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6711 Bartlett Stage Cove, Bartlett, TN 38134

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REVIEWS OF Hollywood 20 Cinemas IN Tennessee

Sarah duckworth

Everyone was friendly and someone even welcomed us by opening the door for us....loved that they had late showings of all the movies

Brenda B

Older cinema, needs renovating. I was visiting from out of town but was not impressed. Staff was nice though. Concessions were reasonably priced.

Anonymous Anonymous

The manager was basically breathing down our necks when we didn’t even do anything wrong it was ghetto

Valerie Upton

I will not be returning to this theatre anytime soon. This is a big opening weekend for Avengers and one would think they would overstock on concession drink cups and buckets for popcorn, but they didn’t. I know understand why theatres are going to reserved seating. I walked into the theatre and only thing available was up high or down low. The theatres need a major overhaul like Malco is doing to their theatres, guess I’m spoiled by Paradiso. Not an enjoyable experience.

Araceli Garcia

I appreciate the late showing times. Every time I have been, the employees are very kind and I have enjoyed the movies. It's clean, safe, and nice.

Anne Saylors

Friendly staff from the lady at the ticket counter to the ladies at the concession stand. We attended the summer time movie when it was only 1$. Couldn’t ask for a better experience!

Michickia Cleaves

Enjoyable Experience every time.

Jerry Hayes

ENJOY my movie night out as a senior citizen

Ever Dixon

This was our first time coming to this theater. The movie wasn't crowed and the tickets was cheaper than most sites.

cameron robinson

Priceless feels like home they are never rude always there to help

Sharon Gartrell


Carlito Adams

The scenery was nice and the movie was epic...

Anacleto Montanez

Clean and quiet place.

Ben Black

Excellent service, theatre is a bit dirty though

Jekiya Udell

Pretty good ticket prices and its almost never packed depending on what movie you see.

Laura Hall

Love this theater!! The staff are always so friendly especially the sweet little old lady in concessions, highly recommend to visit to anyone if looking for an enjoyable experience with affordable prices

Voncia Yarbrough

Great owner very appreciative welcoming

Todd Chambers

Since I have a movie pass card I have been visiting my local theatre pretty often. While it is old I have noticed that it stays very clean. The actual screens they use are of good quality and the audio is well maintained. The popcorn and drinks both have free refills and for a single combo costs $10. I subscribe to movie pass, so the concessions are all I really spend money on.

Liz Blair

Clean. Polite staff. Fresh concessions. Same movies in smaller theaters.

Paul Barksdale

Bad ppl bad customer service ..the popcorn is never fresh and I think its store bought. The prices are way too high knowing damn well ppl can pop secret and netflix...

Jessica Patterson

I love going to this particular theater during matinee hours to avoid the crowds. I always have a good experience everytime I go.

Hugh Graham Jr.

This place is horrible, they allow their security to harass their customers. The theater itself is outdated and nasty. I will be going to Malco theaters for now own.

Mike Salopek

I love the fact that they will still show 3D movies so they've been my go-to over malco, but I'm disappointed that they have not brought Godzilla king of monsters so that's a point off for that

jake ghy

Great quality and comfortable seats!

Kay Fowler

Theatre was ok. Kinda warm. Food prices are too high.

J. S. Smith

Small but clean. Theater is old, needs update.

Boost Custumer

Movie was nice.

Sharon Singleton

Loved this place the combo was perfect $10.00 even for a large popcorn and large drink.

Steve Williams

Nice. Ordely


The staff were sooooo rigid, insensitive, and harassing me about my Alkaline water which I must drink for health reasons. Also, the 3 staff mbrs. were non-compassionate considering the outside temperatures was 105° and I am hydrating my body. They told me to leave with the water. Such a HORRIBLE experience over a water bottle which was unnecessary Harassment. The staff need sensitivity training for awareness HEALTH Purposes concerning H2O #WATER!!!!!!

Charlotte Mcfarlin

Loved it each time I go. They don't have reclining seats and I love it more for that. I don't want to sleep at a movie; I came to watch it! Tell Hollywood to stay the same!!!


Not crowded and showing new movies,but not the friendliest staff.

Anterria Oneal

They have all new movies

Richard Rees

It was a good visit, to watch Bumblebee great movie

James Smith

Three stars for overall, but due to the great staff and the unrealistically clean bathrooms, gets bumped to a 4. Please have whoever cleans the bathrooms, be in charge of the concessions area too. Older theater, still has stadium seating though.

April Simmons

Ok. Definitely not top of the line but not bad. Chairs and theatre pretty old. It was the only movie still showing the movie I wantedbefore going to DVD. Large variety of movies to view so thats nice. Would prefer most theatres in the area over this one.


The theatre was nice and clean, odor free unlike most. The ladies bathroom stalls were extremely small, can't be ADA compliant.

Elzee Dewayne Martin

Nice place

Chris Tatum

Nice and clean

Manda Meyers

We were pleasantly surprised!! We arrived at 4:30 got our snacks and whatnot and went straight into the showing of The movie Aquaman. We ended up being the only two in the theater and we didn't expect that. Who we believed to be the manager, stood up once the previews were done and told us a tidbit about waiting a few minutes after the ending credits started before we left. That was super awesome if him! The staff were friendly and even seemed to enjoy their jobs, which is a rarity to see nowadays. It was very clean other than a few spots on the carpet here and there. The sound was spot on. I mean, SPOT on and it was a little chilly but not too bad. Aren't most theaters a bit chilly anyhow... Oh hey the popcorn salt shaker, it comes out fast! You've been warned lol.

martha levy

Went to see Tyler Perry last show. Real nice & clean.

Larry Crawford

Me and my grandkids had a blast.

Rhonda Çrutcher

Service was great! I ordered my tickets on line and went right up to the window and got them. Concessions was fast and very pleasant.

Jolo Milla Clothing Line

Funny funny luv it

Angela Porter

We had so much fun! And the special pricing for tickets and conssesions on Tuesday and Wednesday makes it affordable.

Rita Strickland

It was cool not a lot of people there tonight which made it very peaceful and enjoyable


This place is horrible. They allow security to harass customers. The theater itself is nasty and outdated. I will be going to Malco theaters for now own

Katie Marie

I thoroughly enjoy this movie theater. My family and i have been coming to it for years. I only had one issue here and the manager rectified the situation without any hesitation. If you decide to go be sure to check out matinee prices they are reasonably priced.

avni patel

Great experience!


I actually like this movie theater. The stadium seats are comfortable. And usually not that crowded.

Nia Ray

I love the fact that they have taken control and not allow children to ruin this movie theater. Quiet and cozy and you can actually enjoy your movies.

Maria Lenz

Great place

Tyler-Wayne Fleming

Ok, went to Malco Cinema at first and they didnt even have the movie playing that i went to see. So I came here and it was great! The employees were polite and willing to assist you. The food and drinks were not too expensive either. And I went to a midnight movie so it is only late also. Great movie theater to go to!

Shaundra Hudson

The show times online don't match the actual show times. The employees act like they are there under duress. And I used a coupon that listed their theater as a participating location only to get there and find out they don't take them. Even the Coke was flat. The only reason why they get 2 stars instead of one is because I really liked Aquaman.

Nolan Smith

Great customer service at the door! And the sound of the movie was great!


I had a great time with my daughter and the movie, service and snacks wonderful but the seats not comfortable.

Jo Kail

Good place to catch a movie in the neighborhood. Admission fees are very reasonable, especially matinees and seniors. Clean. Needs more security.

kyng. E

My favorite movie theatre in Memphis. Caught the 9p Spiderman far from home and I was the only one in the theatre


Fun filled day with Family. Friendly staff and lively place

Melanie Johnson

Nasty seats! People from the back kicking our nasty seats. Will only go to Malco from now on.. nice reclining leather seats for only a few bucks more.

Judie Blount

Comfortable seats and a clean screen. Couldn't ask for anything better. Popcorn was fresh and tasty.

dredrick moore

Great experience! Sure wouldn't mind some reclining seats tho!

Mustang King

Went to see John Wick theater was clean and nice seats.

Kirsten Butler-Martin

Nice place to take your family

Planet Pluto Gaming inc

Great theater have used many years


Wouldn't let us see Joker so we had to see Gemini Man >:(

Shantrell Berretta

Too expensive for a matinee

Sulav Timsina

The place was nice. They didn't allow food inside which almost all theaters do. The ticket price was cheap. The sound quality was nice, it wasn't over crowded: maybe because it was a hollywood movie.

Michelle Perkins

Great priced movie tickets and their snacks are affordable. I like this theater a lot. I go at least once every time I visit Memphis

Jody Blake

I enjoy this theater because it's usually not crowded like some of the newer theaters, and the atmosphere is laid back.

ThatPup IsCool

There was a hole in the screen keeping your attention away from the movie

george Glachuski

Make there own popcorn

Susan Slauson

No assigned seating (like at that chain theater)! YAY!!! Matinee prices through the 4 o'clock showing on a Saturday. The employees that we encountered were nice. It was clean. The temperature inside the theater was comfortable (and not freezing like it is at that chain theater). No recliners but - who cares?! We got to choose where we sat, comfortably, at a discounted price. We'll be going back!

Calico Fox

My personal favorite theater, simply because most movies they feature have midnight showings, convenient for me after work days. Although snacks are dramatically over priced, it's not really a big deal, especially since you're never in line for too long. Everything is set for convenience at this theater, and that's fine with me. Maybe upgrade some of the seating in some of the rooms, just saying, some of them chairs ain't quite comfortable enough for a 2 hour film...

Rosiland Gilmore

Friendly staff. Clean theather, comfortable temp and concession stand staff was pleasant.


Not a bad spot for a theatre, friendly staff

Apul Vyas

Great deal of movie selection but seats are not comfortable

Alethia Wiley

Better than Malco on stage! No rats, clean theaters and average staff. Really no issues.

Mya Mouton

Nice place

Derick Graeser

Staff is always friendly. Matinee prices are worth it. Concessions cost a little less than the other theatres in the area. Seats are comfortable. Concessions staff work very hard and there's usually never a long enough wait for Concessions to be late for a movie. I've never had any problems with the quality of a screening.

Buffy M Bryant

I enjoyed the movie, "Us" and appreciate the decent price for a large popcorn and large drink combo (at least for movie theater prices, anyway).

Joseph Bourgeois

Nice Theatre. Seemed pretty clean. The staff was enjoyable to talk to. I liked the classic aesthetic.


Saw Gemini man, good movie. Staff was nice

Niki Patel

Stale popcorn is a consistent problem every single time maybe once I remember getting fresh popcorn. I ask the old lady who works there if I could have fresh popcorn (I asked nicely) and she made a rude comment about me in front of me to the guy that works there. Ouch! Rude. I don't comment back to rude employee its just not worth it but I am sure going to post it.

Dorothy Jones

Great place for family or a date

Kellie Kirchner

Better than previous visits but still isn't superior

Alan Rogers

The family enjoyed the visit to this wonderful cinema it was clean and spacious and even on an employees first day he didn't break a sweat. Keep up the good work!

Brian Howland

Awesome! And great midday matinee rates.

Edward McDaniel

I always have a quality, affordable, movie watching experience at this theater. Always clean very spacious and their customer service and courtesy is excellent. I highly recommend this location to everyone who wants a quality movie watching experience.

Sheila Hensley

Our favorite theater because if location but their movies are current and lobby/theaters are clean

Angel love

Great affordable prices good seats and nice sorround sound


They make their popcorn fresh! But it is an older theater.

Kevin Mills

Need to improve on cleaning the screening area

Airton Santos

Amazing, cordial and helpful staff! The afternoon/night shift manager is indescribably great in every way! Since his arrival, the reception, food, hallways, rooms and restrooms have never been so neat. The Sound, A/C, lighting, and projection quality are always right. If the service is right, the movie experience speaks for itself. Nothing to say about the great price! 6 Stars!

heavenlylovely40 Little

The movie was great, sound was good. BUT the theatre was not clean, old food was on floor and in seats. The floor is sticky, really needs a scrubbing. I really like this spot. Its close to home and the staff was very nice and helpful. Overall ok.

Bj Crookshank

good! crowded for evening.

MAnchelle Smith

Nice seats, clean... I enjoy myself

michael salinas

Decent theater but needs to be updated to stay current with the other theaters in town.

Candy-blue-sweets 174

It was great and the employees are nice and the sound is good and the visual too I recommend it for others to go


So I was kinda left in the wander around category when endgame hit theaters...sold out everywhere else....went here and easily got a 740 showing for avengers endgame.... malco can suck eggs... lol the quality to me is the equivalent maybe possibly even better on speed of service... when compared to malco.

Samantha Mcclenton

Can't wait to go back

Jeremy Riddle Sr.

I hate Bartlett, Tennessee but this movie theatre is decent

Sherry Williams

Great theatre


Theater room is smallest I've ever seen, seats are kind of small and we heard the movie playing in the room next to where we were. To make matters worse, the movie we saw was kind of of these factors combined together, I was tempted to walk out and sit in the car a few times. The quality of the movie was fine & prices were affordable.

Jeffrey Maidens

Always clean, friendly staff, and prices are great.

Tonya Eubanks

The bathrooms are always clean, even when there are alot of people. Good price, decent prices, and the popcorn is pretty good.

William Gillespie

Comfortable seating needs a better concession stand a bit more variety .other than that I enjoyed everything

Anita Harris

Popcorn needs to more fresher and needs upgrading seating

Vivian Lodge

Very nice staff and clean. The older lady in concession was especially nice. Came back for refill and she gladly refilled my drink and popcorn. Needless to say I’ll be back

Dale Kay

I love this theater. A few here in Memphis have such a Friendly Staff and cozy atmosphere. Some need that over crowd, not me. If I bring a date with me I like we are not shoved, distracted and distrub during the movie.


Good Service TOP NOTCH Ownership!

Christine Buccitti

nice place beautiful theater I went to a matinee at the whole theater to myself

Tracey Young

Good price and a clean theater.

Tammye Butler

First timer. The atmosphere was reminiscent of an old fashioned theater. The staff was pleasant. Seating comfortable. Kind of like Bartlett's best kept secret.

Tiia Albright

Favorite place to go watch movies

nicole johnson

Pretty decent. Needs a good cleaning tho.

Dan Ross

Just loved those seats!

dena pratt

Loved using the app to purchase tickets!


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