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GeiGorgon Games!

Nice chairs, good food.

kris collier

Nice comfy seats EXCEPT they're not like most dine-in theaters where you can order from your seats. Please plan accordingly!

Russ Aptor

This is a GORGEOUS theater. A shame it's wasted on the dine-in experience. Expect to spend your movie being consistently interrupted by wait staff walking in front of you, the sounds of people ordering and asking questions, and the smells of other people's food. At 19 dollars a ticket, it feels like money wasted, unless you just don't care about the movie you're seeing. Lights also stay on during the previews, sound stays lower than usual throughout the entirety of the screening, and the brightness is toned down as well. Can not recommend.


I like the place but I now remember why I don't go to the movies anymore. It's ridiculously expensive

Jay Puckett

Very clean and we'll kept theater. One of the best things was the staff, it was nice seeing the younger generation of kids they had working, all so police clean cut. You could see them hard at work doing their jobs, but had no problems chatting with you for a min making you feel right at home. My wife and I will definitely be back for a date night to try the dine-in.

Chris Pacheco

The best thing about this place was the bathroom smelled nice. The entire menu was shut down when I got there at 830pm. The drink stations (the only two that were operational) were a god awful mess without napkins or lids. There wasnt even someone there to tear the ticket I didnt need to pay for apparently. Dafuq?

Gabriel Sterling

Nicely renovated theatre. All theaters are way overpriced these days, but this one is incredibly expensive for the area. Thank goodness for a-list. Would avoid the dining experience. The food is mediocre and often wrong. Hard to correct the middle of a movie. Oh, did I say it's expensive?


This place is a joke! 18-20 min. Into my, 2 person 41.00 movie [only], the concession closed down. Manager just said "yeah we're closed", with no option of even getting a coke! Really...? Please find another place to do business, this is not worth it! AMC.. please employ adults as managers.. kids don't work well in that position!

Kaylee Spakes

Really nice movie theater. Very comfortable seats and big screens

Caleb Banks

Disappointed with the fact not all the speakers were being used on theater 10. Ordered a flatbread pizza. Someone else ordered wings beside us. It took twice as long for our pizza and ordered before the guy beside us. Overall. I enjoy this theater very much, it's why I'm willing to put up with it all. At the end of it, I give 4 stars. As it has some minor set backs at times. But the experience is definitely worth every penny spent.

Peter Hayward

Water bottle machine was room temperature. Would not exchange the (five dollar) bottle of water for a fountain cup that I just wanted for ice water. Gave me the free cup and I had to cram it with ice and slowly drink the warm bottle over the tiny ice cup. One of the dine-in theatres smelled faintly of urine. Not a lot of theatre options around, so I still come here when I'm in TN but the customer service is dissapointing.

Joe Thompson

What a great experience! I booked a movie premier weeks early. Very smooth with the AMC app. We arrived a little early and ordered dinner. So convenient! Our server spent the next few hours bringing us dinner, desserts and refills. All at the touch of a button. There was enough variety on the menu to satisfy the picky eaters too! It may cost a little more than the usual movie night, but you're paying for the "full dinner and movie experience."

Ann Johnson

I went to see the movie Toy story which was absolutely fabulous! I also enjoyed having dinner there and watching the movie. It was a very pleasant experience for me

Taylor W

An old IMAX theatre that they are converting (converted?) Into a AMC DINE-IN ... Very comfortable chairs.

Dina Robertson

My first dine-in experience to see was amazing! Bacon Brussels sprouts were great too!

Elizabeth Newman

My favorite theater for sure. The nicest seats, they have basically an Atmos setup on one of the screens which is AMAZING if you’re a theater person.. no real IMAX but everything else is phenomenal. Full menu, bar, all of it!

Felicity Haugen

Love the dine-in food, especially Chicken Chipolte Sandwich. Great service in dine-in and counters. Need to switch popcorn brands...always has that chewy, round kind. AMC Antioch has great corn...try that kind. Regal Hollywood has it also. Makes a difference.

Ms BakertoU

This theatre is a joke. If you aren’t used to a quality theatre experience then you may disagree. Both times I visit the movie was not showing in a dine in theatre. I HAVE NEVER been to a dine in theatre where only select theatre are dine in only (problem #1). Problem #2 both times I visited they said technical differences aka being short staff prevented them from allowing us to order hot food from the concession menu.We had to order at a separate bar and come back to pick up our food. The real theatre seats don’t recline. Food is ridiculously expensive. They have a terribly maintained waterfall outside. For such an elite area of Nashville I could not be any more disappointed. This can’t be as good as it get in this city.

Daniel Burstiner

Nicely appointed theater. Bar and restaurant area is bright and clean. Huge menu for a movie theater. Prices for the type of food are high but movie theater snacks have always been overpriced so that's no surprise. Nice seating in the eat-in theaters. Call button to order or order before going in. Choose your seat when purchasing your ticket. In theater service. Overall, very nice. I can't comment on the food because I didn't order. Note, 20 theaters and not all are eat-in.

Jerry barlar

Great place for a movie. They have everything you need to enjoy a good movie.

Danny Sulkin

This is one of AMC's updated theaters serving - in addition to standard theater fare - full meals and alcohol. There is also a sit-down cafe or you can order and they will bring it to your seat. The interior is updated and really nice. Many, but not all, of the theaters have reclining seats. There is also an IMax theater. Unfortunately, my last experience there was not their best night - they were grossly under-staffed and kept running out of popcorn!

Terry Jones

Love the seating. Recliner with ample leg space and partitions between you and the next row. Prompt service. And pretty darn good food for a movie theater. Definitely plan on going here again, again, and again

Paula Cirulli Realtor, CLHMS, CRS, GRI

They've done a great job of renovating this theater. Love all the selections for hanging out, food, movies. However, the theatre was hot and stuffy.

Justin Hansen

The "gourmet" popcorn was old and tasted really bad, not to mention INSANELY expensive! You could buy boyscout popcorn for less. The soda price also seems to have hiked. The bathrooms are stocked with a terrible excuse for toilet paper that literally rips when you wipe. Are you really saving money buying the cheapest toilet paper possible? Wiping with leaves is more effective than that pathetic tp.


This is a nice theatre in a safe location. Lots of choices. Dine-in theatres are pricey and were good early on, but for the last several months have been lacking. It takes a really long time to get served and food has been less then mediocre. Yesterday I had to chase down a server who took the orders of other people in my row - all who arrived after me (!@?!)). When our food came ( it was a long wait), my sandwich was only lukewarm and the fries were cold, unsalted, and tasted like paper. They forgot ketchup and the ranch I asked for. The time before this, my flatbread tasted like it had been under one of those gas station warming lamps for hours. It was dried out completely and it was cold. I will definitely not order food here again. While I reference last two visits, there were several others that were poor too. I just don’t want this review to go on forever. The theater needs to hire more servers as I think this is part of the problem. Dried out food though? Maybe they are short staffed in the kitchen too and trying to make certain food items ahead. I really don’t know. My advice? Get the movie plan because it’s worth the money if you go a couple times a month. Even though movies stick around way longer then they should, you can always find enough new ones to justify the monthly rate. Just eat ahead. Save a ton of money and eat good food that is warm and cooked right. Don’t make the mistakes I did and let your dine in experience ruin your evening.

Tony Woodall

The Dolby Cinema screen here is phenomenal with the best picture and sound in the whole state (Tennessee).... When it actually works that is. We have unfortunately now had multiple instances where there were issues with the projectors. When I pay $20 for a movie ticket, make baby-sitter arrangements, and drive 45 minutes, my expectation is a flawless presentation. We have had the projectors shut off completely in the middle of a movie before (Avengers: End Game). Today we were excited to catch the 20th Anniversary release of The Matrix in the awesome Dolby Cinema format only to be severely disappointed when I realized one of the projectors was out (Dolby Cinema setup uses dual laser projectors). After talking with management they knew one of the projectors was not working and did not say anything since it still "looked pretty good" It did not in fact look pretty good or even any good. You cannot take away one of the two projectors in the Dolby Cinema format and get a good image. It ruined the experience as the picture was so bad I did not want to even watch the movie that way, so we just left. We were offered a refund, but it's still time lost, a babysitter, and frustration. If they can get the quality control improved, this is THE place to see a movie, otherwise, don't bother.

Mark G

They have hired 20 year old "managers" who have no common or business sense who disrespect their customers. We have been customers for a few years, but NEVER AGAIN. Stay away from this place, there are many more other theaters you can enjoy... This place is obviously going down very fast

Bryant Brabson

Had to sit in the auditorium that serves food. Smelled like a fast food restaurant that's located near a busy highway. That's probably because of the mounds of trash heaped on top of the receptacles near the entrance to the auditorium rather than the food. Even though we weren't there to eat the servers were friendly. Look, the problem is that this theater just needs to do a better job of cleaning. Bathrooms were a wreck as well. All of this went down on a Friday at 6PM.

Kurt Doerfel

Went to see endgame here in 3d. Watched the Intro of the movie in 2d, I pointed out that the movie wasn't in 3d, they restarted it in 3d, and we had the wrong glasses. The staff was kinda all over the place trying to figure it out. After about an hour of trying to figure things out, twas around 11:30 when they finally had things in order to watch a movie that was supposed to start at 10:15. Drove a good 40 minutes to see the movie in IMAX, and sadly, I had a poor experience.

Deborah Wright

Nicely renovated recently, but bathrooms could definitely be maintained better. Some staff are wonderful and give great customer service in the dine-in theater. Needs better clean up between shows. (I sat in a chair that had melted sticky candy down the side.) Just disappointed when asking for a refill in the collector tin, and was refused even when I offered to pay for it.

Lois Light

Love the improvements on the seats and saw a great movie of Fast and Furious, lots of action.

Kerry Knopp

First time doing the dine in theater tonight. The wait staff was good. But the menus were disgusting. Chunks of food on every one. The seats were also in need of being wiped down in the cracks. I also had my view obstructed by row in front of me.

Logan Michael

The actual theaters were great. The chairs were comfortable, and the screen was properly calibrated. The in-house bar and restaurant had a good selection of drinks, but the food choice was quite limited. The food itself was not good at all.

Troy Scott

Always a great place to see a movie. Dolby theater I'd real nice.

Colleen Chassie

This was my first experience with an AMC Dine-in. It was relatively good -- keep in mind that movies are going to have A LOT of previews so they can take everyone's orders. The movie likely won't start for a half-hour or so after it's supposed to. Some of the food smelled funky and you couldn't escape it. Prices were a little steep. $9 for an oreo milkshake that wasn't even filled to the top. I enjoyed it -- the seats were comfortable (except they made distracting noises if anyone ever had to put the recliner down and came back -- the leather squeaked LOUDLY). I did enjoy the ease of online ordering and picking our seats though!

Denise Wilson

Very nice. We ordered tickets to dine at the theater. They put us in a regular theater. We were starving

austin woods

I love going here. The staff always care and clearly have top notch managers supporting them and of the hundreds of movies I've seen here I've never experienced an issue.

Summer Wade

I've never been to a movie theater like this! Staff was great! Seats and theater were awesome everything was clean! I will be going here quite a bit. The App is super awesome as well!

Crystal Larsen

Good place to watch a movie. Didn't get to do the dine in experience due to getting out of work too late, got there when the movie started and quite honestly, didn't want to interrupt my viewing. Maybe next time.

Mike Hudson

Comfortable theatre. Not impressed at the concession stand. Still, great time though.

Adam Peterson

Nice place but I've had several issues in movies with bad audio. Just watched Endgame with tinny and quiet voices. They need better attention to details if they want to provide good experiences.

Brad Royer

Nice theater with big screen and dine in options. We saw a movie in a dine in theater with reclining leather seats. You can order drinks and food and they are delivered to your seat. The food was actually good with lots of options.

Brandon Lampkin

The "front seat" experience aside, the popcorn was stale and not very good. Given movie theater pricing, this was a large disappointment. The visual and audio quality of the movie was great, however!

Courtney Winkler

Extremely dirty hallways and bathrooms. Popcorn all over the floors throughout. Theater itself was decent with comfortable seats.

Brenda Tyree

I would give zero stars if that was an option. I wanted to bring my family here as I had a wonderful experience a year ago. This time not so much. First the movie was excellent so there were no concerns there. However, when first entering (we attended the first show of the day), there were food trays from the night before on the counters as you enter. We get to our seats and there is food and dirty napkins everywhere. If that wasn't bad enough the a/c was not working. When we asked for the area to be wiped down our waitress said she would if she could get to it because she had just arrived and was very busy. She did eventually return and wiped the tray off. We ordered immediately upon arriving 25 minutes prior to the movie starting. Our drinks arrived as the moving was starting. Our food arrived an hour after ordering and was cold. My son's order only half came out. We had to wait another 20 mins to ask for silverware and about the rest of my sons order. Yes they did at least take off the cost of side that arrived so late. Food was mediocre compared to the last visit. Upon leaving the theater, I stopped at the ladies room. ALL of the stalls were either out of order or unflushed after being used. Asked to speak to a manager on the way out. Explained that after spending $170 for 3 people this theater needed to do much better. He did listen and I know the theater cleanliness issue was from the crew last night but still unacceptable along with excuses of being understaffed. He offered tickets for a future showing at any AMC theater, but my only goal was to ensure others dont have the extremely disappointing experience as we did

Terri Jenkins

Food was good, seat was very comfortable. The person who took my order was nice but the one who brought it out did not bring flatware, napkins or ketchup for my French fries. I was more than halfway through my burger and fries before I could get someone to bring those. The first person I asked to bring it just didn't do it. Finally I pushed the button and the nice girl who initially took my order brought napkins, ketchup and flatware.

Tommy Jordan Sr

This is a great venue for dinner and a movie. Great selection of burgers, nachos, other dishes, or just Popcorn. Go Early and eat in the restaurant, or dine while watching your movie! Beer and wine, cocktails, and great service as well.

Zachary Gillentine

I love this chain of theaters but this location has always been a favorite of mine. Employees have always been super helpful and the theater has always been clean.

Jordan Tinker

Always been one of the nicer AMC theaters in the Nashville area. Super clean, staff was friendly, and the A-List check in process was super quick. Oh and the seats are super comfy :D

Caylie Cardinal

Super nice dine-in experience here! Bartenders were so kind, staff was very nice, food was great, and the movie was very comfortable in the reclining chairs!

Heather Kaye

Comfortable seating.arm rests raise for a snuggle.we watched detective Pikachu a day before it released worldwide... It was awesome.friendly staff

Mary Weary

Lion king was Great! Shocked that a $5 movie was uncharged to $11.

Casbah D

Not my best experience in a theater. It was nice inside, but the food wasn't good at all for a place that dubs itself "dine in". Concession service was sub-par; I had to ask for my drink cups after ordering and ask again for my food. Oh, and a heads up to other 1st timers at this theater, the row numbers are hidden in the geometric patterns of the carpet.

Ana Black

Simply perfect!! In Brazil it should have cinemas like that. I would love!

John LaFon

Went to see Avengers End Game with my family. We were super excited. After about a minute in, we all realized the sound was off. I waited a few minutes to give them time to fix it then after the sound wasn't fixed, I went out and informed an attendant, along with several others. 30 minutes later, when the sound still wasn't fixed, I left to report it again. They said they would fix it. 60 minutes later, it still wasn't fixed. We are 1:40 minutes into the movie and could at times barely understand the dialogue. I then went out yet again and they again, said it would be fixed. Well, it never was. It completely ruined the experience of the movie for me and my family. They are obviously not capable of handling problems. Find another theatre if you want to enjoy your experience. What a disappointment. Edit: Just found out from a friend the same thing happened in the showing they were at just before the one I was at, and they reported it as well, so the they knew there was a problem and didn't bother telling anyone. What a terrible way to do business.

Angie Moore

Love the recliner seating. Great place to go to see a movie.

Josiah Brown

Hands-down best cinema in the area. All sorts of formats and food options, and a friendly staff. I’m always in the Dolby Cinema!

Sofia Grover

I was expecting a great experience, sadly I was disappointed. We had our tickets in advance but needed to stop for popcorn and drinks. That was a painful experience. We watched young people chatting with the employees and trying to get dates as we waited. Twenty minute wait


Our favorite movie spot. The fact you can pick out your own electrical powered recliner before seating is awesome. We love the Express concession lane and popcorn butter station. Best to go on Tuesdays with 5 dollar movie pricing if in a large group.

Kallie Graves

Great seating and good service. Food is way too expensive tho it's ok. My go to is the pretzel bites for 8.99 (pretty sure its the cheapest food item other than candy).

Nathan Hedberg

Reclining seats are awesome, waiter service is kind of of nice, of course the price for food is outrageous.

Mike The Mic Guy

They’re okay. It’s not much more than a movie theater. Service is okay. Almost always a line for tickets and concessions. Arcade is good, has some good games if you need to waste time. It’s not bad, just not great. I’ve had a few incidents with management here, but nothing that’s a super big deal.

Darryl Myers

Bathrooms dirty. Food and drinks way too expensive for the small portions. It comes to your seat cold.

Carolee Champlin

What a great theater-cushy seats, fantastic sound!

William Gray

Nothing special really. My burger tasted as if it came straight from a McDonald's menu but at three times the price. But it's nice to have alcoholic beverages while at the movies.

Trish Oglesby

Went to IMAX, first time, loved it. The seats were very uncomfortable. I wish you had the reclining seat though.

Ben Gilles

The prices are high for food but the food is worth it and the staff are amazing. We save the dine in option for special occasions. The good news is they have many other movie options other than dine in if you don't want to go all out.

Stephanie Santiago

This place is always clean, everything is well stocked, lots of staff to help in whatever way necessary. The dine-in experience is a great addition to a movie date night. Only have to make one stop and everything is there.

Matt Abbott

the recliner seat are great but the dine-in portion was awful. they were out of many things on their already limited menu, which made it difficult for my wife who is pescetarian. the "waiter" forgot to bring our milkshakes and the drink refiles took over 20 minutes. the milkshakes were completely melted when they arrived. $90 for dinner and a movie for 2 was completely overpriced for the service we received. I know with unemployment at a record low and it's hard to find good help but your management should still maintain a minimum level of quality.

Scott Lichty

Its was so comfortable and spacious. The wait staff was on point and quick. Place was clean and again most comfortable movie theater seats I didnt wait to leave. Nap time after the movie would have been nice hahahaha

Charles Kildgore

Not worth the price. It's always expensive to go to the movies but this is ridiculous. I very rarely post negative reviews but this industry has lost its way.

K Denise

Really great place to come for date night or family movie night - in the dine in theater! The food isnt bad and service is very friendly and timely! I would suggest getting there about 15min early to get seated and your food/drink order in, before the movie starts!

Buddy Hand

Very nice theater, extremely comfortable. Food prices are ridiculous though.

Joe. Smith

Hi MOVIE GOERS! you MUST TRY THIS PLACE. And You'll LOVE IT. AMC friendly staff will take your orders. BTW no paper plate here. So just Relax ! Pop up the comfortable reclining seat. Sip on your favorite fruity Cocktails,

none known

Very comfy seats. Good view from all seats. I did not purchase foods or beverage. Just enjoyed the show. Best to buy the monthly deal if you plan to go often.

Bradley Smith

New design and layout is very appealing. Easier to enter and exit. Dinner theater is a cool experience.

Zack Bennett

Renovations have turned this into the best movie theater experience in all of Middle Tennessee. Not every screen is a "dine-in", but if you do get to see a movie in one of those, definitely try the full-service menu. Get there early, though, to get your food order placed in time for it to come before the feature begins. Also, definitely see a movie in the Dolby Cinema screen if you can - It is not a dine-in screen, but the recliners are comfortable and they vibrate at certain scenes in the movie to enhance the sound effects! Very cool! IMAX at this location is a bit overrated -- no recliners and the screen isn't as big as traditional IMAX locations -- not worth the extra cost, especially when compared to the experience in the Dolby Cinema screen.

Andrew Ferguson

Really cool theater, offering food and drink options. Pricey, just like every other theater in the universe, but if your going to see a movie, this is your spot. Very comfortable seating, seemed to be a good staff on duty the night we went, and a very clean facility.

Jennifer Kilburn

Great remodel comfortable seats and very professional young adults serving taking care of our every need

Ashley Redfern

I love going to the movies and recently a co-worker introduced me to AMC’s A-lister Program. This is my go to theater in the Nashville area because of its location. Once visited, I continue to only use this theater because the staff is always friendly, the restrooms are always clean (cannot stress this enough), and let’s face it... who can resist those big comfy recliners whole enjoying the movie!!

Z Zaldivar

This place was more than a movie theater. The seats were better than my recliner at home. I felt as comfortable as if I was at home watching a movie. The staff was friendly and made my wife and I feel like a king and queen for a night. The food was better than I expected and not as overpriced as I thought it would be.This is def a new date night spot!

Susan Carter

The food was pretty tasty. My family enjoyed the adult beverages. This is a pretty good deal and the recliners are super comfortable.

Vickie Bonawitz

Good place to go, but remodeling outside the theater made for some interrupting sounds during the movie.

Ricky Valero

What a crazy experience this place has turned into. The seats are amazing, reclining and a tray for your food. Push a button and boom someone arrives to help. The menu is absurd. They really remade this place since the last time I was here, it’s a true different experience. Customer service was great. Food (minus pretzels) was great You could go eat dinner, and enjoy a movie afterwards. Pricing is no different than like a chili’s and the food is better.

Jody May

The newly-renovated theaters have some of the best seats I’ve ever sat in for a movie theater: soft and reclining, with plenty of room and a food tray to boot. We didn’t do the full dinner plus a movie since there’s so many great restaurants nearby, but the movie experience was excellent. The staff are all friendly and on their toes when it comes to service.

Ivan Nekrasov

Amazing. The recent renovations made this place unrecognizable. The coolest movie theater I have ever been to for sure. #cinema

Jae P Escoto

The seats don't recline all the way back and up for the legs. Even tho its comfortable. The best thing was the sound and screen in this room. It was exciting and truley an amazing experience. Id like to come back for another adventure movie in this theater. We watched US. A scary thrilling movie.

Christopher Flatt

This is absolutely the best theater that I've ever been to in my life there is nothing wrong with this theater location is perfect stat is perfect the environment is perfect the experience is perfect it's absolute perfection I would not recommend going anywhere other than this location. Point blank straight to the point

Alex Davis

Our showtime was at 6:45 so we decided to arrive early and eat before the show. We put in drink orders at 6:15 and tried to order food at the same time but menu items were missing so we opted to just order food once the drinks came. By 6:50 we still had no drinks and also had not had the opportunity to put in our food order. Finally have to flag waitress down to inquire about missing drinks only to be told that due to staffing issues they had not even been put in. At 7:15 our food finally arrives so now we get to eat in pitch black which is the exact reason for arriving early to eat before show. Both salads had huge chunks of lettuce core. Terrible. first and last time for the dine in experience.

Francia Torres

Standard theatre. When it said Dine-in, we thought dinner was served at the seats. They have a restaurant and bar where you can eat before or after the movie. Good chairs in the theater. It may need a remodel soon

Joshea Dill

Nothing like sitting comfortably, eating, and watching a movie. Awesome!

Troy Johnson

Friendly staff and good food

Kristina Patterson

It's amazing! We double dated. We all loved it. Food is soooo good! Customer service oriented, comfy comfy seats!! Dont miss out You'll be glad you went!

G'mon Lovesong

I love this theater! Good eats, great drinks and the most comfy reclining plush seating!

Steve Cousins

Seat are good but unless you pay their monthly subscription you will wait 20 -30 min for a water. Oh and water is $10 for 2 small bottles. Lastly they promote hot food and every time I have been it’s been unavailable.

Valerie Kuykendall

Great movie theater. Food is good, too. Little pricey, but good. No matinees here.

Hayden English

Dolby Cinema was great. Recliners lean back and the screen is huge and sharp. Tickets are pricey for the premium formats. Popcorn is tasty! AMC uses the Freestyle coke machines that I'm not a fan of. Overall, pretty great theater.

Rob Kingrey

The ultimate in movie pampering. Show up, recline in your comfy chair. They bring you drinks from the bar, a little dinner, the movie, more drinks, big bill... but what do you expect for being pampered. Great experience. Stadium, comfy, reserved, recliner seating.

Laia Jones

I really enjoyed dining and watching a film here. It was clean, spacious, and comfortable. The customer service was great also.

James Stephanek

Probably the best dinner theater I have ever been to. Great chairs, decent food for a theater, sounded great and picture was clear. I'd go more if it wasn't so far away from my house. I went for a sponsored event, which was a good place for one as well.

Ruthie Keister

It's a great theater and like all the new features and options. But it's so over priced and it seems like nothing but teenagers working there that are rude! I understand they are wanting to make some cash but they need to be respectful as well. If someone asks a question don't be snippy and say I don't know and walk away. Also the $5 Tuesdays are an amazing deal! Would recommend going on those days when ever you can!

Christina Maximos

We loved the experience here, it really felt like a movie star experience. They have a theatre where they serve you food and the best part is the food prices are reasonable for what you'd get at a restaurant. My family enjoyed the recliner seats and pull out tray that is on the side of the seat. We had ample room as well. The only thing about this theatre is that it popular movie seats full up quickly so be sure to get the movie tickets ahead of time especially on a weekend.

Alvin Motes

I took my grand to see the Lion King. The Theater was clean and up to date. Prices were ok.

Kitty Dunn

The place was a mess! Overflowing trash cans popcorn ALL over the floor and the bathrooms had trash piling over and clogged sinks. The concessions were understaffed and took incredibly long to get through. The one guy working the non AMC stub line was quick and friendly. They just needed more than one person handling the concessions for non AMC stub hub members. The AMC stub hub member line seemed to have 3 people working it but was moving even slower than the other line.

Bill Johnson

If you are looking for a good cool place on a hot summer day STAY AWAY then. The only reason I gave 2 stars was because it was very clean on the inside which is not the case in several other AMC theaters around Nashville. The theater was humid and smelly because the a.c. wasn't working good. I'm sure once it's fixed, it will be a wonderful experience but until then, use your hard earned money at a different theater.

Pamela Stiverson

I have the A-List membership. So I've been going to the movies at this theater quite a bit lately. Usually, no issues. But, they were having major technical problems tonight. Finally got it going. But the A/C must have begun on the fritz tonight too. It was a warm one. So I bought a bottle of water from the concession stand. It costs $4.56 and it was only room temperature. Not even chilled. Very disappointed with my night at the movie this evening.

Elijah Wood

Excellent theater and the Dolby Cinema Theater is worth the extra buck

Sarah T.

It's okay, just not that great. At first I really liked their dine-in theater. Being able to enjoy a movie for once. Rather than the original auditorium. Just wish my experience could be better next time. I've had some good and not so good experiences with the dine-in. I rarely go to this theater. Due to being overly priced movie tickets. Customer Service is pretty decent. Prices for food and drinks can be very expensive. Wish there were better deals on movies & combos.

Stanley Mccree

Super nice movie theater with super nice recliners, food and drinks. Awesome!

Kris Bulla

The bathrooms are always gross with the paper towels not refilled, the coke machine either have no ice or half the flavors available, and the people are not helpful. Ever since the remodel, the price has been ridiculously highand the service and quality have been horrible. ,

sarah s

I ordered the Royal burger. It was delicious. The fries were cold. The service is always great. However, the servers won't remove they dirty plates when they walk by. I have pressed the button and asked them to remove the plates and the server looked at me like I was crazy. I think the food, while a little high is reasonable. My suggestion is to steer clear of the alcoholic drinks, they are way too expensive. The mens and womens restrooms are on opposite ends if the hallway. It just isn't convenient for a quick restroom run in the middle of a movie.

Anna Crutchfield

Facilities, food, and customer service= top notch

Charity C

If the chicken strip meal wasn’t $19.99 I would give them higher stars, but the food pricing is ridiculous and it makes you want to eat out before you get there. The server was also rude and needs customer service training. On the bright side, the theater was clean, the seats are nice and the chipotle chicken flatbread was pretty tasty.

Cory Toews

This is a very nicely finished theater, but it seems to be horribly managed, at least that was our experience. The servers were super courteous and kind, but just took forever to get to us. Once they did, our server regrettably let us know they were out of nachos, fries, tots, and onion rings. How does that happen? Not a big deal though, we just ordered other stuff. I got the flatbread pizza, which was delicious, but arrived 45 minutes into the movie. My drink didn't accompany it for another hour. Seriously. At a 7:15 showing, I looked at my phone when my drink arrived- 8:58. I don't know why I would go back to a place that's this disorganized and poorly run.

Michelle Bulla

Horribly dirty theater. Looked like it hadn't been cleaned from night before. Seats cushions were all flipped forward. Just looked like no one who worked there stepped foot in the place until after several of us were already seated. Embarrassing! However, service was great once seated and movie experience was great.

Bradley York

Best movie theater in Nashville. You should try the dine in theater. Great food and service which takes the movie experience to the next level.

Eve S.

Very comfortable seating and many different screen options. Dine-in chairs are the best, you can sit back comfortably with a meal while watching a movie.

Rebecca Duval

I usually go to the Regal in Green Hills but met a friend in Franklin. Was really disappointed and dont want to go back here. Used to go to this theater all the time when I lived in Franklin before they remodeled. Sad they have made bad choices when they made changes. Seats were uncomfortable. They had 1 person helping get refreshments for the big line. Then had 1 person helping the small line. Didn't know they had that line wouldn't have gone in the long line. Asked why they only had 1 person and was told by management it was a shift change. They had 6 people behind the counter and a manger even went back there but didn't open a register to help get everyone through and to their movies. At one point they opened the door and I saw 5 boys back there. Shift change shouldn't they be up front helping instead of standing in the back. Go to Regal theaters they know what they are doing.

Daniel Ohms

Went to see a movie Sunday night. Sent back my food because it was missing stuff. Came back remade and was burnt. Think they were way too busy for what they were expecting. Out of a lot of food and very slow compared to normal. All understandable but when the “manager” comes after when I want my food taken off when!! I did not touch it because it was clearly messed up. that is when I get upset. It’s my favorite thing on the menu and I have it every week.

Judy Zoglio

Pricey but a very enjoyable experience. We purchased our movie dine in tickets on the website and even selected our seat. Upon arrival we got in line and showed our phone with th we code and went right through. When seated we pushed a button on the seat an were waited on and ordered our drinks and appetizers from a full menu of amazing choices. Then we sat and watched our movie in reclining chairs. The only downside is that it's a little pricey, tickets 14 apiece and food and drinks aren't cheap and dont pick a drama or boring movie because those recliners are so comfy you'll definitely fall asleep and have a very expensive nap.

James Amundsen

This theatre has come a long way since I first watched a movie here. AMC has certainly improved the experience with online scheduling and ticket purchase, which has effectively eliminated the need for a ticket booth. The renovations have also made purchasing concessions much better with faster customer queues and convenient self-service drink machines. The bar and restaurant make this theatre a full-service dating option for all ages.

T.V. Edwards

I like the revamped theatre. Thoroughly enjoy the DineIn best. Friendly, fast and courteous staff all around. Going to the movies is pricey in this day n age period. I feel the prices are fair. I was a little disappointed that slushies are offered to order in the DineIn theatres. They may want to think about adding's an idea...make/offer an adult slushy. Sveda makes a Blue Raspberry flavored vodka which would pair well with the Blue Raspberry slush. They also make a Mango Pineapple, which in turn would pair well with the Mango slushy. Since you don't offer a Cherry slushy, which would work with Blue Chair Bay Vanilla. You could make a classic Rum & Coke slushy using a spiced rum. Just my 2 cents

Nathan Sheridan

It was pretty good. Chairs recline and are very comfortable, movie was great but the food is way overpriced. Movie Tavern has them beat by a mile when it comes to food pricing. The dine-in feature is supposed to encourage you to skip eating out before or after by offering the same menu and pricing as a normal restaurant. When you overcharge, it doesn't change anything. It just becomes a convenience for those who can afford it and people who can't afford it will just go and see the movie as usual like any other theater. Most people in my theater didn't order anything. It's the complete opposite at Movie Tavern. Almost everyone gets a meal/drink. AMC should really take notes because they are losing some serious money. Remember, The goal is to get the people to skip the restaurant and become a one stop shop. Your hamburgers aren't worth 15 bucks, especially when I can get a much better hamburger at Red Robin just 5 minutes down the road. Just my two sense.

Jaclynn Brown

Amazingly clean, updated, leather - like recliners and tasty food and drinks. A bit pricey but worth it for a special occasion or if you really enjoy watching movies with a similar comfort of being at home.

James Ellison

Really great AMC. The theater was nice and the service was great. I went to a dine in movie and the food was really good just a little bit more on the expensive but not bad at all. On the other side tickets were only around 13 and that was cheaper then I have sceen at most dine In. Really great movie theater and will defently be heading back soon.

Michael LaBuda

Beautiful theatre...kind staff and the bar/restaurant looked awesome.

Buttervids tv

The waitress who took my order was very nice. The waitress who delivered my food was very rude. I had the food and told her I just needed my drinks and some ketchup. She snapped at me and informed me that they were short staffed today and that my drinks were following her. We had to wait for some one to come with the drinks and then ask for ketchup and silverware and couldn't eat until they arrived. I understand being short staffed, but she could have explained that nicely and I would have been understanding. If you don't have enough staff then don't serve food. I am about done trying to eat with the movie. There always seems to be a staff shortage but usually everyone is nice.

Elle G

Great seats. Very clean

Darren Smith

Really clean and enjoyable place to watch a movie.

Julie ODonnell

Everyone really nice. Seats are Super comfortable. Got popcorn and Coke on the way in so didn't get to try the tempting menu..this time.

Dre ThatAudioGuy

Visiting Nashville and decided to see Lion King while we are here but the theater experience here was piss poor at best. Pretty disappointed with the sound quality in the theater for a movie on release weekend you'd expect to get premium sound especially at these prices. What made it worse was the theater was hot and humid it seemed like the AC was struggling to do something. Its 100 degrees outside and you go to the movies to cool off but not at this one its like a sweat box. The staff was awesome and the Mango Icee was cold but I decided if this is the AMC standard I will stick with Regal, at least I know I get some AC there and I get to recline. $100 dollar night feels wasted.

Doctor Tresie Lopez

Absolutely beautiful theater. Friendly atmosphere .My son and I traveled 31/2 hour's to watch a movie in Franklin Tennessee it was our first time visiting and everything we hope for. We most definitely will visit again soon. Thank you too the entire staffing you made our visit wonderful. Thank you.

Crystal Montgomery

We attend the theater often, but tonight we chose to dine there. The food service was below average...took a long time to get our food and when the waitress came by to drop off the check she didn’t pick up any of the finished plates. The food itself was absolutely terrible. The chicken tenders were over cooked and tasted mostly like crust with very little meat. The loaded tater tots were also awful. I doubt we will choose to dine in again. The reclining seats of course are very nice though.

Arman Hakimian

I used to give this place two stars... But then their website took my money without giving me a confirmation. The ticket person acted like I hadn't paid despite me showing her the credit card transaction on my phone. The manager then had to get involved. Fast forward to sitting in the theater and ordering food. They were out of half the items on the menu. I had skipped lunch expecting to eat a meal during my 3 hour movie. This place just expects people to spend fifty dollars a person with poor oversight.


This is the move unorganized movie theater I have ever been too. Considering the area it’s in, I would expect different. It is always dirty and they are always out of things, the drink station is always out of ice. Definitely needs a new manager and maybe a few more adults that are actually there to work. I hate that it is the only theater with in 30 minutes of us.

William Edmondson

The theatre is nice enough but always kinda dirty. The last three times I have visited I have experienced problems. Once the AC was out in our theatre and twice there were problems with the movie starting or not having sound.

Aaron Stoops

The only things to dislike about this theatre are the outdated, creepy exterior, and the price of tickets. The interior had been remodeled. They have reserved seating! Genius. The dine in theater is a wonderful idea, but the food has mostly been a huge disappoinment. Grab some fries and a shake and you'll be okay. Ticket prices are nearing the cost of a hard copy of the movie which you can enjoy in your own home.

Emma K

I've previously lived in Texas and been spoiled so I assumed that dine in was like in Texas where they serve food but nope. Apparently in Tennessee they mean you can bring your own food which ruins the whole Point with dine in! I do not recommend going to dine in, also the theater was pretty run down and dirty. Considering their location I'm surprised they haven't closed this location.


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