always my cinema of choice in Memphis. The employees are nice and helpful. The screens and audio are clear and clean. I especially like that the sets have arm rests that can fold up. This is really nice for a romantic dinner and a show. I saw Infinity War, and it was much easier for me to hold my almost-in-tears-but-not boyfriend without the armrest in the way. Great movie theater.

{Luis Plascencia Vlogs}


Bob Lee Swagger

Well it’s only a 4 Star because it’s the only theater in town

Jeannine Dickerson

Great theatre and atmosphere. Love how they employ local high school and college students. I wish they would offer more family friendly movies. Often times there are several R movies and less PG or G.

Lucille Williams

Although, I give this theater five stars, there need to be a few improvements. I am aware my rating has nothing to do with the theater itself, has to do with people visiting. On my last few visits, people seated near me, acted as if they were home...talking out during the movie. Employees need to walk through the theater and let people know, others are trying to enjoy their time there.


The screening was good but I wish it was darker


Very comfortable

Britt B

It was extremely crowded. The chairs were not comfortable. The guy sitting next to me phone kept going off. He answered the phone and talked for at least a min. And never put his phone on silent... smh just rude....

Will Landrum

Afforable and convenient. Clean

Diallo Bey

This is a decent theater. It's a bit dated and the seats take some getting used to. However the digital audio and digital video are pretty good. As much as I frequent here I wish they had a loyalty program. And the matinee prices are kind of high. All in all a good theater.

Heather Shell

I expected it to smell better. But other than that it was descent.

Janelle Norman

I like you can use your debit card to purchase a ticket and purchase food. Other theaters do not offer that.

K. M. Parrish

Stadium seating, huge parking lot, plenty of nearby restaurants, and easy access off Germantown Parkway. Also quite clean, and the staff is friendly. Great local cinema!!


The movie and sound were great but I'm paying the same price for what Stage does better. Stage is cleaner, has priority seating, a grill, etc

Kathy Wakefield

Had great time meeting up with new gf from one of my clubs..great girls afternoon!

Austin Asylum

Awesome seats great prices overall 10 out of 10 and if you have to pick a movie theater pick this one

Jamaica Clay- Ewing

Its a cool theater. We often go here to watch our movies. Will continue to visit.

Timothy McCollim

Always have a good time when I go see a movie here! Just wish I had people to go with LOL If you are looking to save some money then go on Tuesday because they have cheaper tickets!

Jay G

I went in the middle of the day and everything was great. I can't speak on the experience at night.

Jaren Rodriguez

Just like any other movie theater price to high but service is always good.

Desi Clemons

Nice quiet clean enjoyed the atmosphere

La-Toya Parrott

Not very clean inside or out

Sarah Ward

It's a pretty good theater. Lots of screens, an arcade area, a food area, lots of restroom. We went kind of late on a Friday, but the bathrooms were a little grimy. A thourough mopping would make them just fine. No a/v issues. NOTE: Not all the Malcos are priced the same. The Stage cinema is a few dollars cheaper if you want to save a few bucks for popcorn.

Alejo Salvatore

Good location, clean bathrooms friendly staff

Jan West

Only 4 people in the movie & it was freezing cold in there!!

Louie Lyon

Saw a great movie, "Unbroken". Had to wait in a LONG line at food counter to buy tickets for our movie as they didn't have anyone selling tickets for the movies in box office. It took forever as girl sold food and we were in between.

Varunan Sundarapandian

Nice theater and good ambiance.

Bill Gilliland

love our little theater in Cordova. good solid picture and decent snacks. little pricey, but expected

Daniel Moody

Too many warm bodies in the theater to have the heat cranked up so high. It was a very uncomfortable experience.

Kevin Henry

Only 4 stars because there are better cinemas. But theres nothing wrong with this place per se. I go here often. It's always well kept, and clean.

Crystal Heyward

My home theater and always first choice!

Angel Burnside

Attended a birthday part there and it was nice.

Steven Pham

Been coming here for a decade and some change. Always has good personnel. Security on high traffic movie nights. Floors are a bit gross and bathrooms can be also gross at times. It's a movie theatre though. Not too many high expectations.

Latrell Fitzgerald

Always a good experience.

Vernon Diggs


Jay S

They have very good popcorn

Tonya Davis

It was a ok theater

aisha johnson

Horrible staff and management. My friends and I went to IT and we were directed to the wrong move theatre. We thought the movie just started without preview but we were in the beginning half of the movies and missed 1 hour of it and didn't find out that we missed that much until the next day. We tried to speak with a staff her response was "well you should have something yesterday" we spoke with a supervisor and his response was "it ain't nothing I can do you should have looked up at the top of the door, it's your fault you went into the wrong one" he was non chalant, rude and disrespectful. I will definitely be reaching out to corporate.

Eric Howard

Clean friendly staff

Aisha Reed

Great date with bae seeing IT

Danielle Williams

This theater seriously needs some updates. My 3 year old couldn’t even sit by himself because the chairs kept flipping up and yes we changed seats a couple times. The theater also isn’t the cleanest.

Hope Torres

Very clean and the workers were so nice. Offering to help if you need it. The seating was comfortable

Memphis Steeler

Friendly staff and the theater is always clean... Nachos and Popcorn

J.R. Johnson

Aside from normal expected flaws I always have an enjoyable experience at this location

Sue Russell

My sister has severe asthma. It is difficult for her to go to many places. The smell in the women's restroom is outrageous. There is no need to spray unless there is a foul odor. We went into the restroom after the movie. The smell was strong. It got stronger because a woman was spraying. Not her fault. She was doing her job. This is a management issue. No spray unless there is a need. Needless to say, she had an asthma attack. Ridiculous!

Jessica Coulter Smith

The lines were short and we were greeted with a smile and pleasant attitude. The theater was clean and they had a lot of movies to choose from. An overall wonderful experience.

Constance Hyman

We ordered 2 nachos, it was horrible.

Susie P.

Love this theatre! Friendly staff.

Nettie Clark

The people are nice and inviting the theater is always clean the bathrooms are always clean the sound is good it's a nice movie theater. It has nothing to do with the theaters I don't eat at any of the movie theaters. I'll always buy a drink and that's all.

Xado Yamen

Super nice renovated seating, reclining seats walls inbetween rows, wonderful sound and screen! Will be returning!

Brian Clark

Good clean theater.

Catina Young

The manager and Security was very rude

Mark Smith

Watched a great movie in a very comfortable theater enjoying a large pop corn with my wife.

Michelle Doss

Clean reasonable price employee s friendly

Marty Jaeger

Advengers endgame. Frkin awesome

Ashley SmithTucker

Nice atmosphere. Nice employees. Plenty of space to park.

Marc Spector

Worst experience ever! There was this rude guy named Arthur Woodson. He was really rude and immature and not professional about his job. I was trying to use the restroom and he yelled at me and started calling me vulgar names like childish foolish and the R word.. How does he still have a job?!

Duphus Ruphus

Ole Duphus and Mrs Duphus love the movies. This location is ok, mid week only for adults. Friday through the weekend has too many teenagers disturbing the experience.

Samson O

It seems like traditional movie theatres are becoming extinct but this one still serves it's purpose well. All screens are digital - sound and film. The place was clean enough considering the type of clientele and the restroom was accommodating and neat. I personally can't stand it when people bring unruly young children to movies or when movie-goers talk loudly but I shan't blame the theatre for the inconsideration of a few customers. I had a great time and shall return.

byron leeth

My favourite place to see a movie

Antonio Paulette

Selection of movies is "meh", no 3-D/IMAX viewings, consession stand is typically understaffed, but atleast it's clean and in a really nice part of the city.

Mary W

Decent theater and reasonably clean.


Good place to watch movies at. The food as always is overpriced so I’d recommend not buying it.

E. Roberts

Great place

Dana Moore

Security rude! Nasty floors! No recliners!

David L. Fizer Sr.

Need to clean up more between movies.

David M Brandon

Comfortable seats but a little bit old in the screens could use a little bit of work

Doctor Tresie Lopez

Very beautiful theatre. Very expressive price.$11.50 for a ticket. WOW!! WAY TO MUCH.

Annette Harris

Clean and family friendly

Robert Brown

We regularly go to the movies in the afternoon. The lady who's been there for such a long time is always great to us. She does a wonderful job and thought we'd take a moment to say so. Thnks so much!

amanda mcwhortor

Always have had great service here. Workers are very friendly. Even have gotten to know a few of them.

Chris Kelly

No longer visit. They prohibit guns from legal citizens but yet can't provide proper protection while onsite. The security will not even handle complaints.

Wayne Walpole

Stadium seating not as good as recliners. Staff helpful. My second favorite theater in the Memphis area.

Virginia Hines

Very nice screens & sound. Excellent seats that are extremely comfy!

Yvonne Scott

Great experience and its clean and tidy.

Donald Williams

Nice, clean place to see a movie and spend way too much at the concession stand.

Sean Stanhill

The theater was fine. My only gripe with this place is that the staff doesn't completely clean the theaters in between movies, especially with new releases where there's a lot of foot traffic. It's hard to blame them but still, it's not pleasant to step in other peoples' leftover popcorn kernels.


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